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Sub-Character FAQ/Walkthrough by Caromsyr

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/15/02

 OOOOO    N     N   IIII   MM     MM  U    U  SSSSSSS  H    H     AA
O     O   NN    N    II    MM     MM  U    U  S        H    H     AA
O     O   N N   N    II    M M   M M  U    U  SSSSSSS  HHHHHH    A  A
O     O   N  N  N    II    M  M M  M  U    U  SSSSSSS  HHHHHH   AAAAAA
O     O   N   N N    II    M   M   M  U    U        S  H    H  A      A
 OOOOO    N    NN   IIII   M       M  UUUUUU  SSSSSSS  H    H A        A

                              III           III
                              III           III
                              III           III
                              III           III

I. Introduction & Revision History

Welcome to the Onimusha 2 Sub-Character FAQ/Walkthrough. This will 
cover the times that you play as Oyu, Magoichi, Ekei, and Kotaro. If 
you ever need help in these parts, here's the place too look.

==========================  Version History ===========================

(9-15-02) V 1.0 Yay its my B-Day. Oops shouldn't have said that. 
Anyway..wont release this till I'm done with everyone's sections and 
then I'll answer your questions to be put on later.

II. Table of Contents

I. Introduction & Revision History
II. Duh...what do you think this is?
III. Scenario Walkthroughs
     1. Kotaro
     2. Magoichi
     3. Ekei
     4. Oyu
IV. Questions and Comments
V. Disclaimer
VI. Credits

III. Scenario Walkthroughs

1. Kotaro

You can achieve this Sub-Characters scenario by going into the woods in 
Fog Valley and if there isn't a Kechacha in the second area, Kotaro 
will help Jubei get out of the forest.

Kotaro's Equipment:


Gabishi (Gabishi is defaultly equipped if you bought it in town)

Roga Kunai (Found in Red Phantom Realm)


Fuma Costume

Stealth Costume (Found in Fog Valley)

Fuma Kyahan

Hien Kyahan (Hien Kyahan is defaultly equipped if obtained by trading)

Fuma Hachimaki

Keimyo Hachimaki (Keimyo Hachimaki is defaultly equipped if bought in 

To start off this young ninja's scenario, Open the first black box to 
get the BLUE BRACELET. This will enable Kotaro to absorb souls and give 
tthem to Jubei later on. Cut through the enemies to the top of the 
cliff and open the 2nd black box to find the RED WEDGE. Next to the log 
bridge, you will notice a ray of light. Step into it and open the Red 
Phantom Realm. Look below for the details on this.

========================= RED PHANTOM REALM ===========================

Level 1: Here is your basic Jaido enemy. Weak, fragile, need I say 
more? Cut through them and enter the ray to the next level.

Level 2: Joda AND Musaido ninja demons. These guys are much tougher. 
Wait for them to strike, dodge, and strike back. Hopefully you knock 
them to the ground. Kill all of them and enter to the next level.

Level 3: Bajaido enemies. These are tougher than level one since they 
take more hits to kill and they use that spin attack more often. But 
still, pretty easy to cut through and advance to the next level.

Level 4: Here's where it gets tough. Zedan combined with Bajaido 
enemies. Zedans require triple charge attacks to kill and you've dealt 
with Bajaido before, so you can kill them easily by now. Enter the 
final level.

Level 5: Gaidorazu skull knights and Musaido ninja demons are quite a 
deadly pair if you don't watch your back. Triple charge to kill the 
Gaidorazu demons and kill the Musaido like you always have. Collect the 
Blue Wedge and the Red Stone Poll and exit the realm.

========================= RED PHANTOM REALM ===========================

When you return, head across the bridge, killing any enemies and head 
to the Wind Dragon shrine. Kill the Musaido ninja demons and examine 
the warning sign to leap up to the cliff. Kill the Battoyako fish 
demons and open the black box to get the Stealth Costume. Head into the 
marshland and kill the demons there. Examining the giant tribal statue 
reminds you of that stone pole you got. Enter the double doors at the 
north end of the marsh. (Hint: GET THE SENPAMARU SECRET NOW!). Enter 
the Blue Phantom Realm using the blue wedge on the other side of the 
spike trap.

========================= BLUE PHANTOM REALM ==========================

Level 1: Gyaran and Bazu. The annoying duo is back from the gold mine 
for some revenge. But they aren't gonna get it! Shurikens are the way 
to go here. Kill them all and advance to...

Level 2: Hyukan...the enemy you will LOVE to hate. Kick them to reveal 
their cores and hopefully knock them down. Use the Fatal Stab move and 
move on to the next level which is...

Level 3: Hyukan and Gozaresu. I should have stayed in Kansas because I 
HATE this area. Use stealth magic and you will do fine. Enter...

Level 4: Oowashya and Bazu aren't that tough. Use triple charged 
attacks on the Oowashya and Shuriken on Bazu. Enter the final level...

Level 5: Oowashya and Barawashya. Oowashya aren't very hard but the 
Barawashya is a different story. I mean, THAT THING HURTS. Most of its 
attacks are unblockable, but as long as you keep doing triple charged 
attacks, run, and do another triple charged attack, you will do fine. 
Collect the Blue Stone Pole and exit this Phantom Realm.

========================= BLUE PHANTOM REALM ==========================

Now that you're done here, exit to the marsh and use the Red and Blue 
stone poles on the demon totem. Head into the forest, fighting off the 
Oowashya and Bazu with whatever shurikens you have left, or use Triple 
charged attacks. Kotaro will rescue Jubei from that UGLY Jujudormah 
when you enter the next area. Kotaro transfers all his souls to Jubei 
and gives him the Senpamaru secret if you got it. I hope you enjoyed 
this side quest. See my REAL FAQ for the answer to the Trick Treasure 

2. Magoichi

How to get: Be his best ally when you enter the second chamber of the 
Demon Caves. Tokichiro will attempt to shoot Magoichi with a bullet 
that turns people to stone, but Jubei blocks it. Magoichi will now go 
find a way to turn Jubei back to normal. 

Magoichis Equipment:

Tri-Barrel Gun 

Goraishinki (Goraishinki is default equipped ONLY of you bought at 

Flamethrower (Flamethrower is Found in Caves)

Combat Knife and Flash Bombs

Saiga Costume

Pirates Costume (Pirates Costume is equipped only if obtained through 

Saiga Boots

Western Boots (Western Boots is equipped only if bought at shop)

Saiga Gloves

Rasha Gloves (Rasha Gloves is found in Caves)

You start in the room where Jubei is frozen. You automatically receive 
Tokichiro's Memo #2. Open the Black Box to get the GREEN BRACELET for 
Magoichi to absorb souls with. Head into the next area to encounter 
Joda and Gyaran enemies. Black them with either one of your guns and 
move on. Fighting through the Hyukans, you find yourself against 
Bajaido and a Gerohone. Concentrate all your firepower on the Gerohone 
and you should kill it in no time. Kill the Bajaido and then operate 
the bridge controls to lower the bridge. Go across the bridge to enter 
an area with a magic mirror. Save the game and open the black box to 
get Rasha Gloves. Equip them and open the other box for the Demon Cave 
Map. The next area has Dorahyukans and Gyarans. Kill them to enter the 
next area which is the toughest room here. Inside you will encounted 
Bazu and a Barawashya. The key is to not move from the entrance. Use 
your rapid-fire magic with the Goraishinki to easily take out the 
Barawashya and use the triple charge attack to take out anything else 
in the room. After you enter the next chamber open the black box to get 
the Flamethrower + Fuel and open the red box to get the Great Powder 
Tube. Now you can de-petrify Jubei! Head back the way you came until 
you come across the room with the magic mirror and the petrified man. 
Use the Great Powder Tube on him (It has unlimited usage) to de-petrify 
him. Talk to him twice to get a Medicine. When you get to the 
drawbridge area, a Ketyara will steal the Great Powder Tube from you. 
To kill it quickly use the flamethrower on it. If it retreats, go to 
the next area and try to kill it there. It will keep going back and 
forth till you kill it. Once you get the Great Powder Tube back, head 
back to Jubei's room. De-petrify the other men first, and talk to the 
man behind Jubei to get a Medicine. Return to the very first room, and 
take the western path. De-petrify the man and talk to him to get a 
Secret Medicine. Solve the Trick Treasure Box (Look in my main FAQ for 
the answer and the prize) and open the red box for an Herb. Return to 
Jubei's room and de-petrify him. Magoichi will hand over the Green 
Bracelet, transferring any souls and any healing items he received. 
Magoichi's quest is now over. Hope you enjoyed.

3. Ekei

To obtain this guy's scenario, you must be highly allied to Ekei when 
you enter the Gifu Star Tower.

Ekei's Equipment:


Houtengeki (Houtengeki is default equipped if bought in town)

Halberd (Halberd is found in the Castle)


Hozoin Garment

Ashura Garment (Ashura Garment is default equipped if obtained through 

Hozoin Leg Guard

Fudo Leg Guard (Fudo Leg Guard is default equipped if bought in town)

Hozoin Protector

Nioh Protector (Nioh Protector is found in the Castle)

You start out with a scene where Ekei mocks Jubei for getting trapped, 
but Ekei promises to get him out. The first thing you should do is head 
west and collect the Gifu East map and the YELLOW BRACELET from the 
Black Box. This will enable Ekei to absorb souls and give them to Jubei 
later. Head into the bridge area and kill the Bajaido and Joda demons 
and collect the Cherry Key near the slope. Enter the castle courtyard 
and go back to the dragon tail ramp you used to enter this castle for 
the very first time. Open the black box to get Medicine. Now go back to 
the castle entrance and enter. Your hands are full dealing with Jaido 
and a Dorogando. Use triple charge attacks to defeat it and head 
through the double doors, or head through the west to save. Inside the 
double doors, kill the Gerohone, which is NOT necessary since that is 
the area that you Don't need to explore. Unlock the door to the east 
with the Cherry Key. Open the black box to get the Nioh Protector, and 
search for the Crescent key, the Human as Food document, and Artwork 
#12. Return to the bridge area and run to the north door and unlock it 
with the crescent key. Quickly run to the northern door and try not to 
get hit. Head up the mountain path and smash a lantern to get a 
Medicine. Kill all enemies here while circling around the Waterfall and 
open the next black box to get the Halberd. Equip it immediately and 
open the door to the boathouse. Pick up the Hunting Schedule document 
and ride the boat. Kill or avoid the Oda Bodyguards and enter the 
house. Beware the Barawashya and use triple charged attacks, your 
charms, or the Paralyze spell to kill it. Get the Snake Key, Artwork 
#13, The Golden Evil Statue document, and the Fortinbras Book document. 
Return to where Jubei is trapped and Ekei will transfer all souls and 
items to Jubei. Here ends Ekei's Scenario.

4. Oyu

This automaticly occurs after the Second Gogandantess fight.

Oyu's Equipment:

Broad Sword

Phirangi (Phirangi is default equipped if bought at town)

Gradius (Gradius is found in the Oni Sacred Place)

Throwing Daggers

Plate Armor

Silver Armor (Silver Armor is default equipped if bought at town)

Leather Boots

Hard Boots (Hard Boots is default equipped if obtained in trade)

Round Shield

Adarga (Adarga is found in the Oni Sacred Place)

You start out in the Oni Sacred Place main hall. You see the spirit of 
Takajo in front of you. She begs you to find the Sacred Flute to help 
Jubei, and she gives Oyu the RED BRACELET. This will enable Oyu to 
absorb demon souls. Examine the gate to the Earth Dragon shrine, then 
save your game at the Magic Mirror since I don't think you want to 
fight Gogandantess again. Head into the dirt pit and up the opposite 
stairs. Head past the goddess like statue and kill the Gozaresu by 
triple-charging your weapons. Grab the Key Plate and quickly escape 
back into the main hall. Use the Key Place on the Earth Dragon shrine 
to unlock two doors in the hall. Go through the door behind you to 
enter a wall with a creepy looking picture. Head through the door at 
the end of the hall to enter a hall with a green pond (Acid). Double-
Charge your weapon to defeat the Oda Bodyguards and open the chests to 
get the Oni's Place Map #1, Oni's Secret Weapon document, and a 
Medicine. Enter the next room and triple charge to quickly defeat the 
Gaidorazu and kill the Joda as if you were Jubei. In the next room, 
quickly run across the glass panels to avoid being hit by water beams. 
After waiting it out for about a minute, climb down the ladder. Your 
main target in this room is the Gerohone. Use triple-charged attacks to 
kill it, kill the Bajaido if you like, pick up the Adarga, and enter 
the wall behind the Gerohone. This is preparation for the fight at the 
end of the bridge. I'm sure this will be no problem. Once you reach the 
Magic Mirror, save your game and grab the Gradius from the box. Equip 
it and enter the final area. An Oowashya will drop. Use triple-charged 
attacks or Oyu's secret technique (Down, Up, []). Quickly inject the 
souls because a Barawashya will drop now. You MUST either strike it 
with Triple Charged attacks or stay away from it's unblockable attacks. 
Once you kill it, you get the SACRED FLUTE. Return to the beach, 
killing all enemies by remembering from previous encounters. There is 
no barrier in the Battoyako glass room. Once you reach Jubei, Oyu's 
quest ends. All souls will now transfer to him and so will all her 
healing items. Hope you enjoyed.

IV. Questions and Comments

This is the section where I answer all your questions and post your 
comments about the Secret Characters and this guide. Of course there 
are restrictions. To ask a question or say a comment, look for my e-
mail in the disclaimer.

RULES: You may not e-mail about rumors, I have enough already.
       Don't bother e-mailing saying my guide sucks, I don't see you 
making one!
       Don't e-mail about Items that I didn't mention, I said them all.
       Don't e-mail about any other section of the game. I'll make 
another guide for them soon.

No questions yet, this section is still new

V. Disclaimer

This FAQ MIGHT be allowed to be posted on sites with my permission. E-
mail me at Still420@msn.com and I will decide if your site is worthy. 
You must state that I, Ryan J. Logan, is the owner of this FAQ 
somewhere on the site. Also...you can e-mail me when I put up the first 
boss fight for strategies separate from my own. This FAQ will be 
updated every 3 days until its near final version. 


6. Credits

Caromsyr aka. Neo-Warshark for making this guide

Mastermind 2k for supporting me

Yuffie 4 Life for the same thing

UncleUlty for the same thing

ss3goku33 for the same thing

CjayC for making GameFAQs in the first place.

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