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Issen FAQ by Red777777

Updated: 09/07/02

  _ \       _)                      |            ___ \
 |   | __ \  | __ `__ \  |   |  __| __ \   _` |     ) |
 |   | |   | | |   |   | |   |\__ \ | | | (   |    __/
\___/ _|  _|_|_|  _|  _|\__,_|____/_| |_|\__,_|  _____|

     _____                   ________) _____    ____
    (, /                    (, /      (, /  |  (,    )
      /  _   _    _ __        /___,     /---|       /
  ___/__/_)_/_)__(/_/ (_   ) /       ) /    |_____ /
(__ /                     (_/       (_/     (____ (
The Onimusha 2: Issen FAQ for the Playstation 2 console
By Red (Red777777)
Email me at: Ontheedgeofforever@hotmail.com

I.Version History
III.Issen basics
IV.Specific enemy strategy
 -Tall Enemies
V.Questions, Answers
VI.Special Thanks

Version History

-Version 1.0
September 7, 2002
First version



I'm Red, and this is my first solo FAQ. I currently find this game to be the
best action game on the PS2, and definitely has the most replay value.


Issen Basics

The issen is a counter hit that kills most enemies in one blow. This can be
performed by waiting until the moment the enemy strikes, dodge left or right by
holding R1 and striking right afterwards. If you pull it off you will be
rewarded with a white flash, an instant kill, and more souls than you would
normally get.

-Make sure you are holding R1 if you expect a sucessful kill.

-Charging your weapon will lead to multiple hits, or the "issen combo," which
will be discussed later.

-There is an alternative to the normal issen. Hit the block button right as an
enemy is about to hit you and you should see a white flash from your sword, and
attack as soon as you can. This may take some practice.

-Strafing is your friend, many larger enemies are dodged this way

-Remember, a large enemy such as the bull, attacks slower than a normal one.
Thus, you most dodge it accordingly and strike after it's weapon is poised and
when the weapon is actually attacking you. Strafing is a good way to go about
timing this.

-The issen combo is when you have a weapon charged 3 times by holding down R1
tightly, and perform issen but continually hit square. This results in a very
strong combo, and can only be used on bosses or enemies that won't die from a
normal issen.


Specific Enemy Strategy


-Blue soldier

You'll see these guys right at the beginning of the game. They are by far the
easiest enemy to issen. They may come running at you with their sword above
your head; hitting them before they strike is a guarenteed issen. Otherwise,
just dodge left and strike them. Or dodge backwards. They strike slowly and are
easy prey.

-Red soldier

This guy is a bit tougher. He will in most cases strike too fast for you to
simply dodge him. So, keep strafing around him (moving in circles) till he
strikes, and he should end up not hitting you, and give you enough time to
issen him. The same goes for when he does his sword draw attack.

-White Soldier

Wait for one of his vertical slashes and dodge left or right, and slash. This
may take some luck, but you'll surely get it after a few tries.


-Green Alligator

Okay, he's not an alligator, but they look like them. They will hiss before
attacking, and their stab attack is a good chance for you to issen them. Wait
for the howl, watch his shoulders draw back, and quickly start strafing left
(or right) and slash when he actually attacks.

-Blue Alligator

Same as the green alligator, but seems to use the spin attack more often. If
you find his spin won't hit you and he spins in front of you, go ahead and try
to hit him. Otherwise stick to dodging his stab and lunge attacks.

-Red Alligator

These can be very dangerous in large groups. So, don't get too close to them.
Wait for them to do the draw back for the stab, while you are in range, dodge
back and slash.

-Violet Alligator

When you're close to them they tend to do a vertical slash. Take advantage of
that or use the tactics you do on other alligators.


-White ninja

This guy is fast so issening him might be a bit tricky. You can try to sidestep
as it rushes at your for a slash attack and try to attack it for a nice kill.
It will also at times attack with a single slash, and you can see this coming
because its arm starts to wind. Sidestep and hit the attack button during the
wind and you should be doing pretty well.

-Purple ninja

Quicker, faster, stronger than the white ninja. This guy can be a pain to
issen. If you get lucky you can avoid his dash and issen him. Remember that
when up close they seem to prepare their attacks, so try strafing behind him.
If all else fails, wait for his jump attack, side step, and kill him.

Tall Enemies

-Big blue staff wielder

Go to right in front of him and start strafing to the other side of him,
staying in front of him. With any luck, he'll do a downward strike that will
miss you while you slash for the instant kill.

-Yellow staff wielder

Same deal as his blue counterpart, issen him when he either uses his thrust or
his downward smash.

-Skeleton warrior

It's hard to say what to do to surely issen them. Circle strafing will help
though, but an issen won't be guarenteed.
Actually, I recommend using the block issen technique. Just time his slashes
and you'll be able to take him out. It works very well.


I personally find this guy a pain to issen, and they'll take more than one
issen combo to kill. Try dodging their punches and slashing. If that isn't
working for you, wait till they pop out an alligator and perform a combo on
him, which will make you move to the robot when it dies.


-Yellow Bull

Try to make sure you don't accidently get hit by his spin attack. Just strafe
around him and when you see his axe descending hit the attack button.

-Red Bull

Make sure to fully charge your weapon. Use the circle strafing technique, and
let him have it as his axe comes down. If you don't dodge his blade you'll be
in a world of hurt though.


-Blue skeleton face floating thing

Wait till it flies at you or starts spinning. Either way you should have good

-Large fish monsters

Get in close and wait for it to draw back for a punch. Sidestep. Slice.

-Air spinning monster

Attack it as it comes flying at you while spinning. You may have better luck
running up to it and attacking it than just waiting for it to come to you.


Just get close to them and predict when they'll shoot. If you're close enough
they shouldn't hit you at all.

-Rolling Dino

Wait till he rolls and dodge to the side, slash when you are either side by
side or he's diagnal from you. His normal slashes are pretty easy to issen as

-Tentacle monster

Ugh, ugh, and ugh. This guy is THE bastard of the game. It's possible to issen
him from one of his tentacle attacks, but I really don't recommend it. Just
combo on a weaker enemy so this badboy will get most of the damage. If you do
combos on other monsters it will take 3-4 combos to kill the tentacle monster.



Strafe him till he either does a verticle slash down or when he does a diagnal
swipe- then, with your weapon charged, let him have it. Lo and behold the power
of the issen combo. No real strategy here, just correct timing is needed.


Again, luck may be a large factor. After she's done with her ice shooting fit,
she'll start using close range attacks. Try side strafing her butt bump, or her
stab. If you're lucky enough to dodge her slashing spree, you've got the
perfect opening. Remember to charge your sword before hand.


Performing single issens against him is much easier than combos, just because
of how he attacks. Blocking issens will work pretty well if you hit block as
you see him attack. His stinger attack can be issened, but includes tricky
timing. If you stay just outside of his hitting range and trafe when he
advances you should be able to get a number of single issens in. If you really
want to combo him though, just get almost within his range. Wait for an attack,
back up, and let your charged weapon let it loose. Or, move around his stinger
and hit the attack button RIGHT BEFORE IT FINISHES.

-Ginghamphatts, 3rd encounter

His ground version is simple. When he does a vertical slam, strafe and slice.
Easy enough. Things soon get tough, when his body and upper part seperate.
Dodge the body when it rolls around. You can it him if he uses his spin attack
but goes past you, and if you hit him right before it ends you'll get a nice
combo. When he swings his hammer around for a double attack and you dodge the
first swing, strafing behind him, and his hammer is above his head, strike, and
you'll get a sucessful combo. The timing for both are difficult.

-Nobunaga: Ground

This isn't as hard as you may think. You'll see his arm move before he attacks,
so strafe out of the way of his attack if he does the spin attacks, and you'll
be able to combo facing his back. If he's far away and does that large thrust,
strafe left and quickly hit the attack button. You shouldn't have a lot of
problems here.

-Nobunaga: Air

As of now, the only efficient way I know to kill this form is with the black
necklace. He'll come down and swipe or do a powerful thrust sometimes, but
these are hard to predict and time.

Questions, Answers

Q.What weapons do you use for issen?

A.Mostly the thunder sword. Some bosses are easier to issen with longer reach
weapons, however.

Q.Block issen isn't working!

A.Are you sure you block right as the weapon hits, and you see the bright
flash? Make sure to hit square as soon as possible.

Q.I am still havng trouble with so-and-so, can you help?

A.Come up with your own strategys if necessary, you'll eventually get the hang
of it. Patience is a virtue!

Q.I issened an enemy and he didn't die! What's going on?

A.Some large or very tough enemies need multiple hits, see the specific
strategy area.

Q.What is strafing, exactly?

A.Technically it is moving side to side while facing forward, or circling an
enemy while facing them.

Special Thanks

Me, for doing the first version in one night.

Cheers, for being one awesome sitcom.

Eddie, for giving his opinions of the FAQ in its early stages.

And Capcom, for not making a crappy sequel.

Don't distribute my crap, move my crap, or mess with my crap in general. This
document is under protection of US law- punishments include but are not limited
to- wiffle bat beatings, the jailhouse, teaching hillbillys how to read, or
having to watch every epsiode of Tenchi Muyo.

This document Copyright 2002 of Ryan Simpson.

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