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FAQ/Walkthrough by Jechtwar

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/09/02

Onimusha Warlords 2 Walkthrough/FAQ
For Sony Playstation 2
Written on 8/7/02
Written by Jechtwar
Based on the Japanese Import Version
Version 1.01
Email: jechtwar@hotmail.com


There aren't any complete Onimusha 2 FAQS out there right now so I 
thought that I would try and help everyone out. This is my first time 
writing a FAQ so go easy on me if I make any mistakes. If you spot any 
errors or you have any contributions please email me. Also I know that 
the English version is coming out soon. The techniques should be the 
same and most of the items will have the similar English translations. I 
will try to update as time goes by. Enjoy this great game! 


V 1.0: This is the first post of the FAQ email any mistakes and 
contributions to me and I will fix them as soon as I can. I had no idea 
that working on a FAQ could be this time consuming!! All you great FAQ 
writers like CB and stuff, you guys are awesome. As you can see, this is 
a work in progress. I will be working constantly on the FAQ for the next 
few days. I will try to finish it before Aug 28, which I think, is the 
US release of Onimusha 2

V 1.01: Damn writing a faq is tough work. So much for finishing it 
before Aug 28. My B everyone. Here is an update it covers most of most 
of the first town, caves and stuff. Watch for another update soon!


This FAQ has been created for personal use only. It should only be found 
on GAMEFAQS and nowhere else. Do not plagiarize. Other people have 
actually put in effort into writing this FAQ. If you want to add this 
FAQ to your homepage just email me with the request and I will for the 
most part agree. Unless you are a total a$$. I will list additional 
places where this FAQ will be found as time goes by.


Yagyu Jyubei
He is the main character of the sequel. You will learn that Jibe is 
actually half demon himself. The lady that gives him the ability to 
absorb souls is his mother. Nobunaga destroyed and slaughtered the 
people of his village and he is on a quest to destroy him. He is an 
expert with the sword.

Odani no Oyuu
She is the pretty girl that you will see in the opening sequence. 
Obviously she is pretty good with the sword and can throw small knives 
at enemies. She seems to be fighting for the good but she has her 

Saiga Magoichi
Expert with the gun but when push comes to shove, he can also use 

Ankokuji Ekei
Expert with the spear. Loves wine, beautiful women and last but not 
least FOOD!

Fuuma Kotaro
Rash young ninja on the same quest as the rest of the heroes above. He 
uses two short knives.

Oda Nobunage
The villain in this sequel. He was raised in Genma Onimusha 1 to lead 
the army of the undead. With his undead army, Nobunaga has won numerous 
victories but now, our hero has risen against him.

Kinoshita Toukichiro
He's that little annoying guy from part 1 and guess what? He's BACK. In 
real Japanese history, he will unite Japan and change his name to 
Toyotomi Hideyoshi. So I doubt he will die...


After you get the absorb soul ability, when you kill your enemies, they 
will release spheres of the different colors into the air. Here is how 
they are differentiated.

Red Sphere:     These are needed to upgrade your weapon, armor, arm 
guard and leg guard. 

Blue Spheres:   These are used to replenish your magic bar. When you 
execute the special move of any of your weapon, you use 		        
magic points. This will fill it up again.

Yellow Sphere:  These replenish your health. Doing an Issen attack will    
usually release more of them. Also the game knows when 		        
you are lower in health and will give you more then.

Another Red:    I guess some might argue that this is a purple                           
Sphere but who cares, you can tell immediately that these are different 
because when you try to absorb them, them move at a REALLY slow pace 
towards you. Absorb 5 of them and you will transform into the Genma 
Onimusha for a short period of time where your attacks are much more 
powerful and you take no damage.


Sword: Jyubei comes equipped with this and is your basic samurai sword.

Lightning Sword: The first real weapon that Jyubei will acquire, this 
sword is fast, deals decent amounts of damage and will release more 
souls than some of the other weapons. However, the special attack of 
this sword requires you to hit the enemy before it executes. Good thing 
is you won't miss, bad thing is if the enemy is far away you can't use 

Ice Spear: This spear deals more damage than the sword but is slower and 
releases less souls. This means that you get less soul points for 
upgrades, less healing, less magic....to me that sounds bad considering 
the amount of damage it does, it does come in handy in like one fight 
though. But do what you like. The special attack for this weapon creates 
a vertical column of ice directly in front of it. But if your enemy 
sidesteps, you miss... I'm kinda biased against this weapon so don't 
mind me.

Wind ???: I'm not very sure how to call this in English. But it's just 
like the lightsaber that Darth Maul uses. This weapon is really quick 
but it deals less dmg than the lightning sword. The special attack of 
the sword creates a hurricane around you and ABOVE you. Ideal for 
killing those pesky arrow people standing on roofs and shooting at you.

Earth Warhammer: Very powerful weapon but also very slow. Also IMHO the 
coolest looking weapon. However, sometimes the lack of speed can hurt 
you. For the special attack, you swing the hammer round and round 
around, damaging everyone near you. 

Fire sword: This is a two handed sword just like in Onimusha 1. Its a 
hidden weapon and can only be acquired by completing the second dream 

Bow: Enough said. You can acquire normal arrows and flame arrows for 
this weapon.

Gun: As Magoichi you can use many different guns but as Jyubei you will 
get 2 guns which you will seldom use.


There is actually more to this game than just pounding on the "square" 
button. Using different directions in combination with the "square" 
button will often bring pleasant results. For example pressing up and 
"square" while in front of an enemy will make Jyubei execute an uppercut 
kinda jab. The will even make some of the heavier enemies fall on the 
back...making it easy for a ground stab.

Ground stab is used when you stand right above an enemy that has fallen 
to the ground. Jyubei will stab him while his is done causing an instant 
kill, but this will leave you open for a second or two for attacks by 
other enemies around you.

******Issen Attack******

This is key in Onimusha 2 and will make lots of fight a lot easier. 
There are 2 ways to perform the Issen attack. One way is to press the 
"square" right before you are going to get hit. This will cause Jyubei 
to move lightning fast and kill the attacker in one hit as well as 
anyone around him. Learn how to do this well. It requires lots of 
practice. I think there is a FAQ about in on Gamefaqs too.

Anyway, the otherway is to block an attack using the L1, then right as 
his attack bounces off your block hit "square" timing is very key here. 
Oh yeah, learn how to block too but don't rely on it too much because 
some of the more powerful attacks usually by the bigger guys are not 


Great thing about Onimusha2 is that it does not consider the number of 
healing stuff you used throughout the game into your final rating. They 
count the number of Issen attacks that you pulled off, number of enemies 
you killed, number of saves you made, number of extra scenes that you 
uncovered and how long it took you to finish the game. Good luck!


------------Area 1 (Forest)

You start off seeing the movie where Nobunaga's army destroys Jyubei's 
town. When you gain control of Jyubei, walk done the path a little and 
there will be cutscene where you will meet someone you know. He dies and 
your first fight occurs. These guys are real easy to defeat and you 
should have no problem killing them. Just don't let them circle around 
you so that they are surrounding you, you should be fine. Throughout, 
you will hear a voice calling to you. You are trying to reach the source 
of the voice. After you killed those pesky soldiers go to the next 
screen. Go through the gate.

After you cross the bridge, there will be a treasure chest on your left. 
It contains a map of the area. Keep moving because enemies you kill now 
will do you no good, as you cannot absorb their souls. Keep running past 
the enemies till the end of the road and go through the double doors.

When you get to the new screen, you should be at a lake with some bushes 
on the left handside of the screen. As you move forward, a scene shows 
rocks coming from the river to form a path into a cave in the mountain. 
Anyway before we got there, go the bushes on your left, you can't reach 
it by you can chop the trees down by attacking it. This will get you a 
green herb (ala resident evil) it heals you, surprise, surprise! On the 
other side of the screen, you will see a shrine but you can't do 
anything with it right now, remember where it is though. Before you jump 
across the stone steps notice the ground on the right hand side of the 
pathway. You will see something yellow jumping around. Go near it and 
press "circle" this will let you pick up the "frog item" it will come in 
handy when you trade stuff later in the game. Ok, now that you have 
everything, jump across the stone steps.

In the cave, you will find a glowing statue, once again you can't use it 
now so just leave it alone. Head all the way down to the end of the cave 
and go through the door. This will start the cinematic sequence between 
a very creep lady and Jyubei. She explains that Nobunaga is a genma and 
that Jyubei has the power to fight them. You then see a sign appear on 
Jyubei's hand. See that picture? You need to get all five stones in 
order to beat Nobunaga. Before she leaves, she says something like "good 
luck my son" Anyway, after the cutscene you will see that you have 
received one of the five stones and you have received an instruction 
booklet. If you playing the Import version and don't understand 
Japanese, it just say that "X" is for absorbing souls. Get used to the 
control and then go pick up the chest in the background for another 
green herb. Now go back the way you came in. This time the cave is no 
longer such a cozy place. Enemies will attack after you turn the first 
corner and more will come. After you have killed all of them and 
absorbed all their souls, go to the glowing shrine in the cave and press 
the absorb button, the shrine will give you a whole bunch of red souls. 
If you come across these in the future don't forget to absorb the souls.

Jump back across the rocks steps as you exit the cave. Now you have a 
choice. Go get your lightning sword now and go to the next area or 
explore a little and kill more demon warriors. Just examine the shrine 
mentioned earlier on the right of the path and you will know when you 
have received the lightning sword. If you want to explore a little, just 
keep using your sword for now and go all the way back to where the game 
first started. Watch out as you come near the steps where you started, 
there is an arrow guy shooting at you. Just keep moving around while 
slashing people and you will be fine. At the top on your right is a 
save/upgrade spot. Go here with your red souls to upgrade your weapon or 
armor. On your left there is doors where you could go through.

As you go into this area go straight and it seems to end in a dead end, 
attack the door and it will reveal a chest containing an "ancient 
calculator" another trade item that will come in handy later. Then head 
into the pathway on your left and you will fight a few soldiers. Watch 
out for the red ones though and don't forget to absorb souls. After you 
kill them, there is another chest containing another trade item (??? the 
red thingy) on the right of the path. You can't miss it. After you get 
this. Head all the way down to the end of the path and get you will see 
your first puzzle box. The goal is to make the circle appear in the 
center. It's actually really simple. It's the top right arrow and then 
the second arrow on the right side. And voila you will receive a yellow 
jewel. These together with the blue ones that look exactly alike only 
blue are very useful. Yellow raises your health bar meter so you can 
have more health. The blue ones raise your magic meter for the same 
result. Use them immediately. Use the yellow one and you will see your 
health meter become longer. Now, to do a little more exploration. Turn 
around and walk down the path a little and go left. Go to the end of the 
room and go left again. Go as far down as the room allows you to and see 
that picture with two heads? Attack it then examine it. You have 
received half of another picture. This will help you solve a puzzle 
later. On your way back out of the room, check the shelf to receive a 
painting of a beauty. There are many of these in the game some are found 
and some are traded. Go straight all the way down to another room. Here 
turn left and you will see a chest. Attack the barrel and open the chest 
to receive "a fork" yet another trade item. Now go up the little walkway 
and head down to the door. Go through it.

There is a huge chest on your right but you don't have what is necessary 
to open it yet. So go outside and fight more demons. Go into the first 
room on the left and open the chest to get "tea set" another trade item. 
Go into the next room, open the chest for the top part of the painting 
we go earlier. Together, it will used to solve a puzzle later. Now 
you're done here, you have gotten more red souls for upgrade and 
extended your health meter and got a couple of trade items. Go all the 
way back to the stone steps area examine the shrine on the right and get 
your lightning sword. You'll come back here again so don't worry if you 
didn't do it right after getting the absorb soul ability. I maybe wrong 
but I think the frog is a timed event and you can only get it the first 
time you come here. Anyway, onto area 2!

-----------Area 2  (town)

Starts off with a cutscene where someone says the he has found gold. But 
he so happy he dies. Then you see Oyuu, she is being surrounded by a 
couple of creeps. You notice that she is wearing one of the stones you 
need as a necklace. Jyubei then jumps in to save Oyuu and kills one of 
the creeps. The rest runs away but Oyuu is nowhere to be seen. Now you 
get control of Jyubei again. If you have not saved at all, this might be 
a good time. You can find a save spot by going into building on your 
right, if you can read chinese/japanese it says wine on the outside of 
the shop. Anyway, go to the end of the shop and go out the back door. 
Here you will see the save spot. Try upgrading your weapon. See how much 
more souls you need to upgrade your lightning sword to lvl 2. After 
killing most of the demons from exploring, I was a little more than 
halfway. After you save, go to the opposite side of the save spot and 
there will be blue fountain that will always recover your magic when you 
are low and next it is a chest containing a "pipe" another trade item. 
Now go back to the main eating area and go upstairs. Open the box for a 
"fan" trade item. Ok, here's little more about this area. You will be 
here for a huge chunk of the game, all trading between characters will 
be done here. And unlike Onimusha 1 you can buy items now. Not exactly 
items like green herbs perse but items to trade with the other 
characters. These items are also time sensitive and each time you 
complete a quest and return to the shop, the shop keeper will have a 
different set of items regardless of whether you bought the last set or 
not. Most enemies in the areas nearby will also drop gold when you kill 
them. Try to buy all the items in the store. It will help you in the 
future. Take my advice and buy the egg as soon as you can because the 
egg takes time to grow. Enemies respawn everytime you enter and exit an 
area. So just do a couple of runs till you have enough souls to upgrade 
to lvl 2 lightning sword and buy all the items at the shop before doing 
the quest. Speaking of shop. Go all the way back out onto the street. 
It's the second building on the right that you can enter. Talk to the 
shopkeeper and he will show you what items he has.

Alright now that you have spent all your gold on what you can buy. Go to 
the building North of the shop, I'm thinking this is an armory, anyway 
right before you enter the building, on your right will be a chest 
containing a map of the area. Get this and then enter into the building. 
There is a switch on the left that activates an elevator. But before you 
use the switch, walk to the otherside of the armory attacking all the 
wooden barrels on the way, clearing your path. Pick up the "cloth" trade 
item from the chest and once you have cleared the way, go back and 
activate the switch. You will see a wooden platform lower itself. Run to 
the otherside as fast as you can as this is timed. Get across too slowly 
and the wooden plank will raise again. Once you are on the second floor, 
open the big chest there for your bow and arrow. Now just headback down 
the way you came and exit back to town. North being the armory, west is 
where you will have to go to continue the story. However, we can pick up 
more items before that. 

Talk to the person carrying the basket standing across the shop three 
times and he will give you "sweets" a trade item. Next, go south all the 
way up the stairs to a market area pick up the box on the right for 
"globe" a trade item. Follow the path to another area, this is the 
stable, talk to the guy carrying the basket and he will give you an "old 
scipture" a trade item. Go explore the stable area a little more and you 
will find a "mask" a trade item. (Aren't they all??) The chest is kinda 
hidden but its hidden at the end of the logs of wood. Ok, now that you 
have all the items in the area, go to the west road I mentioned earlier 
near the armory. Here you will fight enemies but first more trade items 
to take note of.

Once you reach the forest area, run up the left side of the path and 
keep pressing "O" soon you will pick up the "mushroom" trade item. 
Continue up the path and kill anything that gets in your way. Absorb 
their souls and take their gold. Open the chest that you cannot miss for 
the "binoculars" trade item. As you head up that path, notice one of the 
trees on your left. Its huge and it also has a distinct marking on it. 
Once you have killed all the enemies, come here, in the few times I've 
played, I found that "attacking" the tree and pressing the absorb soul 
button will make the item appear faster. Anyway, soon you will see some 
black thing crawling up the tree, press "O" to pick up the "beatle" 
trade item. Continue up that path and talk to the big dude. He will tell 
you no one may pass without the "mountain pass" item. So I guess you 
have to all the way back down to search for it. That just means more 
gold and more souls...GOOD TIMES! Go all the way back to the wine shop but 
if you have the patience kill more bad guys for gold and souls. 
Upgrading will make the next part of the game a lot easier. As soon as 
you enter the wine store, you will notice an extra guy sitting there, 
look familiar? Walk up to him and a cutscene will occur. It seems that 
Magoichi and Ekei have some bad blood between them. When you regain 
control, you will receive an item. It explains something but I'm not 
very sure what, help here would be greatly appreciated. Skip the 2 new 
guys for the time being and talk to guy guarding the side door, he will 
sell you the mountain pass for 100 gold, upgrade and leave the wine 
place. You'll be back soon. Go outside and talk to the 2 people standing 
outside the armory, they will say something about someone being on the 
second floor of the wine shop, hmm... interesting, go back to the store 
and go upstairs. You will see a cutscene introducing Kotaro the ninja 

After the cutscene go back up to the second floor and talk to everyone, 
here you will get the "skin rug" and "Japanese journal volume 9" both of 
these are trade items. After you get the items, go back up to the 
mountain and go talk to the guy that didn't let you pass earlier, now 
that you have the mountain pass, he will let you through. There is a 
chest here that will contain the "Japanese journal volume 4" a trade 
item. As you try o walk into the mountain, people runs out of the 
mountain yelling monsters. Don't mind them, head into the moutain. Save 
if you feel the need to. Go to the left path first and you will enter a 
room with one of those combination boxes go lower right first then 
bottom left. The box should open and you will receive a lightning sword 
manual that teaches you a new attack. The "up-down-attack" attack, its 
kinda like a combo attack but leaves you wide open if there are many 
enemies around. Now head back the way you came and go to the right path 
now. Here you will get "map of the mountain" from the chest. Pick up any 
gold you see on the way, and go to the next area. Just keep going until 
you see the cutscene with the scary red eyes. Fight them, don't let them 
surround you and you should be fine. Head to the next area, here you 
will meet more of those ugly NOT scary green overgrown lizards. The only 
thing you should be careful about here, is that sometimes that may 
appear behind you and you will not see them due to the position of the 
camera. Watch out for this, and this area should be a breeze. When you 
reach the end of the t-intersection, go right first. Depending on what 
you have been trading with the different characters, a different guy 
would come help you out. If you have Kotaro come out, he will out solo. 
But if either Magoichi or Ekei is out, the other one will be chilling on 
one of the wooden beams. Anyway, after killing all the lizards and 
absorbing their souls, continue to the next area where you will acquire 
the ice spear. Use it if you want be warned that you will receive less 
souls for killing with this weapon. Try it out though then switch back. 
Now go back to the t-intersection and head to the other path. Make sure 
you pick up all the gold that you find. Here you fill fight many enemies 
but magoichi or Kotaro will help you out, clear all the enemies then 
head towards the purple/blue floating orb blocking your way, switch to 
ice spear and hit it, easy. Head to the next area, right in front of the 
big door is s save/upgrade point. I hope you absorbed all the souls you 
could. Upgrade your thunder sword if you have not done that to level 2. 
Use all souls you have on any part of armor you want. Now open up your 
inventory and use the first blue stone that the lady at the pond gave 
you. The door should open. 

********BOSS: Ginghamphantes  ********
He should be no problem for you. Watch out when he jumps at you, keep 
moving around, if possible try to attack him from behind. When your life 
drops below a certain level, Ekei will come and help you. Use him! He 
can fight him pretty well but don't leave it just to Ekei because he 
will use your healing items and you don't want that. Use your special 
attack. Its kinda crucial that you absorb the souls Gingy releases when 
he gets hit hard, especially life and magic souls. After a few minutes 
he should fall over and die, vowing to be back. Blah, blah, blah. Absorb 
all the colorful souls he releases and pick up all the gold. Head to the 
next area, if you find yourself in the area with the save point go back 
and go the other way. Happened to me every time. Anyway, on your way 
through the rest of the tunnel, you will see a yellow cushion thingy on 
the ground, that's part of the story but not till later. You will see a 
guy on the floor but don't talk to him yet, head into the next area. 
Here you will find a puzzle box, the solution is lower right, top right, 
upper left. *Click* You will get a yellow stone. Use it to increase your 
health meter. Behind Jyuubei will be a partially hidden chest, open it 
and get the "mirror" a trading item. Now go back and talk to that guy 
lying on the floor. A long cutscene will occur. He will talk about a 
pathway and at end you will receive the "red doughnut":) 

After the cutscene you will find yourself back in town. Go up to the 
second floor of the wine building and talk to the man next to Kotaro and 
he will give you something like a "pick axe?" a trade item.

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