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FAQ/Walkthrough by Ng Kian Sen

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 09/21/02


                     鬼武者 2 ONIMUSHA 2: SAMURAI'S DESTINY FAQ
                     A PlayStation(r) 2 Game presented by Capcom

Written & arranged by Ng Kian Sen (NKS)
Email - ksiane2000@yahoo.com

Game Title   - Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny
Console      - PlayStation 2(tm)
Designation  - NTSC/J & NTSC/UC
FAQ Type     - Miscellaneous FAQ (Multiple Topics)
FAQ Purpose  - Various FAQs for the entire game
FAQ Version  - Version 2.0 (Final)
FAQ Created  - 06/14/02 (Friday)
Last Updated - 09/21/02 (Saturday)
Hosting Site - http://www.gamefaqs.com (GameFAQs)
               http://faqs.ign.com (IGN)

Version History
Version 2.0 Final (09/21/02) (Saturday)
- (09/21/02) Finalized the version of this FAQ
- (09/21/02) Covered up those un-cleared parts

Version 1.8 (09/03/02) (Tuesday)
- (09/05/02) Completed Oni-Arm-Combo-Scroll section
- (09/04/02) Added the way to obtain Gold Coin 小判 in Item section
- (09/04/02) Added some left-out info to the entire FAQ
- (09/03/02) Added more FAQs to the FAQs section

Version 1.7 (09/01/02) (Sunday)
- (09/02/02) Added more Tips & Hints in some sections in this FAQ
- (09/02/02) Added the Block Method of Issen/Critical Strike
- (09/01/02) Added locations for some certain obtainable items
- (09/01/02) Added FAQs section
- (09/01/02) Added Type of Necklaces section
- (09/01/02) All US inscriptions are added to the Items' name
- (09/01/02) Expanded FAQ notes and explanations
- (09/01/02) Redesigned interface for a minor part of this FAQ
- (09/01/02) Removed Scenario Route synopsis and Puzzle Phantom Realm's solutions that
             were formerly included in this FAQ
- (09/01/02) Fixed minor errors found in this FAQ
- (07/01/02) Fixed an error stating Nobunaga's Vortex is unblockable

Version 1.2 (06/30/02) (Sunday)
- added more FAQs in the entire FAQ
- added minor enemies strategies in Issen Mode section
- updated a minor item exchange in "100% you get in return" section
- updated a minor Issen strategy against Gogandantess
- updated a minor Issen strategy against Genma Oda Nobunaga
- updated Issen strategy against Jyujyudormah
- solved solution for the 19th level of PIDD
- fixed an error stating Jyujyudormah's Bumper Butt attack is unblockable
- fixed a minor mistake on the 14th level of PIDD
- fixed minor errors found in this FAQ

Version 1.0 (06/23/02) (Sunday)
- added General Japanese Translation
- added Item Exchange section
- added 2 methods of Issen attack in Issen section
- added Ginghamphatts and Jyujyudormah's strategies
- added Final Boss strategy
- added rewards for each levels of PIDD
- corrected a major left-out for Sub-Rank section
- summarized requirements in Sub-Rank section
- fixed requirements in Ranking Scale section
- fixed a minor mistake on the 15th level of PIDD
- expanded explanation in the whole FAQ

Version 0.5 (06/14/02) (Friday)
- cleared the game about 10 times until that day and decided to do a FAQ for the game
entitled "Onimusha 2"
- finished the FAQ and sent it to GameFAQs

Directions & Controls:
All directions in this FAQ are based on Jubei's side instead of what you see in the
screen therefore, the control should be inverted. I hope you don't get confuse with
the directions in my explanation.

General Japanese Kanji & Hiragana Translation in the game:
最初から (New Game)
続きから (Load Game)
詳細設定 (Option)
特典 (Special Features)
映画特典 (Museum)
はい (Yes)
いいえ (No)
渡す (Give)
買う (Purchase)
使う (Use)
やめる (Cancel)
保存 (Save)
強化 (Enhance)
ゲームを続ける (Continue Game)
ゲームをやめる (Quit Game)

1.  Introduction
2.  Phantom Realms
3.  Items
    i.    Items obtained throughout the game
    ii.   Items from Treasure Box
    iii.  Items by interacting with Townsfolk
    iv.   Items bought from the Store
    v.    Items received in exchange with the sub-characters
    vi.   Items to their belongings
    vii.  Necklaces and How to get them
    viii. Oni-Arm-Combo-Scroll
          a) Tech Scrolls vs. Secret Scrolls
          b) Charged-Up Combo vs. Secret Combo
    ix.   FAQs on Item Exchange
4.  Ranking Scale
    i.   The Onimusha Rank
    ii.  The Sub-Ranks
    iii. FAQs on Ranking System
5.  The Issen Killing Move
    i.   3 Methods of executing Issen move
         a) Evade Issen (Dodge Method)
         b) Time Issen (Timing Method)
         c) Counter-Strike Issen (Block Method)
    ii.  7-hit Oni-Slash / 7-hit-Issen Dance
    iii. FAQs on Issen Move
6.  Ultimate Challenge - Issen/Critical Mode
    FAQs on Issen/Critical Mode
    i.   Enemy Strategies with Issen/Critical hit
         a) Ninjas & Bone Warriors
         b) Bone Warriors Only strategy
         c) Bulls Sub-Boss
         d) 3 Tentacles Jellyfish-like Genma
    ii.  Boss Strategies with Issen/Critical strike
         a) Ginghamphatts
         b) Jyujyudormah
         c) Gogandantess
         d) Evil-Nobunaga
         e) Golden Evil Statue
7.  Team Oni Mini Game
8.  FAQs & Answers
9.  Contact Info
10. General Discussion
    i.   Onimusha 2
    ii.  Devil May Cry 2
11. Drawback of this FAQ
12. Conclusion
13. Credits & Thanks
14. Copyright Notice

This FAQ is considered as a Misc. FAQ for the game entitled Onimusha 2: Samurai's
Destiny that provides general information about the game. Since you are referring FAQs
as your assistance, I assume that you had cleared the game at least once. This FAQ is
best referred by most of the players that has already cleared the game at least
*twice* on Normal mode but not Easy mode and are looking for a greater challenge in
the game. As I had claimed earlier, I will not give detailed explanations about
controls, characters, weapons and their Oni-Power. This time, I'm writing for both
NTSC/J & NTSC/UC designations of Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny since I found no
changes had made to any of the versions. All translated names are used from the US
version of Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny and it may not be similar to the PAL version.

The purpose of this FAQ is to give every pace to unlock ALL the features available in
the game and also the way to do Issen/critical attack. I will also include the ranking
system and complete scenario route available in the game.

Unlockable features in Onimusha 2
- Onimusha 3 trailer/teaser "特報"
- Scenario Route Viewer "シナリオ達成ルート"
- Man In Black Mini Game "黒いスーツの男"
- Team Oni Mini Game "鬼組"
- Puzzle Phantom Realm "パズル幻夢空間
- Ultimate Mode "最強裝備モード" (Clear Hard Mode)
- Easy Mode "易しいモード" (Die 3 times in Normal Mode)
- Hard Mode "難しいモード" (Clear Normal Mode)
- Issen/Critical Mode "一閃モード" (Clear Team Oni Mini Game)
- Jubei's Leather Wear "十兵衛衣裝" (Achieve the "Onimusha" Rank)
- Oyu's Special Costume "オユウ衣裝" (Get 100% Scenario Completion)
- *天晴 wallpaper (After you complete Issen/Critical mode)*

This is a wallpaper showing off Jubei with the Japanese Kanji "天晴". This wallpaper is
like the 'You Are The King Of Hell' in Devil May Cry after you get all S-Rank missions
in the game. However, this wallpaper ONLY appears after you beat the game on
'Issen/Critical Mode' and it cannot be seen in the Special Feature at the main screen.
I think it is a compliment after you clear on Issen Mode. However, I'm not sure of the

Clear Game Once,
Unlock - Onimusha 3 Trailer
         Team Oni Mini Game
         Man In Black Mini Game
         Hard Mode
         Puzzle Phantom Realm (Collect all artworks)

Note: You must get the "Fashionable Goods (レザーウェア)" labeling as [?] on the
lowest/last level of the Purple Phantom Realm after you obtain the Rekka Ken (烈火剣)
in order to unlock Jubei's Leather Wear when you achieved the Onimusha Rank at the

How many Phantom Realms are there in the game and how do I activate them?

There are a total of 4 colors of Phantom Realms consisting of 41 levels throughout the
game where you need to use X 幻夢クサビ (X Wedge) to activate them.

X = color of Phantom Realm

1) ~*~RED Phantom Realm (赤総幻夢空間)~*~ == 5 LEVELS
-+- Where? -+-
At the wooden bridge area at the Fog Valley 霧隠の谷 after you left Imasho Town.

-+- What Condition? -+-
ONLY available if your Degree of Friendship with Kotaro is high.

-+- Items Acquired -+-
Medicine 丸薬
Roga Kunai 狼牙苦無
Red Pole Stick 赤の石柱
Blue Wedge 青幻夢クサビ

2) ~*~BLUE Phantom Realm (青総幻夢空間)~*~ == 5 LEVELS
-+- Where? -+-
Beside to the entrance of the "Spiky Trap" where you need to place all 3 Nobunaga's
Statues to enter.

-+- What Condition? -+-
ONLY available if your Degree of Friendship with Kotaro is high.

-+- Items Acquired -+-
Medicine 丸薬
Blue Pole Stick 青の石柱

3) ~*~GREEN Phantom Realm (緑総幻夢空間)~*~ == 10 LEVELS
-+- Where? -+-
Inside of the room sealed by the Thunder-Demon-Wall at the Gifu Castle after you're
teleported to the Gifu Castle: Sky Guard.

-+- What Condition? -+-
After Ekei's event if your Degree of Friendship with him is high otherwise as usual.

-+- Items Acquired -+-
Medicine 丸薬
Perfect Medicine 劇薬
Purple Necklace 紫の首飾

4) ~*~PURPLE Phantom Realm (紫総幻夢空間)~*~ == 21 LEVELS
-+- Where? -+-
During your last visit at 岐阜城 Gifu Castle, go to the room on the right side before
you go for the final battle in the Snake-like floating Genma Arena (The Demon Base) at
the top floor.

-+- What Condition? -+-

-+- Items Acquired -+-
Rekka Ken 烈火剣
Fashionable Goods [?] レザーウェア

-+- Secret -+-
The 21st floor of this Phantom Realm contains a "Fashionable Goods" labeling as [?]
where you can unlock Jubei's Leather Costume if you manage to beat the game with an
"Onimusha" or "S" Rank.

ITEMS (品物)
This section contains major spoilers. It is best that you clear the game at least once
before you think I'm spoiling the story for the game. This section is ONLY for the
Items Location and the Item Exchange for the "Friend" Sub-Rank that accompanies your
Base Rank at the end. Due to that matter, I don't list in-depth explanations for Items
Rank or Items Grade, Items Formulas and any of these "What you give is what you get"
conceptual explanations for this section. Use the information at your own risk and DO
NOT send me e-mails asking "Why" and "How" about this section, I'll _only_ reply
messages asking general FAQs concerning gameplay.

-Acceptable questions-
I have the Melon from Kotaro, but I don't see that guy in the store now at Imasho,
have I mess/screw up my game?

Why couldn't I get *this and that...* and what _exactly_ do you give to make him/her
give you *this and this or that*?

If you find this FAQ crappy for the lack of information about items/gifts, you always
have the freedom to refer and not to refer. As a suggestion, I recommend you to buy
the official guide if you're looking for detailed info about the game.

I'm listing all items/gifts available in the game for exchange and the items you
receive from anywhere during the game. Weapons and armors you bought from the Store
(眞鳴堂) are considered as items. Medicines and
Books you get along the way during the game are not listed.

Items obtained throughout the game
Frequently found:
Unique Mushroom 珍しいキノコ
Wonder Flower 忘れ花
Normal Bullet 弾丸
Normal Arrow 定角の矢
Fire Arrow 長根の火矢

"Sidekick" weapons (press L2 button to use):
Shuriken 手裏剣   - Kotaro Only
Dagger ダガー     - Oyu Only
Charm 念爆符      - Ekei Only
Flash Bomb 閃光弾 - Magoichi Only

Items from Treasure Box (100% found)
-=柳生の庄 Yagyu's Village=-
Abacus そろばん
In the store room behind the paper door of Yagyu's House

Kaleidoscope 万華鏡
Behind the wooden pattern next to the store room after you walk in to Yagyu's House

Fork フォーク
At the kitchen of Yagyu's House

Oolong Tea 烏龍茶
At the living room of Yagyu's House

Wasabi わさび
Hidden; it's at the end of the path at Yagyu's House at the stone plate

Frog カエル
Catch it near the pond before the cave nearer to the Thunder Dragon Shrine.

-=今庄の町 & 金山 Imasho & Golden Mountain=-
Globe 地球儀
In the Market Place

Tengu Mask 天狗の面
Near the Horse Keeping Area

Folding Fan 扇子
2nd floor of the Wine House

Pipe キセル
Beside the Magic Shrine opposite of the Magic Mirror at the Wine House

Cloth 布
In the Ironsmith shop

Telescope 望遠鏡
At the U-path of the Golden Mountain

Mirror 鏡
In the cave of a dead end at the Golden Mountain where you grab the Hyoujin-Yari

-=岐阜城 Gifu Castle=-
Crystal Ball 水晶玉
Next to the O-swirling Bone path to the Gifu Keep Tower

Incense 御香
In the first room of the Gifu Keep Tower

Gourd ひょうだん
In the Statue room sealed by the Ice-Demon-Wall leading to the Demon Cave at the Gifu
Paper House area

Items by interacting with Townsfolk (100% obtainable)
You MUST NOT miss these people at their respective visit at Imasho in order to receive
these items/gifts.

-=今庄の町 & 金山 Imasho & Golden Mountain=-
*1st visit*
Confetti こんぺいとう
Talk to the man next to the Yellow Kimono lady outside of the Wine House.

Ancient Documents 古文書
Go to the Stable and talk to the man near the wrecked cupboard.

Fur Skin 毛皮
Trigger Kotaro's 1st intro event and talk to the man beside him near the panel.

*2nd visit*
Broken Bell 鳴らない鈴 (Event Item)
-Refer to Quest/Event Item section-

Chalk 白墨
Talk to the Green shirt man in the Store.

Bouquet 花束
Talk to the Yellow Kimono lady at the Stable area to receive the History Book vol.2
and a man in the Green shirt will walk in from the exit. Talk to the Green shirt man
several times to receive it.

Pick ツルハシ
Talk to the shirtless man beside Kotaro at the panel.

Dice サイコロ
Talk to the man wandering in front of the Magic Mirror at the Golden Mountain.

Gold Coin 小判 (obtainable during 3rd visit)
Talk to the thin balded man in blue shirt wandering around the ditch in the town area
several times and he'll tell you he saw a hand somewhere buried by a stray dog. Run up
to the Golden Mountain until you come to the Guard's House (not inside the cave).
There's a dog strolling around, stand in front of it and face it directly. When the
dog looks at Jubei, do a _silly_ body language by pressing the L1, R1 or the Soul-
Absorbent button (O or X respectively according to different versions; just any
buttons as long as your hands can move). You should be able to see the dog waves its
tail at Jubei if you've done it correctly. Do this 3~5 times and the dog will lead you
to where the treasure hides and it will bark at the _hidden_ treasure, examine the
area to receive the Gold Coin 小判. If the dog just ignores you when you're
"communicating" with it, you'll need to try again, don't worry; it is easy to get rid

*3rd visit*
Comb 櫛
Right after you bring Oyu to Imasho, go to the market place and talk to the man of the
blue stall several times, then talk to the white stall man 3 times and talk to the
blue stall man again to receive it.

Taizo Mandala 胎蔵曼茶羅
Talk to the limping man several times at the market place (not the town area).

Glass グラス
After receiving the Comb 櫛, go to the Stable and talk to a man standing steadily in
front of the Horse Keeping Area.

Loaded Dice イカサマナイコロ
Talk to the man wandering in front of the Magic Mirror several times at the Golden

Items bought from the Store
Egg 卵
Grilled Fish 焼き魚
Salt 天日の塩
Vodka ウオッカ
Conch Shell ほら貝
Magnetic Campus 羅針盤
Plant Book 植物辞典
Blue Parrot オウム 青
Wonder Flower 忘れ花
Lemon レモン
Hair Ornament 髪飾
Fairy Tale Book 御伽草紙
Silver Armor シルバーアーマー
Keimyo Hachimaki 蛍明鉢卷
Western Boots 南蛮長靴
Fudo Leg Guard 不動脛当
Red Parrot オウム 赤
Love Potion 愡れ薬
Black Pill 大黒天
Pocket Watch 懷中時計
Pandora's Box 玉手箱
Calligraphy Kit 書道道具
Naughty Novel 卑猥小説
Phirangi フィランギ
Gabishi 峨嵋刺
Goraishinki 五雷神機
Houtengeki 方天戟
Green Parrot オウム 緑
Pair Ring ペアリング
Black Beer 黒ビル -bought from the man standing near the entrance to the 閻魔堂 at your
3rd visit at Imasho-

Items/Gifts received in exchange with the sub-characters
Fossilized Bone 化石骨
Power Jewel 力石
Magic Jewel 鬼石
Herb 薬草
Medicine 丸薬
Secret Medicine 秘薬
Super Magic Liquid 超鬼薬
History Book vol.# 日本史記 X Volume
Artwork # 美人画 X Copy
Normal Bullet 弾丸
Normal Arrow 定角の矢
Fire Arrow 長根の火矢

Items in return from Magoichi:
European Hat 南蛮の帽子
Pickled Plum 紀州の梅干
Wind Bell 風鈴
Rouge 口紅
Copper Coin 銅貨
Burst Bullet 裂弾
Cameo カメオ
Sponge Cake カステラ
Hard Boots ハードブーツー
Wine ワイン
Emblem エンブレム
Talisman 身代わりの木札
Artwork #6 美人画 末摘花
Artwork #5 美人画 若紫
Saiga Bomb 雑賀発破 (Event Item)

Items in return from Ekei:
Music Box オルゴル
Tale of the Heike 平家物語
Hien Kyahan 飛燕脚絆
Deer Horn 鹿の角
The Analects 論語
Textile Fabrics 反物
Fancy Paper 色紙
Water Melon スイカ
Scarf スカーフ
Persian Carpet ペルシャ敷物
History Book vol.6 日本史記 第六巻
Artwork #8 美人画 花宴
Artwork #9 美人画 葵
Artwork #7 美人画 紅葉賀
Ekei's Keepsake (Event Item)

Items in return from Oyu:
Pirates Costume 海賊戦服
Sake from Kaga 加賀の宮腰酒
Playing Cards かるた
Taiheiki 太平記
Recorder 笛
Chinese Fiddle 胡弓
Crown 王冠
Bread パン
Ancient Coin 古銭
History Book vol.3 日本史記 第三巻
Artwork #2 美人画 帚木
Artwork #1 美人画 桐壷

Items in return from Kotaro:
Strategy Book 孫子兵法
Melon メロン
Ashura Garment 阿修羅袈裟
Silver Coin 銀貨
Hair Oil 髪油
Dumpling Cake 団子
Pickled Vegetables 漬物
Red Tea 紅茶
Raw Fish 生魚
Fish Rice 鮒寿司
History Book vol.7 日本史記 第七巻
Artwork #4 美人画 夕顔
Artwork #3 美人画 空蝉

                            -=100% you get in return=-
This section can confirm you by giving items/gifts to the sub-characters or townsfolk
that give you something in return accurately.

1) Purchase all items/gifts from the Store -> *Talk* to the Storekeeper -> White
Necklace 白の首飾

2) Chalk 白墨 -> Ekei -> Tale of the Heike 平家物語 -> Magoichi -> Emblem エンブレム ->
Kotaro -> Melon メロン -> Store boy who gave you the Chalk 白墨 -> Orange Necklace

-=From #3 ~ #6, you will receive sub-characters' Secondary Armor=-
3) Strategy Book 孫子兵法 -> Magoichi -> Hard Boots ハードブーツー -> Oyu -> Secret
Medicine 秘薬

4) Rouge 口紅 -> Oyu -> Pirates Costume 海賊戦服 -> Magoichi -> Secret Medicine 秘薬

5) Music Box オルゴル -> Kotaro -> Ashura Garment 阿修羅袈裟 -> Ekei -> Super M. Liquid

6) Naughty Novel 卑猥小説 -> Ekei -> Hien Kyahan 飛燕脚絆 -> Kotaro -> Super Magic Liquid

7) Complete Volume 日本史記 全巻揃 -> Magoichi -> Talisman 身代わりの木札

-=As of #8 and #9, you must give the listed items to the sub-characters at your
respective visits at Imasho in order to receive the particular items in return=-

8) Items/Gifts to give during your *1st visit* at Imasho: (necessary)
a) *Talk* to Ekei: Vodka ウオッカ -> Ekei -> Secret Medicine 秘薬
b) *Talk* to Magoichi: Ancient Documents 古文書 -> Magoichi -> Super M. Liquid 超鬼薬
c) *Talk* to Kotaro: Globe 地球儀 -> Kotaro -> Secret Medicine 秘薬

9) Items to give during your *2nd visit* at Imasho: (necessary)
His conversation will switch between Suri event and his preference food while
drinking, therefore,
a) Before Ekei tells you about Suri (before Suri's Event):
*Talk* to Ekei: Confetti こんぺいとう -> Ekei -> Secret Medicine 秘薬 or;

b) After you gave Ekei Broken Bell 鳴らない鈴 (after Suri's Event):
Talk to Ekei: Confetti こんぺいとう -> Ekei -> Music Box オルゴル (if you haven't receive
this else he'll give you other items)

However, some of you might have difficulty to understand Japanese, therefore, if you
see a Katakana written as "スリ" stated in his conversation, there's definitely a
conversation about the girl named Suri. Else, you'll be able to see a Kanji written as
"甘い" in his conversation, that's the one he is referring to something sweet he likes
to have while drinking.

Items to their belongings (For "Friend/仲良" Sub-Rank ONLY)
Always talk to them first before you give out your items. Don't give ペアリング (Pair
Ring) to any of them (this will tighten up your friendship with that particular sub-
character). If you're playing on Scenario purpose, give Pair Ring ペアリング to that
particular sub-character and give lots of precious items to him/her. But, if you find
that one of the sub-character receive lesser items from you (probably you didn't get
the items particularly from the other sub-character as stated below), give that
particular sub-character (who receive lesser) Pair Ring ペアリング to balance your
friendship among all of them.

Note: Some items are obtained through item exchange among the sub-character and they
are obtainable but not 100% accurate. The setting is random. Most of the items you
received in return are base on your conversation with that particular sub-character.
However, not *all* items listed here are 100% accurately obtained in a single game.

-=雑賀 孫市 - Magoichi Saiga (マゴイチ)=-
 Hobby = Reading, Learning & Relaxing

*1st visit at Imasho* Give him:
Ancient Documents 古文書
Plant Book 植物辞典
Pipe キセル
Abacus そろばん
Salt 天日の塩
Conch Shell ほら貝

*2nd visit* Give him:
Tale of the Heike 平家物語
Strategy Book 孫子兵法
Magnetic Campus 羅針盤
Pocket Watch 懷中時計 (All sub-characters will appreciate this item)
Hair Oil 髪油
P. Nitrate 硝子 (Give him at G. Mountain or Imasho at 3rd visit)
Dice サイコロ (Give him at G. Mountain)
Western Boots 南蛮長靴

*3rd visit* He'll say he get tired of reading books and need some excitement and
relax. Give him:
Black Beer 黒ビル
Oolong Tea 烏龍茶
Deer Horn 鹿の角
Telescope 望遠鏡 (Kotaro appreciates this item too)
Taiheiki 太平記 (Ekei appreciates this item too)
Chinese Fiddle 胡弓
The Analects 論語
Crown 王冠 (Kotaro appreciates this item too)
Bread パン
Water Melon スイカ
Chicken ニワトリ
Goraishinki 五雷神機
Pirates Costume 海賊戦服
Complete Volume *日本史記 全巻揃

Outside 今庄の町; Magoichi High Degree of Friendship
Saiga Bomb 雑賀発破 (Event Item)
Rasha Gloves 羅紗手袋 (Armor; Appear in a coincidence Event; 100% obtainable)

* In case you couldn't collect all volume of the Japanese History Books, give him the
volumes you have in hand except Vol.2 before you leave Imasho. I suggest you give him
Pair Ring ペアリング if you can't collect all volumes of the Japanese History Books to
stabilize your kinship with him; else, you will miss his part in the game later.

-=安国寺 恵瓊 - Ekei Ankokuji (エケイ)=-
  Hobby = Sake (Jap's wine) & Woman

*1st visit at Imasho* Give him:
Vodka ウオッカ
Tengu Mask 天狗の面
Folding Fan 扇子
Frog カエル
Fork フォーク
Wasabi わさび
Grilled Fish 焼き魚
Ashura Garment 阿修羅袈裟

*2nd visit* He shall sometimes say he likes something sweet while drinking, Give him:
(sometimes the conversation switch between Suri event)
Confetti こんぺいとう
Dumpling Cake 団子
Pickled Plum 紀州の梅干 (Oyu appreciates this item too)

-Then he'll tell you a girl name Suri, refer to Quest Item section: -
Broken Bell 鳴らない鈴 (Quest Item)
Chalk 白墨
Gold Coin 小判
Pickled Vegetable 漬物
Green Parrot オウム 緑 (should sometimes receive Artwork 美人画)
Fudo Leg Guard 不動脛当
* History Book vol. 2 日本史記 第二巻
Pick ツルハシ (Give him at G. Mountain)

*3rd visit* Give him:
Raw Fish / Rotten Fish 生魚/腐った生魚
Sake from Kaga 加賀の宮腰酒
Love Potion 愡れ薬
Calligraphy Kit 書道道具
Taizo Mandala 胎蔵曼茶羅 (Magoichi also accept this item)
Copper Coin 銅貨
Naughty Novel 卑猥小説
Houtengeki 方天戟
Loaded Dice イカサマナイコロ (Kotaro appreciates this item too)

Outside Imasho, Ekei High Degree of Friendship:
Gourd ひょうたん
Stamina Drink 精力剤 (Event at 鬼ヶ島; Quest Item)
Nioh Protector 仁王肩当 (Armor; Appear in a coincidence Event; 100% obtainable)

* Give him History Book vol.2 日本史記 第二巻 to balance your kinship with him if you
couldn't collect all Complete Volume. He'll appreciate it very much.

-=風魔 小太郎 - Kotaro Fuma (コタロウ)=-
Hobby = Collect rare & precious items

*1st visit at Imasho* Give him:
Globe 地球儀
Blue Parrot オウム 青 (should sometimes receive Artwork 美人画)
Music Box オルゴル
Cloth 布
Lemon レモン

*2nd visit* Give him;
Emblem エンブレム
Fairy Tale Book 御伽草紙
Kaleidoscope 万華鏡 (Oyu also accept this item)
Crystal Ball 水晶玉 (Oyu appreciates this item too)
European Hat 南蛮の帽子
Keimyo Hachimaki 蛍明鉢卷

*3rd visit* He'll say something about Life and Journey preparations, Give him:
Fancy Paper 色紙
Black Pill 大?天
Pandora's Box 玉手箱
Playing Cards かるた
Persian Carpet ペルシャ敷物
Incense 御香 (Ekei & Magoichi appreciates this item too)
Chick ヒヨコ
Recorder 笛
Ancient Coin 古銭
Scarf スカーフ
Hien Kyahan 飛燕脚絆
Gabishi 峨嵋刺

霧隠の谷 Fog Valley, Kotaro High Degree of Friendship:
Tube for Pigeon Leg 鳩の足筒 (Event; Quest Item)
Roga Kunai 狼牙苦無
Stealth Costume 夜狐裝束 (Armor; Appear in a coincidence Event; 100% obtainable)

-=小谷のお邑 - Oyu of Odani (オユウ)=-
  Hobby = Null; She likes Jubei

*3rd visit at Imasho* Give her:
Comb 櫛
Bouquet / Dead Flowers 花束/枯れた花束
Hair Ornament 髪飾
Mirror 鏡
Fur Skin 毛皮
Textile Fabrics 反物
Wind Bell 風鈴
Rouge 口紅
Silver Coin 銀貨
Fish Rice 鮒寿司
Cameo カメオ
Red Parrot オウム 赤
Sponge Cake カステラ
Red Tea 紅茶
Hard Boots ハードブーツー
Phirangi フィランギ
Silver Armor シルバーアーマー
Glass グラス
Wine ワイン

* Try not to give her all of these items at once; this will tighten your relationship
with her.

Outside 今庄の町; Default Setting
Adarga アダーガ
Gradius グラディウス
(Sword & Shield; Both 100% obtainable; Appear in a coincidence Event)

To Receive/Search for Quest Items & Event Item:
-=High Degree of Friendship with EKEI=-

a) Ekei's Event at 今庄の町 Imasho (optional)
When?          = 2nd visit at Imasho Town
Quest Item     = Broken Bell 鳴らない鈴
JP Inscription = 第二章 九節; スリ女探素
US Inscription = CHAPTER 2 - 9 Search for the Woman Pickpocket

To trigger Ekei event at Imasho to receive the Broken Bell 鳴らない鈴
After you gave him Confetti こんぺいとう, talk to him and he shall tell you about a girl
named Suri. Then,

Look for the girl beside the Stable -> talk to her -> go to the balcony of the Wine
House -> talk to her -> go to the Ironsmith shop -> talk to her -> go to the Stable
again -> talk to her and receive Broken Bell -> give Broken Bell to Ekei -> receive X
Oni-Arm Tech. Y Scroll X奥義 Yの巻

X = Oni-Arms (Buraitou, Hyoujin-Yari, Senpumaru or Dokoutsui)
Y = 天 or 地 (2 or 1)

If you have not give any of the sub-character their initial weapon/armor, Ekei will
give you Buraitou Tech. 1 舞雷刀奥義 地の巻. Else, it is random.

b) Ekei's Event at 鬼ヶ島 Oni's Sacred Place (optional)
When?          = After teleportation to the Blood Pond
Quest Item     = Stamina Drink 精力剤
JP Inscription = 第八章 三節; エケイの活力
US Inscription = CHAPTER 8 - 3 Source of Vitality for Ekei

During your 2nd visit at Oni's Sacred Place 鬼ヶ島 (after obtaining 紅玉の鍵 Scarlet
Key), go to the room with the Wind Elevator (the one next to the Save Point), you will
see Ekei sitting down there hopelessly, talk to him and he will tell you about Stamina
Drink, go to the room with the Snake Barrier Door where you need Scarlet Key to unlock
it. Pick up the Stamina Drink in front of the Mathematical Puzzle Drawer, head back to
the Wind Elevator room and give Ekei the Stamina Drink. The item setting here is
random, he should give you a Power Jewel 力石 or Magic Jewel 鬼石 or other stuffs.

-=High Degree of Friendship with KOTARO=-
Kotaro's Event at The Swamp (optional)
When?          = After Ginghamphatts 2nd battle in the forest
Quest Item     = 鳩の足筒
JP Inscription = 第五章 七節 (二) コタロウの伝書鳩と優しい嘘
US Inscription = CHAPTER 5 - 7 - 2 Kotaro's Pigeon

After battling Ginghamphatts ギンガムファッツ (2nd Encounter) in the forest, you will
come to a swamp, head up the stairs passage on Jubei's right and you will be able to
see Kotaro standing at the side, talk to him a few times, he'll tell you about his
Pigeon 鳩. After that, head across the area and go to the riverside, you will be able
to see a Bull there eating something with feathers coming out from its mouth, kill it
with Issen (refer to Issen section/Issen mode section) and get the 鳩の足筒 in front of
the broken wooden stairs. Then, head back and give 鳩の足筒 to Kotaro, he appreciates it
very much and vows to risk his life to help Jubei whenever he's in trouble. :)

Give 鳩の足筒 to Kotaro -> Receive Senpumaru Tech. 2 旋風丸奥義 天の巻 (random)

He'll give you other scrolls if you already have this. Most of the time is 旋風丸奥義
天の巻 Senpumaru Tech. 2.

-=High Degree of Friendship with MAGOICHI=-
Magoichi's Event at Yagyu's Village
When?          = After you left Imasho and teleported to Yagyu's House
Event Item     = Saiga Bomb 雑賀発破
JP Inscription = 第五章 一節 マゴイチ 十兵衛に爆弾を渡す
US Inscription = CHAPTER 5 - 1 Magoichi Gives a Bomb

After you leave 今庄の町 Imasho, you'll reappear at Yagyu's Village 柳生の庄 again.
There, you need to go to the cave and obtain the 高女の指輪. So, after you get the Ring
of Takajo 高女の指輪, you'll return (as you already knew) and cross the pond, if you
Degree of Friendship with Magoichi is high, he'll be there. Then, TALK to him and
receive Saiga Bomb 雑賀発破, go to the Thunder Dragon Shrine where you get the Buraitou
舞雷刀 was, at the side of it, there's a pile of suspicious looking rocks. Use the
Saiga Bomb to explode and break the rock pile. Open the box and obtain Green Necklace
緑の首飾 (enables you to see Genma hidden items like medicines and bullets in your
adventure/journey throughout the game).

Type of Necklaces and How to get them
White Necklace 白の首飾
Availability   = Always available if condition fulfilled
Usefulness     = Restores your vitality gradually if you stand still
Location       = The Store at Imasho Town 眞鳴堂
Condition      = Buy all items from the Store at Imasho and talk to the Storekeeper
                 for the last time to receive it.

Orange Necklace 橙の首飾
Availability   = Always available if condition fulfilled
Usefulness     = Allows you to find and absorb hidden Red Souls
Location       = The Store at Imasho Town 眞鳴堂
Condition      = During 2nd visit at Imasho, talk to the Green shirt man standing at
                 the Store to receive the Chalk, and Chalk -> Ekei -> Tale of the
                 Heike -> Magoichi -> Emblem -> Kotaro -> Melon -> the Green shirt
                 man. Talk to the Green shirt man at your 3rd visit at Imasho to
                 receive it.

Green Necklace 緑の首飾
Availability   = Only available if your DoF with Magoichi is high
Usefulness     = Allows you to find invisible Demon Treasure Boxes
Location       = Blow the rock pile near the pond closer to the Thunder Dragon Shrine
                 at Yagyu's Village.

Yellow Necklace 黄の首飾
Availability   = Only available if your DoF with Ekei is high
Usefulness     = Increases the amount of Yellow Souls that appear when you defeat
Location       = At the 2nd room of the Engine Room at 鬼ヶ島 Oni's Sacred Place after
                 you lift the elevator down.

Red Necklace 赤の首飾
Availability   = Only available if your DoF with Oyu is high
Usefulness     = Increases the amount of Red Souls that appear when you defeat
Location       = In the 1st room at 鬼ヶ島 Oni's Sacred Place after you get the Circle

Purple Necklace 紫の首飾
Availability   = Always available
Usefulness     = Decreases the use of Magic when Oni-Power is triggered
Location       = At the 10th level of the 緑総幻夢空間 Green Phantom Realm

Blue Necklace 青の首飾
Availability   = Only available if your DoF with Kotaro is high
Usefulness     = Allows you to absorb souls quicker than usual
Location       = In the otherwise unrevealed secret passage at the second zone of
                 幻魔洞 The Demon Cave.

Black Necklace 黒の首飾
Availability   = Only available if you have 3 Fossilized Bones
Usefulness     = Allows you to always Issen/Critical hit at close range at a little
                 sacrifice of your life.
Location       = It rests in a Puzzle Treasure Box behind the Ancient Bone Door at the
                 1st room of 鬼ヶ島 血ノ池 The Blood Pond of Oni's Sacred Place.

This section contains spoilers and the listed information may not be similar to the
official guide and it's not the exact answer for acquiring each of the Oni-Arm-Combo-
Scroll. Therefore, please be forewarned before using the further information.

What is Oni-Arm-Combo-Scroll and how to acquire it?

Fundamentally, there are 2 types of Oni-Arm-Combo-Scroll in Onimusha 2: Samurai's
Destiny. And they are, the "Tech Scroll" and the "Secret Scroll". -Information below-

The Tech Scroll aka. X Oni-Arm Tech. Y Scroll
Tech Scrolls allow you to charge and focus energy on your Oni-Arm and perform a 4-hit
combo when you have it fully charged. The full/maximum charge for each Oni-Arm is 3.
So, if you have acquired 2 Tech Scrolls, you can charge your Oni-Arm 3 times to focus
its full power before you execute the attack. There is a complete set of 8 scrolls for
the specified 4 Oni-Arms in the following, the Buraitou, Hyoujin-Yari, Senpumaru and
Dokoutsui except for the Rekka Ken. Each Oni-Arm possesses 2 Tech Scrolls except Rekka

By the way, these Tech Scrolls also allow you to execute a deadly strike of 7 hits
consecutive Issen/Critical attack too. In which I refer to it as the 7-hit-Issn Dance.
-Refer to Issen section for more info on 7-hit-Issen Dance-

How do I get the Tech Scrolls?
Primarily, these Tech Scrolls are _Rank A_ items in which you trade in return with the
sub-characters' equipments/gears and weapons. Fundamentally, you receive these Tech
Scrolls from the sub-characters if you trade with their armors and weapons. By the
way, there are some cases where you will have to do the sub-characters' events
correctly in order to receive the other Tech Scrolls. And the most common we see are
the Senpumaru Tech. 1 or 2 and the Dokoutsui Tech. 1 or 2.

However, the setting is random; the game will check and follow the sequence of
obtaining each of the Tech Scrolls, the game will check which one you have not
received and it will automatically "give" you the scroll as you proceed along the game
through item exchange.

Forewarn: The below information contains spoilers, it is based on Ekei's Pickpocket
Woman's event and it is random, you can still receive these Tech Scrolls through items
exchange as long as you give the sub-characters their weapons and armors.

The Sequence is (spoilers, Random), What to give to receive? :
1) 舞雷刀奥義 地の巻 Buraitou Tech. 1
- Give Ekei Broken Bell 鳴らない鈴 (Quest Item; Woman Pickpocket event)

2) 舞雷刀奥義 天の巻 Buraitou Tech. 2
- Give Magoichi Goraishinki 五雷神機

3) 氷刃槍奥義 天の巻 Hyoujin-Yari Tech. 2
- Give Ekei Fudo Leg Guard 不動脛当

4) 氷刃槍奥義 地の巻 Hyoujin-Yari Tech. 1
- Give Magoichi Western Boots 南蛮長靴

5) 旋風丸奥義 天の巻 Senpumaru Tech. 2
- Give Kotaro Tube for Pigeon Leg 鳩の足筒 (Quest Item)
- Oyu Event at -
JP Inscription - 第五章 七節 (一) オユウへの剣術指南
US Inscription - CHAPTER 5 - 7 - 1 Fencing Lessons for Oyu
- Magoichi Event at -
JP Inscription - 第五章 八節 マゴイチ 大砲をぶっ放す
US Inscription - Chapter 5 - 8 Magoichi Shoots a Cannon
(Refer to the below section)

6) 旋風丸奥義 地の巻 Senpumaru Tech. 1
- Give Ekei Houtengeki 方天戟

7) 土荒槌奥義 天の巻 Dokoutsui Tech. 2
(Refer to the below section)
- Ekei Event at -
JP Inscription - 第六章 七節 エケイの弱点
US Inscription - Chapter 6 - 7 Ekei's Weakness
- Magoichi Event at -
JP Inscription - 第八章 一節 刀と銃か マゴイチの誇り
US Inscription - Chapter 8 - 1 Magoichi's Pride
- Oyu Event at -
JP Inscription - 第八章 二節 命を賭けた解除
US Inscription - Chapter 8 - 2 Release at the Risk of a Life

8) 土荒槌奥義 地の巻
- Give Kotaro 蛍明鉢卷 or;
- Give Oyu フィランギ

To obtain 旋風丸奥義 天/地の巻 Senpumaru Tech. 1 or 2 (Random)
Events at 霧隠の谷 The Fog Valley:
Note: They'll give you other scrolls if you already have this one.

-=High Degree of Friendship with KOTARO=-
JP Inscription - 第五章 七節 (二) コタロウの伝書鳩と優しい嘘
US Inscription - CHAPTER 5 - 7 - 2 Kotaro's Pigeon

After battling Ginghamphatts ギンガムファッツ (2nd Encounter) in the forest, you will
come to a swamp, head up the stairs passage on Jubei's right and you will be able to
see Kotaro standing at the side, talk to him a few times, he'll tell you about his
Pigeon 鳩. After that, head across the area and go to the riverside, you will be able
to see a Bull there eating something with feathers coming out from its mouth, kill it
with Issen (refer to Issen section/Issen mode section) and get the Tube for Pigeon Leg
鳩の足筒 in front of the broken wooden stairs. Then, head back and give the Tube to
Kotaro, he appreciates it very much and vows to risk his life to help Jubei whenever
he's in trouble. And, he will give you the 旋風丸奥義 天/地の巻 Senpumaru Tech. 1 or 2.

-=High Degree of Friendship with OYU=-
JP Inscription - 第五章 七節 (一) オユウへの剣術指南
US Inscription - CHAPTER 5 - 7 - 1 Fencing Lessons for Oyu

After battling Ginghamphatts ギンガムファッツ (2nd Encounter) in the forest, you will
come to a swamp, save your game here. Then, go to the passage on Jubei's right, you
should be able to see Oyu's standing there, *talk* to her and choose Yes はい as your
response to give her a fencing lesson.

Do what she tells you to. There'll be turns switch between her and Jubei. When she
attacks you, just simply block. But when you see she's charging her weapon,
immediately run out of sight to avoid her attacks. Then, she'll switch a turn that
allows you to attack her. Attack her when she's standing, but DO NOT attack her when
she falls. Do this until she says, "Let's see who guards and who attacks". Similarly,
attack her when she's standing and avoid it when she falls.

If you do it perfectly _without_ taking any hits from her, she'll appreciate it and
say "Thank You for your excellent lesson! That was very educational" and she'll give
you the 旋風丸奥義 天/地の巻 Senpumaru Tech. 1 or 2.

Note: If you attack her while she's down, you won't receive any items when this scene
is over. You're not allowed to take too much hits from her too (it's best to be less
than 5 hits), as she'll be disappointed about your performance if you receive more
than 5 hits, and, you'll receive other lower-class items.

-=High Degree of Friendship with MAGOICHI=-
Magoichi's Event at the Swamp (optional)
JP Inscription - 第五章 八節 マゴイチ 大砲をぶっ放す
US Inscription - CHAPTER 5 - 8 Magoichi Shoots a Cannon

After battling ギンガムファッツ Ginghamphatts (2nd Encounter) in the forest, you will
come to a swamp, go forward and Magoichi will appear with his latest bomb destruction
technology, however, cover him up by killing all the Fishy-Snakes, after he had
finished setting up his bomb, there's doom to the Fishy-Snakes' burrow. Get both the
力石 & 鬼石 Power & Magic Jewels and TALK to him, receive 旋風丸奥義 天/地の巻 Senpumaru
Tech. 1 or 2.

To obtain 土荒槌奥義 天/地の巻 The Dokoutsui Tech. 1 or 2 (Random)
Events at Oni's Sacred Place 鬼ヶ島
Note: They'll give you other scrolls if you already have this one.

-=High Degree of Friendship with EKEI=-
Ekei's Event at 鬼ヶ島 Oni's Sacred Place (optional)
JP Inscription - 第六章 七節 エケイの弱点
US Inscription - CHAPTER 6 - 7 Ekei's Weakness

After you switch control back to Jubei in 鬼ヶ島 Oni's Sacred Place, go to the door on
the right (not the one near the save point), take care of the monsters there and
proceed to the second room, ignore the irritating arrows and proceed to the 3rd room,
you'll be able to see Ekei's running in a hurry, then some rats rush out from the pit
and Ekei's in fear. Kill all the Golem-Bull monsters with Issen Dance (refer to Issen
section) and Ekei will sit down and rest, TALK to him and he'll ask Jubei to keep the
secret of his, promise him by answering はい (Yes) to receive 土荒槌奥義 天/地の巻 The
Dokoutsui Tech. 1 or 2.

-=High Degree of Friendship with OYU=-
Oyu's Event at 鬼ヶ島 Oni's Sacred Place (optional)
JP Inscription - 第八章 二節 命を賭けた解除
US Inscription - CHAPTER 8 - 2 Release at the Risk of a Life

During your second visit to 鬼ヶ島 Oni's Sacred Place (after obtaining 紅玉の鍵), you'll
unlock and exit the door in the 1st room, however, you will be able to hear screams,
take care of the monsters there and proceed to the second room, yet the same scream
again, ignore the irritating arrows and proceed to the 3rd room, you will see Oyu is
locked up, now, refill your health to the max and check the bar covered up by
lightning (sacrifices about 3/4 of Jubei's health by pushing the bar down completely),
anyway, hold O button to push the bar down until Oyu is released. TALK to her and
receive 土荒槌奥義 天/地の巻 The Dokoutsui Tech. 1 or 2.

-=High Degree of Friendship with MAGOICHI=-
Magoichi Event at 鬼ヶ島 血ノ池 The Blood Pond (optional)
JP Inscription = 第八章 一節 刀と銃か マゴイチの誇り
US Inscription = CHAPTER 8 - 1 Magoichi's Pride

When you are teleported to 鬼ヶ島 血ノ池 The Blood Pond, go past the room with the
Ancient Bone Door where you need 3 Fossilized Bones 化石骨 to activate it to obtain The
Black Necklace 黒の首飾. Then, you will arrive at a room with a save point on Jubei's
right, you will see Magoichi standing near the door to the Arena, talk to him and
he'll ask: Sword and Gun, which is stronger? Answer him by choosing Sword 刀, and then,
he decided to challenge you with the first 20 kills as the winner. Kill 20 enemies as
fast as you can (you will surely win), after that, TALK to him and receive 土荒槌奥義
天/地の巻 The Dokoutsui Tech. 1 or 2. If you agree with him but selecting 銃, you'll
receive nothing but agreement.

The Secret Scroll aka. X Oni-Arm Secret Scroll
These Secret Scrolls are obtained once for each 4 of the specified Oni-Arms, the
Buraitou, Hyoujin-Yari, Senpumaru and Dokoutsui except Rekka-Ken. These scrolls rest
in Puzzle Boxes at certain places in Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny. They allow you to
perform the Secret Combo of that particular Oni-Arm if you have acquired the Secret
Scroll for that particular Oni-Arm. Here, I'm listing all locations for all 4 of the
Oni-Arms, the execution of the Secret Combo is written in the "Charged-Up Combo vs.
Secret Combo" section.

Here they are:
舞雷刀 秘伝之巻 The Buraitou Secret
Location = In the Left Cave of the first area at the Golden Mountain

氷刃槍 秘伝之巻 The Hyoujin-Yari Secret
Location = At the dead end of a cave located at the North side of the Golden Mountain
           where you see the exhausted factory owner at the very early stage in the

旋風丸 秘伝之巻 The Senpumaru Secret
Location = On the Left narrow path beside the "3 Nobunaga Statues Puzzle Trap" after
           you enter from the door from the pond/swamp area of the Fog Valley.

土荒槌 秘伝之巻 The Dokoutsui Secret
Location = Located in the room sealed by the Earth-Demon-Wall at the 2nd floor of the
           Gifu Keep Tower that is formerly inaccessible at the early stage of the

What are Charged-Up Combo and Secret Combo? How to execute the combo? And, which is

-=+=- Charged-Up Combo -=+=-
The Tech Scrolls are the basis of this combo attack. You need the Tech Scrolls for
charging up your Oni-Weapons before you can carry out the potential of it. -Refer to
Tech Scroll sub-section for acquirement-

Charged-Up Combo is executed when you have your Oni-Arm charged or even fully charged
to its maximum capacity. This combo can only be executed by using Oni-Weapons, the
Buraitou, Hyoujin-Yari, Senpumaru, Dokoutsui and Rekka Ken. Your Oni-Arm focuses
indigo/purple energy when you're charging it, so, you can notice it very obviously.

-=+=- Secret Combo -=+=-
These Secret Scrolls hide a secret technique of the Oni-Arms in your inventory. The
combo instruction shown in the Scroll is _not_ just what you've discovered. The _full_
secret of the Oni-Weapons relies on whether or not you can carry out the final attack
of the Oni-Weapons. Therefore, I'm listing down the complete combo you can execute
with the Secret Scroll for each of the Oni-Arms.

Normal Execution = Press [Down -> Up -> Square] to carry out the Ordinary Combo of the
Secret Execution = Press [Down -> Up -> Square* Square] to execute the Full Combo of
                   the Oni-Arms.

See the * in the Secret Execution? I mean:
Press the Square button again _right after_ the last attack of the combo to execute a
strong final attack.

-[舞雷刀's The Buraitou's]-
Down, Up, Square* Square = Slash, Slash, Slash* Horizontal Slash
Secret Execution: Press the Attack button after the 3rd slash is executed to do a
                  horizontal slash.

-[氷刃槍's The Hyoujin-Yari's]-
Down, Up, Square* Square = Thrust, Thrust, Thrust, Thrust* Lunge
Secret Execution: Press the Attack button _right after_ the 4th thrust is executed to
                  lunge forward.

-[旋風丸's The Senpumaru's]-
Down, Up, Square* Square = Double Upper Cut* Double X Cut
Secret Execution: Press the Attack button _right after_ the 2nd Upper Slash to execute
                  a Double Diagonal Slash.

-[土荒槌's The Dokoutsui's]-
Down, Up, Square* Square = Pull-off Stomp* Heavy Slam
Secret Execution: Press the Attack button _right after_ the Hammer smashes the ground
                  to perform another Slam.

-[烈火剣's The Rekka-Ken's]-
Down, Up, Square* Square = Jump Strike* Perpendicular Uppercut
Secret Execution: Press the Attack button _right when_ the Sword hits the ground to
                  execute an uppercut.

FAQs on Item Exchange:
Q:   Why don't you include how to obtain Fossilized Bone 化石骨 from all the sub-

A:   If you are not playing on Issen/Critical mode, it's not necessary for you to get
Fossilized Bones for your survival, you actually have to collect 3 Fossilized Bones
from the sub-characters to unlock the Ancient Bone Door in the 2nd room at The Blood
Pond 鬼ヶ島 血ノ池 to obtain the Black Necklace 黒の首飾 (which allow you to do Issen
attack at close range at a little sacrifice of your health), just refer to Issen
section for the approximate way to perform Issen attack. The setting is also random,
I'm not very sure you will receive all 3 Fossilized Bones if you give out the items as
stated above. However, you won't even need it if you had mastered your Issen skill.
But, In Issen mode, there's the different story, you will need it to survive. So far,
I have no exact solution for obtaining this item.

Q:   I couldn't find the 美人画 Artwork Exchange section, why?

A:   This section is included in the Puzzle Phantom Realm Solution FAQ, and I did not
include how to obtain 美人画 in this FAQ because the setting is random; I bet you will
get frustrated when you receive things like 弾丸 Normal Bullet, 定角の矢 Normal Arrow
and 長根の火矢 Fire Arrow. Actually, there's only 1 way and 1 factor to receive 美人画
from all the sub-characters; Save your game, then give items to that particular sub-
character which they don't like or unsatisfied but not things that make them angry
(you need to play the game a few times to find out, I won't list the way how, it has
no answer and it's too random), yet not 100% you will receive artworks in return, you
need to reload your game most of the time and save often after they give you one
(that's how I did previously). Each of the sub-characters will give you 2 artworks but
Ekei will give you 3, the left page of 美人画集 The Gallery, which accommodates 9
artworks are obtained through item exchange with the sub-characters. However, the
Kanji "不満" is unsatisfied.

Q:   So, instead of 美人画 Artwork Exchange, how about 日本史記 Japanese History Books
Exchange section?

A:   The answer is the same as the Artwork's; the setting is also random. Actually,
when you give something to the sub-characters that you happen to be receiving artworks
in return, instead receiving artworks, you will sometimes receive 日本史記 History Books
as an upshot. The setting of receiving these 2 items switches between each other
erratically. However, that's only 1 sub-character I can certain to tell you'll receive
the Japanese History is Kotaro. Try to give him 毛皮 Fur Skin instead of giving it to
Oyu and you should sometimes receive History Book vol.7 or an Artwork. I'm not very
sure about the requirement for Ekei and Oyu.

Q:   Man, it doesn't work. I gave out the items as stated above but some of the sub-
characters don't happen to appear in the game. What's wrong?

A:   It's hardly explained, as it's stated; the items are available but you won't be
able to obtain all of them in one shot. Therefore, you need to use your common sense
to judge which of the sub-characters had received the most items from you. Try to
balance your relationship with them by giving the items you have in hand accordingly
to the list above (some are necessary to be given especially their weapons, armors,
and items that's been listed in the "100% you get in return" section), but if you find
that you're short of items for the certain sub-character, try not to give too much
items for Oyu, if your relationship with her is high, you'll probably lose the chance
to trigger the other 3 sub-characters' "Appear in a coincidence" event when Jubei is
in trouble. I suggest you try to give enough items to Magoichi and Kotaro since they
are the hardest to befriended with.

Q:   What's the difference between "Event Item" and "Quest Item" you're referring to
as stated above?

A:   "Event Item" is items that sub-characters give you in return by interacting with
them after their event like the Saiga Bomb that Magoichi gave you outside the Cave. On
the other hand, "Quest Item" is items that you need to *search/find and give it to the
sub-characters to receive something in return.

Q:   I'm wondering why you throw in the "Hobby" little thingy for each of the sub-
character, what's the reason for that? For fun?

A:   Ok. It actually has nothing to do with it. I'm doing this for you to better
understand what the sub-character actually like and *need* from Jubei. Furthermore,
you'll more likely to understand the game better than before regardless language

Q:   What the heck is -...- you put at the end of a passage?

A:   A symbol means end of the first part in item exchange section. Another meaning is
end of the "updated" strategies, features, passages and explanations in my FAQ. It's a
symbol I allocate to my little FAQ myself and there's no wonder why you ask.

-(This section is summarized)-

達成結果 (Final Result)
プレイ時間 (Play Time)
総魂吸收量 (Souls Absorbed)
倒した敵の數 (# of enemies killed)
一閃を決めた回數 (# of successive Issen/Critical hit)
総幻夢空間達到階數 (# of Phantom Realm Levels cleared)
保存回數 (# of saves committed)
今回のシナリオ達成率 (scenarios triggered  %)

Ranking Elements:

Play Time:
4 hours 59 minutes or less = 10 points
5 hours to 6 hours 59 minutes = 7 points
7 hours to 8 hours 59 minutes = 5 points
9 hours or more = 3 points

Number of souls absorbed:
12,0000 or more = 10 points
80,000 to 119,999 = 7 points
40,000 to 79,999 = 5 points
39,999 or less = 3 points

Number of enemies killed:
900 or more = 10 points
600 to 899 = 7 points
300 to 599 = 5 points
299 or less = 3 points

Number of successive Issen/Critical hits executed:
450 or more = 10 points
300 to 449 = 7 points
150 to 299 = 5 points
149 or less = 3 points

Number of Phantom Realm Levels cleared:
41 = 10 points
30 to 40 -> 7 points
20 to 29 -> 5 points
19 or less -> 3 points

Percentage of scenario you've triggered on the particular game:
65% or more -> 10 points
60% to 64 % -> 7 points
55% to 59% -> 5 points
54% or less -> 3 points

* Items and medicines used in the game do not affect your rank.

To get the 鬼武者 S Rank, you have to get at least 54 points.

The Sub-Rank: 光速 Speed, 一閃 Skill, 仲良 Friend, 一気 No Save
Sub Ranks are supplementary ranks that enhance your base rank to indicate your
efficiency throughout the entire game. Since I've played the game over 10 times trying
to find out the various possible sub-ranks. There are 4 different Sub-Rank you can get
at the end accompanying your actual rank. I'm listing all requirements necessary to
get the best rank in the game. The sub ranks appear in sequence as stated below when
you fulfilled all requirements.

Designation's Inscriptions:
光速 - Speed
一閃 - Skill
仲良 - Friend
一気 - No Save

Requirements to get one of the sub ranks
光速 Speed   - Clear game in < 4 hrs but NOT _exactly_ 4:00, not even 1 second later
一閃 Skill   - > = 45% of enemies are killed with successive Issen hit
仲良 Friend  - All 4 sub-characters MUST involve in control in the game progress
一気 No Save - Don't Save your game if you're aiming for this sub-rank, not even ONCE;
              complete the game once and for all

My Best Result in Onimusha 2:
Play Time                          3 hrs 41 minutes
Souls Absorbed                     147,410 souls
Enemies Killed                     1056 bodies
Successive Issen Attack            873 times
Phantom Realm Levels               All 41 levels completed
# of saves committed               0 time
Scenarios triggered %              66%
RANK (JP)                          光速 一閃 仲良 一気 鬼武者
     (US)                          Speed Skill Friend No Save [S]

To achieve this rank, it's truly challenging and quite hard. I played on Normal mode
with Strongest Equipment Mode ON and had tried my best to clear the game in 4 hours;
this is my final result. I thought there must have a special name for it, but it has
not, there's the name for it. Do you think it's impossible or do you think that I must
have used cheat? Well, I have no evidence to prove my honesty, please refer to Item
Exchange section and look for "Items to their belongings" to give out your items
quickly and conveniently to all the sub-characters, just skip their expression scene
since you're rushing your time. *Try to master your Issen skill. Hah, this is quite
fun. :)

* If you complete the game with at least 1 of the listed requirements are fulfilled,
you will be rewarded with the particular Sub-Rank.

Eg: You killed 1000 enemies with 450 of them are Issen killed, you will be rewarded
with the ISSEN Sub-Rank accompanying your base rank at the end.

* Clear the game at least 3 times to train your speed limit in the entire game.
* Master your ISSEN skill!
* Master your DODGING skill!
* Try to be very sure you can achieve an "Onimusha" or "S" Rank before attempting for

What is Issen/Critical attack and how to execute Issen/Critical (一閃) strike?

Issen attack is known as the killing move, ultimate sword technique of a Samurai and
it is executed with great agility and force. The definition of Issen attack in the
game is to stop any attack from the enemy at ONCE. As you might be wondering how to
execute this "Issen attack", it's actually not that hard to execute these attacks as
you might think of. All you need to be certain is *Timing* and *Confidence*. Most of
my time doing Issen hit, I use timing and common sense. Since I might have difficulty
to tell you the enemies' name, I'll only give you the theory and the hints on the
approximate way to do this move (not an accurate way, you would sometimes miss, so do

Alright. First off, Jubei will always target the enemies' rib bone and their waist
area when you hold down the R1 button. There is the most common weak point of the
enemies, as Jubei will always hit these areas to kill the enemies at once. The screen
is slightly paused when Issen attack is successful. Only 1 hit is needed to kill an
enemy but not Boss. The enemies that are killed by Issen attack will release more
souls in return.

Variations of 一閃 Issen/Critical Attack:
a) Horizontal Slash (Most common)
b) Uppercut / Perpendicular Cut
c) Vertical Slash Down
d) Thrust (when 氷刃槍 Hyoujin-Yari is equipped)
e) Swirling Cut (when 旋風丸 Senpumaru is equipped)
f) Stomp (when 土荒槌 Dokoutsui is equipped)
g) Jump Strike (when 烈火剣 Rekka Ken is equipped and executed with the Block method)

Methods of Executing Issen/Critical Strike:
a) Evade Issen (Dodge Method)
b) Time Issen (Timing Method)
c) Counter-Strike Issen (Block Method)

The Evade Issen (Dodge Method):
-+- Effective against Normal Enemy -+-
[Always hit]

Press and Hold the R1 button and stand close to the targeted enemy at your weapons
range (usually sword length) for Jubei to Auto-Target the nearest enemy. It's not wise
to stand too close.

Then, stay on the *right edge* and wait for the enemy to launch their attack first.
These enemies will often growl and raise/ready their weapon and do the most common
seen slash down attack.

When they do, assuming that now you are the monster and are going to cut up Jubei,
assuming the moment when "you" will launch your attack against Jubei by looking at the
enemy's movement or action.

At the moment they slash their sword, *press Left* [usually left] (if the enemy
slashes on Jubei's right or vice-versa) to dodge the enemy's attack and *press the
Attack Button* at once when the enemy launch their attack while Jubei is still in the
strafing/dodging motion.

You should be able to see your enemy's weapon is slashed on Jubei's right while you're
on the Left side and then, an Issen/Critical attack through the rib bone is displayed
on the screen instead of a Normal Attack. If you do it correctly, Jubei will do the
most common Issen hit. However, if it's too late, move back 1 step or 1 step to either
side while having R1 button hold down and tap the attack button, Jubei should
sometimes dodge to either side and slash down the enemy with Issen hit.

Time Issen (Timing Method):
-+- Effective against oversized enemy -+-
[Sometimes Miss: Great Practice Required]

Stay "quite" close (about 1 back step away or attack range) to the targeted enemy.
Sometimes you need to stay at sword length when dealing with Giant Red Bull (refer to
Issen Mode section).

Wait for the enemy to launch their attack first. They'll usually growl and raise/ready
their weapon and try to attack Jubei.

Time your target's attack like a Timing Gauge of Tidus' Overdrive in FFX, time when
the enemies press the Attack button. If they attack horizontally, tap attack button at
the moment they "press the attack button"(hard to time), get what I mean? Else if they
launch a vertical slash attack, then;

You "should" be able to see the enemy's body is bent down to Jubei's attack range.
During this second, press Left [usually left](for dodging purpose) and tap the Attack
button at once during the dodging motion.

If you do it correctly, Jubei will dodge to the waist of the targeted enemy and cut
horizontally through. But if you miss, always practice.

Counter-Strike Issen (Block Method):
-+- Effective when you're pushed to a corner -+-
[Sometimes Miss: Practice Required]

Face directly and stay in front of the targeted enemy and keep calm. Keep your
distance close to the targeted one at 1 back step away from its position.

When you're at a fixed distance, the enemy will now try to attack you. Listen to their
attack cry as they're attacking AND *stay calm*, their attack will usually end with
their attack cry. Just notice their move carefully.

As it's attacking, its weapon will usually reach Jubei's head to shoulder, this means
their weapon will hit you if you don't press the L1 button to block. As you see its
weapon nearly hits you (at the moment its weapon reach Jubei's head to shoulder),
press the L1 button immediately to block.

You will be able to see a White Circular Spark Flashes and a different countering
sound of Jubei's weapon if you press the L1 button at the right time. During the
blocking motion, press the Attack Button while the motion lasts to execute a deadly
counterattack Issen strike against the enemy.

Keep your eyes peeled on the enemies around your surroundings while you can only
target one of them. Watch their move and use the Timing Method against the one that
try to attack you from the back if necessary.

* My reason to tell you to stay on the right edge of a path, area, room or wherever is
to lure the enemy to attack on the right and you dodge to the left and Issen them
(this is the most effective way).
* Try to Issen attack at the moment the enemy slash down their weapon when you're
dealing with normal enemy.
* Always time their attack, as if they press the attack button the second time after
they had launched their attack. This is defined for most big-sized enemies. -> ?? What
does this mean?
* Time their swings, if their weapon NEARLY hits you, attack at once.

7-hit Oni-Slash "七閃鬼斬" / 7-hit-Issen Dance "七斬 一閃舞" (Auto-Combo):
7-hit-Issen Dance is the ultimate killing move of the Issen strike. And, Jubei will
attack with 7 consecutive Issen attacks against Bosses if it is carried out
successively. There are 2 ways you can execute this attack. First, it is usually
launched when you have your weapon fully charged (3 charges with Tech Scrolls). Or,
when you're transformed into an Onimusha but without needing the Tech Scrolls. To do
the Auto-Combo 7-hit-Issen Dance, you need to obtain X奥義 Yの巻 (Tech Scroll) -refer to
Item Exchange section- through item exchange with all sub-characters since you have to
fully charge your Oni-Arm in the first place. When you're transformed into an
Onimusha, use any methods listed above to auto-execute the full-7-hit-Issen combo
against oversized enemies and bosses. When fighting Boss, perform this move and watch
the amazing 7-hit-Issen Dance.

To execute the Auto-Combo 7-hit-Issen Dance (一閃舞):
*Charge* your Oni-Arm by *Pressing the R1 button _slightly_ harder* with the Dualshock
2 and *Hold* it to fully charge it to its max capacity (3 charges).

Use the Dodge or Time Methods as mentioned,

Time -> Dodge to the Left -> Attack! -> *Hold R1 button* or;
Time -> Nearly Hit -> Attack! -> *Hold R1 button* (hard to do)

Jubei will slash horizontally to the rib bone of the targeted enemy and continue
slashing the nearest enemy while the charges last.
If there are many enemies around, watch the marvelous Issen Dance!

In fact, it is NOT necessary to hold the R1 button or constantly tapping the Attack
button when the combo is executed. It is _fully AUTOmatic_, when you execute the 7-hit
Issen Dance combo, you can leave your controller free and watch the marvelous attack
while it is being combined. However, if you're uncertain or you want to enrage your
emotional veins, constantly hammering on your controller may help you feel better.

* Auto-Combo 7-hit-Issen Dance is extremely effective against Boss (especially against
Gogandantess, Ginghamphatts, Jyujyudormah and Evil-Nobunaga).
* Always stay on the right edge of any place and let the enemy to launch their attack

Note: Jubei will only perform Auto-Combo 7-hit-Issen Dance on Boss but not normal
enemy (Bakemono).

"七閃鬼斬" 7-hit Oni Slash & "七斬 一閃舞" 7-hit Issen Dance are the name I allocate to
the 7-hit Issen Dance Combo myself and it is not an official name in the game.

FAQs on Issen Move
"Twice button Pressed to Attack" Concept
Q:   (-Always time their attack, as if they press the attack button the second time
after they had launched their attack. This is defined for most big-sized enemies-)
Man, what does this mean? I don't get it.

A:   Alrights. Big-sized enemies are Yellow Bulls, Giant Red Bulls, Golem-Bulls and
Bone Warriors. You should be able to notice that Yellow & Red Bulls will always
"ready" their weapons before attacking, that is defined as first attack button
pressed, then as they press the attack button the second time, that's when only they
attack. Meaning, 1st pressed is "ready" weapon, 2nd pressed is attack. Some other
enemies like Golem-Bulls, Bone Warriors and medium-sized enemies also share the same
concept as the "Twice button pressed to launch an attack". You'll understand clearer
if you observe carefully when the big-sized enemies attack. That's what my definition
is in the statement.

Q:   Which enemy in the game is Golem-Bull?

A:   The one same size and height with Yellow-Bull but its face is totally not Bull-
like. Its body is colored dark blue and they wield a long bat instead of an axe. There
are 2 versions of them, the slower and the faster ones. They usually perform Vertical
Bash as their initial attack when you get close to them. Their attacks are easily
recognized; therefore, they are also easily killed at once with Issen move.

In Issen/Critical Mode, the Ultimate Mode is not available. Medicines are necessary
for your survival. During the whole game, you can get 16 秘藥 Secret Medicines (when
you have 緑の首飾 Green Necklace equipped) else 12 秘藥 Secret Medicine and 2
身代わりの木札 Talismans. Appreciate them. At your first visit to 岐阜城 Gifu Castle,
you'll notice the main door was sealed by a "Jelly-like Web" Genma Seal; you must use
Red Souls to feed it in order to unlock the door. A total of 15000 Red Souls are
needed to unseal it. However, just let the Soul-Absorber-Skulls to absorb all the
souls that's released, then when you see the Soul-Absorber-Skull spins, meaning it'll
soon vanish, run quickly in front of it and slash down vertically with 舞雷刀 the
Buraitou. You'll know if you try Issen mode.

Well, are you confident enough to go for Issen/Critical Mode? That's the ultimate
challenge in Onimusha 2. If you are able to beat the game on Issen/Critical Mode and
get an Onimusha rank, Congratulations. I'd just tried it and had beaten it with the
一閃 仲良 鬼武者 Skill Friend [S] Rank.

My latest result (06/29/02) in Issen/Critical Mode:
Play Time                             7 hrs 30 minutes
Souls Absorbed                        260240 souls
Enemies Killed                        1387 bodies
Successive Issen Attack               1270 times
Phantom Realm Levels                  All 41 Levels Completed
# of saves committed                  19 times
Scenario involved %                   67%
RANK (JP)                             一閃 仲良 鬼武者
     (US)                             Skill Friend [S]

FAQs on Issen mode
Enemy Strategies
Ninjas & Bone Warriors
Q:    I find it very difficult to perform Issen against Ninjas and Bone
Warriors. Do you have the solutions?

A:    Here, even I myself also not very sure to kill Bone Warriors with Issen. I often
kill them with other monsters' aid like Ninjas especially. There are 2 types of Ninjas
with 4 different colors: white, orange, dark-shaded and dark-shaded red. Ninjas are
actually quite irritating when they are in a large group fight. This is mainly when
you're playing in the Purple Phantom Realm at the 17th, 19th & 20th levels, it's hard
to kill them with Issen Dance when each of them keep attacking continuously in turns
especially the dark-shaded ones. However, try this out:

You might notice that Ninjas tend to attack with the C-Diagonal-Cut when you are close
to them. However, stick your body to the targeted one and wait for them to attack with
this. Make sure to align Jubei to their right hand. When they attack with it, keep in
mind that as if this a smooth swipe, get what I mean? Think as if you were they trying
to attack Jubei. Then, what to do? As you see their blade reach the highest point in
the air, there are 3 points of this attack/move in C shape:

      * X (3:the highest point, ready to slash down)
     X (2:going to slash point)        ↓
        X (1:Initial, "Press" attack button point; 4:finished attack)

Can you understand? This is the representation of their attack with their blade. Maybe
my explanation is not that clear. Anyway, as their blade is half way in the air, there

Press left button to dodge -> Tap Attack button at once

You will rarely miss I promise. I hope you can understand what I mean by the C-points
diagram. X = point; # = their action/move sequence. Just ignore their others attack
types like their Jump Attack, Distance Attack, Rush-In Charge, 3-Thrust Combo Attack
and 360 degrees Double Slash (these are harder to perform Issen). Finish them with
Issen Dance and kill Bone Warriors conveniently.

Bone Warriors Only strategy
Q:   However, if you need a solid strategy to beat Bone Warriors in man-to-man fight,
I have an approximate solution for it.

A:   There are 2 types of Bone Warriors where you can recognize them by the color of
their waist radiance: Red or Purple. Red Bone Warriors will perform Vertical Slash
attack as their initial attack when you get close while; Purple Bone Warriors seem to
perform double swipes combos as their initial move. Alrights. Here's the "things" that
you need to beware when fighting these guys.

1. Don't stay too close to them.
2. Have your eyes peeled when fighting more than 2 of them.

You're wondering why? Ok. There're 2 disadvantages for each cautions that applied.

Caution 1:
a) They usually choke you if you stay close.
b) Their sword will ALWAYS hit you if they slash horizontally while you stay close to
them and, as a result, the chance to Issen will miss.

Caution 2:
a) They seem to slash randomly in all direction. You already knew that.
b) Easily get stuck and killed if you can't dodge or "sense" their attacks.

Solution is, what you do is,
1st) Stay at their attack range

2nd) *Wait* for them to attack vertically (most common seen on Red Bone Warriors)
instead of horizontally (*dodge* when they slash horizontally) or any double swipe

3rd) They should launch their attack with the "Twice button pressed to attack" concept
stated in the "FAQs on Issen Move" section. Watch and time their attack.

4th) 2 methods;
i) Method 1:
Have you played FFX? Are you clear how Tidus performs his Overdrive attack? Isn't it
like ...*... where you need to hit the * in the Timing Gauge in the limited time
given? That it is! To Issen Bone Warriors this way, you need to press the attack at
moment they "press" the attack button as well when they launch a horizontal slash.
This requires your timing skill and common sense. Practice and you should make it. If
the Bone Warrior slash vertically down, use the Evade Issen (Dodge Method) to deal
Issen against it. Yes, Jubei will dodge to either sides of Bone Warrior and Vertical
Issen Down them into 2. If you haven't played FFX, then;

ii) Method 2:
Use the strategy that'd stated in the Bulls section below or refer to Issen section
and look for Evade Issen (Dodge Method) for more details. This method is the same as
how you deal with Bulls. I guess by now you should be clear about Issening Bulls as

Bulls Sub-Boss
Q:    What should I do if I'm not confident enough to do Issen move to some of the
enemies like Giant Red Bull (sub Boss) in Issen mode? Or;

Q:    I've had enough! I kept dying fighting bulls and enemies taller than me, that's
definitely gonna tear me apart! What should I do?

A:    Red Bull is actually hard because his axe attack is deadly and cover up a wider
& farther area, it is even more fatal with Oyu, Kotaro, Ekei and Magoichi events where
you can't leave the area unless he die. Anyway, I tried it this way, charge your
weapon to the max and attack him with the normal charged-combo attack, after you do
this 3 times, he will definitely raise his giant axe and try to cut you in 2. At this
time, don't get panic and look for opening. Always hold down R1 button and charge you
weapon again to the max and try to move horizontally around him. While in range, he'll
try to cut you with his axe, time when his axe will hit you, then move quickly to his
waist (sometimes behind him) and if it really misses its attack, that's the perfect
timing, you'll see his body bent down and without hesitation, attack at once! 60% of
the time is Issen move. If its axe really hit you, you need to try again, as nothing
comes perfectly without practice. :) However, if you keep dying fighting enemy taller
than you, I have a strategy that I call it a "Lend-Aid" Issen hit. That will make life

* Always hold down R1 button while fighting Giant Red Bull.
* Always stay on the right edge of an area and wait for him to perform the slash down
attack. When he does, dodge to the left and perform
Issen attack.
* Use your normal charged combo to knock Red Bull off balance when you sense you're
too late.

"Lend-Aid" Issen Move
Sometimes, you might get surrounded by enemy taller than you; this is related to the
Magoichi event at 幻魔洞 Demon Cave where Jubei was petrified. Magoichi will eventually
end up meeting Red Bull and some Spike Rollers (I call it that way) and some explosive
at the surroundings. At this point, equip 五雷神機 Goraishinki and move horizontally
around the Red Bull and lure all the Spike Rollers to get stuck around Red Bull *(make
sure you stay at a corner where you can see Red Bull). At a certain time, one of the
Spike Rollers will definitely launch their spike-roll attack, that is the best chance
to wipe out Red Bull with the aid of the spike-roll attack, I found out Spike Roller
to be the easiest enemy to perform Issen. At the moment they roll, align Magoichi in a
straight line with Red Bull while they spike-roll, target the nearest one and time,
when they are close enough to Magoichi, perfect timing! Move to either left or right 1
step and hit the attack button. 90% of the time is Issen. Magoichi range Issen attack
is enough to kill Red Bull at once (2-5 Issen attacks). I call this strategy the
'Lend-Aid' move. Lend the aid of spike-roll attack and Issen kill both Spike Rollers
and Red Bull at the same time instead of putting Magoichi into a risky life.

You might notice that Magoichi jumps to the opposite direction when he attacks with
Issen. However, always keep your distance at Red Bull's attack range(risky) while
moving horizontally when the Spike-Rollers perform the spike roll attack. If you get
used to it, it shouldn't be a problem.

Note: Only try this tactic if you are confident to kill Spike Rollers with Issen
otherwise don't do it (you might get jammed at a corner and get killed). You can't
perform Issen attack with 猛火油櫃 The Flamethrower.

3 Tentacles Jellyfish-like Genma
Q:   I was really frustrated dealing Issen with the "3 Tentacles Jellyfish-like"
Genma; do you have the solution?

A:  I'm really sorry to tell even I myself also not sure to kill the "3 Tentacles
Jellyfish-like" Genma with Issen although it appears in most "necessary to kill" part
in the game. I usually lend the aid of Alligator's "Growl Thrust" attack and kill it
with Issen Dance (about 3 times of Issen Dance to the main body is required). I
couldn't give you any hints; I bet you'll surely hate it when it doesn't work (even
myself too). You must kill the "Culprit" monster in the main body that releases pokes
of poison gases instead of its tentacles. I was truly frustrated at the first time but
I'm now had gotten used to it. Fighting this monster, you need to be very certain and
"right at the moment" in order to kill it. You need to dodge its Double Swipe of its
tentacles at the very right moment and kill it with Issen Dance in one strike. Timing
skill is the essence to survive here. Practice! That's only 1 hint I'm sure of = use
your Oni-Power to weaken this monster and kill it with one strike of Issen Dance!

Boss Strategies
Q:    How about Boss Battle with Issen/Critical 一閃 attack?

A:    Alrights, since you are asking, I'll give you the approximate way to deal with
all the Bosses: ギンガムファッツ (Ginghamphatts), ジュジュドーマ (Jyujyudormah),
ゴーガンダンテス (Gogandantess) and 幻魔 織田信長 (Genma Oda Nobunaga).

Note: The % to do Issen is of my assumption from my experience. It varies as you
practice all the time. And not least, try at your own risk.

Helpful Tips: Always press the R1 button _slightly_ harder and hold it to fully charge
your Oni-Arm whenever a Boss Battle is encountered.

1) ギンガムファッツ (Ginghamphatts)
All Encounters:

Attack Pattern: (excluding separated part of body during the 3rd fight)
i)   Crescent Swipe
ii)  Vertical Slash Down
iii) Horizontal Swipe
iv)  Crazy Stunner
v)   Suck-In Slash Down

% of Successful Issen move - 50%

Ohrriiyaahh! is what you heard when the battle begins, the silly Genma perform a slash
down attack. Equip 舞雷刀 the Buraitou or 氷刃槍 the Hyoujin-Yari (recommended) when the
battle begins. In this battle, I prefer to use the Hyoujin-Yari because the range is
farther. However, you might need to switch to Buraitou in some cases when you need to
absorb more souls. After the attack, fully charge your pike/sword and move closer to
him, he will perform:

i) Crescent Swipe (common)
Average chance to perform Issen move = 40%

When you move close right in front of him, he'll do a crescent swipe attack, open your
ears and listen to his attack-cry to time your Issen Dance. He should sound angry and
shout again, when you see he's ready to swing his axe, he'll definitely shout
"Ohrriiyaahh" again each time he attacks, when he does, time his cry, as he cries
"Ohrrii" before "yaahh", tap the attack button immediately, if you do it correctly,
you should see his axe is nearly reach you (usually at your arm length) and you should
be able to do Issen attack on him.

ii) Vertical Slash Down (common)
Average chance to perform Issen move = 50%

Have you read the Bulls boss strategy? Do you still remember how to do Issen attack
against Bulls? Did you successful? It's just the same. When you move right in front of
him with a little distance away, he'll perform this attack, just stand on the right
and lure his attack, when he does, there's a slight lag for his axe to reach you, just
half way of it, immediately dodge to the left and tap the attack button as how you
deal with the Bulls. If you do it successfully, you will see his body bent down at
Jubei attack range.

iii) Horizontal Swipe
Average chance to perform Issen move = 10%

If he performs this attack against you, it's very hard to time; you need to be very
certain. The only way to Issen him is to tap the attack button when his axe nearly
hits you(very hard to time) or when he "presses" the attack button and not only that,
you have to stand at a correct attack range in order to Issen him, I missed my Issen
most of the time on this attack, I suggest you use up the Oni-Power to absorbed more
souls to refill your health and Oni gauge as well as earning more extra red souls.

iv) Crazy Stunner (most common)
If you stay far away from him, he'll jump crazily high up in the air and crash on you,
you will definitely fall when you get hit. There's no method to Issen him if he
performs this attack, just dodge. And, you can't block this attack (He tend to use
this attack very often in the 3rd encounter)

v) Suck-In Slash Down
Average chance to perform Issen move = 50%

That's a certain time he'll use his lower part of his body to suck you in and attack.
Just let him be, when he perform the slash down attack, again, the same method as the

Stay on right -> Lure -> Dodge to the left and Tap attack button

He'll REPEAT the attack randomly; always time his attack by listening to his attack-
cy. When you're low on health, use your Oni-Power and attack him to release more
souls. Always switch to 舞雷刀 Buraitou to perform the Oni-Power; you'll be rewarded
with more souls that way.

-That's the end of the 1st encounter-

3rd Encounter: (attack pattern for separated body part not listed)
Now, his body will separate into 2, which makes life tastier. Why? The lower part of
his body is just nothing; it's made to interrupt your battle with him. *Attack his
lower part of his body to release thousands of souls at a single Oni-Sword-Power,
that's great! Whenever you see his lower part is turnover, immediately switch to
Buraitou and use your Oni-Power and slash like that's gonna be dooms day, it'll
release a vast amount of souls! That has made me greedy! (the souls release at
thousands with a single Oni-Dance!

However, in this battle, there's actually no solid strategy for it, just equip 黒の首飾
The Black Necklace and keep attacking randomly, stay close to his "lower part" and
keep attacking to release more souls, when you have the chance, he'll move lower near
the ground, just use the raw power of the Black Necklace to finish him. Or; If your
Degree of Friendship with Magoichi is high, he'll usually appear after you had damaged
the silly Genma adequately. Then, Magoichi will appear with his latest weapon, which
releases a little Grenade, and finish the battle for you.

2nd Encounter:
You face him directly in a narrow forest; just use the strategy stated above, his
attack patterns are the same except one. He'll use his 2 front legs to crawl forwards
as an attack, just move back to dodge. In the forest, he'll run around like a maniac
to confuse you, just hold R1 button all the time to auto-target him. Always, I mean
always wait for the chance to attack although he seldom stops to fight man-to-man. Use
the Oni-Power often to refill your health. This battle definitely takes long since he
tends to run around all the time during the battle. Be patience! Your ally will come
and aid you, no worries. :)

2) ジュジュドーマ (Jyujyudormah)
Attack Pattern:
i)   Flowers Crisp
ii)  Bumper Butt
iii) Saw a Handsome Man
iv)  Double Thrust
v)   Double Slash
vi)  Vertical Slash

% of successful Issen move - 60%

This little piggy fight sure had pissed me off previously for a couple of days. It was
just very irritating. But, after I've discovered the better ways to perform Issen
attack against her, it's actually quite easy and fun in this battle. However, I
recommend you to equip the Hyoujin-Yari 氷刃槍 (range purpose). When the battle begins,
she'll either bump her butt on you or shoot the "shattered-glasses(pink)" towards you
which I call it the Flowers Crisp attack. If she performs the Flowers Crisp attack,
there's no other choice, just block or dodge them all unless you are very sure to
attack her with Issen(chances are very low), about 3-4 shots in a row. Here, I suggest
you to keep attacking her insanely, just any combo, chop, cut, blast, thrust, throw,
anything! Use 舞雷刀 The Buraitou to cut her up with Oni-Power, chop her until you're
satisfied as how I did. Until a certain time, she'll switch her fighting pattern,
you'll notice she uses the Flowers Crisp attack lesser which she only attack once with
it after she performs one of the following attack:

ii) Bumper Butt (truly irritating)
This attack has truly pissed me off. She'll attack you with her butt at any time she
likes to, even when you're charging your sword/pike, this attack is really hard to
dodge if you're stuck at a corner in conjunction with the little moving space of her
room. Just dodge or block if she attacks with it. However, it IS possible to Issen her
if she attack with this, check it out for yourself.

(Updated strategy)
iii) Saw a Handsome Man
Average chance to perform Issen move = 70% (my certainty)

I guess you can figure out what this attack is, as she launches this move, she'll
shout and chase you like a crazy woman as if she wants to kiss you. Anyway, you'll
notice that she possesses a little blady-purse with the magic pearl sign with [和] on
it. She cuts in a zigzag manner with her blady-purse as she chase towards you. Here,
that's a slight changes I would like to make for the previous version. Actually, you
can perform Issen/Issen Dance Attack against her. The rule/steps are:

1st) Fully charge your Oni-Arm
2nd) Stay at your current position
3rd) Don't get panic and wait for her to chase forward towards you
4th) When she's in Jubei's attack *range (Spear's range is highly recommended but more
5th) Tap attack button to perform Issen Finishing Move (rarely miss)

This method has been tested and it rarely miss! Why? The key here is; the "consistent-
cuts", what do I mean? She attacks with her blady-purse consistently in a zigzag
manner as she chases forward, therefore, the "consistent" attack will leave an opening
at her rib bone each time she cuts if you notice carefully. Since she only cuts
horizontally, an opening at her rib bone is always left there for Jubei to Issen her.
Let loose your skill and try on her! I promise you'll make it.

* Other explanation would be: Try to imagine this:
Assuming that you were she(Jyujyudormah) in the battle. Then, when "you" perform this
attack, aren't you going to press the attack button repeatedly? Imagine:
"tap,tap,tap,tap... = slash,slash,slash,slash..." that's equally assigned to the
consistent zigzag attack. So, as you attack, isn't there going to be an opening
between each side of your body after EACH slash? That's the point. Eventhough Jubei
attacks at any time when "you're" at his attack range, the Issen attack will
definitely hit "your" waist if you're slashing randomly.

Note: You have to stay at Jubei's attack range or Spear's range (highly recommended)
in order to successfully Issen her.

iv) Double Thrust
Average chance to perform Issen move = 60%

This attack is the highest chance that allows you to do Issen Dance against her.
Switch your Oni-Arm back to 氷刃槍 Hyoujin-Yari or have your former 舞雷刀 Buraitou
equipped (either one is OK). Next, have your weapon fully charged and wait for her to
attack with this. She will use her umbrella to thrust then another thrust again. This
attack is quite slow, so, have of time to time her attack, she'll use her right hand
to thrust you with her umbrella, so, stand aligned to her right hand and watch her
action, I guess you should be clear about how a thrust is performed, so, when she
does, look at her moves, at the second she thrusts in, press <- to dodge to the left
(don't worry, it's slow compare to a normal enemy's slash) then as the umbrella
extends, tap the attack button, her hand should be stretched straightly out and leave
an opening at her rib bone for an Issen/Issen Dance attack. Blast her up with about
2~3 Issen Dance to finish her.

v) Double-Slash
Average chance to perform Issen move = 40%

Keep your distance at your Spear's attack range, then, when she does this attack, move
back 1 step and, as you see her umbrella nearly hits you, tap the attack button, you
should make it without too much difficulty. But, if you're stuck at a corner, just
block to avoid injury. She'll keep using Double attack combos a lot when her health is
about 40% left. You'll see this attack and the Double Thrust attack very often when
you have performed enough time with your charged combos. Your charged combo actually
didn't damage her but probably it had taken long enough time in the battle and had
made her switched her fighting pattern. About 2-3 of Issen Dance will stop her

(Updated Strategy)
vi) Vertical Slash
Average chance to perform Issen move = 60%

The method of Issening her is similar to the "Enemies same height with you" stated in
the Issen section. Actually if you know the way to Issen an enemy that performs this
move regardless of their size, it applies the same to all enemies you can see in
Onimusha 2. The methods are all similar when your opponent attacks vertically. The
only thing that you must always be reminded is their size; whether they are taller or
same height with you, refer to the Issen section for details. The rule is:

a) Tap attack button at the moment the opponent "presses" the attack button or;

b) Lure the enemy to attack on the right while you dodge to the left and Issen as what
I've stated in the Issen section.

That's the way. In case you have mastered your Issen skill, always try different
approaches to deal with them to your maximum advantage.

* Equip your favorite Oni-Arm, it doesn't matter what weapon as long as you know the
way to perform Issen attack. This strategy is from my experience and trials, she'll
attack randomly, just watch her action to identify which attack she's going after you.

3) ゴーガンダンテス (Gogandantess)
-3rd Encounter: Only 1 fight to end his legend-

Attack Pattern:
i)   Stinger (Red)
ii)  Double Slash
iii) Throw knife (not knife) like Vamp does in MGS2
iv)  Taunt (Red)

% of successful Issen move - 80%(my certainty)

Battle begins. Equip 舞雷刀 The Buraitou and 黄の首飾 The Yellow Necklace(allow enemy to
release more yellow souls when hit successfully); I like to use Buraitou most of the
time to perform Issen attack, I don't know why. Then, use 破魔の笛 Sacred Flute to
eliminate his defensive aura. Then there goes:

Charging -> Dodging -> Waiting -> Timing -> Issen Finishing Move

As you already knew, after eliminating his aura, hold down R1 button and keep your
distance away from him and charge your weapon, then, after you have fully charged your
Oni-Arm, move closer to him slowly in steps towards him until you're in your attack
range (I suggest to keep in spear range/your attack range but not sword range,
remember). He'll look at you in a pose for a while and then throw knife suddenly
(sometimes Stinger you). Dodge, then again, he'll wander around and try to Stinger
you, when you see his sword turned red, move horizontally* instead of moving in the
line he's trying to stinger in unless you're away from his attack range.

(Updated strategy)
Average chance to perform Issen move = 70%

However, I've used the same method of my FAQ about performing Issen Dance against
Nobunaga's Stinger attack and finally discovered that it's possible against
Gogandantess. First, fully charge your Oni-Arm, always do that when battling boss.
Then, all you have to do is to keep in his Stinger's distance (about 3-4 back steps
away) since his stinger distance is a fixed range. While, align Jubei to
Gogandantess's right hand at the same time. About 6 out of 10 time, he'll try to
stinger you when you stay at this distance. As he stingers in, wait for a "slight sec
lag" for the stinger attack to about half way or at the moment his sword is about to
thrust in, at this second, instantly dodge to the left and tap attack button at the
same time. An Issen Dance is the outcome.

After he stingers, Ha! That's the time, he'll either slash you with his sword
horizontally or hop back 1 step.

"In case he does not hop back, be ready! Move back 1 step and wait for him to attack
first. When he does, you have no time to time his waist (his speed is fast enough to
reach you before you can attack him), just at the moment he launch his first slash,
immediately move either left or right to dodge (if his sword slash on Jubei's right,
you move to Jubei's left and vice-versa) and hit the attack button consistently, the
screen is paused for a while and you should see his sword has already slashed down or
in the air going to cut down while Jubei is performing the Dancing 7-hit Issen move."
if you miss, you have to wait for him to attack again. About 4 times of 7-hit Issen
combo should make him bleed if you don't happen to miss otherwise 2-3 times if it
takes too long. You may not need to use Medicine at all. Consume a Herb if you're
running low on health. Enjoy the marvelous Issen Dance! :)

Note: He'll use his taunt attack if you keep slashing randomly. The taunt attack does
nothing but a block; his sword turns red when he's up for a taunt attack.

4) 幻魔 織田信長 (Genma Oda Nobunaga)
i) Ground Battle
Attack Pattern:
a) Energy Punch (unblockable)
b) Stinger
c) 360 degrees Horizontal Slash (2 hits)
d) Fatal Thrust
e) 2-hit Sword Combo
   - Vertical Slash Down
   - Perpendicular Uppercut
f) 3-hit Sword Combo
   - Double Slash
   - Fatal Thrust

*All his sword combos are extremely deadly, be careful.

ii) Aerial Battle
Attack Pattern:
a) Thunder Storm       (Bluish White)
b) Tornado             (Green)
c) Meteor Rain         (Yellow)
d) Freezing Wave       (Indigo)
e) Earth Rave          (Red; extremely deadly)
f) Vortex              (extremely deadly)

* He can perform Vortex at any time, dodge or block it to avoid injury.

% of successful Issen move - 60% (Ground Battle Only)

Equip 舞雷刀 the Buraitou or 烈火剣 Rekka Ken and 黄の首飾 The Yellow Necklace(I prefer
Buraitou to fight him instead of other Oni-Arms). You confront him face to face when
the battle starts, the distance set at the beginning is the most efficient way to do
Issen attack but, it's dangerous and you would not have enough time to fully charge
your sword. However, hold R1 button all the time during the battle.

i) Ground Battle
When the battle begins, hold R1 button and wait for him to attack first. He will
definitely use Energy Punch directly against you if you stay at the set distance, but
if you move back to keep your distance away, he'll stinger you. I prefer to stand at
the fixed distance at the beginning. Again, time his attack and you usually have to
move to Jubei's right because he'll punch with his left arm. If you time correctly,
your sword should charge only once and he'll launch his Energy Punch attack. Attack
when he does, Jubei will dodge to Nobunaga's left and perform a Vertical Issen Slash
Down. 50% you should make it. Then, immediately back away and fully charge your sword.
He'll look at you a little like ゴーガンダンテス Gogandantess did but he doesn't take
that long. Then, he'll perform 1 of the following attack:

(Updated Strategy)
a) 360 degrees Horizontal Slash (2-hits)
Average chance to perform Issen move = 40%

You shall notice that he'll periodically attack with this move if you keep moving
randomly around him. Anyway, this attack is, imagine the swings: Slash(fook)*
Slash(fook). You get the picture? Now, keep moving horizontally around and suddenly
stop behind him and, try to stay at his attack range and probably not getting hit by
his sword as he attacks. He should sometimes perform this attack, so, did you see the
asterisk after the first slash? That's the point! As he slashes once, that's a slight
of about less than 1 sec delay for him to slash again. So, what's for now? Tap the
attack button when you see his sword is slashed at the first time before he swings his
sword again but never hit Jubei. Then, Jubei "should" be able to cut horizontally
through his waist(while Nobunaga's sword is nearly hit Jubei) and continue the Issen
Dance as well!

b) 3-hit Sword Combo
Average chance to perform Issen move = 30%

If your distance is close to his attack range, he'll double slash and thrust into
Jubei. If you get hit, you'll definitely fall. But if you don't, meaning that you are
already fast enough to dodge, tap the attack button at the 'second' he attack, if you
do it at the right time, you will see he had already diagonally slashed down his
sword, and Jubei would have performed the 7-hit Issen Dance if you have fully charged
your sword at the same time. Otherwise, the chance to attack will miss.

c) 2-hit Sword Combo
Average chance to perform Issen move = 30%(tested possibility)

If he attacks you this way, most of the time you'll not have the chance to dodge even
you move horizontally (I thought it's dodgeable but it does not) unless you move
backward a few steps. This move is the hardest to do Issen attack against him since
his Vertical Slash covers up a wider and even farther area. Here, your sword may not
be fully charged. I would suggest that you listen to his attack-cry at the moment he
attacks as a signal to perform Issen (very hard to do), you need to get used to it. In
any cases, Jubei seems to Vertically Issen Slash Nobunaga if you can perform Issen
move successfully. I think move back a few steps to dodge is safer.

d) Stinger (extremely deadly)
Average chance to perform Issen move = 70%(if you time correctly)
Else                                 = 30%

If you dodge his 2-hit Sword Combo attack successfully, his next move is to Stinger
you fatally. Anyway, you might understand the Chinese phrase "The most dangerous place
is the safest place". What I'm trying to say is, his Stinger attack is the key to
allow you to perform the 7-hit Issen Dance because his Stinger is fast enough, get
what I mean? Ha. Anyway, the factor that insists him to perform this attack is when
you are back away from him at room inches or 4-5 steps away from him. This distance is
the best timing to Issen him with the 7-hit Oni-Slash!

The key to perform Issen against him is his *thrust/sting* after he stingers in. Time
his attack (you will know when he's going to stinger you), then at the moment he
speeds in, you should be able to see *slightly* that his sword is thrusting in as he
stops, at this second, press <- or -> to dodge and tap attack button at the same time.
This method should rarely miss. Practice! (watch which hand he's thrusting in, if it's
left, you dodge to Jubei's left this time instead of right). However, if you want to
Issen him more accurately, you can align Jubei to the hand that Nobunaga used to
thrust in(dangerous) then at the second he thrusts in, as his sword nearly hits you,
immediately hit the attack button while having R1 held down to perform Issen Dance
attack with higher opportunity. This means you'll need to dodge to the side of
Nobunaga where he thrusts in (usually Left; then you dodge to Jubei Right and Issen at
your own risk).

I would suggest you wait for the chance for him to stinger you, the % of performing
Issen attack is higher. Meanwhile, you might have finished charging your sword and
ready to cut him up. I'm more confident to cut him up with Issen Dance when he
performs the Stinger attack. In addition, if you do success in Issen Dance Combo, that
feels really great! Try it out!

Note: He can do his 360 degrees Horizontal Slash and Fatal Thrust at any time he feels
like to. Move back a few steps to dodge. If you keep dying, save up your time and
equip 黒の首飾 The Black Necklace to cut him freely with Issen.

ii) Aerial Battle
Average chance to do successful Issen move = 5%(possibility assumption)

After you had cut him with about 3 successive Issen Dance Finishing Move, he'll switch
his fighting style in the air. This time, I will not recommend any strategy to fight
him, he'll use Thunder Storm all the time, hold down R1 button and dodge, easily
dodge. Most of his attacks are quite similar to Jubei's Oni-Power. You will notice he
possesses some 'eyes' in front of his body; you must recognize these light colors to
identify his next move, they are all here:

Type of Attacks | 'Eyes' Colors
Thunder Storm  - Bluish White
Tornado        - Green
Meteor Rain    - Yellow
Freezing Wave  - Indigo
Earth Rave     - Red; Sword's Devil Power (extremely deadly)
Vortex         - Any colors; attack at anytime

He still can attack you with his sword although he becomes airborne. There's 1 attack
he performs from the air that looks very similar to the "Stinger" attack. Be alert.
Currently, I have never attack him with a successful Issen although he attacks from
the air. His only attacks that will allow you to do Issen attack on him are Earth Rave
(really hard to time) and Vortex, if he performs Vortex, it's hard to time and yet, he
rarely use this move. So, save up your time and equip 黒の首飾 The Black Necklace
(enable you to perform Issen attack at close range at a little sacrifice of your
health), it's not necessary to charge your sword when you have the Black Necklace
equipped. Just wait for the chance to attack. When he flies lower near the ground, use
the raw power of the Black Necklace to attack him with "sacrificed Issen attack" while
you have the chance. Pay attention to your life bar; refill it with Medicine or Secret
Medicine (you will not die even your health get depleted by the Black Necklace unless
you are attacked).

He'll recharge his energy at the throne in front of the 黄金魔神像 Golden Evil Statue at
a certain time, however, the throne is covered by a defensive aura when he recharges
his energy and you can't damage him. He tends to do Earth Rave (Red) very often when
he's near death, move horizontally to dodge and Issen him if possible (% of Issening
is very low). Only 10 to 11 Issen attacks are needed to make him fall from the air.
Good luck!

* Stinger & Vortex are the names that I extracted from Devil May Cry, these 2 moves of
Genma Oda Nobunaga are exactly the same as Alastor Dante did in Devil May Cry and so;
I decided to give both the moves these cool names.

After you defeat him, watch the FMV and be ready for the final battle with 黄金魔神像
(Golden Evil Statue). Jubei turned into the true form of the 鬼武者 Onimusha. You can
only damage him with your Energy Blast. Blast him up little by little; it's your
patience. Hold down the R1 button during the battle. It's actually not hard at all if
you know what his next move is coming to you. The rule is:

Dodge -> Shoot Energy Blast several times -> Move back -> Repeat

黄金魔神像 (Golden Evil Statue)
Vulnerable part of his body (5 parts):
Both his left & right legs; both his hands and the face

Attack Pattern:
a) Homing Fire Shots (3-5 shots of homing fires)
b) Inferno (Jet Flame from the mouth)
c) Earthquake (Columns from the ground)
d) Laser Eye
   - Straight
   - Wavy
e) 2-Face Mask
   - Brown (Smiley face): release poison gas
   - Yellowish White (Sorrow face): spike attack

|  If IT attack with; |                         What to do?                          |
|     Homing Fire     | stay at your current position and shoot your energy blasts   |
|                     | about 5-6 times then dodge or block them all if it's too late|
|     Inferno         | he only performs this attack if you stay too close to its    |
|                     | mouth, just keep moving back, shoot energy blasts once or    |
|                     | twice if you have the chance while moving back at the same   |
|                     | time                                                         |
|     Earthquake      | watch his left hand, if it turns red, look at Jubei's current|
|                     | position and it should have a circular red light, move 2     |
|                     | steps to any direction to dodge the columns                  |
|     Laser Eye       | Straight: dodge when it nearly hits you                      |
|                     | (move 2 steps to either side to dodge)                       |
|                     |--------------------------------------------------------------|
|                     | Wavy: stand at the center between the 2 beams                |
|                     | (sometimes you will get hit but very seldom)                 |
|     2-Face Mask     | Brown (Smiley Face):                                         |
|                     | the developers tend to make the irritating laughing sounds   |
|                     | to distract you, just keep moving from side to side to dodge |
|                     |(like how you did in MGS2 with the Box tactic when fighting   |
|                     | Fortune in Extreme mode) while shooting energy blasts at the |
|                     | same time                                                    |
|                     |--------------------------------------------------------------|
|                     | Yellowish White (Sorrow Face):                               |
|                     | stand at a fixed position and blast him with energy balls,   |
|                     | when you see the masks flip, stay calm and dodge when each   |
|                     | is homing in, move 2 steps to the side to dodge each         |

Train your dodging and timing skills. They will help you survive in this battle with
no medicines at all. :) Refill your health when it's low if you really need one.

2 factors that you lose in this battle:
a) Not patient enough to maintain the battle until the last part; his face
b) Dodging skill; probably you couldn't dodge most of his attack

FAQs on Bosses
Q:   Why is it so difficult battling Golden Evil Statue 黄金魔神像?

A:   The main reason maybe you weren't patient enough. Always remember, Jubei is
actually having only 1~2 energy blast shots towards the face of the Golden Evil Statue
黄金魔神像 when it launches the 2-Face Mask attack. You'll notice most of Jubei's energy
blasts are targeted to the masks automatically and leaving only 1 or 2 shots towards
the face part each time you attack. "Dodge" plays the main role here, always hold down
the R1 button and "sense" when the attacks will hit you, and then dodge them all when
you can. It isn't too difficult.

This is a Team-Based Mini Game that allows you to play as all characters cooperatively
through all difficulty you encounter for each level in this Mini Game. The Mini Game
decreases your vitality gradually and your mission is to clear all the levels
_without_ having your life reaches to zero. Cooperation and preparation is the key to
achieve victory here. So, lay out your plan wisely. I'll give hints if necessary -Look
at TIPS & HINTS section below-. I advise you to spend your Herbs wisely before you run
out of them when you _really_ need one.

This section contains minor spoilers and it's not necessary to follow. This section is
very brief and it doesn't contain detailed explanations for each level of the Mini
Game. It's my preference for peak efficiency throughout all the levels.

Total Levels = 20 levels

Character to use for efficiency purpose
1st  Level - Jubei
2nd  Level - Ekei
3rd  Level - Get Buraitou 舞雷刀 & Phirangi フィランギ
4th  Level - Oyu
5th  Level - Oyu
6th  Level - Magoichi and Ekei
7th  Level - Get Herb 薬草, Hyoujin-Yari 氷刃槍 & Roga Kunai 狼牙苦無
8th  Level - Kotaro
9th  Level - Kotaro
10th Level - Magoichi
11th Level - Jubei
12th Level - Oyu
13th Level - Get Gradius グラディウス、Goraishinki 五雷神機、Halberd ハルベルト & Senpumaru
14th Level - Kotaro and Magoichi
15th Level - Jubei and Oyu
16th Level - Get Cannon Gun 国崩し, Flamethrower 猛火油櫃, Dokoutsui 土荒槌 & Herb 薬草
17th Level - Magoichi
18th Level - Magoichi
19th Level - Get Medicine 丸薬 & Herb 薬草 x 2
20th Level - Magoichi

 "一閃 モード" / "Critical mode" is added to the difficulty mode after game cleared.

* The Traveler Portal will restore your health each time you travel through it. My
advice here is, plan the characters you wish to use to clear the certain level.
Usually, plan 2 characters to clear 1 level cooperatively, 1 for offense and another
for defense. Choose 2 characters for clearing the certain level and if the offensive
one is running low on his/her vitality, change to the other one to finish off the rest
of the monsters and change back to the former one and have him/her travel through the
Traveler Portal to refill his/her life. By doing it this way, you can save up
necessary Herbs and Medicines when you really need them. Try to use this
"tactics/tips" as much as possible to clear through much harder levels.

* When you manage to reach to the 20th level of the Team Oni Mini Game, switch the
character to Magoichi and have him equip the Cannon Gun 国崩し. Run to the front of the
Shadowy-Human Nobunaga and fire a cannon blast into his face to make him fall
instantly in front of you!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
Q: Can anyone please tell me who and what items/gifts to give to?
A: The official guide can give you the answer I guess.

Q: Can I still get the Best Rank with the Ultimate Mode 最強裝備モード?
A: Yes. You can _only_ get the Best Rank in Normal and Hard modes. Why? The reason is
you cannot get the "Onimusha" or "S" Rank in Easy mode, which is the necessary in
considering as the Best Rank. Plus, the Ultimate Mode becomes unavailable if
Issen/Critical Mode is selected.

Q: Can you guys tell me what the MIB Mini Game is all about?
A: It's an extra in Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny. The objective of the MIB Mini Game
is to collect all the films scattered everywhere in any corner at any place in the
Mini Game within the _countdown_ time given. The Mini Game commences you at Yagyu's
House and Jubei is worn in a Western Black Suit with a Stick. You must avoid all
monsters encounter and in case you run out of time or your life reaches zero, the game
is over. Collect all the films and view the cut-scenes footage extracted from the game
from the Viewer at the menu.

Q: How do I charge my Oni-Arm?
A: First, you need a Dualshock 2 instead of the regular PSX controller. This game
needs an Analog function in order to charge your weapon. Then, PRESS the R1 button
_slightly_ *harder* and HOLD the R1 button to fully charge your Oni-Arm. The full
charge for all Oni-Arms is 3.

Q: How do I raise my Degree of Friendship with the sub-characters?
A: Through Items/Gifts exchange. You ought to be knowledgeable in items sharing to
ensure you maintain a close friendship with the particular one.

Q: How do I execute the Issen strike/Critical attack?
A: Refer to Issen/Critical section.

Q: How do I execute the 7-hit-Issen Dance?
A: Refer to Issen/Critical section.

Q: How do I get all 3 fossilized bones from the sub-characters?
A: It's RANDOM and the settings are randomly generated each time you reset your game.
I currently couldn't help you with this topic. You are always recommended to use the
Save & Load trick to receive them all through Trials & Errors. Well, it's time
consuming and that's how you have to deal with. Or, I think the official guide has the
answer too.

Q: How do I get X Necklace?
A: Refer to Necklace sub-section of Items.

Q: How do I know if I have fully charged my Oni-Arm?
A: A purple/indigo energy focuses on your Oni-Arm, press the R1 button harder and hold
it to fully charge your Oni-Arm, when the focused energy restores 3 times, this
indicates that you've fully charged your Oni-Arm.

Q: How do I make a sub-character join me in a battle?
A: Make sure you have a high Degree of Friendship/Bond Rate with the particular one.
Try to be good with the chosen one instead of all 4 of them in order to make him/her
appears to help you in a battle.

Q: How do I open those silver sealed chests?
A: You cannot open these silver boxes with Jubei. And, these silver chests are
specially made for the sub-characters and only they can unlock them. These silver
chests are located at some certain places where you can see them and these are the
places that one of the sub-characters will appear to help Jubei. Which means it is
their triggerable quests in the game and you get to control them for a short time. The
treasures in the silver boxes are their weapons/armors and some necessary items.

Q: How do I trade for all Secondary Armor from all the sub-characters?
A: If you ask how, it arouses curiosity. However, you can refer to "What items do I
trade for all Secondary Armors from all the sub-characters?" below in this section. I
can't help you with the word "How" for this one.

Q: How do I trigger Scenario #X?
A: Refer to Scenario Route FAQ/Walkthrough.

Q: How do I unlock the Special Costumes for Jubei and Oyu?
A: Jubei = Obtain the "Fashionable Goods" at the lowest level of the Purple Phantom
Realm. When you receive the Rekka Ken, examine the light hole and choose "Yes" to
reveal the secret level. Then, beat the game and get the "Onimusha" or "S" Rank to
unlock it.

Oyu = Clear the game at least 4~6 times to complete it with a 100% Scenario Completion
in order to unlock it.

Q: How long is this game?
A: It depends. If you've cleared it multiple times and are knowledgeable at all
aspects of the game, it takes you <4 hrs to complete. The first time through requires
your time at around 8 ~ 12hrs.

Q: How many methods of executing Issen move/Critical hit?
A: There are currently 3 methods. Refer to Issen section for more info.

Q: How many new Oni-Arms are there?
A: 5. They are Buraitou 舞雷刀 (Thunder Sword), Hyoujin-Yari 氷刃槍 (Ice Spear),
Senpumaru 旋風丸 (Double-edge Wind Blade), Dokoutsui 土荒槌 (Earth Barren Hammer) and
Rekka Ken 烈火剣 (Fire Sword).

Q: How to beat X Boss?
A: Refer to the Boss strategy for killing them with the Issen strike/Critical hit or a
Boss FAQ.

Q: How to get 100% Scenario Completion percentage?
A: Refer to Scenario Route FAQ/Walkthrough.

Q: How to unlock Critical Mode?
A: Successfully complete the Team Oni Mini Game to unlock it.

Q: How to unlock Easy Mode?
A: Purposely die in the Normal Game 3 times and the game will offer you to play on
Easy Mode.

Q: Is anything censored in the NA version?
A: No. But, the Music Video clip of "Russian Roulette" is not included in the NA
version. I still doubt if the Golden Edition / Limited Edition will include this for
the NA release.

Q: Is it a good idea to give all items to one sub-character?
A: It depends. If you are playing for Scenario purpose, try to give as much as you can
to raise a high Degree of Friendship with the particular sub-character. Please also
ensure that you receive _ONLY_ the *positive* responses from the chosen one. It's wise
to give them their equipments and their favorites and the Pair Ring to tighten your
Friendship with the chosen one.

Q: Is it possible for all 4 of the sub-characters appear to help me?
A: As far as I know, the answer is No. It is NOT possible for all 4 of them to come
and assist you at once. Only 1 will appear to help at a dire situation.

Q: Is it possible to execute Issen/Critical strike against Bosses?
A: You ask? Of course! Refer to Issen Mode section for more info.

Q: Is it possible to trigger all sub-characters' scenarios in one game?
A: If you mean their Quest Events, it is possible. But, if you mean to trigger 100%
scenarios in one game, No. The maximum sub-characters' events you can trigger is 2.
Only with their corresponding events to one another as well as some default one.

Q: Is it possible to get an "Onimusha" or "S" rank in Easy mode?
A: Sorry, No.

Q: Is it possible to receive all sub-characters' Secondary Armor in a single game?
A: Yes, it is possible.

Q: Is Samanosuke in this sequel? And, where can you see him in the game?
A: There's no Samanosuke in the sequel, Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny. However, this
can be a spoiler note, you can see a middle-aged Samurai wearing the same Gauntlet and
the Bishamon Sword that Samanosuke used in Onimusha: Warlords in the Onimusha 3
teaser/trailer. Many have doubted that he IS Samanosuke, but the identity of the
Samurai is unknown.

Q: Is the Bishamon Sword available in this game?
A: No.

Q: Is the US/NA version bi-lingual?
A: Although it's been very intriguing in Onimusha: Warlords. But, many have been
disappointed for the in-adjustable language option in Onimusha 2.

Q: Is there a _complete list_ of Items/Gifts FAQ?
A: I guess only the official guide has.

Q: Is there a mode called the "Kick Ass Mode"?
A: You're definitely hearing/getting this Info from CheatCC. There's no such mode
called the "Kick Ass Mode" in Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny.

Q: Is there a way to revert back to Normal Mode from Easy?
A: Get it straight, No. If the game offers you play Easy AND if you choose "Yes".
There'll be the sad news for you.

Q: Is there an option to change between Japanese and English voice?
A: Neither can the US nor the JP version.

Q: Is there any trick to receive more souls?
A: Trick? No. You will receive more souls if you kill the enemy successfully with the
Issen strike/Critical hit.

Q: Is there any unlockable extra characters like DMC?
A: No. Only those mentioned unlockable Mini Games and some secrets.

Q: Is this game longer than its predecessor?
A: Yes it is. Onimusha: Warlords was _too_ short compared to this one.

Q: Is this game better than Onimusha: Warlords?
A: It's a spoiler note. But I can see more people prefer the sequel than the original.

Q: Rent or Buy?
A: If you're an Action game freak, I suggest you buy it. Or, rent it first if you're
not sure whether if it'll entertain you.

Q: What are the names for all the sub-characters?
A: Magoichi (Rifleman), Ekei (Fat Monk), Kotaro (Ninja) and Oyu (The girl).

Q: What are the names for all the villains in this game?
A: Ginghamphatts (4-leg Demon), Jyujyudormah (Fat Piggy Demon), Gogandantess (The one
who blow his horn as the Legendary Swordsman of all demons), Evil-Nobunaga (The main
villain in this game) and the Golden Evil Statue (Final Boss).

Q: What are the requirements for getting the "Onimusha" or "S" Rank?
A: To get the "Onimusha" or "S" rank, you need to get at least 54 points. And, the 54
points is accumulated and affected by all the elements you can see at the ranking
screen at the end. Refer to Ranking Scale section for more details.

Q: What are Oni-Arm-Combo-Scroll and Oni-Arm Secret?
A: Refer to "Oni-Arm-Combo-Scroll" sub-section under Items.

Q: What does the Unique Mushroom 珍しいキノコ do or what's use of Unique Mushroom?
A: Give one to the sub-character to make him/her hallucinate and give you an item/gift
in return.

Q: What does the Wonder Flower 忘れ花 do or what's the use of Wonder Flower?
A: If you find yourself misgiving an item/gift that doesn't entertain the sub-
characters, or sometimes even make them reject the item/gift, immediately give them
one Wonder Flower to make them forget the previous thing you've done to maintain your
DoF with them.

Q: What does this Fashionable Goods レザーウェア do? And how to use it?
A: It IS the "Leather Suit" for Jubei. And if you manage to get an "Onimusha" or "S"
rank for the game, it'll _unlock_ the suit for Jubei. And, you can switch Jubei's
costume between the Traditional Japanese Samurai's Suit and the Leather Suit enclosed
complete with a pair of sunglasses in the Special Features. *You can't use it in a
regular game.

Q: What does X Necklace do?
A: Refer to "Necklace" sub-section under Items.

Q: What exactly do you give to raise a balance DoF among all of them?
A: The answer is forbidden and that's no _exact_ answer for this. If you don't mind
for spoiler notes, refer to "Items to their Belongings" at the Items section for an
average allocation of Items Sharing or an official guide for full listings.

Q: What happen after I upgrade my weapon/armor?
A: Your weapon/armor become stronger and changes the appearance of it. And, it raises
Jubei endurance against enemies' attacks.

Q: What happen if I give a sub-character an item he/she dislikes?
A: It decreases a small number of your percentage in Degree of Friendship with the
particular one. Or, it decreases a minor Bond Rate points for the particular one.

Q: What happen to my game? ...Is it a glitch or something?
A: The answer for this question is explainable if someone has encountered the same as
what you encountered.

Q: What is Russian Roulette and who is Hotei?
A: Russian Roulette is the Theme Song for Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny performed by
Hotei. I'm not really clear about who Hotei is. This Music Video is available in the
JP's Limited Edition of the game. You can view the clip at 映画特典 Museum under the
Special Feature. This Music Video clip is currently not available in the regular copy
of the US version.

Q: What is the Best Rank in the game?
A: For the JP version, it is the 光速 一閃 仲良 一気 鬼武者 Speed Skill Friend No Save
[S], which I personally had gotten it.

Q: What is the difference between Bond Rate and Degree of Friendship?
A: The answer is complicated. The official guide can give you the answer
satisfactorily about Bond Rate. Degree of Friendship is introduced in Muni Shinobu's
FAQ. It's behind the game and normally we use it to explain your Friendship among all
the sub-characters.

Q: What is the difference for upgrading Arm and Foot Armor?
A: It's a spoiler note. From what I've been seeing, the Foot Armor increases your
strength of knocking down enemies by kicking them, while the Arm Armor allows you to
charge you Oni-Arms faster. In the game, the Foot Armor is described as mobility
enhancement and the Arm Armor is described as strength increment.

Q: What is the meaning of "Onimusha"?
A: Basically, it means Ogre Warrior. But due to the synonyms of most English words, it
can be defined as many different expressions for the word "Onimusha". Some says, Devil
Gladiator, Ghost Warrior, Demon Hunter, Warlord, Demon Lord and etc.

Q: What is the Rekka Ken and where do I get it?
A: The Rekka Ken 烈火剣 is the Ultimate Oni-Arm (Sword category) of all weapons in
Onimusha 2. As its name implies, its magic element is Fire and it is located at the
20th level of the Purple Phantom Realm. Activate the Purple Phantom Realm with the
Purple Wedge and play through the Phantom Realm until you reach to the 20th level to
get it.

Q: What is this "7-hit-Issen Dance" I've been hearing about?
A: It's the Ultimate Killing Move of Issen. As Jubei will strike the enemy with 7 hits
of consecutive Issen hits once it's executed successively. Refer to Issen section for
more info.

Q: What items do I trade for all Secondary Armors from all the sub-characters?
A: Read the "100% you get in return" sub-section of Items. NOTE: The items specified
in that sub-section WILL and give you with their Secondary Armors. As of the "items"
that give you those _necessary items_ for trading these Secondary Armors, sorry, I
don't have the list for the accurate answer. Here it goes; Magoichi's is Pirates
Costumes, Ekei's is Ashura Garment, Kotaro's is Hien Kyahan and Oyu's is Hard Boots as
their respectable Secondary Equipment/Gear.

Q: What new features are there?
A: Read the "Unlockable Features" at the initial portion of this FAQ.

Q: What secret is behind that unlockable Ancient Bone Door?
A: A Treasure Puzzle Box contains the 黒の首飾 Black Necklace. Read the Necklace sub-
section under Items for more Info.

Q: When is the release date for the US/NA version?
A: Officially released on August 28th 2002 in the USA.

Q: Where and how do I collect all the Artworks?
A: Refer to Puzzle Phantom Realm FAQ for help.

Q: Where and how do I get these "Issen Scrolls"?
A: They are not the "Issen Scrolls" but Tech Scroll. The Tech Scroll allows you to
*charge* your Oni-Arm's power and you can do a Charge Attack of 4-hit with your Oni-
Arm. There are 2 scrolls for each Oni-Arm except the Rekka Ken. You can get these Tech
Scrolls through items exchange among all the sub-characters especially when you give
them their weapons and armors, you'll usually receive these Combo-Scrolls in return
from them. Refer to "Oni-Arm-Combo-Scroll" sub-section for more details.

Q: Where are all the Necklaces?
A: Refer to "Necklace" sub-section under Items for more info.

Q: Where are all the Phantom Realms?
A: Read the "Phantom Realm" section for more info.

Q: Where do I go after I...?
A: Refer to Walkthroughs for help or leave your question at GameFAQs' Message Board
for reply.

Q: Where do I find X item?
A: Refer to Walkthroughs for help or leave your question at GameFAQs' Message Board
for reply.

Q: Where is the exit for the MIB Mini Game?
A: Do you notice those Yellow Flying Creatures around the forest? Yes. Use your stick
and kill these monsters to reveal the true path to the exit. These Yellow Flying
Creatures appear once every 2 screen of the forest, and they are guarded by vicious
monsters like the Giant Red Bulls and Wooden Robots. However, it's hard to avoid it if
you fail to lure the monsters aside. Well, you'll notice these Yellow Flying Creatures
fly in a circular formation, right when you see they fly lower, go forward and attack
it. They can't withstand too much hits, therefore, _only_ 3 hits are required to kill
each. Proceed until you encounter Human-Nobunaga and ignore him, the exit is just
ahead of you. If you just ignore these Yellow Flying Creatures, you're stuck in the
first part of the forest eternally. Beware of the monsters around you when you're
attacking these Yellow Flying Creatures.

Q: Where is X film?
A: I currently couldn't help you with this, read the "Drawback of this FAQ" to see
what I stated in the MIB Mini Game.

Q: Where is X place?
A: Refer to Walkthroughs for help or leave your question at GameFAQs' Message Board
for reply.

Q: Which combo is stronger? The Charged-Up or the Secret Combo?
A: This statement was formerly planned to be explained at the Combo section but it
contains spoiler and I decided to put it here. I'll say I prefer the Secret Combo to
the Charged-Up Combo not because it is stronger. The Charged-Up combo is stronger than
the Secret combo mainly because it is able to knock down more powerful enemies with
one-strike execution. The Secret Combo can stun bosses as well as the Charged-Up one,
there's 1 advantage of using the Charged-Up combo, and it's that, it allows you to
execute the 7-hit Issen Dance combo, but at a cost of a few seconds of charging time.
The Secret combo simply is my favorite, I seldom use it but I like its comboing looks.

Q: Which enemies can you to do the multiple hits Issen Combo (7-hit-Issen Dance)
A: The Giant Red Bulls and the Wooden Robots. You will always strike Bosses with full
7-hit if you've fully charged your Oni-Arms.

Q: Which way can I get the most souls after killing the enemies?
A: Only by Issen/Critical kill rewards you with more souls from the enemies.

Q: Which weapon/armor should I give priority to upgrading?
A: This is a spoiler note. People prefer different weapons/armors to upgrade as their
former choice. This topic will lead to arguments and I couldn't really advise you
which one to upgrade, as there'll be vast of opposition posts/e-mails later. Refer to
a Weapon & Armor Enhancement guide if there is.

Q: Who among the 4 is the coolest sub-character in your opinion?
A: It's a spoiler note. Different people prefer different sub-character at their own
point of views. If you ask my favorite, I personally prefer Kotaro of his agility and

Q: Whom shall I give my items/gifts to?
A: If you're playing for "Friend / 仲良" Sub-Rank purpose, you can refer to the Item
section in this FAQ for help. It contains major spoilers and pleased be warned before
using the info. Or, buy the official guide for complete and detailed information.

Q: Whom shall I give my Pair Ring to?
A: Give it to the chosen sub-character whom you want him/her to be your story
character in the game. Thus, you can trigger most of his/her scenarios in a single

Q: Why do you call them Oni-Arms instead of Weapons?
A: When I say Oni-Arms, I'm referring to those weapons that are enhanced by Oni-Power
like the Buraitou, Hyoujin-Yari, Senpumaru, Dokoutsui and Rekka Ken. It's clearer for
me to explain in my FAQs. But if I say weapons, it can be referred to as the Yagyu's
Sword, the Guns like Matchlock, Bow and those Junk items.

Q: Why can't I ON the Ultimate Mode when I select the Issen/Critical Mode?
A: The Issen/Critical Mode is for expert players only. And, the Ultimate Mode becomes
unavailable if Issen/Critical Mode is selected.

Q: Why my game couldn't read the data from my memory card?
A: This answer is explainable if someone encounters the same problem as you. I'm
currently unable to help you with this, sorry.

Q: Will this game be developed for the X-Box too?
A: Nothing is announced for the launch of the X-Box version yet.

Well, after finish reading your FAQ, I found a very similar "layout" and "information"
in some of the FAQ/Walkthroughs at GameFAQs. How come?

I'm stressing the authors of whose guides on this issue. Well, I found out there _are_
a few of them look really _similar_ with my FAQ in GameFAQs and I just keep quiet and
don't want to point them out. However, I can tell what they shouldn't have done. But I
will not mention who, you'll find them out (especially those newly _created_ guides).
First, they didn't even e-mail me about it as they just cut & paste my work in their
own FAQ/Walkthroughs and NOT even give a proper credit, this is against 1 condition in
my copyright notice. And, I won't waste those times emailing them to take it down.
I'll list their plagiarism here directly. Second, they use my Issen section and my
Scenario Walkthrough and modify, combine and expand them in their own words, as they
think they make it more beautiful. I won't care much if they use the same "style" or
"layout" like mine without telling me (but not exactly), but a rip-off is prohibited.
If he/she e-mails me for approval, I'll probably allow them to, as it's a common
courtesy among FAQ writers, or give a credit no matter how _little_ info you've used.
Unfortunately, they even fail the least one can do.

You should have seen some of those information in my other Onimusha 2 FAQs look
familiar with Muni's FAQ, that I was not a rip-off, I asked for his permission and he
allowed me to. And of course, it is a minor part of it, and at least a special credit
is given. I'm not really sure if Mr. CJayC does figure out who is being rip-off. Well,
I hope you (the readers not the culprit) don't be like one of those losers when you
become one of the FAQ writers out there someday.

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answer to this game. Thanks for your cooperation.

General Discussion
Onimusha 2
Somebody might say this game is boring, somebody says this game is too hard to play,
but if you look further into it, this game is actually very challenging and fun. You
can find out many different methods & strategies to deal with all enemies and bosses
in the game. If I were to rate this game, I would say Devil May Cry is easier to play
compared to this one although it's been rated as "Hard Stylish Action" game. Onimusha
2 has many different features than its predecessor especially the ultimately
challenging "7-hit Issen/Critical" attack made available in the game. Try it out.

Onimusha 2 - Ancient feel of the story & deadly fighting combo
Devil May Cry - Cool & Stylish fighting combo

Onimusha 2 demo... the demo (鬼武者2発表会像): I have an uncertainty on the variation of
Issen attack demonstrated by the Onimusha 2 demo. The variation of Issen attack in the
demo is different from what I can perform in the game. From what I can see in the
demo, the Issen attack demonstrated is deadlier and more stylish. I find that Jubei
can perform Issen attack with Oni-Power, which really looks stylish and deadly. But,
I've tried it and it couldn't! I doubt if there is a way to do this. Yet, I doubt if
we can also perform Issen attack with the X 秘伝之巻 (which really looks cool with the
combo). Is there any ways to perform these methods of Issen? I'm still figuring but...

Devil May Cry 2
Have you guys watch Devil May Cry 2 trailer? What do you think about it? The scene is
... I don't know the word. It is dated to be released this winter. Dante, the cool
Dante, he is back in this sequel! I have long hoped for Capcom for not to change the
main character to Dante's son. They had made it. He is older now, but his strength has
never changed, may be more powerful! His fighting style is the same but with more
combos, from what I've seen in the trailer, Capcom Japan has modified his jumping
style (cooler this way), I guess you can perform double jump after you kick jump from
a wall. I guess Dante can perform sidekick jump from the wall too. I'm expecting it to
have more CG movies like it does in Onimusha 2 (the quality is of Crystal-Clear
movie), better graphics and sound effects! That will definitely makes the game looks
perfect! Ah! Yes! I'm a fan of Devil May Cry. :) I have looonnnngg wanted to write a
FAQ for Devil May Cry but there were too many people doing it. So, I changed my mind
on contributing a FAQ for Onimusha 2(the great one). Do you still remember the
hauntingly beautiful Trish? She was a ...devil created by Mundus, now, I doubt if
Trish had metamorphed into a more human than a devil. There was a girl with red-
colored hair at the end of the trailer. I doubt if she is Trish! She looks younger yet
the pretty one! Is she Trish or the daughter of Dante or even not at all? Capcom,
explain where has the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda gone, I never seen his shadow in
the trailer. I'm looking forward to see what devils may Dante transforms into in Devil
May Cry 2! Devil May Cry the rocking, babe, yeah! Dante Must Die! Mode is not hard but
a great challenge. :) hehe... I'll make a FAQ for Devil May Cry 2 if possible. At the
same time DMC2 came out, I guess Onimusha 3 is on its way to the shelf. You must not
miss it!

I really love to play PS2 games that came out from Capcom. From the first PS2 game
created until now, I have a strong passion for Onimusha sequels and Devil May Cry's
though. I've played these 3 most of my time (over 10 times each) rather than the
famous Konami Japan's Metal Gear Solid 2. No matter what difficulty Capcom had put
their efforts in to make the game a die-hard/extreme one; I'll yet tend to accept the
challenge they had thrown into. The final result is, truly really impressive and
heart-contented. :)

6 Factors you consider to invest in Capcom's PS2 games
Gameplay      *****
Graphics      *****
Sounds        *****
Replay Value  *****
CG Movies     *****(Picture Quality); ***(lack of CG Movies in Game)
Story         ***(Tastefulness); **(the stories are too short)

Drawback of this FAQ
1) -No Complete Enemies & Monsters List-

Why? Because there is no enemies' file in this game like Devil May Cry, I couldn't
translate the name accurately and in addition, there'll be an understanding problem
later in my explanation. You might get confused with the enemies I'm referring to.

2) -No Films Locations for the Man In Black Suit Mini Game-

Why? I really have the difficulty to tell each corner at each place in this Mini game,
I'm afraid you would get confused of the corner I'm referring to, so anyway, the only
tips I can give is, you check every little corner in an area (even hidden one). You'll
face Gogandantess and Nobunaga at the end interrupting your progress. Just ignore them
and block their attack since you're running out of time. There are a total of 20 films
you can find, actually it's nothing much about the films, and they're all just cut-
scenes extracted from the game with Jubei in his Western Suit. Not handsome (I'm sorry
to say that) but look funny, just for humorous purpose only.

Well, I guess I'll cover it up until here and finalize the version of this FAQ. No
more FAQs or boss strategies will be added. If there's really something (excluding
those mentioned ones) that I did overlook, I'm sorry about it. There's a very little
part I didn't clear up in my Onimusha 2 FAQs, and I was too lazy to even replay it for
one JP inscription. I'm bored and tired with it after 20+ playthroughs for my FAQ

It took me a total of 17 days to finish this FAQ for the NTSC/J and NTSC/UC
designations of Onimusha 2. Worked 1 day on v0.5, 9 days on v1.0, 3 days on v1.2, 1
day for v1.7, 2 days for v1.8 and 1 day on v2.0. All information and strategies are
obtained from my senses, trials and experiences from the game. And, most of the
Frequently Asked Questions are accumulated through e-mails, messages from the
GameFAQs' Message Board and most of them are my own thought-outs.

-=This FAQ is finalized on Saturday 09/21/02 Version 2.0 by Ng Kian Sen=-

Credits & Thanks
Capcom Japan - for they had created such an amazing game for the sequel. This has
encouraged me to write this FAQ.

Jeff "CJayC" Veasey of GameFAQs - for hosting this FAQ on the greatest games'
community site, GameFAQs.

Steven Ng of IGN - for requesting my approval and alternating an option for this FAQ
to be hosted on IGN (09/03/02) and now hosting this FAQ on IGN.

Muni Shinobu (無二 忍) - I used his Walkthrough (v0.80) and replaced some of the
Japanese Kanji in my FAQ without his permission.

Olivier Hague - for clearing up my mistakes in some of my messages in the past at the
Onimusha 2 Board at GameFAQs, as well as providing some clear-up information on the
Ranking elements.

Ng Kian Sen (me myself) - for writing this FAQ.

You - for reading and checking out my FAQ on the 2 trusted gaming sites.

Copyright Notice
This is a _unofficial_ FAQ of the game Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny created by its
original contributor. Efforts had been made to successfully create this FAQ by its
original author. This document is copyrighted by international law and you are not
allowed to use/modify the information in this document without first requesting the
permission from the author of this document. You must not use it for any unauthorized
publishing, profits gaining, reproduced, redistributed or duplicated in whole or in
part. This document is for Private Use Only. This document is ONLY available at
http://www.gamefaqs.com (GameFAQs) and http://www.ign.com (IGN) and it must not be
republished or posted on other sites.

                                   This document Copyright(c) 2002-2003 by Ng Kian Sen
                                                                   All Rights Reserved

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