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FAQ/Move List by Adrenaline SL

Version: 1.43 | Updated: 02/07/2003


                                ,Oo            000O,.
                              ,08#80,         08##8.
                               O0###O        O####0
                               .@####0      O####0
                                 0####0o  ,,####@..
    G    U    I    L    T    Y        0#8#8#0         G    E    A    R
  Guilty Gear X FAQ/Movelist      0###80O,,O0###0
                                0####0@.   ..0####0.    
                              0###0Oo,,,,,,,,,O0@###0    By AdrenalineSL
                            0#80o0,           ..0O0#8O0    
                          ,Ooo08O,               ,O;OO@o, 

                               V E R S I O N  1 . 4 3 
                          Last updated on February 7, 2003    
        The very latest versions and updates can be found at GameFAQs:


This is currently [Version 1.43] of Adrenaline's Guilty Gear X Strategy Guide 
for the Playstation®2 console.

You feeling lucky, punk?

Contact me: toiletrabbit(at)hotmail(dot)com 

--     VERSION HISTORY     --

Version 1.4  | August 15, 2002
Looked over the basics section of the guide and reworded some sentences. Last 
update I will probably ever make. I'm sorry this FAQ didn't turn out that 
well. This was my first fighting game FAQ after all. If I make another, I'll 
be sure to make it a whole lot better than this one. Thanks for your support
and all!

Version 1.39 | March 7, 2002
Finished Move Descriptions for every character.  Also added some comments for 
Dizzy and Testament. Yep.

Version 1.38 | March 5, 2002
It's been a  while, hasn't it?  In this  version, I've  reformatted  a lot of 
things and reorganized the lists and stuff. I've finished mostly everything 
that were left undone (except for  a few small things).  Some information for 
Guilty Gear X Plus were added as well; that's it for this update.

Version 1.2  | January 7, 2002
First update of the new year. Cleaned up some stuff and re-formatted things. 

Version 1.0  | October 21, 2001
Got around to  finishing the move list for Dizzy and Testament.  So all the 
Characters have move lists now. I guess that makes the move list officially 
done. Also added the secret to getting Guilty Gear Mode and other stuff.

Version 0.9  | October 10, 2001
A pretty complete version.  All I need to do is add some finishing touches to
the whole guide and add some new sections if necessary. I know there's some
other things to do, but time is cutting me short and I may need to stop here.
Although I will try my best to do more of what I can to the FAQ, I promise 
no one as to the content of the guide. Like anyone cares, anyway...

Version 0.6  | October 8, 2001
The basic move list is done! However, the whole guide is far from finished. I
will add the two bonus characters: Testament and Dizzy when I can figure out
how to get them, as well as add the addition attacks for the characters.  I'm
awfully  tired  right now, so bleah.  So much  for  the "updates will be very 
scarce" comment. :)

Version 0.44 | October 7, 2001
It's been a lot of work, but I've  finally gotten  the  basics  done, but the 
combo section is still undergoing some serious work. It's easily the most
complicated feature of GGX, so I will take some time on that.  I finally have
the lowdown on game details, which you can find in Game Overview. I've also
added 3 new characters. I have a lot of things planned for this guide, so 
don't stray too far. I've added 3 more characters and a code to get Testament
and Dizzy onto the team. Thanks to AceAreWild231@aol.com. 

Version 0.2  | October 6, 2001
I don't really have much done.  Just got some of the character moves done and
gone. Everything else is still under construction for further updates. 
However, due to many other activities and hell--er, I mean school--updates 
will be very scarce, but I'll try my best to complete this  ASAP!  I'm very
truly sorry for the lack of info! Remember that this is a VERY EARLY version 
and updates will follow! This has got to be my worst FAQ yet, and I typed all 
this in haste. I'm tired and grumpy, so maybe the writing content ain't so 
nice. Sit tight, my Guilty Gear X-owning friends, updates will come, and the 
brilliance of this guide will shine shortly.


01.  Introduction
02.  Story/Game Details 
        • Game Overview
03.  Character Guide
        • Anji Mito
        • Axl Low
        • Baiken
        • Chipp Zanuff
        • Dizzy
        • Faust
        • Jam Kuradoberi
        • Johnny
        • Ky Kiske
        • May
        • Millia Rage
        • Potemkin
        • Sol Badguy
        • Testament
        • Venom        
        • Zato-1
04.  Game Engine
05.  Guilty Gear X Plus Notes
06.  Easter Eggs & X-tras
07.  Outro
        • Legal Junk   
        • Sources
        • Credits, Plugs and Extra Junk
        • Closing Statement
                                                                    ___  ___
====================================================================\  \/  /=
                                                                     \    /
  01.  - Introduction -                                              /    \ 
                                                                    /  /\  \
===================================================================/__/==\  \

Truthfully, I'm not the biggest fan of fighting games.  Sure, I played one of
the earliest Street Fighter games on the Super Famicom (or something of the
likes my step brother brought from Hong Kong), and played many other games of
the fighting genre that have grown on me, but no, I'm  really not crazy about
them. Mostly because I can never get really good at 'em; let alone, beat a
human opponent other than a fragment of my imagination. And what really
infuriated me most about these games were the  crackbrained controls--I could
never get my stupid characters to perform their moves. Not even when I've got
fingers full of blisters. By the time I do, however, the 2-liter bottle of
pop by my side has already gone insipid. So I can finally do something, but 
can I do it again?  The repulsive thought  hammers in my head and tells me to
stop trying; to stop playing these evil games. I complied.

But that was months ago. Now that I've heard exciting comments about this new
(and probably revolutionary) game, I'm thinking of starting playing these
types of games again (Duh, you retard! Otherwise, you wouldn't have made this
FAQ!). So what makes this game so great? Most notably, the character designs.
What's so great about them? They're really anime-ish! So?  So, they're really
cool anime characters...And? Shut up!

Guilty Gear X is definitely a game that screams for attention, but  it's more 
likely to be overlooked as "that one fighting game". Folks who are into anime
should surely give this game a go! Although my opinion is just biased, I'll 
definitely champion Guilty Gear X as the most intuitive fighter simulation of 
the year! And not to mention, the sleeper hit of the year...If you aren't 
convinced, you could always check IGN or Gamespot for screenshots and info. 

 ________________  _________________________________________________________
| SURVIVAL TIPS / /                                                         |
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

Did any of you wonder  why  GGX was valued  10 bucks  less than a regular PS2 
game? I don't know why either, don't  ask me.  Regardless, isn't that a GOOD 
thing?  So, you retched 40 bucks onto the cashiers hand and dashed out the 
store like a thief who've just stolen 5 bucks from an old lady and jogged 
home, leaving your parked car bathing in the sun. You fumble clumsily for 
your house key and you accidentally drop  it in a hole in your porch.  Great,
genius. But, wait! You have a spare key in your car! And that car is still
gleaming sun-chrome in the mall parking lot. You check your pockets to find a
rabbit's foot, a  paperclip, a  coat hanger, a half-eaten  cookie, 2 cents, a
ripped dollar and a bottle cap along with some lint. So what do you use or do 
to retrieve the key? Hitchhike back to the mall because you're too tired from
running 40 miles back home from the mall in the first place.

An old hag pulls over and gives you a ride in her jacked up '45 Ford. It runs
at 2 MPH and 3 hours later, you reach the end of your street.  You're getting
a little impatient...You knock the granny out of the car and run! You run all
the way back to your house and make a desperate leap for the window, crashing
through it.  You  ignore the cuts and bruises and proceed to your basement to
play some GGX. Glee was spread out through the world...

The moral of this story?  Don't leave the mall without GGX  in a bag. Lovely.
Who said the heading "Survival Tips" had to do with the game? :)

                                                                    ___  ___
====================================================================\  \/  /=
                                                                     \    /
  02.  – Game/Story Details -                                        /    \ 
                                                                    /  /\  \
===================================================================/__/==\  \

In the 22nd  Century, mankind  succeeded  in  harnessing  the power of magic, 
Which provided for a limitless source of natural energy.  Scientific thought,
as it was known, was outlawed through this world. But warring among the 
nations continued, and eventually, a new breed of amazingly powerful biologi-
cal weapons was developed. This was the birth of the "Gears."

One day, from  among the ranks  of these slave-like Gears, a  rebel appeared,
declaring himself capable of independent thought. This powerful being 
possessed awesome fighting ability, and went by the name of "Justice". 
Enlisting an army of fellow  Gears from around the globe, he  declared war on
the human race.  In opposition, humankind  formed  the Sacred  Order of Holy 
Knights, whose sole  purpose was to  crush the Gear rebellion and wage a Holy 
War against  the renegade  humanoids.  After a period  of  countless battles, 
which came to be known as the Crusades, Justice was eventually banished to an
impenetrable dimensional prison and the remaining Gears, now leaderless, were 
hunted down one by one...

Five years  later, a morbid sense of  fear  that Justice had been resurrected
enveloped the world.  The Union of Nations, who  looked gravely upon the 
current state of affairs, organized  an international  fighting tournament to
select members suitable enough  for inclusion in the Sacred Order of Holy 
Knights. It was a cruel and suspicious affair, wherein criminals were allowed
to compete and the  shedding  of blood during battles was not only permitted, 
but common...

In the year 2180, Justice--the most powerful and diabolical Gear ever to have
been encountered by humans--was defeated in the international fighting 
tournament. The remaining Gears, now leaderless, were hunted down and 
eliminated.  Humankind  was finally free from the catastrophic menace brought 
on by the Gears.

However...less  than  a  year  after the  incident, information  about  the 
discovery of a  particular Gear rose  to the public's  attention.  The report 
stated, "This Gear is functioning properly, even though its activities should
be inhibited by its lack of leadership.  There  are no signs of abnormalities 
or physical damage.  It is  also noted  that  no civilians  have been harmed, 
either intentionally or accidentally. We have made several attempts to 
eliminate the  Gear, but  due to its tremendous combat  capabilities, we have 
been unsuccessful.  The number of casualties have yet to be confirmed. We are 
currently keeping  the Gear under surveillance." Gears are biological weapons
that are programmed to blindly obey the orders given to them by their 
commander. In the absence of orders, they become passive and behave 
peacefully. However, all  existing  Gears have  had their  memories erased by
Justice and without orders, they are incapable of doing anything. Not only do 
they lack the instinct to protect themselves, they cannot even perform the
essential activities they need to keep themselves alive. As long as a Gear is 
functioning properly, it should be following commands given by Justice. 
Understandably, the news  of this Gear  that seemed to have a will of its own 
stunned everyone. Humans became terrified by the possible emergence of a 
second self-reliant Gear like Justice. To make matters worse, rumors were 
flying that each nation was in  possession of their own Gears for the purpose
of military use, driving anti-Gear sentiment among humans to an all-time 
high.  They would not have given  up their long-awaited  peace so easily, and 
soon, an announcement was made:

Whosoever  brings about  the demise of this  dreadful  Gear shall be rewarded 
with the lofty sum of 500,000 World Dollars!

--From the Instruction Booklet

BOTTOM LINE: Gears are bad.  You're going to choose one of 12 participants in
the tournament and whip each other's butts for 500,000 World Dollars! I don't
exactly know how much that's worth, but it sounds like enough to goad these
12 people to risk their lives for it. Of course, they have their side stories
and what not. The winner of the tournament gets to join the Holy Knights in a
battle of wits against the Gears of demolition!

 ________________  _________________________________________________________
| GAME OVERVIEW / /                                                         |
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

Have you ever wanted to summon  a dolphin right out of mid-air to attack your
opponent with? And even ride this dolphin? How about looking like an 11 year
old school girl attired  in pirate style rain coats and rain boots that make
squeaky noises as you walk? Then, supervise a flying pirate ship with the 
crew made up entirely of women (I know  you wouldn't mind, but you're missing
the point)? Now you can. 

That's May, a little girl in cute yellow that brandishes a huge anchor as her
main attack weapon, from Guilty Gear X. Guilty Gear--technically meaning
"equipment disengaged having done wrong", but don't take that from me. It 
doesn't make sense. Originally an arcade and Japanese Dreamcast exclusive, it 
was incidentally a big hit in Japan. So I guess the guys in Japan were
thinking, "Hell, why not! Let  those pigs in America have some share of fun!"
Boy, can we ever thank them.  They are damn right we are having fun. In fact,
it's more than our share. And fun just doesn't cut it...

"It's pretty," says many first gawkers at this game...Or otherwise known as a
typical "Ohhhhh" and "Ahhhhh..." game. There's much more to the pretty guise.
The primary deviation from Capcom classics and other fighting games is that 
it introduces a new breed of character creation and intense game play.  While 
it doesn't offer vast options to choose from (like Team or Tag-Team battles), 
it still is quite the treat for those functional visual receptors. 
Considering we have been seeing a lot  of 3D fighting  games nowadays, it's a 
nostalgic and refreshing change to the  weary pattern of recent fighters.  2D 
fighting has made a thundering reappearance!

Lead planner, Daisuke Ishiwatari, is also the  man responsible for the dainty
character designs. It's easy to say that Guilty Gear X isn't the boy wonder 
of a well-defined exhibit, but its mechanics can rival that of Capcom's or
Tecmo's any day of the week and twice on Sundays. The cast disposes 12 
enigmatic characters to choose from. The choices aren't as extended as the 50 
some characters KOF and SF games have to proffer. Quite respectably, this may 
scotch a decent challenge for some advanced, hardcore fighters. A really 
cheap way to kill a human opponent is to use a special move called an Instant 
Kill. As the name implies, it instantly KO's the opposing character in one 
sweep. However, using that costs energy from a gauge called the Tension 
Gauge, which works generally the same as that gauge from SF (you know, that 
one gauge. The name eludes me at the moment). GGX attracts less skillful 
players, like myself, to enjoy this game and gleefully pulverize immobile CPU 

On the Title screen, there are 4 real modes to choose  from:  Arcade, Versus,
Training and Survival. They all speak for themselves so they don't bear long
explanations. If you're a true purist, this game can engross you for months 
to come, or until Capcom VS SNK 2 hits the local shores.  Otherwise, it gets
a little too prosaic for the average gamer.

Adrenaline, what's this I hear about a Guilty Gear X Plus? Is it different or
does it have more goodies? Well, obviously, it should. Here's the breakdown.
We, American pigs have gotten this game a whole month earlier than <prepare 
for a shocker> Japan! Why? The one released for Japan is entitled Guilty Gear
X Plus, which is forcefully packed with extra eggs and mouth-watering 
features, like the art gallery mode and two extra characters (Justice and 
Kliff Underson from the original GG). The American version is, unfortunately,
a revamped conversion from the Dreamcast exclusive released in Japan. Why 
they decided to torture us this way is beyond me.  I say we e-mail  Sammy and
those other bastards and whine like the little Americans we are!

                                                                    ___  ___
====================================================================\  \/  /=
                                                                     \    /
  03.  – Character Guide -                                           /    \ 
                                                                    /  /\  \
===================================================================/__/==\  \

You're wondering: "Why the hell  would you make a move list when there is one
in the game AND in the manual?" Or "Why are you making this pointless guide
when BCureton's superior one towers yours in comprehensiveness?" My answer 
applies to both questions: Because I like to, and I can. Also because there
are many things that the manual doesn't cover that you can only find out
yourself, or with the help of Cureton's guide (Praise the lord!). And I'm 
also here to clarify some misunderstandings  between the two versions--DC and
PS2, and the upcoming GGX Plus set out for Japan. I just hope people will
respect my intellectual property and investment  of time.  This game is pure
um, pureness and I'm willing to set aside some time  to make up what you call
a guide.

NOTE: In some damage estimations, you will see the tilde character ("~"). It
usually means approxitemately, but in some cases, it means the damage will
vary depending on how or when you use it. For example, while in the air, it
will do more damage than it normally would. So you should try various forms
of the same move to find out.

|  ANALOG NOTATION                                                          |

   ub    u    uf       Jump Up-Back         Jump Up         Jump Up-Forward
     \   |   /
  b --   N   -- f      Run back/Block       Neutral         Move forward
     /   |   \
   db    d    df       Block Low/Crouch     Crouch          Offensive Crouch

|  LEGEND                                                                   |

P  -  Punch                
K  -  Kick                         
S  -  Slash                  
HS -  Heavy                    

QCF        Quarter-circle Forward (D, D/F, F)
QCB        Quarter-circle Back    (D, D/B, B)
HCF        Half-circle Forward    (B, D/B, D, D/F, F)
HCB        Half-circle Back       (F, D/F, D, D/B, B)

(NP)       Near Opponent
(J)        During a jump (optional sometimes)
(CJ)       Concurrent Jump
(CT)       Consecutive tapping
(G)        While/After Guarding 
(PA)       Pause for a second and continue move
(D-)       During a certain move, append to that
(HZ)       Horizontal
(FS)       After a move, follow sequentially
(VR)       Vertical
(ADB)      Push any directional button
--         Damage done is unknown

|  CHARACTERS                                                               |

There are 16 playable fighters in all including the secret characters.  Below
are their move lists from the manual and descriptions that  accompany them.

\                                 ANJI MITO                                 /

Height: 183 CM
Weight: 68 KG
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Black      
Birthday: January 1
Origin: Japan before destruction
Nationality: Japanese
Hobby: Vigorous sports and traveling

Anji is a  descendent  of pure  Japanese ancestry.  Because  there are only a 
handful of Japanese in this time period, they are viewed as international
treasures, and do  not receive the same treatment  as regular citizens.  Anji
has decided to conceal his own racial origins in order to search for "The 
Man" who developed the Gears  and who is  responsible  for the destruction of
the Japanese people.

Comments: Anji  can be very capable of powerhouse status if used effectively.
He uses a Japanese fan and umbrella as weapons, which makes him rather slow.
His main fault is his speed, but his power is exceptionally sufficient. I
would advise against using him if you're a first timer, as you may find him a
bit frustrating to use correctly.

                                 - Move List -

| Movename       |  Command                               |  Damage         |
| Shitsu         |  QCF + (P)                             |  17~29          |
| Fujin          |  QCF + (S) / (HS)                      |  39~45          |
| Nagiha         |  (D-) Fujin + (S)                      |  26             |
| Shin Ichishiki |  (D-) Fujin + (P)                      |  2~8            |
| Shin Nishiki   |  (D-) Fujin + (K)/(J) QCB + (P)        |  76             |
| Kou            |  (G) + (P)                             |  89~100         |
| On             |  QCF + (HS)                            |  81             |
| Kai            |  QCB + (P) / (K)                       |  41 / 24        |
| Deadly Moves                                                              |
| Issei Ogi "Sai"|  HCB, F + (HS)                         |  124            |
| Zetsu          |  QCF, QCF + (HS)                       |  One-hit Kill   |

                             - Move Descriptions -

Shitsu           -  Revolves fan and expels an energy ball at opponent.
Fujin            -  Shoulder charges the enemy. 
Nagiha           -  A low slash to the lower section of opponent's body.
Shin Ichiskiki   -  Flings a series of fans from the air.
Shin Nishiki     -  Creates an energy ball and shoots at opponent.
Kou              -  Spirals into the air, using fan as weapon.
On               -  Uses his fan as an eletricity generator and jolts his foe
                    a few times.
Kai              -  Jumps into the air and rushes at opponent.
Issei Ogi "Sai"  -  Anji's two fans become one large fan becoming a Venus Fly
                    Trap-like thing that closes on its victim for damage.
Zetsu            -  Leaves screen by creating an orb that encompasses him and
                    comes back riding a figmented-dragon.

\                                   AXL LOW                                 /

Height: 179 CM
Weight: 78 KG
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: December 25
Origin: England 
Hobby: Shooting Billiards

Axl is actually a man of the 20th century.  Due to a  cruel twist of fate, he 
got sucked into a time slip that has been bouncing him around irregularly 
through time and space.  Unable to find a way back home, he continued to roam
through time in search of an answer.  During his journey, he learned another 
of another time traveler just like him, known only as "The Man."  Sensing the
presence of "The Man" behind the  incident with the Gear, he decides to enter
the Tournament...

Comments: Axl is very proficient with his um, sickles and proves to be a very
worthwhile character to fool around with. It's hard to escape the long range
of his weapons, so most opponents will get dragged in by his attacks. It's 
very unfortunate when you're playing against him because you'll tend to be in
rough shape afterwards, unless you're really good. Axl is fast and fairly 
easy to use. It warrants my unsolicited recommendation for beginners and even
intermediate players. Advance players will be cheaters using him.

                                 - Move List -

| Movename       |  Command                               |  Damage         |
| Bentan Gari    |  QCF + (S) / (HS) (PA) QCF + (HS)      |  39~50          |
| to Axl Bomber  |                                        |                 |
| Rensen Geki    |  B (PA) F + (S)                        |  44             |
| Kyokusa Geki   |  (D-) Rensen Geki U / UF               |  31             |
| Sensa Geki     |  (D-) Rensen Geki D / DF               |  102            |
| Rasho Sen      |  B (PA) F + (HS)                       |  65             |
| Tenhou Seki    |  QCB + (P)                             |  54             |
| Raiei Sageki   |  HCB + (S) / (HS)                      |  48~36          |
| Axl Bomber     |  (CJ) QCF + (HS)                       |  59~41          |
| Deadly Moves   |                                                          |
| Hyakue Renshou |  QCF, HCB + (HS)                       |  185            |
| Midare Gami    |  QCF, QCF + (HS)                       |  One-hit Kill   | 

                             - Move Descriptions -

Bentan Gari     -  Attacks vary. Prepares his sickle for varying combos.
to Axl Bomber     
Rensen Geki     -  Flings the sickle out at the opponent.
Kyokusa Geki    -  A sickle cleave.
Sensa Geki      -  Spins the sickle around him.
Rasho Sen       -  Sends out projectile to hook onto opponent for a series of
Tenhou Seki     -  Uses sickles to counter and ward off an incoming attack.
Raiei Sageki    -  Rushes forward in an overhead sickle attack.
Axl Bomber      -  Streaks upwards, setting his trail ablaze.
Hyakue Renshou  -  Surrounded in flames, Azl sends a sickle out as a whip.
Midate Gami     -  Inserts his sickles on the  ground and makes  contact with
                   opponent; then repeatedly juggles him in the air.

\                                   BAIKEN                                  /

Height: 162 CM
Weight: 45 KG
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Peach
Birthday: March 5
Origin: Japan before destruction
Hobby: Drinking

When the Japanese institution she lived  in  was raided, Baiken witnessed the
horrible deaths of her parents and friends. This massacre was the work of the
gears, but what had been etched into her memory was the image of a man
surrounded by dancing  flames and his creations.  She  became acutely  aware, 
even in the  absence of  evidence, that he  was an enemy.  Her memory of this
event has  not faded, and  she  continues to search for the true  identity of 
"The Man," to exact her revenge.

Comments: She (surprise!) looks so much like  Himura Kenshin, it's sickening.
She kinda sounds like him too! Except her swordsmanship isn't as well
defined as Kenshin's, unfortunately. She still proves to be a competent 
character in Arcade Mode, although she isn't the easiest of characters to get
used to. I've never used her much, though.

                                 - Move List -

| Movename       |  Command                               |  Damage         |
| Tatami Gaeshi  | (J) QCF + (K)                          |  19~39          |
| Zakuro         | (G) QCB + (P)                          |  86             |  
| Mawarikomi     | (G) QCB + (K)                          |  --             |
| Sakura         | (G) QCB + (S)                          |  29             |
| Suzuran        | HCB + (K)                              |  --             |
| Yozansen       | (J) HCB + (K)                          |  43             |
| Deadly Moves                                                              |
| Sanzu Watashi  | QCF, QCF + (S)                         |  158            |
| Baku KI        | (G) B, QCB + (P)                       |  19             |
| Baku RIN       | (G) B, QCB + (K)                       |  19             |
| Baku RYU       | (G) B, HCB + (S)                       |  19             |
| Baku HOU       | (G) B, HCB + (HS)                      |  28             |
| Garyotensei    | QCF, QCF + (HS)                        |  One-hit Kill   |

                             - Move Descriptions -

Tatami Gaeshi   -  Plunges sword in the ground to raise a green mat to attack
Zakuro          -  Flings a projectile upward in a diagonal fashion.
Mawarikomi      -  Appears on the opposite side of opponent.
Sakura          -  Shoots a purple projectile.
Suzuran         -  Enables ability to prevent being knocked down by opponent.
Yozansen        -  Whirls around using sword as a rotating blade.
Sanzu Watashi   -  Rushes forwards and slashes opponent multiple times.
Baku Ki         -  Thrusts her sword and forms the "Ki" kanji letter to block
                   off opponent's attack.
Baku Rin        -  Thrusts her sword and forms the "Rin" kanji letter to ward
                   off opponent's attack.
Baku Ryu        -  Thrusts her sword and forms the "Ryu" kanji letter to ward
                   off opponent's attack.
Baku Hou        -  Thrusts her sword and forms the "Hou" kanji letter to ward
                   off opponent's attack.
Garyotensei     -  A small flashback of Baiken's  training that  materializes 
                   with the opponent as her partner.

\                                CHIPP ZANUFF                               /

Height: 183 CM
Weight: 67 KG
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Red
Birthday: February 9
Origin: Insists on Japan (Actually, USA)
Hobby: Dreaming

A former drug  trafficker and  addict, Chipp entered  the previous tournament
To take revenge against the Mafia for killing his master, who saved his life
And taught him the ways and beliefs of the Ninja. But during battles, Chipp
Realized he lacked the devotion to complete the task at hand, and decided to
go back into training. Now, he is once again ready to go out in search of 
that which might truly save him, and so, he focuses his interest on the story
of the Gear.

Comments: He's  unbelievably  fast and has a neat  teleport trick that allows
him to dodge attacks with ease, as well as surprise the opponent and kick off
with some combos. Chipp is apt for the beginner because of his speed and easy
flow of controls. But if you let an advanced player come to flex his muscles,
watch out, he's going to lay the smack down, HARD.

                                 - Move List -

| Movename          |  Command                            |  Damage         |
| Alpha Blade (J)   | QCF + (P)                           |  49             |
| Beta Blade (J)    | F,D,DF + (S)                        |  53             |
| Gamma Blade       | HCF + (HS)                          |  31             |
| Tsuyoshi-S. Teni  | D,D + (K) / (HS) / (S) / (P)        |  N/A            |
| Tsuyoshi-S. Mensai| QCB + (K)                           |  Varies         |
| Genro Zan         | HCF + (K)                           |  82             |
| Ressho            | QCF + (S)                           |  17             |
| Rokusai           | (D-) Ressho QCF + (S)               |  19~21          |
| Senshu            | (D-) Ressho/Rokusai QCF + (K)       |  29             |
| Deadly Moves                                                              |
| Zansei Roga       | HCB, F + (HS)                       |  170            |
| Banki Messai      | QCF, QCF + (K)                      |  119            |
| Delta End         | QCF, QCF + (HS)                     |  One-hit Kill   |

                             - Move Descriptions -

Alpha Blade           -  Disappears from sight and is able to launch opponent
                         into the air.
Beta Blade            -  Procures energy and channels to his arm blade for an
Gamma Blade           -  Creates silhouette and charges at opponent, knocking
                         him down.
Tsuyoshi-Shiki Teni   -  Teleports to different  locations  dependant  on the 
                         Button pressed.
                         P = Forward                    S = Into the air
                         K = Teleports to other side   HS = Higher than S

Tsuyoshi-Shiki Mensai -  Becomes invisible, but can still be controllable.
Genro Zan             -  Teleportation to an opponent's  back, leaving leaves 
                         behind and snaps his neck.
Ressho                -  Charges toward opponent with a flame punch
Rokusai               -  Charges toward opponent with a low sweep kick.
Senshu                -  Charges forward with a somersault heel thump.
Zansei Roga           -  "Flies" around the screen, unleashing a flurry of A-
                         Type attacks.
Banki Messai          -  Advances and releases a flurry of swipes.
Delta End             -  Releases some energy  balls to lure  opponent and if
                         caught, the  opponent is  treated to an excruciating

\                                   DIZZY                                   /

Comments: Dizzy is a little clumsy to  handle, but once  you've perfected her 
moves, you can easily set of chains and chains of devastating combos. I have 
just noticed that she doesn't do the fighting herself. Rather, the demons 
attached to her do most of the work. Not that it's a bad thing, but it's 
interesting to note.  Although I'm not proficient in the Japanese language, I 
think each time she does the "tail" attack and some other ones, she would say 
"Gome" or "Sorry" in Japanese. Don't raise a fuss, though, if I'm wrong. Just 
politely point out that I'm as dumb as a rope.

                                 - Move List -

| Movename         |  Command                             |  Damage         |
| Pirahna          | QCB + (P) / (K)                      |  24             |
| Moving Pirahna   | QCB + (S)                            |  24             |
| Icicle Column    | QCF + (HS)                           |  59             |
| Arc Wheel        | QCF + (S)                            |  50             |
| Projecting Spear | B,D,DB + (S)                         |  54             |
| Wing Thrust      | F + (P)                              |  25             |
| Tail Jab         | F + (HS)                             |  79             |
| Deadly Moves                                                              |
| Volcanic Upheaval| HCB, F + (S)                         |  129            |
| Crucifixion      | DF, HCB, B, F + (P)                  |  151            |
| Shadow Laser     | F,B,F, HCF + (HS)                    |  264            |

                             - Move Descriptions -

Pirahna           -  A pirahna creature is sent out to lunge at opponent, but
                     only a short distance. 
Moving Pirahna    -  A pirahna that will move with Dizzy to bite opponent.
Icicle Column     -  A stalagmite erupts from the ground to prostrate foe. 
Arc Wheel         -  Shoots a wind-mill-shaped projectile at opponent.
Projecting Spear  -  The Angelic side flings a dagger  surging in electricity
                     at foe.
Wing Thrust       -  One of her wings thrust at opponent.
Tail Jab          -  Dizzy raises her  pointy tail and jabs  opponent, like a
                     scorpion's tail.
Volcanic Upheaval -  A series of small eruptions occur in the ground in a row
                     towards opponent.
Crucifixion       -  Traps opponent in a coffin and pierces it with arrows.
Shadow Laser      -  Three small particle beams and a giant cannon follows.

\                                   FAUST                                   /

Height: 282 CM
Weight: 55 KG
Blood Type: Unknown
Eye Color: Flourescent
Birthday: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Hobby: Unknown

Once a highly-regarded surgeon, Faust committed a medical mishap that caused
Him to snap and go on a murderous rampage. After the last Tournament, he 
managed to regain his humanity, and decided to take his own life to atone
for his sins. But just as he was about to end it all, he learned that it was
someone else who caused the mishap.  It was then that he decided to seek the
truth behind his past  misfortunes.  Now, he has resolved to save lives. And 
this resolve isn't just limited to human lives...

Comments: Faust's attacks are just hilarious to watch.  Use  him if you want
some comic relief. He has an extended reach that enables to connect with
opponents from far away, and did I mention he has the coolest attacks?  Yes,
he does, and I guess I just did.

                                 - Move List -

| Movename            |  Command                         |  Damage          |
| Thrust...           | B,DB,D,DF,F + (K)(PA) B (PA)D,DF,|  --              |
|                     | F + (P) (PA) D,DF,F + (P) (PA) D,|                  |
|                     | DF,F + (P)                       |                  |
| What's Next?        | D,DF,F + (P)                     |  --              |
| Souten Enshin Rambu | D,DF,F + (S)                     |  23              |
| Going My Way        | (CJ) D,DF,F + (HS) / (D-) (HS)   |  58              |
| Forward Move        | (D-) SoutenER  F,F               |  59              |
| Backward Move       | (D-) SoutenER  B,B               |  --              |
| Neck Periscope/     | (D-) SoutenER  (P) / (K)         |  43              |
| Growing Flower      |                                  |                  |
| Shower Hack         | (NP) D,DB,B + (HS)               |  39              |
| In Your Face!       | D,DB,B + (P)                     |  39              |
| Watch Your Back!    | D,DB,B + (K)                     |  29              | 
| From On High        | D,DB,B + (S)                     |  37              | 
| Deadly Moves                                                              |
| Super What's Next?  | D,DF,F,D,DF,F + (P)              |  --              |
| Gamble Attack       | D,DF,F,D,DF,F + (S)              |  --              |
| This Week's Climax  | D,DF,F,D,DF,F + (HS)             |  One-hit Kill    |

                             - Move Descriptions -

Thrust – Pull – Hello!         -  Various slashes from Faust's weapon.
What's Next?                   -  Throws random  objects at enemy  that range
                                  bombs to fuzzy animals.
Souten Enshin Rambu            -  Faust hops on his weapon and stands erected
                                  like a pogo stick. 
Going My Way                   -  Hurtles toward opponent in a whirlwind-like
Forward Move                   -  Moves forward while on scalpel.
Backward Move                  -  Moves backward while on scalpel.
Neck Periscope/Growing Flower  -  A flower grows  from his head  that doesn't
                                  do anything to help the fight.
Shower Hack                    -  Twirls his  scalpel  rapidly and  slices up
                                  his opponent.
In Your Face!                  -  Disappears under a  cloak and re-appears to
                                  open a door into opponent's face.
Watch Your Back!               -  Disappears under a cloak and  appears  from
                                  behind. Then he sandwiches his foe with the 
From On High                   -  Disappears and reappears in the air to come
                                  down on opponent.
Super What's Next?             -  Throws a whole bunch of random objects.
Gamble Attack                  -  Swims to  opponent.  If touched, 4 treasure
                                  chests will appear and the opponent must
                                  choose one. If not, a grim reaper will
                                  appear and do a lot of damage.  Some chests
                                  will also contain this grim reaper. It is a 
                                  gamble on the opponent's life. 
This Week's Climax             -  Sets opponent on a table  and rigs  it with
                                  an explosive. 

\                               JAM KURADOBERI                              /

Height: 163 CM
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: February 8
Origin: China
Hobby: Cooking, Observation, and Research

Jam is an  aspiring master chef  who works  day and night to become famous in 
the culinary world of China. Her goal is to create dishes that anyone would
find delicious. To achieve this goal, she decided to open her own restaurant.
she seeks to eliminate the dangerous Gear in order to earn seed money for her
culinary enterprise.

Comments: Jam is so deadly if you know how to use her. She's like the Chun-Li
of GGX, only better (and sexier). It gets anal when you try to beat her down
in Arcade Mode, but you'll dominate the tournament using her. Her main fault
is her lack of power. Her attacks don't do terribly too much damage like some
oversized brute I know. *cough*Potemkin*cough* He does way too much damage 
for one blow.  But yeah, Jam's a really cool fighting companion. Her controls 
are seamless and easy to use at the right times. Aw. Yeah.

                                 - Move List -

| Movename            |  Command                         |  Damage          |
| Hochifu             | QCB + (S)                        |  --              |
| Breath of Asanagi   | D,D + (K) / (S) / (HS)           |  --              |
| Ryujin  (J)         | QCF + (K)                        |  65~104          |
| Gekirin (J)         | QCB + (K)                        |  29~59           |
| Kenrokaku (J)       | F,D,DF + (K)                     |  18~83           |
| Bakushu             | QCF + (S)                        |  --              |
| Mawarikomi          | (D-) Bakushu + (P)               |  --              |
| Ashibarai           | (D-) Bakushu + (K)               |  29              |
| Hyappo Shinsho      | (D-) Bakushu + (S)               |  45              |
| Senri Shinsho       | (D-) Bakushu + (HS)              |  51              |
| Houeikyaku          | (CJ) D + (K)                     |  15~51           |
|                     |                                  |                  |  
| Deadly Moves                                                              |
| Chokyaku Houosho    | HCB, F + (S)                     |  132             |
| Renhoukyaku         | HCB, F + (HS)                    |  109             |
| Gasenkotsu          | QCF, QCF + (HS)                  |  One-hit Kill    |
|                     |                                  |                  |  

                             - Move Descriptions -

Hochifu           -  Faultless Defense move.
Breath of Asanagi -  Powers up Jam's moves. See note below.
Ryujin            -  Flies forward in a jump kick. Think Bruce Lee.
Gekirin           -  A somersault kick backwards.
Kenrokaku         -  Jumps into the air performing a series of spinning kicks
                     and fire stuff.
Bakushu           -  Moves swiftly forward. Usually combined with other moves
                     and attacks.
Mawarikomi        -  Moves to the other side  of opponent for a counterattack
Ashibarai         -  Slides across opponent, knocking him down.
Hyappo Shinsho    -  Knocks opponent into the air with her tough fists.
Senri Shinsho     -  Moves swiftly to the other side and  knocks him into the
                     air with the power from her fists.
Houeikyaku        -  Kicks opponent into the air, opening up for a combo.
Chokyaku          -  Unleashes a flurry of wild kicks and  punches with a red
                     Phoenix in the background.
Renhoukyaku       -  Forms a large electric orb to knock down opponent.
Gasenkotsu        -  Scrolling through incredible  backgrounds, Jam  finishes 
                     her opponent with devastating combos.

[BREATH OF ASANAGI]  Thanks to TailsandLuigi@aol.com

Doing the move with kick powers up the next "Ryuu Jin" (QCF+K) you do.  
Doing the move with slash powers up the next "Gekirin" (QCB+K) you do.  
Doing the move with hard slash powers up the next "Ken Roukaku" (F,D,DF+K) 
you do.  
You can have up to three of each card stored up. If you pay close attention, 
you can see each card has a different icon to represent what it'll affect 
(dragon head, etc.).  It's a way to bump up  the damage/effectiveness of her 
kick special moves. 


\                                   JOHNNY                                  /

Height: 184 CM
Weight: 72 KG
Blood Type: O
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: October 24
Origin: USA
Hobby: Looking for female companionship

When he was young, Johnny's father was slain by a Gear.  Because of this hor-
rifying experience, Johnny came to truly understand the plight of orphans
and endeavored to become a man of compassion like his father.  He now leads a
band of chivalrous bandits, who aim to  help those in need.  But just what is 
it that motivates Johnny not to forget his pledge to save the lonely?

Comments: Johnny is surprisingly a good character despite his fey appearance.
He's almost immaculate since he's good with his hands, swift, and just an
all around good fighter. His attacks are easy to remember, but it gets just a
teeny bit confusing when  it  comes to his Mist Finer.  Other  than that, I'd
recommend him to anyone who's willing to take a new approach.

                                 - Move List -

| Movename            |  Command                         |  Damage          |
| Glistering Gold     | QCF + (HS)                       |  9               |
| Bacchus Sigh        | QCB + (P)                        |  --              |
| Mist Finer (High)   | QCF + (P)*                       |  31~114          |
| Mist Finer (Middle) | QCF + (K)*                       |  29~109          |
| Mist Finer (Low)    | QCF + (S)*                       |  25~108          |
| Divine Blade        | F,D,DF + (S) (FS) (S)            |  49              |
| Aerial Divine Blade | (J) D,DF,F + (S)                 |  49              |
| Deadly Moves                                                              |
| Johnny Special      | HCB, F + (HS)                    |  126             |
| Joker Trick         | QCF, QCF + (HS)                  |  One-hit Kill    |

* Hold down to Pose, -> or <- (Move Forward or Backward) (HS) Cancel Pose;
  draw sword

                             - Move Descriptions -

Glistering Gold     -  A gold coin is tossed that determines Mist Finer lvl.
Bacchus Sigh        -  Creates a fog effect to impair opponent's vision.
Mist Finer (High)   -  Slashes high. Knocks opponent into the air.
Mist Finer (Middle) -  Slashes in the mid-body section.
Mist Finer (Low)    -  Slashes low. Beats opponent down.
Divine Blade        -  Flings a blade engulfed in energy at opponent.
Aerial Divine Blade -  Jumps into the air and pitches a flaming blade down.
Johnny Special      -  Slashes the letter "J" and all hell breaks loose.
Joker Trick         -  Flicks a joker card at  opponent and turns  him into a
                       playing card, then slices it in half.

\                                  KY KISKE                                 /

Height: 178 CM
Weight: 58 KG 
Blood Type: AB
Eye Color: Blue Green
Birthday: November 20
Origin: France
Nationality: French
Hobby: Collecting Tea Cups

A charismatic and talented swordsman, Ky was  appointed  leader of the Sacred
Order of Holy Knights when he was only 16. Worshipping justice and order, he
treasures peace above all. But after the previous tournament, he began to
question his sense of justice and his belief that  all  Gears are evil.  Upon
receiving word  of a Gear  who  may have no  intentions of hurting humans, he
decides to embark on a new journey.

Comments: Ky's a very powerful fighter if used correctly, but he isn't easily
mastered, or easy to control, at that.  But  when you handle him effectively,
he can whoop really hard.  His speed is average which makes it frustrating at
times to maneuver him, but his power makes up for it. He's also a bit slow 
in-between combos, so you'll need to know the right moves to form some 
effective and powerful combos. Other than a few flaws, he's a player's choice
to begin with.

                                 - Move List -

| Movename            |  Command                         |  Damage          |
| Stun Edge           | QCF + (S)                        |  39              |
| Stun Edge Charge A. | QCF + (HS)                       |  32              |
| Aerial Stun Edge    | (J) + QCF + (S) / (HS)           |  51              |
| Vapor Thrust (J)    | F,D,DF + (S) / (HS)              |  41 / 49         |
| Stun Dipper         | QCF + (K)                        |  43~46           |
| Crescent Slash      | QCB + (K)                        |  35              | 
| Deadly Moves                                                              |
| Ride the Lightning  | HCB, F + (HS)                    |  131             |
| Rising Force        | QCF, QCF + (HS)                  |  One-Hit Kill    |

                             - Move Descriptions -

Stun Edge               -  A huge cluster of  lightning energy is sent out at
Stun Edge Charge Attack -  A bigger variation of the Stun Edge, but slower.
Aerial Stun Edge        -  Jumps into the air and slings a jolt of lightning.
Vapor Thrust            -  A downward slash at opponent.
Stun Dipper             -  Slashes low.
Crescent Slash          -  Backflips, while swiping at opponent. Launches foe
                           in the air for extra combos.
Ride the Lightning      -  Surrounded by lightning orbs, he charges at foe in
                           full force.
Rising Force            -  Summons powerful lightning strikes at opponent.

\                                    MAY                                    /

Height: 158 CM
Weight: 47 KG
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Black
Birthday: May 5 (The day she was found)
Origin: Unknown
Hobby: Daydreaming about Johnny

Having lost her  parents at a young age, May was  picked  up by pirate Johnny
and raises as a chivalrous bandit. As time passed, she came to be charmed by
her new guardian's kindness and fairness. After the previous tournament, she
had hoped to give Johnny a birthday present, but she realized she didn't have
money.  Then, she learned of  the huge bounty put on the Gear, and decided to 
go for the Tournament.

Comments: May  is squeaky clean and  makes cute squeaky  noise when she moves
around. Probably made from a mouse toy. Her Mr. Dolphin! attack can be pretty
devastating if used properly. She's an average speedy character, but her
fairly large reach of her anchor makes her an okay character. Not really 
great, but you can slide by battles enough. I envy you if you can master her.
I really do.

                                 - Move List -

| Movename            |  Command                         |  Damage          |
| Mr. Dolphin! (HZ)   | B (P) F + (S) / (HS)             |  49              |
| Mr. Dolphin! (VR)   | D (P) U + (S) / (HS)             |  49              |
| Restive Rolling     | F,D,DF + (S) / (J) + (S)         |  29              |
| Applause for Victim | HCF + (K)/(P)/(S)/(HS)           |  21              |
| Overhead Kiss       | (NP) HCB + (K)                   |  59              |
| Deadly Moves                                                              |
| Ultimate Winner     | HCB + (HS)                       |  122             |
| Great Yamada Attack | QCF, QCF + (S)                   |  189             |
| May and The Jolly C.| (NP) HCF, HCF + (HS)             |  One-hit Kill    |

                             - Move Descriptions -

Mr. Dolphin!         -  Rides a dolphin that  pops out  of no where and leaps 
                        at opponent.
Restive Rolling      -  Somersaults in the air with her anchor stretched out.
Applause for Victim  -  Calls Mr. Dolphin to do cool  stunts.  Type dependant 
                        on what button pressed. 

                        K = In front        S = In front
                        P = Rear End       HS = Hits opponent in the front
                        The longer you hold the button, the more powerful the
                        attack. You can perform other moves at the same time,
                        combining attacks to best your opponent.
Overhead Kiss        -  Knocks down opponent with her giant anchor.
Ultimate Winner      -  Thrusts giant anchor at opponent and swings it around
                        and around.
Great Yamada Attack  -  Moby Dick leaps across the screen, damaging foe.
May and the Jolly C. -  Topples opponent to the ground and calls  crewmembers
                        of the ship to trample opponent silly.

\                                MILLIA RAGE                                /

Height: 169 CM
Weight: 48 KG
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: Unknown because she was orphaned
Origin: Village of the Assassins, Russia
Hobby: Chasing Cats

Losing bother her parents when she was  still a  child, Millia was trained by
a group of assassins to use her hair as a weapon. However, a bout with her
conscience caused her to quit the organization and eventually defeat its 
leader, Zato, in the last Tournament. The complex feelings she experienced as
a result of  this  troubled her  greatly, and so  now she feels it's  time to 
settle the score with Zato once and for all.

Comments: Her hair is deadly. Lot's of a hair  spray to keep it that hard and
thrash people around with. Her deftness with her uh, hair is beyond what I've
ever seen in a fighting game. Pretty cool. At times her attacks become plain 
annoying and a chore to execute at the right time. When you play against her, 
she tends to use "Iron Saber" a LOT. So if you're using a character with an 
attack that involves  teleporting elsewhere, you will feel the benefit of it.

                                 - Move List -

| Movename            |  Command                         |  Damage          |
| Lust Shaker         | (S) (CT)                         |  19 (-2)*        |
| Max. Velocity Fall  | (CJ) QCF + (K)                   |  --              |
| Tandem Top          | QCF + (S) / (HS)                 |  39 / 49         |
| Bad Moon            | (J) D,DF,F + (P)                 |  78              |
| Forward Roll        | QCB + (K)                        |  --              |
| Iron Saber          | QCB + (P)                        |  39              |
| Secret Garden       | QCB + (HS) / (ADB) + (HS)        |  29 (-3)**       |
| Deadly Moves                                                              |
| Winger              | QCB, HCF + (HS)                  |  148             |
| Emerald Rain        | QCF, QCF + (S)                   |  90              |
| Iron Maiden         | QCF, QCF + (HS)                  |  One-hit Kill    |

*  Any additional attacks after the first hit is subtracted by 2.
** Any additional attacks after the first hit is subtracted by 3.

                             - Move Descriptions -

Lust Shaker        -  Whips at opponent several times with her hair.
Max. Velocity Fall -  Plummets to the ground at an arc trajectory.
Tandem Top         -  Whips a crescent-shaped disc around her.
Bad Moon           -  A bad hair-do. Spirals towards opponent.
Forward Roll       -  Rolls forward.
Iron Saber         -  Slashes through opponent with her hair.
Secret Garden      -  Forms an energy  orb and dependant  on which  direction 
                      you choose to send it, the damage varies.
Winger             -  Spans hair to become wings  and flies upward to prepare 
                      a dive-bomb attack.
Emerald Rain       -  Pitches three energy projectiles forward.
Iron Maiden        -  Uses her hair as sharp blades and slices opponent a few
                      times before crossing over to slash an "X".

\                                  POTEMKIN                                 /

Height: 245 CM
Weight: 656 KG
Blood Type: O
Eye Color: White
Birthday: October 18
Origin: Zepp, the country of scientific civilization
Hobby: Drawing pictures

Potemkin hails from Zepp, a massive airborne  nation that maintains a society
based on science and technology. A former slave soldier who brought this once
militaristic nation under peaceful rule, the now-famous Potemkin has just
received direct orders from the President.  His top-secret mission?  Find the
gear that the bounty hunters are pursuing and bring it back safely to Zepp.

Comments: This guy unloads explosive damage and I'm not the least bit kidding
either! One blow from this guy knocks off at least a 1/4 of your life. No
joke. Potemkin is crazy shit and bad news for anyone playing against him. Not
only have I had  mounds of trouble beating him, he always  ends up sucking my
life gauge dry before I land a hit on him. He may be slow, but don't take him
too lightly. Plus, the fact that he can do a sudden rush attack to as some...
uh, speedy attack.

                                 - Move List -

| Movename            |  Command                         |  Damage          |
| Mega Fist I         | QCF + (P)                        |  49              |
| Mega Fist II        | QCB + (P)                        |  49              |
| Sliding Head        | QCF + (S)                        |  39~0            |
| Hammer Fall         | B (PA) F + (HS)                  |  59              |
| Potemkin Buster     | (NP) HCB, F + (P)                |  129             |
| Heat Knuckle        | F,D,DF + (HS)                    |  51              |
| Heat Extend         | (PA) F,DF,QCB + (HS)             |  89              |
| Deadly Moves                                                              |
| Giganter-Gigantic   | HCF,HCF + (HS) (PA) HCF,HCF + (P)|  48~189          |
| Bullet              |                                  |                  |
| Heavenly Potemkin B.| QCF, QCF + (S)                   |  170             |
| Magnum Opera        | QCF, QCF + (HS)                  |  One-hit Kill    |

                             - Move Descriptions -

Mega Fist I              -  Leaps into the air  and extends both  his arms to
                            smash opponent.
Mega Fist II             -  Jumps backwards and does the  same thing  as Mega
                            Fist I.
Sliding Head             -  Trips forward and creates a tremor.
Hammer Fall              -  Lunges with his arms extended to crush opponent.
Potemkin Buster          -  Grabs opponent and holds  him above him.  Then he
                            leaps into the air  and cracks his opponents back
                            on his shoulders.
Heat Knuckle             -  Grabs opponents and sets his opponent ablaze with
                            constant fire assaults.
Heat Extend              -  A follow-up  attack to Heat  Knuckle in  which he
                            charges up and makes a finishing blow.
Giganter                 -  Puts up a force-field that can cause dizzy status
                            to opponent.
Gigantic Bullet          -  Forms a huge surge of energy and charges forward.
Heavenly Potemkin Buster -  Aerial version of Potemkin Buster.
Magnum Opera             -  Tosses opponent  into the air and  pulverizes his
                            opponent as he comes down. 

\                                 SOL BADGUY                                /

Height: 182 CM
Weight: 74 KG
Blood Type: Unknown
Eye Color: Ochre
Birthday: Unknown
Origin: USA 
Hobby: Listening to Queen

Sol was once a subject of a biological weapon research.  To conceal his past,
he has spent the last 150 years living as a bounty hunter. To avert further
tragedy, he continues his quest to find and eliminate all Gears and their
creator from the annals of history.  Hearing news of a still-functional Gear,
he sets out for the Tournament to investigate.

Comments: Sol is generally what the average first-timer would use to get used
to GGX's complex mechanics. I don't blame them. He's pretty easy to use and
very powerful. Well, fairly powerful, anyway. His combos are also easy to 
properly manage so mastering him takes less time than it would with any other
character. Because of his muscular build, he's a little slow...

                                 - Move List -

| Movename            |  Command                         |  Damage          |
| Gun Flame           | QCF + (P)                        |  49              |
| Volcanic Viper (J)  | F,D,DF + (S) /(HS) + QCB + (K)   |  51 / 55         |
| Grand Viper         | QCB + (S)                        |  53              |
| Bandit Revolver (J) | QCF + (K) / (K) + (CT)           |  55 / 72         |
| Riot Stamp          | QCB + (K)                        |  39              |
| Wild Throw          | (NP) + F,D,DF + (K)              |  64              |
| Deadly Moves                                                              |
| Dragon Install      | QCB, QCB + (S)                   |  --              |  
| Tyrant Rave         | HCB, F + (HS)                    |  135             |
| Napalm Death        | QCF, QCF + (HS)                  |  One-hit Kill    |
|                     |                                  |                  |  

                             - Move Descriptions -

Gun Flame       -  Uses sword to expel a line of flame towards opponent.
Volcanic Viper  -  Sets opponent ablaze with a flurry of sword attacks.
Grand Viper     -  A small variation of the Volcanic Viper. 
Bandit Revolver -  Kicks opponent in the air.
Riot Stamp      -  Kicks off the back wall and  uses the  momentum to advance
                   towards opponent.
Wild Throw      -  Grabs opponent and throws him to the ground.
Dragon Install  -  Powers up his Volcanic Viper and his general vitality.  It
                   basically invigorates him.
Tyrant Rave     -  Slashes upwards, creating a fire whirlwind in front of him
                   and towards opponent.
Napalm Death    -  The roof! The roof! The roof is on fire!

\                                  TESTAMENT                                /

Comments: Testament is a cool guy and can  be really deadly  when an advanced 
player steps in to flex his muscles. The crow (Zio) that accompanies 
Testament aids him in battle--its attacks do quite a lot of damage and can 
append to extra combos. Testament's duty and primary purpose in the 
tournament is to protect Dizzy from potential hazards. Like Dizzy, he was 
shunned by mankind since they believed him to be a vicious gear.  But anyway,
he's recently become one of my favorites.

                                 - Move List -

| Movename            |  Command                         |  Damage          |
| Accursed Skull      | QCF + (P) / (K)                  |  14              |
| Heaven Slash        | QCB + (P)                        |  59              |
| Inferno Dragon I    | HCF + (S)                        |  39              |
| Inferno Dragon II   | HCF + (HS)                       |  39              |
| Blunt Strike        | F + (P)                          |  23              |
| Leap Slash          | F + (HS)                         |  45              |
| Scythe Sweep        | F, DF, D + (HS)                  |  49              |
| Upward Slash        | D + (S)                          |  33              |
| The Rising Dead     | (S) + (HS)                       |  35              |
| Deadly Moves                                                              |
| Hell's Gate         | HCB, F + (HS)                    |  59              |  
| Succubus            | QCF, QCF + (HS)                  |  One-hit Kill    |

                             - Move Descriptions -

Accursed Skull     -  Unleashes a floating skull that moves slowly toward the
                      opponent. When inflicted upon, opponent will be cursed.
                      This will cause the  crow above Testament to attack the
                      opponent independently.
Heaven Slash       -  A forward leap and an overhead slash in one movement.
Inferno Dragon I   -  A dragon's head  emerges and bites  opponent from below 
                      or behind him.
Inferno Dragon II  -  An  opened  dragon's  mouth appears  and moves  swiftly 
                      across the screen toward opponent.
Blunt Strike       -  Bonks opponent with the back of the scythe.
Leap Slash         -  Lunges and strikes down on opponent.
Scythe Sweep       -  A 360 degree ground sweep with scythe extended.
Upward Slash       -  Lifts scythe up in one quick movement.
The Rising Dead    -  Four demon claws  erupt from the  ground and launch the
                      opponent high in the air.
Hell's Gate        -  A red orb appears and projects a stream of energy.
Succubus           -  Protracts two scythes. Opponent ends up in a bed with a
                      lady whose hand will suddenly pierce through his chest.

\                                   VENOM                                   /

Height: 179 CM
Weight: 66 KG
Blood Type: A
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: Orphaned, Unknown
Origin: Village of Assassins, England
Hobby: Reading and Chess

Orphaned at a  young age, Venom  was taken in by the  Guild of Assassins.  He
pledged his allegiance to his benefactor, Zato, who saw the boy as a 
necessity to the guild.  However, in the middle of a certain scheme, Zato was
arrested and sealed away in the Prison of Dimension. Yet Zato, who was 
supposedly freed in the last Tournament, failed to  return to the guild. Now,
having received information about a possible  Zato sighting, Venom departs to

Comments: As an ally, Venom can be put  to  beneficial use and kick butt like
me, high on Coke. But if you're fighting against him, prepare yourself. You
are in for a challenging fight.  I honestly haven't  used him enough to judge
what he's capable of, so I'll, again, get back to this later.

                                 - Move List -

| Movename            |  Command                         |  Damage          |
| Stinger Aim         | B (P) F + (S) / (HS)             |  29 / 41         |  
| Carcass Raid        | D (P) U + (S) / (HS)             |  35 / 49         |
| Ball Formation      | HCB + (K)/(P)/(S)/(HS)           |  Varies          |
| Double Head Morbid  | F,D,DF + (S) / (HS)              |  53 / 68         |
| Warp                | F,D,DF + (K)                     |  --              |
| Mad Struggle        | (CJ) QCF + (S) / (HS)            |  36 / 47         |
| Deadly Moves                                                              |
| Dark Angel          | QCB, HCF + (S)                   |  --              |
| Red Hail            | (CJ) QCF, QCF + (HS)             |  135             |
| Dim Bomber          | QCF, QCF + (HS)                  |  One-hit Kill    | 

                             - Move Descriptions -

Stinger Aim         -  Conjures a slow-moving ball of energy forward.
Carcass Raid        -  Blasts a small energy ball onto the ground.  This will
                       cause the ball to bounce up and down the screen.
Ball Formation      -  Forms a ball.  Depending upon the button  pressed, the
                       location of the ball will differ. This attack can be
                       utilized to form combos. They disappear over time if
                       not immediately used upon summon. You can conjure each
                       "type" of ball from the four buttons, but not from the
                       same button at any one time. Make sense?
Double Head Morbid  -  Rushes forward while twirling his weapon stick.  Also,
                       a good thing to know is that  Venom will slide further
                       by pressing HS.
Warp                -  Teleports into the air, or to the position of his ball
Mad Struggle        -  Venom dives  down while  drilling his  stick  into his
                       opponent. The K button will add an extra backward jump
                       kick at the end. 
Dark Angel          -  Forms a huge, red sphere. It advances towards opponent
                       and hits him multiple times.
Red Hail            -  Jumps higher in the air and  unleashes  multiple shots
                       from weapon.
Dim Bomber          -  A really cool  pool table animation commences in which
                       the opponent gets repeatedly bashed by the balls. Once 
                       he drops back  down, he will  experience  intense pain 
                       from an ensuing explosion.

\                                   ZATO-1                                  /

Height: 181 CM
Weight: 68 KG
Blood Type: A
Eye Color: Originally Blue
Birthday: January 28
Origin: Village of Assassins, Spain
Hobby: Guess who wrote certain flowery phrases
The leader of an organization  of  assassins, Zato  has gained the ability to
manipulate shadows in exchange  for his vision. But the constant battling in
the previous Tournament took its toll  on him, and the shadows seized control
of his body. Now, his shadow possesses its own will and thought, and seeks
out its brethren.  With the word  of a substantial amount of prize money, the
shadow begins to follow the scent of the new Gear.

Comments: I haven't been  able to use him to a full extent, but I've seen him
in action enough to comment his capabilities. Zato basically uses his shadow
as his weapon and it's damn deadly if you aren't careful playing against him.
He can get really good if played by the right person.  Unfortunately, I'm not
one of them.  He has  whooped my  ass  numerous  times and  it's difficult to 
escape his shadow's grasp.

                                 - Move List -

| Movename            |  Command                         |  Damage          |
| Invite Hell         | D,D + (S) / (HS)                 |  39              |
| Break the Law       | QCB + (K) (press down)           |  --              |
| Summon Eddie        | QCF + (K)/(P)/(HS)/(S)           |  --              |
| Tiny Attack         | (D-) Summon Eddie (P)            |  14              |
| Moving Attack       | (D-) Summon Eddie (K)            |  62              |
| Anti-Aerial Attack  | (D-) Summon Eddie (S)            |  49              |
| Drill Special       | (D-) Summon Eddie (HS)           |  105             |
| Drunkard Shade      | QCB + (S)                        |  19              |
| Damned Fang         | (NP) F,D,DF + (S)                |  84              |
| Deadly Moves                                                              |
| Executor            | (CJ) QCF, QCF + (S)              |  176             |
| Amorphous           | HCB, F + (HS)                    |  158             |
| Megalith Head       | (D-)Summon E. HCB, F + (S)       |  128             |
| Black in Mind       | QCF, QCF + (HS)                  |  One-hit Kill    |

                             - Move Descriptions -

Invite Hell         -  A shadow springs from the  ground either in front or a
                       few feet distance away.
Break the Law       -  Zato drops into a liquid  in the ground and stays down
                       for a limited time. During this time, he can avoid all
Summon Eddie        -  This calls forth a  shadow creature that will aid Zato
                       in battle. Input the command again to send Eddie back.
Tiny Attack         -  Pokes opponent.
Moving Attack       -  Eddie  takes the  shape of an  animated saw  and rolls
                       forward opponent.
Anti-Aerial Attack  -  A claw extends from the side and slashes up.
Drill Special       -  A huge drill erupts from the ground and perforates his
Drunkard Shade      -  Forms a shadow barrier for an instant.
Damned Fang         -  Encapsulates  opponent in a  huge  sphere  and pops it
                       with his hands to create an explosion.
Executor            -  Transforms into a  sharp weapon and hurtles across the
Amorphous           -  A shadow creature emerges  from the ground  and knocks
                       opponent into the air.
Megalith Head       -  Anyone know what this does?  I haven't been able to do
                       it yet.
Black in Mind       -  A female silhouette changes into a death skull.

                                                                    ___  ___
====================================================================\  \/  /=
                                                                     \    /
  04.  – Game Engine -                                               /    \ 
                                                                    /  /\  \
===================================================================/__/==\  \

 ________________  _________________________________________________________
| CONTROLS      / /                                                         |
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

       START: Pause Game/Open Menu_______
L1: Memory Button______                  |     ____________R1: Taunt/Respect
                       \_____            |    /_____
                       | L1,2|           |   | R1,2 |
                       -------           |   --------        Triangle: Slash/
                      /   _    \_________|__/    |¯¯¯\¯¯¯¯¯¯¯          Cancel
                     |  _| |_    ___    _|_     /\  _ |
                     | |_   _|  |sel|  |str| []    (_)|
D-Pad: Move Char.____|__/|_|    __   __   __  | ><  | |
                     |         /  \ |  | /  \ |  |  | |
                      \       | AL |----| AR ||__|__|/__________Square: Punch
                       \     / \__/      \__/ \  |  |
                        \___/  /         /     \_|_/|_____Circle: Heavy Slash
                              /         /        |                       (HS) 
Analog Stick: Move Char._____/         /         |________Cross: Kick/Confirm
R. Analog Stick: L3/R3 when pressed__/

D-Pad...................................................Move Character/Cursor
Left Analog Stick........................Move Character only when switched on
Right Analog Stick.....................................L3/R3 when pushed down
Circle Button................................................Heave Slash (HS)
Cross Button......................................Kick/Confirm Menu Selection
Triangle Button...................................Slash/Cancel Menu Selection
Square Button...........................................................Punch
L1 Button................................Memory/Used for background selection 
L2 Button............................................................Not used
R1 Button..............................................Taunt/Respect Opponent
R2 Button............................................................Not used
SELECT Button.........................................................Pending
START Button..........................................Pause/Open Command Menu

 ________________  _________________________________________________________
| GAME BASICS   / /                                                         |
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

o| Rules for Knockout

===== MATCH FORMAT =====

As with all other fighting games, the last one standing will be determined as 
the winner. There's a life gauge at the top, and whether you're 1P or 2P, 
your bar can be on either side. If you fully exhaust your opponent's life 
bar, then he will, of course, be KOed (Knocked out). Now there will be times 
when both of your gauges are on the verge of depleting completely. You could 
both get KOed by battering each other at the same exact moment, which results 
in a draw. You can have up to 3 rounds only. Two out of three wins the match.

===== TIME LIMIT =====
There are time limits  placed on each battle. You must quickly knock down the 
opponent before the counter reaches zero. If you do not, your ass will be 
grass and I will smoke some (Haha, Steve). One round offers 99 seconds of 
pure whoop ass. If you so happen to have both characters still standing after 
the time expires, the player with  the most life remaining automatically wins 
the battle.

o| Modes of Play 

===== ARCADE MODE =====

Arcade mode is the main mode you'd want to fool around with if you play solo.
It offers Sudden Death matches, in which if you lose the match, you lose the
"tournament", but you have the chance to continue. That's always nice. Arcade
Mode is much like the tournament explained in the story itself. When you
battle the CPU opponent, you always fight in that character's venue. The
opponents you face are chosen at random from a cast of eleven other 
characters. Choose from your deadly arsenal of  12 characters to crap on the 

===== VERSUS MODE =====

You and another physical being can duke it out one-on-one in the arena!  Dual
Shock 2 is preferred. Select Versus Mode on the title screen, and both of you 
will be able to choose your character. You can choose the arena of a specific 
character if you'd like by pressing L1. A yellow box will overlap the blue 
one. Move that to a character who  meets the standards of your desired battle 
arena. They're all set, so it won't be randomized among characters.

===== TRAINING MODE =====

If you happen to feel attached to a  certain  character and you would like to
meliorate your skills with that character, then take him to Training Mode!
When you do, select the character and a "practice dummy" for sparring. As you
enter commands (press buttons), the game will record them on a line at the
bottom of the screen. So you could see what the hell you pressed that 
unleashed that ultra cool move! As for the sparring dummy, it will initially 
be standing and stoical to all attacks, regardless of how horrifyingly you've
punished it. The AI can be tampered with, however. Just pop into the menu
screen and select ENEMY SETTING, and do your dirty work there. You could beef
it up to max and watch it spank you. It's all up to you.

===== SURVIVAL MODE =====

Survival Mode puts you in a position to fight your way through a great number 
of unbroken battles to rack up those points--experience points to increase
your ability level. This is based on the Sudden Death set of rules--once you
lose one match, it's all over. You'll have to start from the very beginning. 
There are no continues. As you continue through successive battles, your 
opponents increase in power and become much harder. Once your level has
reached 100, you will have cleared this session of Survival Mode. If you 
gather enough, you can unlock Guilty Gear X Mode! More info on this in the 
secrets section.

===== RECORDING MODE =====

Have you ever wanted to record one of your most astounding plays? You want to 
see how well you perform during combat, and you want to know how you can
improve? Well, you can with the Recording Mode. This mode records one round
of your performance against an opponent. You can only do this if you have a
Memory Card. It requires 95KB of free space for one recording session. You
may choose to overwrite a current one if you'd like to replace it with a 
better clip. To record, select Recording from the title menu and select 
"Recording". It will start to record any fights from there. However, if you 
select this option before inserting the Memory Card, all previous files will 
be deleted. The same holds true for when you turn the console off. 

===== OPTIONS =====

Like any Options mode  in any type  of game, it lets you  change  the default 
game settings to suit your tastes. You can choose to adjust the difficulty of
the CPU opponents in the Arcade Mode, subtract and add time to the match 
clock, set the number of rounds per match, choose to skip cut scenes and 
other demos and toggle the Medal Mode. Medals are just indicators as to the 
number of wins you've earned in Arcade Mode. All these settings can be messed 
around with.

===== RANKING =====

After each duel, you will earn a certain number of points depending on your 
overall performance for that particular round. Things like the amount of time 
left in the round is counted toward your total points. The faster you beat 
down your opponent, the more points will roll in. You can check these
statistics in the Arcade and Survival Modes. The CPU characters will be

 ________________  _________________________________________________________
| BATTLE STUFF  / /                                                         |
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

o| Basic Moves

D -> -> or <- <-
A  It really depends where you're facing and where you want to go. Dashing is
S  a key basic to pulling off deadly attacks, and avoiding them. Facing 
H  forward, tap -> twice to dash forward. To move backwards, tap <- twice.

G  <- or Crouch / 
U  The Guard technique can block almost all attacks, except for Instant Kill
A  and probably some Overdrive moves. If you block upright, you'll be open 
R  to attack in the lower body portion, so you've got to watch for where the
D  opponent is going to attack and press either buttons  to defend yourself.

J ^                     ^ 
U | or to jump higher | |
M                     v
P  Pretty useful if you're looking to execute some deadly combos and whatnot.

T -> + (P)/(S)/(HS)
R  Basically, you run forward and press any attack button to manage a forward 
U  thrust attack. While it isn't the best attack, it certainly is a good 
S  combo starter. Some characters can use this to perform a forward thrust  
T  attack with a kick.

D During Guard -> + Any 2 buttons pressed simultaneously 
N  Abbreviated for Dead Angle Attack.  It  acts as a counter attack after you 
G  have defended yourself against an attack. After an attack, immediately 
L  tap forward and 2 button simultaneously to throw the opponent off-guard  
E  and down. At this time, you also might want to consider doing some combos.

D (S) + (HS) Simultaneously
S  What this does is break a crouching guard, and leave him open to deadly
T  chains of attacks. Where the name "Dust Attack" came from is beyond me.

S (S) + (HS) while crouching
E  Basically, the character will slip under the opponent which such force, it
E  will knock the opponent down or up and leave him vulnerable to combos.  
P  This is pretty effective to get yourself out of a jam.  Corners, you know.  

R Any 2 buttons when knocked down 
O  I find this to be a really neat thing.  Once you're  knocked down, the guy   
V  is bound to have more tricks up his sleeve, so you've got to regain your 
E  composure to prevent yourself from losing any more life! While you're in 
R  the air, press any 2 buttons to have a sudden boost of strength and redeem 
Y  yourself and get ready for the next attack.

T -> + (HS) 
R  When your opponent is inactive for that split  second, you  should quickly 
O  press forward and the (HS) button to grab hold of him and slam him on the 
W  ground. That way, he'll be off guard; you'll be on him slapping him silly.

o| A Closer Look At These Moves


Wazzis? A neat trick you can employ in Guilty Gear X. Yes, it's also known as
the common jump command. You can Jump up, by pressing Up on the D-Pad or 
Analog stick. You can jump even higher by pressing Down, then Up. 
Incidentally, you can also double jump, or even triple jump for some 
characters. What the hell do I mean by that? By double jumping, the character
jumps up, as you know, and at the peak of his jump, you can press Up again to
force an extra kick to jump higher. Same holds true for the triple jumpers
except you press Up one more time. I know of only one character right now 
that can perform the triple jump, and that is Chipp. Double or Triple jumps
can be somewhat useful if you need to do some aerial combat or carry out some
attack that requires some air.

===== DUST ATTACK =====

Dust Attacks are  often used  for combo  starters.  What it does is lift your
opponent into the air and cues you to prepare a nasty combo. Then you can
combine some Roman Cancels and whatnot. If the opponent switches the role and
decides to do a Dust Attack on you, you can simply block it. It's entirely up
to you what you want to do with the guy once you've swept him off his feet.
You could follow suit and jump in  the air as well, slam him down, or prepare
an Instant Kill while he's floundering in the air.  However, the opponent can
make a Recovery and return to normal if you wait too long.

===== RECOVERY =====

After or while being beaten up by an opponent, you can regain your composure 
and prepare to block off his successive attacks. This works best when you're 
being juggled in the air. When you press any two buttons simultaneously, the
character will suddenly be charged with extra energy at his feet to give him 
a boost of power to dart away from any further  danger. This is one of those 
things that makes GGX unique.

===== SWEEP =====

As the name implies, the character performs a sweep move, which is a movement
of sliding through the opponent, knocking him off balance. By pressing Slash 
and Heavy Slash together, your character can perform this move. When this 
attack connects with your opponent, he cannot  use a Recovery to regain his 

===== THROWS =====

Throwing an opponent on the ground is a very good way to inflict a moderate
amount of damage. For Potemkin, it does more than a "moderate" amount, 
believe me (it's more like 1/4). The effect of a throw depends on the sheer
weight and power of that character doing it. Like I said before, Potemkin 
will get the most benefit from this move than other characters because of
his prodigious size and strength. To perform a throw, press the joystick
toward the enemy and press Heavy Slash.  The character will cling on to the
other character and throw them down in their own unique way. 

===== TAUNTS/RESPECT =====

Taunt is what you'd find in most fighting games, especially wrestling games.  
You'd want to prod the opponent into attacking you. To taunt, simply press
R1. Respecting--I'm sure you can figure out what it does, but it's my duty to 
enlighten you. You'd use this when you find that the opponent is
overwhelmingly powerful and you want to show him your unsolicited regards. 
BUT, those are not what it's _really_ for. Taunting or respecting the
opponent gives him the false impression that you are unshielded against an 
attack. You can cancel a Respect anytime, but you cannot cancel a taunt until 
you've seen the whole "cycle".

o| What is the Tension Gauge?

===== TENSION GAUGE =====

The Tension Gauge is like that meter in SF3  Third Strike (I forget what it's
called). It's a bar that represents your character's hostility. Once it 
reaches the full mark, you can make the choice to unleash some super 
abilities from your character like the awesome Overdrive moves! You must 
learn to exercise this ability to separate yourself from the losers and 
average players.  Utilizing attacks of the Tension Gauge is key to victory.


The bar increases as you use  devastating combos and offensive basic moves on 
your opponent. The game determines that as you make relentless attacks 
against CPUs or any competitor. Once it's filled, you can make use of the 
following moves: Overdrives, Instant Kills, Faultless Defense, Roman cancel, 
and Dead Angle Attacks. Each of them gradually consume your tension gauge.


This is the same name for the new limit break system in Final Fantasy X. They 
are almost similar in the way they work. Overdrive attacks are the 
character's special attacks. To simplify its purpose: These little puppies 
can send opponents on a free trip to hell. They are usually composed of 
twenty consecutive attacks. Each character has their innate overdrive moves.  
There may be more than the ones listed in the game and in the manual, but I 
have yet to confirm that. Overdrive attacks consume 50% of a filled tension 

===== INSTANT KILLS =====

As the name implies, this  attack  is a one-hit  kill that finishes the match
quickly. They are really, really bad ass stuff. While it sounds like a really
cool thing you want to harness, executing them is the hard part. Are you 
ready? First, you've got to make sure the character is inactive and  will not 
attack while you prepare an Instant Kill, otherwise he can interrupt the 
process, causing you to do it again. The best way is to bash the opponent as 
many times as possible to stun him momentarily. Now, press all four face 
buttons down at the same time. Your character will be covered in light, 
indicating that the Instant Kill is ready. During this VERY limited time, 
quickly but precisely, input the corresponding commands for the Instant Kill 
of that character. If all goes well, your character should perform his 
signature move with really cool effects! Each character has their own instant 
kill moves for your viewing pleasures. Look at the pretty colors.


Faultless defense is  generally  another technique to lessen damage received 
from an opponent. To use it, you'd have to have some energy in the Tension
Gauge, otherwise it won't work. Press the Punch and Kick [(P) + (K)] buttons
down and hold them down together. What it does is nullify about 75% of the 
opponent's attack power. While you still take damage, it is reduced to a 20% 
damage reception. Continued use of the Faultless Defense gradually eats up 
the energy in the Tension Gauge. You have to remember that although the 
Faultless Defense is activated, you must defend segments of the body 
accordingly. For example, you could be guarding your mid portion, but the 
opponent can still attack your pelvic area and below with ease. This applies 
also the aerial defense  abilities. Just remember  that the ability is quite 
limited in some areas, and it doesn't make you invincible.

===== ROMAN CANCEL =====

What you do is press three of the attack buttons during a move that damages 
the opponent to withdraw your attack and return to a poised fighting stance. 
It's much like stopping a jump in mid-air and then dropping back down. Its 
primary use proves to be very effective if utilized correctly. Once you 
attribute this move to an ongoing combo, you can reset and begin another  
chain of combos to execute an incredible number of menacing sequences of 
multiple combos. Roman Cancel offers vast options for tactical playing, but  
the drawback is that it drains 50% of the Tension Gauge. 


A Dead Angle Attack is a counterattack that can be used immediately after you 
have blocked an opponent's attack. Sinfully, it consumes 50% of your Tension 
Gauge, which is a whopping price to pay for something that does so little. 
Personally, I rarely use it, but there will be times when you'll really need 
it. While crouching and guarding, move your character to the direction of the 
attacker and down press any two buttons at the same time. Your person will be 
covered in some white light, indicating he has acknowledged your command, and 
proceed to counterattack the opponent. I might also want to add that this 
counter can be blocked if the opposing party is alert enough.


A little thing that prevents you from doing much for a short  time.  The text
"Negative Penalty" will appear on the side to which that character belongs.  
You get this penalty by wussing out and for taking the defensive for too
long. The game determines that if you guard and backdash frequently without 
performing some offensive attacks.  If that happens, Negative Penalty appears
and sucks up your Tension Gauge.

o| GGX' Attack System

===== DAMAGE SCALING =====

Damage scaling typically measures the damage done by a certain type of attack
or combo. Generally, adding combos to ongoing attacks lessens the damage that
could be done if it were executed by itself. It's a pretty complicated 
system. There are several factors that change the scaling somewhat. A precise
approximation of damage done is misleading since it differs with various
opponents.  For example, Chipp could be doing 135 to Millia, 80 to Potemkin,
112 to Baiken, and so on. The balance of damage corrupts also depending on 
your opponent's life gauge and his remaining life. If it is already dropping
dangerously low, past 50%, your optimum damage is reduced. If the opponent 
has full health, or over half, no  changes  will be done to the damage dealt.

This chart and information was selected from Ben Cureton's DC GGX Manual. All
credit is due to him.

This table is very easy to read. The left column is the Guts rating.  The top
column is how much health your character has remaining. The data within the
table is the damage modifier.  Depending on how much health your character 
has, the damage modifier  will be  different.  As you can see, the  lower the 
Guts rating, the more  damage  your character will take during the entire 

                            Damage Scaling Chart
    ~56%     ~42%     ~31%     ~21%     ~15%     ~9%     ~4%     ~0   Health
0  x1.00    x1.00    x1.00    x0.91    x0.75    x0.58   x0.48   x0.39
1  x1.00    x1.00    x0.94    x0.88    x0.69    x0.56   x0.47   x0.39
2  x1.00    x1.00    x0.91    x0.81    x0.66    x0.55   x0.45   x0.38
3  x1.00    x0.94    x0.88    x0.78    x0.64    x0.53   x0.44   x0.36
4  x1.00    x0.94    x0.88    x0.78    x0.63    x0.50   x0.39   x0.36
5  x1.00    x0.91    x0.83    x0.75    x0.58    x0.47   x0.38   x0.34

                              Guts Rating Chart
 Anji     Axl     Baiken     Chipp     Dizzy     Faust      Jam     Johnny
  5        1        4          4         1         0         3        4

  Ky      May     Millia    Potemkin    Sol    Testament   Venom     Zato
  2        3        3          4         1         2         2        1


Character Defense statistics work like they would  in a RPG.  The  higher the
numbered statistic is, the less damage is received. However, that's reversed
in GGX. It's the lower the number, the less damage received. Depending on the 
character, you are likely to receive different variants of damage
estimations. Below, I've displayed a chart to help you understand this 
better. This chart and information was selected from Ben Cureton's DC GGX 
Manual. All credit is due to him.

As you can see, Chipp's defense modifier is the largest and Potemkin's is the
smallest.  This  means  an attack  that  inflicts 100 damage on Sol (x 1.00), 
would inflict 131 on Chipp (x 1.31) and only 88 on Potemkin (x .875). 

 Anji     Axl     Baiken     Chipp     Dizzy     Faust      Jam     Johnny
 x1.06    x1.00    x1.18     x1.31     x1.06     x1.00     x1.06     x1.00

  Ky      May     Millia    Potemkin    Sol    Testament   Venom     Zato
 x1.03    x1.06    x1.21     x.875     x1.00     x1.00     x1.00     x1.06

===== INSTANT BLOCK =====

Unlike Instant Kill, Instant  Block allows you to block immediately and auto-
matically block an incoming attack, and then quickly retaliate with an attack 
of your own. You can do this by pressing back the split second before you 
make contact with the opponent's weapon.  This enables your character recover 
much quicker than he would in a normal stance guard.

===== STUN/STUNNED =====

Getting stunned isn't a very good thing. It's only bad if YOU are stunned. If 
either of you get dizzy (depending on who is the stunned victim here), then 
the dizzy person is momentarily open to ANY kind of attack. To prevent this 
from happening to you, you must avoid being trapped in a chain of combos or 
consecutive attacks by the opposing player. If you let him beat you around 
for too long, you'll eventually get dizzy and be totally out of control for a 
few seconds. That may not seem too long, but it really gives the opponent a 
helluva good opportunity to KO you. Vice versa if your opponent is stunned. 
To "force" dizzy status, you must pull off a chain of relentless attacks.  
Remember, you or the opponent remains dizzy until the "doves" fly off, or if 
you pound him enough. If you happen to be the one in dizzy mode, you can mash 
the face buttons to quicken the recovery rate.

o| Combos & Fun Stuff 

===== GATLING COMBOS =====

A Gatling Combo is a technique of linking normal moves together to form a new
string of combinations. This gives a character the ability to link their 
special moves and even Overdrive attacks together to develop one, very mean
combo that can knock off over half of the opponent's life. One of many cool
features in GGX.  By unleashing Gatling Combos, the player can fully make use
of the technique to win against any  opponent. Of course, this is only one of
the fundamentals of being a GGX master.

                                                                    ___  ___
====================================================================\  \/  /=
                                                                     \    /
  05.  – Guilty Gear X Plus Notes -                                  /    \ 
                                                                    /  /\  \
===================================================================/__/==\  \

What information I have in this section will not be accurate or possibly even 
relevant since this was translated from a HK (Hong Kong) gaming magazine. My 
Chinese isn't at master level. Therefore, some of the translations may be 
goofed-up. If there are any discrepancies, those can be attributed to my 
incompetence. Or blame the writer of this article. It was very poorly 
written. If you are a Guilty Gear X Plus owner, I strongly urge you to e-mail 
me with corrections. It would be even better if you could send me the correct 
terminology for some of these things.

Again, the following was translated from a HK Magazine. The Chinese language 
is very poetic, so there are many cases in which a certain phrase has no 
translation. I would look at a Japanese 'zine, but my knowledge of the 
Japanese language can be inscribed on the head of a pin. I know a few persons 
who do know it well, but they were too damn lazy to help me out, those cheap 
bastards. I managed without them, anyway. 

"Adrenaline, why are you writing this pointless section?" Because I feel like 
it. Well, because there is currently no FAQ for GGX Plus. Whatever's here 
should be at least a tiny bit helpful. This isn't substantial enough to write 
a separate FAQ for GGX Plus, so I just decided to plug in this small section.  
It doesn't kill you to appreciate my efforts once in a while, does it?

 _____________________  ____________________________________________________
| GGX PLUS GIBBERISH / /                                                    |
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

As far as I know, Guilty  Gear X Plus  is the Japanese release  of this sweet 
game. For Japanese consumers, Sammy decided cram in a few extra goodies to 
make it more appealing. These goodies include a full-size poster, extra modes 
(Gallery and Story), and extra characters. I have the poster. It's a hologram 
of Sol and a gear in the back of him (probably Dizzy). Whether or not the 
graphic on the poster varies is uncertain--ya know, since I don't have the 
game. How did I get the poster you ask? Well, I stole it from my friend's 
store--it's an independent game store so it gets a lot of imported stuff. Ok, 
so I didn't really steal it. Rather I'm just "tight like dat" with the owner 
so I pestered him to  give me something.  Let's just say I swiped it, ok?  It 
makes me look more badass that way.

In addition to new characters entering the fray, GGX Plus can be connected to 
the Wonder Swan Color handheld. By connecting the PS2 version and the Wonder 
Swan Color's model together, you can play the games simultaneously. Most of 
the game's style has already been included in the WSC's GGX model, which will 
be out sometime soon. If you're a hardcore fan of the series, you wouldn't 
want to miss this opportunity. Boy, I sound like sales freak.

 _________________  ________________________________________________________
| SECRETS        / /                                                        |
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

I have no idea what this falls under, but judging from the content, I guess 
it should belong to a "Secrets" section, but I have no clue as to the 
validity of this information. If anything sounds inane, please do tell me 
with the correct term.

                 | Arcade Mode | Story Mode | Gallery Mode | Survival Mode |
Testament        | Clear game  | Clear game | Lesson 1     | Level 20 Beat |
                 | once (even  | once (with | Clear (???)  | Gold "Boss"   |
                 | if you use  | any ending)|              |               |
                 | Continue)   |            |              |               |
Dizzy            | See above   | See above  | Lesson 3     | Level 30 Beat |
                 |             |            | Clear (???)  | Gold "Boss"   |
Guilty Gear Mode | Clear game  | ?????      | Lesson 7     | Level 99 Beat |
                 | once (with  |            | Clear (???)  | Gold "Boss"   |
                 | a setting   |            |              |               |
                 | higher than |            |              |               |
                 | Beginners)  |            |              |               |
Kliff            | ?????       | ?????      | Lesson 12    |               |
                 |             |            | Clear        |               |
Justice          | ?????       | ?????      | Lesson 18    |               |
                 |             |            | Clear        |               |

 __________________  _______________________________________________________
| EXTRA MOVE LIST / /                                                       |
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

Here are the move lists for the new arrivals, exclusive to this version. Many 
of the move names are very hard to translate into simple English. If I wrote 
them out phonetically, then that would abandon the original Japanese names. 
For this reason, I have left them blank. If anyone is willing to help me out, 
by all means, please do!


Mini Move List:

              - QCF + P / S
              - QCB + S
              - QCB + K
              - QCB + P
              - R1
              - QCF, QCF + S
Soul Survivor - B, F, HCF + HS
              - QCF, QCF + HS


Mini Move List:

Valkerye Arc     - QCF + P
Michael Sword    – HCF + H
Strike Backtail  - B, D, DB + K
(Up)             - B, D, DB + S
(Down)           - QCB + S
Imperial Eye     - F, HCF + S
Gamma Ray        - F, B, F, B, DF, D, DB, F, B + HS
Excel Laser      - QCF, QCF + H

                                                                    ___  ___
====================================================================\  \/  /=
                                                                     \    /
  06.  – Easter-Eggs & X-tras -                                      /    \ 
                                                                    /  /\  \
===================================================================/__/==\  \

o| Unlocking Testament and Dizzy

There are two ways to unlock them: the cheap way and the diligent way. What 
and how you want to do it is entirely up to you.

The cheap way:

In the U.S. version of the game, there is a code for dragging Testament and  
the mighty, mighty Dizzy in to the tourney. On the title screen, just enter 
DOWN, RIGHT, RIGHT, UP, and START to unlock them.  

Thanks to jhjmonnee (AcesAreWild231) for the code.

NOTE: This actually does work, but you must enter the code before you press
start. Input the code and press start. You should hear Dizzy's voice. Then
just go to the character selection screen and you'll find Dizzy and Testament
at the bottom.

The diligent way: 

Play through Survival Level 20 and beat Testament to have him inserted to the 
character roster. For Dizzy, reach Survival Level 30 and beat her to unlock 
her in all modes. It's not that bad.

o| Guilty Gear Mode

To unlock Guilty  Gear Mode, simply beat 100 enemies (Survival Level 100) in 
Survival Mode. In this mode, battles are greatly intensified and certain 
boundaries have been broken.  Some characters can even  have new enhanced 
abilities.  The pace of the battles are noticeably quicker, which you must 
adapt to in order to pull off some successful combos and such.

o| Special Introductions

Guilty Gear X is no Dead or Alive 2 with  endings for each of the characters.
While the GGX Characters do have incentives for their participation in the 
tournament, they aren't clear. As far as I know, there are NO endings. Ok? 
Stop asking me about that!  However, special cinemas are highlighted before a 
fight between two certain people for, of course, special reasons.

DIZZY vs SOL BADGUY    |   ZATO-1 vs VENOM          |  AXL LOW vs SOL BADGUY

o| Music List

Love the heavy metal spice in  the background music?  Play the game again and 
you might catch yourself head-banging to the beats and humming along. You can 
actually tap into any of these songs by going to the "Options" menu on the 
title screen and selecting "Sound Test". Afterwards, you'll be taken to a 
fairly lengthy list of songs extracted  from the entire game.  You can browse 
through them and listen to your heart's content.

Below are the songs that were listed.  The right list  is which  character or 
screen the song belongs to.

01.  Keep Yourself Alive 2                     -Sol-
02.  Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead)          -Ky-
03.  Blue Water, Blue Sky                      -May-
04.  Writhe in Pain                            -Millia-
05.  Feel a Fear                               -Zato-
06.  Burly Heart                               -Potemkin-
07.  Suck a Sage                               -Chipp-  
08.  The Original                              -Faust-    
09.  Momentary Life                            -Baiken-
10.  Babel Nose (Hose?)                        -Jam-
11.  Liquor Bar & Drunkard                     -Johnny-
12.  Make Oneself                              -Axl-
13.  Fuuga                                     -Anji-
14.  A Solitude That Asks Nothing In Return    -Venom-
15.  Bloodstained Lineage                      -Testament-
16.  Awe of She                                -Dizzy-
17.  No Mercy                                  -Sol vs Ky-
18.  Still in the Dark                         -Millia vs Zato-
19.  Fatal Duel                                -Dou Chara-*
20.  Soul Dealer                               -Opening-
21.  Hello My Dear                             -Option-
22.  Standby                                   -Edit-
23.  It Was Called Victim                      -Character Select-
24.  Go!                                       -Profile-
25.  Retake                                    -Continue-
26.  Settlement                                -Game Over-
27.  A Daredevil                               -Versus screen, demo-
28.  It Was Called Steel-Victim                -Win demo-
29.  Keep the Faith                            -Testament demo-
30.  Grief                                     -Dizzy demo-
31.  Primal Light                              -Ending 1-
32.  Calm Passion                              -Ending 2-
33.  Walk in the Dusk                          -Ending 3-
34.  Beyond the Dark Life                      -Ending 4-

* Dou Chara is short for "Double Character".  Basically, this song plays only 
  when two of the same characters are battling against each other.

                                                                    ___  ___
====================================================================\  \/  /=
                                                                     \    /
  07.  - Outro -                                                     /    \ 
                                                                    /  /\  \
===================================================================/__/==\  \

                                  LEGAL JUNK
This Guilty Gear X guide was created on October 5, 2001. Document © 2001-2003 
AdrenalineSL. All rights reserved.

All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole and  in part 
in any form.  Playstation 2 and Playstation 2 logos are registered trademarks 
of Sony, Inc.  Guilty Gear X is a registered trademark of Sammy, Inc. The 
author of this  document  is in  no way affiliated with Sony Entertainment of 
America.  You may not place  this document on your website or reproduce it in 
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This Guilty Gear X FAQ/Move List was written  by AdrenalineSL, who  holds all 
copyright for this document, in whole and in part. This guide may be used for 
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not remove any copyrights.

DISCLAIMER: Guilty Gear X, the Guilty Gear X logo, and all related characters
are copyrighted and property of Sammy, Inc.


Webmasters- If you want to use this guide, just ask for  permission.  To make
this known, here is a list of the official or authorized carriers of this GGX 

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- I really want to thank Ben Cureton's WONDERFUL Manual FAQ for GGX. It has
  helped tremendously in the production of this FAQ. It introduced me to many
  things I polished myself that has been incorporated into this FAQ! Thanks a
  bunch, Ben!  I also used his some charts of his.  Check the Game Overview 
  section for details.  If you  can't find  what you're  looking for here, I 
  suggest you check out his FAQ of the DC version!
- The KiD for creating a great FAQ, from  which a lot of information for this
  was used, and helping me in the first place! Thanke! :)
- IGN for the GGX Plus lowdown.
- The GGX instruction manual for providing a heap of helpful information!
- Game Player HK Magazine for the Guilty Gear X Plus info.

Credits, Plugs, and Extra Junk

- CJayC for hosting my work on his wonderful site!
- Guilty Gear Mush (http://www.geocities.com/ggmush/) for being a superific
- Sammy for creating a really awesome 2D fighting game!  
- Myself, for having the patience to deal with this horrible guide.
- Improvius for a small addition to May's Applause for the Victim attack.


                ************* CLOSING STATEMENT **************

Again, let me expatiate a little about how great this 2D fighter is. It has
really brought things to the next level. I hope you're enjoying the game as
much as you are reading this guide (Of course, you are, silly!). It's really 
too bad Guilty Gear X has been looked down upon and given low review scores. 
Well, not my loss nor is it yours! Soul Calibur blew me away on the 
Dreamcast, and I haven't experienced anything like that again until now. 
Guilty Gear X boasts one of the best fighting game experiences yet--from the 
opulent eye-candy to the killer soundtrack. I must be dreaming! Kill me now.

Anyway, I'm going to try to close this off with a nice boom.  To do that, I'm
going for language diversity. Here's my attempt at French (not really an 
attempt since I'm studying it): Au revoir! Un, deux, trois! Merci! Je ne sais 
pas! *gets shot in the head*


Shameless plug--Other FAQs by yours truly:

                                MUCHAS GRACIAS!!
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                               @@R6((~((/%/~(/CO@   /
                        ^^ % /(OKeC%tCC6C6666OG%~// /
                      / ^(t/~%G6(tC%(%tC%%C6%%///////
                    ^  ^%/(%KCC(((%((/(/(~// //^//~//
                       C/%R@(t(/^        ^^   / / ///
                   ^/^(t#@(((/^  !~AdrenALiNe~!
                   ^%%@@(~/~/^          ^    ^//^// /
                    /(//////// ^  /  / R~%G^C~Gt~/^ ^
                     // ////// / ^^^///////G/ ~/ ///^
                     /// ^//^/// / /   /^ / ^//// ///

                       _Adrenaline_ Deftones 1995 
               The Unofficial Guilty Gear X Strategy Guide
                   Copyright © 2001-2003 Stephanie Lee
                              October 2001       

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