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G-Making Guide by KittyThePooka

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/27/03

#                                                        #
# XENOSAGA: Making a lot of G in a short amount of time. #
#                                                        #
#                       V 1.1                            #

One of the challenges that I saw in playing Xenosaga was how incredibly tight
you seem to have to budget your money. I guess I got a little spoiled playing
other games like FFX where it really wasn't much of an issue, but in Xenosaga,
the numbers seem to stay pretty small in earnings of G, while the things you
NEED to buy with it get kinda big. Erk. So, after fussing and fussing, I came
up with a few solutions.


Keep in mind that these methods require a little more than just jumping in and
earning G. You will need to do a few things first. For this reason, this guide
will include information on the following subjects, to help you on your quest
to becoming a Xenosaga Millionare.

-Playing Poker, Including What to Buy and Sell

-Strategy for the First Part of the Encephelon Dive

-Defeating Mintia

-Using Dark Sceptor to Make G

-Gaining All of Shion's Special Ethers, Including Eir Kaiser

-Using Eir Kaiser to Defeat Din Gareth

Whew! Doesn't look like much, does it? Trust me though, there's a lot do do, so
let's get started!


Solution #1- A Complete Guide to Poker

Poker is the easiest method of getting G in the game. It's also a method that
takes a bit of patience, and a method that will in no way benefit your
characters aside from having G to buy them shiny new toys with. That said!

You will need:

The Casino passport, located in the Game room, which is in the residential area
of the Durandal

A U.M.N save point with an E.V.S plate (gold save point with a blue thingy on
top), preferably right next to either a shop plate or an actual shop. I found
that the save point to the lower right of the bridge on the Elsa is absolutely
perfect since it provides a shop plate right next to it, but if you're
somewhere with an E.V.S  plate, go for it, you can sell your treasures later.

At least 100 G, 300-400 is a good idea as a backup.

Getting Started:

Go to the nearest shop, and sell ALL of the following items in your inventory.
Trust me. Just do it.

Sell: Med Kit, Ether Pack, Revive.

Now go back to the E.V.S plate, open your menu, go to Items, and choose Casino
Passport. (Okay, I know you know how to use a passport. I thought I'd be

In the casino screen, you have four little options. You can go to Exchange, you
can go to Poker, you can go to Slots, or you can Exit. Though I've heard that
there is a method for making huge amounts of coins using Slots, I also know
that this takes good reflexes. And I have the reflexes of a dead cow.
Therefore, I completely ignore Slots in favor of Poker.

Let's get started. Go to the exchange and buy ONLY 10 COINS. Trust me.

Now go to Poker. You have a choice of which levels you want to play, between
one and four. The level determines how many coins you will bet per hand.

Level 1= 5 coins per game
Level 2= 10 coins per game
Level 3= 30 coins per game
level 4= 100 coins per game.

Start by choosing level 1.

I guess I like Poker because it reminds me of Solitaire or Freecell on a
computer, where you sit there clicking the cards for hours before you notice
someone IMed you. .. am I the only one on that? Hm. Anyway.

Poker in this Xenosaga is a simple game of Match The Cards. You will be dealt
one hand of five cards (with pictures of the characters to boot!), then you
will be given the option to hold your chosen cards, and then the cards not held
will be redealt. Once you have your second hand, the hand will be checked for
certain combinations, and if you have one, you will be asked to do double or
nothing. More on that later.

The possible combinations to win in Poker are:

One Pair: Two cards of the same number, Payout is 1X your bet.

Two Pairs: Two seperate pairs, like 1,1,2,2, 5 (no, it doesn't matter what the
fifth card is). Payout is 2X your original bet.

Three of a Kind: Three cards of the same number, Payout is 3X your bet.

Straight: Five cards in numerical order. (Ex: 1,2,3,4,5) They do not have to be
in order though. Suit does not matter. Payout is 5X your original bet.

Flush: All five cards are of the same suit. Number does not matter. Payout is
7X your original bet.

Full House: Two pairs of one number, three of a kind of another. (Ex:
1,1,2,2,2) Payout is 10X your original bet.

Four of a kind: Four cards of the same number. Payout is 20X your original bet.

Straight Flush: All five cards in numerical order AND of the same suit.  Payout
is 50X the original bet.

Royal Flush: King, Queen, Jack, 10, and 9, ALL of the same suit. Payout is 100X
the original bet.

Okay, that's what it takes to win at this game. It's pretty easy all in all.
Nine times out of ten, you'll only have a pair. So how do you make coins on

Should you get any successful combination, even if it is ONLY a pair, you will
be asked to play double or nothing. THIS is where you make your money.

Double or nothing will deal one card at random. You will choose either high, or
low. Basically you're saying whether the next card will be higher or lower than
the card you see. If you choose the correct option, your winnings will be
doubled, and you will be dealt the second card. This can go on for 5 turns,
earning you as much as 20X your original bet.

The real beauty of double or nothing, however, is that you CAN QUIT AT ANY
TIME. So if you get an 8 and you have very little coins left, you can say NO
and go home with whatever you won on the original hand.


Start at level 1. Chances are, if you are PATIENT and a little lucky, that you
can get at least One Pair in the two chances that you have before you run out
of coins and have to go back to the exchange.

PLAY CONSERVATIVELY. What does that mean? That means: If you have a pair, but
think  if you give up the pair you might get a straight, HOLD YOUR PAIR. You
can play risky like later. And when you get to double or nothing, only take the
chance on really sure cards, like Kings, Aces, Queens, ect. Meaning, if the
card isn't Really High or Really Low, don't go for it.

Using your measly little 10 coins, if you play conservatively, you can slowly
squeek your way up the ladder. If you lose all your coins, well, go buy 10
more. Only buy 10 at a time, though, because chances are that that's all you
need. Don't waste your precious G, that's why were're playing this game in the
first place!

Once you get about 40 or 50 coins, go back to the first screen and choose level
2. Squeek on up to about 200 coins, and shift gears up to level 3. Continue to
play conservatively until you have about 500 or 600 coins, then go to the
highest level.

Incidentally, I REALLY wish they'd let you place your own bet. This game would
go so much faster! >.<

Once you get enough coins to safely play the highest level, Go For It. Even if
you slip down below 100 coins, you can build yourself back up from a lower

Now. HOW does this make you money, and WHY did I have to sell my precious

Prize exchange, my friend.

At the exchange, there are many pretty pretty things to be had. Sure, you can
go for the one time only items, but for right now, let's stick to what we can

Most of the items in the exchange are one time only. The majority of these are
sketches from the production of the game. Nice, but completely useless. There
are a few accessories that might be useful, but those aren't my concern in this
tutorial. Of all of the items available in the exchange, only FIVE of them can
be purchased unlimited times, which make them money makers.

These items are: The Recovery Set, the Escape and Rest set, the Starter Set,
Card Pack #1, and Card Pack #2.

So what you need to do, is make enough coins to buy 99 Recovery packs. Why 99?
Why Recovery Packs? Well, that's how many you can hold, silly. That's why I
made you sell those items in the beginning.

Now how much do they cost? Well..

The Recovery set costs 100c (99 for 9900)
The Escape and Rest set costs 150c (99 for 14850)
the Starter Set costs 400c (99 for 39600)
Card Pack #1 costs 100c (99 for 9900)
Card Pack #2 costs 100c (99 for 9900)


The Recover Set includes:
Med Kit (sells for 10G)
Ether Pack (sells for 20G)
Revive (sells for 30G)
Cure All (sells for 50G)

The total is 110 G each, which gives you 10890 for 99 of them.

The Escape and Rest set includes
Escape Pack (sells for 10G each)
Bio Sphere (sells for 60G each)

The total is 70 G each, which gives you 6930 for 99 of them.

The Starter set sells for 200G, which gives you 19800 for 99 of them.

The card packs both sell for 50G, which is 4950 for 99 of either card pack.

It takes a little math, but the real breakdown is that your best bet is to buy
99 recovery sets for 9900c, then go to your shop, and sell them for 10890G.

Why not just buy 99 of each of the items and sell them all at once? Well..

To buy 99 of each of all five of the items you can buy repeatedly, you need
84,150c. When you buy them all and sell them all, you get back 47,520. Looks
like a good deal?

If you only used that 84,150c to buy recovery sets, you would earn 91585G. Feel
free to correct my math here, it's been a while since Math101.

By the way, I really suggest that you get at least 11,000c before you start
changing coins. That'll leave you with about 1000 coins to start over with,
which is the main bulk of the time taken in Poker. That 11000 will probably
only take you maybe 20 minutes the first time you do it, and much, much less if
you leave yourself with a 1000c nest egg to go straight to level four with.

So there you go. Here's your summary.

1) Sell or use all Med Kits, Ether Packs, and Revives in your inventory.

2) Play Poker until you get 11000c.

3) Buy 99 Recovery Sets, leaving you with about 1000c to start over with

4) Sell all 99 of Med Kits, Ether Packs, and Revives for a total of 10890G!

5) Lather, Rinse, Repeat as desired.

Whew! Now, on to the next method.


Solution #2: Encephelon Dive

No really. It is this simple.

Right after you finish the Encephelon dive, you will be able to go back using
an E.V.S plate. Do so. Now pay attention, I know this is complicated.

Fight. And defeat. All five enemies. In the first area. These are the enemies
triggered by searchlights, and they are always enemy sets of four Dirlwanger's
(soldiers) and one Kubel (helicoptor thing). They're not especially poweful
enemies, and with the huge amounts of special points these enemies dish out,
they'll ver quickly because easy offs. Aside from all that delicious leveling
up, each set of enemies gives you 1600g, as well as a junked circuit A, which
sells for 200g. In other words, every set gives you 1800g, and there are five
enemies in the area... that's 9000 g every time you go in. Hmm. Can you handle
it? ^.^

That doesn't include how much you get in special points, by the way.

Something that make this trip through the first part of the encephelon a bit
easier is the Boost Pack when it is available. Throw this on a character which
has a powerful attack all tech, and when the boost up slot is up, boost your
character. The next slot up will be the special points, so you'll double your
luck. It's a beautiful thing. You get the boost pack after killing the Rianon
SE boss in the Song of Nephilim.


Solution #3: DARK SCEPTOR

Before anything, you need to kill Mintia. Your first opportunity to challenge
this gnosis/realian thingy will be when the Kukai foundation is attacked by
Gnosis, but you'll probably be way too weak. You can either go kill a lot of
larva faces, or you can shrug and wait until later. It's MUCH easier to kill
Mintia at your next opportunity, which is right after the Song of Nephilim,
however, you'll be giving up however much gil you'd get by defeating the two
Gigas bosses with Dark Sceptor as you leave the Kukai foundation during the
crisis. It's up to you, and it really depends on how leveled up your characters
are. Me? I figured I could make the money later. Trust me, it's worth the wait.

What I did, was decide which three characters I was going to take in to Mintia.
Momo was a must, and because Mintia seems to hate male characters so much, I
opted for the other two girls, Shion and KOS-MOS. I took my girls through a few
trips to the Encephelon Dive to level them up enough to extract the following
skills from the following items.

A-Poison Guard (from Venom Block, available in the encephelon dive. In the
subway station area with the bugbear enemies in it, head all the way to the
right inside the subway. Climb up the ladder and go back towards the left.
Shoot the object at the end of the balcony and go back to the ground floor.
Walk back to the left, all the way to the entrance of the subway. There's the
Venom Block item. It takes 300 s.p. at level 3 skill to don the anti-attack
venom skill. BUT YOU NEED IT.)

Special Guard (from Soldier's honor, available in Tower Three of the song of
Nephilim. Climb down to level 3, go right until you see the next ladder. Climb
up and shoot the object to get Soldier's Honor. You can get Special Guard at
level 3 skill with 240 s.p.) This skill isn't necessary, but it makes fighting
a bit easier.

DEX Guard (from Sniper Goggles, level 1 skill with a mere 40 s.p) This is also
not really necessary, but it does make fighting easier.

Right, so with the amount of leveling up it takes to get those three skills,
your girls should be ready to pound out Mintia. Have Shion and Momo ready to
cast their stealing ethers, the penguin rod is nice, but you REALLY want that
craft apron. Make sure that all three girls have some form of strong healing
ether ready.

Now to find the little creep. Before the Kukai invasion, find the crank right
to the left of the Iron Man bar's entrance. A girl will yell at you to not
touch it. Crank it anyway. This will lower the canopy.

Now, later, go back to Kukai and go inside the Our Treasure Inn. Climb the
ladder all the way to the top. Head south, and there is an exit. Jump outside
the exit, onto the catwalk. Walk all the way to the left, and destroy the

At this point, stop to make sure that Momo is your lead character, that you
have all three necessary skills equipped, that everyone is in their tippiest
toppiest form, and has their strongest Ether tech attacks ready. You will only
be able to hit Mintia with long distance attacks. Sigh.

Still, if you waited until after Song of Nephilim, you should have no problem.
With Momo in the lead, jump down onto the canopy, and hold the analog stick up
and right. Using this, you should avoid sliding off the canopy and make it to
the door on the other end of the canopy.

Walk inside, Mintia awaits.

If you have all the necessary skills, this chick is pretty easy to take down,
so long as you have patience. She can't deal more than two hundred damage,
which makes things easier. However, she does have a nasty trick where her pet
pops up and steals all but 1 hp from a character and uses it to heal Mintia.
Since the brat is so heavily armed, you don't want her to get much HP back.
It's a good idea to let your character's HP drop to about three or four
hundred, and just keep it around there. That way you can take the damage Mintia
deals, but if Bibo shows up, you won't set yourself too far back.

Right after the battle begins, STEAL THOSE ITEMS. There. Now you don't have to
worry about THAT.

Move Momo behind one of the other girls and use her as a healer. She's pretty
much going to make sure everyone's healthy. If she doesn't need to heal right
away, transform her into her Starlight transformation and use those Ethers to
chew on Mintia's HP. After that, well, aside from healing, she's pretty
useless. Hammer away at Mintia with Kos-Mos and Shion, and you'll have Dark
Sceptor in NO time.

There! Now that you've got it..

Dark Sceptor is a neat, fairly powerful little tech attack that, when used to
destroy a gnosis, transforms the monster into something useful. Mostly they're
really well paying barter items. Mm, barter items.

So let's take a look at what shows up.

Emeralds pay 2000g, and are made from  Unicorns from the Cathedral ship and
Wyrms. Wyrms only show up once during the Kukai invasion.

Garnets pay 500g, and are made from Drone G1 and Drone G3 from the KosMos
simulator, Goblins and Manticore's from the Woglind, and Kobolds from the
Encephilon dive.

Rubies pay 1500g, and are made from Basilisks and Bugbears from the Encephilon
dive, Cerberus's from the Cathedral Ship, and Golem's from the Woglinde.

Sapphires pay 1000g, and are made from Fairy's and Hydra's from the Cathedral

Diamonds pay something, probably something very high, but they can only be
recieved from the Gigas boss during the Kukai invasion.

Hemlock comes from Lizardmen. Although they only sell for 40g, they're an oddly
useful item, being the only way to intentionally cause damage to your own
characters in the game. WHY is that useful? Well, you might want to off someone
to level the other two characters up. Er, it's complicated. It'll be explained
in the next method. In other words, stock up on a few, it won't hurt.

Frame Repair A comes from Ogres in the Cathedral ship. They sell for 400, but
WHY would you sell them?!

Frame Repair Z comes from Trolls in the Encephelon. They sell for 800, but
again, why?

Skill upgrade Z comes from Armaros in the Proto Mekabah.

And lastly, you can get chaos's final weapon, Holey Gloves, by defeating a
Delphyne from Proto Merkabah.

Well now that you've got that info.. what's the fastest way to get these barter

Again, I like to choose a spot with a U.M.N save plate that has an E.V.S plate
on it, right next to a shop. The Elsa's location is pefect, but any E.V.S plate
will do, really.

Enter! The Cathedral Ship.

Don't really worry too much about what other characters are going to be in your
party. At this point in the game you've leveled up to the point where the
special points earned from Cathedral Ship is pretty measly. You'll also
probably be too strong for any of the monsters to harm, even if you use a
Hemlock on the two supporting characters in an effort to level up Momo.

You might want to throw a Boost Pack item or skill on Momo, and maybe Speed
Shoes won from opening Address #14 on the Elsa. You might also want to put the
Nightwalker hat or skill on Momo to keep the Fairies from putting her to sleep.

So start transformin'! At first the skill won't be strong enough to take the
gnosis down in one hit, so have your supporting characters hit each beast once
or twice to soften it up. Then let Momo attack it with Dark Sceptor. The gnosis
will change into the appropriate item. All of the creatures inside the
Cathedral Ship turn into something useful.

My faaaaaavorite thing to do is to battle on through to the area with the
unicorns. If you've opened the segment address door, this is even better.

Attack the unicorn sets. One will be defended by two Ogres in front, the other
by two Cerberus. Attack and kill ONE of the defending beasts, and allow the
unicorn to miracle heal, bringing it back to live. This way you can get either
five rubies or five Frame Repair A's in one fight! Yay!  Once the unicorn stops
healing its friends, kill the second monster with Dark Sceptor, then get to
work on the Unicorn, which will reward you with an emerald if finished with
Dark Sceptor. The unicorn will ALSO reward you with a unicorn's horn. Now.

Each battle with the ogres, if you sell the frame repairs, will earn you 4500
per battle. That's five frame repair A's, one emerald, and the Unicorn's horn.

Each battle with the cerberus will earn you 10,000 g, from 5 rubies, an
emerald, and the Unicorn's horn.

Add that together. For two simple battles lasting less than five minutes each,
you can earn 14,500 G! Moneh Moneh Moneh!

Now either leave the room, or enter the segment address, and return. Repeat for
as much gil as you like! You can either leave the Cathedral ship when you're
done, or finish the level through a whole mess of Lizard men. Not much use
unless you're craving hemlock. Well there you go. This is the most profitable
method of making G that I have found so far, but unfortunately you don't level
up much using it after a bit. Ah well, can't have everything.


Method #4 - Ein Kaiser and Din Gareth

So far this is my favorite method, but it isn't available into rather late in
the game. You will first need to complete the Invincible Robot side quest with
Shion. Do so by opening segment doors.

You will need:

Segment #1 (Robot Head): In Kukai , on the upper level of the Inn. To get the
decoder, go to the Thieves Den in Kukai, and blast one of the boxes. DO NOT
blast the pink thingy that shows up after! Talk to it, and it will tell you a
"great story". Go back to the Durandel, and go to the park. To the left you
will find the Segment Key.

Segment #2 (Robot Body): In the basement of Talk To Me on the Dock Colony. To
get the decoder, kill a monster called the Anthra 26 Series in Tower 2 of the
Song of Nephilim. It's a pretty tough mini boss, so you're best off using
A.G.W.S units. Make SURE that your weaponry is non-elemental, as the boss will
become immune if attacked with beam, spirit, ice, lightning or fire weapons.
Use Engine Shields on each of your A.G.W.S and equip everyone with either
GLG76AG gatling guns, or preferably LM11VX arms. Mm, lancer arms. This way, the
fight will be over in minutes, since the boss doesn't deal much damage to your
A.G.W.S and can't cause Engine Stop. After he's dead, blast the box behind him
for the decoder.

Segment #3 (Robot Right Leg: In the Cleaners at the Kukai foundation. Go all
the way to the back and blast the objects. One of them hides the address. To
get the decoder, you have to outsmart Bunnie in the Encephelon dive. In the
forest part of the Encephelon, you meet a creepy little bunny thing. Find your
way to the carrots, and blast them to get the S. Carrot Juice. Go back to
Bunnie's table, and set the S. Carrot Juice there, then hide behind the bush.
Move a bit to the left when Bunnie comes out, and when he starts circling, zoom
for his lair. He gives you the decoder as a prize for beating him. .. creepy

Segment #7 (Robot Right Arm): The first one available! When on the Woglinde,
your friend Sgt. Swaine will give you the decoder when he dies. And isn't it
convenient that he dies right in front of the address?

Segment #8 (Robot Left Leg): On the Elsa, on the second level, to the north of
Ziggy's room. To get the decoder, you need to pull off the Fish Detector
sidequest. When at the Dock Colony, the woman in front of the clinic will
mention that her husband "lost" his fish detector, that she knew she'd put it
in the tuxedo that she sent to the Kukai Foundation. Later, when you're at the
foundation, find the cleaners and inspect the Tuxedo on the second floor. Fish
Detector! Go down to the Iron Man Bar, and all the way to the left is a woman
whining because she "accidentaly" dropped her engangement ring into a big
fish's mouth at the beach. Go to the beach, and now fish will be visible on the
radar. Catch each fish by running up to it and pressing "O". One of these fish
has the decoder.

Segment #9 (Robot Left Arm)L In the Cathedral Ship, on the third level of the
elevator area. To get the decoder, kill the Stribog enemy earlier in the Ship.
This is the ugly blue one that attacks you with ice, found right after the mall
with the Unicorns in it.

Take these items as you find them to the basement of the A.G.W.S facility on
the Kukai foundation. Down there is a weird little professor. Each time you
bring him something, he will give Shion some really awesome Ether. All you have
to do is bring him the robot parts, except for the last quest, where you will
have to go talk to his assistant in the Iron Man bar to finish. Your reward?
The massively awesome Eir Kaiser, Invincible Robot. This Ether will deal an
enormous 9,999 damage!

Now what to do with it? Well. First. Go to the nearest shop and buy yourself 99
Med Kit DX and 99 Ether Pack S's. Oh yes, you'll need them.

Shion will NEED to have the Angel Ring found in Segment Address #13. She can
get it by killing the Hydra in the mall part of the Cathedral Ship, just before
the Unicorns, and then using the decoder on the Segment Address in the
Encephelon, just before the big turnstyles, in the subway ticket booth. Shoot
out the glass of the booth, then shoot out the door nearby, and walk all the
way to the left. There's the door.

Anyway. Shion needs the Angel Ring. She may also want to equip the Boost Pack,
and either the Craft Apron won from Mintia or the Swimsuit won either by
completing the Driller game, or killing Great Joe. The Craft Apron will improve
the amount of Skill Points Shion recieves, and the Swimsuit will improve the
amount of tech points she gets. The other two characters must have a good
healing spell equipped, and if possible have Jr's Psycho Pocket.

Enter the U-TIC Battleship through a simulator. Go to the left through the
first part, continue through the second, until you get to the part with the
soldier's quarters. One of these rooms houses the formidible Din Gareth.

Now, this monster has 8500 HP. He's TOUGH. You're not supposed to be able to
beat him without A.G.W.S. But that what Eir Kaiser is for.

Engage the enemy! You will be faced with a rinky dinky little ACE pilot. You
may steal Skill and Ether upgrades from him, but they only give you an extra 10
points each, so it's really not worth the E.P.

Kill him off, and watch him board his monster A.G.W.S. Have your two supporting
characters steal a Frame Repair Z and a Fast Circuit from him. Wait until the
boost gauge up icon is up, then boost Shion. Cast Eir Kaiser.

Now, after a while, this animation gets to be a little dry. I mean, thirty
seconds of a Transformer ripoff. C'mon. Just hit Start when the animation
begins to skip all the whoo ha. The whole process takes about 2 minutes.

Once you've killed him, bask in your points. If all three of your characters
are alive, and Shion cast Eir Kaiser on a special points slot, you're
guaranteed  50 tech points, 14 ether points, and 50 skill points. Not. Bad.

After a few tries you can get fancy by killing off one of your supporting
characters, either with a Hemlock or by letting Din Gareth do it. This will
boost up your earnings to 80 tech points, 20 ether points, and 80 skill points,
and that's just if the special points icon only gives you X2 points with only
one character down. You can get up to X10.

Now. You need to keep stealing those frame repair Z's and the Fast Circuits
from this guy, every battle. After you get six Fast Circuits, start selling
them off at a massive 2500g apiece. Also each Frame Repair will give you 800g.
Add that in to the 1000g that you get for defeating Din Gareth, and you're in
business with 4300g earned from one battle in two minutes. Take a moment to fix
up Shion and your other character's health, and DEFINITELY her ether points.
Even with Angel Ring, Eir Kaiser costs 30 e.p. to cast. Whew!

You can pretty much repeat this whole thing until you run out of ether packs
and med packs. Then go back, sell your booty, and return. Simple as that! It
isn't as profitable as killing the unicorn sets, but it's definitely a better
way to level up your characters as you make money.


Gyeesh! Is THAT all you need to do to earn G? This is one thing that makes this
game so long, but I promise, use these strategies and you'll be taking home
that AG-05 in no time!

Now for the other stuff.



My name is Kitty, by the way. I like introductions to come last. I'm a college
student, I write and do some art, and as you can see, I love RPG's. This is,
however, my very first FAQ.


please e-mail me at KittyThePooka@aol.com, with Xenosaga in the title, or go
ahead and AIM me at KittyThePooka.

I would appreciate constructive criticism if you feel up to buggering me.



I have to give thanks to the mystery person Banana Juice for pointing out that
my math in v1.0 was way, way off.

I have no idea. I did a lot of google searching to random game sites for the
basis of these techniques. Whoever came up with the idea to only kill one of
the enemies while fighting the Unicorns, that wasn't my idea. I don't know who
it was, though. If you were the first person to post this idea, tell me, I'll
change this FAQ for YOU.

I also used the Official Strategy Guide for Xenosaga to make my way through the
game, so I suppose it deserves credit as well.


Version History:

V1.1  May 26, 2003 (update #2)- Corrected math in Method 1, 99 recovery sets
sell for the most money. Props to Banana Juice for pointing this out. Touched
up some formatting, added the legal stuff. More proof reading, details on
special points earned in encephelon, and  revision of math in Din Gareth

V1.0  May 15, 2003 or some one of those days- first submission.


And Lastly-

This FAQ was written for GameFaq.com. In the future it may be available at a
different site, but for now, that's it. Do not redistribute this guide, altered
or not. This guide is for personal use only.

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