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FAQ/Walkthrough by GheddonLN

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 05/21/03

CONTRIBUTE! There are tons of stuff to be contributed, such as the skills I
missed, segment addresses, alternate strategies, equipment I missed and
whatnot! Simply look around and if find something is missing, send it up! I'll
add it up!


                       X E N O S A G A  :  E P I S O D E  I
                               Der Wille Zur Macht
                         F A Q  /  W A L K T H R O U G H
                                  By GheddonLN
                           Started on February 24, 2003
                          Last updated on April 10, 2003
                                 Version 1.00


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0. T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

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  0.    Table of contents

  I.    Version history

  II.   Copyright notice

  III.  Credits

  IV.   Essentials

  V.    Walkthrough
         V.1  The Woglinde
         V.2  Asteroid Pleroma
         V.3  The Elsa
         V.4  The U-TIC battleship
         V.5  Dock Colony
         V.6  Cathedral Ship
         V.7  The Durandal
         V.8  Kukai Foundation
         V.9  The Encephalon
         V.10 Kukai Foundation: 2nd Ignition
         V.11 The Song of Nephilim
         V.12 Proto Merkabah.

  VI.   Equipment

  VII.  Items(usable items!)

  VIII. Abilities

  IX.   AGWS

  X.    Minigames

  XI.   Sidequests

  XII.  Odds & ends

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I. V E R S I O N  H I S T O R Y

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O Version 1.00
  -Complete walkthrough
  -Appendices are nearly complete.
  -Missing some things, like equipment, skills and segment addresses.
  -Completion ratio: 96%

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II.  C O P Y R I G H T  N O T I C E

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This document property of "GheddonLN". All rights reserved. Copyright 2002
by José Felipe Vargas. This document may not be reproduced in any way, shape
or form without written permission from the document's copyright holder, and
it may not be uploaded, downloaded or saved into your hard drive unless from
the following sites permissables:


Failure to abide by this legal contract will result in a lawsuit in which
you may be sentenced to serve a term in prision for copyright infringement as
well as paying out compensation to the document's owner. This document may not
be edited in whole or part, unless given permission by the document's
copyright owner.

This legal notification applies to international copyright laws and will
be extremely well carried by the authorities, copyright holder, and citizens.
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O Monolith Soft and NAMCO: For this awesome game

O GameFAQs/CJayC: For posting this FAQ. The messageboards also provide a
                  healthy amount of information, so that counts, too!

O DethMinionSLN: Numerous tips and for being an excellent friend.

O Contributors: For corrections, tips, and all kind of information! Thanks!

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Unlike in some of my other FAQs, I won't give you the controls, or instruct
you on the wondrous world of how to move to the left. I will simply provide
you with a list of the most important things you will need to know about
Xenosaga's core gameplay. I'm sure you know how towns, shops and Inns work, so
I will simply skip that and jump into the game's meat.

O Tech Attacks

They will be your main ways of attacking. These are learned as you level up
and can be set to different slots through the "Tech Attacks" layer on the
menu. Some techs only fit on certain slots(ex: the ones that start with T) and
other fit on all slots. There are two special slots, the HI slots, in which go
the Techs set to HI speed. You can increment a Tech speed, strength and wait
time by spending T. Points on it. A Tech set on a HI slot can be used without
having to build AP. Any techs set to the standard slots will require you to
amass six AP.

O Ethers and Skills

Ethers will be your main way of healing, but certainly, not of attacking. To
gain more ethers, you will need to Evolve an existing ether into another one.
You can also transfer them. All of this by using your hard earned Ether
Points. The Skills are certain abilities that are extracted off certain items.
You can them set them up and get the boost they provide you with.

O Tech Points, Ether Points and Skill Points

They constitute the most important part of Xenosaga's gameplay and of
character development. These points are earned after battle. You can use them
to boost up your characters in different areas and parameters. For instance,
the Tech Points can be used to improve your tech attacks(through the "Tech
Attacks" layer on the menu) and your character's parameters such as HP,
Strength and Ether Defense, through the "Characters" layer on the menu. Ether
Points let's you EVOLVE an already learned ether, or spell, into another
ether, and let's you TRANSFER such Ether into another character, so he or she
can use it. Skill points let you extract skills off certain items, so you can
equip them, and boost up certain stuff.


A little screen on the bottom right corner of the battle screen. In there, you
will see different squares. The ones with your character's faces represent...
your characters, and the other ones represent your enemy. This screen display
whose turn is coming. For instance, if on the GTW you see Shion, chaos and an
enemy, that means that, Shion is getting a turn, then chaos, then your enemy.
It's a rather versatile tool that let's you develop your strategies in a
better way.

O AP Gauge

Amongst the most important things of battle. The AP gauge is located
underneath the HP on the battle, but below of the boost gauge. It's a big blue
gauge. Now, each time an attack is performed, two AP are used up -- more,
depending on what you did. For instance, W-Item, which let's you use an item
on everybody, uses up six AP point. But anyway, each normal attack uses up 2
AP. You start off by 4 AP, meaning you can use two normal attacks. Now, you
can build up AP by not using all of the Four AP. You could guard and you will
amass an extra 4 AP, for a total of 6 AP, the max, or you could use an attack,
leaving you with 2 AP. In the next round, you will get your extra 4 AP and if
you add it up with the 2 AP you left behind, you'll get the max, 6 AP. AP will
expand or limit your moves, as everything requires AP(pretty much everything
requires only 2 AP, although certain things like Techs require more).


These robots can be bought, upgraded and outfitted with different pieces of
equipment. Once you have set a pilot to an AGWS, you can use that pilot to
call for that AGWS on battle, and use it. AGWS can only use on attack per
turn, and sometimes, 2. AGWS are very weak and useless. Don't expect anything
Gear-like here. Those Gears were tremendous and blended quite well into
Xenogear's gameplay, as they were an important portion of it. But this game's
AGWS are just plain useless.

O Event Slots

Right next to the GTW(on the left), there is a rectangular slot. After each
turn, the image on this slot changes. This slot is called event slot. Each
event slot has a certain function, like triggering a critical hit, or a
temporal boost of strength. The best slot is the one that gives you a boost on
the points you get after battle. If you hit that slot, you might get x2
Points, x4 or x10 points!(note: I'm talking about T. Points, E. Points and S.
points, not EXP Points).

O Boost

Another important part of the game. As you land successful hits on your
targets, you will increment your boost gauge, the red gauge underneath your
character's HP, on battle. Once you have one full boost gauge, you can use the
"Boost". To use it, the character you're going to boost should not have a turn
on the GTW. If that's the case, press R1... Nothing will happen. You see,
each character has a boost button. The character on the leftmost side uses
Square(S) as his boost button. The character in the middle uses triangle, and
the character on the right uses O. So, if the middle character has a full
boost gauge, press R1 in conjunction with triangle, the middle character's
boost button. This way, this character will jump in front of whoever was
coming next on the GTW. One note: if an enemy boosts, it'll override your
boost. Damn annoying, but it can't be helped.


The UNUS MUNDUS NETWORK is not a core part of the gameplay, but it's worth
mentioning anyway. The Network(which is accessible through the menu) unites
the world of Xenosaga, and let's you check your e-mail, access the EVS, a
database and a lot of things. Here, I will explain the three more important
things the UMN let's you do: minigames, EVS and E-mail. Firstly, there are
certain UMN-enabled, or EVS-enabled save plates scattered around. On this
plates, you can access the minigames by using their respective passport(casino
passport, card passport) and the EVS(Environmental Simulator), which let's you
access previously visited areas so you can get the most out of them(and
sometimes, find extra secret stuff). Now, to read your e-mails, you don't need
to be at an UMN/EVS-plate. You can read it anywhere. You can read it as soon
as you get it, or after you've gotten it. Sometimes, there might be some
things you need to download, too.

O Vaporize Plug In

After you get it, you'll be able to destroy things on the environment by
standing near them and press Square. Only some things can be destroyed. If
something is destruct-able, a circle will surround it once you approach it. By
destroying things, you can get myriad of items.
|--- --- --- ---| ============================================================

V. W A L K T H R O U G H

|--- --- --- ---| ============================================================

The game starts in the year 20xx. A group of researchers are at Kenya, when
something rather mysterious happens. When then run forward 4000 years. Watch
the long cutscene, until you hit the Virtual Tutorial.

#####################[ V I R T U A L  T U T O R I A L ]#######################

Read through the instructions. What you have to do is to use Shion, the game's
main character, to talk with KOS-MOS, her creation. Do so by standing in front
of KOS-MOS and pressing circle. Afterward, a menu will appear, offering 4
options: Normal Attacks, Tech Attacks, Sub-Menus and Switch to Real Combat.

Start off by picking "Normal Attacks". Then, use Shion and talk to the soldier
nearby, the one in a yellow uniform. When you do, you will enter Battle Mode.
You will be given some instructions regarding the game's battle mode. Read
carefully and pay attention, my friend, for Battles are plenty in this game.
You will have plenty of chances to attack your enemies here(2 soldiers) as
text scrolls up. Use your Ether Attacks(hit Triangle) twice(you can attack
twice each turn, for now) to kill each soldier painlessly.

Once the battle finishes, go and talk with KOS-MOS again and select Tech
Attacks this time around. Go and approach the soldier again. This time around,
it's a bit more complicated(but just a bit). With each character, use an
Square attack, but just one, so you carry over the AP to the next round. You
need to build up 6 AP, you see. Once both characters have don so(by using the
tactics given by the game and me), you'll have to use their tech attacks to
finish each enemy. For Shion, you have "Lighting Blast"(S,S,O); Spell
Ray(T,T,O). Use either to finish one foe.

KOS-MOS has R.Blade(S,S,O), R.Cannon(T,T,O) and F.Gshot/F.Mshot(O). Eliminate
the other soldier with any of these(and pay attention to the instructions
given about KOS-MOS's ammo and all of that). After all of this, talk with KOS-
MOS once again and go with Sub-Menus this time around. Approach the soldier
once more. This time around, the battle will be against three soldiers.
Basically, start off by pressing X before doing anything to bring up a sub
menu, where you can use your Ethers that have been set, Items and W-
Items(which are used on the entire group; highlight the item and tap T), Move,
A.G.W.S and Guard.

Now, after that short explanation, we must kill off the guards! Using your
techs would waste way too much time, so forget about that now. Instead, simply
use two Ether attacks on one guard to kill him. Then, another text box will
appear, explaining the Boost Gauge, which goes up as you land hits. When it
fills up, your Boost Counter raises by one. There will be further
explanations, so just keep attacking and killing until the battle finishes,
duh. Those soldiers won't attack you, so don't worry a little bit.

Anyways, once you're done, talk with KOS-MOS once again and select the fourth
and last option. Select yes when prompted to start off the real thing. It's a
battle against an Attack Drone and two Soldiers; both of them will attack, and
not stay there waiting for you to tear them up. Start off by defeating both
soldiers: it'll take two Ethers(T button) per soldier. For the Attack Drone,
use Ethers too. They'll all be gone in no time.

After this, there'll be another cutscene and you'll take control of your
characters, on the first "dungeon" area of the game. Start off by heading
forward toward a gate. It'll probably be guarded by an -Attack Drone-, one of
the enemies you'll fight in this area. They fall prey to Ethers, as well as
the Soldiers, or -Drones-, that also inhabit this place. Anyway, next to the
gate there is a set of steps. Go down them and approach the rotten truck
there. Blow it up by tapping Square. Afterward, go to the small area that's
behind the now extinct truck and go up another flight of steps. Run across
this short path until you come into a destruct-able door. Blow it up and go
through it to get a Med Kit.

Head back to the gate and run across it. Go right afterward, and dodge or
fight the monster there. There is also an open garage nearby, so head through
it. In the next area, go forward. There'll be a  drone by a closed gate; fight
him if you want to. Either way, go up and run across the catwalk. There'll be
a soldier along the way. Eventually, you'll reach a bifurcation that's by a
control room. You can continue further into this catwalk, or board an adjacent
catwalk that goes south. Go into the one that goes south and proceed through
it, blowing up any debris you may find. In the next area, destroy the crate to
get a Revive.

Backtrack to the warehouse and go down into the ground floor again. Remember
the closed gate that I mentioned when we first started this area. Approach it
and press the square button to examine it. You'll see a cube, the one we must
snatch. Examine the gate again and you'll be informed you need a Mission Key
to open the door. Now, go up the catwalk again and head to the westernmost
side of it, where you'll find a door. Go through it by pressing circle in
front of it. In the next area, run forward and across the catwalk. You will
see a cutscene as you go. A huge robotic monster appears and decides to attack
you. It's an AGWS and it's your first boss.

                  --------- B O S S  B A T T L E ---------

                               -->Drone SPX<--

Shion will begin on her AGWS, while KOS-MOS stays on foot. For being a robot,
SPX is a bit weak: KOS-MOS's Ether attacks will cause as much damage as they
cause to normal foes, so make good use of them. Shion, being on her AGWS, will
dish out a tremendous amount of pain. You'll have to bear a tutorial on how to
control AGWS, but when it is over, it's time to kick ass! Use your AGWS Square
attack to dish out around 120 PTS of DMG. It took me four Ethers and one
Square attack to kill GPX. The only attack I got to see is the one where he
shoots your character three times for about 30 PTS of DMG. Nothing too


After the battle, there will be a cutscene. Also, all of the Drones that
patrolled the area will be replaced with another breed of drones. They're
sensitive to sound, so you can simply slip past them if you hold the R2
button, to walk quietly, but slowly. At any rate, there is a save point right
behind you. Make good use of it. Afterward, head to the right past the
destruct-able crate and go down the steps there. Run through the door and
you'll hit the control room we've seen before. Snag the Mission Key off the
panel and blast away the door here.

Run outside the control room area. As you exit, you're bound to be attacked by
a -Drone G2- These things are easy, as usual, but not as easy as the other
enemies. For instance, their Shock Bolt attack does around 25 PTS of DMG,
which is quite a lot at this time. Furthermore, they're airborne enemies, so
you cannot hit them with S attacks; you're limited to T attacks. Not to worry,
since two of these attacks will probably kill them. Anyways, head to eastern
end of the catwalk area(the one outside the control room area) and proceed
down, into the ground floor.

Remember the sound-sensitive enemies I mentioned? There won't be one on the
ground floor :). There'll be a -Drone G1-, instead It's an extremely resistant
enemy: most of your attacks will do around 10 PTS of DMG to it, while its beam
attack does around 30! Plus, they come in packs of three! However, they only
have around 60 HPs. I recommend building up your AP and performing TECHs on
them to kill them as soon as possible. Be sure to heal if you need to, or they
WILL kill you!

Now, if you want to meet/fight those sound-sensitive guys, you can go outside
and find some. Try and fight them. They're -Drones G3s- and are accompanied by
G2s. T attacks work surprisingly well against G3s. Now, if you went outside to
fight the G3s, go back inside and examine that closed gate. Put your Mission
Key into the socket on the right. Once you do, the gate will open and head
through it. Approach the cube to trigger a cutscene. After it, Shion will, as
nearly every good guy(or girl...) on history, try and fight something she
can't beat... well, she can, with your help ;) Anyway...

                      --------- BOSS BATTLE ---------

                               -->Drone GX<--

So, let's see... this thing's a bit tough. First off, Shion's attacks will do
nothing to it, so, call for that AGWS! KOS-MOS's attacks will do a good bit of
DMG, but nothing too impressive, really. She's just here because she's Shion's
experiment, you see!. Ok, so, use KOS-MOS's TECHs, while Shion deals out the
most damage with her AGWS S attack.

I must admit that GX's attacks are far more complicated than what you've faced
thus far... but nothing too impressive. He will do his Active Guard pretty
often. When he does, he'll counter if hit. The counter attack is quite nasty,
as it hit twice and for a good bit of damage; KOS-MOS will take the most
abuse, especially if hit. Shion, being in an AGWS, should not worry. What you
have to do is not to attack it while it Active Guards. Heal and Guard when he
does that.


###########################[ T H E  W O G L I N D E ]#########################

Shion decides to collect more data. She pulls a death-defying stunt to do so,
and, as expected, it goes horribly wrong. Allen, wasting no time, rides in and
saves Shion. Keep watching the lengthy cinema until you're in Control of the
scientist herself. You'll be on the Lab area. On the southern end of it, there
is a Save Point. Make good use of it. Afterward, head to the north-most end of
the area and look for a staircase on a nook on the left. Head up it.

On the hall above, turn right. You'll come across into a woman, Janice. Talk
to her. You'll be told that there is a "red Vector box" hidden within the
Encephalon where they hid some nice stuff. Hmm... anyway, go back down and run
to the right until you hit the wall. Then, go down, shuffling along the wall.
You'll eventually find a door. Try to head through it and you'll see a short
cutscene. Looks like Allen's... bah, whatever.

In the next area, proceed to the right across this wide corridor. It's a
linear path, so simply follow it. On your way, you'll find a soldier standing
by a panel. If you examine this panel, you'll get the map of the ship. RE-
like, eh? :) Continue to the end of the hall; as you walk, your control will
vibrate and Shion will stop. You've got an e-mail! After you read it, you'll
have to bear more long, yet important, text about the Unus Mundus
Network(U.M.N). Pay attention.

Head out of UMN and proceed through the corridor. You'll eventually find a
blue door. Go through it and you'll see another cinema. Allen's STILL being
picked on! "Go tiger!" Ha ha! Anyway, you'll regain control of Shion shortly
afterward. Head through the nearest door. As you do, you'll see this man
hitting some rookies right across the face. Slackers they are, he says. What's
interesting about this guy is that he has a purple cross over his face... does
he remind you of somebody?!

Furthermore, once Shion looks at the artifact that's being kept here,
something rather interesting happens... including the return of that infamous
necklace that makes a "ding" sound... the one that appeared near the beginning
of Xenogears. It's a rather interesting and mysterious cinema. Once it is
done, you'll take control back of Shion. There is nothing of further interest
here, so continue to the right. You'll hit a small, square shaped room. Head
through the double doors here. In the next area, run forwards to see another

Shion had forgotten the data, so Allen, being the good guy he is, brings it to
her. They then discuss about KOS-MOS. Once the cinema is done, and you're done
laughing at Allen for forgetting to ask Shion out, proceed onward. Shion will
tell you that she forgot some other data, that's on her room. In this
corridor, you can go straight down it, or proceed up a steep path to the left.
First off, proceed straight. You'll see a small control room on the right of
the path. If you get inside, you'll find a switch... mess with it to see what
happens :)

On your way, you'll see a red patch on the rightmost wall. If you examine it,
you'll get Segment Address 18. Hmmm... proceed further down the path until you
see a blue door on your right. Head through it to hit Shion's room... here,
you will find a save point, her bed, where you can rest, and the Data she
needs, on the table(it's the gold, shiny, card-shaped thing). Save if you want
to and then head back outside. As you do, you're bound to get an e-mail from
Miyuki. Read it.

If you proceed to the end of the corridor, you'll reach a reunion room of
sorts. Going up the ramp here will lead to a dead end right now, so backtrack
to the start of this area, near the control room with the switch. Remember the
ramp on the left that I mentioned? Well, go up it and head left. You'll
eventually find another set of double doors; run through them. A cinema will
ensue once you do.

The Lieutenant informs Shion about the situation: he's been trying to inject
new data into those humanoid beings, yet they regret it... Hmm. Once you are
back as Shion, you will need to talk to all the Realians in order to proceed.
Do so and another cutscene will ensue. Shion ponders the thought of
transferring to Third Division... in fact, she's decided! She wants to
transfer as soon as her current work's finished. Suddenly, Virgil barges in
and rants about Realian's nature and all of that. Watch the rest of the

Once it is done, head through the big, double doors here, behind the place
you're put on after the cutscene finishes. Another cutscene will start; when
it is finishes, you'll be on a new area. Run across the bridge up north until
you reach a closed-off area, because of some wreckage. Talk with the nearest
worker, Mr Holgar, or Mr Driller, as he prefers. He's the best driller around,
and he's the one that _should_ clean all of that wreckage. But you, his cute
lil' Shion, will have to help him this time around... if you want to. Agree to
do so.

Now, if you press Square, the drill will start moving vertically. If you let
go, the drill will stop right at that spot. You can move the camera with the
Left Analog Stick, or switch between cameras using the R2 button. When you're
done moving vertically, you'll then move the crane horizontally. Switch
cameras with R2 and use Square to move the drill, just like in "vertical
mode". When you're done doing both moves, the drill will the do the work on
its own, and destroy anything below it. You can quite by pressing X.

Keep in mind that if you simply tap Square, the crane will move just a bit. In
order to move farther away, hold square. The crane will start moving and WON'T
stop until you let go of square; keep that in mind. Furthermore, both moves,
vertical and horizontal, are one-shot only. So, once you move vertically, you
immediately go to horizontal mode -_- This doesn't mean that, if you fail,
you'll have to quit and start all over again... no. At any rate, your job is
to clear the wreckage around to crate a decent path for Shion's round butt...
er, personality(o.O) to cross.

You can make a simple path and cross over... but, if drill it all up, you'll
get a Drill Passport! It's quite simple to do so: the best camera is the
overhead one, as it grants a good view of everything, thus making your moves
more accurate. But, regardless of what you do, cross the bridge over... on
your way, you're bound to get an e-mail. Once you're done with it, you'll talk
with your little, bunny-like friend(the Procurator thingie). Ok, that's all
good... at the end of this bridge, there'll be a big set of blue doors...
blitz through them.

In this area, there are two doors: the first one leads to a room with a save
point and a rather funny soldier. The second door... you can't cross it ;)
Because you need a key and the room's owner is around... if you talk to him,
you'll be told that key is nowhere to be found! Heh. Head further into this
area... if you head to the left, you'll find a resting room of sorts, all
painted(?) in blue. I got an e-mail once I hit this place, so you're bound to
get one, too. It's from Miyuki, too. You have to reply to it if you want that
juicy weapon she's talking about... and you need to reply with the correct
mail, too!(the 1st one). I recommend doing so, of course ;)

At the end of this area, turn right around a corner to find another set of
double doors. Run through them, as usual. In the next area, move forward.
Shion will then have a short talk with Sgt. Swaine. If you agree to hear,
you'll get an "explanation" of Segment addresses. Examine the red patch nearby
for Segment Address number 7. After this, head to the right and through the
doors there. In this next area, there is a orange, transparent door; take note
of it. But, right now, run to the right and run across the long, winding, yet
linear corridor. On your way you'll come across Segment Adress No. 16... and
at the end, you'll find another double doors. Head through them.

Look around for a group of two chatting soldiers... when you find them, talk
to them and you'll be able to play tag. It's simple... there is an item behind
these two guys starting position. What you need to do is to outrun them and
get the item. You can't let them touch you. This is PAINFULLY EASY! Just run
backward when you start and go around the structure there. Then, run toward
the item and snag it. Yes, that's all. You'll get a Med Kit. If you do it
again, you get another Med Kit... hm, easy 'Kits >=)

You should remember the transparent, orange door I told you to take note about
a while go. Get back there and go through that door. Board the elevator and
select to go to the bridge. Once you arrive, head directly forward and up a
ramp. Talk with the Captain there for the next cutscene. Shion presents her
data, but somebody's not too pleased... The Captain, the main man, the only
one who matters, understands Shion, though, so everything's good. After the
cutscene, you'll also get the day off. So, start off by getting out of the
bridge... as you approach the door, you get another e-mail.

It's from Miyuki, but you only get it if you replied to the e-mail I told you
to reply to(the second e-mail Miyuki sent you). It has an attachment, called
"Sprinkle". Download it. Then, continue your way outta the bridge by using the
elevator. Once you hit the lower floor, you'll be told you have a package and
that you need to get it at the hangar. Head through the door on the left here.
In the next area, proceed left, past Swaine, and up when you can. Head to the
westernmost side of this area, to find a nook with some junk and a brown door.
Head through the door.

This is the hangar. Head left as soon as you enter and talk with the guy on
the desk to get an MWS, the weapon you used on the Encephalon. There is also a
shopkeeper on the right, who'll tell you about a Vaporizer Plug-In after you
leave his store... If you head further into the hangar, you'll find this guy
who'll let you use an AGWS simulator. You'll get EXP and EP after each fight,
so you might want to try and do it. Plus, you get a Med Kit S after each
battle. I spent quite a bit here, and you should, too. Keep in mind that the
damage you receive in a battle is carried over to the next one.

Once you're ready, head back to Shion's room... I know is a long way, but
anyways... Once you get there, there'll be a cutscene. Once it finishes,
you'll be asked if you want to go to sleep. Say no, save, and then take the
nap. There'll be another cutscene. It's lengthy, the lengthiest we've seen so
far, yet very cool and interesting. Now, when it finishes, you'll be back as
Shion, in a Gnosis infested ship. Approach the Gnosis that will be right in
front of you to engage battle... attack them and watch the cutscene. You
simply can't with them.

Head forward and turn right as soon as you can, before the bloody body and the
Gnosis. When you turn, the Gnosis will start following you. Go past the first
switch you find and press the second one as fast as possible in order to lock
up the Gnosis. Continue down the path. As you proceed, the camera will aim at
another Gnosis you must get past. In this corridor, there is a sideroom to the
right. Head there as fast as possible, because the Gnosis will notice you as
soon as you get near this sideroom. Tag the switch on the desk there to
distract the Gnosis.

Move on. On your way, you'll find a blue door. Inside, there Is a save
point... keep moving. Eventually, you'll find another Gnosis. Have him follow
you and enter the room with the save point. The Gnosis will simply walk
always, leaving the path clear. Head outside this room for another cutscene.
KOS-MOS finally wakes up from her slumber. She examines the area until she
locates Shion on a map... when she does, she takes off her helmet and opens
her big, red eyes... blood... mwhaha

Back as Shion: you're on the same hallway, so head to the end of it and
through the door. In the next room, you'll see a Gnosis behind some wreckage.
Head forward and look for a ladder. Climb it up and run across this path until
you find a shiny, yellow switch. Press it!! Watch the Gnosis being taken away.
Now, that was good. Go back down the ladder and proceed to the far left, to
the western end of this area. There are two little Gnosis here, but you can
just evade them and head through the door here... keep in mind, though, that
they're protecting a chest.

You have to make them blow up the crate blocking the way. I dunno how, really,
just goof around it until it explodes. Get the gold that was on it, run into
their nest, get the 2 veils off the chest, run away. Heh, easy, no? Get back
to the area where the Gnosis got sucked away, and run south. You'll find a
soldier in fetal position. Talk to him to learn about a car blocking your way.
Then, get back to where the 2 veils where and go through the big brown door
is. As you enter the hangar, turn right immediately and talk to the guy there
to get the Vaporizer Plug-In.

Backtrack to the guy in fetal position(who's now dead...) and blast the car
nearby. Cross the now unblocked path... Two Gnosis will appear and will start
to follow you. This will be like another game of tag: run back, around the
structure there to confuse the Gnosis and then back to the main path. Run to
the end and Shion will automatically escape, just to find Swaine on the floor.
He'll hand over Decoder 7, and then die. Examine the red door across him to
decode it and unlock it.

In this new corridor, run up to find a chest containing Robot Part Right Arm.
What the hell is that!? Hm. Head back outside. If you head immediately to the
right, you'll find a bunch of bug-like Gnosis tearing up some dead bodies...
nasty. Head left, instead. Destroy the structure in the middle of the room for
a Bio Sphere and then proceed downward and through the blue double doors

Cutscene. As Shion runs down the corridor, she's mistake by a Gnosis and gets
shot at... a whole bunch of bullets, might I add. Fortunately for her, ALL of
the bullets miss and she survives. It's not over yet, though. The REAL Gnosis
then come and attack the unit here and a major slugfest ensues. It's an
awesome cutscene. Once it finishes, examine the body nearby you and take the
key on it(Crewman's Key). If you examine the door nearby, you'll unlock it.
Inside, you can get a SMP53AG. Good. Get back to the corridor and proceed
through it. At the end, head through the door for another cutscene. It's
lengthy, but awesome, mainly because we get to see KOS-MOS kicking ass and
taking names! However...

                      --------- BOSS BATTLE ---------


First things to note: Virgil will be aiding you on this battle. He's not uber-
powerful, but he's got 300 HPs to boot, so I guess it's a good thing. Second,
the Cyclops hates Ether based attacks. Hitting him with a T attack(ether
based) will result in a counter. At first, it's weak, but as you continue, his
counters will become progressively powerful... so, better stay away from those
ethers, as its attacks are rather powerful(like his Spread Beam, which does
around 50 PTS of DMG to everybody).It also has an Acid hand attack that lowers
defense and does little damage, plus its normal attack.

KOS-MOS will do quite a lot with her normal attacks. Build up her AP and use
her S, S, O tech for moderate damage. Shion will do almost nothing with her
normal attacks, but it's not like you can't do anything about it. Virgil's
normal attacks are also powerful and effective, like KOS-MOS's, so those two
shall be your main attackers while Shion goofs around doing nothing. Just


There'll be a short cutscene where KOS-MOS kicks some more Gnosis ass in a
rather cool way, as usual. You'll also get another AGWS capsule. But anyway,
once the cutscene finishes, head right. Destroy the Thunder Crate by the
Gnosis to damage it for a bit. Kill that Gnosis, too, and proceed onward.
Eventually, the camera will zoom in into the control room nearby. Get inside
and tag the switch. Head outside and head down. You'll find another Gnosis as
you go; one of those big, Mantis like yellow-things. They're called -Golems-
and are quite easy. Techs should be enough to kill them. Be wary of their
Menace Cannon, though, as it is very powerful. They also have plenty of HPs...

On the left side of where the Golem was, there are some destruct-able crates.
Two of them contain Escape Pack. Once you've gotten it, head back to the main
path and proceed down it. You'll find a -Manticore- along the way, too.
They're VERY weak, but their Flare Bomb attack targets everybody and does a
good bit of damage, too. But they're nothing too impressive, so move on. It'll
probably follow you, until you bump into a huge thing blocking the path...
it's a -Goblin-, another type of Gnosis(well, duh!) They come accompanied by a
Manticore, so I'd recommend killing that first. Goblins have plenty of
defense, but low HP; they also do a lot of damage. I'd recommend using T,T
attacks on them constantly, or calling for your AGWS.

Behind the Goblin there'll be the door you need to cross. Before going there,
destroy the gray containers here, around the area where the Goblin was, to got
some Revives. Then, cross the door.

In the next area, a cutscene will ensue.

                      --------- BOSS BATTLE ---------

                           -->Minotaur; Sky Fish x 2<--

The Minotaur is huge, isn't it? They're airborne enemies, so you have to rely
on T attacks. First off, go for the fishes. Kill each of them as soon as you
start. Keep in mind, though, that the Minotaur will usually perform an attack
once you hit a fish. It's well worth it, though, as it'll be left alone. To
kill the fishes, use T, T combos on those guys. They'll go down in about three
turns. Also, if you're badly hurt, use Med Kits S to get the most health
recovered. Heal constantly, too, and if possible, use a tech attack. This
battle will be quite tough, because the Minotaur does a lot of damage, is fast
and has plenty of HPs. Its attacks and speed are the main problems.

The Minotaur should be attacked with T, T combos OVER AND OVER AGAIN, while
healing between attacks. The Minotaur only uses three attacks, but they're all
pretty powerful. The Thunderbolt hits one party member and it does around 30
PTS of DMG. Not a big deal, but it's a pain if those fishes are still around.
The Diffusion Beam is much more powerful and hits both party members, for
around 50-60 points of damage. Lastly, it's got its Gravity Attack, which is
simply outstanding, doing around 80-100 PTS of DMG. It'll be performed once
the Mino' is about to go down... you'll also be told a turn or two before it
performs it, so be sure to heal. And... the fish's attacks are limited to


You'll be given a chance to save as the next lengthy cutscene progresses. KOS-
MOS planted a tracking device on the Gnosis ship. They've got the Zohar
Artifact, after all. After a couple of hours, we see a ship passing by the
battlefield. The crewmembers see a corpse floating around and decide to bounce
it off. Yet, this corpse, being KOS-MOS, makes it way to the ship and forces
her way in. Shortly after she does, the ship is contacted by Shion and Allen.
After much talking, KOS-MOS decides to bring them in inside.

Eventually, you'll have the chance to save(you can tell how long this cutscene
will be...) Then, we'll see a brief, hologram-ic video of a planet that looks
suspiciously like the Earth being destroyed, tore up apart. A priest of sorts
then comes in and talks about Zohar Emulators, Originals and how a experiment
failed and shall not fail again. Does this mean that that planet was, in fact,
the Earth, and that it was destroyed by a Zohar experiment...!? Who the hell

We then shift to Fifth Jerusalem, an orbital tower. A group of people are
talking about who seems to be a mercenary, who'll do any mission. They then
call him in: his name is Ziggurat 8, a robot that was once human and then
turned into a cyborg. He wants to eliminate all human traces of his body, to
become the complete machine. At any rate, he's presented with his mission: he
must infiltrate a church-ship of sorts and rescue a Realian that's child-
shaped. He's got no problem with the situation. Only, he's got one request: he
wants all memories to be deleted off his brain once the mission ends. It
doesn't matter if they use synthetic parts. In fact, even better that way.

We then shift to the church-ship. The Priest we saw a while ago enters the
cell where our objective is being kept. He's got a little chat with the cute,
yet somewhat creepy, girl. We then see a ship closing in to the church-ship.
As it arrives, it deploys two soldiers who immediately start to talk. Just
when the ship is about to leave, Ziggurat 8 jumps out of it... and he's
completely invisible, to boot! You'll take control of him after this cutscene.

######################[ A S T E R O I D  P L E R O M A ]######################

Head right, past the talking guards, to find a save point. From here, go up.
At the top, head immediately to the right, along a group of parked cars, until
you find two destruct-able crates. One of them will spit out a Scope once
destroyed. There is a Red Pipe behind were the crates were. Shoot the pipe out
to get 2 Ether Upgrades S. Once you've gotten this, head to northeastern end
of this area, by a stone-made path. A cutscene will take place on you approach
this area.

Once the cutscene finishes, you'll be inside the church area, which looks
earth-like and not futuristic like everything else. One the other hand, you've
lost your camouflage, so you should be more careful from now on. From where
you start, head up and then right until you bump into a wall. The staircase
nearby leads to nowhere; instead, if you start being pursued, you can go up it
in order to make the pursuers get off your ass. So, go around this wall. Your
job is to maneuver through this maze-like thing, while avoiding guards. I
can't give consistent strategies here, as guards move constantly; this all
feels like a poor man's Hitman ;) At any rate, these guards die in two hits
from Ziggurat's cutlass(or whatever that is) so don't worry if you're hit.

A good strategy is to bump into the nearest guard you find and kill him. From
here, simply follow another guard that's facing the other way until you reach
the other side. Yeah, I know it sounds overly simple, but trust me, this
works. Yet, you may fail; don't damn me if this happens. Keep in mind that in
order to succeed here, you must walk(press and hold R2) or else your footsteps
will echo and you'll be found in no time flat. At the other side, go through
the doorway on the wall. You're bound to be found by a guard, but once you hit
the next area, whoever was pursuing you will give up.

This next area is very similar to the previous one. However, you have to rely
on those candle-like things. Another thing to note it's that the enemies here
are considerably tougher and faster, so be careful. Start off by killing both
of the guards nearby. Yeah, they're a bit tough, but they hand over a Med Kit
once they die, so not to worry. Besides, Ziggo is quite strong. Also, blow up
those two destruct-able things near the entrance. One of them will leave 2
Revives once destroyed. Now, proceed to the right. Eventually, you'll find a
statue with three guards around. Blow up the statue to reveal a chest. Then,
engage one of the guards. Once the battle ends, get the Decoder 11 off the
chest and run away; the other guards will have forgotten about you, trust me.

The next area is a breather from these two dungeonic areas. You're on a
bridge, so move on to the right into the next area; in here, head right and
then down toward a ladder. As you do, you'll be shown an AGWS that's on the
area. It looks formidable, so it's better not to engage him(if you do, and
beat it, you'll get decoder # 4). Therefore, do not go down the ladder. Head
to the left instead where you'll find a switch by a crane. Press the switch
and move the crane to the left to cause a huge explosion. The AGWS will move
away from the ladder, so rush back there and go down.

Head right and through the doorway there. Another cutscene will ensue. After
it, you'll engage two guards; use S, T combos to wear them out. Once the
battle finishes, another cutscene will take place. You'll be told you need a
Master Key to proceed onward. Head to the southwestern corner of this area to
find a ramp going down. Take it. In the next zone, approach the thunder
capsule there. Move a bit to the left from it to get a guard to follow you.
Once he approaches, destroy the capsule to slow the guard down. Head to the
left then and get those 2 Veil off the corner. Afterward, run to the far right
side of this area.

You'll find a blue car around. Across it, to the south, there is a door. Head
through it. In the next zone, head left as soon as possible, past a Thunder
Capsule. You'll be on a warehouse. Destroy every box here to get a Bio Sphere,
Ether Pack S, 100 G, Med Kit S and a Revive. The other box contains a -Cyber
Crab- They're shaped like crabs, are robotic and easy. Their laser attack is
the most damaging, yet it is still weak. Slaughter them by constantly
performing S, T combos. It's the most effective one. Now, once you've gotten
all of the items here, head out of this small warehouse and continue down the

Eventually, you'll find a door on your right. Head through it. The camera will
then zoom in into a robot of sorts that's here. If you go up to the monitors
there, you'll be able to see that there is a chest on the path that's being
blocked off by the robot. You don't have to fight him right away, so heal up
before doing so. When you're feeling ready, engage the thing.

                      --------- BOSS BATTLE ---------

                             -->Gardis M1<--

What a painfully easy battle! First off, this guy is one of those who don't
like to be attacked. If he's hit, he'll call for his flying allies. Two of
them, to be exact. They're very weak, though, and airborne, meaning you're
limited to hitting them with T, T attacks. In fact, one of those combos and
each of those flying thing dies. They like to use a Laser attack on you that
does approximately 20 PTS of DMG; not too much eh? Furthermore, the Gardis
itself does nothing. So, what you have to do, is to hit the Gardis with a T, T
combo. Then, kill both of its minions that appear. Lastly, hit the Gardis with
another T, T combo. Repeat.


After the battle, snag the key off the chest that's north from where the
Gardis was. It contains the Master Key. Backtrack to MOMO's(the little girl)
cell block. Before opening her cell, open the other two: one of them holds a
destruct-able crate that hides a Speed Stim. Be sure to get it. The other
holds a save point. Save, of course. And then, open MOMO's cell, finally.
There'll be a cutscene. After it, the alarm will go off. What you need to do
is to backtrack to the area outside of the church(where Ziggo planted those
bombs in the cutscene). In there, there is a escape ship on the western side.

But it's not that easy. Start off by heading to the bridge: do so by exiting
the cell block from the upmost door. Then, go up the ladder and through the
door on the left corner. On this bridge, you'll see a short cutscene.
Basically, the bridge is completely blocked off. So, we'll have to take
another route. Head back to the hallway where Gardis's room is. In fact, you
must head into Gardis's room. A cutscene will take place once you do. MOMO
chats up a bit with Ziggo and decides to call him Ziggy from now on... yeah,
whatever. I'll call him whatever I want. That means, Ziggo is the name I'll
use the most.

Anyways, press the switch here and head outside. Run to the southern end of
the hall and you'll find a door. It's been locked all along, but you just
unlocked it! So, head through it and down the ladder at the end of this short
corridor. Another cutscene will take place. After it, head to the left,
avoiding that mud. You'll eventually reach a sewer like system. In the middle,
there is a stream of water, and on both sides, ground you must use to cross.
You'll have to shift between paths in order to reach the end, while being
followed by some robotic things... yes, my friend. This is the SAME thing we
did in Solaris in Xenogears, with Fei and Elly, in the sewers, being pursued
by those flat robots... Ah, the memories! Once again, there is not much
science here. Just run.

The path is longer and much more complicated, of course, with a lot of
obstacles, yet most of them can be dodged quite easily. Just stay away from
that mud.

Eventually, you'll reach the end, where you'll find a ladder. Go up it to
trigger another cutscene. MOMO decides to use the Hilber Effect on the AGWS
nearby in order to make them lost their sensors... she pulls it off but gets a
bit hurt on the run. At the end of this cutscene, you'll have to fight the
three AGWS: two Mercurios and a Zolfo.

                     --------- BOSS BATTLE ---------

                         -->Mercurio x 2, Zolfo<--

This battle will be long and tough. It's the one of the toughest battles
you've had so far, that's for sure. At any rate, let's study these guy's
attacks: The Mercurios will use their guns against you. Each of their attacks
does around 80 PTS of DMG. The Zolfo will do nothing but guard. However, I
noted that, immediately after I killed a Mercurio, the Zolfo began to attack
me with its Grenade Launcher attack, which does approximately 90 PTS of DMG.
All of these guys are very strong, with tons of HPs to boot, high defense and
attack power.

Start off by wearing down the Mercurios. Concentrate on one and have Ziggo use
T, T combos on him. But not too often; try to save some AP so you can perform
the T, T, O tech called "Lighting Fist", which does around 80 PTS of DMG.
Meanwhile, MOMO should heal. CONSTANTLY. If she loses all of her EP, use an
Ether Pack on her. She NEEDS to be kept alive throughout the fight. It's good
that these AGWS normally don't attack her. If they do, heal her immediately,
unless Ziggo NEEDS TO BE HEALED IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise, MOMO is priority.

As for Zolfo, use the same strategy: T, T attacks, with the T, T, O thrown in
sometimes. As usual, heal constantly every time your HP hits red level(around
60 for Ziggo). MOMO should heal every time. Do not move her from her back row.
That would be fatal for her.

ADDITIONAL STRATEGY(By Matthew DeMattio<kushu@hotmail.com>):

"In Ziggy's fight against 2 Mercurios, and Zolfo, the fight is
actually much easier than previously thought.   For me, MOMO had a little
technique called Sheep Beam.  It costs 4EP, and the description says "Puts
enemy M Pilots to sleep"  What that means to us?  Cast it on one of the
Mercurio's and bam!  You're fighting 1 less Mercurio.  For me, Sheep Beam took
affect every single time I cast it on the Mercurio, however it didn't work on

Sheep Beam in this battle actually makes it VERY easy, because once you
put a mercurio to sleep, when Zolfo's turn comes around he'll say "What are
you doing sleeping?!"  and shoot the mercurio!  It was doing 120 damage
every time Zolfo got a turn!  However, it eventually slowed to only doing
60dmg, because the Mercurio was defending."


Once the battle finishes, destroy the nearby forklift for 2 Bio Spheres. Then,
run forward. As you approach the end of the area, you'll find two destruct-
able, coffin-shaped boxes. Blast them away to get 8 Med Kit S. Then, go around
the structures thrown here and through the door there. In the next room, go up
the steps. You'll be on the control(?) room. There is a save point here; save,
that's common sense. Afterward, exit through the double doors here.

You're back on the church-dungeon thingie. Huh, yeah. Head immediately to the
left to avoid confrontation with a soldier that's coming your way. Continue
going left into the next area. Here, you'll see a cutscene, as usual. Margulis
stands in your way. He can't let you go out, so he performs a formidable a
sword tech. Ziggo fends off against it, fortunately for MOMO, mainly. Margulis
isn't letting you out anytime soon. Time to fight!

                      --------- BOSS BATTLE ---------


He'll start off by performing a sword attack, that'll let you see his true
power: it does around 100 PTS of DMG, and it usually goes aimed to Ziggo.
Don't heal after he gets hit. Simply continue trying to attack(you'll do
almost no damage). Eventually, you'll be killed. But it's not all over.

ADDITIONAL STRATEGY(By Matthew DeMattio<kushu@hotmail.com>):

"In Ziggy's fight vs. Margulis, it is actually pretty easy to win, if
you took the right steps.   What are the right steps you ask?   Simple:
Have Ziggy evolve the ether skill Bodyguard.  Then, put MOMO directly behind
him in the battle formation.   When the fight with Margulis comes around,
activate Bodyguard, and suddenly you can do regular damage!  The only
downside is that you may have to recast it once or twice during the

But this shouldn't be a problem anyway, it's not as if Ziggy has many
other skills worth using at this time."


Watch the following cutscene. Margulis got Ziggo and MOMO caught; Ziggo's good
thinking will save them though: he will make the bombs he planted earlier go
kaboom, thus freeing the party. As they're about to board the nearest escape
ship, Ziggo "feels" the presence of something around. It's probably nothing,
so he simply boards the ship and blitzes away. Just then, Margulis crawls out
of the fire and stares at the burning AGWS. All of a sudden, a silver-haired
man crawls out of the darkness, along with a girl that looks like MOMO.

##############################[ T H E  E L S A ]##############################

We then shift back to the Elsa. The party's ready to eat, and with a good
reason: Shion's cooked today, and it will be a good meal, no doubt about that.
Everybody enjoys themselves under the eternal night that is space. Eventually,
it is time to dry the dishes. They do their job with the help of chaos. Once
the cutscene finishes, you'll be as Shion and you'll have the Commander's food
on your hands. It's your job to get it to him. Head through the only door in
this room. In the next area, go down the steps. As soon as you do, you will
get an e-mail. Read it thoroughly, as it is about a very important matter: the

Afterward, head to the left. Follow the path all the way to the area where the
"Bridge" staircase is. Here, go to the right where you'll find two "save
points". One of them IS a save point, while the other one is a store. Stock up
on anything you may need. Also, you can buy equipment here. I recommend buying
a Fiber Suit and a D Unit V2 for KOS-MOS. Lastly, you'll be able to buy some
cards for the Xenocards game. You might want to purchase them, although it's
not necessary.

Now, explore the area along the west to find the elevator. Board it and select
to go to B1. KOS-MOS capsule opens up and chaos approaches it. He gives her a
goodnight and just as he leaves, the commander barges in. He sees KOS-MOS's
capsule open and gets near to it... and gives KOS-MOS a solid, cold,
suspicious and what-have-you... stare. A long stare. Then, we shift to the
past(we can tell it is so because of the Commander's uniform), to a place
where it actually rains! The Commander gets a game console control of
sorts(uh...). The one that gave it to him disappears shortly afterward.

Then there is a cinema inside Shion's lab. People are just chilling out, when,
all of sudden, a group of soldiers part of the U-TIC organization barge in.
They secure the area and then, a man, who's OBVIOUSLY Cherenkov, uses the
control-like thingie that was given to him to open KOS-MOS's capsule. The
robotic(VERY robotic; look at the way she moves and sounds) girl crawls out of
her bed and goes nuts. Insane. She attacks the nearest soldier and destroys
him completely. She then goes after the nearest scientist and cuts her
through. The leader of this thing stares, horrified...

The Commander is still staring at KOS-MOS. All of a sudden, he takes out a gun
and points it to KOS-MOS's head... but he can't fire. Then, we're back as
Shion. After the elevator stops, go up. Destroy the panel on the left for a
Revive and then take a right. Eventually, you'll reach an area where the path
branches. Go south first. You will find two panels that can be blown up, on
the left. Get them off your way and head into the newly unlocked corridor.
Walk through to its end and you'll find three crates. Blow them up for an
Ether Upgrade A, and  50 Gil. Head out of this area and head to the far right.
Once you bump into the wall, go down. You'll find a staircase.

Down it, blast the crates out and snag the 350 Gold off the crates here(after
destroying them). Then, head left, where you'll find a door. Go through it. In
here, you'll find chaos and a save point. You have to go through the door
here, but don't do so just yet. Head back to the previous area and run to the
bifurcation we passed a while ago. Head north this time around and through a
door there. You'll find a big crate. Destroy it for a Med Kit. Head to the
right. Destroy them all to find a Med Kit and 2 Ether Upgrades S. There is
also a ladder here. Go down it and head through the door. As soon as you,
you'll bump into another bifurcation(point a). You can go left, or down. Go
down. At the end of the path, turn left. You'll bump into another
bifurcation(point b). You can go down, or left. Go left.

Destroy the crates here for 5 Ether Upgrades A, Med Kit and a Bio Sphere. Now,
head back to point b. Go down this time around. You'll have to cross a bridge;
at the other side, go left past the panel to find two walls that can be blown
up. Do so to find Segment Address 8. Going directly down from this Address
will lead into another door. Before heading there, backtrack to point a and
head left and through the corridor. At the end, there'll be a door. Cross it.
In this room(the hangar), there is a lot of destruct-able crap. You can find
Segment Address No. 14,  Ether Upgrade S, 100 Gold, Fiber Suit and an extra
150 Gil. The Hangar is quite expansive though, so you will have to walk quite
a bit(but not explore).

Head back to where segment address 8 is and go through the door directly down
from the address. You'll hit chaos room again. Now, it's time to do some
further exploration. You don't need to do so, but it will certainly hold some
nifty rewards.

Start off by backtracking to the Elsa's first floor. In here, look for a map
and locate the Passenger Cabin. It's on the eastern side of the first "zone"
of this area. You know, this area is divided in three, circle like shapes. The
second one, from north to south, has a door on its bottom end. Head through
it. Inside the cabin, there is a red couch. Examine it by constantly tapping
circle in front of it. Eventually, you'll find a "Disarm Key". With this in
your hand, backtrack all the way back to the zone where Segment Address 8 is.
Look for a glowing panel on this area; examine it and use the Disarm Key on
it. Press the switch and you'll reorganize the bridge.

There are two new paths you can take. The rightmost one leads to a crate that
holds 200 G, while the left one leads to a small area behind the hangar where
you can find 50 G, a Spirit Pendant, a Bio Sphere and a chest with Decoder 10.
With this at hand, head back to chaos room. Finally, exit through the door on
the bottom left side of the room. In the next zone, head the down the lift
nearby. In the AGWS hangar, there are some things to do. Firstly, if you head
through the south-most door, you'll reach an area where there is a Coat Beam,
on the bottom part of it. In the AGWS hangar itself, on the north, there is a
robot who'll sell you Gear Expansions and let you tune it up. It would be
advised for you to do so. After all, you don't know when Gears will come in
handy. Lastly, there are some crates along the leftmost side of the hangar.
You can gate 5 Ether Upgrades A by destroying them.

To the left of the robot who sells AGWS parts there is another lift. Take it
and go through the door. The Commander is still trembling at KOS-MOS when
Shion walks in. Cherenkov aims at her as soon as she enters the room. Shion
looks a little nervous, but the commander explains himself. Apparently, he's
got the habit of having his gun withdrawn when he's doing something. He then
haves a good eat and chats with Shion at the same time. Shortly afterward, we
shift to Ziggo and MOMO. MOMO's happy because they're going to Fifth
Jerusalem. Ziggo then informs her that they're actually heading to the Second
Miltia. Oh well, too bad.

The action goes back to the Fifth Jerusalem. This part of the cutscene is
boring and long. Eventually, we'll be back at The Elsa and you'll take control
of Shion once again. Exit this area through the only door in here. As soon as
you hit the hangar, you're signaled to go to the Bridge. Also, note that
Tony's back at the hangar. If you talk to him, he'll tell you he's looking for
a map. Head back to the Elsa's first floor and run to the north most portion
of it to find the bridge. Inside, there will be another cutscene. Something's
wrong with the catapult deck and you'll have to check it out. Start off by
exiting the bridge, obviously.

You'll need to take the elevator down to B1F. From there, go to B2F. In B2F,
head to where Segment Address 8 is. From there, head north across the bridge
and turn right. Follow the path until you can turn left. Do so until you find
a door by a messageboard that says "catapult". Well, you know what to do ;) In
the next room, go down the steps and head to the northern end of this
expansive area. You'll find a switch there. Press it and a cutscene will take
place. Once it finishes, run all the way back to the bridge, saving along the
way, if possible.

Once you hit the bridge, you'll see Captain completing the procedures for a
gate jump(?) Once this course of action finishes, we'll swing back to Ziggo
and co. They're being pursued by a group of those church-like soldiers. Ziggo
pulls off an incredible stunt Hollywood directors would be proud of and gains
the edge on the battle. He then fires the cannon and lets the pain go. Ziggo's
ship then blitzes away and we shift back to the Elsa as soon as he does.
Shion's discussing about KOS-MOS and her destiny... I don't feel like
summarizing the rest of this cinema, so watch the rest of it by yourself. It's
an awesome cinema.

After it, you'll gave to return to the catapult deck. On your way, there'll be
various cutscenes. Eventually, you'll take control of Ziggo and MOMO's party.
You're on the catapult deck and there are plenty of monsters for you to deal
with. -DOMO A- has plenty of HP. Wear them down with Techs and watch out for
their Beam attacks, as they do approximately 50 PTS of DMG. Your job is to get
out of the deck. Keep in mind that the destruct-able panels here hold some
more items. Try to collect them all as you go. Once you exit the deck, follow
the path until a cutscene ensues. After it, you'll be able to shift through
party members. You have to head back to the AGWS hangar. You should know where
it is by know, so simply head there, saving on the room chaos once was. Heal
up, too. Keep in mind that on your way, you might bump into -DOMO B-, who are
weaker than DOMO A, but do much more damage with their beam attacks.

At the AGWS hangar, exit through the southern end. You'll probably have to
fight some DOMO A's and DOMO B's, but it's all good. You should deal with them
accordingly: Ziggo's physical attacks are stronger than his Ether-based ones,
so use those. KOS-MOS's ether based attacks are much stronger, on the other
hand. Shion is very good with her Techs. Using a mixture of these attacks you
should be able to conquer your robotic foes. At any rate, once you exit the
hangar through the door I directed you to go through(the one on the south),
you'll see a short dialogue. Eventually, you'll have the chance to attack the
DOMO carrier. Make any necessary preparations and when you're ready, engage
the thing.

                        --------- BOSS BATTLE ---------

                             -->DOMO Carrier<--

ARGH! This battle will be F'ING TOUGH and F'ING ANNOYING!! I totally,
completely, utterly hated this thing. First off, it's got a monumental
defense. Ziggy's Ethers will do around 1 PTS of DMG to it, while KOS-MOS's
will do around 40. Shion should be on her AGWS all the battle, especially if
you enhanced it. I had quite a bit of a hard time battling this piece of crap.
Ziggo's main strength here is his Lightning Fist. The first two button presses
of it(T, T) will do around 1 PTS of DMG each, while the tech itself does
around 90 PTS of DMG. KOS-MOS's R . Cannon is simply outstanding here. It does
plenty of damage against the monster. Shion's AGWS is not terribly useful, but
at least it doesn't die as fast as Shion would. Use the AGWS's square attack
for maximum damage.

This monster has a crapload of HP, too, so that means this battle will last
for a long while. Furthermore, you have to deal with its attacks: Tremor P and
its Beam Attack. Tremor P is nearly always done at the start of the battle.
Sometimes, the Carrier will take a turn before performing this attack. But,
mostly always, it'll be done at the start. It does approximately 300 PTS of
DMG to normal characters(HOLY S***!) so that means Shion will go down in one
hit. Revive her as soon as possible and make her board her AGWS immediately.
The first time I fought the Carrier, with Ziggo, it would do this attack just
once. Then, I used chaos, and it used it at least twice throughout the battle.
Then, I decided to shift back to Ziggo... and guess what? To my surprise, DOMO
only used once Tremor P and then forgot COMPLETELY about it. This is more than
enough for me to say that the best party is Ziggo, KOS-MOS and Shion.

Ziggo because he'll block Tremor P off after its initial use, plus it's
lighting fist skill it's not that bad. KOS-MOS's T, T, O Tech is DEVASTATING
and Shion's S, S Tech on the AGWS is not too bad, either. The DOMO will
constantly use a Beam attack, that does around 80 PTS of DMG. Nothing you can
heal quite quickly. Also, the DOMO will heal itself if it finds the chance. To
prevent this, kill it as soon as possible. Use KOS-MOS's T, T, O Tech, Shion's
AGWS and Ziggo's T, T, O Tech in order to wear it down quite quickly. Heal if
needed, especially after the first Tremor P(you should use a W-Item when the
monster uses such attack)

Eventually, it'll die and self-destruct. This attack can/will kill you, so try
to maintain yourself healthy throughout the whole fight.


There'll be a cutscene after the battle. The ship's been badly damaged and the
captain ain't happy. Tony and Hammer ain't happy, either, and they start a
fight out of nowhere about who is stupider than who. The Cap'n ends the fight
with a scream and both of the crewmembers get back to work. We then go to the
kitchen, where the party's having their meal. Allen's taking a nap on the
table while everybody else is chatting and enjoying themselves. Shion
approaches Ziggo and MOMO and haves a short talk with both, until she's
directed to give both of the new guys a tour through the ship.

You're still on the restaurant. Exit it and head inside the bridge, first.
After the brief description of it, exit. Now, it's your job to traverse the
numerous rooms and nooks in the Elsa's first floor, including Cabins and
whatnot. After a bit of exploration through the Cabins, you'll be told if you
want to call it a day or if you want to continue showing around. Decide
whatever you want. Now, when you decide to call it a day, you'll be told if
you want to save. A cutscene will ensue. Halfway through it, you'll have to
fight some little DOMOs with Jr's AGWS. Beat them to continue with the

#####################[ U - T I C  B A T T L E S H I P ]#######################

You'll be as Jr and have in your party Mary and a nameless Soldier... how
awesome. Slide down the ramp into the enemy's ship. Inside, proceed down and
head south through the only door there. In the next screen, run across the
"bridge". Halfway through it, you'll see a doorway on the right. Head through
it to find some destruct-able gas(?) pipes. Destroy them all for an Antidote,
a Med Kit S, 2 Tech Upgrade A and 2 Ether Upgrade. If you proceed further into
this area you'll find some laser fields, on both the northern and southern
ends of this area. If you try to cross them, you'll have to fight some -
Soldiers- and a -Gardis M1- The soldiers are quite resistant, but Jr's S, S
attacks are more than enough to kill them. You should have your AGWS(Mary's
and the Soldier's) deal with the Gardis with constant S attacks(Mary's AGWS is
especially powerful).

The southern laser field can be de-activated though. In this field, there is a
generator that can be blown up, thus de-activating the mentioned field. It's a
bit hard to give locations for this generator, so I guess I'll have to use...


  |          ***
  |          ***
  |          ***
  |        __***___
  |__   __|             The *'s represent the laser field and the G's
  |    |GG|             represent the area where the generator is. Once you
  |     GG|             locate it, blow it up with your vaporizer plug-in.
  |    |__|_________    When you do so, the southern laser field will
  |          ***        disappear, clearing your path. Cross to the other side
  |          ***
  |          ***

...and go up once you hit a bifurcation(point a). You'll notice that you're
able to destroy one of those oranges panels on the wall. Don't do so, because
you'll liberate a soldier and you'll have to fight him. But anyway, go up,
like I said, and turn left once you first can. You'll find the second
generator hidden in a nook. Destroy it to de-activate the northern laser
field. Now, head a bit to the right and you'll spot a door. Examine it and
you'll be told it's locked. Head back to point a and run south where you'll
find another locked door. Hm, interesting.

Start off by heading toward where the first generator was(refer to ASCII map)
and heading up. Cross the now extinct laser field to find a panel with a
glowing switch on it. Press it and you'll unlock the door on the south part of
point a. Head there and proceed down the hall. Halfway through it, you'll end
up being ambushed by two soldiers. Beat them to nothingness(after the first
battle, the second one will still be following you, so beat him too) and
proceed onward through this linear hall. On your way, you'll see a red door;
head through it and destroy the mainframe inside for 2 Frame Repair A. Head
back outside and continue on. At the end of the path, there'll be a red door.
Go through it to reach a control room of sorts. Press the lone switch inside.
You'll unlock the red door in the middle of point a by doing this.

Backtrack to point a and run through the now unlocked door(before doing so,
destroy the rightmost panel here. It won't release a soldier; instead, it'll
give you 2 Skill Upgrade A). In the next zone, go through the nearest door.
You'll be in another control room. The green glowing panel requires a key
card, while the red glowing panel won't work unless the console is booted up.
Head outside this room and proceed on with the hall. You'll reach a
bifurcation(point b). Go down first to find some destruct-able panels as well
as another bifurcation(point c) in which you can continue down or go right.
Destroy the panels first for a Cure All and a Bio Sphere. Now, while at point
c, continue down and through the small, red door here(there is a big, red one
here, too).

Inside this room, save if you want to. Yep, that's all you were going to do
here... head back outside, into point c. Look for a passageway going right.
Take it and run across it. Halfway through it, you'll spot a red door with a
green, glowing panel besides it. DON'T TOUCH THIS DOOR, because guards will
ambush you if you do so. Head further to the right to find a destruct-able
panel by another door. Destroy this panel to unlock the door with the green
panel. You'll find some of your teammates and a U-TIC soldier there... uh.
Well, head back outside and proceed to the right. You'll find another red door
by a green panel. Ignore it for now and proceed down the path until you find
the respective panel. Blow it up.

Before going through that door(door phi), continue a bit further into this
path. Right besides the panel you just destroyed there is another red door,
and besides it, another panel that, when destroyed, will grant you 5 Ether
Upgrade A. The door is not unlocked, too bad(door omicron). At the end of this
hallway, you'll find yet another door(on your way, you'll be ambushed by two
guards; be prepared). Go through this one. You'll reach another
bifurcation(point d). You can go up, down or straight ahead. Start off by
heading down and then right. You're on the AGWS hangar. Destroy the panel here
for a Cure All. Then, head to the left. You can proceed through a bridge or
further to the left and down a staircase. Go down first and explore the
eastern end of the hangar for an Ether Upgrade Z. Awesome.

Then, go back up and cross the bridge. At the other side, there'll be two
guards. Fight them and go down this hall. Go through the first door on the
right and destroy the crate there for a U-TIC card. Head back outside and
proceed down. At the end, there'll be another door. Go through it and pick
Card No. 3 off the desk. After all of this, run back to point d(there'll be
some new enemies along the way), which is just outside the AGWS hangar area.
Having cleared the DOWN path, take the STRAIGHT AHEAD path, which is basically
entering the control room here. Hit the switch inside to unlock the door
nearby; go through it. You'll be back at the point c/b area. You can go
straight up to the control room in this zone and boot up the console with your
keycard, or go to the door phi/door omicron area(at point c, go to the right).

Keep in mind that some Cyber Crabs will be patrolling this area. Going through
door phi will earn you a battle against a solder. Battle him and he'll
eventually board his Zolfo... I'd recommend having Junior board his AGWS, too,
because this Zolfo's no joke. Its various sword attacks are rather powerful,
so don't get too cocky. But he's very beatable,  as your S attacks do
approximately 100 PTS of DMG, expect the Soldier's, which do less. After
accomplishing this task, destroy the nearest panel and get 2 Skill Upgrade A
and to find Segment Address 11. You should be able to decode it. Do so and run
to the end of this Segment path to find "Coat . Ice". Now, head back of this
room and run toward door omicron. For this one, you need a U-TIC card, which
you have. Analyze the panel nearby to unlock the door.

In this room, you'll find Decoder 16. Now, it's time to backtrack to the point
b/c area(on your way, destroy those plant pots you may find for some upgrades)
Before heading into the control room to boot up the console, save(at the save
point that's on the south of the hall). Then, boot up the console, tag the
switch and head through the now-unlocked door. Run across the hall and through
the door at the end. You're here for the mainframe, so run toward the
"computer" in the middle of everything and analyze it. Operate it. Mary
decides to deal with the panel; he tells Jr not to touch the terminal. But,
he, being the little curious kid he is, does so and activates the security
system, sending another new, formidable foe Into their path. Guess what my
dear knight? Oh yes...

                     --------- BOSS BATTLE ---------


Start off by board Jr's AGWS at the start of the battle. This is an extremely
easy battle, but, keep in mind, our Soldier will probably die. Anyway, once
you've boarded your AGWS, start off by using Mary's square attack. In fact,
use everybody's Square attack and the occasional combo, when it becomes
possible. Mary will dish out around 150 PTS of DMG per turn, while the Soldier
and Jr make around 100. After quite a bit of mindless S attacks, this thing
will explode and die.

It has three basic attacks, although one of them is not necessarily an attack.
First off, we have a machine gun attack of sorts. Basically, it rapid-fires
the entire party for little damage. Its other attack is the missile launcher,
which hits everybody for a decent amount of damage(approx. 200). Lastly, we
have its third "attack". It's a bit strange, but it's something like this:
after pumping up some damage into this thing, you'll be told that its output
went down to x% and that its counter output also went down to x%. I really
could not determine what this meant, but when he did it, he immediately used
his rocket launcher attack.


Little Master and Mary hack into the mainframe and start to transmit the data
to the Durandal. As they're doing this procedure, a convoy of U-TIC soldier
crashes in. Jr un-holsters both of his guns and does some John-Woo-ic
maneuvers with his gun in order to kill the soldiers. He succeeds, but ends up
destroying the information transition cable(made-up name). Too bad, really. Jr
decides to head back to the ship, while Mary stays behind for a bit,

At the Elsa, Shion wonders where Cherenkov is. He's outside, something that
worries the Captain. The Military is not appreciated here and Cherenkov was
using his uniform when he went outside, meaning that his life is in danger.
Shion decides it's better to go and find him, with the aid of Ziggo. As you
exit the bridge, you'll get an e-mail that'll inform you about KOS-MOS's new
Tech Attack, R . Drill. Perfect. Anyways, Ziggo's at the bottom level(use the
elevator). Find him up and then exit the ship through the airlock, which is
located on the left side of the bridge's staircase.

#########################[ D O C K  C O L O N Y ]#############################

After the short bit of dialogue, head forward across the bridge. At the end,
you'll find the DOCK-CLINIC. There is nothing interesting inside, so move on.
The next building is the TALK TO ME; you can buy a lot of stuff on the counter
downstairs, from AGWS equipment to toiler paper! It'd be advisable to upgrade
your AGWS and your characters, too. Furthermore, in this area, there is
another staircase that goes into the bottom level of the store. In this creepy
zone, you'll find some destruct-able debris. Blow it all up to reach a small
backroom with Segment Address # 2. Also, if you talk with the man here and
give him your e-mail... he'll sooner of later send you an e-mail :)

Back outside, let's continue on down a ramp. Cherenkov is being beaten to a
pulp by the locals. Hammer watches in fear and runs away; it seems this is the
Commander's end. He gets uber-mad and a little sign on his forehead starts to
shine... the same sign that was painted on the Zohar Artifact o_O Back as
Shion, proceed onward until a second cutscene ensues. The party runs toward
the alley Cherenkov was on, ready to fight the thugs... just to find them on
the floor, with their bodies painted in crimson. Cherenkov is nowhere to be
found, as you'd expect.

We run back to the Elsa, where MOMO's trying to heal the Commander, who won't
let the little girl to do such a thing. Ziggy diverts MOMO's attention, saying
that he needs a good tune up. Meanwhile, the commander leaves and we see him
staggering on the ship's bottom level. Something's wrong with him... and the
Zohar sign shines again. Once the cutscene finishes, you'll be back as Shion.
Try to exit through the door in front of you to get an e-mail. Then, head
through the door. Maneuver through this complex and find the elevator that
goes up into the first floor.

Your objective is to get to the bridge. Before doing so, you may want to hop
on into the EVS for some extra levels and money, especially for that latter.
That way, you'll be able to enhance your AGWS and characters before leaving,
while leveling them up. Once comfortable with everything, head into the
bridge. Talk with captain and, if you're ready, tell him to depart. Meanwhile,
at Cherenkov's room, the commander has a seizure and starts to see things.
Poor guy... Shion, on the other hand, is resting peacefully on her room and
has a vision. Ooo, nice. Not so nice, actually, because the ship starts to
tremble as it is taken out of hyperspace, to appear in the middle of an
enormous Gnosis fleet. The Elsa gets carried away shortly after this.

########################[ C A T H R E D A L  S H I P ]########################

To the left of the starting point there is a save point; make good use of it.
Then, head upward and destroy the "structures" there for a Nightwalker and an
Antidote. Continue through this path and you'll reach a bifurcation. You can
go through the upmost path or through the bottom one. Also, there are some -
Cerberus- here. They're very strong and fast having a lot of HP and plenty of
strong attacks like Fireball(80 PTS of DMG), Frostbreath(80 PTS of DMG) and
their fang attack. You should deal with them with Tech attacks; lots of them.
If you're using KOS-MOS, have her use her T attacks, as they do a helluva lot
of damage to these things

Now, take the upmost path, as the bottom one leads to a dead end. You'll hit
another bifurcation, where you can go left or right. Go left to find some
destruct-able "pipes". Blow them up for a Bio Sphere. Head back to the
bifurcation and proceed right this time around. Run across the path into the
next area.

Proceed to the right into a somewhat wide area. Go the north point of it to
find a thin path. Follow it as it is very linear. Eventually, you'll reach an
area where a cutscene will ensue. This is a rather lengthy and VERY
interesting cutscene, especially in the Cherenkov part of it. I recommend you
to pay attention to it; good attention. After a bit, you'll be back on the
Gnosis. You'll be in front of the Ariadne sign. This is also a bifurcation in
which you can go up and through the thin path next to the sign, or head to the
right. Head right first and walk along the path; there'll be -Fairy-'s on your
way; they have a lot of Ether Defense, but fall prey to normal physical
attacks. Two of them and they're done for. At the end of this path, you'll hit
another bifurcation(point b). You can go up or down. Go up first.

You'll see a cardboard here. Destroy it and get the Coat . Fire behind it.
Head to point b again and go down this time around. Follow the road into the
next area. Head right and you'll find a door you can destroy. Before heading
inside this building, head right and around the building until you find two
big crates. Blow them up and head back to the frontside of the building. Head
into it and go up the ladder there. At the top, head to the right across the
semi-destroyed bridge. At the end, destroy all the debris from some stuff.
Also, there is a hidden, destruct-able wall on a nook to the left of the
building here. Inside there is a Revive DX.

Head back to the front of the building and head to the left of it. Follow the
path until you find an elevator. Use it to go down. Then, proceed into the
next area. In here, go to the right and up at the end of the path. Here,
there'll be a staircase. You can go up it or proceed through the pathway right
next to it. Head through this linear path and you'll find another staircase.
Go up and up the next one, too. At the top, head to the right; there'll be an
-Ogre- on your way; board your AGWS and use KOS-MOS attacks to wear it down
quickly(it is slow, but has plenty of Physical Power). You'll bump into some
pipes; destroy them, pick the items that are left behind and move onward into
the next area.

In here, move to the right, until you bump into a ramp going down. Take it and
you'll hit a bifurcation: you can go left or right -- left, you'll find
nothing. Head right first and run along the path(be careful with the fairy
here; if you touch it, you'll have to fight 2 ogres and a fairy. It's an
overly tough and annoying battle, even with AGWS). At the end of this path,
there'll be a store sign as well as a save icon. Save and head through the
opening here, into the mall. In the next screen, run northward across this
linear path, destroying the two containers that'll block your way(they'll also
leave behind 2 Skill Upgrade A and a Frame Repair A). At the other side of the
containers you'll find  an enemy you haven't seen before. You'll notice that
he won't try to follow you, yet he's blocking the path. That means...

                     --------- BOSS BATTLE ---------


This battle will be easy. I recommend you to use chaos and Shion in this
battle, for their AGWS. Be sure they have a reasonable amount of frame health,
too. Otherwise, forget about them. The third character could be KOS-MOS and
her tremendous physical power.

Start off by boarding your AGWS. They should constantly blast Perun with S
attacks, as they do around 150 PTS of DMG. Keep in mind that this thing
absorbs ether based attacks(T attacks and chaos' AGWS O attack) so stay away
from those. KOS-MOS should, meanwhile, build up AP to elaborate her Techs,
preferably R . Blade(that does around 150 PTS of DMG, too). That's how this
battle should flow; and don't be afraid to use healing stuff when low on
health. Also, if you're AGWS seem to be running low on HP, jump out of them. I
don't think this will be necessary: between your AGWS attacks and KOS-MOS's
Techs, you'll be done with this thing in no time flat.

Perun uses a variety of interesting attacks, such as Thunder Crusher, which is
used often and does approximately 100 PTS of DMG. His Zeus Cannon is the
weakest, doing around 50 PTS of DMG. His strongest attack is Electric Wave. It
tends to miss a lot, but when it connects, it can do anywhere from 150 to 250
PTS of DMG, making it Perun's most fearsome attack.


Go up the staircase nearby after the battle. At the top, you'll find a store
with its glass broken, as well as a door nearby. Head inside the store to find
an -Hydra-. If you touch it, you'll have to fight five of them. They're very
weak and defend a lot. I'd recommend using AGWS and KOS-MOS's T attacks to
wear them down very quickly and painlessly. If you beat them, you'll get
Decoder 15. Head forward toward the "COSTMARY" counter and get the Flower Seed
off the desk. After you've done all of this, head through the door outside.

In the next area, run along the catwalks until you find another door. Run
through it into the next area, where you should turn left. You'll see you can
proceed down this path or take the elevator here. Take the elevator first and
go through the open door at the bottom. You'll hit a warehouse of sorts. It's
infested by Unicorns, who are no joke, as they come with two Ogres(DAMN!). You
should try to destroy everything that's out of the Unicorn way. Be sure you
snag all of the items inside those crates! There is one that contains a Med
Kit DX, which you should try to get, as well as Segment Address 13. Once
you're done, head back to the previous area and go up the elevator again.
Proceed down the path and through the door at the end.

In the next screen, go down the ramp. Thoroughly explore the zone, as it is
very expansive and has a lot of branches and paths for you to cross. There are
some items scattered around, too. The path you must take is to the east of the
staircase that comes from the mall; such path is blocked by some stones and
when you approach it, you'll hear a "hum-hum-hum-hum" sound. A cutscene ensues
once you destroy the stones and hit the path itself. The camera zooms in into
a huge Zohar artifact that's apparently the center of the ship. After a bit of
dialogue, we shift back to Cherenkov, who's still staggering around and going
insane. Once you go back to Shion, go and enter the building in front of you.


You may want to explore the area before entering the building; you can find a
Blue monster. Engage it and beat it to get Decoder 9(use similar strategies
like the ones you used against Perun)


Run across the path, fighting any -Lizard Men- you may find. They're weak and
give out a bit of EXP. Problem is that they use a poisonous attack that's very
annoying. But anyway, move on, destroying and killing and through the door at
the end of this path. In the next area, you'll be able to save in a save icon
nearby. Be sure to do so. In the north end of this area, there'll be an
elevator with some orange panels next to it. Destroy the panels to "liberate"
the elevator. Before going down it, head through a door that's located on the
left of the elevator. You'll hit an office of sorts. By the panel at the end
of this room there is a plant pot you can destroy; do so for a Frame Repair Z.

There are two staircases here, on both the eastern and western ends of this
area. Look up the eastern one and go up it; head through the door at the top.
In the next screen, proceed left and destroy the orange terminal there. Tag
the switch here, too. Backtrack to the office and go up the staircase on the
west. Head right this time around and destroy the terminal -- take good note
of that ladder, also. Make your way inside the office once again. Now, it's
time to explore those cubicles. The bottom-right one on the right row has a
Magical Hat hidden within it. And, uh... well yeah, that's all. Head back to
the western staircase and climb up the ladder. At the next floor, proceed to
the right and destroy the two panels there.


Destroy the panel past the elevator find a door. Go through it to find segment
address 9. Decode it if you got the decoder(see the first optional section in
this area's walkthrough) to get a robot part.


Head back to the first floor, where the elevator is now. Before boarding it,
it'd wise to save and heal. Once done, board the elevator and have it take you
to the lower level.  In here, run south until you hit a bifurcation -- point d
it should be called. You can go right or left. Go left and ride down the path
until you see a branch that's blocked off. Destroy the debris that's
protecting and get the Veil inside. Now, head into the main catwalk and run
along it until you find the place where both paths merge. Keep in mind that
the Lizard Me patrolling around come in groups of three plus an -Unicorn- The
Unicorns will revive the Lizard Men up to six times before giving it. A
lengthy battle, eh? I'd recommend to dodge this. If you can't, engage them,
escape, and while invisible, run away.

At any rate, you'll be on where both paths merge. Board the elevator in here
and you'll be taken down into this thing's "basement". After the lengthy
travel, run forward into the LOCKED door. Right next to it there'll be a
panel. Press the switch on this panel to unlock the path. Heal up and run
through the new door. In the next screen the party will find the Zohar
Emulator that was stolen off the Woglinde. As they stare at it, Cherenkov
appears and starts to mutter something. He slowly approaches the emulator...
and something weird happens. He starts to absorb energy off it... or
something. After a bunch of this absorbance, Cherenkov turns into a Huge-Ass
thing. A Gnosis, to be precise.

                      --------- BOSS BATTLE ---------

                        -->Oudogogue x 2, Gargoyle<--

This battle is kinda tough; I hope you have plenty of Cure-All's, Revives, Med
Kits S and Ether Pack S as well as a good party(mine was chaos, KOS-MOS and
Shion) with a good level.

The Oud's have 1000 HP apiece. After every round, they will most use their
Hell's Flash attack that hits every party member for around 80 PTS of DMG.
Deal with them accordingly: chaos' Heaven's Wrath usually does around 330 PTS
of DMG to EVERYTHING, so use it here, too. Constantly. Shion should focus on
healing, while letting go the occasional attack if everybody's at full health.
Meanwhile, the Gargoyle will try to silence you, so I'd recommend you to
extract an skill that prevents silence with both chaos and Shion(if you have

Each Oud that dies, the Gargoyle powers up a bit. Once both are dead, it's
time to go town. The Gargoyle has plenty of HP and is somewhat resistant to...
everything. chaos' Heaven's Wrath attack is still tremendously powerful, doing
over 300 PTS of DMG. KOS-MOS's R . Drill is especially powerful, too. Use both
of those attacks constantly, while taking any necessary time to heal. Always,
always heal and cure the Phys Def Down status effect, that'll be your doom if
the Gargoyle connects while on it.

The Gargoyle uses two attacks: the Hell's Lance which hits one party member
for around 180 PTS of DMG(Shion usually receives around 300) and its Obsidian
claw, which does around 100-180 PTS of DMG(Shion will get like 400!) and puts
you on Phys Def Down status. If you're hit while in this status, you'll
probably die. It's vital for you to revive, heal and cure any statuses you
might get. Both chaos and Shion should heal everybody(I had Shion transfer
Medica-All to chaos) if possible. KOS-MOS should also heal and use anything
that's necessary to use... doh! I can't stress how important it is to heal,
revive and cure statuses. You'll stand a much better chance.


Guess what? cutscene time!

##########################[ T H E  D U R A N D A L]###########################

MOMO'S gone and you need to find her. As you head towards this area's exit
point, you'll get an e-mail. Read it through and run through the exit door. In
the next room, head to the left to hit the train(???) station. Explore the
areas thoroughly. Start off by heading to the residential area. In here,
there'll be an "inn" as well as some destruct-able crap that hold some nifty
items. To the right of the "GAME ROOM" board there is a room(The Casino) where
you can get the Casino Passport and save your game. To the left of this board
there is another door that leads into another area of the ship. Inside the
house on the southeast you can find two destruct-able walls that hide a Med
Kit S and an Ether Upgrade S within them.

Go up the corridor that goes north and destroy the panels around the left wall
for a Med Kit DX. At the end of this path, you'll be able to go left or right.
Go left to find a resting room where you can get 2 Ether Upgrade A by
destroying the leftmost aquarium. If you go right you'll find another house.
Inside, destroy those walls on the room itself to find a Med Kit DX. There is
also a store here. You're probably a bit short on money, so just ignore it for

Head into the park to see a cutscene. MOMO's worried about her daddy's mental
state. Was he really a lunatic? Since he built her... is she bad, too? Shion
arrives and has a good chat with her. Watch the rest of the cutscene. Once it
is finished, you'll have to reach your room at the residential area. It's an
empty room with a red carpet inside; once you get inside, you'll know it's the
correct one(that red carpet is very distinctive. Plus, there is a robot
inside). As you approach the area, you're bound to get an e-mail from...
Namco. It's basically some shameless Ace Combat 4 propaganda... honest.
They're promoting their game inside this game! Isn't that imaginative? But
anyway, once you hit your room, head to the eastern wing of it and you'll be
able to call it a day. Do so and watch the Durandal "dock" into the

#####################[ K U K A I  F O U N D A T I O N ]#######################

Gaignun Kukai, "president" of the Foundation and Jr's "father"(eh???) greets
the party. He then has a lengthy talk with Jr.

Eventually, you'll get control of Shion. Board the ship's "train" and head
into the dock. In here, go up the automatic staircase(that's how we call 'em
anyway) and talk with Jr. there. Afterward, board that little ship on the
right and you'll be sent into the foundation itself. It's party time! Enjoy
the cutscene and a nice-looking Shion, stripped down to her bikini ;)

After another lengthy and interesting cutscene you'll be back as Shion. You're
still on the beach, as usual. Shion told us that she wanted some rest at City
27's hotel. Try to exit the beach and you'll bump into Ziggo. After a brief
talk, exit the beach once and for all. You'll hit the Foundation's World
Map... Xenogears, anyone? Doesn't this feel like a certain area of that game?
Heh. It sure as hell does. These are the locales: Launch Pad, right next to
the Durandal, an AGWS shop that's on the western side of the city -- inside
this shop, there is a game called Destroy Runner. It's a quiz; a very simple
one at that. The hardest questions would be the cleaner one(answer: smelly
looking purple t-shirt) and the girl at the dock clinic one(answer: Luty). The
professor's name is Professor and the one who's all fired up by the drill is
Holgar. In the Dock Colony, the parts shop was called TALK TO ME and... uh,
well, that's all I remember. You should be able to answer it very easily,
though. You'll get a PM Card C.

On the western portion of the shop there is a staircase that leads into the
robot academy where you'll find an eccentric old man who's looking for some
robot parts in order to construct the ultimate robot. Take good note of this
old man and head back into the world map. The City sector we have to visit is
the building in the middle, so head there. Inside the city itself, run to the
left until you find the hotel("Our Treasure") Before heading there, proceed
into the next area. There are some things for you to find here: on the East6
house, that's up the stairs directly in front of this zone's entrance, you'll
be find a destruct-able car. Blow it up for an Escape Pack. Inside this very
same house, go up the stairs and through the door on the western corner.
Follow the path into a house; go down the stairs and destroy the closets for
1200 G, 2 Ether Upgrade S and Segment Address No 3. It's worth mentioning that
this house is enormous, too!

Look for, on the upper level of this zone, some catwalks. Board them and
ignore the multiple doors that invite you to go through. Look for a ladder and
go down it; press the switch to your immediate left and you'll make the ladder
extend itself, so you can access this area from down below. Now, that'd be
all... head back to Our Treasure and run inside. Talk with the little girl by
the counter and you'll have your beauty sleep. Now, it's time to head back to
the Elsa. Board the launch pad(it's on the world map) and you'll hit the
Durandal's dock. In here, go down the automatic staircase and head into the
Elsa. Once inside, talk with Allen who's nearby. The scene shifts to Pleroma,
where Margulis chats with some fat man. They debate whether it is possible to
access Old Miltia and the importance of MOMO's and the data that's hidden
within her.

Action shifts to a silver-haired man inside a robot(I don't dare to call it an
AGWS... we'll learn soon). He's talking with Margulis about recovering a
certain something. Margulis says that getting this object won't be an easy
feat. Thus, they might be forced to use the "Song of Nephilim". The silver-
haired man is surprised about this, as he thought Margulis hated such "thing2
with a passion. As the connection ends, the silver-haired man's identity is
revealed: Albedo, a monster born of the Life Recycling process. Pellegri
wonders if the Song of Nephilim will be really used... just as Margulis
reveals its powers.

The Foundation(or the Durandal???) is moving on the Second Miltian star
system(while Jr's getting all sweet on MOMO) when, all of a sudden, an
enormous fleet blocks the way off. The fleet immediately releases its most
powerful attacks and hits us hard. Everything blacks out for a bit, just as a
Realian informs that we were hit by a Photon Torpedo. The action flies to the
Federation, where somebody informs the committee about the Foundation's recent
acts. They decide to declare a war of sorts to the Foundation and its
founders, Second Miltia. All hell breaks loose here, with people arguing about
the Foundation, the past, the Gnosis, blah blah.

Something fishy's going on, as the Durandal's being accused of destroying the
Woglinde!  The U-TIC people doctored some videos here and there and got
that... they truly hate us, eh? Meanwhile, the Foundation's is being taken
over... some Federation people hit the Durandal's bridge. They take over of
everything and decide to take both Allen and Shion as witnesses. They will
also take KOS-MOS with them and MOMO. Jr goes berserk as they take MOMO away
and tries to kick some ass but he simply can't o.O Ah, too bad. The party geta
taken to a room where they're held prisoners. Gaignun, who's outside, talks
with Helmer; apparently they've got some kind of plan. Helmer then shifts his
attention to Mr. Wilhelm. They agree that U-TIC is after the original Zohar
and U-DO... which shouldn't be awoken again(???).

Lapis fills the party about the current situation, which doesn't look too
good. They wonder about a concrete piece of evidence that would get them out
of this crap... the Woglinde's black box was modified, so that's out of the
question. Durandal's database is way too standard to be of any use... but,
then, we have KOS-MOS, whose triple A encrypting protects her from data-
modifying. She's what we need to prove our innocence. However, in order for
the party to get this equipment, they'd need to open KOS-MOS with the
appropriate keys... there is another way around this, though. We'd need to
dive into the Encephalon and experience the data by ourselves. Allen's not too
fond about such idea, but there is nothing he can do.

Now comes a cool part of this cutscene... Lapis hands over a piece of
equipment that'll open any locked door you come across. Before you can leave,
though, you need to make this look real... by knocking Lapis out. Ziggo gives
her a good punch and sends her to wonderland. That was pretty cool ;) Yeah,
I'm bad. Just as you exit the room, you'll have to fight two soldiers as
chaos. Beat them with S attacks. They'll also miss most of their attacks, so
don't worry.

Once outside, head to the right. The blue door there is the one you need to go
through. Before heading there, go up the corridor and turn right. Head into
the house there and get the Equip Item off the chest inside. Back outside, run
through the blue door. Proceed on to the right. Go down when you can. As
usual, the path is infested by -Fed. Soldiers- They have plenty of HP, but it
can be worn down easily wit Jr's and chaos' attacks. Keep in mind that they do
A LOT of DAMAGE per attack! Try to kill them as fast as possible to prevent
way too much damage. There are also -Gertzog FE- They don't do as much damage
as you'd think they'd do, but try to wear them down quickly with Techs -- phys
attack do little damage to them, while ethers do a bit more, depending on
which character you're using. Jr, for example, is utterly useless against
these things, while Shion's ethers are particularly good.

The door at the bottom is our final destination. Keep in mind that there is a
house on an adjacent hallway to the left where you can heal your wounds(it's
also protected by a Gertzog). The bottom door is protected by two guards. Beat
one and, while invisible, rush through the door before the other one can touch
you. At the train zone, you'll find plenty of guards. Awesomely enough, it's
overly easy to dodge them(if you want to do so). Simply run past them and
board the train. Destination? The Docks. When you hit them, board the Elsa as
fast as possible(If you want to fight, do so, but at least skip that blasted

... YOU CAN'T! The door's locked, so you need to find a door for the cargo.
The door's here at the dock; first off, engage the Gertzog that's around.
After what will be a rather complicated battle, you'll be able to go down the
staircase the Gertzog was protecting. Do so and turn right to find a ladder.
Take it down. Run across the catwalk and up the ladder at the end. At tope top
of it, run to the right and jump into the Elsa's roof. Move on and watch the

Hurry to the maintenance lab(you may want to rest at the Elsa's 1F before
moving on); from where you arrive, go right and down the path. At the end of
it, turn east and look for a staircase going down. Follow it and turn left at
the bottom; go through the door. Inside, look for a door on the south and run
through it. In the hangar, go down the lift and turn left, looking for another
lift(you might want to boost up your AGWS here, or heal them). Take it up and
run through the door to find KOS-MOS. Watch the cutscene.

###########################[ E N C E P H A L O N ]############################

You will take control of a party made out of Jr, MOMO and Ziggo... what a
suck-ass team, I tells ya. Anyway, to the left there is a save point. With
that in mind, head right. Notice those circular lights... if you step in one
of them, you'll(obviously) engage a group of -Dirlewangers- and a -Kubel- It
will be a rather lengthy fight, but not too tough. Have MOMO use her Ether
Attacks on the helicopter while healing. Ziggo and Jr should focus on
attacking the Dirlewangers, mainly with Tech Attacks. On the 'wangers are
dead, keep on using techs on the Kubel to finally wear it down. This battle
will grant you 433 EXP and 1600 G. Not too shabby eh? I wouldn't recommend
leveling up JUST NOW, though.

Move on to the end of this path, outta the light's way. At the end of the
path, you'll find a destruct-able barrel in the middle of everything. Destroy
it and quickly get outta the light's way. After it's gone, snag the Ruby
Helmet. From the helmet, go south, flattening along the right wall. Go past
the light here and run southward into the next area. In here, another cutscene
will ensue. After it finishes you'll be as Shion. Simply run through the
doorway in front of you. In the next area you'll find a save point to the
right. Use it if you must and continue eastway from the save point. Destroy
the numerous statues here for 5 Ether Pack s, Blade Soul, 3 Bio Sphere,
Rejuvenator, a battle against a Gnosis(one of the statues is actually a Gnosis
-- it's got plenty of physical strength and defense, so deal with him using
ethers and the occasional tech) and 5 Revive.

Continue through this path and down the staircase at the end. The path here is
mostly blocked off, so simply follow it towards the area's exit on the south.
In the next zone, turn left and walk down the path to find a Gnosis. If you
engage it, you'll have to fight a -Bugbear-(the one you probably saw before)
and 4 -Kobold- Deal with Kobolds using techs and physical attacks while you
use Ethers on the Bugbear. It's going to be pretty tough if you aren't at full
health, so please heal before engaging. Once the path is clear, you'll hit the
main street(point a, walking lane). Go right first to find an opening that
lets you get into the street itself. Run down to its end get into the
rightmost lane. Run to its top to find an opening to the walking lane. Run
down it and head into a nook where there is a chest and a Kobold. Beat the
Kobold(have Shion heal and use Lighting blast while chaos uses Heaven's Wrath
for a less complicated fight) and get the PM Card E off the chest.

Heal up and proceed further to the left of this nook to find another opening-
Run through it to find the entrance to the sewers(manhole a). Across from it
there is a green woman. Talk to her and you'll end up engaging a Larva Doll.
She absorbs physical attacks so use a healing item on her to kill her. Isn't
that awesome? Afterward, head to the right of the lady to find a big crate.
Destroy it to find a hidden manhole. Go down it. Below, run upward and up the
stairs. In the next screen, press the switch nearby and run down the stairs.
Head to the left and fight the -Troll- there. Use constant Ether attacks and
Techs to wear it down very quickly. After he's gone, go up the staircase
nearby and tag the switch. Go back down and destroy the panel to the left for
Segment Address No. 5. If you got the Decoder back at the Gnosis, you'll be
able to get the Double Buster hidden within it, which lets you use two Techs
per turn. If you didn't get the decoder(you probably didn't...), still keep
this location in mind for the near future, as such item is very useful.

Head back to where the Larva Doll was and head down manhole a. Below, go
across the small bridge and destroy the rubbish on the left for 5 Ether
Upgrade S. Go back across the bridge and proceed east to find a switch and
another bridge. Tag the switch and cross the bridge. Run across the winding
path. At the end, there'll be a Larva Doll. Kill it and go down the steps
nearby and head into the next area.

You'll take control of Jr once again. Go down and you'll see a robot; it's a
variation of the Gertzog, so you know it ain't good. I'd recommend you to
dodge them all. Once you hit the southernmost part of this area, turn right
and head into the subway. In here, proceed to the left along the debris until
you find a save point. Notice all of those little red screens... go through
the path under the fourth one(from bottom to top) after saving and you'll find
a door. In here, run to the left and jam on the circle button until you find
Segment Address 15. Decode it and head into the segment corridor to find an
Angel Ring, which halves EP used. Save this for Shion. Run back outside. Head
toward the save point and go down the staircases nearby. Below, run to the
left(ignore the bench as it'll release a Kubold if destroyed) and destroy the
red thing at the end for two Frame Repairs. Afterward, head through the
opening here and run to the right into the next area.

Keep heading right until you hit some debris; go down then and into the
walking lane. Proceed on to the right and use a ramp made out of metal to
board a wrecked train here. Continue on to the right and down the ramp at the
end. Go north into a nook of sorts and up the ladder there. At the top, head
left and fight the Larva Doll that runs into you. Kill it with a Med Kit, as
usual. At the end of this short path, there'll be a container. Blow it up and
head back down. Head into the wrecked train again and proceed to the left. At
its leftmost end, destroy the door for an Ether Pack S. Before running up the
ramp here, head outside the train and turn left. Look for the opening you made
here with that container and snag the Venom Block off the chest. Run up that
ramp afterward and go across the train's rooftop. Look for a ramp on the right
and slide down it. Study the area for an opening on the top wall and run
through it. Head right into the next area.

Follow the path to the right, fighting the Gremlins as you go. They're pretty
easy; simply kill the Gremlins first because their Acid Rain attack is overly
powerful. As you go, keep an eye on an short ladder that's a bit before the
bridge. When you find it, climb it up and go through the door there, but only
if you unlocked it as Shion. At the other side there'll be a chest with
Decoder 12. Now that you have that, advance further to the right, past the
bridge to find another ladder. Climb this one up, too. Watch the ensuing

As Shion, save up on the icon nearby and head east along the path(no way to
get lost, trust me). Along the way, you'll find Basilisks, a new breed of
enemy. They're less resistant to Phys attacks than to Ether attacks; make good
use of this knowledge. Now, in the next screen, you will see a bunny run
away... weird, eh? Run along the linear path. There'll be Troll, who should
pose no trouble to you. There'll be also some Basilisks along the way, who
should be easy also. Keep in mind that this path is also pretty long.
Furthermore, you'll have to make your own path by blowing up stuff
occasionally. And if you're wondering how to get that chest on a "tower", you
simply need to blow up the tower; inside the chest is a Topaz. The path will
end here and you'll be left wondering "WHAT THE HELLZ D00 I D00 NOUW!!!112?!?"
Simply backtrack through the caves you made and head to the far east into the
next area(which was kinda hidden, eh?)

Run across the wooden plank to see the bunny again. Run down the grassy ramp
on the left and head toward the house here. Someone seems to be home, but
there is no response... oh great. WHY DON'T WE JUST OPEN THE DOOR LIKE WE DO

Run to the western end of this area. In a small "peninsula" that's being
patrolled by a Kobold you'll find a little bridge. Shoot it down and go across
it. Run to the right and head into the cave at the end of the path. In the
next area, run left and across the wooden plank. Destroy the "things" in this
little field for S. Carrot Juice. Plenty of it. Now, if you head right of the
cave you'll bump into a tree you can destroy; do so for a Frame Repair Z. Head
back to the previous area.


With the Juice at hand, you'll be able to get what's inside the Bunny's house.
See that log in front of the house. Examine it to set up the juice there. The
Bunny will run out of his house for some juice; run inside the house before he
does and snag Decoder 3 off the chest.


Back into the previous area, go up the grassy ramp. Run across the wooden
plank here and you'll get a view of the Rabbit's house. Run down the semi-
hidden path on the left and follow it into the next area. A cutscene ensues.
After it, head to the right and enter the church there; watch the cutscene.
Meet Febronia; have her heal you and save the game. Then, go through the door
Febronia's standing by. Brace yourself, for what's to come ain't going to be
easy(I recommend you to organize your party like this before moving on: Shion,
Jr(both obligatory) and chaos) Also, be sure you equip the Angel Ring on

                     --------- BOSS BATTLE ---------


Tiamat's a complicated fight, but once you know the trick, it's all about
maintaining yourself healthy and having tons of patience. First off, Tiamat
loves Shion's and Jr's consciousness. This doesn't seem to affect anything,
until he's about to die. It works like this: when he's one hit away from
dying, Shion OR Jr should deliver the decisive shot, the one that will kill
him. That's the only way to destroy it; for a while, at least. Once he's been
killed once, he'll heal up 1500 HP and proceed on with the battle.

At this point, wear its HP down again and have Shion or Jr deliver the last
shot. Keep in mind that if Jr gave the first decisive shot and he does it
again here, Tiamat will simply heal again and you'll have to work its HP down
all over again. After both decisive shots, Tiamat will finally succumb and the
battle will be over.

He's not overly powerful but can give you quite a bit of trouble, especially
if you didn't know how he worked. His most powerful attack is Ruined Earth,
which hits all party members for around 280 PTS of DMG. I've also noticed that
when Tiamat reactions to Shion's consciousness(you'll get a message) this
attack sometimes does around 450 PTS of DMG to her; that's quite a lot. The
monster's normal attack is no weak stuff, either, doing around 150 PTS of DMG
per hit. Its other attack, Berserker Fist, is very powerful(around 200 PTS of
DMG) but nothing's as bad as Ruined Earth.

That's why you should always keep yourself healthy; don't let your HP fall
below 400(you heard right) and constantly cure your party members with Medica
All or Medica Rest if there is only one person who needs to be healed. Before
you think about attacking Tiamat, try to heal a considerable amount of health
so that any counterattack is bearable. If one of your characters were to die,
spend your turns reviving him and healing him, before doing anything else. I
can't stress how important is to keep yourself healthy and to revive your
partners in this fight. This will be the key to your success.

I'd recommend having Jr deal the first decisive shot. Have Shion, first off,
build AP so she can use her Techs. Don't use any, though, and have her
constantly heal and revive characters(be sure you've got the Angel Ring
equipped on her). Have chaos repeatedly use Lunar Seal and Jr use Storm Waltz.
Both attacks seem to get critic hits quite often, making them highly useful.
Eventually, you'll wear Tiamat down to its last bit of health. Have Jr destroy
him to complete phase one.

Phase two is not too different; chaos and Jr will still have to constantly
attack while Shion heals. Please note that chaos healing spells are also quite
useful throughout this fight, and should be used if Shion's EP is completely
empty. I had Medica All on chaos; be sure you too have it by transferring it
over. Now, eventually, you'll take Tiamat's to its last bit of health, once
again. Be sure it has around 200 and unleash Spell Ray on him with Shion to
end this tough fight.

Last words of advice: cure, revive and use EP-restoring items.


Another lengthy cutscene ensues.

##########[ K U K A I  F O U N D A T I O N  2nD  I G N I T I O N ]############

Once you take control of Shion you'll be back on her room. Head into where the
bedroom area and blow up the walls there to find the armory key. Head out of
here and run to the ship's train. You'll get two E-Mails as you go; read 'em
and download the new stuff you get for KOS-MOS. Once you hit the train, have
it take you to the Hangar. Here, head to the right to find a locked door;
examine it and you'll use your Armory Key on it, thus unlocking it. Inside,
destroy all of the crap you see for a Frame Repair Z, a weapon( MSS
something... hey, I forget things too!) and the infamous Decoder 5. With this
Decoder at hand, you'll be able to get the Double Buster at Segment Address 5,
which is in the Encephalon. I wouldn't recommend going there now, though.

Go to Kukai using the shuttle and head into the area map. Go to the City
Sector; Allen's at Ironman. It'd be advisable to explore the area before you
talk to him, because when you do, a lengthy cutscene will start. So, let's
explore! There are plenty of items for us to get here. Firstly, head inside
the clothes shop on the westeeeeeernmost portion of the city. Inside, look for
the dryers. One of them has a little staircase in front of it. Go up it and
examine the dryer for PM Card B. Go up the staircase by the dryers and examine
the white suit there for a Fish Detector. Now, head into the East 66 house and
talk with the guy who's boxing -- King. Watch the hilarious cutscene.

Inside this warehouse there are two destruct-able crates on the top-right
corner of the first floor. One of them contains a Pink thing; talk to it for
info about Tom, at the Dock Colony. After this, head back to the area map and
go to the beach. Use the fish detector to make the fishes appear on the radar.
Catch them until you snag a big fish; it'll have an Engagement Ring hidden
within it. Go to Ironman and talk with the crying girl that's inside; you'll
lend her over the Engagement ring and get Decoder 8 in exchange. After this,
talk to Tom inside the AGWS shop. Afterward, head to the Docks at the Durandal
and board the Elsa. Talk with the Captain and have him take you to the Dock

There, you will have plenty of things to do. First off, head to the Dock
Clinic and talk with Luty, who's in the reception room. If you have the Flower
Seed with you, you'll hand it over to her. Eventually, it'll bloom and you'll
be given a Tech Upgrade Z. But this won't happen anytime soon, so be sure you
visit the Clinic once again later on for your prize. After this, head out of
the clinic. Head into TALK TO ME and upgrade your AGWS if possible. After
this, board the Elsa back and go to Kukai once again. Lastly, go back to
Ironman and talk with Allen. A lengthy cutscene will start.

After it is over, you'll be on the Durandal's bridge. Before you go to Kukai,
head to the Residential District; most precisely into the Casino. Use the EVS
icon there so you are taken into the Encephalon. Look for Segment Address
5(explore around and you will eventually find the place -- you'll have to go
from Jr's area to Shion's starting point) and decode it to get the Double
Buster, which lets you use two Techs per turn(if you have the AP, of course).
With that useful item in hand, backtrack to the area where Feb's church is; a
transfer point is around there. I know that all of this is a lengthy process
and is very annoying, but, look at it like this: you'll get plenty of EXP, TP,
SP and EP and snag the Double Buster as well, which is tremendously useful.

Back at the Durandal, use the shuttle to head to Kukai, most precisely the
City Sectors. Talk with the major nearby and you'll be told you need to rescue
the persons who're still trapped. Here are the Locations(as well as some item

     -- 1 -- Inside Iron Man. There will be this guy that's trying to hide
             himself between the Iron 3 cardboard here.

     -- 2 -- Inside Our Treasure; first off, head to the left and beat the
             Troll. Unlock the door there by using this number: 1028. Open
             the door and you'll release a little girl.

  -- Item -- Inside Our Treasure; on the right there is a staircase. Before
             going up, head to the left to reach the area behind the counters.
             Get the Swimsuit off the chest.

  -- Item -- Go up the staircase and head into the warehouse to the right.
             Destroy the debris for a battle Gear.

  -- Item -- Behind where you got the Battle Gear there'll be an opening.
             Go through it and activate the switch. Head back to Ironman
             and go behind the counter to get this item.

     -- 4 -- See above. Go behind the Counters and destroy the tower of crates
             there. Behind them you will find another person.

  -- Item -- Go up the stairs at Our Treasure and head into the warehouse
             to the right. Go up the ladder and into the room there. Exit
             it through the bottom to hit the balcony. Once you do, push the
             stick to the right and don't let go of it until you hit a
             small offshoot with a panel on it. Destroy it to find
             Segment Address 1

     -- 5 -- See above up until you hit the balcony. This time, instead of
             pushing to the right, push to the left, letting yourself fall
             into the fenced-off garbage area. Destroy the dumpsters  for
             100 G and to find the fifth citizen.

     -- 6 -- In the next area, you'll see a Basilisk attacking the statue
             of the classmate of Gaignun's second cousin(honest; that's
             whom the statue's shaped after). Beat the Basilisk to rescue
             the old woman who had climbed up the statue, in fear(you'll
             have to destroy the statue first)

     -- 7 -- Go inside the Clothe Shop. The only entrance is on the western
             side of the city; up a staircase by a Bugbear. When you get
             inside, go forward until you find a Fire Trap by a Larva Doll.
             Use the Trap on the doll and go down, across the trap, into the
             shop's workshop to find this woman.

     -- 8 -- Go up the staircase by the Fire Trap/Larva Doll and through
             the door. Turn right and go into the catwalks there and through
             the only open door. Inside the bakery, go through the door on
             the bottom room to hit the catwalks again. Follow them to another
             door. Inside, follow the path until you reach a room with a
             Basilisk on it. Kill it and destroy the bookcase. Use that
             little hole to eavesdrop on the good baker who's being harassed
             by a Bugbear. Exit through the door nearby and turn left. Go
             down the ramp and tag the switch at the end. Head right and up
             the ladder and use the newly formed bridge to go through
             the door that was previously hanging in the air. Kill the
             Bugbear to rescue this guy.

  -- Item -- Destroy the structures by where the baker was for 1000 G.

     -- 9 -- Use the staircase behind the structures where the 1000 G
             where and right. Go up the ladder there, into the top
             catwalk. Get out of it and go right, through the first
             door you come across. Talk with King who's nearby to rescue

     -- 10-- Go outside and down the staircases in front of ye. Enter
             East 66 through the front and engage the Troll nearby.
             Talk to Johnny and he'll tell you that he needs his loved
             one. Destroy the crate nearby to find her and rescue both.

     -- 11-- See above(the girl)

     -- 12-- Exit East 66 and go up the staircase to the right. Go left
             and hop into the catwalk and through the door by the ladder.
             Follow the path until you are outside the Bakery, by the Clothe
             Shop. Get inside and go toward where the woman here was. Destroy
             the desk that's next to the clothe wheels and climb up the
             ladder. Follow the path past the kitty on the window(do not go
             into the bakery's rooftop; continue right, past it) At the
             end, there'll be a destruct-able panel on the wall. Blow
             it up to find this little kid.

     -- 13-- Destroy the gray gate that's near where the kid was and slide
             down. Get into the bakery and maneuver through this place
             until you find the entrance to the warehouse's top floor(the
             exact area where you found King). From here, you should be able
             to see a switch by a Larva Doll. Head there, but ignore the
             switch for now. Instead, run through the door nearby. Follow
             the path into the clothe shop; go down the staircase and
             engage the Larva Doll there to rescue this girl(hint: use
             healing items on the Larva Faces, too. They may escape battle,

     -- 14-- Head back to the switch and press it this time around. You'll
             make a bookcase move, thus unlocking a new path. Maneuver around
             the catwalks and head through the new door. Go up the staircase
             and through the door at the top. Run to the left and fight the
             Larva Doll to rescue this little kitten.

You have rescued everyone! Destroy the panel nearby and head left. Go down the
ladder to hit the clothe shop. Exit it through the top door and then, head
into the bakery through the only passable door. Follow the path through the
first two rooms to hit the catwalks again. Use the bridgie here and head to
the ladder on the eastern side of the catwalk and go down it. Head back to the
Our Treasure hotel and save inside. Afterward, try to exit the town.

                      --------- BOSS BATTLE ---------

                            -->Gigas x 2<--

This will be an extremely tough battle. First off, be sure you have plenty of
Revives with yourself and that all three characters have Medical All... Ok,
and Shion(you can replace Shion and KOS-MOS, but, for your own sake, have
chaos in your group). Lastly, I'd recommend you to set chaos' Heaven's Wrath
to HI speed, so you can use just by pressing S, O. That will make the battle
flow much faster. If you can, set Shion's Spell Ray to HI, too, but it's not
necessary(Heaven's Wrath is almost obligatory -- I hope you've been saving
those Tps)

This thing's tough because it has a crapload of attacks, all of them lethal
and annoying. First off, we have Wave Blast, which hits everybody for around
80 PTS of DMG. If the Gigas hits CRTC(Critical), prepare to absorb up to 200+
PTS of DMG. Not pretty eh? We also have Frostbite, which the Gigas use ALMOST
EVERY TURN and hits everybody for up to 280 PTS of DMG. This is the main
problem here, because this attack is used very often.

Its Cursed Aura and normal attack do almost the same damage: anything between
130 and 160. I've noticed that the Gigas usually picks a target for Cursed
Aura and constantly bombards him or her with that attack, exclusively. It's
tremendously annoying: Shion gets picked as the target, is bombarded with
Cursed Aura until death, is revived, gets bombarded JUST AS SHE REVIVES and
dies again. That's a typical scenario. And... it has its Deathbringer attack,
which kills a party members immediately and NEVER FAILS!

The Key here is to maintain yourself healthy. Constantly heal with Shion; make
her your main healer. Revive & Heal, that will be Shion's main role(keep in
mind that if you need to revive or heal with KOS-MOS, for example, or anybody
else, by all means do it!). KOS-MOS should build AP constantly for X-Buster.
If an extra dose of health or revival is required, have KOS-MOS take such a
feat. chaos should be hitting the Gigas with his Heaven's Wrath, which is
hopefully set at HI(I.e. you can use it just by pressing S and then O)
Constantly pound the Gigas and Heal every now and then and they will
eventually go down.

ALTERANTE STRATEGY(by Fchute4928@aol.com -- re-written by me):

Be sure you have Shion and Jr. Give Shion the White Ring, and Jr should have
the Bravesoul, Commander's Crest and Double Buster. Make sure Shion has safety
level and Jr has Storm Waltz, so he can use it twice each turn if he has 6 AP.
Your third character should have boost 1.

On Shion's first turn, have her cast safety lock on Jr. Have the third
character cast Boost 1 on him. Attack normally(build up AP with Jr) until
Gaignun's got his HP in red. Let go two Storm Waltz then.

ADDITIONAL INFO(by JG<jperson9920@hotmail.com>):

"When you fight the Gigas bosses, you said that they're really hard, partly
because of deathbringer and frostbite. If you have Jr,  use his 'Misty' ether
on them, they can't use deathbringer or frostbite, and just lose their turn
when they try to do it.For me,  chaos' Angel Blow tech did good damage to the
one on the left, and Jr.'s Last Symphony did good damage to the one on the
right, so I'm guessing that the one on the left is weak against ether, and the
one on the right is weak against physical".


Leave the town and head to the Durandal. Cutscene. After it, head back to
Kukai for MOMO -- she won't be there. Then, go back to the Durandal. A Long-
ass cutscene will ensue once hit the Residential District(enjoy Albedo's

Now, it's time for us to go to the Song of Nephilim. Before doing so, we
should do a few things:

-- Respond to the e-mails you will get as you exit the bridge. This includes
one that informs you about KOS-MOS latest weapon, the F . Scythe.

-- Go to the place where the Pink Bug is(King's warehouse) and talk to him.
Choose "Great Story"(this only happens if you talked to Tom at the Dock
Colony). Then, backtrack to the Durandal, specifically its park. According to
the bug, there "is a segment key on the ground shaded by a potted tree". After
entering the park, head to the far right and you'll see a little sparkly.
Examine that area for this decoder. Afterward, decode the door at Kukai for a
Robot Part.

-- Get Decoder 9 from "Inside a Gnosis", as well as Decoder 3 from
"Encephalon" and unlock their respective doors: 9's at the Gnosis, while 3's
at Kukai's Clothe Shop. Check the walkthrough for more detailed information
about the locations of the decoders & doors. Decode 'em both for 2 extra robot

-- Decode Segment Address 8 at the Elsa's basement.

-- With those 5 robot parts, go to the AGWS shop's basement and lend them over
to professor. You'll get two summon spells. You're missing once piece, but you
can't get it now, sadly.

-- Before going to the Song of Nephilim you should train a bit and get a
considerable amount of money. The best place is at the U-TIC battleship; fight
Meld Gareth constantly and get to level 26 at least. For money, you could rely
on Meld Gareth(he gives 1000 G) or the guys at the Encephalon(1600 G).

-- Lastly, try to obtain the Battle Passport, which will let you play a neat
game. It is at the first Encephalon, right at the end of it, in the area where
you fought Drone GX. It'll be hidden within a red box next to an Exit Point.
Now, with this passport, you can play an AWESOME and fun Minigame. Check it

-- You might want to play at the Casino for extra money -- too bad it's not
_easy_ money, but you can get plenty of it.

-- At the casino, I'd recommend you to purchase the "Bravesoul". An excellent
item that boosts strength up as you receive damage in battle. Awesome.

After you've done all of this side stuff, go to the Elsa's bridge and have
Matthews take you to the Thong of... er, Song of Nephilim.

#######################[ S O N G  O F  N E P H I L I M ]######################

After a cutscene or two inside the Song, you'll take control back of your
party, along with the groove(???). Organize it and go through the door. In the
next screen, run to the other side of the bridge to hit an elevator of sorts.
You will notice that there is a tower in the middle, with a shiny little
switch on it, as well as a steep ramp on the northeast. And a whole bunch of
crates. In order to make the elevator to operate, you'll need to destroy
certain crates and then push the switch. Because of this, I feel it's utterly
necessary to represent this room in an ASCII map:

     /                                        \    That's, more or less, how
    /                                          \ this room is shaped. First
   /                             AAAA           \ of all, I must give out
  /   FFFFFOOOO                  AAAA            \ general pointers: each
 /    FFFFFOOOO                  AAAA             \ group of letters represent
/     OOOOO                                        \ a crate. Not all of them
|                                                  | are cube-shaped, as you
|                                                  | can see. For instance,
| SSSSS                                            | A is shaped like a tower,
| SSSSS             TOWERPANEL                     | like W. Furthermore, we
|                     PANEL                        | have crates that are on
|                                   IIUUU          | top other crates.
|                                   IIUUU          | Firstly, U is on top I.
|                                   IIIII          | F is on top O and H is
\                                   IIIII          / on top Q. Destroying the
 \ HHHHHQQQQ                                      / bottom crate will make
  \HHHHHQQQQ                                     / the other one to fall into
   \QQQQ                                          the ground -- for instance,
    \         WWWW              YYYYY          / destroy Q and H will hit
     \        WWWW              YYYYY         / the floor. Your Job here is
      \       WWWW                           / to destroy the crates so when
       \______WWWW__________________________/ you activate the panel, it takes
you *somewhere*, depending on what crates you destroyed. For the breakdown:

Destroy W and Y and you'll be taken to the second floor. There is NOTHING of
interest here. Destroy W, Y, Q, S, I and A to be taken into the fifth floor.
Head into it and run to its end to find Decoder 14. Now, back to the first
floor... destroy O, F, S, Q, H, W, Y and I to be taken to sixth floor... Run
to its ends, and take note of those two doorways that go west(not the little
ones, but the big ones). At the end of this path, there will be a Neo Armor

Destroy A, O and F to unlock the path into level 3. By running to the area's
end, you'll find another crate that, when destroyed, will reward you with a
Med Kit DX. Also, inside this level there is a switch you must press. It is
across one of the nooks where the Realians hide -- the one near the end of the
path. Go through the door and turn left. Start jamming the circle button to
activate the switch; press, as it is vital to advance-  Destroy I, U, W, Y and
S to be taken into level 4, where you'll find nothing. Now, having done all of
this, head into level six. Remember those two doorways I mentioned? Go through
the first one and run across the newly formed bridge. At the next area, head
into the center and save. You should notice all of the possible paths that you
can take... Hm, decisions, decisions...  First off, there are three paths on
the north, and two on the south. The southeastern path is the one you used to
get here, so let's just ignore that.

On the north there are three paths. Now, let's call this room "Tower 2 -
Branching Room", for a good reference(fun thing is, this IS Tower 2). Start
off by taking the north-center door(the one that's up north and in the
center...) In the next screen, kill off the enemy that's blocking the
path(Capto Nortum) and go right. Destroy the container at the end for a cross.
Go back to the Branching Room and this time, take the northwestern path. In
the next screen, go across the mini bridge and go right. Beat the Realian
there(Calx -- as usual, physical attacks and nicely leveled-up Spell Ray will
do the most damage, unless you've worked on other techs) and jump down the
ladder here.

At the bottom, go right. You'll spot a ladder as you go; ignore it and proceed
further to the right. You'll come to another ladder; go down this one. In the
level below, go left. Here, there will be two staircase, one that goes up, one
that goes down. Go up and across the bridge. In here, go right and blow up the
crates to find a Defibrillator Dress, Neo Armor Beta, a fight against a
monster called Athra 26 Series... uh, wait a moment!? A monster!? Indeed, a
monster. He's pretty hard-hitting, so I'd recommend setting up somebody as
your healer, while your other two characters constantly pummel away. He's a
counter-booster at heart -- pretty much any attack will make him Counter
Boost. Ether Attacks are particularly effective against him -- or so I
believe. He'll sometimes pull a Houdini on you, becoming invulnerable to
certain attacks(i.e. Most of 'em). KOS-MOS's Techs are always effective
against him though, making her a character of choice for this battle. Simply
let her Buildup her AP and unleash a R.Hammer on this monster. It is even more
effective if you equipped her with a Golden Dice and she's been badly hurt.

You'll get Decoder 2 after the fight. Destroy the last crate to find Segment
Address 12. Decode it and go through it to find a W Hammer Rod. With this at
hand, go outside and back to the previous area. Go down the ladder again and
run to the right. Go down the ladder here and, at the bottom, go right, all
the way, until you see a bridge that goes south. Go across it. In the next
room, press the button on the terminal to lower the blue floor that's at
"Branching Path". Head back to the previous room and go right until you find
another bridge. Go across it and, in the next area, ride to the center and
destroy the generator there. Head back to the previous screen and head left;
ignore the bridge on the middle, as it leads to the panel with the switch. At
the end of this path, however, there will be another bridge. Cross it and
destroy the generator. When you do so, you'll unlock the path into the next
area, but, at the same time, a monster flies around and puts itself in front
of the door you need to cross. Engage it to proceed.

                         --------- BOSS BATTLE ---------

                                -->Rianon Se<--

This battle is completely boring; I hated it. First off, Rianon's got plenty
of HP for you to deal with, but in all honesty, it is a pretty easy battle.
First off, he's flying, meaning that you're stuck with T attacks. You could
bring Jr her and outfit him with a Bravesoul. Then, have him use his
completely infamous Techs, constantly, to deal some good damage. To be honest
with ya, I didn't bother with him. I simply used the party I've been using all
along: chaos, KOS-MOS and Shion. Set on Shion's HI T slot a good Tech(like a
level 7 Spell Ray) as in chaos'. KOS-MOS should have her X-Buster on(it must
be put on a T slot). Start off by hitting Rianon hard with chaos and Shion,
while KOS-MOS builds up AP to release X-Buster. Shion was dealing 500+ PTS of
DMG per hit, chaos around 300 and KOS-MOS's X-Buster was worth 350, more or
less. Keep the pressure up and heal to finish this guy.

He's got almost no attacks. His physical attack does around 200 points of DMG;
heal after it, especially if it hits Shion. His Binding Chain skill is
downright annoying -- hit affects all party members and cancels their Boost
capabilities! I'd recommend using W-Item(Cure All) when he uses such skill
because, trust me, Boost is a necessary skill in pretty much every battle.
He's got another nasty attack, called Soul Eater. This attack drains the HP
off a character and heals him at the same time. I've noticed something about
this attack: he first used it on KOS-MOS, who had 910 HP, and absorbed 400+
HPs. Then, he used it on Shion, who had 47 HP, and absorbed EXACTLY 47 HP.
Then, he used it on KOS-MOS later on. She had 130 HP, and Rianon Absorbed
EXACTLY 130 HP. He then used it on chaos, who had 800 HP, and absorbed around
400+. I've come to the conclusion that this attack will kill you in one hit if
your character is a bit weak at the time.

Lastly, he's got his Power Hand attack. It pushes the character into the back
row while dealing like 150 PTS of DMG.


After the battle, head to the next area by using the door nearby. Examine the
panel nearby to activate an Energy Bridge. How do you access it? Remember the
Branching Room? *gulps* We... have... to go... back... there

*dead silence*

Notice that little, eh... protuberance/bridge on the left? Approach it
carefully and watch it sparkle... hmmm. Stand on it, and you'll be asked if
you want to use the elevator. Say yes and you'll be taken up, ride next to the
energy bridge ;) Well, it wasn't that long... in fact, you didn't even have to
go the Branching Room! I, however, suggest that you go through the door
nearby, into the Branching Room. Use a Bio Sphere to completely heal yourself,
save and then cross the energy bridge. At the next Tower, go through the only
door in the Entrance Room. In the next room, go left until you bump into a
staircase, and some weird-ass enemies standing by. They're bastards. They can
lock up one of your attack buttons and even kill you in one hit! They're
pretty weak against Ether Attacks, but if they lock up your T button, then
you're screwed :) In that case, use, physical hits, as they'd be your only
choice(they're very effective, too, so no worries)

Go down the ladder. Right before you reach the bottom, there will be a
platform(not the bottom floor; a platform suspended above it). Get off the
ladder and onto the platform. Go to the left to find a set of crates. Destroy
them until a bridge falls right in front of you, making the path crossable. At
the other side, there will be a Field Ring. Go back to the ladder and continue
down it. At the bottom, beat the monster, if you must, and destroy the rest of
the crates to make the bridge form here. Cross it and go up the ladder here.
When you do, go left to find another tower of crates. Blow them up until you
hit the bridge; once you do, cross it to find another ladder. First off, climb
it up. At the top, go right to find a mini bridge against the wall. Go across
it. At the other side, destroy the terminal to find a hole.

Approach it and you'll be asked if you want to jump down. Do so to hit a floor
below and to snag a Med Kit. Destroy the door nearby for a Med Kit and go
through it. In this room, destroy the panel to find a hidden ladder and open
up the chest for Decoder 17. Go down the now-no-so-hidden-ladder and destroy
the crates on the left again to create another bridge. Cross it to hit the
same ladder as before. Now, go back up and head to where the hole was. Go past
it to find a container holding a Skill Upgrade S... Go back to the ladder
again and this time around climb down to the bottom and through the door

In the next room, the first thing that comes to mind is "puzzle". There'll be
three light towers here, each one divided in different parts: a blue one, a
green one and a red one. The blue one is on the left, the green one on the
right and the red one on the bottom; together they form a triangle. Each
pillar is made out of six section, all of which can be destroyed. In fact,
when you destroy one, you will hear a sound, which is always different for
each pillar division. Now, in this room, head to the west to find an offshoot;
follow it to find a little panel on the floor with three holes on it, shaped
out like the light pillars outside. Each hole spurts out a pillar; when it
does, the pillar makes a sound.

This is tremendously simple, really. You need a good ear; go back to the
previous room and start off by destroying all of the blue pillar's divisions-
Notice they make a different sound each time... head outside to make the
pillar re-construct itself and then head in back. Now, go toward the panel
with the holes. Wait till the blue pillar appears and it makes its sound...
memorize it and go back to the big, real thing and destroy its divisions until
one of them makes the sound of the pillar on the hole-panel... that's when you
should stop. Do so with the other two pillars and you're done! Quite easy, eh?
For the breakdown: memorize the sound at the mini pillars, go back to the big
pillars and destroy the respective pillar's divisions until you come across
the one that makes the same sound at the mini pillars.

You still don't understand... well, I guess I'll have to help you even more.
For the big pillar, destroy three of its divisions. For the yellow one,
destroy one of its divisions. And for the red one, destroy four of its
divisions. Once you do all of this, all of three lights will fuse and unlock
the path. Go through the newly opened door and down the steps. In the next
screen, head right until you find a panel by a door. Tag the switch on the
panel to activate the final energy bridge. Afterward, go through the door. In
here, stand on the triangle and you'll be taken up. Once you do, you'll be
back at Tower 3's entrance. You will notice that there are now three doors:
one that goes further into this tower, one that goes back to Tower 2's
Branching Room(save point) and a third one that leads into... our destiny!(DUN

Go to the branching room and save/heal. Go back to Tower 3 and head into the
door that leads to our destiny...(DUN DUN DUN!). Go across the energy
bridge... notice that little offshoot with the three lights? Step on it and
have the elevator take you down. Go through the only available door. When you
do, you get to see a cutscene. It's rather lengthy and describes some of the
crap Rubedo's been hiding. After it, Albedo boards his... Gear?(It is NOT an
AGWS) and decides to fight.

                         --------- BOSS BATTLE ---------


As the good robot he's(Gear or AGWS, he's still a goddamn robot), Simeon's
invulnerable to physical hits. That means, bring it those with good Ether
Attack and that have one Ether-Based skill set to HI Speed. For this, I
brought in chaos and Shion, as usual. I also took KOS-MOS with me. Yes, that's
my favorite party ;) I had Lunar Seal and Spell Ray to HI with chaos and
Shion, both with high Tech Levels(I.e. they do more damage). Be sure two of
your characters know how to use Medica All and Medica Rest and you're all set.
If you're using my party, constantly pummel away with Spell Ray and Lunar
Seal, with KOS-MOS letting go of the occasional X-Buster. There is not a whole
lot to say here; just heal when possible.

Simeon's got plenty of attacks to make up for his overall battle-strategy
simplicity. First of all, we have his Beam Saber attack which does up to 250
PTS of DMG; an attack worth a heal, if anything. Airds is another powerful
attack that looks awfully familiar to Xenogear's Aerods. It hits one party
member for around 300 PTS of DMG, but, it has an "upside". When Simeon uses
it, his Ether Def is lowered, giving you the chance to chip in a LOT more
damage with your Ether Attacks. If you're good on health when he uses such
attack, pummel away immediately and worry about healing later; you'll score
some good damage that'll probably decide the outcome of the battle(especially
if done more than once!)

He's got two name-less attacks that I made up names for. They both hit all
party members and are called(according to me ;)) Cannonade and Ray. His
Cannonade attack consists on deploying a series of missiles on you for 200 PTS
of DMG, while Ray is a beam attack that does up to 250 PTS of DMG. Both
attacks are worth a heal with Medica All, as they hit everybody and pretty
hard, as you can see. And, Simeon's got his Psychovise attack, which is like a
Psycho-Punch that does up to 200 PTS of DMG. All of these attacks are pretty
easy to heal from, making Simeon a very easy fight, overall(a bit long, if


It'd be advisable to go back to the branching room at Tower 2 to save up and
heal before proceeding. Then, go back to Albedo's room and approach the blue
and talk with him to initiate this battle... after the appropriate cutscene,
of course ;)

                      --------- BOSS BATTLE ---------

                         -->Ein Rugel/Doppelwogel<--

This battle is quite easy, but, nevertheless, we should be prepared. This
thing's a mixed bag, mainly because what comes after it dies. For instance, I
started off with my preferred party: KOS-MOS, chaos and Shion. I whooped Ein's
arse but then, I had a bit of trouble with Doppel' Only a bit though. I'd
think that in order to prevent you from having any kind of problems throughout
the fight you should use Jr. Screw him, I says. It's enough with what I have.

Ein's a bit resistant to physical attacks... I wouldn't call this a fact,
though. For instance, chaos Heaven's Wrath couldn't do more than 80 PTS of DMG
on Critical, while Shion's Lunar Blade and KOS-MOS'S R . Hammer were doing
godly amounts of damage. So, I wouldn't know if he really is resistant against
physical hits. Nonetheless, all Ether things I threw to him would score a nice
amount of damage; somewhere between the 400-500 damage barrier. That means
around 1500 PTS of DMG a turn, which is quite a lot :) Yeah, you will need to
heal constantly, mainly because of the damaging attacks Ein likes to use.

He's got this move that disables your Tech Attack capabilities... it hits all
party members, and it must be healed ASAP. W-Item with Cure All to get rid of
this nasty-ass status effect. His Sonic Frost attack also inflicts an status
effect: slow, which can be quite bothersome, plus it does around 190 PTS of
DMG. Healing after it is performed is not absolutely necessary yet it's
advisable to cure the status that's put upon you. Lastly, we've got Ein's
nastiest attack: Lighting Blast. This attack hits all party members for
approximately 420 PTS of DMG -- around 500 on Critical. It's an attack that
must be healed from, as any forthcoming attacks could define the battle on
Ein's favor.

When Ein's killed, he transforms into Doppelwogel. Doppel' is a flying
creature, therefore physical hits are worthless again him(he also haves
TREMENDOUS evasion, be wary of that) -- you're stuck with T attacks(Ether) and
those do VERY little damage to him. That's why I said Jr might be a good aid
in this fight; outfit him with the Bravesoul and have him score the most
damage. I did well with my party, though. Now's when KOS-MOS becomes really
useful, and I will tell you why in a bit. First off, you're probably using
your party of choice, and that could or could not include chaos or Shion. Not
to worry, as all they'll need to do is to cast Ether Techs constantly. If
they're correctly worked-on(read: you spend some Tech Points on them) you'll
be doing anywhere from 100 to 300 PTS of DMG.

KOS-MOS's will be utterly useful. Build up her AP to six... see that you can
perform his infamous(COMPLETELY infamous) O attack now that you have six AP...
I had F. RSHOT at the moment, and I used it. A solid hit for 630 PTS of DMG.
Now, wasn't that awesome? That'll be your winning card: KOS-MOS's O Tech
Attack. Just be sure you have a decent weapon there(the weapon that she will
use here is the one that you equipped to her on the Equip Screen) and you'll
be scoring high. Again, be sure to heal, even if that means not attacking with
KOS-MOS. Staying at full health will ensure your victory, trust me.

Doppel' uses three attacks. First off, there are two unnamed attacks, to which
I have names: Arrowful of Light and Blood Swipe. Anyway, the Arrowful is
basically an arrow shot at one character that deals somewhere around 200 PTS
of DMG. The Blood Swipe is an standard swipe that makes your character bleed a
bit... not like it matters, anyway. It simply deals 200 PTS of DMG and that's
that. And now, we shall discuss Doppel's third attack: Eternal Storm. Much
like Lighting Blast, it hits all party members for the not-so-nice 430 PTS of
DMG. Occasionally, he'll pull off TWO of these in A ROW, effectively murdering
you unless you're at... level 40!?!?!

After the short cutscene, you'll be back as Shion. Simply exit this room to
trigger another cutscene. The party's back at the Durandal. Jr has a little
chat with MOMO and decides to finally destroy the Song of Nephilim. The
foundation fires its proton cannon(or maybe it is photon? electron? Bah! All
of them sound cool ;)) but the shot's deflected. The remaining Gnosis start to
gather around the building -- they start to be absorbed by it! Actually, it's
Simeon who's doing all of the absorbing. He fires a huge energy ball that
makes everything tremble... and, somehow, awakens Proto Merkabah, the place
where MOMO was created.

We then see Virgil on his ship... it turns out that he was the man in blue! He
gets a mental message from somebody(it is SOOO obvious that it's Wilhelm).
Afterward, the Song attaches itself to Proto Merkabah(it looks so little
compared to the gigantic Proto Merkabah). Some things are explained about the
place: it seems it is another of Joachim Mizrahi's Luna-Jobs(read: crazy stuff
he made) and if it is combined with the Original Zohar and the Song...
something would happen. It was also created to elaborate MOMO, but also to
find the "true form of the universe" Merkabah then elaborates the hugest
energy wall and makes an energy stream out of it, effectively destroying the
entire Federation fleet.

Merkabah absorbs the Gnosis and when it does, Shion is reminded about KOS-MOS
Gnosis-arse-kicking that happened on the Elsa. Albedo proceeds to explain that
the Song, Proto Merkabah and the Zohar used to be a whole. The Gnosis, who
seek the Zohar, are responding to the faint waves that the sealed-off Miltia
emits. Merkabah uses the Gnosis as a medium to collect the Zohar waves and
store it up inside it to create the energy it requires to operate completely
well. Albedo reveals that the "instructions" on how to control Proto Merkabah
were contained within MOMO, and when he accessed here(no impure thoughts here,
buddy) he learned how to operate the apparatus.

Proto Merkabah elaborates another energy ball and is off to fire at Second
Miltia. Rubedo confronts him and he decides to stop... just to wait for the
showdown with the red haired youngun. Juli Mizrahi then comes in to explain
the basic layout of Merkabah: a network of tunnels, with a core where they all
meet. You're told that in order to shut down Proto Merkabah completely, you'd
need to destroy the reactor(well, that's very obvious, isn't it?) After the
cutscene finally finishes, you will have a newfound job to do: to destroy
Proto Merkabah, once and for all. Get out of the bridge to get an e-mail
letting you use KOS-MOS's R.DRAGON Tech attack. Head to the Durandal's train
then, and you'll get another e-mail, informing you about the "add-age" of the
Song to the EVS.

Before heading there, do all of the side stuff you might need to do:  beating
Great Joe, Mintia, Din Gareth, blah blah(check the sidequests and minigames
sections for further information). When you're fully ready, talk to Matthews
at the Elsa and have him take you to Proto Merkabah, where your destiny
awaits. After the cutscene, you'll be at the Elsa. Go out it to enter this

########################[ P R O T O  M E R K A B A H ]########################

Head left at the beginning, past the steps, along the upper catwalk until you
see a path that goes north. Take it and go to its end(the robots along the way
fall very easily to Ether). You will hit a bifurcation here. Go right to find
a raised bridge... hm, what could this be? Go left and you'll find some steps.
Go up them and go right at the next screen. Go up shortly afterward and make
another right at the end of this catwalk, by using the conveyor that goes the
same direction as you. At the other side, destroy the crates. For two Ether
Pack DX, 2 Frame Repair A and a battle against a Delphyne. Beat him to gain
access to a ladder there.

Go down it and destroy the crates across it for 2 Frame Repair Z and 2 Bio
Spheres. Afterward, run to the left past the cars. Destroy the crates there
for 2 Med Kit DX and then ride north. On your way, look for a passageway on
the left wall. Go through it to find two consoles. Boot up the top one(the one
near the entrance). This will block the entrance. Boot up the bottom console
to create another path out of this room. Continue up afterward. At the end,
you will undoubtedly notice a yellow console; the path's blocked, however. So,
head to the right to find another yellow console. Before entering the room,
destroy the crapload of crates nearby for 2 Ether Pack DX.

Enter the room and boot up the yellow console to make the path raise, blocking
your way out. Not to worry, though. Make use of the conveyor belt in the
middle of the room to go back up. Head left into the catwalk and run across
it, now that it is fully complete, without gaps and whatnot. At the end, there
will be a door. Go through it to be taken into the next area. Here, go right
and up the staircase. Before going up the next staircase, go through the door
nearby -- before going through it, be sure to memorize this area's word of
reference: "Floor 41", as we'll be back here soon.

Inside what seems to be a restaurant(???) go through the only available door.
Inside this office, check the glowing screen for a bit of interesting
information. Go back to Floor 41 and continue up the staircases until you hit
Floor 42, where you'll find another door. Go through it and then through the
only available door you will see. In this office, check the glowing screens
for more information regarding wounded people and whatnot. Hmmm... also, there
is a path here to leads into a green glass protecting some switch.
Interesting, eh? Go back to "Floor 42" and ride up the following staircase. AT
floor 43, go through the door again.

Inside this floor, there will be two offices. One near the entrance door, and
another one further to the left. Go through the one near the entrance door and
destroy the crate there to get 2 Frame Repair Z. There is nothing of further
interest here, so head into the other office, where you will find a save
point. Hm, what could this mean? Save and heal, and then examine the nearby
hologram to get the core's vague location. It seems we are still far from
finishing... oh, well. Go back outside and into Floor 43, and continue up.
Floor 44 will be the last floor... head through the door nearby.

The structure of this room is different from the other floor-rooms. Go left
along the path. At the center of this place there'll be a destruct-able glass
door. Blow it up for a Rejuvenator and then open the chest inside for the
dragon rod. Now, head into the western side of this room. There are two doors
here. The top one, painted in orange, is locked. So, go through the bottom
one, painted in blue. At the next screen, proceed down the staircase. As you
go, enter the rooms you come across. Here is the breakdown of what you will
find at each floor's room:

- 43: Press the switch nearby to make the wall slide up, giving you easy
access to the save point at the other side. Then, go through the door to find
Segment Address 17. Decode it and get the BLOOD9 at the other side, Jr's
ultimate weapon!

- 42: Press the switch nearby to make a stream of energy flow up to floor 44.
This is vital to advance.

- 41: Go through the door near the entrance. In this office, go all the way to
the right to find another door. Go through it and get the M Chip Guard.

The rest of floor 41 is completely blown up, so ride back up to floor 44 and
go through the door there, into the room we were in a while ago(where we got a
rejuvenator and all of that). Head to the center of this area and go down the
steps. This path was once blocked, but thanks to the stream of energy you made
appear, it's now unblocked. Go across it and through the door at the end. In
the next area, you'll be able to go left or right. You can go right to find a
hidden passage that leads to an area with ONE destruct-able crate that holds a
Chakra <<something>> I'd recommend skipping that and head straight to the
left. Do your best to evade that big robot and ride down the bridge. At the
end, agree to jump down. Prepare yourself.

                      --------- BOSS BATTLE ---------

                            -->Schutz; Proto Dora<--

An uneven fight, if there's been one. Start off by attacking the Schutz. There
are flying enemies, meaning that they're only vulnerable to those T attacks(or
the rest of Jr's attacks). Wear their HP off with your best Ether Techs, which
are hopefully set to HI Speed. The Schutz don't make up for a threat, really.
Their only attack is fairly weak(70-100), and, they're VERY weak against
Ethers. The only problem you may find is the Schutz's speed. They're utterly

Even though they're pretty easy, they'll probably take a while to wear down.
After all of the battling, you will have to confront Proto Dora, face to face.
Now, this part of the battle is what makes it all tough. Proto Dora has the
upper hand on you, but that might change depending on your preparations. First
of all, have KOS-MOS in here. Set her R.Hammer to HI speed, level it up, and
outfit the robotic beauty with the infamous Double Buster and Bravesoul. Your
other two characters should have plenty of Ether power, and two good Ether
Techs set to HI speed. Plus, they should have one Physical Tech(like Heaven's
Wrath) set to HI Speed, too.

Proto Dora will use its Beam Shield right near the beginning; this will make
it invulnerable to almost everything. In fact, it'll be invulnerable to
anything. Start attacking Dora with your physical techs. You will cause almost
no damage, but it's the most effective way to bring down its shield to 50%.
Once it hits this amount, your other attacks(Ethers) will become highly
effective. Shift back to them and bombard Dora with all of your strength. Have
KOS-MOS guard for a turn and save her Tech up until she's been badly wounded.
When she is, do a double R.Hammer on Dora. If KOS-MOS was badly wounded,
you'll take off at least 2500+ PTS of DMG off Dora's HP. Keep this strategy up
and Dora will stand no chance.

Dora uses plenty of attacks. Its Steel Press hits everybody for up to 500 PTS
of DMG. It could cause a bit less, but no less than 300, that's for sure. Such
attack should be healed off with Medica All -- this will heal KOS-MOS,
reducing the damage she'd do, but it's imperative to heal from such a powerful
attack, to prevent a potential(and not too pleasant) surprise.

It has two other attacks. Its beam attack is fairly standard, hitting one
party member for no more than 200 PTS of DMG. If it hits Shion, heal her
immediately. If it hits anybody else that's not MOMO, keep on fighting. And if
it hits KOS-MOS, rejoice! Now, the last attack Dora could use on this fight is
called the Sonic Buster. First off, it'll announce that it is "recharging
energy". When it does, you'll have one turn to use before it unleashes its
Sonic Buster attack, that deals something like 700-800 PTS of DMG. Use the
free turn you have before it uses its attack to completely heal yourself and

The nastiest thing this piece of junk will do it's to cast "Relief Goods" on
itself, healing 2...3...8...0 HPs. Yep, 2380 Hit Points. At this point, start
blasting away. Guard with KOS-MOS to build her AP to six and wait until she
hits the red zone. When she does, unleash a double R.Hammer for massive damage
on Dora. If you can pull this off again before Dora heals itself again, you're
done. Otherwise, keep repeating this strategy until you're able to chant your

Oh, and just to let you know, I hit the x10 Point Enhancement even slot at the
end of the battle, getting a nice 900 TP after it. I'm godly ;)


After that tough battle, you will get Decoder 6. Now, notice that little
bridge on the northwest? Head there and go across it, to hit a ladder; climb
it. Go across the only available path and through the first door you come
across. Head through the following door. In this room you will find an
hologram of the universe right in the center. Head straight to the center of
such hologram and hit the switch on the console there. After the short
dialogue, head to the right. You'll come across a nook with a brown door;
unlock it but ignore it. Continue on until you find a blue, destruct-able
crate. Blast it and go down the ladder.

Go around the structure in the middle and destroy the orange panel at the
other side, to find segment address 6. Decode it and get the Trauma Plate
hidden within it. Go back out and up the ladder. Head to the north point of
this room where you will find a blue door. Run through it and turn right in
the adjacent room. Go through the door at the end. In the following screen,
follow the linear path(use your MAD ESCAPING SKILLZ on those things; ain't
worth it, trust me). Halfway through, you will find a big double door. Run
through them for a cutscene. Afterward, you'll be back outside; head to the
right. Go down the ladder at the end of the path and use the elevator to dig
into the depths of Proto Merkabah.

At the bottom, make good use of the save point. Fully heal yourself, too, with
a Bio Sphere. Upgrade your characters and pick your party members; yes, the
grand finale is approaching. Head through the path on the left, to find an
elevator. Press the switch on it and it'll start moving. As you go down, an
enemiy will materialize on the elevator. You have no choice but to fight,
sadly. After it, some more enemies will materialize, too. It's like five
fights before hitting the core, and the last of 'em are horribly tough(you
might want to equip that Erde Kaiser here...)

After what seems forever, you will hit the bottom of this place. Crawl out of
the elevator and run right to find a set of double doors; go through them. In
the next screen, run through the path toward the staircase at the end. It's
riddled with enemies, but you should escape from all of the battles(or avoid
them by walking -- press and hold R2 as you go). When you finish with this
path, climb up the stairs and go across the bridge in the following screen.
Watch the cutscene.

                      G  R  A  N  D    F  I  N  A  L  E
                      -------------    ----------------


This battle is overly easy. Have everybody have their most powerful techs set
to HI. Equip your best physical hitter with a Bravesoul and a Double Buster;
be sure his or her best physical tech is set to HI. This guy will dish out the
most damage with his or her physical attacks. I picked KOS-MOS, and you should
too, and here is why: KOS-MOS did godly amounts of damage with her physical
attacks, while Shion and chaos did nothing with them. KOS-MOS, however, did
nothing with ethers while Shion and chaos were pumping up the damage with that
kind of attack. I don't know how this works, exactly, but, for instance, Jr
could be weak with physicals and outfitting him with a Bravesoul will be
useless in that case. That's why I recommend using KOS-MOS -- I assure you she
will kick ass, no matter what. Have her absorb some damage and let him have
it. Your other two characters should use their better techs, either ether or
physical(experiment until you find the one kind that does the most damage).

Albedo has some attacks, as you might expect. One of them absorbs half of your
HP, another does around 200+ PTS of DMG to one party member, and another one
hits all party member for around ~400 PTS  of DMG. Lastly, Albedo will also
increment its speed by a 50%.



                                 Sophie Peithos

Firs of all, heal. You are probably wounded, off Albedo's battle, so it is
imperative to heal. Sophie uses very basic attacks, all of them weak, making
this a very easy fight. First off, its Swarm attack; it does around 350 PTS of
DMG. It also uses its White Light, which cures status abnormalities. Sophie
uses it... on you! Furthermore, we have its Eternal Vestige, which cancels
your Ether powers. Sophie will also call for Jaldaboths and Ratatosks.
Jaldaboths destroy themselves after you hit them once; they're weak against
ethers. The Ratatosks should be ignored, but you should kill the Jalda's, or
else you won't be able to assault Peithos. The Ratatosks also use a plethora
of attacks, like Blade of Dissolution and Damgogue, all of which hit all party
members for plenty of damage. Have those Medica Alls ready and assault
Peithos(or the Jalda that gets in your way) with your best ether based techs.
Whoever has the bravesoul should first accumulate a healthy slice of damage,
before letting go of his/her strongest physical tech, for awesome damage. It
should be over in no time.


**SIT BACK AND ENJOY THE ENDING! Be sure to save, as that data could be used
in Xenosaga: Episode II: <<insert cool subtitle here>>

|--- --- --- ---| ============================================================


|--- --- --- ---| ============================================================



Angel Wings: One Enemy/Near/Hit/Spirit
             Impact Created by Focusing chi into one's fist.
             [A weak attack that should not be worked on]

Lunar Seal: One Enemy/Line/Spirit
            A chi wave attack.
            [An overly useful ether-based tech. Spend some T. Pts on it]

Heaven's Wrath: One Enemy/Near/Slash/Lighting
                Slash enemies by changing chi into lighting.
                [Amongst the best techs in the game; very powerful and
                 useful against nearly every boss]

Angel Blow: All Enemies/Air/Sprit.
            Giant chi impact attack.
            [No comment]

Chained Blast: One Enemy/Near/Spirit/S
               Pilot KO against M types.
               [No comment]

Demon Banisher: One enemy/Line/S
                Curse against G-Types
                [No comment]

Arctic Blast: All Enemies/Air/Ice
              Hurl down ice boulders from the air.
              [No comment]


R . Blade: One enemy/Near/Slash
           Attack with a sword arm
           [Very useful near the beginning; it becomes useless as time passes]

R . Cannon: One enemy/Line/Beam
            Attack with a beam arm.
            [Will be very useful throughout the first part of the game. A bit
             weak, though]

R . Drill: One enemy/Near/Pierce
           Attack with a drill arm
           [I like this attack, but I think it is overshadowed by X . Buster.
            Strong, that's for sure]

X . Buster: All enemies/Line/Beam
            Abdominal spread beam weapon.
            [Amongst the most useful attacks in the game. Very powerful,
             overall, dishing out fair damage to everybody. Work it out]

S . Chain: One enemy/Line/S
           Multiple status effects on B, G, and M Types.
           [No comment]

R . Hammer: One enemy/Near/Hit
            Attack with a hammer hand.
            [A tremendous attack; very powerful, especially if combined
             with the Bravesoul and a Double Buster]

R . Dragon: One enemy/Near/Hit
            Attack with a dragon arm.
            [No comment]

Lighting Blast: One enemy/Near/Hit/Lighting
                Lighting attack
                [A bit weak, and useless all around. Spell ray is much better]

Spell Ray: One enemy/Line/Beam
           Concentrated Ether Beam
           [Ranks up there with my favorite attacks. Very powerful and it is
            easy to work it up, as it requires few TPs. Insane.]

Shock Blade: One enemy/Neat/Pierce/S
             Different ST effects by equipping cartridges.
             [No comment]

Thermal Blast: One enemy/Near/Hit/Fire
               Vicious fire attack
               [No comment]

Ether AMP: One enemy/Near/S/1 time effect
           Sets Ether damage 2x bombs against B and G-Types.
           [No comment]

Gravity Well: One enemy/Near/Hit/S
              Slow against B and G types.
              [No comment]

Lunar Blade: One enemy/Near/Slash/Beam
             Slice with a beam blade
             [I find this to be an excellent physical tech. It's very
              powerful, and versatile. Too bad you have little time to
              work it up(at least that was my case ;))]

Rain Blade: All enemies/Air/Beam
            Rain of Beams
            [Supposedly Shion's strongest attack. Never used it by myself]

Cyber Kick: One enemy/Near/Hit/Fire
            Hundred kicks of fire
            [No comment]

Lighting Fist: One enemy/Line/Lighting
               Lighting attack from the ground
               [No comment]

Meteor Shot: All enemies/Air/Fire
             Fire attack from the air
             [No comment]

Cyclone: One enemy/Near/Slash
         A tornado like slash attack.
         [No comment]

Cross Lancer: One enemy/Near/Pierce
              A crossed-blade slash attack
              [No comment]

Executioner: All enemies/Air/Lighting
             Lighting attack from the sky
             [No comment]

Hell fire: One enemy/Near/Slash/Fire
           Fire slash attack from the air
Star Strike: One enemy/Near/Hit
             Strike with a small star
             [No comment]

Floral Tempest: One enemy/Near/Slash
                Slash with knife-like wind
                [No comment]

Meteor Storm: One enemy/Line/None
              Attack from another dimension
              [No comment]

Star Cannon: All enemies/Air/Hit
             Strike with a large star
             [No comment]

Angel Arrow: All enemies/Air/Pierce
             Attack with arrow of light.
             [No comment]

Dark Scepter: One enemt/Near/Hit
              Turn G-Types into items if used to defeat them.
              [You can get chaos' last weapon with it. Use on P. Merkabah's
               Delphyne and you'll get such weapon.]
Prelude to Battle: One enemy/Line/Pierce
                   Cross Shot
                   [Horribly weak]

Moonlit Serenade: One enemy/Line/Spirit
                  Attack with a spirit gun
                  [No comment]

Storm Waltz: All enemies/Line/Pierce
             Coin shot attack
             [I actually like this attack. It was very useful throughout
              the first parts of the game]

Last Symphony: One enemy/Line/Pierce
               Concentrated heavy fire
               [No comment]

Mystic Nocturne: All enemies/Air/Spirit
                 Attack with a spirit gun from above
                 [No comment]

Angelic Requiem: All enemies/Air/Pierce
                 Snipe from above surrounded by angel wings
                 [This is a very powerful attack, even if you don't work
                  it up too much. This tech + bravesoul = deadly]

Soul Rhapsody: One enemy/Line/Spirit
               A gun that absorbs G-Types
               [No comment]

Protective Wear: One enemy/Ally
                 Ether effect down 25%
                 [No comment]

Healing Dew: All allies
             Hp Recovery/Low
             [An ether that's always useless. Heals almost nothing]

Ice Wings: One enemy/ice
           Ice Ether Attack
           [Like XG's ether attacks, this one is worthless, as it is very
            weak and wastes too much EP, for what it is]

Purifying Storm: All allies
                 Clear all status changes
                 [Could be very useful, depending on your situation]

Flame Wings: One enemy/Fire
             Fire Ether attack

Lighting Wings: One enemy/Lighting
                Lighting Ether Atk

Supreme Judgment: One enemy
                  HP Recovery down(1/2)
                  [WHAT!? Never used this thing. Why? Because I didn't
                   understand what it was for!]

Cataclysm: All enemies
           Reset Attack and wait time
           [No comment]

Light & Wings: All enemies
               Attack + clear all ST changes
               [It's not uber powerful; does average damage. However, might
                be useful if you want that extra slice of damage, or if you
                want to cure your status abnormalities]

Mode A7: Self
         Focus Phys Atk
         [No comment]

Down Dex: One enemy
          Dexterity down for B and G types
          [No comment]

Down Force: One enemy
            Phys Atk down for B and G types
            [No comment]

Gate: One enemy/Occasional Instant KO
      HP/4 damage on B and G types
      [No comment]

Satellite: All enemies/Beam/1x per battle
           Satellite beam weapon
           [I thought this was going to be ultra powerful. And it's
            horribly weak]
Medica: One enemy/Ally
        Hp Recovery/Low
        [TOO weak]

Analyze: One enemy
         Analyze items and HP
         [Useless, especially if you have Scope set as one of your abilities]

Goodbye: Ally
         Escape from battle
         [You can't imagine how useful this technique is]

Medica All: All allies
            HP recovery/Mid
            [the best healing spell, hands down. Heals everybody for a
             lot. Life-saving spell on a lot of battles. You will use it
             throughout the entire game]

Refresh: One ally
         Clear all status changes
         [Another useful spell. The Cure Alls are a little better, tho']

Boost 1: One ally
         Increase Boost by 1
         [No comment]

Jamming: One enemy
         Dexterity down for M enemies
         [No comment]

Medica Rest: One enemy/Ally
             Hp recovery/Max
             [Another tremendous spell. Very useful for when you need to
              heal one ally that's on the brink of death]

Revert: One ally
        Revive & HP recovery/Mid
        [Very good and useful. I always preferred the Revives, though]

Quick: One ally
       Increase speed 25%
       [No comment]

Seraphim Bird: All enemies/Beam/1x per battle
               Spread beam attack
               [For being part of the Erde Kaiser, it's way too weak]

Throni Blade: All enemies/Slash/1x per battle
              Giant top attack
              [No comment]

Dominion Tank: All enemies/Hit/1x per battle
               Ultra heavy weight attack
               [No comment]

Erde Kaiser: All enemies/Slash/1x per battle
             Ultimate attack using combined form
             [Deals 9999 PTS of DMG to everything. The cheapest and
              strongest attack of the whole game]

My Guard: Self
          Focus Phys Def
          [No comment]

Bodyguard: Self
           Increase Str/Def when MOMO is behind
           [No comment]

Recharge: Self
          HP recovery/Mid
          [No comment]

Ether Shift A: Self
               Focus Ether Def
               [No comment]

Life Shot: All allies
           Hp recovery/Mid
           [No comment]

Miracle Star: One enemy
              Non elemental ether attack
              [This attack is very weak. I used it sometimes, but that was
               because I had no choice but to use MOMO >_<]

Sheep Beam: One enemy
            Put M enemy pilots to sleep.
            [No comment]


Psycho Arm: Self
            Increase Phys Atk
            [No comment]

Ether Flare: One enemy/Ally
             Increase Ether effect 25%
             [No comment]

Dandyism: self/1x only
          Revive when female character is behind.
          [If you correctly manipulate the battle, you can make of this
           a tremendous skill]

Psycho Pocket: One enemy
               Steal items
               [No comment]

Magnum Joe: One enemy/1x per battle
            Summon Great Joe.
|--- --- --- ---| ============================================================


|--- --- --- ---| ============================================================




Description: Special Weapon manufactured by Vector.



Description: All/Line/Beam EA135%
             Ziggy's beam pod.


Battle Rod

Stats: Phys Atk + 3
Description: MOMO: Typical self-defense scepter.



Description: Jr. Standard Rook Co. Gun



Stats: Phys Atk + 4
Description: Jr. Bullets for ROOK505


Space Gloves

Stats: Phys Atk + 3
Description: chaos: Gloves used when working in space.


Navy Gloves

Stats: Phys Atk + 5
Description: chaos: Military-issue gloves made of special materials.


Metal Rod

Stats: Phys Atk + 5
Description: MOMO: Hard and heavy battle scepter



Description: All/Line/Hit
             Ziggy's missile pod.



Description: Single/Line/Pierce
             Triple Gatling gun



Stats: Phys Atk + 12
Description: KOS-MOS bullets for F . GSHOT



Description: Shion: Tech Attack "Shock Blade"
             "Power Loss" against M-types.



Description: Shion: Tech Attack "Shock Blade"
             "Armor Failure" against M-types.



Description: Shion: Tech Attack "Shock Blade"
             "Phys atk down" against B, G-types.



Description: Shion: Tech Attack "Shock Blade"
             "Phys Def Down" against M-types.


Rider Gloves

Stats: Phys Atk + 7
Description: chaos: typical riding gloves(for winter use)


Platinum Rod

Stats: Phys Atk + 7
Description: MOMO: Light, powerful scepter



Description: Single/Line/Pierce
             Short Rail Cannon



Description: All/Line/None EA300%
             Scythe that emits an Ether field.


Work Gloves

Description: chaos: Gloves for do-it-yourselfers.
Stats: Phys Atk + 9


Mithril Rod

Description: MOMO: Scepter made from Rare Materials.
Stats: Phys Atk + 9



Description: Jr. Second Generation gun by Saifar Co.


Saint Rod

Stats: Phys Atk + 12
Description: MOMO: A hero's scepter made to combat evil



Description: Jr: An original gun made by a private gunsmith.



Description: Jr: Bullets for "CROSS"
             Slow against B, G types.



Description: Jr: Bullets for "CROSS"
             Phys Atk Down against B, G types.



Description: Jr: Bullets for "CROSS"
             Phys Def Down against B, G types.



Description: Jr: Bullets for "CROSS"
             Ether Attack Down against B, G types.




Stats: Phys Def + 3
Description: Uniform for female Vector employees.



Stats: Phys Def + 2
Description: Auxiliary armor for hands.



Description: Displays enemy HP information.



Stats: Phys Def + 3
Description: Cyborg Armor unit.


Blue Ring

Stats: Dexterity + 2
Description: None


White Ring

Stats: Agility + 1
Description: None.


Green Ring

Stats: Phys Def + 2


Red Ring

Stats: Phys atk + 2


Purple Ring

Stats: Ether Atk + 2


Orange Ring

Stats: Ether Def + 2


Power Brace

Description: Prevents "Phys Atk Down"


Fiber Suit

Stats: Phys Def + 12
Description: Clothing woven out of high-strength fibers.


D Unit V

Stats: Phys Def + 14
Description: KOS-MOS armor unit.


Metal Helmet

Stats: Phys Def + 2
Description: Matches Metal Wear outfit.


Spirit Pendant

Stats: None
Description: Prevents Ether Atk Down.


Survival Wear

Stats: Phys Def + 12
Description: Clothing made for adventure enthusiasts


Cowboy Hat

Stats: Phys Def + 2
Description: Matches Survival Wear outfit.


Orange Ring

Stats: Ether Def + 2


Metal Wear

Stats: Phys Def + 8
Description: Clothing woven with special alloy threads.


Stylish Armor

Stats: Phys Def + 18
Description: Reinforced clothing that auto-adjusts to people's body shape.


D Unit V3

Stats: Phys Def + 20
Description: KOS-MOS armor unit.


D Unit V2

Stats: Phys Def + 14
Description: KOS-MOS armor unit.


Space Helmet

Stats: Phys Def + 4
Description: Space-use helmet.



Stats: Phys Def + 16
Description: Cyborg Armor Unit


Power Brace

Description: Prevents Phys Atk Down


Guard Pendant

Description: Prevents Phys Def Down


Kobold Ring

Stats: Evade + 2


D Unit V4

Stats: Phys Def + 30
Description: KOS-MOS armor unit.


Battle Gear

Stats: Phys Def + 24
Description: Reinforced clothing made for battles in the arctic.



Stats: Phys Def + 28
Description: Cyborg armor unit


Sniper Goggles

Description: Prevents "Dexterity Down"


Snake Hunter

Description: Prevents "Poison"


Ruby Helmet

Description: Matches Ruby Suit outfit
Stats: Phys Def + 6


Angel Ring

Description: EP consumption 1/2


Coat . Fire

Stats: Phys Def + 2
Description: Reduces F-Type damage 20%


Coat . Ice

Stats: Phys Def +2
Description: Reduces I-Type damage 20%


Coat . Beam

Stats: Phys Def + 2
Description: Reduces B-Type damage 20%


Venom Blocker

Description: Prevents Attack Poison


Silver Crown

Description: Increases Max EP 15%


Blue Topaz

Description: "Veil" support effect


Blade Soul

Description: Prevents Confusion.


Ruby Suit

Description: Reinforced clothing that generates a defensive force-field.
Stats: Phys Def + 30


D Unit V5

Description: KOS-MOS armor defense unit.
Stats: Phys Def + 38



Description: Cyborg Armor Unit.
Stats: Phys Def + 36



Description: Increases Str as HP decreases.


Double Buster

Description: S, O, O ; T, O, O 2x Tech attack possible.


Golden Dice

Description: Fluctuating Damage depending on HP.


Neo Armor Alpha

Description: Has PDEF+4 Skill
Stats: Phys Def + 30


Neo Armor Beta

Description: Has EDEF + 4 Skill
Stats: Phys Def + 30


Defibrillator Vest

Description: Prevents Instant KO


Techtron Clothes

Stats: Phys Def + 38
Description: The latest top-of-the-line combat wear.


D Unit V6

Stats: Phys Def + 48
Description: KOS-MOS armor unit.



Stats: Phys Def + 44
Description: Cyborg Armor Unit.


Techtron Helmet

Stats: Phys Def + 8
Description: Matches Techtron Clothes outfit.

|--- --- --- ---| ============================================================

VIII.I T E M S (usable items!)

|--- --- --- ---| ============================================================

Med Kit: One enemy/Ally/W(press Triangle at AP6)
         Hp Recovery/Low.

Mid Kid DX: One Enemy/Ally/W
            Hp Recovery/High

Ether Pack: One ally/W(press T at AP6)
            EP Recovery/Low.

Ether Pack S: One Ally/W
              EP Recovery/Mid

Ether Pack DX: One Ally/W
               EP Recovery/High

Rejuvenator: One Ally/W
             HP & EP Recovery/Max

Escape Pack: One ally
             Escape from battle.

Bio Sphere: All Allies/Save points only
            HP & EP full recovery.

Revive: One ally/W(press T at AP6)
        Revives KO'd ally & HP recovert/low.

Veil: One Enemy/Ally/W
      Ether effects down 25%

Speed Stim: One Ally/2
            Increases speed 25%

Neuro Stim: One Ally/W
            Psych Status Clear.

Booster Pack: One Ally
              Boost + 1

Hemlock: One Ally
         HP = 1

Escape Pack: One ally
             Escape from battle.

Antidote: One Ally/W
          Phys Status Clear

Cure All: One Ally/W
          All Status Clear

Frame Repair A: AGWS
                FHP Recovery/25% recovery

Frame Repair Z: AGWS
                FHP Recovery/50% Recovery

Scrap Iron: Barter Item

Tech Upgrade A: One Ally
                T. Pts + 10

Tech Upgrade S: Tech Points + 50

Tech Upgrade Z: Tech Points + 100

Ether Upgrade A: E. Pts + 10

Ether Upgrade S: E. Pts + 50

Skill Upgrade A: S. Pts + 10

Skill Upgrade S: S. Pots + 50

Junked Circuit A: Barter Item

Kobold Blade: Barter Item

Precious Stone: Barter Item

Junked Circuit B: Barter Item

|--- --- --- ---| ============================================================


|--- --- --- ---| ============================================================


VX 10000
VX 7000



VX01-F02 Frame

Description: VX-10000
Enhancements: 740 HP; 40 PARM


VX01-G02 Generator

Description: VX-10000
Enhancements: 50 DPOW


VX01-G03 Generator

Description: VX-10000
Enhancements: 060 DPOW


VX01-G04 Generator

Description: VX-10000
Enhancements: 074 DPOW


VX01-G05 Generator

Description: VX-10000
Enhancements: 094 DPOW


VX01-G06 Generator

Description: VX-10000
Enhancements: 102 DPOW


AG02-G03 Generator

Description: AG-02
Enhancements: DPOW 071


AG02-G04 Generator

Description: AG-02
Enhancements: DPOW 081


AG02-G05 Generator

Description: AG-02
Enhancements: 097 DPOW

AG02-G06 Generator

Description: AG-02
Enhancements: DPOW 105


VX02-G04 Generator

Description: VX-7000
Enhancements: DPOW 084


VX02-G05 Generator

Description: VX-7000
Enhancements: 110 DPOW


VX02-G06 Generator

Description: VX-7000
Enhancements: 118 DPOW


VX06-G05 Generator

Description: VX-4000
Enhancements: 060 DPOW


VX06-G06 Generator

Description: VX-4000
Enhancements: 068 DPOW


AG04-G06 Generator

Description: AG-04
Enhancements: DPOW 084


VX01-F03 Frame

Description: VX-10000
Enhancements: FHP 1120; PARM 060


VX01-F04 Frame

Description: VX-10000
Enhancements: FHP 1520; PARM 074


VX01-F05 Frame

Description: VX-10000
Enhancements: FHP 1920; PARM 085


VX01-F06 Frame

Description: VX-10000
Enhancements: FHP 2320; PARM 106


AG02-F03 Frame

Description: AG-02
Enhancements: FHP 1200; PARM 062


AG02-F04 Frame

Description: AG-02
Enhancements: FHP 1600; PARM 076


AG02-F05 Frame

Description: AG-02
Enhancements: FHP 2000; PARM 087


AG02-F06 Frame

Description: AG-02
Enhancements: FHP 2400; PARM 108


VX02-F04 Frame

Description: VX 7000
Enhancements: FHP 1700}; PARM 076


VX02-F05 Frame

Description: VX-7000
Enhancements: FHP 2200; PARM 087


VX02-F06 Frame

Description: VX-7000
Enhancements: FHP 2700; PARM 110


VX06-F04 Frame

Description: VX-4000
Enhancements: FHP 1500; PARM 072


VX06-F05 Frame

Description: VX-4000
Enhancements: FHP 1780; PARM 078


VX06-F06 Frame

Description: VX-4000
Enhancements: FHP 2100; PARM 098


AG04-F06 Frame

Description: AG-04
Enhancements: FHP 2920; PARM 109


// EQUIPMENT(Weapon)



Description: Single/Near/Slash/W-Act
             Federation Army Sword.
Stats: DPOW: 009



Description: Single/Near/Slash/W-Act
Stats: DPOW: 10


LG10AG(Bullet: LG10B1)

Description: Single/Line/Pierce/W-act
             Federation Army rifle.



Description: Single/Line/Beam EA120%/W-Act
             Beam rifle manufactured by Vector


SMG99AG(Bullet: SMG99B1)

Description: Single/Line/Pierce/W-act


SMG32VX(Bullet: SMG32B1)

Description: Single/Line/Pierce/W-Act
             Sub machine gun manufactured by Vector



Description: All/Air/Beam EA130%
             Wide beam pod manufactured by Vector.
Stats: WAGL: 01


SMP53AG(Bullet: SMP53B1)

Description: All/Air/Hit
             Federation army missile pod.
Stats: WAGL: 01



Description: Single/Near/Pierce
             Federation army bunker buster



Description: Single/Line/Pierce/W-Act
             Handgun Manufactured by Vector.



Description: Single/Line/Pierce/W-Act
             Federation army gatling gun



Description: Single/Line/Beam EA185%/W-Act
             Beam Arm Manufactured by Vector.



Description: Single/Line/Beam EA200%
             Federation army beam launcher.



Description: Single/Air/Beam EA130%/Defense
             Federation Army Shield Beam rifle.



Description: ECM1-VX/ECM pod bullets
             Armor Failure against M-Types



Description: ECM1-VX/ECM pod bullets
             Dexterity Down against M-Types



Description: ECM1-VX/ECM pod bullets
             Slow against M-Types



Description: ECM1-VX/ECM pod bullets
             Wear against M-Types



Description: ECM2-VX/ECM pod bullets
             Phys Def Down against M-Types



Description: ECM2-VX/ECM pod bullets
             Dexterity Down against M-Types



Description: ECM2-VX/ECM pod bullets
             Slow against M-Types



Description: ECM2-VX/ECM pod bullets
             Wear against M-Types



Description: Single/Near/Slash/W-Act
             Federation Army Sword.

Stats: DPOW: 09



Description: Single/Near/Slash/W-Act
             Vector Sword
Stats: DPOW: 010



Description: Single/Near/Slash/W-Act
             Federation Army Axe
Stats: DPOW: 020



Description: Single/Line/Pierce/W-Act
             Submachine Gun Manufactured by Vector.



Description: Single/Line/Fire EA150%/W-Act
             Federation army Flame Launcher.



Description: All/Air/Hit
             Federation Army hand missile pod.



Description: All/Air/Beam EA130%
             Wide Beam Pod Manufactured by Vector.



Description: Single/Line/S
             ECM Pod Manufactured by vector.



Description: All/Air/S
             ECM Pod manufactured by Vector.



Description: All Allies/Ether Shield
             Defensive Shield manufactured by Vector.



Description: Single/Near/Slash/W-Act
             Federation Army Gyro saucer.
Stats: DPOW: 040



Description: Single/Near/Pierce/W-Act
             Federation Army Drill Claw
Stats: DPOW: 54



Description: All/Air/Beam EA250%
             Federation Army Aerials.



Stats: WAGL: 02
Description: All/Air/Beam EA300%
             Lance Manufactured by Vector.



Description: Single/Near/Hit
             Federation army heavy hammer.
Stats: DPOW: 160



Description: Single/Line/Pierce/W-Act
             Federation army gatling gun.



Description: All/Air/Hit
             Federation army hand missile pod.



Description: Single/Line/Pierce
             Federation army long cannon.



Description: All/Air/Hit
             Federation army large missile pod



Description: Single/Line/Beam EA600%
             Federation army large beam cannon.



Description: Single/Near/Hit/W-Act
             Federation army hammer.



Description: Single/Near/Slash/W-Act
             Lancer arm manufactured by Vector.



Description: Single/Line/Beam EA300%
             Long beam rifle manufactured by Vector.



Description: Single/Near/Slash/Beam/W-Act
             Federation Army beam sword.



Description: Enemies & All Allies/Air/S
             Chaff box manufactured by vector.



Auxiliary Armor A

Stats: Armor + 2


EF Circuit A

Stats: Ether Def + 2


B-MAX Circuit

Description: Enables use of Boost


Anti Beam Armor

Description: Reduces B-type damage by 25%


Auxiliary Armor B

Stats: Armor + 4


EF Circuit B

Stats: Ether Def + 4


Armor Protect Unit

Description: Prevents "Armor Failure"


Gear Shield

Description: Prevents "Slow"


AP Shield

Description: Prevents "AP Half"


Cockpit Guard

Description: Prevents "Pilot Confusion and Sleep"


Guard Cleaner

Description: Clear status abnormalities when guarding.


Guard Recovery

Description: Recovers 10% of Max FHP when guarding.


Anti-Fire Armor

Description: Reduces F-Type damage 25%


Anti-Ice Armor

Description: Reduces I-Type damage 25%


Anti-Lighting Armor

Description: Reduces L-Type damage 25%


Engine Shield

Description: Prevents "Engine Stop"


M Chip Guard

Description: Prevents "Wear"


W Circuit Shield

Description: Prevents "Attack Disable"


|--- --- --- ---| ============================================================

X. S I D E Q U E S T S

|--- --- --- ---| ============================================================

############################[ A C E  P I L O T ]##############################

I first found this kid after the first time I beat the U-TIC battleship and
got my ass handed back. As you can see, he's at the mentioned area. Remember
the place that when accessed would trigger a fight with a soldier, who would
board his Zolfo AGWS -- I referred to it as door phi on the appropriate
walkthrough section. At any rate, if you go back to this area using the EVS,
you'll find another soldier, called "Ace Pilot". He won't attack you as soon
as you enter -- he'll simply stare at you, waiting for you to make the first
move... or better, prepare yourself for the battle that's coming. Here are my
recommendations, though you can do whatever you want(well, that's obvious):

Shion is a must. I had her at around level 25 and she had the two most
useful(for this battle, and throughout the whole game overall) healing spells,
in my eyes: Medica All and Medica Rest. Medica All heals a good chunk of
everybody's HP, while Rest heals a huge chunk of one character's HP. In order
to get the most out of these spells, equip the Angel Ring on Shion, so she
only needs to use half of the EP to cast those nifty spells. Furthermore, be
sure Shion's got "Spell Ray" set at HI Speed(so you can use it right away,
without needing to build AP or anything) and at an acceptable level(I had it
at 06).

The other two party members are KOS-MOS and chaos. KOS-MOS should have her X-
Buster skill, set to level 2 of Tech. And, if it is possible, make sure it is,
too, at HI Speed(you will need a huge amount of TP for this...). chaos should
have AT LEAST, Lunar Seal at HI with a Tech level of 4 or 5. Furthermore,
transfer Medica All to chaos so he can use it, as his other all-party members
healing spell, Healing Dew, is far too weak. If you want to/can, transfer
Medica Rest to him, too. With all that said, make sure you're around level 26
and have a good amount of Ether Attack and HP. Onward!

The Ace Pilot is not a major threat. He's just a little guy who likes to use
his Submachine Gun and Grenades for pathetic damage. Use your HI skills on him
to wear him down before he can even say hi. Once you do, he'll counter boost
into his AGWS, Meld Gareth. Now, a word of information here: if you haven't
beaten the Song of Nephilim, he'll board Meld Gareth and you'll only fight
that AGWS, exclusively. If you beat the SoN, Ace Pilot will board his other
AGWS, Din Gareth, and engage you with it. Even if you've beaten the Song of
Nephilim, you can still fight Meld by killing the Ace Pilots with two of your
characters inside their AGWS.

Now, for Meld Gareth: he uses his Pole for attacking, as well as his missiles.
His Pole will hit only one party member, and usually does 280 PTS of DMG. He
likes to get critical hits with it, boosting this damage up to 400 and a bit
more. Once he hits you with it, it'd be wise to simply continue, unless he
hits the same character with it again; in that case heal. If he gets a
critical hit, then, heal immediately, because any following attack could
destroy the affected character.

His missile attack(Series 66) is its most powerful and versatile attack, yet
it is very recover-able from. It hits all party members with a burst of
missiles, doing like 280 PTS of DMG. Simply use Medica All to heal from it. Be
sure you do such spell right after the attack is performed -- otherwise, he
might do it again and compromise your battle.

Meld Gareth is highly resistant to physical attacks, but falls prey to Ether
Based attacks. So, pummel away at him with Spell Ray and Lunar Seal,
constantly, dishing out huge amounts of damage. KOS-MOS should, meanwhile,
build up AP so she can let go of her X-Buster when it Is possible. That's all
there is to attacking, sadly: constantly use those attacks while curing any
wounds Meld has caused on you and then repeat. Not a very insightful battle,
but who said it'd be?

Din Gareth is not much harder, either. He's got some VERY nasty attacks, but
they all hit one party member, making healing a easy process to deal with. And
it's TWO attacks only, making it much more easier. His Railcannon attack does
anywhere between 700 and 1000 PTS of DMG. If he hits you with the former, heal
immediately. If he hits you with the latter... revive and heal immediately!
Railcannon is his strongest attack, yet he uses it very rarely. His other
attack, 20 MM Blaster, it's much weaker, doing up to 400 PTS of DMG. I'd
recommend healing from it, though -- in fact, set a healer to do all of these

Again, as far as offense goes, this attack is hardly good. Simply pummel away
with your Ether Based Techs until it falls. If you've got them set to HI,
simply tap T, O throughout the whole battle(while healing occasionally), get a
cup of coffee, and watch Din go down.

SOME COMMENTS(By Shawn Groat<starryprism2@yahoo.com>):

      I was reading your Xenosaga faq, and I must say, it's very good.
Nice details, and all. But one thing is bothering me. Your section on Ace

His first A.G.W.S. I feel your being alittle overly cautious. I mean,
level 26? That seems a bit high to me. I was able to beat him at lv 12. My
party was chaos, MOMO and KOS-MOS. I don't know if you noticed, but he won't
hit people in the back row. No FAQS mention that, for some odd reason. And
I didn't have Medica anything. Just Healing Dew and Life Shot. I know
this might seem annoying to tell you, but bear with me. I am also overly
cautious, but that is just plain TOO cautious. I just wanted to tell

That's all. NOt trying to tell you how to write an faq or anything.
Just stating my opinion. Otherwise, the rest of the FAQ is great."

############################[ G R E A T  J O E ]##############################

Great Joe is at the Durandal -- at the Residential District, if you wish more
precision. If you wish even more precision, he's at the room where there is a
Store Icon(those silver ones), on the second part of the district(the area
west of the casino). Now, you won't simply see him there playing with himself,
fantasizing about J-Lo's awesome ass. No. First off, you will need Jr in your
party as your LEAD CHARACTER(to do so, access the "Character" section through
the menu and use the "Set Lead Character" option). Having done so, head into
the mentioned room and look for two destruct-able walls on the leftmost wing.
Destroy them and you'll find Great Joe in one of them. You can now engage him.

Preparations! Firstly, be sure you're around level 31-33. That will make the
battle much more easier. Furthermore, I'd recommend a party made out of Jr,
Shion and chaos. Shion must have at least two of her skills set to HI speed. I
chose Lunar Blade(at Tech Level 2) and Spell Ray(at Tech Level 6). chaos
should have two skills set to HI, too. I chose Heaven's Wrath and Lunar Seal,
both at Tech level 4. With Jr, I had no HI skills. Nevertheless, I'd recommend
setting up Angelic Requiem(in a S slot) and Storm Waltz as two of his skills,
and to outfit him with the Bravesoul, so he causes more damage as his HP goes
down. Lastly, have both chaos and Shion know Medica All, Medica Rest and
Revert. Oh, and have Shion equip the Angel Ring(spends 1/2 EP)

I'd prefer discussing Great Joe's numerous attacks first. First of all, he's
got a small amount of basic and poor attacks. They're: Gambler E, Heart Shot
Punch and his kick attack. Both Gambler E and Heart Shot Punch cause around
150-180 PTS of DMG to one character -- not something to worry about. Heart
Shot, however, will cast Curse upon the affected character. A cursed party
member will lose HP each time he uses a turn. This can be rather dangerous,
due to the large amount of HP that's depleted after each turn. It's imperative
to spend a turn using Cure All/Refresh on the affected character... unless
he's Jr(more on that later).

Kick does around 300 PTS of DMG. If he hits chaos or Shion with it, well, too
bad, as you'll have to heal. If he hits Jr with it... rejoice!(please, don't
ask, and keep reading) Now, after bombarding you a bit with these three
attacks, Great Joe will perform his Celebration move. When he does it, he will
concentrate his Ether Power. The next turn he gets, he'll unleash "Soul
Crusher" on you. Now, listen to me... you can't avoid this attack, unless you
somehow manage to beat him before he uses it. Soul Crusher takes off the
hugest chunk off your HP meter: from 500 to 800 if he nails a critical. After
he uses it for the first time, Great Joe will constantly Celebrate and Soul
Crush you. That will be his attack pattern for quite a while. That means, you
will need to heal. Have both chaos and Shion use Medica All to fully heal
themselves. That will too heal Jr, and that's not too good, but anyway...

After bombarding you with Soul Crusher, he'll "invite Jr to dance". When he
does this, Great Joe will focus his attacks on Jr exclusively -- that means,
no Soul Crusher. Now, if somebody else that's not Jr decides to attack Great
Joe, he'll retaliate towards that character with Gambler E... not a very
powerful attack. This means that, when he invites Jr to dance, you should let
go of all of your power. He'll retaliate constantly, but he won't do too much
damage. Furthermore, Jr will be absorbing plenty of hits, which is
tremendously good for his Strength...

After a bit, he'll say that the "Duel is Over" and do one of the strangest and
random-est attacks you've seen so far. Basically, he'll do "something" on
himself. After he does, there will be a "50% chance that damage and healing
are reversed". What does this mean? I will tell you. After he uses this move,
he might or might not become invulnerable to attacks... and vulnerable to all
things that heal him! There is a 50% chance that this will happen, but, trust
me, it nearly always happens. What you need to do here is to hit him with an
attack... if he's healed by it, pull off a Medica Rest on Great Joe for a
tremendous amount of damage. Otherwise, resume your normal attacking. Keep in
mind that after he does this move, he'll occasionally use Soul Crusher, which
will know do around 800 PTS of DMG... and, sometimes, he'll use it TWICE...

Great Joe loves to counter boost; always bear that in mind. Now, as you can
see, I always suggest you to make Jr absorb as much damage and possible and to
heal him very little. Why? Because he has the Bravesoul equipped! Jr SHOULD
NOT BE HEALED AT ALL on this fight. The only exception is when Great Joe uses
Soul Crusher... when he does, use Medica All to heal everybody, and that
includes Jr. However, keep him the whole fight with low HP. If he dies, revive
him and don't heal him. Never. Eventually, you will get the chance to attack
with him. Use a S attack and then cancel. Wait for his next turn and unleash
Angelic Requiem on Great Joe... watch how Jr does around 1700+ PTS of DMG
after the whole thing!

That will be the key of your success... Jr! Have everybody ATTACK AND ATTACK
Great Joe with their best skills. Ether based stuff works well on him. So, use
Lunar Seal and Spell Ray, although Heaven's Wrath is not too bad. Have Jr
constantly use his Techs, even if he's at full health... he'll eventually get
damaged and start doing much more damage. Keep the pressure up until Great Joe
uses celebration. When he does, immediately heal and wait for Soul Crusher. As
I said, there will be a period of time when Great Joe will only use Soul
Crusher. Throughout this period, heal with chaos and Shion while Jr blasts
away with his skills. Although I said that it didn't matter if Jr died,
maintain him alive throughout the whole Soul Crusher period.

Why? If he dies, you'd have to waste a turn reviving him... a turn that you
could use on healing. After wasting such a turn, Great Joe might pull of Soul
Crusher on your wounded party, effectively finishing the fight on his favor.
After some intense minutes, Great Joe will invite Jr to dance. This provides
you with the greatest chance to successfully put the battle on your favor. The
attacks Great Joe will use to bombard Jr will lower his HP to the point that
an Angelic Requiem combo can cause up to 1000+ PTS of DMG! Even though GJ will
retaliate to anybody else that attacks, do not let this stop you and have both
Shion and chaos shower GJ with their Techs.

After a bit, Great Joe will finally use his reverse attack. By then, he should
have very little HP. Do an attack on him to learn if he will absorb it or not.
If he does, you're in for a ride: do Medica Rest on him and that will
hopefully kill him... if it doesn't, do it again! Now, if he's still damaged
by normal attacks, let him have it with yours! If Jr's is badly wounded, has
6AP and he gets a turn... you've won! This part is mostly about luck, however.
You may not have damaged him enough to kill him here, or perhaps he gets to
use Soul Crusher before you can even touch him. Keep in mind that he will
still Celebrate before Crushing your Soul. However, the attack is much more
powerful now, and he may use it twice in a row.

After a tough fight and a badly wounded Jr, you will get the Magnum Joe summon
as well as the Soul Rhapsody Tech attack.

################################[ M I N T I A ]###############################

Firstly, you will need to have MOMO in your party, as your lead character.
Head to the foundation's city sector. Firstly, go to Ironman's frontside. In
here, examine the crane on the left of the door to make the awning above you
form a path. Afterward, head inside the inn, save and ride up the stairs.
Then, go into the room to the left and go through the door at the bottom of
it. Outside, you will be on a catwalk. Proceed all the way to the right until
you find a plant pot. Destroy it and jump on the Iroman awnings. Run across
them to an open door at the end; go through it to find Mintia.

Preparations! MOMO is a must. Have her on the back row and transfer Medica All
to her. KOS-MOS and Shion should be your other two characters. Why? Mintia
hates males. If you bring one with you, he'll suffer of poison, will be sent
to the back row and receive tons of damage, all around. Females will do much
better. Now, Mintia is a flying enemy, so build up those ether based Techs. I
had Shion with Spell Ray on a HI slot, with a nice Tech Level. KOS-MOS should
of build up her X-Buster a bit. Equip her with the Bravesoul, too. MOMO will
serve as a healer.

KOS-MOS and Shion's roles will be to attack. Shion should use her Spell Ray
while KOS-MOS builds up AP. Eventually, KOS-MOS will have the chance to use
her X-buster. Now, you could use that, or use her O attack. In my case, it was
F.RSHOT. It did 400 PTS of DMG, and it does even more if KOS-MOS has low HP --
yep, it is affected by the Bravesoul's effect. Shion should heal if needed,
although that job is MOMO's, mainly.

Mintia has very little attacks, but all of the are annoying. Firstly, she has
her Dark Start, which does around 250 PTS of DMG. It can also pull you into
the back row. It's a tremendously annoying attack. Second, there is her Dark
Snake, that doesn't do too much, yet it Attack Poisons your character(he or
she will absorb damage when she or he attacks). You should cure the attack
poison status ASAP, unless such attack was cast on MOMO. Lastly, Mintia will
use her Bilbo to attack you. This Bilbo is a huge ball-mass that does two
attacks: sometimes, it'll hit all party members for random damage(anywhere
from 70 to 200 PTS) or will absorb 99% of one character's HP(if he or she has
999, then, after the attack, she or he will have 1).

After a boring fight, you'll get MOMO's Dark Scepter.

##########################[ E R D E  K A I S E R ]############################

Erde Kaiser is the ultimate robot. Professor at Kukai has been wanting to
build it for a long time, yet he's lacking the necessary parts to do such a
feat. Once you first visit him, he sees in you his savior, the one who will
finally help him to accomplish his long-wanted dream. After that cutscene,
you'll be able to bring any robot parts you've amassed throughout the game.
Each time you bring two of them, the Professor will elaborate a new robot part
and reward you with a Summon Spell.

There are six robot parts and all of them are hidden within Segment Addresses.
Here they are their exact location:


Location: At the Woglinde; once the Gnosis attack and you meet Sgt Swaine on
          the floor by a Segment Address, talk to him and he'll hand over
          this door's decoder. Decode it immediately to find this robot

Decoder Location: See above. It is given to you by Sgt Swaine.



Location: Inside the Cathedral Ship there'll be a place where you'll have
          to destroy some terminals that are locking up an elevator. These
          are orange panels and are scattered throughout three levels. At
          the third level, go right from the panels to find a silver-ish
          terminal on the wall; blow it up to uncover a door. Run through
          it to hit a balcony, where this segment address is.

Decoder Location: At the Cathedral Ship; around the area where the Black
                  Zohar is(according to the game's characters, the "center"
                  of the ship) there will be a Blue Monster; he's on
                  the southwest. Engage him and beat him to uncover the
                  chest with this decoder.



Location: At Kukai. Go to the City Sectors and head inside the clothe shop.
          In here, look for three destruct-able bookcases. Use your Vaporizer
          to send them to better land and to uncover a segment address, where
          this part is.

Decoder Location: At the 2nd Encephalon. There will be a place where you'll
                  see a bunny drinking on a table. After he spots you, he
                  will run off into his house, and lock himself up. In order
                  to lure him out, you will need some Carrot Juice. Check
                  around the west of this area to find a cave you can enter.
                  At the other side, cross the wooden bridge and destroy
                  the big carrots there for plenty of this juice. Backtrack
                  to the table where the bunny was drinking and examine it
                  You'll be asked if you want to put some juice on the
                  table. Do so and wait for the bunny to come out; once
                  he does, wait til you regain control and rush into the
                  bunny's house, where this decoder awaits.



Location: At Kukai. Head to the inn and go up the staircase. At the top, head
          into the room to the right and go up the ladder there. In the room
          above, go its balcony. Here, jump onto the roof and start pushing
          the stick to the right, fully. In no time flat, you'll hit an
          offshoot where this address is.

Decoder Location: This is a bit lengthy. Firstly, you must talk to "Tom" at
                  the "Talk to Me" store at the Dock Colony. Once you've done
                  so, head to the Foundation's City Sector; to King's
                  warehouse, to be more exact. When inside, destroy the blue
                  crates at the bottom of it to find a Pink Bug. If you've
                  talked to Tom, you'll be able to listen to a different
                  set of stories. Select "Great Story" and you'll be told
                  that there is a decoder at the Durandal's park. Head
                  there and go to its eastern wing -- you should see something
                  shinning on the ground. Examine that place for this decoder.



Location: At the Colony "Talk to me" Shop. Head into it and look for a
          staircase and go down it to hit the local basement. Make your
          way across the debris here to find this segment address.

Decoder Location: A bit of a toughie; this one is inside the Song of
                  Nephilim. Read the walkthrough and you'll find the
                  exact place where it is. You'll have to beat a monster
                  to get it, though.


Once you've brought all of the parts to the shop, you'll be given Erde
Kaiser(you'll first have to find Assistant Scott at the Ironman bar), the most
powerful summon: it causes 9999 PTS of DMG per hit, but, when selected, it's
the only Ether Shion can have. It's also WAY TOO CHEAP!

#####################[ S E G M E N T  A D D R E S S E S ]#####################


Decoder Location: First of all, go to the Dock Colony and talk with the guy
                  named Tom inside the TALK TO ME shop. Afterward, go the
                  Foundation's city sector. In there, go to King's warehouse
                  (East 66) and blow up the crates on the first floor. You
                  will find a pink thing; do not blow it up. Instead, talk to
                  it and have it tell you a great story. You will be given
                  the location of this decoder. It's at the Durandal's park,
                  so head there, and go to the far east portion of it. You
                  should see something shinning on the grass. Examine that
                  area for this decoder.

Segment Address:  Go to the Foundation's Hotel and go upstairs. Head to the
                  warehouse to the right at the second floor and ride up
                  the ladder. Head into the room's balcony. Now, walk into the
                  roof and completely push the stick rightwards. If done
                  correctly, you will hit an offshoot where you will find this

Prize: Robot Part.



Decoder Location: This thing is at the Song of Nephilim's second tower. It's
                  too expansive to put in here, so I'd recommend you to check
                  the respective part of the walkthrough. You will have to
                  beat an Athra 26 Series, a rather easy enemy.

Segment Address:  Go to TALK TO ME and look for a staircase leading further
                  into the store. In here, blow up the debris and you'll be
                  lead to this segment address.

Prize: Robot Part.



Decoder Location: At the second Encephalon. You will eventually reach an area
                  where you will see a bunnie. Once it sees you, it will run
                  into its house. You can't open its door, so, you will have
                  to look for another way. Firstly, head to the western side
                  of the area where the house is and you'll find a
                  destruct-able bridge. Blow it up and go across it to find
                  the entrance to a cave. Go across it. In the next area, head
                  to the left and across the bridge and get all of those
                  carrots, for some S. Carrot Juice. Now, go back to where
                  the bunnie house is. In front of it, there is a wooden
                  table; examine it and put the Juice on it. The bunnie will
                  come out and give you the chance to run into its house
                  where this decoder is.

Segment Address:  At the Foundation's City Sector's clothe shop. Destroy
                  the bookcases inside(the only destruct-able things inside)
                  to find this door.

Prize: Robot Part.



Decoder Location: Beat the first AGWS you find at Pleroma.

Segment Address:   Is On Pleroma, on the room you have to sneak past the
                   guards. Pass the middle partition, and on the northwest
                   wall, there is a destroyable bookcase. Behind it, there is
                   a destroyable wall. Blow it up to find this.

Prize: Thief Ring.

**INFORMATION CONTRIBUTED BY: Zagoria <rzagoria@triad.rr.com>**



Decoder Location: After you're liberated off the Federation's hand(when it is
                  taken over), head to Shion's room(on the first part of the
                  residential district) and blow up the walls there to get
                  the chest containing an Armory Key. With that at hand,
                  travel to the Durandal's Hangar and try to open the green
                  transparent door; you'll unlock it up with your armory key.
                  In there, you will find this decoder.

Segment Address:  Follow the Encephalon's walkthrough to find this door's
                  location. It's a bit too expansive to put in here, that's
                  why I'm re-directing you.

Prize: Double Buster.



Decoder Location: Beat the crap off Proto Dora at Proto Merkabah. He's a
                  mandatory boss, so it's completely impossible to miss 'im.

Segment Address:  At Proto Merkabah, you will eventually reach a place with
                  an hologram on the center; the universe's hologram. In this
                  room, look for a destruct-able crate. Blow it up and climb
                  down the ladder you just discovered. Ignore the first orange
                  panel you see, right next to the ladder, and go around the
                  path to find another panel. Blow it up and you'll find this

Prize: Trauma Plate.



Decoder Location: As the Gnosis take over the Woglinde, you will find Sgt
                  Swaine, struggling on the floor. He'll hand over this

Segment Address:  Right in front of where the Sgt passes away.

Prize: Robot Part.



Decoder Location: Inside the Ironman bar there is a woman who's crying, as
                  she has lost her engagement ring. In order to find it for
                  her, first go to the clothe shop in the city sector. Inside,
                  look for a white tuxedo of sorts that's being shown atop
                  a staircase. Examine it and you'll get a "Fish Detector".
                  With that item in hand, go to the Foundation's beach and
                  approach the water. You'll be asked if you want to use your
                  detector. Say yes and you'll get to see the fishes on your
                  radar. Pick them up and you'll eventually get the engagement
                  ring. Take it to the crying woman for this decoder.

Segment Address:  At the Elsa's bottom floors. Explore around, destroying
                  stuff, until you find it(it's adjacent to the save point
                  room, where chaos sometimes hangs out).

Prize: Robot Part.



Decoder Location: At the Cathedral Ship. First off, locate you on the Gnosis'
                  "center"(around the place where that "Black Zohar" is).
                  Now, look around for a monster who's protecting a chest.
                  Beat him off and open the chest he was protecting for
                  this decoder.

Segment Address:  There will be a place where you will have to break the seals
                  off an elevator in order to use it. You will have to
                  traverse through a set of floors; on the third one, head
                  to the right, past the seal, to find a silver plate you
                  can destroy. Do so to find this segment address.

Prize: Robot Part.



Decoder Location: You will need the disarm key for this; it is on one of the
                  Elsa's room, the one that has a big, orange couch. Hug
                  around this couch and tap circle. Eventually, you will pick
                  the disarm key, which you should take to the area where
                  segment door 8 is. In there, use the disarm key on the
                  blinking panel to form a path toward the chest containing
                  this decoder.

Segment Address:  KOS-MOS simulator. Precise location unkwnown.

Prize: ????



Decoder Location: At Asteroid Pleroma. You know that there are two maze-like
                  areas that guards constantly patrol, right? On the second
                  one of these areas, there will be a statue right in the
                  center; blow it up and you'll find this decoder.

Segment Address:  At the U-TIC battleship there is a room that, when accessed,
                  would trigger a fight with a soldier who would later board
                  his Zolfo AGWS. Inside this very room is the door.

Prize: Coat - Ice



Decoder Location: At Encephalon's Miltia(the second Encephalon), on the
                  sewer system. As Shion, go down the first manhole and
                  tag the switch on the rightmost side of the area to unlock
                  a door on this very same sewer. Nevertheless, you will
                  have to wait until you're Jr again. You will eventually
                  have to traverse the sewers, too, but on the bottom level,
                  giving you access to the door unlocked by Shion, which is
                  protecting this decoder.

Segment Address:  Song of Nephilim's second tower. Could you please check
                  the walkthrough for the exact location? Thanks and sorry
                  for the inconvenience ;)

Prize: W Hammer Rod.



Decoder Location: ????

Segment Address:  At the Cathedral ship there is a room with a bunch of
                  crates and some Unicorns. On this room is this door.

Prize: ????



Decoder Location: At the first tower(SoN), there is an elevator with some
                  crates on it. Manipulate it so you get to the fifth floor
                  of the tower. Follow the linear path; at the end, blow up
                  the crates there to find a chest containing this decoder.

Segment Address: Elsa's catapult desk.

Prize: Speed Shoes.



Decoder Location: At the Cathedral Ship. You will eventually find an store
                  called Costmary where an Hydra resides. Beat the Hydra for
                  this decoder.

Segment Address:  At Encephalon's Miltia. You will eventually get to access
                  a train station as Jr. At the entrance, where the save point
                  is, make your way through the turnarounds to an enclosed
                  area. Go through the door and jam on the circle button until
                  you find the segment address.

Prize: Angel Ring.



Decoder Location: At the U-TIC battleship. Across the door that leads into
                  a room where a soldier and his Zolfo would fight you, there
                  is another door on the rightmost wall. Unlock it with the
                  U-TIC card and get the decoder inside.

Segment Address:  The Woglinde. It's around the save point that's a screen
                  after Shion's quarters area.

Prize: Stim DX.



Decoder Location: Put yourself on the Song of Nephilim's sound puzzle.
                  Step out of it through the right and then climb up the
                  ladder next to the door, to the top. There, run to the
                  right until you find a hole you can jump from. Do so
                  and head into the enclosed area nearby. Get the decoder
                  that's on the right.

Segment Address:  At Proto Merkabah. As you go up the staircases for the
                  first time, head into floor 43's room. Explore around
                  until you find a destruct-able panel that's protecting
                  this door.

Prize: BLOOD9



Decoder Location: A screen after Shion's room. In here, there is a save point.
                  Look for some breakable glass that protects this decoder.

Segment Address:  By Shion's room, on the linear path that has a soldier on it
|--- --- --- ---| ============================================================


|--- --- --- ---| ============================================================

###########################[ A G W S  B A T T L E ]###########################

You will need the Battle Passport to access this fun minigame. Such passport
is hidden within the Encephalon -- not the second one, but the first one, or,
KOS-MOS Simulator. It is on the room where you fought that area's last boss,
Drone GPX, next to an Exit Point. Once you've gotten this item, use it on an
EVS-enabled save point to be transported to the main menu of the AGWS battle

This mini game feels a lot like the Dreamcast game "Virtual On", which is
about controlling a robot and beating the turd outta your opponent on an
expansive arena, riddled with stuff for you to destroy. However, you have a
lot of things to customize in the AGWS battle arena, unlike in Virtual On. For
instance, right after you select the AGWS you will use in the fight, you'll be
able to outfit it with the weapons of your choice; keep in mind that you can
only use the AGWS and weapons that you already have.

You have three available "spots" where you can put your weapons in your AGWS.
Each spot is assigned to a button on your control: The Ls(1 and 2), the Rs and
Ls+Rs(any of them -- 1 or 2). By pressing any of them, you will activate the
equipped weapon. There are melee weapons, guns and your bare fist... properly
outfit your characters with a healthy combination of these weapons for maximum
efficiency on the battlefield.

The game has a series of stages, in which you must fight your foe all over
again until you win(you get no prize for this, sadly). As stated, you use the
Rs and the Ls for activating your weapons; The Sticks are used for different
things, like, for example, dashing by pressing R3 or L3, or both at the same
time, for a stronger time. Dashing eats up your boost meter, which is at the
bottom of the screen.

Each battle has up to three rounds, like in your average fighting game. By
winning two, you will win the battle and advance into the next level.

############################[ D R I L L  G A M E ]############################

A somewhat boring mini game that it's not "exhilarating", like the game's
backcase claims it to be(along with another three). You can play it for the
first time at the Woglinde; you had to clear up a path full of debris by using
the drill, and if you did so, you'd get the "Drill Passport", which you could
use on an EVS-enabled Save Icon to access th more evolved version of this

First off, to control the drill, you'll need to rely on the Square button.
Press it once and HOLD it to make the crane move vertically. It'll continue
moving until you let go of Square, or until it reaches the crane's limit.
Then, press Square again and hold it to make the drill move horizontally. Once
you let go of Square, it'll stop moving and then, it will start the drill
process. If it hits anything that's below it.

By completing a certain amount of missions on the UMN Drill Game you can get a
sheer amount of prizes and whatnot.

##################################[ T A G ]###################################

A pointless and boring minigame that can only played once. Basically, you run
around, trying not to be touched by your "Taggers". Boring-ass.

############################[ T H E  C A S I N O ]############################

The Casino is a tremendous place to hang around in. You can get lots of nifty
prizes in here, which can be later exchanged for the biggest amounts of money
you've ever seen. First off, as usual, you will need the appropriate passport
to access the casino. Such passport is at the Durandal's casino. Keep in mind
that even though the Durandal has a fully-fledged Casino, it serves no
absolute purpose to the game, as you can't play there. The play-able Casino is
limited to the UMN, which I think it's actually a good thing.

Once you access the Casino, you will have three options: EXCHANGE, POKER and
SLOTS. First off, you should go directly to exchange. In here, you'll be able
to exchange your Casino coins for numerous and nifty prizes. There are
Recovery Sets, Artworks, Golden Dices and much more to be purchased here!
However, as this is(hypothetically speaking) your first time inside this
place, you should take your time and spend some cash on Coins, that you will
use to play the Casino's two exclusive minigames: Poker and Slots. You can buy
these coins in sets of 10, 100, 500 and so on.

First of all, we have the slots. You have four levels of Slots. This does not
mean that level 4 is harder than level 1. Basically, winning in level 4 will
earn you a higher payout as you're spending more money. Let's see how the
slots work and then we'll talk about that: you have three "slot lines", each
divided in three portions. Each slot line has its symbols, the 7s being the
most important. Having 3 slot lines, each divided in three, we'd have 9
visible symbols once the slots are stopped. By aligning three of these symbols
in any direction except vertical, you'll win.

However, you will win nothing if you bet nothing. On the left side of the slot
lines, there are five little squares with the numbers "00" on them. In this
square, you place your bets. In level 1, you can bet up to 5 coins per square,
while in level 4, you can bet up  to 90 coins. By betting at least one coin to
one square, you'll activate its "row". Let me explain: each square corresponds
to one line, horizontal or diagonal. So, for example, the first square
corresponds to the top-most horizontal line. If you manage to get three
symbols on that row, then you'll get money. If you betted nothing on that
square, and you got three symbols, then you would get nothing. It's a bit hard
to explain with words, so it'd be better if you played the game.

The higher your bets, the higher the payout will be if you won. Getting three
7s will earn you the highest payout(which is almost nothing in level 1 -- in
level 4, it is maximum OWNAGE!). However, by aligning three 7s, you won't
activate the second extra reel; to activate this reel, you'd need to align
three of the other symbols. Once you do, you will get your payout, and the
slot lines will be covered by a little plastic thing that says "new reel". In
this new reel, the 7s will be replaced with "Lucky Sevens", which are 7s
painted in gold. You have a set amount of time on the "New Reel" to align as
many symbols as you can(go for those lucky sevens!). Once the times ends, the
Reels will end and you'll be back at the normal reel.

Aside from getting a wonderful payout off the New Reel's Lucky Sevens, you'll
trigger an extra reel where you will see two kind of symbols: O's and X's. The
X's are bad, the O's are good :) Again, you have a set amount of time to align
the O's here -- do not align any X's or you'll lose. In this reel, the slot
lines flow horizontally and, as told, you have a set amount of time to align
those O's! The payout is well worth all of the effort, though.

The Slots provide you with an awesome chance to earn some heavy money: you
just need some good timing. Go for the 7s, that'd be my strategy. Bet little
money and watch the symbols flow around, learning their patterns and whatnot.
I spent around 30 minutes looking at how the 7s flowed at the normal reel,
until I managed to learn EXACTLY when they'd appear. It became part of me,
really. After you've mastered the flow of the 7s, you can start betting some
heavy money(level 4). You can also try to go for the special reels, where the
tough money is made, although you don't have time to think there, as they're
timed. I'd say that the 7s are a good source of income(coins) that can be
changed for prizes, which can be sold for some Benjamins.

The other mini game that's available at the casino is the ever-popular poker.
As you may or may not know, in normal casinos, poker's odds are always AGAINST
you. In this game, however, the odds are surprisingly favorable to you. I
won't give you any mathematical equations here because I frankly don't know
'em, but I simply can tell that you're always on the winning side... with a
good bit of luck, obviously.

Again, there are four levels. On the higher levels, you'll be able to bet the
most money, thus earning the most. The game starts off by asking you if you
want to bet the level's set amount of money. Say "yes" and you'll be shown a
set of cards, with a "DRAW" word below them. By selecting HOLD, you'll leave
that card the way it is. The DRAW cards will be changed with other cards after
you've confirmed your moves. If the new cards form at least one pair with the
cards you kept, then you'll be able to play "DOUBLE OR NOTHING". If not, then
no :) Keep in mind that getting hold of all of the cards won't work here, and
your job is NOT to keep the strongest card. You should always make sure you
can form one pair.

Double or Nothing: you can select whether you want to play double or nothing,
or you want to keep the money you won by forming a pair or more. Keep in mind
that the initial play(forming pairs) gives out so little money(unless you get
a Royal Flush or something like that -- check that box on the left) that's a
completely unreliable way to make coins. The real thing is gotten at "Double
or Nothing", but, as the name suggests, you can lose it all if you mess up.
Keep in mind, though, that the odds are in your favor.

In this second part of the poker game, you're shown one card. What you have to
do here is to guess out of the next card that will be shown to you will be
higher or lower to the previous card in value. How's that for a challenge?.
Luck is a major factor here, that's very obvious. If your guess for the second
card is correct, you get x2 coins, if your guess for the third card is
correct, you'll then get x4 coins and so on until x16 coins, the highest
multiplier there is in this game. If you made the wrong choice, you'd lose it

But, as an old wallpaper I had said "it's better to die trying". Always try to
go for x16 multiplier so you can get the most money out of this game.
Otherwise you'd be getting nothing. Never accept anything that's not x16. Keep
betting and betting. You'll eventually get what's coming for you, because,
hey, you can't lose all the time. If you're feeling uneasy, save before making
a high bet(i.e. playing in level 4) because I must accept that coins are no
cheap in the casino. You can get plenty of coins in a lot of time(hey, it's
better to be honest). Exchange them for stuff that you want to have in your
inventory, or that you want to sell for good chunks of moolah. As the Slots,
the poker is a great way to make money.

Keep in mind that pairs aren't cards of the same type(diamond, spade etc) but
rather of the same denomation -- a diamond 1 will for a pair with a spade 1.
If there is a pair showing up immediately when you start, hold it to ensure
you advance into the next round. Poker provides you with an excellent
opportunity to make coins, as it is easy and the odds are in your favor.

############################[ X E N O C A R D ]###############################

NOTE: This is a basic tutorial for the game's essentials. Nothing more.

A complex minigame. In order to play it, you will need the Card Passport. Talk
with the Elsa's bartender(he's at... the bar) and he'll hand it over. Then,
use it at a save point to access this game. First of all, you will need to buy
a good set of Card Packs and/or Booster Packs. Afterward, it's time to go

As I said, this is a very complex minigame, if you dare to call it a minigame.
First of all, you have up to 40 cards that you can use to form a deck. This
deck is the one you'll use during the battle. There are three general types of
cards: Battle Cards, which are the ones that'll do all of the fighting. Event
Cards let you restore your card's HP or interfere with other players. And,
Situation Cards, that have the same function as Event Cards, but last longer.

The Battle Cards have different attributes or "Features". The Human Cards are
very good in restoring and defending. Realian Cards can be used in great
numbers, all at once. Mech Cards are tremendously powerful and resistant, but
most of the time you'll need to use an Human Card along with them. Then, we
have the Gnosis Cards, which are good for sneaking and interference. And
lastly, we have the Weapon Cards. These let you increment some battle
parameters and abilities.

The game's field is referred to as... field. The field is divided in 7 vital
parts: Standby Area, Battlefield, Situation Area, Junk Pile, Lost Pile, Deck
and Hand Cards. Standby Area is where your cards are, waiting to be deployed
into the Battlefield, where the massacring ensues. The Piles serve as the
areas where destroyed cards go, while the Situation Areas represent the place
where Situation/Event Cards will be put. The Decks shows you your Deck(well,
duh) information.

The Game Flows turn-based-ly, as you might have expected. There are several
phases: the Draw Phase, where you draw a card off your deck, the Move Phase,
where you pick one of your cards and move it into the battlefield, the Event
Phase, where you use a card, the Set Phase, where you play a card onto the
field, the Block Phase, in which your opponent will use a card effect, the
Battle Phase, in which you engage battle and the Adjust Phase, where you
adjust the cards at hand.

Before starting, you will need to form your deck. After that, it's simply
about correctly moving your cards and destroying each other in the
battlefield! Also, if you've bought any Packs lately, you must open them
before they're usable.

|--- --- --- ---| ============================================================

XII. O D D S  A N D  E N D S

|--- --- --- ---| ============================================================

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