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Boss FAQ by Zyre

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/06/05

                     \                __/_\__                /
                      \              | / | \ |              /
                       \             |/  |  \|             /
                        \            |   |   |            /
                         \          /   / \   \          /
                          \        |  --|-|--  |        /
                           \      / \ _ |V| _ / \      /
                            \    /   |  \ /  |   \    /
                             \  /    |   |   |    \  /
    XXX    XXX                \/     |   |   |     \/
     XXX  XXX                 /      |   |   |      \
      XX XXX      eee     nn /n     ooooo|   sssss   \aaaaa    gggggg    aaaaa
       XXXX     eeeeeee   nnnnnnn  ooo ooo  sss sss  aaa aaa  ggg ggg   aaa aaa
       XXX     eeee eeee  nnn nnn  ooo ooo  sss          aaa  ggg ggg       aaa
      XXXXX    eeeeeeeee  nnn nnn  ooo ooo  sssssss  aaaaaaa  ggg ggg   aaaaaaa
     XX  XXX   eeee      /nnn nnn  ooo ooo   |  sss  aaa aaa  ggg ggg   aaa aaa
    XX    XXX   eee eee / nnn nnn  ooo ooo  sss sss  aaa aaa   gggggg   aaa aaa
   XX      XXX    eee  /  nnn nnn   ooooo|   sssss    aaa aa      ggg    aaa aa
                      /              |   |   |              \ ggg ggg
                     /                ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                \ ggggg 
                    /                                         \
                   /                 EPISODE I                 \
                       D e r   W i l l e   z u r   M a c h t

                              ***  -Boss Guide-   ***
                                  - Version 1.1 -
                             by Andrew Nawroth (Zyre)

      Legal Information

   This document is protected by U.S. Copyright Law, and may not be reproduced
under any circumstances except for personal and private uses. This document may
not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance
written permission. It is a free document that cannot be used in any sort of
commercial transaction, including selling it or giving it as a gift. This guide
cannot be altered. It was created and is owned by me, Andrew Nawroth. All
copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are not
specifically mentioned herein.

This guide can legally be found only at the following:

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****** Table of Contents ******

  **    I. Introduction

  **   II. Version History

  **  III. Main Quest Bosses

  **   IV. Optional Bosses

  **    V. Credits

  **   VI. Contact Me

******** I: Introduction ******

     This guide was created to help you through each and every one of
  the bosses in Xenosaga Episode I - Der Wille zur Macht. While some
  bosses are easy, others can be more difficult and require a less
  obvious way to attain victory. I have written down the best strategies
  to my knowledge to defeat each boss in this game. To make sure I
  was correct in every explaination, I used the Official Strategy
  Guide from BradyGames. I want to thank BradyGames in advance for
  providing a back-up resource for this guide. I hope this guide makes
  the Xenosaga experience even better. :)

**** II: Version History ******

  ** Version 1.0: 03/18/03 - 03/29/03

        This is the first version released of this guide.
        I've already decided I will be releasing a second
        version that will include the boss-like battles
        as well.

  ** Version 1.1: 04/05/03 - 04/05/03

        I just added Neoseeker.com to the sites that can
        legally host this guide.

* III. Main Quest Bosses ******

     In this section, battle information will be provided to aid you
  through your game. I have written in as much detail as I can at this
  time. If I find any more strategies, I will add them in the future.

                                - Drone GX -

     Unlike the battle with Drone SPX, this is more of a typical boss
  battle. It's not very hard at all.

    Battle Information:   Item: Ether Pack S - Rarity: None
   - HP: 420                Keep in mind that when the enemy is guarding,
   - Weak: Slash         DO NOT attack it. Attacking it will only provoke
   - STR:  19            it to counter attack with its 'Revenge Combo'
   - VIT:  6             ether attack, and it's no picnic. If you've
   - EATK: 16            played Xenogears, you may remember Ramsus' pose
   - EDEF: 13            where if you attack him while he is in this pose,
   - DEX:  10            he reacts with a powerful counter attack. It's
   - EVA:  12            quite similar.
   - AGL:  6             
   - EXP:  100              Moving along, this boss is weaker to physical
   - G:    0             attacks than to ether attacks. It's a good idea
   - T.Pts: 24           get Shion into her A.G.W.S. as soon as possible
   - E.Pts: 12           to dish out additional damage. Another good idea
   - S.Pts: 8            would be to have KOS-MOS cast 'Mode A7' ether on
                         herself to increase her physical damage.
     With all this in mind, you will surely win. Just remember that when
  the enemy is in its 'Active Guard' stance, use this time to heal or
  guard to save up AP for the next turn.

                                - Minotaur -

     This boss has two helpers aiding it in this battle. Each of the
  helpers are sky fish which have 240 HP. Because they are floating in the
  air, you can only use ether-based attacks on them.

    Battle Information:   Item: Skill Upgrade S - Rarity: Skill Upgrade Z
   - HP: 920                First of all, take down the two sky fish first
   - Weak: Beam          because they attack rather frequently.
   - STR:  25            
   - VIT:  11               As soon as you can, get Shion in her A.G.W.S.
   - EATK: 18            and heal KOS-MOS if necessary. Build up AP and
   - EDEF: 11            use tech attacks as much as possible. If the
   - DEX:  18            event slot reads Hi-Critical for KOS-MOS, use her
   - EVA:  18            R-Cannon tech attack to do some heavy damage.
   - AGL:  7             
   - EXP:  150              Occasionally, a warning message will appear
   - G:    0             that reads "Gathering strength in order to fire
   - T.Pts: 3            Gravity Pulse next turn." If you see this, either
   - E.Pts: 6            guard or heal up.
   - S.Pts: 2            
                            Keep attacking the boss with combos and using
  the above strategy to assure victory. Winning this battle will gain you
  a Skill Upgrade S. If you are lucky, you may receive a Skill Upgrade Z.
  After around 45 minutes of cutscenes, you get to progess into a more
  difficult part of the game. Of course, if you bought enough Med Kits you
  should be alright for the next area.

                                - Margulis -

     This battle can be one of the longest battles in the game. If you
  somehow have a Stim in your inventory, get ready to use it if you don't
  want to spend 30+ minutes for this fight. I don't know how you can get
  a stim this early in the game, but my friend somehow got one and it was
  incredibly helpful. If you don't have one, then pay attention to the
  information below. Also, make sure you DO NOT forget to place MOMO
  behind Ziggy. This will save you some time.

    Battle Information:   Item: Red Ring - Rarity: Purple Ring
   - HP: 820                First off, have Ziggy cast 'Bodyguard' on
   - Weak: None          himself, as that will reduce the damage Margulis
   - STR:  40            deals. MOMO will spend most of her time healing
   - VIT:  27            Ziggy. If she's not healing, she's most likely
   - EATK: 30            restoring her EP with an Ether Pack. You want
   - EDEF: 20            Ziggy to attack every chance he has. Have him
   - DEX:  16            guard or attack once to save AP for his next
   - EVA:  18            turn. When his next turn arrives, use an his
   - AGL:  11            physical tech attack, Cyber Kick.
   - EXP:  2400          
   - G:    3000             Margulis has a few tricks up his sleeve. He
   - T.Pts: 58           has two spells that allow him to absorb either
   - E.Pts: 60           fire or lightning-based attacks. You will know
   - S.Pts: 26           this by how the spell looks. If he becomes
                         surrounded by fire, he will absorb fire-based
  attacks until his next turn, where he will attack. If his spell shoots
  lightning bolts from his back, he will absorb lightning attacks, and
  you'll have to use the tech attack Cyber Kick. Remember, if he becomes
  surrounded by fire, attack him with Lightning Fist. You don't want to
  heal him!

     Margulis' Rune Blade attack is an attack that attempts to push Ziggy
  to the back row as well as deal some damage. If you have MOMO behind him
  he should be fine and only receive the damage.

     If you have a Speed Stim, which you could attain earlier in this
  area, then use it. This will let Ziggy have more attacks. This is very,
  very helpful since you want Ziggy to attack as much as he possibly can.

                              - Domo Carrier -

     At the beginning of this battle, Domo Carrier will save the current
  event slot to its memory. If it saves the Critical Hit Rate Up event
  (the icon with the small explosion and UP at the bottom), then you may
  want to consider resetting your system and trying again. If it saves it
  to memory, it will do twice as much damage during the battle, which can
  be incredibly misfortunate and you'll most likely get mauled. Also, if
  it saves the Boost Rate Up event (the one with the yellow ring and UP at
  the bottom), you may also want to consider resetting your system. With
  this recorded, its boost rates will increase and will have more attacks.

    Battle Information:   Item: Anti-Beam Armor - Rarity: None
   - HP: 1800               Once you've avoided the Critical Hit Rate Up
   - Weak: Lightning     and Boost Rate Up events saving to the enemy's
   - STR:  44            memory, you should be fine.
   - VIT:  27            
   - EDEF: 18            If you want, get Shion and chaos into their
   - EATK: 30            A.G.W.S.'s and guard their first turns. Then for
   - DEX:  15            their next turn, choose the W-ACT attack in the
   - EVA:  6             menu to do a nice amount of damage. With two
   - AGL:  8             A.G.W.S.'s doing this every other turn, this
   - EXP:  4500          battle should be fairly easy.
   - G:    0             
   - T.Pts: 80              If you have Ziggy in your party, make sure he
   - E.Pts: 20           is healed often. Be sure he has his 'Recharge'
   - S.Pts: 40           ether, which can be evolved from his 'Bodyguard'
                         ether for only 40 E.Pts. With that at hand, his
  Lighting Fist should be a great asset to this battle.

     If you're using MOMO, then there really isn't much to do for this
  battle other than attack with her ether tech. She isn't too powerful,
  but she sure is a lot better than nothing. Just keep her HP high and she
  should be able to survive the battle, especially since her healing ether
  is pretty useful and only costs two EP to use.

                                 - Ambix -

     Before you enter the Bridge, restore Jr's A.G.W.S. to full FHP. Don't
  bother restoring the FHP of the other two members of the party since you
  don't get to use them ever again. You do get to use Jr., however. So you
  want him to get as much exp, T.Pts, E.Pts, and S.Pts as possible.

    Battle Information:   Item: Frame Repair Z - Rarity: B-MAX Circuit
   - HP: 1200               As soon as possible, put Jr. in his A.G.W.S.
   - Weak: None          Do keep in mind that Ambix counter attacks almost
   - STR:  42            every time. The only attack he wont counter 
   - VIT:  28            attack is a slash attack. Also, using a slash
   - EATK: 40            attack on him will reduce his counter rate by
   - EDEF: 8             25%.
   - DEX:  20            
   - EVA:  8                If you want Jr. you have a large point boost,
   - AGL:  8             let the other two members of the party do weak
   - EXP:  1800          attacks while Jr. guards to gain AP. When the two
   - G:    0             members are dead, unleash W-ACT attacks on the
   - T.Pts: 62           Ambix. If successful, you should be able to have
   - E.Pts: 16           Jr. gain two levels at the end of the battle!
   - S.Pts: 50           
                            If you don't want to have Jr. gain a helpful
  point boost, just guard for the first few turns to gain AP. Then,
  unleash W-ACT attacks with all of the party members and maul right
  through this boss. It isn't very difficult.

                               - Gargoyle -

     This boss has two other Gnosis to aid it in battle. They are called
  Oudogogue and each one has 1000 HP and is weak against slash-based

    Battle Information:   ITEM: Silver Crown - RARITY: Commander's Crest
   - HP: 3600               'Hell's Flash' is the name of the attack used
   - Weak: Slsh/Lghtnng  against you during the first turn. It is a pretty
   - STR:  60            strong ether attack and damages the entire party.
   - VIT:  15            Use Shion to heal the entire party whenever you
   - EATK: 40            need to while the other two members destroy the
   - EDEF: 15            two Oudogogues.
   - DEX:  23            
   - EVA:  30               At times, you will also need to use an Ether
   - AGL:  5             Pack or Ether Pack S to restore Shion's EP. She
   - EXP:  7400          not only has to heal, but she may have to restore
   - G:    0             status abnormalties.
   - T.Pts: 140          
   - E.Pts: 120             Once the two Oudogogues are destroyed, this
   - S.Pts: 60           battle becomes less annoying. Just make sure you
                         use close-range attacks. Sometimes it may even be
  a good  idea to do a SQUARE-TRIANGLE  attack.  After  they're  gone, be
  prepared.  Though  the  battle  is less  annoying, it can  be a  little
  tougher. The boss will get a bit stronger after each Oudogogue dies.

     When only the Gargoyle remains, heal anyone who can't get into an
  A.G.W.S. Then have everyone who can enter theirs. The boss can perform
  strong physical attacks that can eliminate a party member in one strike.
  Have the A.G.W.S. guard and perform W-ACT attacks do deal a nice amount
  of damage. For the members who can't enter an A.G.W.S., make sure they
  are always healed and perform their strongest attacks.

     With that in mind, have the A.G.W.S. use W-ACT attacks as many times
  as possible. If you were well prepared, it shouldn't be too difficult.

                                - Tiamat -

     It's a good idea to consider getting your A.G.W.S. units ready for
  here as well. Get Guard Cleaners for each of them so when the boss puts
  a status abnormalty on an A.G.W.S., you can get rid of it by just
  guarding for a turn. If you can't get your hands on these items, then
  try to get AP Shields and Cockpit Guards to prevent the status changes
  that can occur for this battle.

    Battle Information   ITEM: B-MAX Circuit - RARITY: Revenge Power
   - HP: 6400               If you plan on using your A.G.W.S. units, go
   - Weak: Beam/Pierce   into them for the first turn if possible. Build
   - STR:  100           AP and unleash W-ACT attacks on the enemy as much
   - VIT:  20            as you can. If you have the proper accessories,
   - EATK: 50            guard to restore FHP and/or remove status effects
   - EDEF: 24            on the proper A.G.W.S.
   - DEX:  32            
   - EVA:  40               If you can, cast 'Boost +1' on both Shion and
   - AGL:  10            Jr. Doing this and boosting after their turn will
   - EXP:  15600         prevent Tiamat from reacting to their attack. He
   - G:    0             has a pretty powerful attack when Shion attacks.
   - T.Pts: 180          
   - E.Pts: 160             The trick is to have Shion or Jr. deliver the
   - S.Pts: 120         final blow. It's very good to have the accessory
                        called Scope equipped to a character, or the
  Search Eyes skill. This will allow you to see Tiamat's remaining HP. So
  when he is about to die, finish him off with either Shion or Jr. You may
  be surprised at the outcome at first, but it is supposed to happen. He
  will restore 1500 HP, so the battle drags on. The key is to have the
  other person finish him off this tim If Shion finished him off the
  first time, then have Jr. kill him the second time. If Jr. first, then
  Shion second. Get it?

                                 - Gigas -

     First off, keep in mind that chaos can do a nice amount of damage to
  this guy. Having chaos in your party will make it easier. Also, having
  KOS-MOS in there with X-BUSTER and her 'Ether Limit' ether would be
  helpful. But we all know not everyone is going to use these two. If you
  plan on using MOMO, make sure she has the 'Medica All' ether. She is a
  good healer and will be a great asset to the party, believe it or not.
  There really isn't anything spectacular about using Ziggy and/or Jr. in
  this fight. They are pretty strong, however. And Shion also makes a good

  NOTE: The status below refers to each Gigas. At the beginning of the
        battle, Gigas splits into two. Although the status below refers to
        each individual Gigas, the strategy applies to the battle as a

    Battle Information   ITEM: Spirit - RARITY: Soul
   - HP: 2800               Like mentioned above, Gigas splits into two at
   - Weak: Spirit/Slash  the beginning of the battle. One's enough, but it
   - STR:  100           seems you have no choice but to fight these guys.
   - VIT:  40            Now don't go feeling cocky unless your characters
   - EATK: 55            are really built up. These guys have two very
   - EDEF: 34            strong attacks that attack the entire party. You
   - DEX:  40            will need Medica All on at least two characters.
   - EVA:  30            Don't let any party member's HP dangle around 300
   - AGL:  9             or you may be massacred beyond your comprehension!
   - EXP:  7800          
   - G:    0                Build AP and unleash Slash and Spirit attacks
   - T.Pts: 120          on them. In fact, it may be a good idea to focus
   - E.Pts: 100          on one of them at a time. Keep in mind that they
   - S.Pts: 60           have an attack that can kill one party member at
                         a time. This can be very annoying.

     A.G.W.S. are nice to use in this battle, so use build AP and unleash
  W-ACT attacks on the Gigas. Back to character attacks, getting the
  Double Buster item in the Encephalon will be a great help. If you didn't
  get it, then you wont be able to get it until the EVS version of the
  Encephalon becomes available.

     Heal as much as possible and use your most powerful attacks. Keep in
  mind that since their are two Gigas, your chances of getting the rare
  Soul item doubles.

                               - Rianon Se -

     The best party for this battle is MOMO, Jr. and chaos. But if you
  never leveled up or worked on MOMO, don't bother. KOS-MOS or Shion is
  just as good. MOMO's transformations and Magic Caster are helpful while
  Jr.'s Storm Waltz is great if you built its speed up. chaos can use
  Angel blow to do some decent damage.

    Battle Information   ITEM: Boost Pack - RARITY: Shield Armor
   - HP: 5600               Unless you really have to, don't enter any
   - Weak: Fire          A.G.W.S. units. Most of Rainon Se's attacks drain
   - STR:  100           HP and they can drain around 1000 HP from a
   - VIT:  20            A.G.W.S. His drain attacks drain around 300-400
   - EATK: 65            HP from a character out of an A.G.W.S.
   - EDEF: 40            
   - DEX:  45               chaos' 'Supreme Judgement' ether will lower
   - EVA:  50            the HP drain from your characters to heal the
   - AGL:  11            boss. Rainon Se also tries to disable boost so
   - EXP:  20000         you wont be able to use boost unless you remove
   - G:    0             the status effect.
   - T.Pts: 160          
   - E.Pts: 160             Remember not to go into an A.G.W.S., or this
   - S.Pts: 40           battle will obviously be longer and more tedious.
                         It may even be endless. So just continue
  performing attacks with your characters as well as keeping their HP at a
  decent height. 

                                 - Simeon -

     Before you enter this battle, make sure you're prepared to engage in
  a fairly easy battle. So sit back, grab some candy and some pop, and
  beat the living snot (or mechanical parts) out of this guy. Compaired to
  most of the previous boss battles, this one is a joke if you're at an
  average level.

     There is a battle that takes place after this one, but you can save
  and heal before the battle following after this one. You'll just have to
  walk back to the closest save point.

    Battle Information   ITEM: B-MAX Circuit - RARITY: Fast Circuit 25
   - HP: 8400               When I fought this guy, I never used my
   - Weak: None          A.G.W.S. units. He really isn't that hard, but
   - STR:  120           that doesn't mean you shouldn't use an A.G.W.S.!
   - VIT:  100           They're still fun to use. If you plan on using a
   - EATK: 100           A.G.W.S. for one or all of your characters, do
   - EDEF: 30            the usual. Build up AP and perform W-ACT attacks
   - DEX:  42            to do some nice damage.
   - EVA:  36            
   - AGL:  9                Keep in mind that near the beginning of the
   - EXP:  32000         battle, Simeon tries to cast the Slow status
   - G:    0             abnormalty. This can really be annoying, but if
   - T.Pts: 220          you're in an A.G.W.S., this is nothing a Guard
   - E.Pts: 200          Cleaner equipped can't fix.
   - S.Pts: 180          
                            There are some attack types that Simeon isn't
  affected by too much. These types are fire, ice, lightning and beam. So
  if you're using KOS-MOS, X-BUSTER wont do as much damage. Sad, I know.
  Anyways, if you can use other attack types on this guy, it should be no
  problem. This battle really should be harder. But hey! I guess it isn't
  wrong to have a break once in a while, aye?

     Though not too important, Albedo likes to talk occasionally during
  the battle. This really doesn't affect the battle in any way except that
  it will most likely bring your brutal trashing upon his A.G.W.S. to a
  brief pause. Heh...

                         - Ein Rugel & Doppelwogel -

     After the battle with Simeon, you get a chance to return to heal if
  you want to. You can even return to a save point and save your game in
  case you don't feel like taking the risk. Just make sure you heal both
  your characters and, if you're using them, your A.G.W.S. units as well.
  When you're ready, walk up to Ein Rugel and speak to him.

     For tbe battle information below, the leftmost stats refer to Ein
  Rugel while the rightmost stats refer to Doppelwogel.

    Battle Information   ITEM: None/Samurai Heart - RARITY: Master's
                                                      Pendant/Gemini Clock
   - HP: 3600           - HP: 4400               At the beginning of the
   - Weak: None         - Weak: None          battle, he will try to
   - STR:  90           - STR:  110           disable the tech attacks on
   - VIT:  35           - VIT:  30            all of your characters. It
   - EATK: 60           - EATK: 70            is a very good idea to have
   - EDEF: 20           - EDEF: 40            someone set the 'Purifying
   - DEX:  45           - DEX:  60            Storm' ether on. This will
   - EVA:  47           - EVA:  12            clear all status changes.
   - AGL:  8            - AGL:  6             This ether can be found on
   - EXP:  24000        - EXP:  24000         chaos, but you'll have to
   - G:    0            - G:    0             evolve it from 'Healing Dew'
   - T.Pts: 180         - T.Pts: 180          ether he has. Make sure you
   - E.Pts: 160         - E.Pts: 160          set it, or it wont appear in
   - S.Pts: 80          - S.Pts: 80           the menu!

     If you plan on using your A.G.W.S. units, then enter them as soon as
  you can to avoid the tech-disabling attempt mentioned in the above
  paragraph. The thing that is bad about using an A.G.W.S. in this battle
  is that Ein Rugel will cast 'Pilot Sleep' a few times. Of course, if you
  have a Cockpit Guard equipped to all A.G.W.S. units used, this will be
  no problem. What's even better is that since he tries casting 'Pilot
  Sleep' over and over, it will have no effect and you can do the usual
  with your mechs: gain AP and unleash W-ACT attacks.

     Another thing you want to avoid is using Ice-based or Lightning-based
  attacks on Ein Rugel. 75% of these type of attacks will be diminished.

     Once Ein Rugel's HP reaches zero, he will transform into Doppelwogel,
  a form that hovers in the air. Obviously, you wont be able to perform
  close-range attacks with characters in or out of their A.G.W.S.

     Another thing to keep in mind is that after the transformation, you
  wont be able to steal the Master's Pendant from Ein Rugel. Instead, you
  can only get the Gemini Clock from Doppelwogel.

     While using an A.G.W.S. can be an advantage, it is highly advised to
  have all A.G.W.S. protected against the 'Engine Stop' status change. If
  they are unprotected, then it's best not to use their A.G.W.S. This is
  not Doppelwogel's only status-changing attack, however. He also shoots
  confusion arrows to, obviously, confuse your characters.

     Doppelwogel has an attack called 'Flare Wing S' which decreases the
  ether defense of all your characters. What's worse is that he attacks
  the entire party with an ether attack on his next turn. So if anyone's
  AP is at six, then have them use the Veil item on the entire party. To
  do this, they must have six AP and you choose the item with TRIANGLE
  instead of CIRCLE. This uses the item on the entire party. Note that not
  all items can do this.

     With all of this in mind, you should be able to make it past both
  forms in one piece.

                               - Proto Dora -

     This guy has a lot of HP, so make sure at least one of your party
  members have a Scope equipped or the Search Eyes skill equipped. Though
  it isn't necessary, it'll definately be a nice thing to have. Also, it
  is a good idea to have KOS-MOS in your party. Make sure you have her
  equipped with X-BUSTER. It's also nice to have her equipped with the
  Double Buster item, if you have it. It can be found behind the Segment
  Address door number five. Finally, have Medica All on at least two of
  your party members.

     The boss is assisted by two mechs known as Schutz. They each have
  3800 HP and are weak against lightning-based attacks. As their rare item
  you can attain, each have a Fast Circuit 25.

    Battle Information   ITEM: Frame Repair Z - RARITY: Fast Circuit 50
   - HP: 12000              It's a good idea to have one person focus on
   - Weak: Beam          healing the party as well as providing status
   - STR:  165           anhancing aid if desirable. Also, as the battle
   - VIT:  100           progresses, try to save up your boosts if
   - EATK: 170           possible. You'll need it later on in the battle
   - EDEF: 20            when Proto Dora's HP reaches 5000. I'll explain
   - DEX:  50            why later.
   - EVA:  10            
   - AGL:  6                Focus your attacks on the two schutz until
   - EXP:  32000         they have both been eliminated. Just make sure
   - G:    0             that if you use KOS-MOS's X-BUSTER before the two
   - T.Pts: 240          schutz are gone, you damage it as much as you
   - E.Pts: 0            possibly can with that one attack. Use KOS-MOS'
   - S.Pts: 200          'Ether Limit' ether on her to increase her ether
                         attack. The reason for doing this is because once
  you attack Proto Dora with a beam attack, the boss will release a shield
  diminishing all beam attack damage by 100%. Still, it's a good idea to
  use KOS-MOS's X-BUSTER even when the shield is up so you can do a good
  amount of damage toward the two schutz. Once they are gone, Proto Dora's
  shield will begin to weaken. Messages will appear saying that the beam
  shield was damage as well as how strong the sheild has decreased to.

     As the battle moves on, you will eventually get the beam shield to
  50%, which is when a message will appear stating "Begin energy
  recharge!" Once you see that message, heal everyone like crazy because
  Proto Dora attacks you with Sonic Buster. This attack does between 750
  damage to 850 damage depending on how much time you have spend working
  on your characters' stats and equipment. Obviously, you are going to
  want to heal like crazy again. It is attacks like these that make you
  glad that Shion isn't the only one with 'Medica All'.

     As I mentioned early on, you'll find a nice set of boosts to be quite
  helpful when Proto Dora's HP reaches 5000. Why? Because when its HP does
  get this low, it will try to heal itself by almost 2300 HP! That's a lot
  of hard work down the tube, aye? This is the part when your boosts come
  in. Keep on boosting to avoid the boss having a turn. Which each turn
  you get, attack the boss with as much power as possible. Taking the boss
  down before it can heal itself will save you some time as well as some
  possible frustration.

                                 - Albedo -

     So you thought fighting him in his A.G.W.S. Simeon was easy? Well I'm
  glad you enjoyed it, because this battle goes in a completely different
  direction. First off, this is one of two bosses you will have to fight
  in a row. The following one isn't as hard as this one, but this one can
  be completed in one attack, not that it's any fun. But make sure all of
  your characters have been fully healed. Also, make sure you have set all
  the ethers you have planned to use. If you have any extra Ether Upgrades
  in your inventory, now is a good time to use them. This way you can give
  your characters an extra boost in stats. Also make sure you have all the
  skills equipped that you may want. Such skills include Search Eyes which
  will show you Albedo's remaining HP. Don't bother with this skill if you
  have a Scope equipped, however.

    Battle Information   ITEM: Revive DX - RARITY: Rejuvenator
   - HP: 7400               There are two ways to get through this battle.
   - Weak: None          The first way includes using Shion's Erde Kaiser
   - STR:  115           summon ether, which will do 9999 damage. This way
   - VIT:  30            obviously ends this battle in one round, but what
   - EATK: 90            fun is that? The other way is the funner approach
   - EDEF: 40            that includes a hard battle, but makes the ending
   - DEX:  60            feel  more  worthwhile. You  haven't truly beaten
   - EVA:  50            thid game  until  you  have beated Albedo without
   - AGL:  12            Erde Kaiser. But if  you  wish  to use Erde Kaiser
   - EXP:  54000         anyways, you can  get  him  by  completing a very
   - G:    0             easy  side  quest.  If you plan on using the Erde
   - T.Pts: 250          Kaiser summon ether,  then move on to the final
   - E.Pts: 220          strategy. If not, then pay close attention.
   - S.Pts: 250
                            First off, you have to know that Albedo is one
  fast puppy, so he's going to be nailing you quite a few times. To add to
  the challenge, as Albedo's HP depletes more and more to zero he can heal
  himself more and more. Second, he's powerful and can cause some serious
  damage to someone in or out of an A.G.W.S. Make sure that you have one
  person to completely devote to healing. You'll need it. Next, you want
  to boost your characters with the Boost +1 ether. You'll want someone to
  devote their time getting everyone's boost gauge to around three or four
  boosts. This way, you can keep on boosting to cause a huge amount of
  damage while he is helpless.

     There are two helpful tricks that you should take advantage of. The
  first is using the boost strategy mentioned above. That one is very
  helpful by itself. Another one, though not as helpful as the first, is
  to get negative status effects on Albedo. He'll concentrate more on
  removing the status effect than attacking you.

     Albedo has an attack called 'Demonic Gaze' that drains between 900 to
  1000 HP from a party member whether they are in or out of an A.G.W.S. To
  make things worse, he will use the HP he drained so he can heal himself.
  Obviously, he is hard enough as it is, so having him extend his health
  with this will only make things worse. The best way to keep this from
  having such a big effect is to cast the 'Supreme Judgement' ether onto
  Albedo. This will lower his healing capabilities.

     With all of this information at hand, you should be able to survive
  this tough match. Of course, if your characters are underdeveloped, you
  will probably get creamed whether you follow this strategy or not.

                             - Sophie Peithos -

     This is the final boss of this amazing game. You have absolutely no
  time inbetween this battle and the previous battle to restore your party
  members. Two different types of enemies will assist the final boss in
  this battle: Jaldabaoth and Ratatosk. Jaldabaoth has 1200 HP while the
  ratatosk has 1800. Both are weak against nothing. Strategies to kill
  them will be included in the Battle Information.

     Not much more can be said about this battle that hasn't already been
  said before the battle with Albedo. All I can really say is I hope you
  enjoy the great music played in this last battle.

    Battle Information   ITEM: None - RARITY: None
   - HP: 16000              Since you have had no chance to heal between
   - Weak: None          now and the battle with Albedo, you should heal
   - STR:  150           like there's no tomorrow (and there wont be if you
   - VIT:  42            don't heal)! However, if you used Erde Kaiser you
   - EATK: 220           will only need to heal Shion's EP as well as the
   - EDEF: 42            HP of one of your party members depending on your
   - DEX:  60            characters' dexterity. Anyway, heal up and prepare
   - EVA:  20            for a fairly mild battle.
   - AGL:  6             
   - EXP:  80000            Just like the battle with Albedo, there are
   - G:    0             two ways to claim victory. The first is to use
   - T.Pts: 250          Shion's Erde Kaiser summon ether to deal 9999 HP
   - E.Pts: 250          worth of damage. Of couse, there is still 6001 HP
   - S.Pts: 250          left, but you will easily make your way through
                         it if your do what you've been doing with all the
  other boss battles in this game. There's no real strategy involved if
  you decided to use Erde Kaiser. It's just not as fun. But you may want
  to save Erde Kaiser for when Sophie Peithos' HP exceeds below 6000.
  However, if you do not plan on using Erde Kaiser, then pay attention to
  the information below.

     The final boss is no real threat for the first few minutes of this
  battle. Occasionally it'll perform an attack that wont do anything you
  can't heal in one turn. It's a good idea to take advantage of this
  opportunity to cast Boost +1 on all of your party members. Getting their
  boost to around three will be helpful. The boost gauge will accumulate
  as the battle progresses. You'll probably use a few boosts occasionally
  throughout the battle, but try to keep at least three or four free on
  each character unless it's an emergency.

     Jaldabaoths will occasionally be summoned by Sophie Peithos. When
  their HP begins to get extremely low, they will self-destruct to cause
  some damage to the entire party, but it really isn't anything you should
  have to worry about. Whether you used Erde Kaiser or not, when the boss
  begins to enter the lower 6000's in HP, it will summon ratatosks. These
  guys are more devistating. They like to add the Ether Attack Down status
  effect to your characters. That's bad so cast Purifying Storm on all of
  your party members. If no one has that ether, then use a Cure-All as a
  W-Item. If you happen to not know what that is, then observe the small
  description of a Cure-All by selecting the item. Moving on, ratatosks
  also have an attack that damages the entire party. If both ratatosks are
  still alive, they may decide to attack one after another and nail your
  characters hard.

     Now you've really gotten the final boss ticked off. Make sure your
  characters are healed because when the boss' HP enters the 3000's,
  Sophie Peithos will unleash its dreadful Dark Omen ether attack. Around
  800 HP worth of damage will appear on the screen as it damages the whole
  party. Heal everyone, then boost like crazy. Boost and boost to
  constantly nail the boss with everything you got. You do not want the
  boss to unleash this attack again. Just keep hacking away at the boss
  and heal when necessary.

     If you haven't used Erde Kaiser yet and Sophie Peithos' HP is less
  than 500, then summon the invincible robot to deliver the final blow.
  Of course, you don't have to do this but it'll sure get your point
  across. Heh heh.

     With all of this taken into consideration, the final boss of this
  episode of Xenosaga should fall. If you were able to make it past Albedo
  without using Erde Kaiser, then this battle should have been somewhat

     Now you have beaten Xenosaga Episode I - Der Wille zur Macht. Lie
  your controller somewhere safe and sit back to watch the incredibly
  ending. An ending truly appropriate for this amazing game. I will see
  you all in Episode II.

     If you haven't already, then you should check out the optional bosses
  in the next section.

**** IV. Optional Bosses ******

     This game has its fair share of optional enemies you may wish to
  encounter at some time in the game. Most of them are at a fairly high
  level of difficulty depending on the strength of your characters.
  Though in most games, the optional bosses are usually more difficult
  than the normal bosses. But in this particular game, that is not the

                                - Ace Pilot -

     Before considering to hunt down Ace Pilot, keep in mind that it's not
  really Ace Pilot you're going to fight. Though you techically fight him,
  the real battle begins after his HP reaches zero. In this case, one of
  two things can occur depending on how far you are in the game. When you
  first gain access to the U-TIC Battleship via EVS, you can fight Ace
  Pilot and he will pilot his first A.G.W.S., Meld Gareth. Once you have
  beaten the Song of Nephilim, you can return to the U-TIC Battleship to
  fight Ace Pilot, only this time he will pilot his other A.G.W.S., Din

     Of course, you can still fight Meld Gareth if you please. Just make
  sure you have at least two of your party members are in an A.G.W.S. when
  Ace Pilot's HP reaches zero. Then he will pilot Meld Gareth instead of
  Din Gareth.

     The best part about these guys is that you can fight them as many
  times as you want. Personally, I don't consider them "optional bosses",
  but they fit more in this part of the guide than any other part. This is
  a great way to gain levels as well as various points to upgrade your
  tech attacks, skills, and ethers.

     To get to Ace Pilot, use the EVS to get to the U-TIC Battleship. Note
  that this enemy only appears in the EVS. Earlier in the game, you
  visited this place with Jr. along with Mary and a nameless soldier in
  your battle party. When you were here earlier in the game, there was a
  room where you fought a Zolfo A.G.W.S. This room was called the Sodier
  Room, and Ace Pilot is inside here. To get to this room, make your way
  from the starting point to the first laser barrier. When you wer here
  with Jr., you had to disable these red laser barriers to progress
  further into the battleship. Of course, they're disabled already in the
  EVS version of this place. Moving along, walk across the southernmost
  barrier and continue going straight until you reach a door. There are
  two red objects you can destroy on each side of the door. Enter the door
  and walk to the right for a while (you'll have to go down a few steps to
  keep going right). You'll walk past some destroyable plants in pots.
  Keep walking to the right and you'll pass a red door. Walk past it and
  you will come across another red door (it's the last one). Enter it and
  you will see a man dressed in a black spacesuit-like outfit. Unlike all
  other enemies in the game, he is not aggressive and thus, will not
  persue you. You yourself must initiate this battle.

    Battle Information   ITEM: Skill Upgrade A  RARITY: Ether Upgrade A
   - HP: 360                   There really isn't any required strategy
   - Weak: Fire             for this battle. Simply fight him as you would
   - STR:  50               with any other normal enemy. Keep in mind that
   - VIT:  15               if you want the items he provides, you are
   - EATK: 30               going to have to steal them. You will not
   - EDEF: 20               receive the item after battle because this guy
   - DEX:  30               enters one of his A.G.W.S. units when his HP
   - EVA:  20               reaches zero or below.
   - AGL:  8
   - EXP:  30
   - G:    500
   - T.Pts: 10
   - E.Pts: 4
   - S.Pts: 16

    Battle Information - Meld Gareth   ITEM: Frame Repair Z  RARITY: B-MAX
   - HP: 5500                  Meld Gareth has two different attacks. The
   - Weak: None             first one is called 'Dragon Scale', which is
   - STR:  110              an attack that damages only one character.
   - VIT:  80               His more dangerous attack is his '68-Series
   - EATK: 50               Missle' which is not only more powerful than
   - EDEF: 10               'Dragon Scale', but attacks the entire party
   - DEX:  30               as well. It's best to transfer your characters
   - EVA:  10               into A.G.W.S. units if they can. If you're
   - AGL:  6                using KOS-MOS, it's very nice to have the
   - EXP:  4000             'Double Buster' accessory equiped. It lets you
   - G:    1000             perform two Tech Attacks if you have enough
   - T.Pts: 60              AP. Refer to the Part IV: Segment Addresses to
   - E.Pts: 20              learn how to get the Double Buster item if you
   - S.Pts: 60              do not already have it.

     If you do choose to keep any character out of an A.G.W.S., you will
  obviously be doing a lot of healing.

     While you are fighting this enemy, it's best to guard first to gain
  AP. Then use W-ACT, which is necessary to deal a lot of damage. 'Guard
  Recovery' equipped to any of your A.G.W.S.' is a valuable tool, since
  you will be guarding almost half of the time if you wish. This way, you
  heal some damage while guarding.

     Equip any heavy-damage piercing guns to every A.G.W.S. you plan on
  using during this fight. A flamethrower or gatling gun are also weapons
  you should consider equiping to your A.G.W.S. units. These can play a
  large roll in defeating Meld Gareth.

     If you're not planning on using any A.G.W.S. units at all, make sure
  at least two of your characters have Medica All set on them. Medica Rest
  can also be very helpful if Meld Gareth likes to focus on one character
  with his 'Dragon Scale' attack for a couple turns. Make sure you have
  good equipment on your characters, and their levels are at least around
  37. Keeping your party's HP high thoughout the battle is the key to
  coming out as the victor. If possible, try to steal his B-MAX Circuit
  item if you get the chance. Don't take the chance if you need to heal
  first, though. You can always fight Meld Gareth again.

    Battle Information - Din Gareth   ITEM: Frame Repair Z  RARITY: Fast
                                                                Circuit 25
   - HP: 8500                  Like Meld Garenth, Din Gareth has two
   - Weak: None             attacks as well. Luckily, both can only attack
   - STR:  150              one party member at a time. His first attack
   - VIT:  80               is '20mm Blaster', which does around 250+
   - EATK: 50               damage depending on how much you have worksd
   - EDEF: 30               on your characters/A.G.W.S.'s. His other
   - DEX:  50               attack is called '71-Series Railcannon'. This
   - EVA:  10               attack is very painful as it roughly 600 HP
   - AGL:  6                worth of damage. What's even more deadly is
   - EXP:  8000             its critical hit, which can do over 1000
   - G:    1000             damage! That'll take down most of your
   - T.Pts: 80              characters if they aren't a high enough level
   - E.Pts: 20              or you didn't upgrade their HP enough with
   - S.Pts: 80              Tech Points. That is, if it hit a character
                            not in an A.G.W.S.

     As far as strategy, it's basically the same as the one with Meld
  Gareth. The only change you'll need to keep in mind is that you can only
  have one character enter their A.G.W.S. before you defeat Ace Pilot.
  Otherwise, you'll end up fighting Meld Gareth instead.

     Just keep an eye on your HP and watch out for his '71-Series
  Railcannon'. With all this in mind, you should have a very good chance
  at victory.

                             - Athra 26 Series -

     Enter the Song of Nephilim and head into Tower One. You need to get
  to the sixth floor to get into Tower Two. Destroy fifteen blocks, then
  activate the elevator. After entering the tower, walk to the left. The
  first exit you see is the one you want to enter. Do so and head to Tower
  Two. Once there, you sould save. the Athra 26 Series may a difficut
  fight, depending on you level, equipment, and other statistics. Whether
  you decide to save or not, enter the doorway directly across the doorway
  you just came out of. Somehow make it past the enemy and make use of the

  ladder. When you make it down the ladder, make your way to furthest
  ladder on this section. Go down that ladder and make your way to the
  last ladder in this section as well. Climb up that ladder and make your
  way to a set of boxes you can destroy. The second one contains a
  'Defibrilator Vest' while the third box contains a 'Neo Armor Beta'. The
  next box houses the Athra 26 Series.

    Battle Information   ITEM: Revive DX  RARITY: None
   - HP: 3000                  There are some precautions that need to be
   - Weak: None             taken into consideration before attempting to
   - STR:  90               fight this guy. Firstoff, attacking him with a
   - VIT:  15               Beam, Fire, or Ether attribute weapons will
   - EATK: 90               only cause him to become invulnerable to that
   - EDEF: 26               type of attack for the remainer of the battle.
   - DEX:  50               Also, he will try to cast Engine Stop on any
   - EVA:  45               A.G.W.S. units in the party, so make sure you
   - AGL:  11               have Engine Shields equipped to any mechs you
   - EXP:  2400             plan on using. If you do not plan on using any
   - G:    0                mechs, or plan on having some characters out
   - T.Pts: 120             of them, then make sure they make use of their
   - E.Pts: 24              first fire, ice, lighting, spirit or beam
   - S.Pts: 100             attacks. After that, only physical attacks and
                            techs classified as a 'Hit' type of damage
  will hurt him. Also, keep into consideration that this guy can boost a
  lot, so you'll need a good healer in your group to spend most of his/her
  time healing. With all of this kept in mind, your chances of victory
  greaten. Successfully defeating this boss gains you Decoder 2!


                               - Great Joe -

     Before you go looking for Great Joe, you need to make sure Jr. is in
  your party, and he is the one walking around on the field. That is the
  only way Great Joe is visible. After you have those things set, head to
  the Residential Area of the Durandal. Search for the room with the green
  carpet and a silver monolith which acts as an item shop (the silver
  object that looks identicle to save point, but silver). Once you are in
  that room, head to the closet doors and destroy the right one. Then,
  Great Joe himself will challenge you to combat.

    Battle Information
   - HP: 9999                  There are some things you should keep in
   - Weak: None             mind before taking on this guy. Most of his
   - STR:  100              attacks are physical attacks, which means he
   - VIT:  30               usually doesn't hurt those in back row. It is
   - EATK: 68               a good idea to keep your healer behind Jr.,
   - EDEF: 20               especially if you don't normally use Jr. in
   - DEX:  40               your party. This way, your healer receives
   - EVA:  40               minimal damage and can focus on healing the
   - AGL:  11               other two members of the party.
   - EXP:  18000            
   - G:    200                 Joe's 'Heart Shot Punch' is a status attack
   - T.Pts: 200             he doesn't use too often. But when he does,
   - E.Pts: 180             the character struck will be infected with the
   - S.Pts: 200             Curse status effect, as well as receive
                            damage. If you ever see the message 'Planning
  Combination Attack', this means he's charging his attack and it will do
  some major damage.

     Note that after you receive this message and
  before his next turn, you can attack him which may cancel this
  terrifying attack. If Joe decides to cast an Ether called 'Celebration' 
  upon himself, this will increase his Ether attacks. This is usually
  followed by a very strong Ether attack that damages your entire party.
  If he casts 'Celebration' on himself, immediately heal everyone as much
  as possible. If you have chaos in your party and he has his 'Best Ally'
  Ether plus 50 EP to use it, this would be a good time to use this
  Ether. 'Best Ally' will effect everyone in your party and if they get
  killed, they will automatically be revived and brought to full health.

     When Joe gets to around 4000 HP, he challenges Jr. to a duel. If you
  wish, use this change to use Jr. specifically while the other
  characters heal him. If you attack with another character, however, Joe
  responds with a counter attack.

     When Joe reaches 2000 HP, the duel is over and he casts an ether
  that has a 50% chance of reversing healing and damage on him. So
  attacks will heal him while healing items and spells will damage him.
  It's best to do a weak attack to see if this effect was successful or

     Coming out as the victor of this battle will earn you 200 G. You
  will also get the Magnum Joe Ether for Jr. as well as the Soul Rhapsody
  Tech Attack!

                                - Mintia -

     This optional boss first becomes available during the Gnosis attack
     upon the Kukai Foundation. However, chances are you characters aren't
  strong enough to defeat her. I highly suggest you wait until later in
  the game. Though, there are some people out there like myself who would
  at least like to try to fight her when she first becomes available. Let
  me tell you, it is very difficult if you do not know what you are doing.
  Also note that the Battle Information provided below are intended to aid
  those who wish to battle Mintia when she first becomes avaible.

     Moving along, you need to make sure you have MOMO in your party and
  have her the one walking around on the field. Otherwise, Mintai will
  never appear. Mintia is found on the hidden second floor of the 'Iron
  Man' bar at City Sector 26 & 27 in the Kukai Foundation. To get to her,
  you need to do a series of things. First off, get to the front of the
  'Iron Man' bar. Notice the three overhangs above the entrance. Also
  notice how the middle one is now lowered. To lower it, find the crank
  located on the left overhang and turn it. If a nearby girl warns you not
  to touch the crank, simply ignore her. She doesn't know what she's
  missing. Anyways, after turning the crank the center overhang islowered.
  Next, enter the 'Our Treasure' inn. Walk up the stairway at the
  northeastern section of the building. Once on the second floor, enter
  the room to the left. It has a pink carpet. Exit the room by entering
  the doorway to the south. This will lead you to a catwalk outside. On
  the catwalk, make your way to the right of the screen until you come
  across a set of plants that you can destroy. Destroy it and walk off the
  catwalk. You will land on the overhangs above the 'Iron Man' bar. Now
  that the center overhang is lowered, you can walk across the overhang
  and enter the window directly above the right overhang. MAKE SURE that
  as you walk across the overhang, you have the d-pad or analog stick on
  your controller pointing between UP and RIGHT. If you just go right,
  you'll fall off the overhang. And if you only walk up, you wont get
  anywhere. So do as instructed so you don't fall off, and you can enter
  the window. Now you are in a small section. You should notice to the
  left side of the screen the section of the 'Iron Man' bar you have
  visited before. Anyways, walk forward and MOMO will notice something odd
  and will stop to see what it is. Mintia appears and challenges MOMO to a

    Battle Information   ITEM: Penguin Rod  RARITY: Craft Apron
   - HP: 7777                  If you haven't already, put MOMO behind one
   - Weak: None             of the other two characters, since Mintia has
   - STR:  20               a Dark Star attack that not only causes
   - VIT:  20               damage, but pushes the victim into the back
   - EATK: 80               row. Keep in mind that even though she may say
   - EDEF: 32               "Dark Star",it does not necessarily mean she
   - DEX:  80               is doing this particular attack.
   - EVA:  50               
   - AGL:  12                  Mintia has an attack called 'Dark Snake'.
   - EXP:  22000            This attack can sometimes become very annoying
   - G:    12000            as it deals damage as well causes the 'Attack
   - T.Pts: 160             Poison' status effect. Do not attempt to use
   - E.Pts: 240             an antidote to cure this effect, as it will do
   - S.Pts: 200             nothing. Instead, use a Cure-All item or a
                            status-clearing Ether. She can also use her
  'Shadow Eye' attack, which lowers the dexterity of one character.

     Occasionally, Mintia will perform her
  'Special Chains' attack which disables the CIRCLE button for one
  character. Characters with this status effect will not be able to use
  tech attacks.

     Aside from the above attacks, Mintia can also summon her pet Bibo,
  who can do two different attacks. When Bibo appears, pay attention to
  the color of the symbols that glow from Bibo. If the symbols are pink,
  Bibo will perform an attack that deals damage to the entire party. As
  threatening as this sounds, this attack's damage will only decrease
  each party member's HP by a quarter of their current HP (not to be
  confused with their max HP). So really, it is impossible for your party
  to be taken down by this attack alone. As for the second attack, the
  symbols around Bibo will be blue. This attack will bring one
  character's HP to 1. In addition, Bibo will absorb the damage and use
  it to heal Mintia. If your characters have good equipment and stats, 
  try to keep their HP lower than usual, so this attack doesn't benefit
  Mintia significantly.

     Another thing to keep in mind is that Mintia does not like males. If
  a male character attacks her, she will almost always respond with a
  counter attack toward that specific character.

    Finally, like the battle with Great Joe you really can't cause
  significant damage to Mintia. Instead, you need to focus on keeping
  your characters alive long enough to defeat Mintia.

     With all of this said, you should be well prepared for this battle.
  Successfully defeating Mintia will gain you MOMO's final weapon, the
  'Penguin Rod'. You also receive the Tech attack for MOMO, 'Dark
  Scepter'. Finishing off a Gnosis with this Tech Attack will turn 
  Gnosis into an item. Some items can only be attained this way, such as
  chaos' final weapon.

************* V: Credits ******

   Thanks to
   ** Monolith Software, Inc. - Making this amazing game.
    ** Namco Ltd. - Publishing this amazing game.
     ** BradyGames - Making such great charts in their guide as well as
                      providing the boss attributes.
       ** GameFAQs - Hosting this guide.
        ** Notepad+ - It would have been impossible with the other notepad.
         ** Neoseeker - Hosting this guide.

   Special Thanks to
   ** Bloomer - You alone inspired me to write.
    ** Krixen - You're the closest friend I have who likes RPGs almost as
                 much as I do.

********* VI: Contact Me ******

   Got any questions or comments about this guide? Feel free to email me if
needed. If there is ANYTHING I missed, I would greatly appreciate it if you
could inform me on what I should add. Also, if you have noticed any mistakes in
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   Please don't email me for help in the game. You can instant message me on
AOL Instant Messenger if you want, but please make sure your question isn't
already answered in this guide. Almost all instant messages I receive are
clearly answered in this guide, and I don't like to waste my time. Thank you
for your consideration. I really appreciate it.

   E-mail: Zyresoft@gmail.com

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                                      (c) Copyright 2003 - 2005 Andrew Nawroth.

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