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Boss FAQ by AcidDragon

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 04/21/03


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-Xenosaga Boss FAQ-
By AcidDragon (shanereichenbach111@msn.com)
Started March 17 2003 Last updated March 19 2003
Version- 1.5
This document Copyright 2003 for Shane Reichenbach


2.Frequently asked questions

-Battle Simulator (A1)
-Woglinde (A2)
-Plermora (A3)
-Elsa (A4)
-U-Tic Battleship (A5)
-Cathedral Ship (A6)
-Encephalon, Militia (A7)
-Kukai Foundation (A8)
-Song of Nephilim (A9)
-Proto Merkabah (A10)

4.Optional Bosses (Almost Done)
5. Special Thanks

1.This is a boss FAQ for Xenosaga Episode 1 Der Wille Zer Macht. I 
noticed that there is no FAQ on this subject and many people have been 
talking about this on the message boards. So I figured that my first 
FAQ might as well be for a game that I enjoy! I hope you enjoy it. If 
you have any questions about bosses or the FAQ do not hesitate to email 
me at my email address listed at the top.

This FAQ will be listed as the bosses appear in the game with optional 
bosses at the very end.

If you would like to add to this FAQ I need a description on how to 
defeat Mintia (Momo's optional boss).

If you would like to quickly go from one point of the guide to another 
I have provided numbers and letters in the Compendium to use control F 

2. Frequently Asked Question

Q: How do I find Great Joe/Mintia/Din or Meld Gareth?
A: I will cover how to get to these optional bosses in depth in my 
Optional bosses section.

Q: Why can't I hurt this boss?
A: Perhaps you are too weak to inflict any major damage and/or are 
using the wrong elemental type of damage to attack him.

Q: What characters are you using to fight these bosses?
A: I am usually using a party of Shion/Jr./KosMos except where you are 
forced to use others.

3. BOSSES (Finally we get to the good stuff!)

I will be setting up the bosses in this fashion.

Exp (not split into 3 parts)

: KosMos Battle Simulator: A1

Okay the first boss should be a piece of cake; in fact it's almost 
impossible to lose!

-Drone SPX-
Item-Med Kit S

This boss is fairly straightforward and will serve its purpose in 
teaching you how to use an AGWS that will make later boss battles ten 
times easier!

To defeat him in a few turns guard with KosMos and let Shion hop into 
he AGWS. Now you're going to either attack with KosMos's R cannon or 
use a weapon from Shion's AGWS after both characters attack he should 

-Drone GX-
Item-Ether Pack S

The Drone GX just provides a review for whatever you learn in the 
simulator with a few new twists.

First of all do not attack this boss while it's guarding. If you 
attempt this it will launch a deadly attack called "Revenge Combo" 
Because AGWS are available and they almost always make a battle easier 
begin by putting Shion into hers. Because he is weak against slash 
attack make shions firs turn into a sword attack. Meanwhile use 
KosMos's R Blade for the same effect. Remember during a guard position 
heal your party members or guard yourself for tech attacks.

:Woglinde: A2


This can be a very simple boss unless you accidentally use ether or 
triangle based tech attacks. When you use some of these it will enable 
the Cyclops to use a spread beam attack that can damage the entire 
party. Save Shion's AGWS for a tougher boss that you will face soon. 
With Virgil use a square; square, circle and KosMos use her Mode A7 so 
she will inflict better damage. Eventually this hybrid of AGWS/Gnosis 
will topple.

Item-Skill Upgrade S
Rare Item- Skill Upgrade Z

-Sky Fish x2-
HP-240 each
Item-Escape Pack
Exp-150 each

This can be a bit of a tricky enemy if you don't know the trick. First 
of all if you have the ability to steal jack the Minotaur's Skill 
Upgrade Z because who couldn't use 100 extra skill points? Now take out 
the sky fish first as they can be a bit of a nuisance. Use spell ray & 
R Cannon to make quick work of them. Next pop Shion into her AGWS and 
equip her with dual submachine guns. That way she can use W Act after 
guarding once to do some nice damage. Heal KosMos is need be then just 
beat on him unless he tries his gravity pulse then just guard. 
Eventually he will fall.

:Plermora: A3

There are a lot of AGWS in this stage so be sure to upgrade lightning 
attacks on Ziggy but don't skimp on his cyber kick because he will need 
it against a amazingly hard boss at the end.

-Gardis M1-
Item-Med Kit S

-Gardis F10x2-

This can be an extremely easy fight if you play your cards right but if 
you make a few mistakes this fight could be potentially dangerous. The 
best route to take while fighting these three is to kill only one of 
the F10's because if you kill both then he will summon 2 more. Using 
your lightning fist is the best way to damage him. Use med kits or 
recharge until this guy goes down.

-Zolfo A-

-Mercurio B x2-
HP-640 each
Exp-150 each

This is an easy battle as long as you follow one simple rule DON'T 
and nail the 2 Mercurios with MOMOS sleep ether, that way the Zolfo 
will get pissed off  and shoot his own people! In a few turns he will 
kill all of his people with Ziggy's help. Now don't bother with her 
sleep attack against the Zolfo. Instead use an ether pack and heal with 
her, attack with Ziggy until he goes down.

The hardest battle you will face in a while will be very soon so hit 
the save point heal up (ether too!) use all the available skill& tech 
points. Set Ziggy's cyber kick on high if possible. If you can't just 
upgrade the power and the wait. Now go to formation and place MOMO 
directly behind Ziggy. Also her refine is a good skill to have.

Item-Red Ring
Rare Item-Purple Ring

Alright this is a tough battle to test your Xenosaga skills with! The 
main Idea of fighting Margulis is to outlast him cause he's one bad 
mutha. In order to get the jump on him use a speed stim, now make sure 
you don't use any lightning attacks because the do about 0 or they heal 
him! Just use you cyber kick, heal with MOMO, and heal MOMO with ether 
packs. On his second turn cast bodyguard and keep it up to help 
diminish the damage because Margulis can sure dish it out. If you get 
lucky you might get the purple ring.

:Elsa: A4

-Domo Carrier-
Item-Anti beam Armor

This boss is super easy if you have kept your AGWS up and current. Just 
be sure to have their FHP at full. Now on the first turn the DOMO 
Carrier will use an analyze attack that copies the event slot. This can 
be good or bad either doubling attack power or boost power or giving 
him no advantage. Now get chaos and Shion into their AGWS and use Guard 
and W-Act. With them doing close to 500 damage this battle should be 
over in a few turns. But you might want to keep the other member of the 
party alive for the XP. So just guard and heal with them.

:U-TIC Battleship: A5

This is the scene for two optional boss battles which I will cover 
later in the guide. But for now there is only one boss that you can 
access and he is extremely simple!

Item-Frame Repair Z
Rare Item- B-Max Circuit

Ambix is fairly simple and should collapse on your first try. In fact 
there is almost no strategy to use against this boss at all. Just set 
all your characters in AGWS and whale on him with W-Act.

:Cathedral Ship: A6

This is a long level with strong enemies a few miniboss and one hell of 
a big boss. You'd do best to level up Shion' Medica all, KosMos's R 
Cannon, and Chaos's Heavens Wrath.

-Mini Bosses-

There are quite a few of these so I will only only post basic 

Item-Tech Upgrade S
Rare Item-Tech Upgrade Z

Just use one or two AGWS and KosMos's R Blade should finish him off 

Item-Ether Upgrade S
Rare Item-Ether Upgrade Z

Use KosMos & Chaos's attacks to take advantage of his weaknesses and 
take him out fast.

Item- Skill Upgrade S
Rare Item- Skill Upgrade Z

Try using AGWS and Chaos's Heavens Wrath attack for best results 
against this boss.

Item-Silver Crown
Rare Item- Commanders Crest

-Oudogogue x2-
Item-Frame repair A
Rare Item- Frame repair Z

This can be one hard and tricky boss if you don't know how to handle 
him. First of all if you've been following my FAQ disregard all of my 
advice about using AGWS. They are just too slow in this battle. Now 
watch out and keep on your guard for the special attack Hell Flash, 
Make sure Shion makes good use of Medica All too. Use KosMos to R Blade 
the 2 lesser enemies into oblivion now that he's powered up use R 
Cannon. Now with Shion cast Medica one more time and pop her and chaos 
into their AGWS's and finish him off.

:Encephalon, Militia: A7

Item-B-Max Circuit
Rare Item-Revenge Power

As long as you have a guard cleaner, pop everyone into their AGWS and 
beat on him till the sun don't shine! Also make sure you have guard 
recovery to recover FHP. Finally have your party W-Act until there is a 
few HP left on Tiamat, then have Jr. and Shion both attack in a row to 
finish him off.

:Kukai Foundation:  A8

-Gigas x2-
HP-2800 each
Rare Item-Soul

Get ready for a double header! This boss splits into two on it's first 
turn. Make sure at least one person on your team has Shion's Medica all 
because it's key in this battle. With KosMos using R Blade and your 
other characters in AGWS you should have no problems. Although you 
might want to keep your HP above 400 or so because lower HP increases 
it's 1 hit KO attacks chances of success. 

:Song of Nephilim: A9

-Athra 26 series-
Item-Revive DX

This boss can be simple or hard depending on your AGWS development. You 
are going to not want to use any kind of ether or beamish type attack 
because he will absorb them and be unhurtable  by those for the rest of 
the battle. Instead use the lancer arms or gattling guns. He'll die 
easy as long as you have an engine shield to stop him from stopping 

-Rianon SE-
Item- Boost Pack
Rare Item-Sheild Armor

DON'T USE AGWS IN THIS BATTLE! That is very important. This is very 
much a patience battle. Cast chaos's supreme judgment attack to get him 
to cure your own status ailments! You can't use AGWS in this battle 
because he can drain almost half of their HP at once with an attack. 
Basically just try to outlast this boss.

Item-B-Max circuit
Rare Item- Fast circuit 25

It's time to face Albedo's formidable AGWS Simeon. Unfortunately he 
doesn't present the challenge you'd expect. All you need to do to beat 
this wuss is equip a guard cleaner and recovery. After that just use 
piercing W-Act weapons to kill him.

-Ein Rugel-
Rare Item- Master Pendant

Steal his masters pendant and jump in your AGWS's. Now use an equipped 
cockpit guard accessory to stop his sleep attacks and use W- Act to 
kill his fist stage.

Item- Samurai heart
Rare Item- Gemini Clock

Get ready for the flying form #2. Make sure all the AGWS you are using 
have the following accessories- engine shield, cockpit guard,& guard 
recovery. Now make sure all of your characters have long range attacks. 
As long as your AGWS are immune to status effects you should have no 
problems just be sure to get out of the AGWS if you have less than 500 
HP left.

:Proto Merkabah: A10

-Proto Dora-
Item-Frame repair Z
Rare Item- Fast circuit 50

-Schutz x2-
Item-Frame repair A
Rare Item-Fast circuit 25

Steal the rare items then have KosMos use X Buster every turn. Have 
Shion heal the party for the whole battle and take out the Schutz's 
first. Save up your boosts until you have 2 or 3 and then heal when you 
see a "begin energy recharge" message on the screen. It will then 
unleash a killer 800 damage attack! Now heal everybody and get ready to 
boost! You must boost 9 or 10 consecutive times to take him out when 
you get him to about 5000 hp before he heals himself. With a little 
luck you will kill him. Although if you have Erde Kaiser then you don't 
need to bother with the boosts.

Item-Revive DX
Rare Item- Rejuvenator

I have 2 words to say to you ERDE KAISER, this will save you from one 
hell of an almost impossible boss! For those of you diehards who have 
to do everything the challenging way here you go... Albedo has an 
awesome draining attack that can almost kill people or AGWS and restore 
him about 1000HP. Some of the best strategies to apply when fighting 
him is to give him status problems. KosMos's S chain is perfect for 
this! It will distract him enough to inflict some serious damage. Now 
cast boost 1 on everyone now use boost again and again with powerful 
techs. Eventually this madman won't know what hit him and just drop!

-Sophie Peithos-
Exp.- 88000

Rare Item-Revive DX

Rare Item- Revive DX

Okay I have assembled this walkthrough for the final boss based on Erde 
Kaiser so I'm sorry if you don't have it but you'll have to improvise 
on the first part. 

First off use any Items or ethers to increase boost and attack power 
like boost packs, speed stims, and stim DX's because you won't have any 
more use for them. Once you have 2 or 3 boosts on each character and 
all the abilities are up cast Erde Kaiser. Now Jaldaboths will appeat. 
They are much like the bombs of final fantasy's so take them out with 
boosts so they can't inflict any damage. Hurt him some more and then he 
will summon the Ratatosks take them out with consecutive rain blades, X 
busters, and Angelic requiems before they can inflict ether attack 
down. Watch with a scope so you can find when he'll fall below 4000 
then heal up. He's about to do a Huge ether attack! Now dedicate one 
character to healing and boost attacks for the rest of the battle all 
while keeping HP high so he can't damage you much.
4. Optional Bosses!

Finding them  
You cannot find the ACE pilot or his AGWS until after you clear the U-
TIC battleship with Jr., Mary & the soldier. Once you recieve an email 
telling you to come over to the Ship has been added as an evs map your 
in business! When you can first access these batttles you prolly will 
be to weak so first get an AGWS with at least 1500 health & guard 
recovery for Meld, And one with at least 2000 FHP for Din. 
Now when you enter the battle ship go down, take a right, go straight 
and through the first door, now head right, down through the next door 
on the right. and finally move straight ahead to the second door! 
Fighting them  
-ACE Pilot-
Item-Skill upgrade A
Rare Item- Ether Upgrade A

Very simple! if you have any trouble at all with him go back and level 
up right now! A good strategy before the song of Nephilim is to get all 
of your AGWS out before you fight them and steal his items (ether & 
skill upgrade A nothing to sneeze at at earlier levels). When you are 
charged up for W-Act kill him with a circle attack. 
-Meld Gareth-
Item-Frame Repair Z
Rare Item- B-Max circuit

Very good for farming levels midway in the game with no one else to 
fight! To get to Meld Gareth after the Song you will need 2 or more 
AGWS on the field. He is very easy so long as you have at least 2 AGWS 
with guard recovery and weapons with W-Act. He will start by boosting 
into his AGWS and using either Dragon scale (a close range attack) or 
68 series missle (a long range attack) The 68 missle can do up to 300 
hundred damage to each member of you party so watch out! the Dragon 
scale is tamer usually doing 200-400 damage to one person. You should 
already have 2 or 3 W-Acts saved up and use those immediatly. A B-Max 
cuircut is also helpful as an accsesory allowing you AGWS to boost. 
(save these boosts till he's down to 500 or so HP) Now continue healing 
with guard rec. and attacking with W-Act until he's down to close to 
500 or so HP. now wait until you see a golden ring on the slot machinge 
thing and boost! Finally kill it with W-Act to get a point bonus!

-Din Gareth-
Item- Frame Repair Z
Rare Item- Fast circuit 25
Din Gareth only appears after the Song, to fight him you must have 1 or 
less AGWS on the field. He is stronger than Meld in everyway except the 
fact that he has no entire party attacking attacks. Don't feel safe 
though, his 20mm blaster can do over 300 damage & his 71-series railgun 
can do over 600 damage. Again make sure you have guard recovery and 
over 2000 hp. Also spend the majority of your time guarding only 
stopping to W-Act with over 1000 hp otherwise a critical railgun could 
take you out! If you are going to fight this battle with KosMos or 
Ziggy I suggest making sure they have over 1000 hp for the reasons I 
mentioned before. The main weapons you should use are the gattling gun, 
flamethrower, lancer arms, or some other piercing/fire/slashing weapon.

-Great Joe-

Get ready for one Bad Mamma Jamma! Great Joe knows how to put on the 
hurt, with his 4 attacks that he uses most he will give you a run for 
your money. I'll start with his biggest attack "soul crusher" this will 
attack your whole party with about 500 damage. He also has an ether 
which charges all of his attacks. When he starts this "cerebration" 
attack heal and guard. He can also use gamble which does around 200 
damage. His "Heart Shot Punch" will do about 175 damage and curse you. 
Finally Joe will hit you with a spur for medium damage.

Now a good strategy to use is equip Jr. with a bravesoul and put Shion 
behind him to use dandyism. Now use psycho arm, boost packs and other 
items to up your power. Now attack with last symphony which benefits 
from his psycho arm. Have KosMos on the side absorbing Joes Damage and 
using Items and techs. Now when Joe challenges you to a duel only 
attack with Jr. and heal with the others. When he has around 2000 HP 
and Jr. has Dandyism have KosMos use a hemlock on him boost and finish 
Joe off.


*I need a strategy for this boss. If you have one email it to me and 
you will be given credit for your part*

I've found a strat that works pretty well and doesn't require 
high levels. 
I used a team of Shion (level 26), KOS-MOS (level 29), and Momo (like 
27 or  
I gave Shion boost 1, Medica-All, Medica-Rest, Revert, and I probably 
have given her Purifying storm.  I equiped her with Alpha armor, a 
crown, and a Cross.  She should also have a high-speed ranged tech 
(like Spell Ray) 
KOS-MOS should have Medica-All and Medica-Rest.  She was equipped with 
F*RSHOT, D unit V5, speed shoes and a bravesoul.  She should have a 
speed R*Cannon, although you're not going to need it much. 
Momo should have Medica-All, Medica-Rest, refine (or revert), boost 1, 
Starlight.  As for equipment, give her Ruby armor (when I fought her I  
accidently had MOMO with a bathing suit), a Ruby Helmet and Blue Topaz 
She should have a high-speed Momo's kiss (ranged attack usable with  
starlight), preferably leveled up a little (it's not very important). 
Before you go in, you'll need a few S-Ether packs, some Cure-Alls, a 
revives, and 7+ hemlochs (You probably won't need all of them, though. 
Go into the battle with everyone at max HP.  Either put everyone in the  
front row, or put MOMO and KOS-MOS in front and put Shion behind KOS-
She has several attacks. 
Dark Star: Can hit anyone in the front row, does around 200-350 
Can also push back (I'm not sure if that's a seperate attack with the 
name or what). 
Dark Snake: A poison attack, does damage similar to Dark Star. 
She can also summon a big black ball.  This has two attacks. 
The first hits the entire front row for less than 200 damage.  
less than 100.  He uses this when she summons with a red circle. 
The second one is worse.  When she summons with a blue circle, he'll 
knock 1  
character down to 1 HP, and Mintia will absorb that.  She only seems to  
summon him after being hurt a bit. 
Ok, the strategy here revolves around KOS-MOS's rail gun (F*RSHOT), 
Hemloch,  and the bravesoul she's equipped with.  The rest of it is 
more or  
less optional.  When the battle starts off, have KOS-MOS defend, and 
the other two cast boost on her.  Heal when you get hurt.  Once the 
cycle has come back the the blank grey box, have KOS-MOS boost and 
else use a hemloch on her.  When KOS-MOS's turn comes, have her use the  
F*RSHOT, which will probably hit critical and do around 1700 damage.  
If it  
doesn't do critical it'll only do 1200.  You could then heal her to 
500 HP, move her into the back row, or whatever.  Once she's got 6AP 
do the same thing.  For the rest of the battle you can just blast her 
If you need some supplementry damage you can use MOMO.  Have her cast  
starlight and then use MOMO's kiss, which should do 500+damage. 
Finally, if you get desperate, you can use R*Cannon to do 120-200 a 
It should be pointed out that you want to stay around 500 HP, unless 
using the F*RSHOT.  This is because of her pet's HP absorbtion ability,  
which will heal her.  Hopefully Mintia won't get a chance to use this 
much, because it can be a pain.  However, notice that it has the same 
as a hemloch..... 
Strategy 2:Get Shion with over 60 MP and blast her once with Erge 
Mintia'll die instantly.

*thanks to Thomas at ayanami@hotmail.com for this strategy*

5. Special thanks

I'd like to thank GameFaqs for allowing me to post this guide.

I'd like to thank NAMCO for making this great game. 

I'd like to thank my parents for allowing me to hog all of this time at 
the computer composing this guide.

I'd finally like to thank all the reviews out there that convinced me 
to buy this classic.

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