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Xenocard Deck Strategies Guide by Mauler OoR

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 03/24/03

Deck Strategies Guide for Xenocard
Compiled By:Mauler OoR
Version 1.3
March 21, 2003

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

The newest version of my FAQ can only be found at :

Copyright 2003 Blair Stingley

Version 1.0: First compiled
Version 1.1: added a few new decks to the Mix.
Version 1.2 Added a few more decks
Version 1.3 Yep you guessed it more decks added.

Table of contents
I. Rules
II. Faqs
III. Computers decks
IV. Decks
V. Thanks

I Rules
You can only play one battle card (human, mech, gnosis) per turn with the
exception of realian card
game over when there is no remaining cards in a deck

type of attack
ballistic, hand to hand, spread, homing
ballistic is good, spread is better
hand to hand is useless
homing is great for destroying enemy deck if they have high HP cards deployed
on the battlefield, other than that, spread and ballistic is better.
**spread does not attack the deck

tips for creating a newbie deck
get atleast 20-5 battles cards
get around 2-5 situation cards but no more than 5
get around 10-15 event cards
the total must equal to 40 cards

25 battle cards: get around 3 allpurpose realiant cards, 5-7 mech cards and the
rest you can mix a variety between human, equipments and gnosis battle cards:
Remember to choose cards with low requirement one or two requirements is ok but
3 requirement is too much (press triangle to see the card), try to get
ballistic and spread attack type battle cards, hand to hand combat is pretty
much useless.

DO NOT overwhelm your deck with gnosis and mech cards, YOU NEED Human cards to
deploy other type of cards

Realiant card does not give a specific contribution other than serving as a
blank card.

'Spread' type doesn't attack the opponents deck if they have no cards in the
battlefield (ie don't put a 'spread' on a 'hand' thinking you'll add a little
extra damamge to the deck.

'Down' cards can take defensive damage. Attacks will not just pass by a
'downed' card.

Lv1 and lv10 Jr. cards can attack during the enemies battle phase. Note that
they attack after -all- enemy attacks have occurred (and not in line with the
hand -> ballistic -> spread -> homing order and the 1 to 4 order)

Virgil executes his skill (remove Realians and damage the opponent's deck) on
the opponent's adjust phase, not the player's.

The 'Good Luck' situation card makes all humans evade normal attacks (hand,
ballistic, and spread) for 3 turns. Note that ballistic attacks will not stop
at the evading human but will still pass by the human and hit the card behind
it or the deck!

Cards -charge up- their blue attack dots during your adjust phase. This is
usually inconsequential since if the card decharged (ie attacked) then they are
already in the battlefield of course so they will always recharge. This does
come into play when using the 'Attacks every other turn' cards. These card must
be in the battlefield to gain the extra charge dot required to attack. You
can't plan your turns to attack -> move em off the battlefield -> attack ->
move em off, etc... They must remain on the battlefield to get their second

Battle Card Types and Requirements:
In the upper right hand corner of all battle cards (red cards) there is an icon
which shows which type of battle card it is. Sometimes, in the box below it's
hit points and attack power are also some icons. Below that is a cost. Here is
a list of the icons.

Green Person: Humans. Many cards are humans, a lot of the heroes are, and the
civilians are. Some humans have requirements, but usually they just require
other human cards to be in play. Some humans (the civilians and soldiers) have
no requirements and are thus good starting cards. Shion is a human with no

Yellow Person with '+' sign: Realians. I have yet to see a realian card with
requirements besides Momo, who requires a human to be in play. I have never
seen a card that requires realians to play. Besides Momo, realians are fast
cards (can be played in any number, not the 1 per turn rule).

Silver Screw: Mech. These are usually costly to play, and either have other
mech or human requirements. KosMos is a mech card. All AGWS are mech cards.
That's all I can think of for now. Many of the better event cards have mech
requirements, so if you just want a mech for requirements the drone is best, as
a wall and a requirement filler.

Purple Yang sign: Gnosis. Gnosis are the things you've been fighting, the
aliens. They almost always have human requirements, and sometimes other gnosis
requirements. All gnosis require the sacrifice of a human to play, and some are
speedy (they don't count as the 1 per turn card).

Pink Bunny: Other. Other is for battle cards that don't fit into any other
category. So far I've only seen 2, Chaos and Bunnie (3 if you count lv10
chaos). Thy have human requirements to play.

Okay, the cost is the last thing I mentioned. Cost is the number of cards that
will be taken from the top of your deck and thrown in the lost pile. Basically
these cards cost life.

While I'm at it, I'll explain some other stuff on the card too. Under the Cost
is the rarity of the card, Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Promo (super rare).
Common through rares can all be found in booster packs 1 or 2, but Promo's must
be found throughout the game. I posted before as to where to find them all, but
I find that I am missing one. Anyone that knows the location of the ProtoDora,
please list it.

Under the cards picture is text describing any special characteristics. Next to
a card on the battlefield is its HP and Atk indicators, showing how much HP it
has left, as well as its card type, and its attack charge. Most cards only have
one attack charge, meaning they attack every turn. Cards that wait two turns to
attack have 2 blue dots that need to be filled in order to attack. One will
fill each battle phase.

E mark
Basically the "E" on the card is just thrown on the card for other purposes.
Just like how the "Adjust Phase" makes your hand consist of only 6 cards. The
"E" just means that your card was just set, and there's a possibility that your
opponent can counter it and destroy it, or your card has a special effect. I
think Margulis has an effect where when his "E" is removed you can DOWN a card
in your enemies standby area. So, far anyone who is questioning what an "E" is.
It's just a term meaning "JUST SET". That's a broad definition of it. Here's
something for anyone that's new:


Q. When can I first play cards?
A. When you first get onboard the Elsa. Talk to the robot at the bar.

Q. Where to I play cards?
A. Go to a save point with the blue icon on top of it, go to key items and
select card passport.

Q. When is Booster Pack 2 accessible?
A. Good question. I think when you first get to Kukai, but someone should
verify this.

Q. When can I start to buy Promo cards in the Casion?
A. 'Nother good one. I think it's near the end, probably right before you enter
Song of Nephilem.

Q. What do you get for winning a card game?
A. For winning an exhibition, you get either a Booster Pack 1 or 2. For winning
a tournament you get an assortment of 5 booster packs, and a tuned circuit.
After the first tournament, you will win promo cards in each successive
tournament (Swimsuit Momo/Swimsuit Shion).

Q. Where are the Promo Card Packs?
A. Promo's F and further (F-Z or whenever it stops) are found at the Casino
very late in the game. Very late translates into after Song of Nephilem as far
as I can tell. The other packs are in Ensephilon and possibly Kukai. I have
them all, but I can't remember where most of them were. The hardest was the one
in the igloo in the park in the ensephilon where Shion starts. You have to come
back later with Jr at the head of the party and walk in to get it. The others
were in treasure chests I think. And you get one for doing the simple puzzle in
the AGWS dock in Kukai.

Q. Is this game 2 player?
A. Yes, but your friend has to make his deck with your cards, no loading of

Promo Cards:
A--In the Encephelon in the park. There is a purple dome that you can only
enter with JR. or MOMO as your on-screen char.

B--In the empty tank in cleaners on Kukai Foundation.

C--Won as a prize from the Kukai Foundation's AGWS Factory quiz machine.

D--In a chest in Miltia's forest in the KOS-MOS Encephelon.

E--In a chest in the Miltia Street Area just beyond the Playground.

III. Computer Decks
1. Shion & Ziggy
2. Hammer Attack
3. Citizens Unite
4. VX Attack
5. Gnosis Attack
6. Big Spender Matthews
7. Girls Power
8. Human Touch
9. Homing Attack
10. Realian Blitz
11. Cool Attack
12. Momo to the Rescue
13. Attack of the Gnosis
14. Event Attack
15. Common deck
16. The Elsa Crew
17. Bespectacles Attack
18. Standard Attack
19. Flat broke
20. All-Stars
21. Reset
22. Imminent Death
23. Realians
24. Shion & Jr
25. Man & Machine
26. Homing Rampage
27. The Way of the Sword
28. The Zohar
29. The Menacing Glare
30. Albedo Strikes back
31. Blitz Attack
32. The Boyz
33. Uncommon deck
34. Virgil Attack
35. Pandemonium
36. A.G. The Anti-Gnosis
37. The big bluff
38. MHG Combo
39. Phase Transition Cannon
40. Gnosis-Machine Combo

IV. Decks

A) Orca782
3 Female All Purpose Realians
3 Male All Purpose Realians
3 100 series Realians
3 Government Realians
3 Combat Realian Male
3 Combat Realian Female
3 Lv1 Shion
2 KosMos
2 Lv10 Shion
3 Bunnie
2 Myuki's Email
3 Investigation of Planetary Disappearance
2 Mary & Shelley
3 Waste Money
2 Curry (will take 1 out and replace w/Myuki's email when I get the third).

Your key cards here are the waste money cards. You want to get as many of these
out fast as you can. Then you get to draw more cards, and they have to draw
more cards. Every card in this deck is either 0 or 1 cost, so that you don't
run yourself out of cards. You must have a Lv1 Shion in your starting hand, or
a lot of deck cyclers in order to get her fast, because a lot of the cards rely
on the 1 human preliminary. So first turn your ideal draw is Shion, maybe one
waste money, maybe one deck cycler, if you're lucky either a Kosmos or lv10
Shion, and definitely a lot of realians. So first turn you set out your Shion,
and any realians, but leave one space. First turn the best realians to set out
are either the ballistic ones, so you get to hit them for free damage, or the
all purpose ones so that you get to draw more cards. Next turn you set out your
waste money, or if you don't have one use the deck cycler cards which you
should have the parameters fulfilled for to get a waste money. You don't
necessarily HAVE to have waste money, but it really helps. Now you deal your
few damage to them on second turn because they can't block. Set out a lot of
realians so that you know that they:
A. Cannot kill Shion. If you lose shion, you basically lose the game.
B. Cannot hurt you. You must have more cards than them a few turns into the
game, otherwise odds are you'll lose.

So, since the deck is based on running them out of cards by drawing, you need
to make sure they have less cards than you. This is accomplished with lv10
Shion and Kosmos, both with good attack power and ballistics. I'd recommend not
killing their stuff, if you get a chance, but rather hitting them. Once they
are about 4 cards less than you, you're ready for lockdown.

Now you just set out realians every turn. You should be drawing a ton of them,
so it's no problem. You aren't really trying to kill their creatures, just to
set up a wall of realians so that they never damage you. They will probably be
putting down cards that have costs, so that only further runs down their deck.
Your biggest worry in lockdown is:
A. Deck Recyclers: There are a few cards that allow you to put cards back on
your deck. Why don't we use them in this deck? Because all of their
requirements are too high. And we do fine without them. But if they try to pull
them off, try to stop them at all costs. Your best shot here is Myuki's email.
Being rare, it's hard to get them, but they are a necessity in any deck.

B. Another Big Spender Deck: I only had this problem once, and the game was
hella close. He had 2 waste money's out, I had 3, so each person was drawing 6
cards a turn. And to make matters worse, he had that ship captain card out that
makes you discard a card from your deck at the beginning of your turn. So all
in all we were running through 7 cards a turn. I had 16 cards, he had 12 I
think, and I was losing hope because he had a solid wall in front of him. So I
drew, down to 9. I put out a bunnie just to ease up the pressure. He draws down
to 5. Then, being a doof he uses some high cost card and runs himself down to
3. Then my turn, I draw down to 2. To make matters worse, I play a card I
forgot had a cost and run down to one. Luckily I'm still in, and he draws out.
All in all, play conservatively against other waste money decks.

The other ways to lock them down are with Bunnie, which basically negates one
turn of attacks, and 'Impregnable' I think is the name of the card, which
prevents all damage to you during one battle phase. I don't use impregnables
anymore because of the mech requirement, which means I have to have kosmos out.
You could use them if you wanted to.

So as soon as you have lockdown, just keep your battle field full, preferably
with at least one 3/6 card in the back row, and an unending supply of realians
to keep you safe. Sit back and watch them run out.

b) Orca II
3 Albedo
3 Female Realians
3 Male Realians
3 Combat Realian F
3 100 Series Realians
3 Waste Money
3 Planetary Investigation
3 Honorary Burial (? The card that sacks battle cards for recovery).
3 Rocket Launchers
3 Utic Soldiers
3 Soldiers
2 Rifles
3 Myuki's Email
2 Mary & Shelley

I took out the missile pods eventually because I found myself never using them.
I replaced them with the rifles for easier access. I also couldn't throw in any
suicide combos, they just messed things up. The deck works great, if you manage
to get Albedo setup it's all good. Half the time though I didn't even set him
up, I just took the other guy out with an army of civilians and such carrying
rifles and rocket launchers. The cpu usually gets afraid of big power cards and
won't even move onto the battle field. My biggest problem was that card that
destroys a card with an E on it, this guy kept killing albedo. So I threw the
emails in. A good setup for when you plan on bringing Albedo out is to put two
attackers on one side, and none on the other. Then the other deck (assuming
they only have 2 cards (will either go for the gold and have both hit your, or
go for creature kills and put both in front of your guys. This leaves a channel
free for Albedo. Now, the specifics of the Albedo system are a bit harder to
setup. Albedo get's his power boost at the very beginning of the Event phase,
so you have to use the honorary burial the battle phase before, so that he gets
the effects. The problem is, then they get a free shot at you. Shouldn't be too
bad though, with you just having recovered upwards of 16 cards. Anyway, then
put Albedo out and let the ruckus begin. I got him to work 2 out of the 5 times
I played. I lost once to a power agws deck.

c) Ryjhan
3 civilian child
3 civilian female
2 soldier
3 security guard
2 UTIC soldier
2 kobold
3 Ogre
3 Cerberus
2 Golem
3 gargoyle
1 unicorn
3 UMN invasion (draw 2 from the lost pile)
3 revive DX (reclaim 2 humans from the junk pile)
3 song of the mysterious girl
2 gnosis phenomenon
2 gnosify

d) Nico Silius
Basic Beatdown

3 All-Purpose Male Realian
3 All-purpose Female Realian
3 Civilian Boy
2 Civilian Male
3 U-TIC Soldier
3 Shion lv.1
2 Shion lv.10
2 KOS-MOS lv.1
3 Planetary Investigation
3 Bio Sphere
2 Stim DX
3 Rocket
3 Rifle
2 Notice from the Federation
3 Good Luck

Anyway, this is a beatdown deck. Unless the game goes poorly for you (It might
happen 5%-10% of the time) you'll usually win. There's nothing better than
having a lv.10 Shion, a lvl.1 KOS-MOS, and two Civilian Boys (with Rocket
Launchers =) ) all hitting the foes deck, without being hit thanks to Good

e) Nico Silius II
3 Civilian Male
3 Civilian Boy
2 Civilian Child
3 Drone
2 A.G.W.S (Um, the AGWS that does Ballistic Attacks, needs 1 human to use)
3 All-Purpose Realian Male
3 All-Purpose Realian Female
3 Goverment Realian
3 Mass Produced Series 100 Realians
3 Miyuki's E-mail
3 Mary&Shelly
3 Planetary Investigation
3 Goodwill Doctrine (Okay, whatever that card that prevents yours and your
opponents battle phase)
3 Article 4-Paragraph 13
3 Supply Order

This deck is still going through some fairly heavy testing, but it works fairly
well. Playing the Article, then the Doctrine is death to any foe. Miyuki's
E-mail protects you from a tricky opponent encounter. You can also finish the
game quite quickly, especially against slower decks. You can get everything you
need, since you have 15 card drawing sources... but the biggest problem is that
you tear through your deck really, really fast.

f) Delerium
2 Security Guard
3 U-TIC Soldier
3 Realian Male
3 Realian Female
3 Gov't Realian
3 100 Series
3 Combat Realian M
3 Combat Realian F
3 Missile Pod
3 Virgil
2 Supply Fleet
3 Good Luck
3 Supply Order
3 Waste Money

Very simple deck, and very effective... I'm suprised it hasn't been posted yet.
This will beat ANY deck the computer throws at you. Concept is simple, 1 human,
3 realian 1st round. 2nd round either a supply order or waste money, virgil,
and more realians. Battle you put out all your ballistas. 3rd round either good
luck, supply order (if you don't have it) or waste money. On the third round
you put out virgil and 3 realians. Chances are by third round, they can kill
off at most 2 realians, but more than likely 2 will get through, sometimes all
3, so 8-12 damage by 3rd round, plus the ballista damage you do 2nd round.
Thats the game winner, after that you just keep realians on the field for
defense and cannon fodder, and just let the waste money's run them out of cards
while you try and slide one or two more virgil bombs through. At the end of the
game, I usually have no more than 4 cards in my lost pile, and I can easily
recover those with the supply fleet.

g) Delerium II
1st round, 1 human, 3 realian
2nd round, move all to battlefield and set 1 mech, 2 realian
3rd round, move all realian to battlefield (had 5 cause 1 will probably get
killed 2nd round), place article and set a bunny.

this will do 24 damage to the deck by 3rd round, which will come VERY close to
killing them. maybe if the 3 realians in the first round were ballistas, and
the human was a u-tic, then it MIGHT work, but thats a once in a lifetime draw
just to do that. you'd need 1 u-tic, 3 ballista realian, a mech, article,
bunny, plus 2 extra realian in 3 rounds. I can do that about half the time with
card recycling using investigation, and mary & Shelley. Either way, I found
that this deck I built for a 3rd round kill is just that. A once in a lifetime
3rd round kill, and if you don't kill them by 5th round, your screwed.

Bunny is great, except against gnosis decks. They just sack a human and place a
gnosis right in front of you, un-downed. Very bad.

btw, here's the deck if you wanna play with it.

2 Security Guard
3 U-TIC Soldier
3 Realian Male
3 Realian Female
3 Combat Realian M
3 Combat Realian F
3 Bunnie
3 Drone
3 Miyuki's Email
3 Mary & Shelley
3 Investigation
3 Article 4-13 * theme of deck.
2 Armistice
3 Waste Money

h) Zeltin Ironhart
1 Shion
1 Lvl 10 Shion
3 U-TIC Soldier
3 Realian Male
3 Realian Female
3 Gov't Realian
3 100 Series
3 Combat Realian M
3 Combat Realian F
3 Body Armor
3 Rifle
3 Missile Pod
3 Virgil
2 Supply Fleet
3 Waste Money

Wins consistently by the fifth turn. Rifles and missile pods give those little
realien civvies some purpose while body armor ensures that your frontline
doesnt fall too fast. Shion is not a necessity but it certainly doesnt hurt to
use her.

i) Zeltin Ironhart II
3 Lvl 1 Shion
3 Lvl 10 Shion
3 Lvl 10 MOMO
3 Lvl 10 Ziggy
3 Albedo
3 Civillian (any)
3 U-TIC Soldier
3 Rifle
3 Joachim Mizrahi
3 Kirchweissger (sp?)
3 Zohar (the promo card)
3 Stim
2 Supply Fleet
2 Revive DX

The strength of this deck is its ability to handle a large variety of deck
types with the many character abilities, though it'll prolly have a difficult
time against hard hitting mech decks.

j) Zeltin Ironhart III
Updated Gnosis deck:
2 Lvl 1 Shion
1 Lvl 10 Shion
2 Swimsuit Shion (hey, its better than civvies ;p)
3 U-TIC Soldier
3 Civilians
2 Zohar Emulator
2 Gargoyle
3 Minotaur
3 Unicorn
3 Golem
3 Revive DX
3 UMN Invasion
3 Confusion
3 Song
2 Territory Shift
2 Collective Unconscious

k) Zeltin Ironhart IV
Well, my Gnosis deck works pretty well and the only time I lose is when I get a
really screwed draw (no or few humans that get destroyed/Expulsed). Since that
doesnt happen too often, I guess it works fine ;p

2 Swimsuit Shion
3 U-TIC Soldier
6 Civilians
2 Zohar Emulator
2 Gargoyle
3 Minotaur
3 Unicorn (feel free to swap these for lesser Gnosis with lower reqs)
3 Golem
3 Revive DX
3 UMN Invasion
3 Confusion
3 Song
2 Territory Shift
2 Collective Unconscious

l) GCHitman
2X Lv1 Shion
1X Lv1 Ziggy
1X Lv1 Jr.
1X Lv10 Shion
2X Hammer
2X Civilian Male
2X AG-02-M
3X AG-01
2X Drone
1X VX-10000
2X Cannon
1X Beam
2X Missile Pod
1X Eyeglasses
1X Margulis
1X Zohar Emulator
2X Minotaur

3X Curry
3X Bio Sphere
3X Supply Ship
1X Recycler

2X Human Sacrifice

It works incredible well as a ballistic onslaught. Some cards may appear
useless but this deck ensures a perfect start and a decisive win. Start off
with a Shion or Hammer, then take out a mech (Drone or AG-01 or Zohar
Emulator). Now the next step is to do one of a few things depending on which
cards were picked up and what the opponent is doing. The options are to (a)
place another mech then mount a cannon soon after, (b) place a human and
subsequently a minotaur on the next turn, or (c) go with the lv10 Shion and lv1
KOS-MOS. A quick win should soon follow. Human Sacrifice, +hp events, and +deck
card events make you nearly indestructible. With card pack #2 cards I plan on
switching some A.G.W.S. and humans around and maybe tweaking some of my other
cards, but this baby is tried and true as far as I'm concerned.

m) Inteltn24
2 lv 1 Shion
1 lv 10 Shion
2 lv 1 COS-MOS
1 lv 10 COS-MOS
1 lv 1 Chaos
1 lv 10 Chaos
3 Civilian Male
3 Civilian Female
2 All purpose Reliant Female
1 AG-05
1 AG-02-M (awsome mech with ballistic and down effect)
1 Proto Dora
3 Drone
1 VX-10000
2 Cannon
1 Beam
2 Rifle
1 Miyuki's email
1 Cure-All
3 Curry
2 Supply Ship
1 Supply Fleet
3 Federation Cruiser
1 Tune Up

n) Inteltn24 II
2 lv 1 Shion
1 lv 10 Shion
2 lv 1 KOS-MOS
3 Civilian Female
3 Civilian Male
3 Civilian Child
1 Civilian Boy
1 AG-02-M
1 VX-10000
2 Zohar Emulator
3 Ogre
2 Ceberus
2 Minotaur
2 Golem
2 Unicorn
1 Supply Fleet
1 Revive DX
2 Confusion
2 Song
1 Dammerung
1 Territory Shift
1 Pilgrimage Fleet
1 Imaginary Space

o) inteltn24 III
3 lv 1 Shion
2 lv 1 COS-MOS
2 lv 1 Jr.
2 lv 1 Chaos
2 lv 1 Ziggy
1 lv 1 MOMO (I put her in to fit the theme)
2 lv 10 Shion
2 lv 10 Jr.
2 lv 10 Chaos
1 lv 10 Ziggy
3 Civilian Child
1 AG-02-M
1 VX-7000
1 VX-10000
2 Rifle
1 Supply Fleet
1 Revive DX
2 Miyuki'Email
2 Curry
2 Bio-Sphere
1 Kukai Foundation
1 Human Scarifice
1 Dammerung
2 Stim

WARNING: with this them deck you must bring out Shion or the Civilian out
within the firt 2 turns or you will be screwed. Beside Shion, all other
character type card has a requirement you need to meet before you can bring
them out to the standby area.
Chaos is not a human card. This is an unknown card

p) Agent 007
3 Lv1 Shion
1 Lv1 KOS MOS(only have one of these)
3 Lv10 Shion
3 Civilian Child
3 Civilian Female
3 AG-02-M
2 AG-01
3 Drone
3 VX-10000
3 Cannon
2 Pellegri
2 Minotaur
2 Myuki's Email
1 Curry
3 Supply Ship
3 Tune-up

Shion is there for free KOS MOS and VX-10000. And Lv10 Shion is pretty good
too. The AGs and Drones are there for meatshielding and cannon. Minotaur is
there...well..what else you're gonna do with humans :)

q) bvh18
2 Swim Suit MOMO
1 Lvl. 10 Ziggy
1 Lvl 10 MOMO
2 Soldier
3 Security Guard
3 U-TIC Soldier
2 All-Purpose Male Realian
2 All-Purpose Female Realian
3 Male Combat Realian
3 Female Combat Realian
2 AG-02-M
3 Drone
2 VX-9000
3 Virgil
1 Durandal
2 Supply Ship
2 Supply Fleet
3 Article 4 Paragraph 13

Obviously an exploding realian deck, but the difference is I do it more slowly,
putting two tougher creatures in front of two realians(w/Article) or Virgil and
a realian. It takes longer to win, but it has more room for error. Ths deck
hasn't lost against the computer yet through four tournaments. If you want an
explanation as to why certain cards are in there, feel free to ask.

r) bvh18 II
2 Lvl 1 Shion
2 Lvl 1 KOS-MOS
2 Hammer
4 Civilans
3 U-TIC Soldier
2 AG-04
2 AG-02-M
2 AG-01
2 Proto Dora
2 AG-05
2 VX-9000
2 VX-10000
2 Revive DX
3 Supply Ship
3 Tune-Up
3 Human Sacrifice
2 Dammerung

s) ander387

x3 Lvl 1 Jr.
x3 Lvl 10 Jr.
x3 Hammer
x2 Civilian Child
x2 Civilian Boy
x1 AG-02-M
x3 Drone
x3 VX-7000
x2 Zohar Emulator
x1 Supply Fleet
x3 Federation Cruiser
x3 Investigation
x2 Impregnable Guard
x1 Resolution
x2 Charge
x3 Human Sacrifice
x3 Waste Money

Basically, my strategy has been to get Jr. out, plop out his AGWS, bring out
Hammer and some other mech, then start blasting away. Keep a Human Sacrifice
out at all times, but only drop a Waste Money if you're definitely ahead.

A brief aside about Lvl 10 Jr.: his text is confusing. The way it reads
suggests you can only play him if you've already got a Lvl 1 Jr. out, but
that's not the case--rather, the text is supposed to suggest that you can
upgrade him. Don't be fooled like I was originally!

t) VeryGnawty
3X Lv 1 Shion
1X Lv 1 Jr.
3X Hammer
9X human civilians
3X combat realian M
2X AG-02-M
3X Drone
3X VX-10000
1X Zohar Emulator
2X Human Sacrifice
2X Gremlin
3X Minotaur
3X Golem

The basic idea is to just overwhelm them. Get mechs out first. If they destroy
your mechs, use Gnosis to replace them by sacrificing civilians. Hammer is
great on the battlefield with 3 mechs, because his damage is quadrupled. Put
the Drones in the front row and equip them with shields so you can laugh at the
pathetic damage the opponent does. Gremlins are great for damaging large
numbers of units (especially weak ones like realians). If you get a Gremlin
with a Drone in front of him, you should have some real fun.

The biggest weakness of this deck is it's speed. It takes a while to build up
your army, but once you have your fighting force out you can keep it
perpetually reinforced since the majority of the deck is battle units. I have
great trouble fighting speed decks like the Realian Blitz.

u) ChronoChris
1 lvl 1 Shion
1 lvl 1 MOMO
1 lvl 10 MOMO
1 lvl 10 Shion(only because of lvl 1's text, and that if you get lvl.1 out and
have lvl. 10 in your hand you have a 6/3 attacker as early as second turn)
1 Durandal
3 AG-02-M
2 Drones
2 VX-9000
3 Virgil
2 Article 4 paragraph 13
1 Human sacrifice
2 Supply Ship
2 Supply Fleet
3 Combat Realien M
3 Combat Realien Female
3 Soldiers
2 Guards
3 UTIC soldiers
2 All-purpose M Realien
2 All-purpose F Realien

It works most of the time, but like I said if you don't kill a mech deck by
about 6 or 7th turn it's over.

v) ChronoChris II
2 lvl 1 Shion
1 lvl 10 Shion
2 Swimsuit MOMO(easily substituted for lvl 1 MOMO till you get the swimsuits)
2 Albedo
2 Soldier
2 Security Guard
3 UTIC soldier
2 Realien Male
2 Realien Female
3 Combat Realien Female
3 Combat Realien Male
2 Bunnie
2 AG-02-M
1 VX-10000
3 Virgil
1 Supply Fleet
3 Retreat
1 Article 4-13 (just incase you don't have Virgil, the mechs take care of the
3 Armistice

Try it out, it's pretty good. First hand try and get Virgil, one human and
realiens if you can. If not at least try and get two realiens your hand, a
virgil is handy but you'll draw him sooner or later. A Shion would be great in
an opening hand as well, a lvl 10 and lvl 1 Shion together is magic, no matter
what your other cards are.

w) Ayndin
3 Civilian Child
3 Civilian Female
3 Civilian Boy
2 Security Guard
1 Zohar Emulator
3 Ogre
2 Cerebus
3 Minotaur
3 Golem
2 Gargoyle
1 Unicorn
1 Sanctuary Ship
3 UMN Invasion
3 Revive DX
3 Song of the Mysterious Girl
2 Gnosis Phenomenon
2 Gnosify

We've seen a lot of these decks, and now that I've actually tried using one, I
think I know why; they have the same attraction of a big monster deck in
<insert favorite CCG> while at the same time requiring a little thought to

Anyway, a breakdown: The lots of people are obvious. I'm a little light on the
ballistic humans because I don't like spending cost; the deck is weak enough at
protecting itself in the early game that it doesn't really need help from me,
and moreover, I've had way too many bad experiences with second-turn Lvl. 10
Shions to risk sacrificing a critical early human. Later in the game...why
would I have one of those as opposed to a Golem or something on the field? As
it stands, I'm thinking of chucking the soldiers for the last of the four
civilian cards.

My gnosis picks are slightly on the heavy side, which is a bit of a pain.
Ideally I get a Golem or Ogre early on, which isn't too hard to get out. I
avoid the mech requirement gnosis like the plague; there's no need to dilute
the deck further with mech cards, unless I do something weird with Shion and
KOS-MOS cards, and even then it's not a good idea. Gargoyle is a game-winner; I
see no reason why a Gnosis deck should not have two (one is too few, never draw
it, while three is too many). Minotaurs are amazing, though the two-human
requirement is mean for a deck that goes through humans ridiculously fast, and
has to choose between getting out attack and defense or throwing down more
summoning fodder. It might be prudent to drop both those and Ogres down to 2
and put in some of the quick gnosis, like Kobolds or Goblins.

The Unicorn is an oddity. Might be nice for an end-game blocker to stall up
other slow decks, but it's annoying to get out. The Sanctuary Ship is really
cool in theory, but I don't know how well it'll work. If you play it at the end
of a long game, you're opening up your field to a round of attacks, and may
even lose the Ship, which will probably end the game. Early on, you have
nothing in the lost pile. Maybe it should be dropped for a small, quick
critter, or something. The Zohar Emulator is candy, pure and simple; have it
block for a turn or two while you get out Gnosis, and then eat it and let your
critters go to town. Actually, with another of those, it becomes slightly
feasible to use the mech gnosis, but I wouldn't go too heavy on them. Or maybe
I should work on a deck made specifically for those...

The situation and event cards should be obvious. The deck needs tweaking, but
I'm starting to get the hang of how Gnosis plays, so I think I won't lose as
horribly as I did the first time I played (Advice: keep the humans in standby!
Your deck is tough, it'll make it).

x) Ayndin II
3 Lv 1 Shion
2 Lv 1 KOS-MOS
3 Civilian Child
3 Civilian Female
3 Civilian Boy
2 Drone
3 Zohar Emulator
2 Gremlin
2 Lizardman
2 Hydra
2 Minotaur
2 Golem
2 Gargoyle
1 Unicorn
3 Revive DX
2 Song of the Mysterious Girl
1 Gnosis Phenomenon
2 Imaginary Space (the draw from your lost pile card)

The deck seemed to work much smoother in the second game (vs. the Common Deck,
which is nastier than one would think. They roughed up my poor Zohar
Emulator...), but that's probably more due to a steady supply of humans, an
early ZE (though I never wound up playing any of the mecha-Gnosis), and the
tender loving care that only a Minotaur/Gargoyle team can visit on your foes. I
have no real complaints with the balance of the Gnosis critters now; maybe
ditching the Unicorn for another Golem or a Goblin would do, but the Unicorn
has an actual purpose here (dead-hard front-line blocker, which this deck
desperately needs), so I'll leave it as it.

As for the human balance changes...the Lv 10 Shions were not missed. Taking
them out for the extra Civvie and another Drone was, I think, a Good Thing. The
jury is still out on the Drones, incidentally, but they fulfill the role of
both mech and frontline shield, and they are fairly cheap, so they'll probably
stay. I still wonder if I need any Shions at all, but they get out KOS-MOS, who
is rather handy (and a mech!), and they're not bad themselves (great first-turn
play, as they can actually survive an attack, and then your enemy can't play a
Shion for the inevitable second-turn level up).

Imaginary Space is utterly amazing, because it can stop you from decking
yourself on your normal draw, and get all those cards you had to discard due to
deck damage, which lets you ignore getting hurt for a while to build your
invincible mutant army. I must point out that it's normal draw; Waste Money
will most likely make you draw from your deck, so it's not total protection
from that, but it will let you draw slower than your foe, which can be helpful,
especially considering that your typical WM deck's Realians will die in a round
or two to the Gargoyle aura of pain and/or Gremlin spread, which could allow
you to sneak a poke in from a Minotaur or two. Perhaps I should put the WM deck
against it to see how it goes.

I'm not sure why I left the Gnosis Phenomenon card in; maybe a futile hope for
it to actually work. If I don't get any proof of such within another game or
so, it goes out for a third Song. Happy, happy Songs.

y) Helbataro

3x Lv. 1 Shion
2x Lv. 1 KOS-MOS
1x Lv. 10 Shion
2x Hammer
3x Civilian Child
2x Civilian Female
2x Civilian Boy
3x Combat Realian M
2x Combat Realian F
2x AG-02-M
2x VX-1000
2x Gremlin
3x Minotaur
3x Golem
2x Curry
3x Federation Cruiser
3x Charge

Usally I try to get a starting hand with a nice mech and a good gnosis with a
Realian and a Human a Shion would be nice. Since I want to get a Realian on my
first hand the chances are low so im really considering taking out 1 Drone and
1 Civilian Child to put in 2 Combat Realian F. I really never had a problem
with this deck so I posted it without the change but ill will try the change
and I think it would work better cause usally i either have to many humans or
to many drones.
BTW im not to sure how the human sacrifice works cause nothing of mine ever
dies that has a cost. Its text is....

Every time your battle card is destroyed in battle, the deck regains a number
of cards equal to the cost of the battle card. This effect cannot be stacked.

z) Mauler OoR
swim suit shion 2
civ child 3
civ female 3
civ male 3
zohar emulator 3
ogre 3
cerberus 3
Minotaur 1 (will add more when i get them :( )
golem 3
gargoyle 2
unicorn 1
sanctuary ship 1
umn invasion 2
reive dx 3
song 3
gnosis phenom 2
gnosify 2

aa) Effer
3 Lv. 1 Shion
3 Lv. 1 KOS-MOS
3 Lv. 1 Jr.
1 Lv. 10 Shion
2 Civilian Male
3 Soldier
3 Security Guard
2 Combat Relian Male
2 VX 7000 (No cost if Jr. is on field)
3 VX 10000 (No cost if Shion is on field)
3 Minotaur
3 Golem (one card per turn rule does not apply)
3 Myuki's Email
3 Supply Fleet
3 Investigation of Planetary Disappearance

bb) Angelalex242
"A hero lies in you."

3 Lv 1 Shion
3 Lv 1 Kos Mos
3 Lv 1 Chaos
3 Lv 1 Ziggy
3 Lv 1 Jr.
3 Lv 1 MOMO
3 Lv 10 Shion
3 Lv 10 Kos Mos
3 Lv 10 Chaos
3 Lv 10 Ziggy
3 Lv 10 Jr.
3 LV 10 MOMO
2 3rd Armament
2 Miyuki's Emails

The downside: You'd damn well better have Lv 1 Shion in your beginning hand!
For best effect, make sure you also have level 1 Ziggy or Jr. in your initial
hand. But, most importantly...you BETTER have Shion.

Of course, if it works properly, it will slaughter just about any deck you
throw at it. When this deck gets going, I've yet to see it lose. Big risk, big

cc) Massada Feff
6x Standard realians (this is due to the speed you can drop em and you draw a
card for each one during adjust)

2x 100 series realians

3x Combat realians for a plink

2-3x Virgil (he has a built in realian article 13 for 4 deck damage a pop)

2-3x Guinan (he will put your basic realians back in your hand, you can then
play them AGAIN, and get more cards out)

2-3x Albedo (his special can finish most decks if virgil cant, just pass albedo
out for virgil in between turns)

2-3x Repair Orders (obvious why this card is in the deck, every realian you
loose draw a card)

6x Humans (this can be anything from Shion, to swimsuit shion and momo, the
goal here is free cost to no more then 1 cost to play, you really just want to
keep these on the sideboard till the deck combo comes out avoid putting in
level 10 shions or anything that needs 2 or more humies to cast)

2x Article 13's (6 damage a pop for each realian in play)

2x Armistice (skips turns battle phase)

2x Bunny (obvious why hes in here, bunny of course downs all cards in play,
basically... a built in armistice, plus he can block for more realian fun)

1-2x Damerung (repairs the deck that your burning through)

2x Zohar Emulator (its sole purpose in life is to sponge damage)

2-3x Healing or Direct damage (This is a toss up, really depends on what your
comfortable with, i prefer healing, so I can keep albedo and virgil cycling
back and forth, while the realians eat it, albedo just gets tougher)

36 cards at this point (again depending on what you want to do, theres several
other cards you plop in, everything from deck recovery to some pistols or
rifles, maybe even the spread missile pack considering that your realians are
going to eat it anyways).

dd) Dawnstar
I haven't hit the ability to use pack 2 yet, but I built a mech deck that
hasn't lost yet. It revolves around "knockdown." The 6 Supply cards keep you
alive against Waste Money decks, and the Charge/Miltian Conflict prevents high
power attacks. Tony will hold off a card in stand-by and the AG-02-M will down
a large Power card like the Minotaur. Best starting hand includes Shion lvl 1
and a Drone. That will let you play Kos-Mos lvl 1 free. Drop down Hammer, and
then all of the cards are playable. This is for early in the game. I will
revise it when pack 2 and the promo cards are available.

3 Shion lvl 1
2 Shion lvl 10
3 Kos-Mos lvl 1
3 Hammer
3 U-tic Soldier
2 Tony
3 AG-02-M
3 Drone
3 VX-10000
3 Curry
3 Supply Ship
3 Supply Fleet
3 Charge
3 Miltian Conflict

ee) Djuxtapose
3 Civ Child
2 Civ Female
2 Civ Male
3 Civ Boy
3 U-Tic Soldier
3 Realian Male
2 Goblin
3 Ogre
1 Cerberus
2 Fairy
3 Golem
1 Gargoyle
1 Unicorn
2 U.M.N Invasion
2 Investigation
2 Revive DX
1 Song
1 Gnosis Phenomenon
2 Territory Shift

The Goal Here is to hopefully get a realian and a human at the same time,
this'll allow you to get a golem out on turn 2. 2 realians gets an ogre out on
turn two. Ideally, you'd get a realian (or two), a human, a golem and another
human, then you can put out a golem and another human at the same time on turn
two (golems ignore the one card at a time rule), which'll speed things up for
your gnosises, and get the jump on the computers start to attack time.

The Gargoyle, while a game winner, is kind of a rough pickup, I dunno, I might
drop the song or the Cerberus for another Gargoyle, but I seem to get him often

The fairies are kinda lame, but useful if you desperately need to pick off Mr.
Mizrahi from his hiding place behind MOMO (a lvl 10 MOMO is the only thing that
seems to hinder my gnoses, but I still won that game!).

ff) Ironman2131

I play with a pretty simple deck that I believe contains mostly cards from card
pack #1. It's based on getting Shion out behind a blocker and then following it
up with some cards that have 6 hp and attack for 3(ballistic). It hasn't lost
for me yet, although I've had some close games lately after some weak draws.

3 Lv. 1 Shion
2 Lv. 1 KOS-MOS
2 Lv. 10 Shion
2 Lv. 10 Ziggy
3 Soldier
3 Security Guard
2 AG-02-M
2 Drone
2 VX-10000
3 Virgil
2 Cherenkov
3 Zohar Emulator
3 Minotuar
2 Miyuki's Email
2 Federation Cruiser
3 Investigation
1 Stim DX

I'm pretty sure that I could take out a few of the humans and put in some good
event cards, but I don't want to get stuck in the first few turns without cards
to play.

The best draw(at least in my opinion) has a Lv. 1 Shion and Zohar Emulator in
it. Then I focus on getting out KOS-MOS, the VX-10000, a human to sacrifice for
a Minotaur, or just going straight into a Lv. 10 Shion. Occasionally I'll get
stuck with a bunch of humans, but that's okay because they're all ballistic and
Virgil and Cherenkov have a decent attack power.

gg) Lunarsword

1 Lv. 1 Shion
3 Civilian Child, Female, Male, Boy (12 total)
2 Soldier
2 Realian Male, Female (4 total)
2 Zohar Emulator
2 Kobold
1 Ogre
1 Cerberus
3 Minotaur
2 Golem
2 Gargoyle
1 Unicorn
2 Miyuki's E-Mail
1 Retreat
1 Surprise Attack
1 Confusion
2 Collective Unconsciousness

the ideal starting hand always has 1 realian, a good gnosis to start with
(golem is best), a minotaur or better yet a Gargoyle, and at least 3 humans and
a Collective Unc. the startegy i use is to do what it takes to hit the opponets
deck fast and hard, only destrying agressors when required or when it fits a
good strategy. ive only lost to speedy decks with loads of mechs and downing
has always been a problem. but this deck is great fun and pretty strong too.
ive won 10 tournaments (not in a row) using only this deck.

hh: Mauler OoR II

Albedo deck
3 Albedo
3 civilian child
3 civilian females
2 soldiers
3 security guards
3 realian males
3 realian females
3 wilhelm
3 kirschwasser
3 retreat
3 war casuality
3 stim
2 stim dx
3 zohar

Basic thing with this deck is to try to get out a few humans and realians so
you can get some fodder for the junk pile, then use stim and zohar to up your
peoples attacks. when you get albedo try to use retreat to clear out the
opposite side of the field from albedo, then use war casualty to clear off your
field, and have albedo alone, then he'll do some damage. its not a very good
deck, but it is fun.

ii) Mauler OoR III

mech deck
3 lvl 1 shion
2 lvl 2 kosmos
2 lvl 10 shion
2 lvl 10 KOS-MOS
2 hammer
2 soldiers
2 security guards
1 AG-O4
2 AG-02-M
2 simeon
2 AG-01
2 AG-05
2 Drone
2 VX-10000
2 VX-4000
2 shield
2 Third Armament
2 supply ship
2 human sacrifice
2 Dammerung

You want to get a Shion lvl 1 and if your lucky a kos-mos in your first turn
just keep trying to play mechs and humans to take out there people and their
deck. if you can get third armament out then their people dont have a chance.

jj) Agent007 II

2 Lv1 Shion
3 Civilian Child
3 Civilian Female
3 Civilian Male
3 Realian Female
1 AG-02-M
1 VX-10000
2 Zohar Emulator
2 Kobold
2 Goblin
2 Ogre
1 Gremlin
3 Minotaur
3 Golem
2 Gargoyle
1 Unicorn
3 Revive DX
2 Confusion

This is my best deck as I won all the swinsuit cards with it.

Since this is a Gnosis deck, your initial hand is extremely important. Make
sure to have at least 2 humans and a low requirement Gnosis like Golem. Kobolds
make great quick shields. You can put down a Zohar Emulator and gobble up the
human on the same turn. Thus you can protect your Gargoyle until you can get
your zohar in there. When playing the Lv1 Shion, make sure to play her free
mech cards before you gobble her up if they are in your hand.

Destroying your opponent's cards take priority over damaging your opponents
When you destroy their cards:
1. That's less cards hurting your cards/deck every turn
2. Computer usually pulls his remaining cards back into standby leaving his
deck wide open for attack.
3. While his deck is undefended, you can put down more Gnosis cards to do more
damage to his deck.

Also if the computer places a Lv1 Shion on the battlefield, destroy it
immediately. The card's 1 attack can't do much but it lets you play 3 other
rather strong cards at no cost. Watch out for the Drone. Unequipped its nothing
but a meatshield. Give it a saber and it will cut down any gnosis in the
frontline in one turn. It really sucks when a Minotaur at full health dies
before it even gets a second shot.

kk) Inteltn24 IV
3 lv1 Shion S,1
2 lv1 KOS-MOS S,1
2 lv 1 Chaos S,1 place him in front row
2 lv 1 Jr. S,1 back row for this guy
2 lv 10 Shion 1
1 Tony 1 don't get him out to standby unless the opposite player has a strong
card in his standby area, very nice trump card
5 Civilian Type S,1
2 AG-02-M 1 down effect is great
2 Drone S,1 did someone say meatshield?
2 VX-10000 1
2 Minotaur 1
3 Golem 1 one card per turn does not apply to this card
2 Curry S,1
2 Biosphere S,1
1 Supply Ship S,1
1 Supply Fleet S,1
3 Federation Cruiser S,1
2 Revive DX 1
1 Human Sacrifice 1

Subtitute cards:
Soldier, Security Guard, AG-01, Rifle, lv 1 Ziggy

This is not a very strong deck but you can create it as soon as you have the
card passport. With the exception of KOS-MOS and VX-10000, most of these cards
have relatively low cost to play
This deck can start with 2 ways:
1. Start with Shion and pump out her mech and KOS-MOS
2. Start with at least 3 human then bring out Golem, don't be afraid to
sacrifice lv1 shion to bring these Gnosis out. They worth the cost
Avoid a starter draw with more than 2 event/situation cards

ll) Death Kitty

Lvl. 1 Shion x3
Lvl. 1 KOS-MOS x3
Lvl. 10 Shion x3
Hammer x3
VX-1000 x3
APRealian Male x3
APRealian Female x3
Combat Realian Male x3
Combat Realian Female x3
Zohar x3
Investigation x3
Federation Cruiser x3
Bio Sphere x3
and then one last card, whatever you wish to put in...
I modified the deck a little by taking out 1 of the KOS-MOS and VX-10000's and
adding 3 Miyuki's e-mails, but to each his own.

If the deck works, you should win by the 5th or 6th turn...
Ideally, you want to have a Shion to play on the first turn, but if you have a
good amount of card drawing (i.e. AP Realians plus one or two Investigations)
you might be okay without a Shion in your initial hand.

mm) Budha

3 Lvl 1 Shion
1 Lvl 10 Shion
3 Virgil
3 Soldier
3 UTIC-Soldier
3 Realian Male
3 Realian Female
3 Combat Realian Male
3 Combat Realian Female
3 Bunnie
3 Mary & Shelly
3 Investigation
3 Supply Fleet (I think thats its name shuffle = to battlefield into deck)
3 Waste Money

just drop the bunnie the turn before virgil pops three realians...with the
early game humans/balitic R's dmg added to the Waste Money they are dead on
turn 4 95% of the time

nn) Ebisumaru

2 Lv. 1 Shion
2 Lv. 1 KOS-MOS
1 Lv. 1 Jr.
1 Lv. 1 chaos
1 Lv. 10 Shion
1 Lv. 10 KOS-MOS
1 Lv. 10 Jr.
1 Lv. 10 chaos
2 Hammer
1 Soldier
2 U-TIC Soldier
2 Combat Realian M
1 Combat Realian F
1 Proto Dora
1 Drone
2 VX-10000
1 Sheild
1 Battle Suit
1 Rocket
1 Third Armament
2 Minotaur
1 Miyuki's E-Mail
2 Curry
2 Bio Sphere
1 Retreat
2 Stim DX
1 Invoke
2 Stim
1 Human Sacrifice
1 Collective

oo) GBA
Max out on all normal(non-hero) realiens, then add in 7-8 civilians. Put 3
Virgils, Bunnies(very useful) and Articles. Add in 3 Search of the Planetary
Diss., 1-2 Mary-Shelly, and 1-2 each Zohar Emulators and Drones(For shields).
Take out a 2-3 realiens(but keep the all-purpose ones) from the deck if you're
over the limit, BTW.

As for the strategy:

The key to this is in your opening hand. Make sure that you have at least 1
civ, 2-3 realiens, and maybe a Mary-Shelly or Planetary Diss for drawing.

Now, place your civ, along with 2 realiens(maybe 3 if you want, but you might
flood the field, so stick with 2 to be safe), along the order of
all-purpose>ballistic>normal realiens\. Now, on your opponents block phase, (if
you have any) use your Mary-Shelly first, followed by P Dissappearance. When
picking, the priority goes: Virgil>Bunny>Article>Zohar/Drone.

Now, if your opponent layed out a 1 damage card(like Shion), then move out your
ballistic realiens. Otherwise, put your civ on front, and a realien behind to
clear the standby area. Assuming you have the Virgil in hand, play him out,
along with realiens(but make sure your total battle card count is at most 6).

Next turn, move out your Virgil(front, if possible) and three(preferrably
ballistic or strong hand) to the battlefield. Since this is the third turn, the
opponent can only destroy maybe 1(or if he's lucky, 2) realiens, before they

Now, keep repeating this method, eventually using the Zohar/Drones as shields,
to whack away at his deck.

NOTE: Once it gets really hard not to let your realiens die, you can do one of
these plays(but you need a bunny, which you most likely will have now):

a)You have the Article(and requirements)
-Move all your realiens to the battlefield. Play your Article, then lay your
Bunny to down everything. This is a game-winning play, assuming you have enough

b)You don't have the Article, but you have Virgil
-Do the same thing, except put Virgil among the realiens. Weaker damage, but it
gets the job done.

pp) Kotetsu

3 Lv 1 MOMO
3 Lv10 MOMO
3 Hammer
6 Civilians (Child/Female/Male/Boy, doesn't matter)
2 Soldier
3 Rocket
2 Kirchwasser
3 Joachim Mizrahi
3 Miyuki's Email
3 Supply Fleet
3 Mary & Shelly
3 Investigation
3 Dammerung
Your beginning hand must have at least 1 human (Hammer, Civilian, or Soldier)
and Joachim Mizrahi. The goal here is to get a Lv 10 MOMO and Joachim Mizrahi
(hopefully with a rocket) as soon as possible. Kirshwassers and Dammerung's are
bonuses. Investigations and Mary & Shellys are used to get the cards you need
more quickly. Supply Fleets are obvious, this is a high cost deck. Always keep
Joachim behind MOMO and never have Joachim on the battle field unless MOMO is
there. Spread attacks and retreat cards are your worst enemy. If you're able to
get out the good cards fast, you should tear right through the enemy. Hitting
their deck is more important than hitting their battle cards. Once you have
MOMO and Joachim on the battle field, put humans on the other side as shields.
Dammerungs are a HUGE help, especially against waste money decks. If you can
get 3 Dammerungs down, you've basically won.

V. Thanks go to:
everyone who posted in the Official card strategies/help thread
MonolithSoft for developing such a great game with an addictive card game
Namco for Publishing this great game

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

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