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Segment Address/Decoder Locations FAQ by Meh1

Version: 1.11 | Updated: 03/29/03

* XENOSAGA Episode 1: Segment Address and Decoder Locations FAQ *

By Meh1.
Copyright 2003 to Meh1.
You can contact me at meh271@yahoo.com

Verion 1.11: Corrected a wording problem with segment address 10.

Version 1.1: Cleared up the ambiguoties regarding some of the locations and

Version 1.06: FAQ section added. Made some changes to segment address 10.

Version 1.05: Made a mistake with the Robot Arms. Door 7 should be Robot Right
Arm. However, I'm not sure which is the left arm now. I have currently switched
it with door 9. But if this is incorrect, please tell me. Also, a reader said
that door 10 contains a boost pack, not two booster packs. I went back and
checked this door, and got two booster packs. However, he remains adamant that 
it's a boost pack. So to anyone who opens this door, please send me an e-mail 
telling me which one it is. 

Version 1.04: Updated the bug info for decoder 16. This should be the accurate
descripton on the bug. Made the direcions for segment address 7 clearer.

Version 1.02: Added more detailed instructions for segment address 5 and 
decoder 8, due to reader questions.              

Version 1.0: Finished the guide


As you wander on the Woglinde, you'll meet a man name Sgt. Swaine who will tell 
you about the segment addresses. This is one of the sidequests you can go for 
while playing this game. Below are the locations of each decoder and segment 
addresses you'll encounter in Xenosaga. If you find any directions too hard to 
understand, please e-mail me. And I will try to clear it up. This FAQ is 
mostly spoiler free. But there will be location and very light event spoilers.

Note that except for decoder 16, you can backtrack to get every single one of
these decoders/doors. I will only list the earliest possible opportunity for
you to obtain these items.


Decoder 1
First talk to Tom in the Dock Colony AGWS shop. In sector 27 of the Kukai 
Foundation, enter the door marked East 6. Blow up the crates at the top-right 
corner. Talk to the Pink Bug that appears. DO NOT blow him up. If you've talked
to Tom, he will tell you stories. Hear the 'Great Story'. Now go back to the 
Durandal and enter the Park. Decoder 1 is on the right side of the screen, 
sparkling between some plants. (Note: If you missed Tom when you first went to 
Dock Colony, you can still return there after you reach the Foundation. Simply
ask the Elsa captain to take you) 

Segment Address 1
In sector 26 of the Foundation. Go up to the roof through the hotel(only 
during/after the event where you save the 13 people). It's on the right side 
of the roof. You need to point your analog stick in the NE direction to prevent
from slipping down. [Robot Part Head]


Decoder 2
In the 2nd tower of the Song of Nephilim. From the save point of the 2nd tower,
enter the NW door. Follow the path(the first stairs up takes you to another 
item) and take the stairs going down. On the next level, keep going until you
see stairs going up. Take it and enter the door. Now you'll be on a screen 
with many crates. Keep blasting them until a Gnosis show up. Kill it for the 
decoder. Note that Segment address 12 is also on this screen.

Segment Address 2
At Dock Colony. Go into the A.G.W.S. shop 'Talk To Me'. There's a stair leading
down at the bottom of the shop. On the next screen, blow all the rubble away 
to find the door. [Robot Part Body]


Decoder 3
In the Bunnie's house at the Encephalon(in the woods section of Shion's path). 
The door is locked. So first, get the S Carrot Juice. You can do this by taking
the left path on this screen. Follow it to a bridge and then a cave hole. When
you exit, you'll be on a screen with some canisters. Blow them up to get 4 S 
Carrot Juices. Now go back to the Bunnie's house. Set the S Carrot Juice on the 
table outside. When it comes out to get it, run into his house before him. 

Segment Address 3
At the back of the cleaning shop in sector 27 of the Foundation. From the 
entrance of Sector 26&27, head to the next screen. Then head left until you're
near the exit. Go up the stairs and enter the shop. The door is hidden behind
a vaporizable object in the back. [Robot Part Right Leg]


Decoder 4
At the Plemora. Defeat the AGWS that Ziggy had distrated with the crane earlier
while rescuing MOMO.

Segment Address 4
At Plemora. Blast the upper-left wall in the 2nd room of patrols. [Thief 
Ring(10% increase in the rate of a rare item drop)]


Decoder 5: 
First you need the Armory Key. It's in a closet in Shion's room on the 
Durandal. However, a robot covers the closet at the beginning. So you can't get
to it. But it does leave after you escape from capture, on your way to the 
Elsa. After you get the Armory Key, head to the Hanger on the Durandal. Open 
the locked door here for the decoder.

Segment Address 5
In the Encephalon. If you're going through it the first time, first get to the
point where Shion enters the sewers. If you walk up, you'll see a woman. Beyond
her is a big crate. If you're going through the place through the EVS, first
follow Jr.'s path. When you've entered the Space-Time distortion, you'll be
in the forest. Now go right and you'll be at Shion's path. Backtrack your way
through. After you leave sewers, go up. I'm not sure if the woman's still 
there. But you should be able to find the crate. Blow it open. Go down the 
manhole opened up and follow the path. Blow up the door behind the monster. 
[Double Buster(2x tech possible, Square-Circle-Circle or Triangle-Circle-


Decoder 6
Defeat Proto Dora in Proto Merkabah. You can't miss it, since Proto Dora is a
mandatory boss.

Segment Address 6
In the room that looks like a planatarium in Proto Merkabah. It's right before 
the room with the elevator to the final save point. [Trauma Plate(Prevents 
critical hits)] 


Decoder 7
Sgt. Swaine of Woglinde gives it to you. You can't miss it.

Segment Address 7
On the Woglinde. It's by where Sgt. Swain gave you the segment file and 
decoder 7. If you're exploring this place in the EVS, then follow the path to
to a fork. Going left from there leads to the AGWS hanger. You want to go down.
Follow the path to a dead end. The door is around here. [Robot Part Right Arm]


Decoder 8
Go into the Ironman bar in the sector 26 of the Kukai Foundation. On the left
is a lady missing her engagement ring. You'll want to get it for her. You can
find her at any time in the bar, except while saving the 13 people.

First go to the cleaning shop. Refer to directions for Segment Address 3 if you
don't know how to get there. In the shop are two sets of stairs. Go up the one
in the front. Look at the clothes hanging on the wall here for a fish detector.
Go to the beach now and head to the water. Play the catch-the-fish minigame.
One of the fishes here has the engagement ring. Take it and return to the lady
for decoder 8.

Segment Address 8
On the Elsa, in B2F. It's on the screen above the save point in this area 
[Robot Part Left Leg]


Decoder 9
In the Cathedral ship. On the screen near the end of the dungeon. There is a 
Gnosis guarding a chest in the western area. This chest contains Decoder 9.

Segment Address 9
In the Cathedral Ship. 3rd floor of the building where you needed to break the
elevator seal. When you're breaking the seal on the third floor, head right and
enter the door. [Robot Part Left Arm]


Decoder 10
First get the Disarm Key on the Elsa. Tod do this, goto the cabin next to the
dining hall. Press circle while standing next to the couch. It's by the orange 
part. Now use the Disarm Key to extend the bridge in B2F. Follow the new path 
to decoder 10.

Segment Address 10
In KOS-MOS Simulator. At the save point when you first fought there(and EVS
escape point in the EVS), go down down the ladder nearby. Follow the path to 
this door. [2 Booster Packs]

Note: The segment file will say that you get a Boost Pack from this door. This
is a mistake. This door gives 2 booster pack items, not the more useful Boost 
Pack accessory.


Decoder 11
At Plemora. In the middle-right side of the 2nd room with patrol soldiers.

Segment Address 11
One of the rooms in the U-TIC battleship. It's in the same U-shaped hallway as
the door to decoder 16. You know you're in the right room if you see a soldier
who's not running at you. Keep in mind that if you entered using the EVS, the
soldier will turn into Ace Pilot/Meld Gareth. This is a difficult fight if 
you're still in the early part of the game. So run away if you can't beat him.
Yes, you can run past him while 'invisible'. [Coat-Ice]


Decoder 12
At the Encephalon. When you first enter the sewer as Shion and chaos, go right 
and press a button. Later, you'll come through the same sewer with Jr., Ziggy, 
and MOMO. They can pick up the decoder. The chest is very obvious. You won't 
miss it.

Segment Address 12
At the Song of Nephilim, where you get the decoder 2. So refer to the 
directions for that decoder. From decoder 2, just blow up some more crates to
reveal this door. Hammer Arm(Atk +10, 'Confusion' Against B&G types)] For MOMO.


Decoder 13
You need to get on the roof of sector 26 through the hotel(only during/after 
the event where you save the 13 people). Then proceed left but don't slide 
down. Exit the screen to sector 27. Follow the path to decoder 13. 

Segment Address 13
In the Cathedral Ship. In the same 'mall' where you got decoder 15. From the
location of decoder 15, keep going til you get to an elevator. Take it and 
enter the room. It's in the back here. [Samurai's Heart(Increases Counter rate 


Decoder 14
The fifth floor of the first tower in the Song of Nephiliim.

Segment Address 14
On the Elsa, in the room with the Catapult. [Speed Shoes(increases speed by 


Decoder 15
In the 'mall' of the Cathedral Ship, right after the 2nd save point(or EVS 
escape point for those coming back later) of the dungeon. There's a non-moving
enemy on the 2nd floor. Kill it to get the decoder.

Segment Address 15
Encephalon, in the first area of the Subway station. Go into the door in the 
screen here. Search the back of the dark room for the door. [Angel Ring{1/2 EP 


Decoder 16
On the U-TIC battleship. The exact directions are hard to indicate. The door 
containing the decoder is in a U-shaped hall. There are three rooms in this 
hall. This is the locked door. So you'll need the key card. To get the card, 
exit that screen on the lower-left. Then keep going down. Two screens later, 
you'll see a door to the right. Enter it and grab the U-TIC card. Return to the 
locked door and open it.


There's a bug with this door. If you use the U-TIC card while in the EVS, the
game will freeze. This won't happen if you've unlocked the door when Jr 
explores the area. So DON'T leave the U-TIC battleship without this decoder
when you are exploring it as Jr/Mary.


Segment Address 16
Woglinde, just outside the room with decoder 18. [Stim DX(item: Str increases 
by 50%)]


Decoder 17
3rd tower at the Song of Nephilim. From the room where you needed to figure out
the sound(you'll need to be here in order to complete the dungeon), go right. 
Take the ladder up to the top. Head right. There's a bunch of junk in the 
corner in this next area. Blow it up and walk to the edge. You'll be prompted 
to jump down. Do so and open the chest for the decoder.

Segment Address 17
In Proto Merkabah, 43rd floor on the left side. You can get this as you're
heading down from the left exit of floor 44. Enter the room and break the door 
cover. [BLOOD9(Jr.'s best weapon)]


Decoder 18
On the Woglinde. You must have the Vaporizer plug-in before getting it. I'll 
give the directions from Shion's room. First go up to the next screen. Now 
head right, following the path up. You'll find a room eventually with a save 
point(or an EVS escape point if you've entered through the EVS). Break the 
glass for the decoder.

Segment Address 18
By Shion's room on the Woglinde. [Coat-Lightning]


/Notes on Robot Parts/

You can give the Robot Parts from the Segment doors to the professor at the 
Foundation's Robot Acadamy. Get there by going down the left stairs in the 
A.G.W.S. shop. You can now exchange your robot parts for Shion's ethers. 

The prizes are as follows. 

*For 2 arms, Shion gets the ether Throni Blade. 

*For 2 legs, Shion gets Dominion Tank. 

*For the head, she gets Seraphim Bird. 

When you give him all six parts, you get nothing... yet. You'll have to find 
assitant Scott. Go to the bar in the city and talk to him. You'll now get the 
Erde Kaiser. It requires all 12 of Shion's ether slot, and has a whooping 60EP 
casting cost. But the 60EP becomes manageable with the Angel Ring, which 
reduces it to 30EP. Now you can summon the robot to deal 9999!(no joke) to ANY
enemy. Oh, and if you don't like the long animation sequence, simply press
start to skip it.


Credit to jetuel's walkthrough on some of the more obscure locations for these
decoders/doors. I missed some while playing the game. Great walkthrough.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at 

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