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Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by Meh1

Version: 1.71 | Updated: 04/14/03

             *           XENOSAGA: Episode I           *
             *  Der Wille zur Macht(The Will To Power) *
             *                                         *
             *        SPOILER-FREE WALKTHROUGH         *

By Meh1
Copyright to Meh1. 2003. You
You can contact me through E-mail at meh271@yahoo.com
Before you contact me, make sure you check Gamefaqs for the most up-to-date
version of the walkthrough. It's possible that your subject had been dealt with



Unfortunately, I will be unable to update this walkthrough in the near future.
I have just taken a job which will take me to rural China for probably a year.
Yes, this means no time for going online or playing any video games.

I'm deeply sorry to all the readers, since there's much more that I wanted to
add. Besides, there are quite a few errors and incomplete portions to thiis
walkthrough. Problems which will be left uncorrected for now. I apologize for
this, but my job is much more important than writing walkthroughs.

I would also like to take this time to thank all the contributers to this
walkthrough. Your contributions really helped me greatly.



V1.71(4/13/03): Added the above notice. There will be no further updates nor
e-mail answering any time soon. However, this walkthrough is nothing near
being final. It's simply that my job will prevent me from having any time to
work on this walkthrough. I do thank all readers for read

V1.7(3/23/03): I have gone over the whole walkthrough and corrected hopefully
all the mistakes. Monster list added, although it's still under construction,
courtesy of yamcha213. MOMO character analysis up.

V1.63(03/21/03): Fixed TONS of typos. Not much else added. I know some readers
have sent in other things. I'll try to get to them asap. I've been quite busy
the past week. Still a lot more typos to correct, though. *Sighs*

V1.62(03/14/03): Oy, so many bits and pieces here and there. Found so many
errors that needed to be corrected. I also wrote a cheap way on beating Mintia,
based on readers' suggestions. Thanks to all. Oh, and KOS-MOS section is up.

V1.61(03/14/03): NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok. My computer froze on me.
So I lost quite a bit of stuff that I was working on. Now my own ideas are easy
to re-write. But the reader contributions and corrections aren't. Since my
mailbox has been kind of stuffed, I basically read a e-mail, make the necessary
changes, respond, then delete the e-mail. So it's impossible for me to recover
those files. If you made a contribution that didn't get updated, you can e-mail
me again. Sorry.

V1.6(03/12/03): Changed the Drilling section to flybri's faq. I'm sorry about
the earlier contributers. I wouldn't have changed to someone else's guide
except it's so much more comprehensive than what I have currently. Sorry to
Master Tony and IRCGEEK. I really do appreciate your contribution, though. Also
added some other stuffs, like what the stats mean, Mintia strategies by some.
Added a tips section, although it's hardly complete.

V1.57(03/11/03): A.G.W.S. battling guide up. Corrected some prize info in the
drilling section. I also updated some boss strategies in the last dungeon, and
corrected some problems. Also, finished Shion's character section.

V1.54(03/10/03): Ok. The drilling game section is up. The slots section has
been updated. It's the same as flybri2001's FAQ on Gamefaqs. But I have
permission to post it here, for those who don't want to go through the trouble
of looking at two guides. Also had a reader tell me the location of Star Hat,
an useful item for those powering up. It's at the begining of 1.12. Also added
frames for game basics and character section.

V1.53(03/09/03): A reader brought to my attention that the optional boss and
character section(done by The_311_Saint), are copied off of Bradygames guide. I
did not know this at all, since I don't own this guide. So I have deleted those
sections as of this moment. I will add them up again later with full credits
where credits are due. Sorry to all the readers. Also note that I'm currently
working on other areas of the guide. So some parts might seem messy. But bear
with it, because this is so important. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

V1.52(03/09/03): Made some corrections to 1.13. Also cleaned up a bit of
section 1.14. However, still haven't worked on the final boss yet.

V1.5(03/09/03): Slot section up, thanks to FlyBri for explaining the slots.
Also, game basics section is up, thanks once again to The_311_Saint. Don't know
what I'd do without him. Thank you so much. ^_^ As for me, well, I cleaned up
section 1.10 thru 1.13. Included a lot more in terms of strategies. The biggest
change would be more info on boss fights, including data and item drop/steal.
This will help those who want to get everything in the game. Also corrected
some errors in other parts of the walkthrough.

V1.3(03/08/03): Optional Boss section up, thanks to The_311_Saint. Cleaned up
                section 1.8 and 1.9. Also fixed the bit about the Flower Seed.

V1.21(03/7/03): Cleaned up section 1.7. Also realized that 'chaos' is suppose
to be all lower case. Oopsy!

V1.2(03/07/03): Added a whole bunch of stuff. Character info is up, thanks to
The_311_Saint. I also added the side quest section for people who simply care
for those items. It's nothing new, but it's easier for the readers this way. I
guess I'm turning what's  suppose to be a short walkthrough into a typical big
one. ^_^ Oh, also cleaned up 1.5, and 1.6.

V1.1(03/06/03): Cleaned up the section 1.1 to 1.4 of this walkthrough. Added
extra items you can get, some optional fights, more refined boss strategies,
etc. Random stuffs.

V1.0(03/05/03): Completed the game.


This is a spoiler-free walkthough for Xenosaga. Xenosaga is, in my opinion,
perfect for this type of a walkthrough. It's easy to tell people where to go
without having to mention any spoilerish info. And spoiling this game just
isn't right, in my opinion. It would ruin the game. That's why I made this
walkthrough spoiler-free. However, I might add a little 'spoiler section' if
I ever get the urge to comment on the story. ^_^

Also, keep in mind that I didn't bother to mention every single insignificant
item in the game. It's just not worth the time. So if you get items not in my
walkthrough, don't assume that I've missed it. However, if you get a RARE item
not in my walkthrough, please E-mail me.

Ok, that's it for the introduction. It's not like you're reading this part
anyway, right? ;)


Note: Use the 'Find' function(Ctrl + F) to find the section you want quickly.
This is quite important now as this walkthrough is getting really big. Much
bigger than expected.

Section 0: Basic Information

0.1 Stats
    0.11 Character Stats
    0.12 A.G.W.S. Stats
0.2 Note on buying items
0.3 Damage Calculation

Section 1: Main Walkthrough

1.1  Simulator
1.2  Woglinde(Part 1)
1.3  Woglinde(Part 2)
1.4  Plemora
1.5  Elsa
1.6  U-TIC Battleship
1.7  Dock Colony
1.8  Cathedral Ship
1.9  Durandal
1.10 Kukai Foundation(Part 1)
1.11 Encephalon
1.12 Kukai Foundation(Part 2)
1.13 Song of Nephilum
1.14 Proto Merkabah

Section 2: Side Quests and Mini-Games

2.1 Locations of Decoders and Segment Addresses
2.2 Shion's Erde Kaiser
2.3 Optional Bosses
    2.31 Great Joe (strategy under construction)
    2.32 Mintia
    2.33 Ace Pilot
    2.34 Meld Gareth
    2.35 Din Gareth (under construction)
2.4 Casino
    2.41 Poker
    2.42 Slots
    2.43 Item Exchange
2.5 Drilling
2.6 XenoCard (under construction)
2.7 A.G.W.S. Battling
2.8 Emails
2.9 Miscellanious
    2.91 MOMO's Transformations
    2.92 Flower Seed

Section 3: Character and A.G.W.S. Analysis.

3.1 Shion
3.3 Ziggy
3.4 MOMO
3.5 chaos {under construction)
3.6 Jr. {under construction)
3.7 A.G.W.S. {under construction)

Section 4: Monster Analyze List.

4.1 KOS-MOS Simulator
4.2 Woglinde
4.3 Plemora (Under Construction)
4.4 Elsa (Under Construction)
4.5 U-TIC Battleship (Under Construction)
4.6 Cathedral Ship (Under Construction)
4.7 Encephalon (Under Construction)
4.8 Kukai Foundation (Under Construction)
4.9 Song of Nephilim (Under Construction)
4.10 Proto Merkabah (Under Construction)

Section 5: Other Stuffs

5.1 Random tips that doesn't belong anywhere else
5.2 My thoughts on Xenosaga and this walkthrough
5.3 Credits

+ Section 0: Basic Information +

0.1 Stats

/0.11 Character Stat/

HP: Easy to understand. It's how many hit points you have. When it reaches 0,
    the character dies. When everyone's HP reaches 0, it's game over.

EP: Basically the equivalent of MP in most other games. Ether points let you
    cast ethers. Again, simple stat.

Str: The physical strength of a character. This affects how much damage your
     character does using a physical attack. Basically, all slash/hit/pierce
     attacks use this to determine damage. This includes the square attacks.
     Obviously, the higher the more damage.

VIT: Phyiscal defense of a character. The higher, the less damage you take from
     a physical attack.

EAtk: Ether attacking capability. Everyone but Jr.'s triangle attack are ether
      based, so this stat will affect the damage. Also, the power of ether
      spells, both healing and attack, uses this stat. Furthermore, the damage
      from Beam techs and Beam weapons on A.G.W.S. uses this stat.

EDef: The higher, the less ether damage you take from an enemy.

DEX: This affects the hit percentage of an attack(both physical and ether
     based) on the enemy. Normally it's not useful. But some flying bosses can
     be quite a hassle for characters with low dexterity.

EVA: The evasion stat determines how many times the enemy scores a 'miss' on
     you when attacking. Again, useful against specific enemies, but generally
     not too useful.

AGL: Agility, which is basically speed. The higher, the more likely a character
     goes first in battle, and faster time to recover. Note that this is the
     only character stat that does not change with levels. So the only way to
     raise it is thru the White Ring and it's extracted skill. Of course, using
     speed boosting items/ethers/accessories will also help with speed. But
     won't change the value of your agility.

/0.12 A.G.W.S. Stat/

FHP: Frame HP. Same concept as your character's HP.

DPOW: The AGWS equivalent of Vitality.

PARM: The AGWS equivalent of Strength.

EARM: The AGWS equivalent of Ether Attack. Note that this number is basically
      your character's EAtk plus the default Ether bonus for that particular

AGL: Same as the one for characters.

WAGL: This is the penalty for equiping heavy weapons. It makes you lose speed
      in combat. I'm not sure exactly how it works though. It doesn't seem to
      be a direct penalty, though. Meaning the battle Agility is not your
      AGL - WAGL. If someone has detailed info, please tell me.

Note: All the other stats not listed here, EDef, Dex, and Eva, are the same
      whether you're in an AGWS or not. Only the above stats are changed.

0.2 Note on Buying Items

As you play the game, you'll come across store. Now, in practically every other
game, you can see all the items by scrolling down. However, Xenosaga throws a
twist at you. Because not only can you scroll up and down, but also left and
right. Yes, I know this might sound obvious to many of you. But there are
plenty of people, including yours truly, who did not figure this out until
mid-way through the game.

0.3 Damage Calculation

This is based on some trial battles I fought in just to test out the effects
of stats and tech levels on damage. I hate to say it, but this is only from a
few trials. So my conclusions are likely off in some regards. It's more to
make you 'think' about these things before choosing your weapons and where to
spend you tech points.

Ok. First of all, the damage in this game seems to be calculated by this

(Attack - Defense) * Multiplier

There are two types of attacks(Str and EAtk) and defenses(Vit and EDef). So if
you use a physical attack, then your strength and the enemy's vitality comes
into play. The same for ether attacks and EAtk/EDef.

From this we can see why W-Act tends to deal more damage than two normal,
seperate attacks. By using W-Act, you double your strength. But the enemy
vitality remains the same. Hence you should deal extra damage to the tune of
(Enemy Defense * Multiplier).

The Multiplier here depends on what kind of attacks you're using. Every attack
should have its own default multiplier. Also, I *think*, not sure, that as
you raise the power level of techs, this is the stat that gets raised. However,
the effects look to be exponential, not linear. So leveling up from lv1 to lv2
might not have much affect, but the difference is more apparent from lv9 to
lv10. This last part is based more on thoughts I had while playing, so I can't
be certain of its accuracy.

One thing people might have noted in this game is the way Beam weapon power is
determined. Specifically, it uses percentages. The higher the percentage, the
more powerful it is. To know just how powerful a beam attack is, you can
compare it to your good old triangle attack. One triangle attack, I have
found, has 50% attack. So you can adjust the damage for other attacks
accordingly. The only thing I'm not clear about is whether the percentage is
calculated as damage or attack power.

[I'll come back to this section once I have cleaned up(I've been saying this
 forever now...) the rest of my guide. In the meantime, some of you can take it
 upon yourselves to perform better tests on this matter. Esepecially if you
 can hack into the game. Anyway, just something kind of fun to throw out

+ Section 1: Main Walkthrough +

1.1 Simulator

After an awesome opening video, you'll be taken to the battle simulator. Take
this opportunity to learn the controls. Don't worry if you don't get
everything at first. You'll get it eventually. When you're ready, tell KOS-MOS
to simulate real combat to get out of there.

The first dungeon is pretty easy to navigate. The enemies here are weak. So
take time to get used to the controls. For the expert RPG players, try killing
the enemies during 'point bonus' of the event slot. You get more tech, ether,
and skill pts this way. Read the manual for details.

There are no important items. However, there is a easy-to-miss ladder on the
screen with the save point. Go down and follow the path to a locked
door(segment address #10). We'll come back to it later, but keep it in mind.

Eventually you'll open the door that requires the mission-key. Heal up if
necessary. Enter and boss fight will begin.

*Boss: Drone GX*
HP: 420
Weakness: Slash
Rare Item: None
Item: Ether Pack S

Have Shion enter her A.G.W.S. on the first turn. Then simply attack until it
dies. If you want to be safe, have KOS-MOS guard one turn and use Square,
Square, R-Blade the next. If you want some easy extra pts, make sure you kill
it while the Event Slot is at Point Bonus.

*End Boss*

[Story Skip]

1.2 Woglinde(Part 1)

After more dialogues, you'll get to control Shion. First, you can talk to the
researcher by the red machine. He will let you return to the simulator. If you
do so, you can find a Battle Passport in the room where you fought the boss.
It opens up a mini-game later on. Not necessary, but kind of neat. To avoid
enemies, make sure you have Shion walk(not run) by them. She's kind of weak to
take on them alone at this point.

Exit the lab on the right. Just follow the linear path. There's a guy on the
screen with Zohar who has some 'information' he wants share with. Agree to
listen and he'll tell you about investing. MAKE SURE you speak to him and give
him your e-mail. This will open up a very profitable e-mail side quest.

Keep going and you'll find a door called Segment address #18. Like the one in
KOS-MOS simulator, just press circle by it and leave it alone for now. The
door after that is Shion's room. Pick up the Maintenance Data and go to the
Realian Lab(you need to backtrack a bit before heading left).

[Story Skip]

Talk to all the Realians. You'll then get a scene.

[Story Skip]

After you get done here, exit and re-enter the lab. You'll get an e-mail about
a hacker. Reply and say you'll help. This will start a quest that can net you
200,000G later. On the next screen, talk to the man by the drill(Mr. Holgar).
Agree to his request and you can play a little drilling mini-game. The reward
is a Drilling Passport. The Drilling Passport will allow you to play a drilling
mini-game later on. So keep it in mind. Now exit to the top. On the next
screen, there's a little resting area on the left you can turn into. Do so to
get a 'secret' e-mail. Give the first response, "I Read Your Secret Email".

You'll eventually meet Sgt. Swaine. He'll tell you about Segment addresses. To
use the Segment File, go look it up in your item section. It will list all the
keys you have, the doors you encountered, and where you found the doors. This
little side quest will be VERY rewarding later on. Don't worry, I will give
you all the locations in this walkthrough. Now exit to the right. You should
get a nice little Spam on the way for Namco's Ninja Assault game. LOL! Anyway,
take the  orange elevator up to the bridge on the next screen. Talk to the

[Story Skip]

You'll now need to go the A.G.W.S. hanger. Go right. As you turn at the
corner, stay to the left as you head up. This will trigger an Email. Reply by
saying you want to invest in Vector(reply #2). Also note that the lounge here
will let you turn on/off the music video. It will be useful later. You'll
also pass by Segment address #16 as you follow the path into D-04.

The hanger is in the upper-left corner of D-04. You'll need to play a little
game of tag along the way. Make sure you know how to win this game, as it will
be useful later. After you get the M.W.S., you'll need to return to your room
and rest. If you want another Namco ad, head to the Vector lab first. Walk by
the left wall for the Email.

Note: For the 'leveling' people, here's a good place to beef up Shion. In the
AGWS hanger is the AGWS simulator. Always kill it during the 'point bonus' spot
for some nice tech and skill points. If you can't hit that in the event slot,
get out of the AGWS and fight bare handed. The difference in speed will
eventually allow you to get it. If you do this, switch Spell Ray to hi speed
and raise Shion's EAtk/EDef. Also have her extract Search Eyes from Scope.

[Story Skip]

1.3 Woglinde(Part 2)

Once you gain control of Shion, return to your room and save your game. Then
go back out and get into a fight. Shion will realize that she can't fight

For the next part, you'll need to do some dodging the Gnosis. DO NOT get into
a fight. You can't escape from battle and they will always deal 9999 to you,
while you can't harm them. Yes, this means instant Game Over.

Here's how to avoid them.

1. Run by him and press the switch after you get over to D-05.

2. Press the switch in the lounge to turn on the music video. Go by while it's

3. Draw its attention first. Then hide in the room with the save point. Note
the chest here. You can come back later to get it.

4. Go up the ladder and press the green switch.

Once you're through, go down at the intersection. The soldier will tell you to
get the Plug-in in the hanger. Get the Vaporizer plug-in and you can now blast
stuffs just like in the simulator. :) There are some nice things you can get
simply by blasting around in this hanger. When you're done, go to where you
blew the Gnosis out of the airlock. There are two crates up the ladder with
some nice items. Simply blow them up to get the stuffs.

Return to where the soldier was and keep going. Blow the path open and two
more Gnosis will appear.

5. To avoid them, simply do what you did earlier in the game of tag.

Sgt. Swaine will give you Decoder 7, which will unlock segment address 7 next
to him. Exit at the bottom of the screen.

[Story Skip]

When you gain control of Shion, examine the dead soldier for his key. Open up
his room for an item. The next room has a save point. Use it. Now exit to the

[Story Skip]

A mini-boss follows.

*Boss: Cyclops*

DON'T use ether attacks(triangle attacks for KOS-MOS and Shion). If you do, it
will counter with some nasty stuff. Stick with alternating between Square and
Square-Square-Tech for Shion and KOS-MOS. Virgil doesn't have ether attacks or
Techs, so just normal attacks for him. Heal when necessary. Quite easy. Again,
kill it on the 'bonus pts' round for more pts.

*End Boss*

[Story Skip]

NOTE: Now that you have your first A.G.W.S., check it out. Change the equipment
around a bit. Put in SMG99AG in place of your SW021AG for your R-Arm. Also
put in the missle pod you got from the soldier's room on the R. Shoulder.

There's a room in this area where you can open up a path back to your room. I
suggest you go back and save/rest.

Note: When Shion has 40 ether pts, have her learn Goodbye. Then set it so you
can use it in battle. This is the only way to escape in battle unless you use
the escape pack. VERY useful. Also, if you haven't already done so, see if you
have enough skill pts to learn Search Eyes from Scope. If you do, then take off
Scope from Shion so you can use it later.

Now you can go grab some items. If you just want to fight the boss, skip this
next paragraph.

Head up and follow Shion's old path. Blasting stuffs along the way will net
you items. Finally, go in the door with the save point. Blast the glass and
get the chest, decoder 18. Now keep going til you see the AGWS hanger door. If
you draw the Gnosis it's attention, it will blast open a path for you. Grab the
chest. That's it for this optional area. Head back to segment address 18 and
open the door for a Coat-Lightning. Equip it on KOS-MOS can be helpful. Now go
back to your room to rest and save.

Walk downward, fighting(or not) along the way. If you get into a fight with
Gremlins, make sure everyone guard the first turn, then have KOS-MOS kill it
with R-Cannon the next turn. If you don't kill it in one turn, the Gremlin
can counter with a nasty Acid Rain.

Exit the screen south for a boss fight. Obviously heal up beforehand.

[Story Skip]

*Boss: Minotuar, 2 Sky Fish*

Get Shion into her A.G.W.S. first turn. KOS-MOS should alternate between
triangle(or guard, depends on the situation) and triangle/triangle/R-Cannon.
Have her use items to heal when necessary. Shion can use the Circle attack to
damage all enemies, but she can only use it once. Afterwards, have Shion
alternate between Guard, which builds up 2 AP, and W-Act which requires the
full 6 AP. This is better than attacking twice because you gain the advantage
of being in Guard position for one turn.

You can decide whether to take out both Sky Fishes first or not. Take out at
least one. If you take out both, Minotuar will use a powerful Gravity Pulse.
But he'll use it anyway at low HP. I'd take out just one because it doesn't
do much damage anyway. Not tough, but you may get unlucky with critical hits
and such that you can lose. The Coat-Lightning can be pretty handy for
KOS-MOS here. Once again, try to kill it during point bonus slot.

*End Boss*

[Story Skip]

1.4 Pleroma

After that long break, you'll control Zigguarat. Follow the path and his
invisibility suit will malfunction. Too bad. :(

Note: With only one character, it's quite easy to mess up and die. So if you're
ever in trouble, use the escape pack. I suggest you avoid battles until you
get MOMO. If you do fight, have Ziggy guard one turn and use his circle attack
the next.

There are some some nifty stuffs in this area. First get to the 2nd room of
patrols. At the left wall in the 2nd room are some things you can vaporize.
The top one leads to segment adress 4 and a snake hunter. Equip this ASAP, as
the enemies here can poison you.

On the right-middle portion of the 2nd room is another vaporizing target.
You'll get decoder 11. Then exit to the right.

To get past the A.G.W.S., simply operate the crane. Don't try to fight it
unless you have a death wish. The next screen is where MOMO is. You'll now
need to find the master key.

Go down stairs and then exit at the bottom-right. On the next screen are 6
boxes. Unless you want a fight, don't break the bottom-left box. The others
have nice goodies. Enter the control room on the right. Heal up for your next

*Mini-boss: Gardis M1*

Use ether attacks(triangle) and Techs. It will summon some Gardis F10 after
you hit it, but just ignore them. Heal when necessay. Easy battle unless you
started with too little HP(like I did once, oops...).

*End Mini-Boss*

Get the key and save MOMO.

Now have Ziggy learn Bodyguard(ether spell) and set it so he can use it in
battle. If you don't have the pts, then learn it when you can. Put MOMO right
behind him. Give MOMO the Scope so you can see enemy's HP.

NOTE: Remember the AGWS Ziggy distracted earlier? If you want, you can go
back now and try to kick its ass. It's a pretty long battle, but not too hard.
Ziggy should use Bodyguard and then just start whacking with physical attacks.
The reward is decoder 4, which will open the door you past by earlier. While
you can't get it right now, you'll pass by that place later to get it. The
Thief Ring in the door(rare item acquisition +10%) isn't too important. So you
can come back later with powerful characters for a much easier battle. Up to

Ok. There's a save point here. Save and head back to the control room where
Ziggy got the Master Key. Push the switch and enter the newly opened door. Head
down the ladder.

Keep moving left fast if you don't want battles. There is a door in the middle
of the screen here. Go in for some nice goodies and return to the previous
room. Keep going left and exit up the ladder. But heal up before you do.

*Boss: Zolfo, 2 Mercurio*

This battle isn't hard, but a bit long. Take out the Mercurios first(go for
the one that's not blocking). Ziggy can use bodyguard if you want, but ether
attacks(which does not rely on strength) seems to work better. So it's not
really too helpful. I'd just stick to triangle attacks and techs.

You can have MOMO try to cast Sheep Beam on a Mercurio. This way, Zolfo will
'wake' him up by blasting him. LOL! (Thanks Paladin2ez for this info).

*End Boss*

Exit north and save. An optional boss is coming up next. If you want to go for
it, do the following. I suggest you try beating him, as the reward is quite

1. Have Ziggy learn and activate Bodyguard if he has not done so.
2. Put MOMO directly behind Ziggy if not done so.
3. Upgrade Ziggy's techs. If you have 200+ tech pts, upgrade Cyber Kick's
   speed to hi. So you can use it every turn. Otherwise, just just upgrade the
4. Use a Bio Sphere to heal up.

If you don't want to fight it, don't bother doing anything. Go up to the next
room, and you'll find yourself in the patrol area. If you have decoder 4, get
the item right now. Then exit left.

*Optional Boss: Margulis*

HP: 820
Rare Item: Purple Ring
Item: Red Ring

There are two ways to go through this battle. One is to simply die.

To beat it, simply have Ziggy use Bodyguard first turn, and recast when needed.
Then alternate between Guard and a tech. Keep in mind that Ziggy's techs are
both elemental. Cyber Kick is fire based, while Lightning Fist is lightning
based. So if he's set to absorb one type, use the other. Otherwise, use
Square-Triangle-Cyber Kick. It seems to deal the most damage for me. You can
speed things up by using the Speed Stim on Ziggy. Anyway, a long fight. But
not difficult if you're prepared.

MAKE SURE you kill it while on pt bonus. He gives out tons of pts.

Either way, the story will continue.

*End Boss*

[Story Skip]

1.5 Elsa

After gaining control of Shion, you can explore the Elsa. First exit through
the bottom-left door into the dining hall. Talk to the robot for a card
passport. Now exit north. Go downstairs and into the door in front of you.
Press circle around the couch on the left side of the room to find the Disarm
Key. Now exit this room.

When you're ready, Take the elevator on the left side of the main cabin down
to B1.

This part of the ship is pretty confusing. I suggest you explore around. There
are lots of goodies around. If you have the Disarm Key, you can use it at a
terminal down here and grab more goodies, including decoder 10.

Eventually, you'll get to a room with a save point and chaos. From here, go
down to the hanger. A robot here will sell you AGWS stuffs. If you want to
keep fighting with AGWS, then upgrade the frame and the generator. Make sure
you have at least 1000G left, though. If you prefer fighting as humans, then
don't buy anything. When you're done, take the left lift up. Enter the door.

[Story Skip]

Afterwards, the captain wants you at the bridge.

In the hanger, Tony's looking for the Hazardous Area Map. You can help him
out if you want, but you don't have to. Now go the bridge(the map's not in
the hanger).

NOTE: The save point by the bridge is now an EVS save point. EVS save points
allow you to access older dungeons(through the UMN) and mini-games(click on
the respective passport). Right now, you can go back to KOS-MOS simulator,
Woglinde, and the Plemora. You can also play cards(card passport), AGWS
mini-game(battle passport), and drilling(drilling passport). Only the drilling
game will get you items useful to the main game. But it's quite costly right
now at 200G a game.

After the scene, talk to Matthews again. He'll fork over the Map. Now go right
towards the save point after exiting the bridge for another investment Email.
Reply and invest in Venture(first choice).

If you have it, give the map to Tony for a Med Kit DX. To get to the catapult,
return to the screen above the B2 save point. Keep going north until you get
to the door. Don't go through the door, but turn left instead.

To proceed with the story, simply press the switch at the very end of the huge
catapult room. Note that there's a segment address(#14) here as well as a
fiber suit. Equip the suit on Shion since it's better than the uniform she
has on.

After you've checked the equipments, you'll get an Email about the hacker.
Reply with the 3rd choice, "Cargo Ship Seems Suspicious". Now return to the

[Story Skip]

Ok, now chaos and KOS-MOS joins your party. chaos comes with another AGWS,
which is very nice. Now go to the shop and buy some equipments for KOS-MOS.
Shion and chaos don't really need any, since they have AGWS to hide in. But
also buy stuffs for them if you want them to fight as humans. Also, this is
a nice time to open up those segment doors. The disarm key should've gotten
you decoder 10, which you can use to unlock segment door 10 in the KOS-MOS
Simulator. Segment door #18 and #4 are both available if you haven't gotten
them yet.

Go down to B1. Some crates are reloaded with items, so it pays to blast them
again. Make your way towards the hanger. On the way, you'll switch to Ziggy
and MOMO. Eventually, your two teams will meet. And you'll get to switch party
members. Pick whoever you like. I recommend Shion, KOS-MOS, and either chaos or
MOMO. Use MOMO if you're into getting the rare stuffs in the game, as she's the
only character who can get some of these. Otherwise, chaos is more useful. If
Shion and KOS-MOS have enough tech pts, upgrade the speed of Spell Ray and
R-Cannon, respectively. Set them into the 'hi' slot tech.

Make sure both of your AGWSs are with active party members. Now head down.
Save at the save point. If you want more items, exit right and grab some stuff.
When you're done, return to this room and keep going down. On the screen below
the hanger is the boss. There's a Coat-Beam at the bottom of the screen here if
haven't gotten it yet. Equip it on someone(who's not going to ride in a AGWS)
to lessen the beam rifle damage of the boss(Thanks to MasterChief for
pointing out this item).

*Boss: DOMO Carrier*
HP: 1800
Weakness: Lightning
Rare Item:
Item: Anti-Beam Armor

If you've upgraded your VX-10000. Immediately have the two characters with
AGWSs go into them. AGWSs should use the Guard/W-Act continuously. The 3rd
character(KOS-MOS for me) should just stick to ether attack/techs, and heal
with items. Not a hard fight. It all depends on the event slots.

If you want to fight as humans, STILL have one person enter the AGWS. If you
didn't upgrade the VX-10000, use the VX-7000. There's a good reason for this.
If the DOMO Carrier's turn comes up during its predetermined slot, then it will
use tremor. And this can easily happen every turn, as it has a similar agility
to your characters. However, you can mess up the timing by entering a AGWS,
which is slower than regular characters. As long as DOMO carrier doesn't use
tremor, his attacks are easy to deal with. Oh, and be sure you save up the
boost til near the end, because he will heal himself at critical health.
Actually, sometimes he just self-destructs instead. Anyway...

*End Boss*

[Story Skip]

You'll now get to show Ziggy and MOMO around the ship. First, take them to the
B2 Save point. Walking in the northern part of that room should trigger an
Email for 4000G. Now go to the catapult to trigger another Email. Invest in
Vector(3rd choice) for best results. That's all for now. You can end the tour
by going to Cabin 2(where you found the disarm key) and taking a nap.

[Story Skip]

You'll now control Jr. The robots are easy.

[Story Skip]

1.6 U-TIC Battleship

Once you gain control of Jr, save your game and enter the battleship.

Make sure you destroy the generators to take out the lasers. If you don't,
you'll trigger a fight. Note that there are two vaporizable objects by the
locked door No. 4. The one to the left is a soldier. So don't blow it up. If
you want exp, this is not the place to get them, since the exp will be divided
3 ways and Jr is the only one who needs it. Anyway, follow the path to the
control area after you take out the laser beams. Flip the switch. Enter the
newly opened up area.

Follow the path to the room which opens door #4. Go through it. The door to
your left here opens up door #3. But you'll need a key first. The other room's
a save point. Keep going right into the next area. The first two doors here are
guarded by alarms. So destroy the alarms first(all vaporizable objects) before
going in. The 1st door is pointless. The 2nd door has segment address 11, which
you can open. It's a Coat-Ice. The 3rd door is locked. So ignore it for now.
Keep following the path into the next room. Open up door #5 in the control room
here. Then exit south.

Here, you can go down stairs and destroy some crates. But make sure you don't
blast the right-most one, as it will alarm a soldier. When you're done, exit
to the south. The door to your right has the U-TIC card, which opens that
locked door. The door at the end of the corridor has the important Card No. 3.

Now go back to that locked door and get the decoder 16 from the chest. Exit to
the screen with locked door #3. Use the card to open it up. Then save your
game in the other room. Follow the newly opened path to a scene and a boss

NOTE: For the people who are doing the decoder side quest, MAKE SURE you get
decoder 16 right now. There's a bug that will prevent you from getting it later

*Boss: Ambix*
HP: 1200
Weakness: ???? Probably Lightning
Rare Item:

First get Jr into his AGWS asap. Then just have everyone Guard/W-Act. This is
a battle where if you can actually kill off your comrades, it would be useful.
Too bad, since only Jr. will use the pts.

*End Boss*

[Story Skip]

1.7 Dock Colony

If you want, you can open Door #16. Go back to the Woglinde for this segment
address. I suggest you do so, since the Stim DX is pretty useful.

When you gain control of Shion, go get Ziggy in the B2 save point room. Then
exit the Elsa by going left in before the bridge. Now go into the AGWS shop
'Talk to Me'. There's a kid here name Tom that you'll need to talk to for
another decoder. There's also another segment door in the basement area(#2).
But you won't be getting this one for a loooong time, unfortunately. :(

Also, you can get better equipments here.If you haven't been fighting much, you
probably can't afford everything. Anyway, the priority is human accessories and
weapons first, then AGWS frames, then other AGWS stuffs. The next dungeon is
fairly good for leveling up, so get some Bio Spheres if you're the leveling-up
type. Also, you can probably skip the AGWS upgrade if you're going to level up.
But it never hurts to have back-up. The next boss is one of the more difficult
ones in the game. Also, buy Ziggy his weapon. It's his only other weapon in the
game for those who want EVERYTHING. And you seemingly cannot get it later.
It's not great. but it's RARE. So it must be valuable, right?

When you're done, exit the shop and walk south. Hammer will tell you to follow
him. Do so.

[Story Skip]

Once you gain control of Shion again, go to the bridge. You'll receive an Email
containing the F-BSHOT on the way(if you've made the right investment).
Download it so KOS-MOS can use it.

You can now fight Ace-Pilot Meld Gareth now on the U-TIC battleship. He's
located in the room with Segment Address #5. He's a good source for all sort of
points, but you'll need some pretty powerful characters/AGWS to beat him.

Talk to Matthews to proceed with the story. But make sure you're ready.

[Story Skip]

1.8 Cathedral Ship

Note: Once you have enough tech points, upgrade the speed of one tech for each
member of your party. Also invest in Wait too. Power level isn't a big deal.
I personally would suggest Spell Ray, R-Drill(or save your tech pts if you
already have R-Cannon on hi speed), Floral Tempest, Lunar Seal, and Cyber Kick.

Ok, when you're ready, start exploring.

The first screen is pretty straightforward. You'll find a nice
hat(Nightwalker) along the way so equip it. Eventually you'll exit to the
right. The Cerberus enemies along the way are weak to ether. On the next
screen, there are Faries, which are strong against ether, so stick to
physical attacks. They have low HP, so it's not too big a deal. There's a
Coat-Fire along the way that's kind of useful in this place. Exit to the

On the next screen, there are three paths. You can blow open the door to some
items. The Revive DX is worth the trouble of the extra enemy. After that,
climb back down the ladder and head down. Blow away the crates. Now return to
the intersection and head up. Follow the path to the elevator. Ride it down
and exit to the right.

More branches on the next screen. First head upstairs. If MOMO's not leading
the way, make her the lead. If she is, the bookcase at the top of the stairs
should shine. Examine it to get some stuffs for her.

Note on MOMO's new stuffs: Magic Caster should be MOMO's first far range tech,
unless she has very high levels. Equip it. Also equip Star Wind in her Ether
section. In battle, you can have MOMO steal items by first transform, then use
Magic Caster tech. She will ALWAYS steal the rare item listed in the enemy's
item data. Quite useful in boss fights.

Switch back to your main party if MOMO's not in it. Keep going and you'll get
to blow up a bridge. Go back down now. If you go across the newly-made bridge,
you'll get into a semi-difficult fight and a Tuned Circuit(AGWS Agility +1).
You should do this either now or later. Depends on you. The Tuned Circuit is
very useful. Oh, and eqiuping a Coat-Fire is useful.

*Optional Mini Boss: Svarozic*

HP: 1500
Weakness: Ice
Item: Tech Upgrade S
Rare Item: Tech Upgrade Z

Not too difficult, as his attacks don't do too much. You can let the weaker
characters guard/heal at all times, so it won't use it's counter often. Also,
don't use ether attacks. If you are using MOMO, have her nab the Tech Upgrade Z
by transforming and using the Magic Caster. If KOS-MOS is in it, use the Down
Force ether.

*End Boss*

After you're done, take the only remaining path and follow it to the exit.
The next screen is linear. Follow the path to the save point(heal up and save)
and enter the building. Another mini-boss here. Have your weakest character
equip the Coat-Lightning.

*Mini Boss: Perun*

HP: 1500
Weak: Slash
Item: Ether Upgrade S
Rare Item: Ether Upgrade Z

Don't use ether attacks/techs. It seems to absorb beam(absorbed my Spell Ray).
Not too difficult, since you can go all out on him(there's a save point nearby,
remember?). If MOMO's in your party, have her transform and use Magic Caster.
You'll nab an Ether Upgrade Z. If KOS-MOS is in it, use Down Force ether.

*End boss*

Now head upstairs. Another optional fight here for decoder 15. But this one's
a lot easier, as long as you don't attack the ones blocking. There's also a
Flower Seed here. Pick it up. Now keep going into the next screen. Here, take
the U-shaped path to the next screen. When you get to the elevator, you can
choose to go down. This leads to some nice items and segment address 13. It's
optional. Do note that the enemy in there, the unicorn, is pretty difficult.
But gives very good exp. If you fight, consider saving the killing blow until
the point bonus appears.

The path south lead deeper into the ship.

The path branches off in this next place. Go left and up if you want to
quickly exit the screen. Go right and down(and take the long route to the
exit) if you want items. There's another guarded chest with decoder 9 on the
way. Fight it if you want. Equiping Coat-Ice is helpful.

*Optional Boss: Stribog*

HP: 1500
Weakness: Fire
Rare Item: Skill Upgrade Z
Item: Skill Upgrade S

Anyway, you should know what to do by now. Again, have MOMO do some stealing if
she's in the party.

*End Boss*

Head up for a scene. Then enter the building.

There's a chest on the top-left of the screen. The exit's top-right. Save in
the next room and blast the stuffs by the elevator. The red holdings should
disappear. Exit to the top-left. There are stairs at the top-left and top-right
at the next screen. Take the hidden chest in the bottom-right cubicle(forgot
the reader who sent me this info, if you want credit, e-mail me again). Take
the top-right one first. Flip the switch and blast the side of the elevator.
Return to the previous screen and go up the other set of stairs. Again, blast
the side of the elevator. Take the ladder up and blast the 3rd floor elevator
sides. This should activate the elevator. There's a door on the right side here
that leads to segment address 9. You should be able to open it if you've
bothered to collect the decoder earlier.

Ok. Now go back all the way to the save point. Heal up your characters(and
AGWSs if needed) and save. A tough boss is coming up. Have KOS-MOS learn Down
Force if she hasn't already. It's useful here. Shion NEEDS to learn Medica All
if not already done so. Use ether upgrades if you need points. Then, put Shion
in the back row. Put the other two characters in the front.

If you don't like to use MOMO, try to have Shion learn Queen's Kiss. You'll
want to steal from the next boss. However, it takes A LOT OF ether pts to learn
Queen's Kiss. So you really should just go ahead and use MOMO. Turn her Magic
Caster to hi speed if you can.

When you're ready, take the elevator down. The enemies in the next area go
clockwise. So just follow them clockwise and you'll reach another elevator
with no encounters. Take the elevator down. Once you're down there, hit the
switch at the end of the path to open up the door to a scene, and a boss

*Boss: Gargoyle, 2 Oudogogue*

HP 3600
Weakness: Lightning
Rare Item: Commander's Crest
Item: Silver Crown

HP: 1000
Weakness: Slash
Rare Item: Frame Repair Z
Item: Frame Repair A

Tough battle.

First the attacks. The 2 Oudogogue's will use Hell's Flash(around 50-120 to
everyone depending on your luck) every round. The Gargoyle will use a physical
attack, what seems to be a fire attack, and a ether-block attack. If you attack
the Gargoyle before killing the right Oudogogue, it will heal the Gargoyle. So
no matter what, kill the right one first.

Unfortunately, this boss attacks hard and fast enough so that you can't just
out-last them in your AGWSs. KOS-MOS should use Down Force on the Gargoyle
first thing. Basically, Shion should heal while KOS-MOS, chaos or Ziggy
attacks. MOMO should steal the Commander's Crest. If her Magic Caster is set on
Hi, then also steal the Silver Crown. This will guarantee that you get both
items. Otherwise, there's a slight chance that he won't drop the Silver Crown
if you just steal the Commander's Crest.

The Gargoyle's strength increases every time an Oudogogue dies. If you kill
both then his attacks become quite strong. This is more of a problem if you're
not using AGWS. If so, only take out the right Oudogogue. Shion's Medica All
should be more than enough to counter the other's Hell's Flash.

If you have upgraded AGWS, you can consider killing off both Oudogogues. Then
simply enter your AGWS and let the extra HP/Defense take over. KOS-MOS might
die, but that doesn't matter too much. Remember, pts are shared, so you don't
really lose anything with a character dying.

Finally, if you can't beat him, then level up. I know this goes w/o saying, but
sometimes you may get frustrated and forget. ;)

*End Boss*

[Story Skip]

1.9 Durandal

When you gain control of Shion, you'll need to find MOMO. She's in the Park.
But before you do so, take a detour first. First go to the residential
section. In the room with the save point, there's a chest with a casino
passport. This is the key to tons of $$$$$. Now go to the save point and save.
Then enter the casino by pressing circle next to the casino passport(in the
item section).

You'll want 6000G asap. as well as the Stim DX and the Bravesoul. So play
enough poker/slots for these things(check the Casino section for playing and
item exchange). You can sell stuffs at another room in the residential area.
When you have have at least 6000G, go to the hanger. Walk right and you'll
eventually trigger another investment Email. Respond with the first choice,
Shijima, for 72,000G. However, if you somehow missed the FB-Shot earlier,
invest in Alchemia to get it. FB-Shot, although unique, isn't really all that
good. And investing in Alchemia will only get you 24,000.

Of course, you can skip this Email if you made it big in slots. If you have
coins in the millions, there's literally no more need for making more money
for the rest of the game. 500,000G will more than cover EVERYTHING, even if
you are feeling extra extravagrant.

Now go to the park.

[Story Skip]

When that's done, go back to the residential area and sleep in your room.
Your room is to the left of the entrance. On the way, you should've gotten
your dividents from your investments. :)

[Story Skip]

Go to the dock and take the escalator up. Talk to Jr to get your party
together. Then take the shuttle to the Kukai Foundation.

NOTE: From this point on, you can fight the optional boss Great Joe. It's
listed in section 2.31 of this walkthrough. Fighting it now can be quite hard
if you haven't been severely leveling up.

[Story Skip]

1.10 Kukai Foundation(Part 1)

Note: From this point on, you can go to the Dock Colony by speaking to Captain
Matthews. The Elsa is at the Durandal dock. Dock Colony has a different set
of weapons at its AGWS shop, as well as selling new AGWS. Right now, their
only AGWS for sale isn't really better than your given ones. But later there
will be some good ones available. Also, if you have the flower seed, give it to
Luty in the Dock Colony Clinic. It leads to a Tech Upgrade Z later. Thanks to
Nick for this info.

When you try to leave the beach, you'll get an e-mail from the hacker's
sister. The correct response is Durandal, choice 2. Now leave and you can
explore the Kukai foundatation. First go to the AGWS shop. If you feel like
continuing to use AGWS, then upgrade everything. Buy Guard Cleaner/Recovery for
all AGWS and equip them. They're very useful to use in conjunction with W-Act.
Feel free to skip all this stuff if prefer to fight as humans. AGWS in general
become less useful as you level up. When you're done buying stuffs(or not), go
down the left stairs to see the professor. You'll find out what all this robot
parts stuffs are all about. There's also a machine on the right side of the
AGWS shop that lets you play a game. The prize is PM Card C. The answers,
after lots of trial and error, are (1)Talk to Me, (2)Professor, (3)Smelly
T-Shirt, (4)Holgar, and (5)Luty.

Now go to sector 26/27. First enter the bar and talk to the girl at the left
table. You can try to get her engagement ring. Now go to the next building,
which is the hotel. Speak to the girl there to sleep. When you're done, exit
the hotel and go left. In the next area, go up the stairs and enter 'East 6'.
There's a Pink Bug in one of the crates in the back. Don't destroy it. If
you've talked to Tom earlier in Dock Colony, it will tell you some stories
a while. If you haven't, you can still go talk to Tom right now by going to
Dock Colony via the Elsa. When given a choice, pick the 'Great Story' and he'll
tell you where to find decoder 1.

Now exit back out to the street. Go to the left side of this screen and up the
stairs, then into the dry cleaning shop. In here, go up the first stairs you
see. Examine the clothes hanging on the wall for a fish detector. Segment door
3 is also in this room. And, if you're a card player, check on the machines for
PM Card B. When you're done, exit the city to the RIGHT, not left, because
you'll want to see that nice looking picture the pink bug took. :P

Now you can go to the beach and get the engagement ring. Give it to the lady
for decoder 8. When you're done, go to Durandal through the Launch Pad. If
you want decoder 1, go to the park right now. It's on the right side,
sparkling among some plants.

The Elsa is in the Dock of the Durandal. Talk to Allen when you're ready.

[Story Skip]

You'll gain control of the party again after Super chaos(how else do you
explain his sudden invincibility?) takes care of the guards. Go up and right,
into the room with your equipments. Also take this time to upgrade everyone's
equipments, if you haven't done so already. I would recommend upgrades for
EVERYONE, yes, even people you don't normally use. Money should not be a
factor now that you have the Casino. Now pick your party. Give someone
with good physical attacks/techs(Jr, chaos, and later KOS-MOS are all good
candidates) the Bravesoul. This person will deal very heavy damage at low HP.
Quite useful. But make sure you stick to physical attacks. Ether attacks do
not benefit from this. Also, have Shion teach MOMO the Goodbye spell. Jr. in
particular can kick major a$$ with the Bravesoul, because he has Attack-all
physical techs. You may consider waiting for Angelic Requiem(lv30) or just go
ahead and level up Storm Waltz now. Then you can watch Jr. dispatch all enemies
in one turn.

Your goal is the Elsa. But first stop by your room. Bust open the closet that
the robot had covered earlier for the Armory Key. Leave and ride the train to
the hanger. There's a locked door here that you can open with the armory key.
Grab the decoder 5 among other things. Now go to the dock. You can't go in the
normal way, so take the stairs at the bottom of the screen. Follow the path to
the 'back door'. Now you need to get to the KOS-MOS maintenance room. In case
you forgot, take the left elevator up from the Elsa Hanger to get there.

[Story Skip]

1.11 Encephalon

You'll be in control of Jr/MOMO/Ziggy. Avoid the search lights if you don't
want to fight. I personally think the enemies here are not worth fighting
against, but if your default party is Jr/MOMO/Ziggy, then you should fight if
you're powerful. They give great pts. It's just that it's kind of wasted since
you have no reserve characters. And it's really not good 'bang for the buck' if
you haven't been using some of the characters in this party.

Now follow the linear path, blowing up junk and taking items along the way.
Eventually you'll exit south.

[Story Skip]

Take control of Shion/chaos. Note the little purple cave-like thing at the
bottom of the screen. Later, you can get a kid to lead your party inside for
PM Card A. But don't bother unless you play card. Go north. Save and proceed.
Avoid the green mark on the radar if you don't want to fight. On the next
screen, follow the zigzag path. The same advice on fighting applies here. Do so
only if you're up to it. There's a chest along the way for PM Card F. Get it if
you want. Eventually, you'll see a manhole. Go past it to a lady. Talk to her
if you want a fight. Or simply go past her to blow up a new path.

Note: The lady turns into a Larva Doll. This enemy will absorb ALL attacks,
but takes damage from healing. So you need to use healing ether/items to kill
it. Keep this in mind because you'll see a lot more Larva Dolls later in the

This 2nd manhole takes you to where you started... sort of. Anyway, trigger
the buttons so you can get the Guard Cleaner here. The guarded door is segment
address 5. You should be able to open it for the Double Buster.

Note: The Double Buster can be a very useful item. It allows your character to
do something similar to 'W-Act'. Simply have your character guard for one
round and do a double tech the next. If you have the Commander's Crest equipped
with this item, then you can use 2 techs every two turns! Combined with
Bravesoul, and we're talking about some very quick boss fights. However, you'll
need to have the tech in both the low and the hi slot for it to work. Suppose
you want to use X-Buster twice. Simply set it for Triangle slot and
Triangle-Triangle slot.

If you want to save, do so now. Then return to the first manhole which you
skipped. Go down to the sewers. Note that the enemies here are quite tough.
If you have trouble use your AGWS. Both chaos and Shion's gears should have a
tuned circuit, anti-beam circuit and guard recovery. Both needs long range
weapons, hopefully with W-Act. Of course, you could just continously escape
with Goodbye... It's up to you. And if you are against Larva Dolls, you simply
need to heal them.

First go to the right and press a switch. When you're done, exit by going
down, right, then up.

[Story Skip]

Gaining control of Jr now. Switch back the AGWS to Jr/MOMO if you want.
Enter the shop left for a Rejuvenator. No other items on this screen, so exit
to the bottom-left. On this next screen, go into the door in the middle. You
can't see inside, but search around for segment address 15. It's an useful
angel ring. Now save at the save point, and choose between the two stairs.
The upper stairs is a dead end with some unspectacular items. The bottom
stairs is where you need to go. On the next screen, exit through the big
middle hole at the top of the screen when you're done wandering around.

The next part can be a bit hard to navigate. If you want to just go on with
the game, blast a door open when you get on your first broken subway. Follow
the newly opened path to the exit. If you want an item, then take the right
path first. Doing this will net you a Venom Block. I know of only one battle
where this could be useful, and that's against Mintia(an optional boss) later

Now you're in the same sewer Shion went through. Follow the linear path and
climb up the ladder. Pick up the decoder 12 along the way.

[Story Skip]

Gaining control of Shion now. On this screen, there's a hidden path near the
first enemy(Basilisk) here. It leads to PM Card D.

Go right and exit. On the next screen there will be a branch. The right path
leads to the exit. The left leads to a rare blue topaz. Could be useful in some

The next screen has a 3-way intersection. The top road leads to the exit. If
you want decoder 3, go left instead. At the end of this path are some carrot
juices. Now go back to the intersection and go right. Put the juice on the
table and wait for the bunnie to appear. When the game let you, run
immediately to it's house. There you'll find decoder 3. If he gets back before
you, then you need to try again.

Nothing more to do here, so exit.

[Story Skip]

Go right and enter the church.

[Story Skip]

Save your game. If you're fighting in AGWS. Make sure Shion and Jr both have
one along with your 3rd member. Make sure every AGWS can W-Act, and also has
the Guard Recovery/Guard Cleaner. If necessary, heal your AGWS.

If you're fighting as humans, then you MUST have Shion's Boost 1. If she has
extra ether pts, teach it other party members. Commander's Crest, Double Buster
and Bravesoul makes for a very cheap combo on Jr. Put Shion behind him so you
can trigger Dandyism.

There's a rare item here you can steal. If you want to get it, have Jr. or
Shion learn their respective ethers. Otherwise, stick MOMO in here for her
Magic Caster.

*Boss: Tiamat*
HP: 6400
Weakness: Beam
Rare Item: Revenge Power
Item: B-MAX-Circuit

Note that this enemy's attack depends on whose turn it's after. The only big
worry is if he goes after Shion's turn. This can cause him to use the Ruined
Earth attack, dealing big damage to everyone. So boost can be very helpful in
this regards.

If you're fighting with AGWS, have everyone enter them once you're done
mugging. From there on it's just Guard/W-Act.

As humans, just have Shion support and Jr. attack. The 3rd person doing
whatever's needed. Shouldn't be too tough with Bravesoul and low HP for Jr. If
Shion has Safety Lock, use it to prolong Jr.'s life at low HP.

However, make sure either Shion or Jr. deliver the finishing blow. This is
cause it to heal for 1500. Now have the other person deal the finishing blow.
Only when both Shion and Jr have delivered the final blow will the boss be
defeated. Otherwise, it will keep healing itself.

*End Boss*

[Story Skip]

1.12 Kukai Foundation(Part 2)

You can now open segment door 3 and 8. Both contain robot parts which you can
take to the professor. In return you'll get 2 new ethers for Shion. Also
repair you AGWS here. You can also return to the Encephalon with the EVS. In
the back room of the church, where you fought the boss, is a Star Hat(thanks to
Jason for pointing this out). Also, the first portion of the dungeon(with the
search lights) is very good for getting money/pts in general. It's a good
source because it's fairly easy. If you have some good techs, the battle can
be over in less than a minute. So fight a bit if you want to beef up.

When ready, go to the bar in section 26/27 and talk to Allen.

[Story Skip]

Now you'll need to get to the city. So exit the bridge and head over to sector
26/27. When you get in, the mayor will ask you to save 13 people. If you don't
have too many Med Kit S, buy a bunch from him. You'll need them against Larva
Dolls here. Put Jr in your party if you haven't been using him. You'll want to
build up his tech pts for a future fight.

NOTE: Another optional boss becomes available now, Mintia. Check the section
2.32 for details. Doing this allows you to obtain the Dark Scepter for MOMO
and start turning Gnosis into items. There seems to be some unique Gnosis in
this area(unlike other dungeons, you cannot return here with the EVS later), so
you may consider doing some dark sceptering before moving on. If Mintia keeps
kicking your butt, you can do this later.

Ok, back to walking you through the place...

First head over to the hotel and save your game. Then head left and kill the
monster here. Use AGWS if your characters can't handle the monsters. Input
1028 as the pin# and save little girl #1. There's a chest with a swimsuit
here. It's quite useful if you fight in AGWS a lot. And if you're a guy and a
Shion fan, you should definitely have Shion put it on for at least one battle.

Now head up the stairs and exit right. Press the switch and return to the
previous room. Now go up the ladder and exit south.

The roof is slippery, so walk by pressing the stick in the NW or NE direction,
depending on where you want to go. If you have decoder 1, go right and open
the segment address 1. Then return to this same spot and head left, exit the
screen to the left. You'll find decoder 13 at the end of this path. Now return
to the previous screen and slide down just to the left of the green symbol on
the radar. This will get you into the trash area. Here you'll find person #2.

Now head to the bar. Find the green dot on the right for guy #3. The top-left
corner of this room has a lot crates that you can destroy. One contains guy
#4. Take the Wooden Idol in the nearby chest and leave the bar. Head all the
way left to the next screen. You're done in this sector.

Go up to the statue and kill the monster. Destroy the statue to save old guy
#5. Then head all the way left and up the stairs, into the dry-cleaning shop.
Talk to the lady here, gal #6. Go up the stairs in the back of the room, and
exit south.

Follow the path into the next room. The path here is quite linear. You'll
eventually end up outside again. Go left down the slope and push the button.
This will allow you to go to the middle room. Now take the ladder up and enter
the middle door. Take care of the monster to save guy #7. Don't follow his
advice on the shortcut. Go back out the way you came in. Now head all the way
right. Ignore the door at the end for now and go down the stairs. Enter East 6
and kill the monster. Blow up the crate and talk to the lady for gal #8 and
guy #9.

Go back out and up the stairs, into the door here. The King here is guy #10.
Now take the top-left exit. Keep going until you're back at the cleaners.
Kill the monster to save part-timer #11.

Return to the room where you saved the King. There's a switch here guarded by
a Larva Doll. Smack it and press the switch to open a new path. Exit through
this new path.

On this next screen, talk to the cat to save cat #12(what the heck is this
about???????). Anyway... continue on outside and head right. Bust open the
wall to save last little girl #13. Phew. That's everyone. Now go back to the
hotel to save and heal up. This includes your AGWS if you're still using them.

Now try to exit the town for a boss fight. Preparations should be similar as
the Tiamat fight. Also, have Jr. learn Misty if he has not done so.

Alternatively, AGWS seems to work fairly well in this battle. Equip Guard
Recovery, Guard Status, and Tuned Circuit(for 2 at least). For weapons, just
put on the ones with the most power boost.

*Boss: 2 Gigas*

Left Gigas
HP: 2800
Weakness: Spirit
Rare Item: Soul
Item: Spirit

Right Gigas
HP: 2800
Weakness: Slash
Rare Item: Soul
Item: Spirit

Soul and Spirit are rare items. So mug them if you're into collecting.

You start off fighting one Gigas. On the first turn, it will split into 2 of
them. If you get in your turns before the boss splits, don't bother attacking,
as it will heal up with the split. Also, if you kill one of them, the other
Gigas gains major status boosts and will use much more annoying attacks.

If you use the AGWS, just stick to Guard/W-Act. Kill the one on the left(it
seems to be more resistant to physical attacks) before the right. But
preferably around the same time.

This battle a breeze by using Jr.'s Misty. Down Force on the left Gigas is also
helpful if you're using KOS-MOS. Like in AGWS, try killing both around the same
time. Support using Boost 1 and Heal with Medica All. Safety Lock and Dandyism
again helps.

If you finish off the Gigas with MOMO's Dark Scepter, you get a diamond from
each. Nothing special, but you might want it for selling if you don't like the
Casino. Thanks to Wiqd for doing this.

*End Boss*

Exit the town and go to the Launch Pad.

[Story Skip]

Try to leave the dock and Shion will be worried about MOMO. So head back to
the Launch Pad. MOMO's not here. Try to leave the screen and Shion will want to
go back. Now head back to the dock again and go to the residential area.

[Story Skip]

You can now get new equipments and AGWS stuffs. Do so before leaving for the
Song of Nephilim. If you enjoy fighting in AGWS(or aren't powerful enough to
fight as humans), do some upgrading. Dock Colony now sells a new AGWS for
80,000G. The new AG-04 is better than your current ones, but not THAT much
better. If you feel like paying, grab it. But the real prize is the gear they
sell after you've cleared the Song of Nephilim, AG-05. You'll need a whooping
300,000G for it(but you'll get 200,000 for the Hacker Email sidequest later).
If you don't like the casino much, save your money now and buy the AG-05 later.
Also, get some good weapons for AGWS. Make sure all AGWS has a pair of longe
range that can W-Act, a pair of close range weapons(which tend to be more
powerful and more accurate) that can W-Act, and a pair of flame
launchers(optional). Also get 3 Engine Shields.

Of course, just ignore the above if you think AGWS sucks(meaning you have good

Notw: you'll be stuck at the Song of Nephilim once you go there(although the
Elsa has most of what you need). So if you have extra space, put up a back-up
save just in case.

Anyway, when you're ready, tell Matthews you want to go to the Song of

[Story Skip]

1.13 Song of Nephilim

Exit the ship and go left.

[Story Skip]

MOMO now rejoins your party.

NOTE: There are some very hard enemies here. Some arguably harder than the
ones in the final dungeon. But the pts they give aren't that special. If you
want to level up, this is not the place. You can go back to the Encephalon or
fight Ace Pilot/Meld Gareth(in the U-TIC Battleship) for this purpose. It's
much easier to fight here once you get the Speed Shoes later, so you can get in
the first turns.

Back to the walkthrough...

You'll enter a room with lots of crates and a button in the middle. Each crate
has a different size, but is made up of 'cubes'. Each crate contains between
1 and 4 'cubes'. Destroying different number of 'cubes' will result in the
elevator taking you to different floors. Here's how many 'cubes' you'll need to
destroy for each floor.

Floor 2: 3
Floor 3: 6
Floor 4: 9
Floor 5: 12
Floor 6: 15
Floor 7: 18

Note that if you destroy any other number of boxes, the elevator won't let you
go up.

Here's what each floor gets you.

Floor 2: Crate with an enemy(you don't get anything good for the fight)
Floor 3: Button which opens a path to the 2nd tower and Med Kit DX.
Floor 4: Nothing
Floor 5: Decoder 14
Floor 6: Path to the 2nd tower(the path to the 3rd tower is blocked right now)
         and Neo Armor Alpha
Floor 7: Crate with an enemy.

At the very least, you'll need to go to floor 3 to activate the switch, and
then floor 6 to go to the next area.

In the 2nd tower, you'll come to an area with a save point. There are many
doors you can go through. The lower-left door is to tower 3, but closed off
right now.

The upper-right door leads to another transformation for MOMO. She needs to be
leading the party for you to get it.

The upper-middle door leads to a Cross accessory(damage received reduced by

The upper-left path leads to deeper into the tower. Follow the path. When you
have to choose between a ladder or right, take the ladder for a seemingly
useless Soldier's Honor. Now go back down and continue right. Take the ladder
down and continue left.

You'll come across a ladder down. Ignore it for now and take the next ladder
up. Go into the door here. Before proceeding, check your equipment as you'll
get into fight. You'll get decoder 2 for your trouble. Keep going for segment
address door 12. It's a W Hammer Rod for MOMO.

Return to the ladder I told you to ignore earlier. Climb down. There are
three doors here. Go to the middle one first and press the switch. Now go to
the right one and blow up the container. Return. Finally, go through the
left door and blow up the container. A boss will appear. Unfortunately, he's
quite tough against AGWSs. If your levels/techs aren't good, then I suggest
you trek all the way back and save. You can certainly kill him with AGWS, but
there's a chance that you'll lose. And you don't want to waste all that
effort now, do you?

Ok. If you want to fight this boss with AGWS, then equip flame launchers on
everyone's AGWS. If you want to fight in human form, then the same method used
for previous bosses still applies. Again make sure you can steal. Also make
sure your main attacker has a healer behind him/her. This boss has a push-back

*Boss: Rianon Se*
HP: 5600
Weakness: Fire
Rare Item: Shield Armor
Item: Boost Pack

This boss has a physical attack, a status attack that prevents boosting, a
'push back' attack, and an HP absorbing attack. The HP absorbing attack will
absorb 1/2 your max HP, and 1/4 max HP if you're guarding. Yes, this includes
AGWS! That, plus his high evasion and flying condition, makes a AGWS battle
very annoying.

Fortunately, he's weak against fire. So flame launchers should deal massive
damage. Unfortunately, I did not have them when I played, so I can't tell you
the exact effectiveness of them. But unless Shion's Analyze is lying, it
should be fine. But still, it's too much of a risk to fight him in AGWS, in my

If you've been utilizing AGWS until now, fighting as humans maybe a challenge.
So you should play it safe. Only keep Jr. in the front row. Have him be around
50-60% HP during the fight. This will help out Bravesoul, but will keep him
alive should the boss use his HP drain attack. Pile on Boost 1s so he can get
in lots of turns. If you have no problems with previous bosses as humans, this
one should be no exception.

Make sure you steal its items. Both are rare and very useful.

*End Boss*

Now exit south. Flip the switch outside and take the elevator up. Save your
game back at tower 2 and proceed to the last tower.

First exit left. Take the ladder down one level. Go left and blast the blocks
for a path to a Field Ring(useless). Now go down the ladder once more and
again blast the crates to the left. Cross the bridge and up the ladder(the
stairs on the bottom is a dead end). Follow the path to another ladder. Go up
first and head right. You'll come across some junk that you can blast. Do so.
Now jump down from there. Take the decoder 17 and head down.

Go back to that last fork and go down the ladder this time. Exit left.

Here you'll get to blow up some colorful rings. Blast the Blue rings 3 times,
the Red rings 4 times, and the green ring 1 time. Now follow the new path to
a switch(push it, duh!) and an elevator back up. There will now be a newly
added elevator between tower 1 and 3.

But before you head down, go back and save your game.

If you're going to use AGWS, then give your AGWS some powerful weapons like
LM11VX or HMR55AG. Equip Anti-Beam Armor and Gear Shield. Obviously with Guard
Recovery as your 3rd accessory. Also, check to make sure you have 3 Engine
Shields. If you're missing these things, go back to the Elsa Hangar and buy
them. When you're ready, take that new elevator down. Here you'll have to kick
MOMO out of the party if she's in it. Switch to another character if
necessary. Note that if you're into stealing, Shion and Jr. both have ethers to
do so. So have them learn it if you haven't already.

[Story Skip]

*Boss: Simeon*
HP: 8400
Weakness: None
Rare Item: Fast Circuit 25
Item: B-MAX Circuit

As AGWS, this is a very simple battle. Guard/W-Act until he croaks. If you've
set up your AGWS as I've said, there should be no problems whatsoever.

With humans, it's a pretty standard battle. Unless your levels are pathetic,
he doesn't attack fast enough or hard enough to be of any trouble. Medica All
can provide more than ample healing. Unload your beam attacks after he uses
Aird(ahhh... Xenogears nostalgia ^_^).

However, either way, you should try to nab his items. His Fast Circuit 25 is
useful if you like using AGWS.

*End Boss*

[Story Skip]

If you're going to use AGWS again for the next fight, do the following. Heal
your AGWS again. Then MAKE SURE you switch to long range weapons(although
preferably not beam type) Equip the Fast Circuit 25 on the AGWS w/o the Tuned
Circuit. Now equip the Engine Shield in place of the Gear Shield. And replace
Anti-Beam Armor with speed boosting stuffs. If you want to save your game, do
so now. If you want MOMO in your party, put her in now. I suggest you do so if
you want rare stuff easily.

When you're ready, talk to the masked man for another boss fight.

*Boss: Ein Rugel/Doppelwogel*

Ein Rugel
HP: 3600
Weakness: None
Rare Item: Master's Pendent
Item: None

HP: 4400
Weakness: None
Rare Item: Gemini Clock
Item: Samurai Heart


First you fight Ein Rugel. Get into your AGWS. Guard/W-Act should do the trick.
He's kind of annoying with his high evade rate and the ability to put you to
sleep. But he doesn't deal much damage, so it's not that bad. Have MOMO jump
off to nab the Master's Pendent right before you kill him.

When you kill him, he'll transform into Doppelwogel. Now have MOMO steal again
before jumping back on the AGWS. It helps if you've boosted her earlier. After
that, just Guard/W-Act again. If you don't have Engine Shield, though, you
better hope for some luck or start fighting as humans. Because Engine stop is
a deadly status.

/As humans/

Both bosses have pretty low HP. Just equip Jr. with Commander's Crest,
Bravesoul, and Double Buster. He should take out both bosses in no time,
especially if you have a powerful tech. The other characters should simply
support him with Boost 1 and Safety Level. Nab his items.

*End Boss*

After the scene, exit the room.

[Story Skip]

Exit the bridge and go to the dock. You can go to Proto Merkabah now, or do
some optional stuffs. Here is a list.

1. Some more segment address doors can be opened now. You can also obtain
Shion's best Ether, Erde Kaiser at this point. See Side quest section for

1A. If you get the Erde Kaiser and haven't beaten Great Joe or Mintia yet, you
can try again now. Erde Kaiser = Instant win. But do remember to mug Mintia
before killing her, though.

2. You can now buy the AG-05 from the Dock Colony shop. If you haven't been
powering up your characters much and relies on AGWSs, then this is pretty much
a must-buy. But if you leveled up your characters(both in terms of levels and
techs), then you can go ahead and skip this.

Anyway, the AG-05 costs 300,000G. You should have at least 200,000G from the
hacker thing. Make sure you buy a pair of HGG-AG5 for it. And other weapons if
you like, too. Due to its low agility, you'd do well to stack it with speed
boosting accessories, like Fast Circuit 25 and Tuned Circuit.

3. If you gave the flower Seed to Luty, visit her again for a Tech Upgrade Z.

4. You can now visit Din Gareth in the U-TIC battleship. If you haven't fought
him before, I think the first fight will be Meld Gareth. Then laters ones will
be Din Gareth if you're in 0 or 1 AGWS before Ace Pilot croaks. This is a good
way to gain exp.

After you're done with preparations, talk to Matthews on the Elsa. Chose to
leave for Proto Merkabah.

1.14 Proto Merkabah

If you have been following this guide, most of the items in the final dungeon
won't interest you. I mean, why would they when you have much better
equipments from segment doors and rare boss items? So I'm going to ignore
most items in this final dungeon. Concentrating only on the rare ones.

When you're ready, exit the Elsa.

Note: The enemies in this first area is fairly easy. And they give tons of
exp. If you want sheer experience, stay in this area to beef up your
characters. You should be able to kill them quickly. But if you don't mind
being cheesy about the Erde Kaiser, enemies later on are better for leveling.
But if you don't use the Erde Kaiser, they will be much harder to kill.

Take the stairs down if you want some items. Otherwise take the other path.
You'll find the exit at the northern end of the corridor. There's a Gnosis
Delphyne in a crate. If you use MOMO's Dark Scepter to kill it, you'll get
Holey Gloves(literally, with holes ^_^). It's chaos' best weapon. There are a
lot of this enemy in the dungeon, so you can keep going if you don't want an
extra fight.

Follow the path, blow open the crates(beware of the enemy in the big one) and
go down the ladder.

Now head left. Thre are two yellow switches at the left end of the room here.
Push both. Now return to the ladder and head up. Again, you'll see two buttons.
Push the right switch and head up conveyer belt. Follow the new path to the
next room.

Here you'll go up the stairs. Floor 41&42 has only story tidbits. But no items.
The only floors you really need to check out are 43(save point) and 44 to
continue on.

Enter the room on floor 44. There's a nice Dragon Rod for her here. It's her
most powerful Rod. The enemies here are stronger than in previous places. So
be cautious.

As you head down, stop by 43. You can unlock segment door 17 and go back to
the save point. Floor 42 will open up a path back on floor 44. Floor 41 has an
M Chip Guard, which doesn't seem all that important. Now go back and take the
newly opened path.

Go left and you'll eventually be asked to jump down. Heal yourself up. Equip
the Erde Kaiser if you want to be cheap. If you want to fight cleanly in AGWS,
equip Beam Swords for those who can. AG-05 can keep his big gatling guns. As
humans, whatever you used previously should work here. If you can choose,
equip some beam techs. Although physical techs work with Bravesoul. When you're
ready jump down.

*Boss: Proto Dora, 2 Schutz*

Proto Dora
HP: 12000
Weakness: None
Rare Item: Fast Circuit 50
Item: Frame Repair Z

HP: 3800
Weakness: Lightning
Rare Item: Fast Circuit 25
Item: Frame Repair A

It's your choice whether you want to take out both Schutz or not, as it will
power up the boss. If you want to use the Erde Kaiser, do so after you've
brought down his HP to less than 9999. This boss does recover health at
critical HP.

As humans, the cheap Bravesoul/Commander's Crest/Double Buster won't work as
well, because he's strong against physical attacks. But powerful ether attacks
will work well after a while. Make sure you get your characters boosted for the
last stretch of the fight. You want to kill it before the healing.

I didn't have problem W-Acting the whole way with with AGWS. But this is with
the AG-05, which pretty much couldn't die with the Guard Recovery.

Of course, nab the Fast Circuit 50. Very useful for the AG-05 or to add to your
collection of items.

*End Boss*

When it's dead, head to the ladder and then the exit. Go north on the the next

You should now be in a room that looks like a planatarium. The final segment
door is here. Use the decoder you just received from the Proto Dora. When
ready, go through the door on top. If you want to go back to the Elsa, take the
right door here.

Follow the path to the door to the right.

In this next screen, go through the door on top for a scene. Of course, you
can just skip that and head downstairs to the elevator. There's a save point
on the bottom. This is the last save point before the boss. If you're playing
this game the hard way, be prepared.

After saving, head left and down the elevator. There will be some fixed fights
here. Erde Kaiser's actually probably the fastest way to kill them if you
don't have strong characters. After you're done, you can still go back and
save again if you want. When you're ready, continue the path. Eventually,
you'll reach Albedo.

[Story Skip]

*Boss: Albedo*
HP: 7400
Weakness: None
Rare Item: Rejuvenator
Item: Revive DX

AGWS aren't great against this boss, as his HP steal spell will take/heal for
mega amounts. I suggest you stay in human form. He's not too difficult if you
play conservatively, even with a pretty bad party. I mean, you can't get much
worse than lv28 and lv4 techs that I had. If your characters are powerful, just
use their best techs. Otherwise, play conservative. Keep Shion in the back. Let
Jr. use Bravesoul and keep his HP down. And so forth. From the e-mails, not
many people care for AGWS anyway. So basically, whatever strategy you've been
using would work here.

Of course, Erde Kaiser = Instant Win. Just thought you might want to know. :)

*End Boss*

[Story Skip]

*Boss: Sophie Peithos, 3x Jaldabaoth, 2x Ratatosk*

Sophie Peithos
HP: 16000
Weakness: None
Rare Item: None
Item: None

HP: 1200
Weakness: None
Rare Item: Revive DX
Item: Revive

HP: 1800
Weakness: None
Rare Item: Revive DX
Item: Revive

Woohoo!!! Different battle music. Anyway, this music ROCKS! Feel free to just
listen to it for a while and enjoy.

Anyway, my strategy is to bring it down to less than 10,000 HP, and then use
Erde Kaiser. The boss is very easy at the beginning, so you should have no
problems getting him down to 9999 HP or less.

If you're going fight it for real(which means no Erde Kaiser), Do not kill both
Ratatosks. It will then use a Dark Omen attack which deals pretty sick damage
to everyone. Otherwise, their attacks aren't too bad. If you have the AG-05,
it's possible to beat the boss simply by W-Act with all your AGWS. If you're
fighting as humans, normal boss strategies would work.

*End Boss*

[Ending Story Skip: Grab some popcorn and enjoy the ending!]

When you're done. You can save your game. It's only useful when episode 2 comes
out. So if you need a save spot, don't bother with this. This isn't like Chrono
Trigger or Chrono Cross, where you get a New Game+. Although that would've
been cool. :P

[The End Skip]

+ Section 2: Side Quests and Mini-Games +

2.1 Location of Decoders and Segment Addresses


As you wander on the Woglinde, you'll meet a man name Sgt. Swaine who will tell
you about the segment addresses. This is one of the sidequests you can go for
while playing this game. Below are the locations of each decoder and segment
addresses you'll encounter in Xenosaga. If you find any directions too hard to
understand, please e-mail me. And I will try to clear it up. This section is
mostly spoiler free. But there will be location and very light event spoilers.
If you don't want to be spoiled, stick with the main walkthrough.


Decoder 1
First talk to Tom in the Dock Colony AGWS shop. In sector 27 of the Kukai
Foundation, enter the door marked East 6. Blow up the crates at the top-right
corner. Talk to the Pink Bug that appears. DO NOT blow him up. If you've talked
to Tom, he will tell you stories. Hear the 'Great Story'. Now go back to the
Durandal and enter the Park. Decoder 1 is on the right side of the screen,
sparkling between some plants. (Note: If you missed Tom when you first went to
Dock Colony, you can still return there after you reach the Foundation. Simply
ask the Elsa captain to take you)

Segment Address 1
In sector 26 of the Foundation. Go up to the roof through the hotel(only
during/after the event where you save the 13 people). It's on the right side
of the roof. You need to point your analog stick in the NE direction to prevent
from slipping down. [Robot Part Head]


Decoder 2
In the 2nd tower of the Song of Nephilim. From the save point of the 2nd tower,
enter the NW door. Follow the path(the first stairs up takes you to another
item) and take the stairs going down. On the next level, keep going until you
see stairs going up. Take it and enter the door. Now you'll be on a screen
with many crates. Keep blasting them until a Gnosis show up. Kill it for the
decoder. Note that Segment address 12 is also on this screen.

Segment Address 2
At Dock Colony. Go into the A.G.W.S. shop 'Talk To Me'. There's a stair leading
down at the bottom of the shop. On the next screen, blow all the rubble away
to find the door. [Robot Part Body]


Decoder 3
In the Bunnie's house at the Encephalon(in the woods section of Shion's path).
The door is locked. So first, get the S Carrot Juice. You can do this by taking
the left path on this screen. Follow it to a bridge and then a cave hole. When
you exit, you'll be on a screen with some canisters. Blow them up to get 4 S
Carrot Juices. Now go back to the Bunnie's house. Set the S Carrot Juice on the
table outside. When it comes out to get it, run into his house before him.

Segment Address 3
At the back of the cleaning shop in sector 27 of the Foundation. From the
entrance of Sector 26&27, head to the next screen. Then head left until you're
near the exit. Go up the stairs and enter the shop. The door is hidden behind
a vaporizable object in the back. [Robot Part Right Leg]


Decoder 4
At the Plemora. Defeat the AGWS that Ziggy had distrated with the crane earlier
while rescuing MOMO.

Segment Address 4
At Plemora. Blast the upper-left wall in the 2nd room of patrols. [Thief
Ring(10% increase in the rate of a rare item drop)]


Decoder 5:
First you need the Armory Key. It's in a closet in Shion's room on the
Durandal. However, a robot covers the closet at the beginning. So you can't get
to it. But it does leave after you escape from capture, on your way to the
Elsa. After you get the Armory Key, head to the Hanger on the Durandal. Open
the locked door here for the decoder.

Segment Address 5
In the Encephalon. If you're going through it the first time, first get to the
point where Shion enters the sewers. If you walk up, you'll see a woman. Beyond
her is a big crate. If you're going through the place through the EVS, first
follow Jr.'s path. When you've entered the Space-Time distortion, you'll be
in the forest. Now go right and you'll be at Shion's path. Backtrack your way
through. After you leave sewers, go up. I'm not sure if the woman's still
there. But you should be able to find the crate. Blow it open. Go down the
manhole opened up and follow the path. Blow up the door behind the monster.
[Double Buster(2x tech possible, Square-Circle-Circle or Triangle-Circle-


Decoder 6
Defeat Proto Dora in Proto Merkabah. You can't miss it, since Proto Dora is a
mandatory boss.

Segment Address 6
In the room that looks like a planatarium in Proto Merkabah. It's right before
the room with the elevator to the final save point. [Trauma Plate(Prevents
critical hits)]


Decoder 7
Sgt. Swaine of Woglinde gives it to you. You can't miss it.

Segment Address 7
On the Woglinde. It's by where Sgt. Swain gave you the segment file and
decoder 7. If you're exploring this place in the EVS, then follow the path to
to a fork. Going left from there leads to the AGWS hanger. You want to go down.
Follow the path to a dead end. The door is around here. [Robot Part Right Arm]


Decoder 8
Go into the Ironman bar in the sector 26 of the Kukai Foundation. On the left
is a lady missing her engagement ring. You'll want to get it for her. You can
find her at any time in the bar, except while saving the 13 people.

First go to the cleaning shop. Refer to directions for Segment Address 3 if you
don't know how to get there. In the shop are two sets of stairs. Go up the one
in the front. Look at the clothes hanging on the wall here for a fish detector.
Go to the beach now and head to the water. Play the catch-the-fish minigame.
One of the fishes here has the engagement ring. Take it and return to the lady
for decoder 8.

Segment Address 8
On the Elsa, in B2F. It's on the screen above the save point in this area
[Robot Part Left Leg]


Decoder 9
In the Cathedral ship. On the screen near the end of the dungeon. There is a
Gnosis guarding a chest in the western area. This chest contains Decoder 9.

Segment Address 9
In the Cathedral Ship. 3rd floor of the building where you needed to break the
elevator seal. When you're breaking the seal on the third floor, head right and
enter the door. [Robot Part Left Arm]


Decoder 10
First get the Disarm Key on the Elsa. Tod do this, goto the cabin next to the
dining hall. Press circle while standing next to the couch. It's by the orange
part. Now use the Disarm Key to extend the bridge in B2F. Follow the new path
to decoder 10.

Segment Address 10
In KOS-MOS Simulator. At the save point when you first fought there(and EVS
escape point in the EVS), go down down the ladder nearby. Follow the path to
this door. [2 Booster Packs]

Note: The segment file will say that you get a Boost Pack from this door. This
is a mistake. This door gives you 2 booster pack items, not the useful Boost
Pack accessory.


Decoder 11
At Plemora. In the middle-right side of the 2nd room with patrol soldiers.

Segment Address 11
One of the rooms in the U-TIC battleship. It's in the same U-shaped hallway as
the door to decoder 16. You know you're in the right room if you see a soldier
who's not running at you. Keep in mind that if you entered using the EVS, the
soldier will turn into Ace Pilot/Meld Gareth. This is a difficult fight if
you're still in the early part of the game. So run away if you can't beat him.
Yes, you can run past him while 'invisible'. [Coat-Ice]


Decoder 12
At the Encephalon. When you first enter the sewer as Shion and chaos, go right
and press a button. Later, you'll come through the same sewer with Jr., Ziggy,
and MOMO. They can pick up the decoder. The chest is very obvious. You won't
miss it.

Segment Address 12
At the Song of Nephilim, where you get the decoder 2. So refer to the
directions for that decoder. From decoder 2, just blow up some more crates to
reveal this door. Hammer Arm(Atk +10, 'Confusion' Against B&G types)] For MOMO.


Decoder 13
You need to get on the roof of sector 26 through the hotel(only during/after
the event where you save the 13 people). Then proceed left but don't slide
down. Exit the screen to sector 27. Follow the path to decoder 13.

Segment Address 13
In the Cathedral Ship. In the same 'mall' where you got decoder 15. From the
location of decoder 15, keep going til you get to an elevator. Take it and
enter the room. It's in the back here. [Samurai's Heart(Increases Counter rate


Decoder 14
The fifth floor of the first tower in the Song of Nephiliim.

Segment Address 14
On the Elsa, in the room with the Catapult. [Speed Shoes(increases speed by


Decoder 15
In the 'mall' of the Cathedral Ship, right after the 2nd save point(or EVS
escape point for those coming back later) of the dungeon. There's a non-moving
enemy on the 2nd floor. Kill it to get the decoder.

Segment Address 15
Encephalon, in the first area of the Subway station. Go into the door in the
screen here. Search the back of the dark room for the door. [Angel Ring{1/2 EP


Decoder 16
On the U-TIC battleship. The exact directions are hard to indicate. The door
containing the decoder is in a U-shaped hall. There are three rooms in this
hall. This is the locked door. So you'll need the key card. To get the card,
exit that screen on the lower-left. Then keep going down. Two screens later,
you'll see a door to the right. Enter it and grab the U-TIC card. Return to the
locked door and open it.


There's a bug with this door. If you use the U-TIC card while in the EVS, the
game will freeze. This won't happen if you've unlocked the door when Jr
explores the area. So DON'T leave the U-TIC battleship without this decoder
when you are exploring it as Jr/Mary.


Segment Address 16
Woglinde, just outside the room with decoder 18. [Stim DX(item: Str increases
by 50%)]


Decoder 17
3rd tower at the Song of Nephilim. From the room where you needed to figure out
the sound(you'll need to be here in order to complete the dungeon), go right.
Take the ladder up to the top. Head right. There's a bunch of junk in the
corner in this next area. Blow it up and walk to the edge. You'll be prompted
to jump down. Do so and open the chest for the decoder.

Segment Address 17
In Proto Merkabah, 43rd floor on the left side. You can get this as you're
heading down from the left exit of floor 44. Enter the room and break the door
cover. [BLOOD9(Jr.'s best weapon)]


Decoder 18
On the Woglinde. You must have the Vaporizer plug-in before getting it. I'll
give the directions from Shion's room. First go up to the next screen. Now
head right, following the path up. You'll find a room eventually with a save
point(or an EVS escape point if you've entered through the EVS). Break the
glass for the decoder.

Segment Address 18
By Shion's room on the Woglinde. [Coat-Lightning]

2.2 Shion's Erde Kaiser

You can give the Robot Parts from the Segment doors to the professor at the
Foundation's Robot Acadamy. Get there by going down the left stairs in the
A.G.W.S. shop. You can now exchange your robot parts for Shion's ethers.

The prizes are as follows.

For 2 arms, Shion gets the ether Throni Blade.

For 2 legs, Shion gets Dominion Tank.

For the head, she gets Seraphim Bird.

When you give him all six parts, you get nothing... yet. You'll have to find
assitant Scott. Go to the bar in the city and find him. You'll now get the
Erde Kaiser. It requires all 12 of Shion's ether slot, and has a whooping 60EP
casting cost. But the 60EP becomes manageable with the Angel Ring, which
reduces it to 30EP. Now you can summon the robot to deal 9999!(no joke) to ANY
enemy. Oh, and if you don't like the long animation sequence, simply press
start to skip it.

!!Possible Glitch!!

Sent in by Bolix.

Apparently, it's possible to get the Erde Kasier w/o all six robot parts. Just
make sure you have everything except for the body(which you can get right
before the Song of Nephilim). Give the professor your head to make Shion's 3rd
ether. Then exit and re-enter. Apparently, the game will think that you have
collected all the parts, and proceed with the Erde Kaiser sequence. Go get
Scott from the bar and you can get the Erde Kaiser one full dungeon early. This
will make the bosses in the Song of Nephilim a breeze.

Meh1's note: I have not tried this out. So I would like to get some feedback as
to whether this works in your game or not. Thanks.

!!End Glitch!!

2.3 Optional Bosses

2.31 Great Joe

HP: 9999
Weakness: None
Rare Item: None
Item: Swimsuit

TIME and LOCATION: You can fight him any time after Jr. enters your party. To
find him, enter the 2nd area in the residential area. There's a room in the
upper-right hand corner with a white 'store' icon. Make Jr. the lead character
and blow up the right closet. Great Joe will appear and challenge you. Jr. MUST
be the on-screen character for this to happen.

[Short strategy sent in by the pancake man. Hope it helps]

Hard to believe, but harder than Mintia. I dont remember many details, but
have everyone decked out in the best armor and weapons (I had KOS-MOS using
the same rail canon), and put the commander's crest to good use. have Shion be
you healer again, and put her on the back row like before, allowing Jr. to use
his Dandism ether (VERY HELPFUL). Just try to keep everyone at or very close
to full hp, and use boosts to revive peoplewith one person, and use an ether
or item to heal them with the other. another long-ass battle, so take lots of
items (cure-alls in particular).


Aside from the Swimsuit drop, Jr. gets the tech Soul Rhapsody. He also learns
ether Magnum Joe. You can then learn Buster Joe(the attack-all version) in
Jr.'s ether menu. The power of his Joe ethers will increase as he kills more
Gnosis using Soul Rhapsody.

2.32 Mintia

Weakness: None
Rare Item: Craft Apron
Item: Penguin Rod

TIME and LOCATION: You can fight her any time after you enter the Foundation
city to save the 13 people. To do so, first go to the left of the Ironman bar
door. Turn the crank here. Notice the 2nd floor window to your right. That's
where you need to go. Now go to the roof using the hotel stairs(which was
blocked before). Keep going right, falling down onto the canopies and enter
the window. Now make sure MOMO is your on-screen character. Walk up a bit more
and Mintia will challenge you.

My strategy(for when you can first fight her)

You can beat her easily by utilizing cheapness. How, here's the setup.

Jr.: Commander's Crest, Bravesoul, Double-Buster
Shion: Angel Ring, White Ring, Orange Ring.
MOMO: Silver Crown, Orange Ring, Swimsuit(just for tech pts)

Shion/MOMO should both have 'Boost 1' and hopefully Safety Level. Jr needs to
pump up one of his single enemy techs as much as you can. The less of those
rare equipments you have, the better tech he needs. MOMO should have Magic
Caster on high speed, while Shion should be right behind Jr. If You have Venom
Block, extract it for Jr. If you want to, extract ether def+2 for everyone.

Mintia’s attack
[This is sent in by kuser9.]

Dexterity down
Poison attack
Disable Circle button
Regular attack
Push to the rear row
Attack all that damages 1/4 of each character
Absorb HP from one character and reduce to 1

Mintia will use some fairly harmless attacks at first. She'll counter all of
Jr's attacks, starting with Attack poison status(use cure-all if Jr can't
guard against it), push to back, and absorb down to 1 every subsequent times.

If you don't have Venom Block extracted, pile on the good statuses(Dandyism,
Safety Level) after her initial Counter. MOMO should be stealing the Craft
Apron, then switch to helping out Jr. Shion should be boosting Jr from the
start. With enough boosts, Jr should have no problem finishing off Mintia in
a few turns. This is especially true with Bravesoul, since he'll do ridiculous
damage with it.

Of course, Erde Kaiser = Instant Win for those who are even cheaper than me. :)


In addition to the two items you could've snatched, MOMO also learns the tech
attack Dark Scepter. If you kill Gnosis with this tech, it will turn into an
item. Some items, like chaos' Holey Gloves, are unique to this ability.

2.33 Ace Pilot
HP: 300
Weakness: Fire
Rare Item: Ether Upgrade A
Item: Skill Upgrade A

LOCATION AND TIME: He's in the U-TIC battleship. In the room where you find
Segment Address #11.

He will always go into an A.G.W.S when you kill him. Also, he does not drop
his items after the battle. So if you want them, you have to steal. IMO,
they're not worth the trouble.

2.34 Meld Gareth
HP: 5500
Weakness: None
Rare Item: B-MAX Circuit
Item: Frame Repair Z

He's one of the AGWS Ace Pilot crawls into when you kill him.

2.4 Casino

First you need some coins. You don't need too many. 100 should be enough if
you're playing Poker. You might want a bit more for the slots though. Check o

2.41 Poker

You only need a few coins to start. Even 100 or so coins can get you started.
Begin by playing level 1 just to get a feel for it. If you know about poker and
gambling, don't bother with this tutorial and just start earning coins. You'll
be winning really quick after you understand the game. Eventually you'll want
to play at lv4 to make tons of coins.

For those who have absolutely no clue about poker and gambling in general,
here's a quick explanation for this mini-game.

First part is the poker game is the '5-Card Draw'. You will be dealt five
cards. If you want to keep certain cards, then press circle on the 'Draw'
button under that card. It will change to 'Hold'. Once you've set the cards
you want to hold, press the Draw button on the 2nd row. The cards you did not
hold will be replaced. To 'win' this first part, your cards need to fit one of
the descriptions at the bottom. Each one gives it's own amount of extra coins,
depending on how rare an occurence they are.

'One pair' means you have two cards of the same kind, such as '2 3 2 J K'(two
2s) or 'Q 4 2 Q 8'(two Qs).

'Two pairs' means two pairs of cards that are the same kind, like
'3 3 4 4 9'(two 3s, two 4s) or 'K 3 3 Q K'(two Ks, two 3s).

'Three of a kind' means three cards of the same kind, like '7 7 7 8 9'(three

'Straight' means the cards are in order, like '3 7 5 4 6'(go from 3-7).

'Flush' means all cards of the same suit, either all hearts, diamonds, spades
or clubs.

'Full House' means having a pair/three of a kind, like 'J J J 5 5'(three Js,
two 5s).

'Four of a kind' means, well, you can figure it out by now. :)

'Straight Flush' means it satifies both the conditions of a flush and a

'Royal Flush' is a straight flush with the cards '10 J Q K 1".

If you do satisfy one of the above conditions, you'll go to the 2nd part. This
is a 'high low' game. K is the highest, 1 is the lowest. Each time you guess
correct, you'll get double the money. If you guess wrong, you lose your
current holdings for the round. You can do this up to five times.

Here's the general rule for those who don't want to think too much in the
hi-low game.

1. Be more aggressive early on. The potential reward/risk ratio is greater.
2. Be more aggressive when small amount of money is at risk.
3. In general, you shouldn't even THINK about stopping unless you get a 6, 7,
   or an 8. The only time might be when ridiculous amount of money is at stake,
   like after getting a 4 of a kind and 3 rounds of hi-low or something.
4. If you're not certain about what to do, keep playing. Chances are it's the
   percetage play.

2.42 Slots


Thanks a bunch to FlyBri2001. Yes, this is the exact same thing as his FAQ on
gamefaqs. But thankfully, he's letting me use his guide. :)

1. Introduction
2. Important Information
3. Three step process to winning big
  3.a. Step One: Getting used to the Normal Reel
  3.b. Step Two: Special Reels and matching the Super 7's
  3.c. Step Three: Mastering the Nine Reel and Raking in the Coins
4. Investment vs. Results
5. FAQ
6. Credits

1. Introduction

I have used the Walkthroughs on GameFAQs from time to time, and I decided it
was the least I could do to contribute something.  I have seen the walkthroughs
for the poker game, and they do strategize well how to win over time for sure.
However, after winning about 150,000 on poker I started to get bored and
decided to give the slots a try. Two hours later I have...hold on let me
check.... 9,699,999 more coins than I know how to deal with. That amount of
coins is the result of only 7 or so payouts. All you need is minimal luck, some
sense of rhythm, a quick trigger finger, and far less patience than you need to
win 300,000 coins in the poker game.

2. Important information


Ok, if you take some time using this method to build your coins up to 9,999,999
for every coin above 9,999,999 you earn, the casino apparently rewards you by
placing 8 GP in your account.  So that means if you have 9,999,999 coins and
win say 100 GP in double or nothing, you wont see it added to your coins
total above 9,999,999, but you will be awarded 800 GP.  Yes, that means you
don't have to go through the trouble of trading in your coins for items and
then selling those items for GP.  The first time I checked my GP after playing
slots up to 9,999,999 coins, I had 11,942,823 GP.  Thank you casino.  Forget
what you have heard anywhere else, this is the fastest way to make money in
Xenosaga(TM).  I do not know what will happen if you go over 999,999,999GP and
I don't plan on finding out for myself.  Do so at your own risk.


In this slot machine game, there are three reels rotating vertically to begin
with, similar to classic style slots. There are five places where you can bet
money on the reels. The more places you bet on means the more chances you have
to match three icons in a row. Each betting location matches up to a line
through which you want to line up icons. These lines are from left to right,
the three horizontal and two diagonal lines for a total of 5 chances to win if
you bet them all, which you should.

You can then bet up to three coins per line. Each coin you bet multiplies the
payout you'll receive if that line is a winner. So the maximum bet per spin is
fifteen coins, three coins per line times five lines played. Fifteen coins may
not seem like a lot right now, but if you are playing level 4 slots, this will
add up to 450 coins bet per spin! There is a legend at the bottom telling you
the payouts if you match up any three like icons. As you can see three 7's are
the highest payout. However, even more important are the three icons that if
matched bring a new reel.

These new reels are special payout reels that are timed, that is you only have
as many spins as you can fit into about 20-25 seconds. You do have to pay for
spins in the special reels, so keep that in mind. These special reels are where
the money is made in slots though. After the timer runs out on a special reel,
you will be returned to the normal game, unless you are in the middle of a
spin, which you will be allowed to finish first, with one exception being the
nine reel which I will explain later.

Unlike in the casinos, you determine whether or not you become a millionaire on
slots in Xenosaga. That is, this is a game of skill not chance for the most
part. You are the one who stops the reels in this game with a tap of the circle
button. This is the key to winning.

3. Three step process to winning big

I'd say there is about a three step process to win big on slots...

  3.a. Step One: Getting used to the Normal Reel

First, take five minutes to play the level one game. Only bet one coin on one
of the payout lines. This is merely a practice for you to get used to the
timing of when you hit the circle button and when the reels stop. If you bet
one coin on each of the five pay lines, you have a good chance of
accidentially matching three new reel icons. The important thing is to get the
timimg of hitting the circle button though.

Now, once you are comfortable with this, you should let all three reels spin
and just take a minute to observe them. The icons repeat in the pattern they
appear as if they were painted on a circle that continuously spins. That is,
if you look only for the sevens, you will see they appear in a group of 2 on
the first reel every 2 or so seconds.  Do something whenever you see the 7's
appear like nod your head or tap your fingers. This will help you get a sense
of timing for the sevens and when they will appear.

Once you think you have the timing down go ahead and try to stop the first reel
so both 7's are within sight. If you did this great, if not, try again.  If
you're on level one slots you're not gonna go broke anytime soon.

Now for reel two. This reel only has one 7. It can be tricky to do, but
the goal is to stop this one right in the middle. the reason for this is that
if you stopped the first reel with both 7's showing, a 7 in the middle will
give you two chances to match with a 7 in the third reel. You will have a
potential horizontal and diagonal combination.

Now for the third reel. This reel has three 7's on it, one by itself, and two
that are grouped together maybe two spots down the reel from the first 7 kind
of like this but scrolling downwards * 7 * * 7 7 * *. You will see what I mean
for all of this if you try the slots for yourself. Anyways, you can use the
first 7 as a cue to let you know the next two are coming up soon. When you see
the first seven appear, you will want to wait a split second, then stop the
reel. If you did this right, you will have stopped the last reel with two
seven's showing.

If you stopped all three reels perfectly, you can have two lines with three
7's matching. If, not just a little practice will have you matching 7's on
almost every spin. Do not leave this step until you are comfortable matching
7's on the normal reel, for this skill will become crucial later on.

  3.b. Step Two: Special Reels and matching the Super 7's

Second, get used to the special reels. I have minimal success matching up any
other symbols besides the 7's but you may have better luck than I do. However,
if you bet five lines at a time, you will not have to wait very long to get a
special reel, maybe 10 spins, if you just mash on the circle button. This is
the most luck you will need in this strategy unless you use the 7's as cues for
the position of the new reel icons. For example, I noticed that the gold/white
icon ususally follows the 7's in the reel, so if I wait until I see the 7's to
stop each reel, there is usually a good chance of matching three new reel
icons, thus brining on the new reel.

The new reels are special because they have new icons added to them. There are
several kinds of new reels, and matching up any three same new reel icons in
the normal game can bring about any of the new reels, except for the nine reel
which I will talk about soon. One new reel has jokers, which are wild like in
poker and can help in matching up new reel icons if you do not like the
special reel you are on. There are icons that have 'out' written on them.
These icons are dead spots on the reel that will not match up with anything
including other out icons.

The most important new reel to you will be one that has the 'Super' 7 icons.
The icon will say super 7 and it will be gold in color. There are two setups
of special reels that have this icon on it. One is much like the normal reel,
except the 7's have been replaced with super 7's. Remember step one when I
said you wanted to be good at matching up 7's. Well this is your chance to
shine. You have about 20-25 seconds to match up three super 7's. If you do
this you are money. Well, you at least have the chance to win lots of money,
er coins. It will bring you to the Nine reel special reel, we will cover the
nine reel very soon.

The other type of special reel that has super 7's is a three reel like the
normal one except that all the normal icons have been removed. Instead you
have only super 7's and 'out' icons. Once again you have to match up three
super sevens. By this point you should know how to time the reels so you can
stop then with super 7's showing. One tip I can give is that the second
reel has a pattern something like this moving downward of course 07070007700.
You want to use the first grouping of 707 to tip you off so by the time you
hit the circle, the reels will have stopped on the 077 or 770. Once again, if
you have done this right, you will go to the nine reel special reels.

  3.c. Step Three: Mastering the Nine Reel and Raking in the Coins

Finally, its time for the Nine Reel special reel. This is your big opportunity.
In this special set of reels, there are nine horizontally scrolling reels with
x's and o's on them. The patterns on these reels repeat just like every other
reel we've seen up to this point. The only difference is that these scroll
horizontally. There is a time delay between when you hit the circle button and
when the reel stops so take this into consideration when you hit the circle
button. The delay is maybe a half second, but it enough to cost you if you
don't know about it.

Landing on a O is good and landing on an X is very bad.  Each O doubles your
winnings from the super sevens in the previous reel which is either going to
be 2700 or 5400. So say you won 2700 in the super sevens the first O you hit
will make it 5400, the second will be 10800, and so on until you have done
this nine times and have a cool 1382400 coins. Yes 1382400 coins. If you start
with 5400 coins, that is going to be 2764800 coins. Not bad for a short bit of
work. Now, the arrangement of x's and o's can vary from reel to reel, with
some having all O's and some being XOOOXOXOXOOOX, so use your own discretion
of when you want to stop, because you can stop anytime before you hit an X.
An X completely wipes any winnings you have from this double or nothing reel.
Also, you only have 20-25 seconds to go through 9 reels, so you need to keep
that in mind. But do not panic, 20-25 seconds is quite enough.

4. Investment vs. Results

Lets recap the investment here. On level four to play 5 lines with three coins
bet per line is 450 coins per spin. If it takes ten spins to get a special
reel that is 4500 coins, and say you have to repeat the process in order to
get a reel with super sevens, that could be 10000 or so. So, the risk is
moderate, but to be on the safe side win 20000 either betting lower stakes
slots or my recommendaton is to play high stakes poker to win the initial
10000-40000 you will use in high stakes slots. But when you want to multiply
that 10-40K into a cool 1-4 million in not time flat, then is the time to
move over to slots. Plus it feels good to know that your skills from years
of hitting the circle button played a large part in your winnings, not just
merely stacked odds in your favor like in the poker game.
So, whenever you feel confident, step up to level 4 slots and let it ride!

5. FAQ

Why would I want 3 million coins, when it only costs about 300000 to trade in
for the AG-05 with all of the accessories? I can win 300,000 coins in only 4
hrs of mind numbing poker and doubling up to 16x my 100 coin winnings for a
measly pair. Thats right, I can win a whopping 1600 on an original wager of
100 coins. Why bother with that slot machine game that only pays out 2700
coins with me betting 450 coins a spin?

Well, ma peche, I am not lying when I say I won 2700000+ coins in only an
hour's time at the most. Actually, it might have taken me about 45-50 minutes
to win the first payout of 1300000 coins and once I knew how it worked, it
took me about 5-10 minutes to repeat it. So looking beyond that normal reel
that admittedly pays out only 2700-5400 for a risk of 450 coins, a relatively
small investment can pay out whopping dividends in a SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME. I
want someone to show me how they are going to win 3 million coins playing
poker for an hour. The nine reel takes your winnings of 2700 or 5400 based on
a bet of 450 coins and it multiplies it by 512. 512x2700or5400 was
significantly more than 16x100 the last time I checked. Now for the first
part.  I like having 3000000 coins because they mean nothing to me now. The
important thing is to trade these coins in for real (well, video game) money.
Well, we know trading the recovery sets is the most efficient way to make a
buck off coins. Well, with 3000000 coins you can forget efficiency. Buy 99
starter packs that trade in for 200g. Buy the card packs that trade in for
50 g apiece and also buy the recovery sets. The point is that the trading game
is the most insanity inducing boring process of the whole game and by having
enough coins to not care about being efficient and to care only about
laundering these coins into real gold, you can save yourself so much time by
reducing the number of casino/store trips you make. On each trip you'll be
selling about 48000g worth of stuff instead of 11000. Or just go with the
starter card sets and sell those for about 20000 a trip. Not efficient but its
fast and fast is good.  Or, just check the 9,999,999 coin carryover note up
under important info in order to see why having this many coins is good.

If you have any other questions, please contact me at bjbradach@yahoo.com.  I
will respond, and if there are the same frequent questions/submissions, I will
update this guide.  I hope this guide helps you.

6. Credits

Thanks to DooMZDay for pointing out 9,999,999coin glitch. I had that many
coins, but I failed to check to see if they carried over into actual GP.  They
do and then some.



2.43 Rewards

Here's the list of items you can exchange from the casino and the exchange
Recovery Set(Med Kit, Ether Pack, Revive, and Cure-All) 100 Coins
Escape and Rest Set(Escape Pack, Bio Sphere) 150 Coins
Golden Dice 10,000 Coins
Bravesoul 15,000 Coins
Revive DX 18,000 Coins
Stim DX 12,000 Coins
Design Sketchs 1-30(drawing of characters in the game) 2000 Coins each
Starter Set 400 Coins
Card Pack #1 100 Coins
Card Pack #2 100 Coins
PM Card F through Q 1000 Coins each

Note(1): All items except for Recovery Set, Escape and Rest Set, Starter
Set, and the two card packs are one-time only sales. The PM cards only
appear after Proto Mekabah appears.

Note(2): If you want real-world money, you can sell items received here.
Recovery Set can be sold for a total of 110G, which is the best bargain.
So get exchange for 99 Recovery Sets and then sell the items. Repeat
until you're satisfied with your money. Since you'll want to make exchanges
quickly in this situation, press R1 button rather than circle. It will make
the process go A LOT faster.

2.5 Drilling

*NOTE: Like the Slots guide, this is written by flybri. I greatly appreciate
 the fact that he let me uses this info.*


/Copyright/Trademark Info/

This guide is copyright 2003 Brian Bradach (flybri2201).  Reproduction of this
guide without consent of the author is strictly prohibited under federal
copyright laws.

This guide has been released exclusively to GameFAQs and Mehl's Spoiler Free
Walkthrough guide to Xenosaga(TM).  If any unauthorized reproduction of this
guide is recognized, please let the author know at the above email address.

Guide History 1.0 Original

1. Introduction

2. Important Information

3. Drill game basics

4. Drill Equpiment Set-up and controlling the camera

5. The two move system for people who are WINNERS
  5.a. The Accurate Strut Move
  5.b. The Accurate Bit Move

6.The Missions
  6.a. Mission 1
  6.b. Mission 2
  6.c. Mission 3
  6.d. Mission 4

7.'Free' Game Mode
  7.a. Getting Drill Keys
  7.b. Using Drill Keys

8. FAQ'S

9. Credits

1. Introduction

This is my second contribution to GameFAQs, and I have again chosen to write
about Xenosaga(TM).  More specifically, I will try to explain how to become as
accurate as possible with the drill, saving you money in both the mission and
"free" modes.  To be successful at this mini-game, you do need to have quick
fingers, but I don't think all of you adept video game players are lacking
there.  So read up and good luck!

p.s. you are hereby begged to only laugh at intentional humor contained within

2. Important information

Ok, in order to play the drill game, you need to have the drill passport.  Do
not worry, you receive the drill passport early on in the game, while aboard
the Woglinde.  It is a reward for using the drill.  However you will not be
able to use the passport or any other passport until the EVS becomes available
at save points.  You will know it is an EVS point, because it will have a blue
EVS set on top of a normal save point.  When you are at an EVS point SAVE.
Now, go to your menu and select the drill passport.  You will find it in the
key item list(press R1 when looking at your normal items to look at your key
items). Eventually, I may add an item list of every single worthless item you
can win in the drill game, but for now I will just focus on strategy and how to
win the important items.  Then, when you get to be good at drilling, you can
break each of the individual little boxes to find what is in each of them.  As
they say, it's your quarter.  Note, you only get 5 tries at the drill game per
visit, so when they cut you off, leave and reenter.  There is no such thing as
free mode in drilling... I call it "free" mode.  You will learn why.

3. Drill game basics

When you use the drill passport at an EVS save point, you will find yourself in
a game show looking room.  This is different than the other passport
mini-games. You can actually control your character here instead of just
dealing with an interactive menu.

Your first order of business should be to introduce yourself to Hollyanna and
Holgar, the co-hosts of the drilling game.  Yes this game is a bit on the corny
side, but as they will tell you, they have a real passion for drilling(decide
for yourself whether or not they are pathetic losers).  Whatever, we're just
here for the items, but until you get them you will just have to fake a passion
for drilling.  They will explain the basics of drilling to you. It is basically
like any crane game you have seen in an arcade or supermarket.  Press the
button until you want the claw to stop going forward, and then press the button
again until you want the claw to stop moving to the right.  The only difference
is in this game, we're dealing with a drill that wrecks stuff, and you can
change the camera angle you use to control the drill.  Sounds pretty easy
doesn't it?  Well, to that I can say yes and no.  It can take some getting used
to, but once you get the hang of things, it can be relatively easy.

4. Drill Equpiment Set-up and controlling the camera

When you begin a drill game, your view will be from the perspective of someone
standing at ground level.  Change this view using R2 until you have the bird's
eye view.  Things should look something like this...

|| o
||   O
||  []
|| 0    []
||    o
||  o    o

In this view, the || arranged vertically represents what I will call the drill
arm.  The - arranged horizontally represents the drill strut.  The \/
represents the drill bit resting in its initial position.  The various o, O,
0, and []'s represent the debris you are trying to hit. Keep in mind that we
are talking about a 3 dimensional setup, which is why I like the bird's eye
view.  It keeps things nice and 2-dimensionally simple.

Ok, now that you have some idea of how the intitial bird's eye view looks, I
will now ask toy to rotate it using the left analog stick so things now look
like this...

|     0      o
| o     [] O
|   o
|     []
| o

I think you should be able to follow that rotation, it's merely rotated 90
degrees clockwise.  Our objective is going to be to hit debris on the floor
with the drill bit.  There will be two movements required in order to have your
drill bit end up over your desired target.  The first I will call the strut
move and the second I will call the bit move.  This system works very well for
the missions because you can do this accurately without changing camera angles
more than one time, which saves you plenty of time in the long run.  When you
get comfortable with this set of moves, you will be able to do mission two
flawlessly.  Thats right, in 9 fell swoops, you will be done with that mission.

5. The two move system for people who are WINNERS

 5.a. The Accurate Strut Move

In order to practice drilling you will want to practice in "free" mode.  'Free'
mode has no time limit, so you have all day to thin about where you want to
place your drill bit and what you may have done wrong.  You can also use your
time to become familiar with controlling the camera angle as well as getting
used to the general set-up of the game.  Once you have shelled out your 200G
in order to play "free" mode, you will be at a ground level viewpoint.  Change
this so things look sort of like what you see below.

|     0      o
| o     [] O
|   o
|     []
| o

There, that's better.  Now for the strut move.  This move is very simple, yet
tough to do accurately at first.  The reason why it is tough to do accurately
is because of the camera angle.  But when you learn to understand the camera
angle you will become extremely accurate by using the strut as a guide.  To
learn the camera angle you need to look at the strut with respect to the beam
that runs between the strut and drill arm.  I will call this beam the support
beam.  In this beginning position, it looks like the strut is further to the
left than it actually is.  This is because of the camera's challenging
placement.  The place where the strut holding the drill bit will actually touch
the ground is along a line sticking out perpendicularly from the spot where the
support beam meets the drill arm(the base of the drill arm).  As you can see
from this birds eye view the initial distance between the strut and base is
quite significant, about 2 squares of the checkerboard floor.  You may ask why
not just use the base of the support beam as a guide for knowing when to stop
the beam.  The reason is because the base of the beam does not 'touch' the
squares of the checkerboard floor, making it a difficult tool to use to judge
when to stop moving the strut.  The strut does 'touch' the checkerboard squares
in this bird's eye view, which is why I have found it to be an extremely
reliable tool for judging when to stop holding the square button during the
strut move.  I would say I am about twice as accurate using the strut as a
as I am when using the beam as a guide.

As I said before, the strut appears to be about 2 checker blocks to the left of
where it will actually land.  You can see that difference when comparing the
location of the strut to the base of the beam.  I am going to illustrate this
using an adaptation of the above diagram....

|     0      o
| o     [] O
|   o
|     []
| o

The < represents where the drill bit would actually touch the floor if you kept
the strut in the initial position.  This is assuming that one = equals one
square on the floor.  Now try something for me, and pay close attention to the
distance between the strut and the base of the beam.  Hold down the square
button, and do not release it until the strut automatically stops.  See how the
distance between the strut and base of the beam closes at the strut moves
towards the right?  In the middle, the apparent location of the strut and the
location of the bast of the support beam are one and the same.  This is the
easiest place to hit stationary objects in the entire drill game.  Below is a
representation of the place the bit would touch the ground with respect to the
strut.  Yes, no difference at all...

      |      o
  o   | [] O
    o |
  o   |

As the strut continues towards the right, the gap between the base of the beam
and the strut begins to widen again.  The size of the gap on this side of the
middle of the floor is proportional to what it was on the other side.  It is
just opposite now.  For example, when the strut is completely to the right, the
distance to the base of the support beam from the apparent location of the
strut is two squares of the floor to the left as seen below...

      0      |
  o     [] O |
    o        |
      []     |
  o          |

Where the < represents where the drill bit would actually touch the ground.
Once again, one = equals one square of the floor.  If you move the strut
through the entire length of the drill arm a few times, you will begin to see
that to hit an object about 1/4 of the way down the drill arm, you will need to
stop the strut about 1 block to the left of that object you want to hit, as I
will show below...

   |  0
  o|    [] O
   |  []

Trust me, as you run through this a couple of times you will be able to plan
out the spot of a certain square you want to stop the strut on in order for
your drill bit to be lined up, halfway to hitting your target.  Now take a
couple of runs to get the timing of stopping the strut excatly in the spot you
marked to stop it in.  That shouldn't take very long.  If you saved your game
before starting the drill game, you can run through 'free' mode a few times
as practice without worrying about the 200G you're spending for each game.
When you are done practicing, or out of money, just soft reset and go at it
again.  Now it is time for the second move of the drill game, the bit move.

 5.b. The Accurate Bit Move

Ok, I will begin by saying this move is more challenging than the strut move
in some ways.  The Bit Move is also performed by holding down the square button
until you wish to stop the drill bit moving downward along the strut.  As soon
as you release the square button, the strut and srill attached to it will
begin descending towards the ground.  After it hits the ground it will come
back up and everything will return to the initial position.  Being accurate
with the bit move involves knowing the difference between where the bit appears
to be over the floor, and where it will actually touch down on the floor.  With
the drill bit you begin with, from where it begins on the strut to about 1/3 of
the way down the strut if you stop the bit directly on or parallel
to the object you are going for, you should at least graze it enough to destroy
it.  From the 1/3 to 2/3 point you should try to go about a square's distance
further down the strut than the object you are going for.  As the drill reaches
the end of the strut, where it looks like it will drop, and where it will
actually touch the floor are about two squares apart.  I will now demonstrate
in a couple of diagrams, where the drill appears to be and where it will
actually touch.  These are estimates just to give you an idea not specifics.
The < is where the drill bit appears to be at the end of the bit move and the x
is where the bit will actually touch the floor.  One I represents one square on
the floor.  Not to scale, just intended to show you how many squares off the
bit will be from where it appears to be in different situations.

   <x 0
  o|    [] O
   |  []


      0      |
  o     [] O |
    o        |
      []   X |
  o          |


  o   | [] O
    o X
  o   |

If you understand these three diagrams, then you are good to go.  You just
will need to get good at timing when to let go of the square button and you
will be successful.  I will now talk about missions, since mission two is a
perfect application of how to use this two move process to your advantage.

6.The Missions

 6.a. Mission 1

This mission can wait until you do mission two.  When you can do mission two
without problems, mission one will be extremely easy.  All I will say about
mission 1 is that there are many big boxes that touch each other.  There are
more boxes than you can destroy individually, so you need to destroy 2 boxes
at a time.  To do so, you just need to hit the boxes where they meet, and voila
you got a 2 for 1.  You actually need to do a 2 for 1 about 4-5 times to have
success with in thetime limit of 80 seconds.  Aim for 5 or more 2 for 1's in
order to cover for any errors you might make.  If you succeed you will be
awarded a Speed Stim DX the first time and generic card packs thereafter.
If you lose you get a Med Kit, whoopty doo da.

 6.b. Mission 2
In this mission you have 120 seconds to destroy 9 spaced out tiny canisters.
With some accuracy, this mission will be a cinch.  The pattern of distribution
of the canister is as follows... not exactly to scale.  The canisters fall on a
grid that is 13 wide x 10 tall.  Imaging the birds eye view explained above,
the dots represent where the canisters fall on the square grid floor.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3
  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
3|_|_|_|_|.|_|_|_|_|_|.|_|_|   . represents canisters

Now I have added commas to represent where you want the drill bit to be placed
prior to it dropping.  This is where the bit should be centered at the end of
the two move process listed above.  I did not place a comma for the canisters
in row four, because the bit needs to travel only one half square down the
strut past the canisters during the bit move for those two canisters.  I hope
this makes sense.

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3
  0 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  1|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|Note, for the two canisters in row 4,
  2|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|you can place the strut directly over
R 3|_|_|_|,|.|_|_|_|_|_|.|,|_|the canisters and then move the drill
O 4|_|_|_|_|_|_|.|_|.|_|_|_|_|bit down so it is centered about one
W 5|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|,|_|_|_|_|_|half of a square beneath the canisters.
  6|_|_|_|_|_|_|.|_|.|_|_|_|_|One square is too much and right on top
  7|_|_|_|_|.|_|,|_|,|_|.|_|_|of the canisters is not enough.
  9|_|_|_|,|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|,|_|  . represents canisters
  0|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|  , represents bit location necessary to hit a

The commas are placed relative to the periods, that is if you stop the drill
one grid to the left of column 5 row 3, you will hit the canister in column 5
row 3.  If you follow this relative grid, you should be able to do well in
mission 2.

The prize for success is a yamato belt, which boosts HP by 15 percent.  The
prize for repeated success and failure match those given for mission 1. Oh

The following missions do not appear until a certain point in the game.  All
I will say is keep your eyes open for a bunny, it will be obvious.


 6.c. Mission 3

Apply the strategy for mission 2 to this mission.  You need to hit 5 bunnies
that travel back and forth within a set pattern.  If you get all 5 within 90
seconds you are a winner.  The keu is to know where your drill will end up, a
key concept learned in mission 2 strategy, and then you need to time it so
the bit hits the ground when or slightly before the bunny gets there.  Slightly
before is ok, because if the bunny rins into the bit while it is still on the
ground, it will still take it out.  Fairly easy mission if you are good at
mission 2.  Success brings the Hunter goggles, which boost critical hit rate 5
percent I think.  Repeat winner and the loser prize are the same as mission 1.

 6.d. Mission 4

Not much strategy here, just drop the dril bit and let the sole bunny run into
it.  The bunny's pattern is random and he burns rubber, so don't bother trying
to lead the bunny. I just dropped the bit in the middle, and on the first
attempt at this mission I succeeded with about 30 seconds left out of an
original 50 seconds.  If you don't succeed at first, tough luck, try again.
You get a swimsuit for your efforts, if they were successful that is.
Otherwise you know the drill.... med kit.  Card pack 1 once again for repeat

Your prize for doing all the missions is a good one.  I won't spoil, but let's
just say it makes your life MUCH easier while drilling.

7.'Free' Game Mode

 7.a. Getting Drill Keys

Once again the "free" game is monetarily about as free as the missions... 200G
but it is free in the fact that you have all day to drop the drill bit.  You
get 5 attempts to smash the various debris to peices using the same drill
moves as though you do in the missions.  Square and then square.  Not tough.
If you waited to do 'free' game mode until after doing the first two missions,
you will find this mode to be a breeze.  The only targets worth going for are
clear balls with little bunnies of varying colors trapped inside.  These are
only debris that I ever got drill keys from.  You want drill keys.  Hemlock
is not terrible either, it reduces your hp to 1, but trust me, there are times
when that is a good thing.  Cough...Jr...cough...bravesoul...cough...hemlock...
cough...safety lock...cough...angelic requiem/uber damage to all muahahaha...
sorry i digress... hemlock has its uses.  If you are hard up for cash, aim for
the miniscule round canisters like in mission 2, the purple ones have hooked me
up with some good G.

 7.b. Using Drill Keys

Whats behind door number one Monty?  Well, with 5 drill keys found in the
'free' game, who cares, you can have them all.  If you want to know what is
behind each door they go something like this... left to right  To open the
doors, first get a drill kei, and then open the door of choice like any other.

D Theif ring - rare item drop up 10 percent
R Battle Mask - Ups Hi tech critical hit rate
I Life Stone - Doubles healing effect on those wearing it
L Fast Circuit 25 - AGWS speed up 25 percent
L Guard Recovery - AGWS recover 10 percent FHP when guarding

Go with what you want.  It's not tough to get 5 drill keys.

8. FAQ's
Q- What does "I love driller" mean?

A- Heh, well.... you see it's quite simple... heh.... um... I have no idea.
It is something someone named Holgar would put up in neon lights in order to
defy the laws of English.

Q- Do you spend a lot of time playing the drilling game?

A- Honestly?... No... I think it's pretty boring, but the items gained by doing
the missions and "free" mode are decent.  I guess I just don't have the passion
for drilling.  At least in this context.

Q- Why did you write this guide then?

A- I dunno, to help others?  I have benefitted from GameFAQ's for some time
now, so I decided to do something to repay the favor.  If my guides help one
individual, it's worth it.  If you reading this have not written a FAQ and
have some desire to do so, you should...it is sooo easy.  I thought it would
involve html and stuff I don't get, but all you need is Notepad and a
semi-functional brain.  Contributions from people like you are the lifeblood of
this website.  Feeling motivated now?  Oh well, I tried.... ;)

Q- Your guide makes no sense to me.  I hate you.

A- Hey, that's not a question... o well... I try to make my guides as thorough
as possible while trying to keep them easy to follow.  If you have ANY
questions I will do my utmost to answer them.  If the questions are frequent, I
will add them to this section hehe Frequent....  or else I will update the
guide...  my email address can be found on the top of this page...

Q-Are you addicted to using ...'s ?

A-Yes, it's a sensitive subject.

9. Credits

Thank you notepad(TM) for making this guide possible.



2.6 XenoCard

You can access this game by using the Card Passport at an EVS save point. You
get the card passport from the robot in the dining hall of the Elsa.

[Under Construction]

You can check out the XenoCard FAQ at gamefaqs here. I will post the basics of
the game once I get around to playing it. If someone wants to work on this
section, please E-mail me. Thank you.

2.7 A.G.W.S. Battling

You can access this game by using the Battle Passport at an EVS save point. You
get the Battle Passport in the KOS-MOS simulator, where you fought the boss.

[This little guide is sent in by Unlimited Theory]

Ok I know this faq isn't much, but I only played the game once and beat it on
my first try. So it's incredibly easy and simple anyone can do it.

All you need to do is get Shion's original AGWS (the red one) and equip two
submachine guns in each hand. get used to using R1 and L1 a lot because it's
all you'll be using. Contantly hitting the guys with the submachine gun stuns
them. And when I say stun I mean they don't do ANYTHING but stand there. The
only problem is the short ammo supply, so you need to get a good shot and be a
little conservative, but once he's stunned go all out. I only played this
mini-game once and I beat all the levels my first try (mind you, no prizes
were awarded) and it's rediculously easy. If you run out of ammo just be
sneaky about it and punch the boss to death.

2.8 Emails

I used the E-Mail FAQ on Gamefaqs when I played this game. So this info should
be credited to EChang. The difference is with the first step of getting
FB-Shot. The American version apparently needed you to invest in Vector in the
first Email to get this item.

Here's how you can get all the benefits from the E-mail game. I will only list
the E-mails which you need to reply to or need to be at a certain location.
Since the rest of the E-Mails are guranteed, there's no need to post them.
Also, there won't be any game ads here. I'll probably add it later.

Before you start: MAKE SURE you talk to the guy on the right corner of the
Zohar room on Woglinde. Give him your e-mail. Without it, you will not get any
of the investment Emails in this game.

NOTE! There will be spoilers, although very minor, in order to provide you with
the right info. If you don't want to be spoiled, then simply use the
walkthrough, which has all the necessary info.

*Getting FB-Shot*

1. After speaking to Woglinde's captain, head right and up. Walk between the
plant and the left wall. You should get an investment Email. The correct
response is #2, Vector.
2. After you tell the Elsa captain you'll check the catapult, walk towards the
save point outside the bridge. Invest in #1, Venture.
3. As you show MOMO and Ziggy around Elsa, go to the B2 save point room and
walk in the northern area. You'll get your reward from the previous Email.
4. Now head to the catapult for another investment e-mail. Put your money into
Vector, choice #3.

Congrats, you'll now get this weapon later in the game. It's a guranteed Email.
You can't miss it.

*Getting F-Scythe*

1. After the scene at the Realian lab, go two screens north. In this hallway
there's a resting place semi-hidden to the left. Enter for an Email. Tell
Miyuki you'll help.
2. After you speak with the Woglinde captain, you'll get the sprinkler plug-in,
Download it.

Congrats. You'll get F-Scythe waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy later in the game. :)

*Getting 200,000G*

1. After the scene in the Realian lab, exit and re-enter the lab. You'll get
an Email. Respond by saying you'll help.
2. You'll be getting A LOT OF e-mails in between now and the prize. But they're
all guaranteed, so you don't have to go anywhere special. However, make sure
you answer 'Cargo Ship'(#3) to the first Email that requires a response. The
2nd time you get an Email for responding, the correct answer is 'Durandal'(#2).

Congrats. You'll get the money right before the final dungeon. At least you're
2/3 of the way towards that new AG-05.

*Getting 72,000G... or 24,000G + FB-Shot*

1. When you first get on the Durandal but before you find MOMO, head to the
Hanger. Keep walking right for an Email. Invest in Shijima(#1) if you want
72,000G. If you missed FB-Shot and want that, invest in Alchemia(#3).

You'll get the reward very quickly, as in pretty much right after you talk to

+ Section 3: Characters +

[If you have good general character strategies not covered here, feel free to
 send them to me. I'll post it up so others can see just how ingenius you are
 at using characters. :)]

3.1 Shion Uzuki

Favorite Quotes: "Who would've thought one of Miyuki's inventions would come in
                 "Open... Ether Circuits."

The main character of the story. However, unlike most RPGs, you do not have to
keep her in your main battle party. That said, she IS the main character, and
all main characters always get some sort of quirk that makes them stand out.
Shion is no exception, as she gets to have the most powerful attack in the
game. For details, see section 2.2 on Erde Kaiser.


Shion has, without a doubt, the BEST set of ethers. And this is even before she
gets Erde Kaiser, which is the most powerful move in the game. Medica All,
Boost 1, Medica Rise, and Safety Level are all very useful in battles. If MOMO
transfers Life Shot to her, Shion will have a complete list of every support
spell you'll likely ever need in this game. Boost 1 is excellent for your
powerful fighters to get in extra turns. Safety level is super cheap in
conjunction with Bravesoul.


She has the worst physical attack power in the game. This makes all her techs
that's based on strength fairly useless. Her other stats aren't great either,
average or below average in terms of HP, EP, EAtk, EDef, Dex, Eva, and Agil.
So most of the time, she can't dish out much damage, nor can she take much.
Bad combination.

/How to use her/

You should basically ignore all of Shion's 'Hit' techs. She only has 4 good
techs, Spell Ray, Shock Blade, Lunar Blade, and Rain Blade. Shock Blade is a
status tech, so I don't know too much about when one should use it. But it
should be useful in many circumstances. Spell Ray, Lunar Blade, and Rain Blade
are all Beam attacks, meaning they're based on Shion's EAtk rather than her
strength. If you can hold off the tech point usage early in the game, then
you can dump massive amount of points on Rain Blade. Rain Blade is a powerful
all-hitting spell. But Shion does need to be at lv30 to learn it. If you need
her techs early, then invest basically only in Spell Ray, and perhaps Shock
Blade if you like status stuffs.

Her mediocre stats make her a liability as an attacker in boss fights. In these
situations, the back row is good for her. If you don't want to 'waste' her
turns, have her use Boost 1 on other people(or herself) when support's not
needed. This is very good for Ziggy, whose speed sucks.


Ether Chart
*Note: Amount of pts needed for upgrade in paranthesis.*

                                              |--Medica Rest
                           |--Medica All(240)-|
                           |                  |--Revert
           |               |                |--Safety Level
           |               |--Refresh(320)--|
Medica(40)-|                                |--Quick
           |               |--Boost 1(360)--Queen's Kiss

Seraphim Bird

Throni Blade

Dominion Tank

Erde Kaiser

Ether Analysis
*Note: The first number in the paranthesis is the weight. The 2nd is EP Cost.
       For example, (3/10) means the ether has a weight of 3 and a casting
       cost of 10.

Medica(1/2): Useful early healing spell. However, this spell becomes obslete
             when you can have MOMO transfer Life Shot to Shion.

Analyze(1/2): Usefulness depends on you. Useless in boss fights if you're using
              this walkthrough, though> I have the boss info.

Goodbye(1/1): Usefulness depends on you. If you don't like to fight in random
              encounters, then this spell is perfect. If you like to fight
              every enemy, this spell is useless. Escape packs will be more

Medica All(2/8): Ridiculously useful. The best all-healing spell in the game.
                 Handy in every battle from Gargoyle on.

Refresh(1/2): If you need the space, get rid of this. You can use items instead
              to heal status for one less AP cost. Otherwise, it saves you an

Boost 1(2/4): Quite nice. Suppose Jr.'s your most powerful attacker with the
              Bravesoul. Now you can have him attack twice with this spell.
              Basically, this spell lets you sacrifice Shion's turn for someone
              else's. Useful mostly in boss battles, though.

Jamming(1/4): I've never tried this enough. I guess this would be useful
              mech bosses. But is it worth the ether pts? If you have plenty,
              then be my guest. Unlike the other statuses, Dex down doesn't
              say much about just how much it reduces the opponent's hit%.

Medica Rest(2/8): Less useful than it seems. Most of the time, Life shot will
                  do the job for only 2 AP. But if Shion has 1/2 EP
                  consumption, you can use this instead of Life Shot.

Revert(2/12): This revives for more than the item Revive. Not bad. Useful but
              not terribly so. The EP cost is quite high.

Safety Level(3/12): Awesome in conjunction with the Bravesoul. Even without it,
                    it's a great spell for boss fights. However, make sure
                    Shion has 1/2 EP consumption so she won't run out of EP

Quick(2/6): Not too useful. It speeds up someone by 25% for five turns. Good if
            your party has a designated attacker. But Boost 1 is more flexible.

*The following ethers cannot be transfered*

Queen's Kiss(4/8): Depends on who else is in your party. MOMO should always be
                   the one stealing if she's in it. If so, Shion shouldn't
                   bother with this. Otherwise, not a bad spell. The instant KO
                   is pretty much useless. You're better off just attacking

Throni Blade(4/16): Attacks all enemies for pretty crap damage. If you have
                    her tech Rain Blade, then this is useless. Even w/o it,
                    the EP cost isn't really worth is.

Domninion Tank(4/20): See Throni Blade Comment.

Seraphim Bird(4/24): See Throni Blade Comment.

Erde Kaiser(12/60): Pretty much imspossible to use without Angel Ring or the
                    extracted 1/2 EP consumption skill. But if you do use it,
                    it will make the game very easy and boring. I suggest you
                    have it as 'backup' in case a boss unexpecetedly begins to
                    kick your ass. Also, very good while leveling.

/Tech Attacks/

S = Single
A = All
N = Near
F = Far

Lightning Blade(S/N)
Lightning based phyisclal attack. So if you're going to use it, better beef up
Shion's strength. Not worth it, IMO. Granted, mechs in general are weak against
lightning, but they also tend to be strong against a physical attack.

Spell Ray(S/F)
Beam attack, which makes it pretty good. Upgrade this one's speed ASAP. Then
how much power you want to add depends on you. I'd go with 3-4 levels. Then
save the rest for her later good ones. But if you're the type who don't level
up much, then you may consider boosting this one a lot. Her next good ones
don't appear for quite a while.

Shock Blade(S/N)
Get this at lv11. It's a status tech. I could never make this useful. If you
can drop me a note.

Thermal Blast(S/N)
Get this a lv15. Like Lightning Blade. Same problems. Except people, who tend
to be weak against fire, are fairly weak against physical attacks. Still,
better techs ahead.

Ether Amp(S/N)
Get this at lv20. Not worth it. You're basically sacrificing Shion's turn to
have someone else deal double damage. Boost 1 is a more useful alternative.

Gravity Well(S/N)
Get this at lv23. Slow is kind of nice, but really not nice enough to make it
worth investing in this tech, IMO. But if you've been upgrading Shion's
strength, this is quite nice.

Lunar Blade(S/N)
Get this at lv27. My prefered near tech for Shion. Very nice beam damage. You
get this kind of late, though.

Rain Blade(A/F)
Get this at lv30. Beam damage to all enemies, and at far range. Certainly the
best tech for her. Useful for levling up late in the game.


My Rating: 8/10. If you like being a cheap person and use the Erde Kaiser,
           then 10/10. Basically support character. But with Erde Kaiser, she
           is God, err... Goddess. :)


Favorite Quote: "My external appearance is down 5%. Shion, I need to be
                "Charging, R-Cannon!"

A power character. She has very good stats all around, except for speed(agility
of 7). And most importantly, she's a damn good story character. However, her
power diminishes if you're the type who likes to max out characters' stats.
Because none of her weapons add to your attack power. I know you probably don't
believe this, because when you equip her big guns, your attack power rises.
However, this only applies to that gun's unique circle attack. Don't believe
me? Try using her Square attacks on the same enemy with weapons of different
attack power. She'll deal the same damage.


She starts off incredibly strong in all areas. Her HP is one of the highest.
She also gets her attack-all tech fairly early in the game. If you're not the
big-time leveling up type, she should be the first person to get the attack-all
tech, X-Buster. Plus, she's definitely pleasing to the eye for male players. :P


She's slower than most people, but still faster than the turtle-speed Ziggy.
As I've said earlier, her max strength will be lower than the characters who
can equip weapons that boost their attack. She also cannot enter an AGWS. This
means that if you like AGWS, she'll be a terrible third party member.

/How to use her/

At the beginning, level up R-Cannon and R-Drill's speed. Or if you're feeling
good about yourself, don't. You do want to unload TONS of tech pts on her
X-Buster, as attack-all techs in this game are VERY useful. She should
always be in the frontline as an attacker. She has some decent ethers, but none
that are gernerally useful. You may consider transferring Medica All to her
just in case she needs to cast it.


Ether Chart
*Note: Amount of pts needed for upgrade in paranthesis.*

                                |--Down Ether
              |--Down Dex(360)--|
              |                 |--Gate(660)--Satellite
Mode A7(100)--|
              |                                     |--Dex Ether Ra
              |--Down Force(480)--Ether Limit(620)--|
                                                    |--Dex Ether Fe
                                                    |--Dex Ether Le

Ether Analysis
*Note: The first number in the paranthesis is the weight. The 2nd is EP Cost.
       For example, (3/10) means the ether has a weight of 3 and a casting
       cost of 10.

Mode A7(1/2): Ups attack power. Useful in early boss fights. But keep in mind
              that it doesn't affect ether attacks.

Down Dex(1/4): Lowers enemy hit rate. I have tried this on several bosses with
               powerful physical attacks. Doesn't work too well.

Down Force(1/4): I like this one. Reduces damage. Works quite well on bosses.
                 Keep in mind that it doesn't affect ether attacks.

Down Ether(1/4): This would be very useful in the Gargoyle boss fight. But you
                 probably don't have the ep for it yet. There are some bosses
                 later in the game which this would help.

Gate(4/8): This reminds you of the Demi spells of FF games with the whole 1/4
           of HP damage thing. Usefulness depends on you. If you have solid
           techs, then this is useless. The occassional KO doesn't exactly
           happen often enough, and too unreliable.

Ether Limit(3/16): The equivalent of Ether Doubler for Xenogear fans. Quite
                   useful in boss fights. Why? Because it not only doubles the
                   ether damage of your spells, but also attacks and techs! So
                   if X-Buster was dealing 500. Now it deals 1000! Of course,
                   no casting cost penalty either. Just like abusing Ether
                   Doubler with Billy's ether guns in XG.

Dex Ether Ra(4/12): Ice damge to all enemies. Can't think of a reason to use
                    this. Just use X-Buster.

Dex Ether Fa(4/12): Look above

Dex Ether Le(4/12): Look above

*The following cannot be transfered to other characters.

Satellite(6/16): Look above. Yes, basically, X-Buster beat all of these.
                 Overall, KOS-MOS' ethers are quite disappointing.

/Tech Attacks/

S = Single
A = All
N = Near
F = Far

Note: Unlike other characters, KOS-MOS gets her techs via game progression.

An initial tech. Don't bother to level it up in any way. But use it against
enemies weak to physical attacks.

An initial tech. Useful until you get the X-Buster. Leveling up the speed is
good. But don't spend too many pts on power.

Depending on your patience, you can put a lot of tech pts here or little. If
you do put a lot here, it will be your main physical tech for the rest of the

Her only attack-all tech. It's beam damage. VERY useful.

The descriptioni makes it sounds quite appealing. I'm not a fan of status techs
too much. But if you like them, go ahead. The fact that it's long range is
quite useful.

If you haven't heavily invested in R-Drill yet, and doesn't want to wait a bit
more for the next tech, then invest here.

Her best physical tech. You get it REALLY late in the game, though.


Her weapons, as I stated earlier, doesn't affect the attack power of other
attacks. So my comments are simply about their 'circle' commands.

F-GShot: I think this is an initial weapon. The circle command's useless. You
are better off with R-Blade.

F-MShot: Also an initial weapon, I think. The circle command doesn't seem too
useful. But not bad against big groups. All-attacks are hard to find early in
the game.

F-BShot: Kind of disappointing considering the steps you need to get it. But if
you want fairly nice Beam damage before getting X-Buster, this would be it.
Better than her previous weapons.

F-RShot: Pretty nice. It's her most powerful long range physical attack. Useful
against annoying flying bosses you find late in the game.

F-Scythe: Like F-BShot, it's an optional weapon. If you did the quest, you get
this kind of late in the game. And it's really more affective to use the
X-Buster instead. But if your X-Buster isn't powered up, this isn't a bad
alternative. The attack animation is kind of neat. :)

/My Rating/

If you don't like to power up much, then 7/10. If you do like to power up, then
5/10. KOS-MOS can fall behind pretty quick if you're the leveling up type.

3.3 Ziggy

Favorite Quotes: None, his quotes sounds stupid.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a Ziggy-type character in every single RPG.
The big, strong, slow guy. I've never liked any these characters, as they tend
to be the least useful in battle. Ziggy's no exception.


High strength, high defense, high HP. Typical of a character built on brute
strength. His techs are also fire and lighning elemental, which tends to be
the weakness of Bio and Mech enemies, respectively.


Low EAtk, EDef, and terrible speed. The low speed is a BIG weakness. It limits
the flexibility of your strategies in boss battles, as you get less turns. In
normal encounters, Ziggy rarely gets in his turn before the enemy. This becomes
more and more annoying as the game goes on, and enemies' attacks become nasty.

The low EAtk is another big negative. Ziggy, despite his stats favoring the
physical side, has only ether based attack-all techs.

To a lesser extent, the elemental nature of his techs will be annoying against
certain Gnosis which are resistent towards them.

/How to use him/

If Ziggy's on your team, he should equip the White Ring for most of the game.
You should also try to extract the agility +1 from it asap. This should lessen
the problem regarding his speed. Also, you must decide whether you want to
concentrate on his physical techs or ether ones. If you concentrate on physical
techs, then you'll miss out on his attack-all techs. If you want to concentrate
on ether ones, be prepared to invest a lot of tech pts on his EAtk stat.

Finally, utilize his ethers to the fullest extent. Ziggy's ethers are great at
covering his weaknesses. So giving him some Ether upgrades early in the game to
obtain ethers like Speed Boost is a good idea.


Ether Chart
*Note: Amount of pts needed for upgrade in paranthesis.*

                               |--Ether Shift A
              |                |--Ether Shife B
My Guard(40)--|
              |                                |--Red Mark
              |--Recharge(280)--Charge X(480)--|
                                               |--Speed Boost

Ether Analysis
*Note: The first number in the paranthesis is the weight. The 2nd is EP Cost.
       For example, (3/10) means the ether has a weight of 3 and a casting
       cost of 10.

My Guard(1/2): Fairly useless. You gain defense at the cost of attack. But ok
               if you stick with ether attacks.

Bodyguard(1/2): Quite Nice in boss fights, provided you use MOMO. The strength
                and defense boosts are quite significant. Most useful against

Recharge(2/4): Useful at the beginning of the game. Although eventually, Ziggy
               should leave the healing to healers like Shion or MOMO.

Ether Shift A(1/4): This is good if you've set up Ziggy to be a physical
                    attacker. The ether defense is quite useful with later boss
                    fights, who tend to use some powerful spells. Pointless in
                    non-boss fights.

Ether Shift B(1/4): This is very useful if you've developed Ziggy in the ether
                    direction. Will help out his ether techs. Pointless in non-
                    boss fights.

Charge X(2/4): I don't think it's worth it to waste a turn to cast this spell.
               Doubling HP recovery isn't too useful. Doubling EP recovery is
               pointless, since Ziggy doesn't have any ethers you're likely
               going to use over and over.

Red Mark(2/4): Considering you're likely going to get this pretty late, this is
               only useful against two mech bosses late. And even then, it's
               debatable whether you should waste a turn on this or not.

Speed Boost(4/10): Once you have this, you should cast this at the beginning of
                   every boss battle, and recast if necessary. Very useful.

/Tech Attacks/

S = Single
A = All
N = Near
F = Far

Cyber Kick(S/N)
An intial tech. Fire elemental means it's good against Bio enemies. Pretty
useful near the beginning of the game. Don't spend too much pts on the power,

Lightning Fist(S/F)
Not worth upgrading. If you want to invest in Ziggy's ether techs, there are
better ones.

Meteor Shot(A/F)
He gets this at lv15. In my opinion, Lightning is a more useful element. But
if you can't wait another 11 levels to get Executioner, then invest in this.

He gets this at lv20. If you can wait another 4 levels, you'll get his best
non-elemental tech. You probably should wait...

Cross Lancer(S/N)
He gets this at lv24. If don't want to get screwed in certain battles due to
elemental properties, invest heavily in this.

He gets this at lv26. Best ether tech.

Hell Fire(S/N)
He gets this at lv30. Pretty disappointing for a final tech. Again, fire based.
I don't see too much of a point for this tech.


Ziggy has two weapons, although his 2nd weapon has 2 types of ammo. Like
KOS-MOS, his weapons do not augment the attack power of his other attacks. IMO,
his circle attacks are useless once you're out of Plemora.


Honestly, Ziggy sucks. If you want physical fighter-type characters, Jr. and
KOS-MOS are superior. So there's no point in using him unless you simply like
his character. However, this DOES NOT mean that he's useless. It's quite
possible to beat the game with him. There are also several bosses where he's
pretty handy. But when compared to other characters, he just doesn't measure up
in terms of general usefulness. 3/10.

3.4 MOMO

Favorite Quotes: None, since I can't figure out what she's screaming about in
                 that high pitched voice.

Depending on how you play, MOMO can be anywhere from God-like to terrible. She
has some distinct advantages over other characters. One is that she has the
most powerful weapon in the game. This means that she has the potential to be
the most powerful attacker in the game. Another is that she can steal rare
items with 100% success rate. Finally, her Dark Scepter allows you to get some
very unique items. This includes chaos' best weapon.

MOMO also seems to hold the record for the highest amount of panty shots for a
video game character. Sorry, I just had to get this comment in here. ^_^


Her agility is the highest in the game at 9. This is quite good because agility
is the only stat you can't use tech pts to raise. Her attack power starts off
weak, but will eventually become very strong. This is because she gains better
weapons as well as levels as the game proceeds. Her EP amount is quite good,
and she has one of the best healing spells for the beginning of the game, Life


Her stats otherwise are pretty bad. Low HP and vitality make her very easy to
kill. Her other stats aren't so hot either. finally, other than Life Shot, her
ethers are pretty much useless.

/How to use her/

MOMO is the perfect character for utilizing tech pts on stats. Boost her up
in everything(she needs all of them except for EP) and MOMO will be a
powerhouse. This is a good idea if you want to use her for Dark Sceptering
Gnosises(is that the plural for Gnosis? :D).

Alternatively, she makes a very good back row character. Her low HP and
vitality won't be too big a deal there, since most attacks won't hit her. Her
speed then allows her to be a perfect support character. However, this is only
useful in boss fights.


Ether Chart
*Note: Amount of pts needed for upgrade in paranthesis.*

                |--Miracle Star(240)--|
                |                     |--Refine
Life Shot(120)--|
                |--Sheep Beam(320)--Junk Beam

                 |--Star Veil
*Star Wind(100)--|
                 |--Star Action

                  |--Star Bell
                  |-Star Bunnie

Ether Analysis
*Note: The first number in the paranthesis is the weight. The 2nd is EP Cost.
       For example, (3/10) means the ether has a weight of 3 and a casting
       cost of 10.

Life Shot(1/2): Very useful at the beginning and the middle parts of the game.
                Not as necessary later on but still quite useful.

Miracle Star(1/4): Pointless. Unless MOMO's in the back row, and you need for
                   her to deal damage, you'll never have a need for this spell.
                   But if Shion has transferred Boost 1 to her, then that's
                   much more useful.

Sheep Beam(1/4): Useful in Plemora. Otherwise, not many occasions where you'd
                 use it. Perhaps against Meld/Din Gareth...

Prayer(1/6): Gives a random healing item. The best I've gotten is a Ether Pack
             DX, I believe. Fairly pointless.

Refine(1/6): Pointless. Use revives for the same result and less AP usage.

Junk Beam(2/6): Never did try this on Mech bosses(like Proto Dora). If it
                works, then not a bad spell. Pointless again non-bosses.

*The following cannot be transfered to other characters.

Star Wind(2/10)
Using Star Wind will allow MOMO to transform into her 'Star Wind' Form. Her
transformed stated lasts for 2 turns when she has more than 50% HP. It lasts
for 3 turns if her HP is between 25% to 50%. Any less, and she'll be in the
transformed state for 4 turns. While transformed, her defense will double. She
can use two special ethers in this state. (Thanks to micahgabriel)

Star Veil(2/4): Not incredibly useful. Sure, ether damage done to you are
                reduced by 25%. But so will your healing ethers. There are
                special cases, like against the final boss's Dark Omen, where
                this can be helpful.

Star Action(2/6): Not too useful unless used on someone with Double Buster.

In addition to the above ethers, MOMO can use the Magic Caster in this state.
See Tech Attack section for details on the Magic Caster.

Using Starlight will allow MOMO to transform into her 'Starlight' Form. Her
transformed stated lasts for 2 turns when she has more than 50% HP. It lasts
for 3 turns if her HP is between 25% to 50%. Any less, and she'll be in the
transformed state for 4 turns. While transformed, her attack will double. She
can also use two special ethers in this state. (Thanks to micahgabriel)

Star Bell(2/4): The damage of this spell is mediocre. You're much better off
                spending your turns on much more useful attacks.

Star Bunnie(2/4): See above.

In addition to the above ethers, MOMO can use MOMO's Kiss in this state. See
Tech Attack section for details on MOMO's Kiss.

/Tech Attacks/

S = Single
A = All
N = Near
F = Far

Star Strike(S/N)
Initial tech. Don't bother with this one.

Floral Tempest(S/N)
The description makes it sounds like a physical attack. But it seems more like
an ether attack. And seemingly does good damage to all kinds of enemies. A good
tech for the early/middle parts of the game.

Meteor Storm(S/F)
She gets this at lv15. Not worth boosting.

Magic Caster(S/F)
This tech steals an item. It will always succeed(as far as I know) and will aim
for the rare item first. Very useful. Level up its speed so you can steal both
items during boss fights. MOMO get this in the Cathedral ship by examining the
bookshelf(see that section of the walkthrough for details).

Star Cannon(A/F)
She gets this at lv20. One of the few physical attack-all techs for a character
not named Jr. Which means you can abuse Bravesoul with this tech.

Angel Arrow(A/F)
She gets this at lv24. Beam version of Star Cannon. Which makes it less useful.

Dark Scepter(S/N)
She gets this after you beat Mintia(see optional boss section for details). It
can turn Gnosis into items if you use it as a killing blow. Here's a list of
the items, courtesy of Bradygames guide. Many of these are rare.

Emerald - Unicorn, Wyrm
Garnet - Drone G1, Drone G3, Goblin, Kobold, Manticore
Ruby - Basilisk, Bugbear, Cerberus, Golem
Sapphire - Fairy, Hydra
Diamond - Gigas
Hemlock - Lizardman
Frame Repair A - Ogre
Frame Repair Z - Troll
Skill Upgrade Z - Armaros
Holey Gloves - Delphyne

If you just want to get the Holey Gloves, then don't bother leveling up this
tech. If you want to use it to collect items, then power it up.

MOMO's Kiss(S/F)
She gets this in the Song of Nephilim. You can only use it during Starlight
form. Considering its limited usage, there's no point to use it unless you have
no other powerful techs.


All of MOMO's weapons can be bought in stores except for three.

1. Penguin Rod[Atk +7 Slows B & G]: It's the common drop from Mintia. Pretty
useful if you get it at the first possible opportunity.

2. W Hammer Rod[Atk +10 Confuses B & B]: You get this in Segment Address 12 in
the Song of Nephilim.

3. Dragon Rod[Atk +20]: Get this on the 44th floor of Proto Merkabah. It's the
most powerful weapon in the game.


She's hard to rate. She's quite handy in the back row in boss fights. And the
people who overpower their characters should like her. But if you just want to
breeze through the game, then she's pretty bad. On average, 6/10.

3.5 chaos

Favorite Quote: "Unleash some(sum?) of my powers."

chaos is a pretty fruity character, although he does have a big bulge in his
pants. That's got to be a plus with the ladies if he's not stuffing it. :P

In battle, chaos is reliable but not spectacular. Honestly, there's nothing
which really makes him unique. His angel attacks does make you wonder just
what kind of person he is, though.

Personal Comment: A note about the fact that chaos is all in lower case, while
KOS-MOS is in all upper-case. Also, 'cosmos' means 'order'. Anyway, just
something to think about. :)


As I've commented, he doesn't excel at anything. Although some of his ethers
can be quite handy.


He doesn't really have any weaknesses either.

/How to use him/

He's pretty flexible. You can have him attack or support. He has a nice array
of support ethers while boasting a very good attack.


Ether Chart
*Note: Amount of pts needed for upgrade in paranthesis.*

                     |--Healing Dew(240)--Purifying Storm(900)--Best Ally
Protective Wear(120)-|
                     |                |--Flame Wings(400)--Supreme Judgement
                     |                |
                     |-Ice Wings(280)-|                      |-Cataclysm
                                      |-Lightning Wings(620)-|
                                                             |-Light & Wings

Ether Analysis
*Note: The first number in the paranthesis is the weight. The 2nd is EP Cost.
       For example, (3/10) means the ether has a weight of 3 and a casting
       cost of 10.

Protective Wear(1/4): Not too useful.

Healing Dew(2/6): Useful early on, but is overshadowed by Medica All later.

Ice Wings(1/4): Pointless. Stick with techs.

Flame Wings(1/4): See above

Lightning Wings(1/4): See above

Purifying Storm(2/6): Not as useful as it sounds, since enemies almost never
                      use statuses on everyone. Not bad if you have the extra

Cataclysm(4/12): The description says "Resets attack & wait time". I'm not too
                 clear on what this means.

Light & Wings(4/12): Pretty useful against enemies that boosts up. A few of the
                     late bosses do this.

*You can't transfer the following ethers.

Best Ally(8/50): It's certainly quite powerful, the casting cost and weight
                 are prohibitive, IMO. You pretty much need the Angel Ring or
                 the extracted skill to use this.

/Tech Attacks/

S = Single
A = All
N = Near
F = Far

(Under Construction)

3.6 Jr.

(Under Construction)

+ Section 4: Monster Analyze List +

Keep in mind that all points are distributed among your active living party
members. So if an enemy gives 15 exp, and there are three people in your
party, each person gets 5 exp. The same with T/E/S pts.

4.1 KOS-MOS Simulator
Note: Drone M, F, and Attack Drone appear only before you defeat Drone SPX.
Drone G1, G2, and G3 appear only afterwards.

Attack Drone - L 80, 13, 4, 2, 4, -/-
Drone SPX L 280, 18, 0, 16, -/med kit s

-Drone M
-Bio <-> 50hp
-Weakness: Fire
-Exp 7                       T. pts 2
-Money 0                     E. pts 2
-Rare Item: Med Kit          S. pts 2
-Item: none

-Drone F
-Bio <-> 68hp
-Weakness: Fire
-Exp 8                       T. pts 2
-Money 0                     E. pts 2
-Rare Item: Med Kit          S. pts 2
-Item: none

-Attack Drone
-Mech <-> 80hp
-Weakness: Lightning
-Exp 13                      T. pts 4
-Money 0                     E. pts 2
-Rare Item: none             S. pts 4
-Item: none

-*Mini Boss* Drone SPX
-Mech <-> 280hp
-Weakness: Lightning
-Exp 40                      T. pts 18
-Money 0                     E. pts 0
-Rare Item: Med Kit          S. pts 16
-Item: none

-Drone G2
-Gnosis <-> 60hp
-Weakness: Beam
-Exp 8                       T. pts 2
-Money 0                     E. pts 4
-Rare Item: Ether Pack       S. Pts 0
-Item: none

-Drone G1
-Gnosis <-> 82hp
-Weakness: Slash
-Exp 10                      T. Pts 2
-Money 0                     E. Pts 2
-Rare Item: Ether Pack       S. Pts 0
-Item: None

-Drone G3
-Gnosis <-> 130hp
-Weakness: None
-Exp 20                      T. Pts 4
-Money 0                     E. Pts 0
-Rare Item: Med Kit          S. Pts 0
-Item: None

-*Boss* Drone GX
-Gnosis <->420
-Weakness: Slash
-Exp 100                     T. Pts 24
-Money 0                     E. Pts 12
-Rare Item: None             S. Pts 8
-Item: Ether Pack S

4.2 Woglinde

-Gnosis <->180hp
-Weakness: Spirit
-Exp 40                      T. Pts 6
-Money 0                     E. Pts 0
-Rare Item: None             S. Pts 0
-Item: Ether Pack

-*Mini Boss Cyclops
-Gnosis <->560hp
-Weakness: Lightning
-Exp 560                     T. Pts 30
-Money 800                   E. Pts 16
-Rare Item: None             S. Pts 24
-Item: SMG99AG

-Gnosis <->90hp
-Weakness: Slash
-Exp 30                      T. Pts 3
-Money 0                     E. Pts 4
-Rare Item: Ether Upgrade A  S. Pts 0
-Item: None

-Gnosis <->240hp
-Weakness: Slash
-Exp 110                     T. Pts 8
-Money 0                     E. Pts 8
-Rare Item: None             S. Pts 4
-Item: Ether Pack S

-Gnosis <->100hp
-Weakness: none
-Exp 50                      T. Pts 3
-Money 0                     E. Pts 3
-Rare Item: Med Kit S        S. Pts 3
-Item: Revive

-*Boss* Minotaur
-Gnosis <->920hp
-Weakness: Beam
-Exp 720                     T. Pts 42
-Money 0                     E. Pts 30
-Rare Item: Skill Upgrade Z  S. Pts 12
-Item: Skill Upgrade A

[The rest are under construction]

+ Section 5: Other Stuffs +

5.1 Random tips that doesn't belong anywhere else

A. READ THE MANUAL. Too many people fail to grasp the importance of the
instruction manual. It has more info than you might think.

B. This is fairly obvious, but you might not be too aware of it. Basically, you
will see many vaporizable canisters in the game. Blowing them up will affect
enemies caught up in them. Here are the effects that's listed in the game.

/Red - Flames/

Field: Stop
Battle: Boost +1

Comments: The BEST kind. Boost +1 pretty much gurantees finishing off the
enemies before they attack. This, of course, doesn't include the possibility
of counter boosts.

/Yellow - Electrocute/

Field: Slow
Battle: +Critical

Comments: I never did get too much of an extra critical boosts while fighting
in these conditions. So not too sure about this bonus. The 'slow' stat for on
the field is pretty much the same as stop. They move way too slow to matter,
unless you need to get through a small amount of space.

/Purple - Sprinkles?/

Field: Nothing
Battle: Skill Lock

These only appear by enemies where Skill Lock is useful. So not too bad here.
Note that the Field effect seems to be not true. The enemy tends to do the
'yawn' motion continously while in this field. So you can get past them quite

C. Another obvious point. Try killing enemies in the 'Point Bonus' slot of the
Event Slot(read manual for details). This is especially important in boss
battles, since you get massive amount of tech/ether/skill pts from them. It's
actually easier to do than you might think, provided the enemy isn't too hard.
The rewards are very well worth it.

D. In boss fights, the event slot should always be utilitzed to your advantage.
Basically, do your best to give the boss the 'Point Bonus' and 'Nothing' slots,
while taking the important 'Critical' and 'Boost' slots yourself. This can be
done by boosting. And you can start off by using Boost 1 on someone.

E. Skipping battle animations: Some ethers/techs in this game have cut-scenes
during their attack. If so, you can skip them by pressing the start button.
This is very useful if you like to use the Erde Kaiser to level up, since
it's a long animation sequence.

F. Bravesoul is an incredibly cheap item. Those who have played Xenogears would
be familiar with its counterpart, the Power Crisis. It raises the character's
attack power as his/her HP lowers. Jr. is the best character to use this, s
since he has physical all-attack and long range physical techs.

G. Avoiding battles. Anyway, the enemies in this game are easy to dodge if you
know how. First of all, they can't see if you're behind them. They're also
fairly blind. However, they're NOT deaf. Running will make a nice big sound
for them to track. So walk by them. If you walk, you can practically be next to
them and not be noticed. Finally, most(if not all) enemies tend to slack off
during their guard duties. So when it does that, even running will not cause
them to come running after you.

H. Commander's Crest + Double Buster is a very powerful combo in boss fights.


[Come coming as soon as I can think of them...]

5.2 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you use W-Act?

A: First you need to equip the same weapon in both hands. This weapon must have
the ability to W-Act(read the description). Finally, you need 6 AP. Guarding is
the easiest way to build up the AP.

Q: Where are MOMO's transformations?

A: The first one is in the Cathedral Ship. It's near the beginning. Read that
part of the walkthrough for details. The second one is in the Song Of Nephilim,
2nd tower. Take the Northeast door from the save point. You need MOMO to be
leading the party to get these ethers.


5.3 My thoughts on Xenosaga and this walkthrough

Unlike most walkthroughs, the nature of mine really prevents me from discussing
stories, characters, and other non-gameply issues regarding Xenosaga. This is
kind of annoying, because I love Xenosaga. Otherwise, why else would I spent so
much time writing this walkthrough? This is a popular game, so even if I don't
write anything, visitors of the site still has many others to choose from. The
following are just some comments.

I first played Xenogears two years ago, buying it at the urge of friends. I
absolutely loved the game. However, I also felt annoyed at the game. It was
not polished. The story was not fluid. Many parts seemed cut out. Basically,
it seemed like reading a great story, but only the rough draft version. Not the
final copy.

Suffice to say I was pretty ecstatic when Monolith announced that Xenosaga is
coming out. I pre-ordered my Xenosaga(the first time I pre-ordered ANYTHING in
my life), and got it on the first day. Started playing in the afternoon. I
immediately fell in love with it. Xenogears was like reading a book, but
Xenosaga was like watching a movie. It was amazing. Sometimes I would get lost
in the middle of the cutscenes, forgetting that I'm playing a game.

Overall, this game did not disappoint me at all. I was surprised because I had
such high expectations. It's not so much that Xenosaga met all my expectations,
but that it made me forget my expectations. This might sound weird, but it
makes sense. My expectations all came from my experience from Xenogears. So I
pretty much made a mental list of what I wanted in this game, in respect to
Xenogears. But after playing for a while, I immediately stopped thinking about
Xenogears. I found this to be a different game, with its own ups and downs.
Once I got over the 'comparison', Xenosaga became one of the most enjoyable
games I've ever played.

I got the idea of writing this walkthrough fairly soon after I began playing.
I wanted to write a walkthrough because of my past experiences with them.
Specifically, the fact that RPG walkthroughs like to put way to much spoilers
in regards to story events. I didn't know how the other walkthroughs here
would turn out(they actually do look pretty good as I write this), but I wanted
to give people a spoiler-free walkthrough just in case.

In this regards, I sincerely hope that I have succeeded. I wish people like the
fact that my directions are very simple. That I did not ruin your enjoyment of
the story. Because that was my original intent. Granted, this walkthrough has
since expanded due to many e-mails asking for more optional stuffs. But the
main walkthrough has not changed in its nature.

5.3 Credits

Thanks to jetfuel's Massive guide on Gamefaqs. It helped me out with many
small details that I would've never found myself, like the segment addresses.

Also thanks to EChang's Email FAQ at Gamefaqs. I just hope he'll update it one
of these days to correct his mistakes, though.

Thanks to flybri for letting me use his drill/slots guides.

Thanks to all others who have contributed. You have indeed made my life much
easier. Even small contributions help.

Thanks to the gamefaqs board, where there are many gamers much better at this
game than I.

Thanks to CJayC for this great website.

Of course, I thank Monolith and Namco to make this great game, but curse
them at the same time for only providing 1/6 of the story. *Sighs* I'll be
so old when episode 6 comes out... :(

[The End]

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