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FAQ/Walkthrough by cnick

Version: 0.7 | Updated: 08/18/03

   ###  ###                     .%%'.@@%%.
   ###  ##.                      ,'''%'%'
   ### ###   ,###.   ##  ##% . .###%.@''.###,.   .####    ##  ###   ###@
   ### ##   #######  #######  #######..#######  #######. #######. #######
   ### ##   ### ###  #######  #######..#######  #######. #######. #######
   ######  #### ### @### ###  ### ###..###.###..###.###  ### ###  ### ###
   #####@  #######, ###  ### #### ###,,#####    ,######. ### ###   ######
  @## ###  ### .    ### ###. ###  ##%,.. ####  ###  ##% %## .### ### .###
  ### ### .### ### .###.###..### ###..### ###  ###.###  ### @##@ ### ####
  ### ### .### ### .###.###..### ###..### ###  ###.###  ### @##@ ### ####
.###  ### #### ### .###.###  ### ###..### ###  ### ###  #######. ### ###.
 ###  ###  ######  ,###.###  ######,@.######   #######      ###  #######.
            .#@.                 ,.%%@,.#               ###.###
                                 %#@@@@@#               #######


               Xenosaga: Episode One: Der Wille zur Macht
                    FAQ / Walkthrough   Version 0.7
                     by cnick (seamanci@yahoo.com)
                        "We are as goddddds!"

                    Last Updated: August 18th, 2003

Newest versions of this guide can be found ONLY at:
                                    www.gamefaqs.com and faqs.ign.com

Copyright 2003 cnick.

table of contents

      3.1   encephalon: kos-mos' head
      3.2   woglinde
      3.3   gnosis attack
      3.4   asteroid pleroma
      3.5   welcome back to the elsa
      3.6   u-tic bs ^_^ / dock colony
      3.7   cathedral ship
      3.8   kukai foundation (part 1)
      3.9   encephalon: miltia
      3.10  kukai foundation (part 2)
      3.11  song of nephilim
      3.12  proto merkabah

      4.1   robot academy
      4.2   great joe
      4.3   mintia
      4.4   segment address locations
      4.5   e-mail

      5.1   poker
      5.2   slots
      5.3   drilling
      5.4   xenocard

      6.1   introduction
      6.2   starting off
      6.3   adding a third character
      6.4   the last straw

      7.1   items
      7.2   equipment
      7.3   a.g.w.s. equipment
      7.4   characters
      7.5   controls
      7.6   game play
      7.7   story


  1 .   I N T R O D U C T I O N   /   U P D A T E S

Introduction  ___________________________________________________________

Well, it's about damn time we got this. Brilliant story, character depth
up the kazoo, and mind-boggling real-time graphics. Prequel/Sequel or
not, it's good to be back. And finally, an episode one we geeks can be
proud of.

I'll do my best to keep the game spoiler-free. So, if the walkthrough
seems like it's jumping around, it's mostly likely because there was one
huge cut scene after another between game play moments. Nonetheless, it's
not going to be hard for anyone to glance at the guide, notice someone's
name missing, and put two and two together. Oh well. Shame on you for
looking too far ahead.

I took quite some time to get done with something I'm satisfied with, but
here it is. Full walkthrough, close to full monster list, all secrets
explored, etc. But, only Version 0.7? There's minor things that need to
be worked on, as well as strategies for the optional bosses. Considering
the quality of the strategies already out on GameFAQs, I just want to
get this thing done.

Lastly, the MAXING STATS section is simply a guideline on how to do it.
I should get to strategies for bosses in certain parts of the game. Since
you're stuck with relatively low levels, you'll need the help getting
through some bosses (most notably the gargoyle...).

Also, if you see multiple question marks after something, either I'm not
sure what items are there, or I'm not sure if you get that item at this
location. Substitute item for monster every now and then.

I'd appreciate any e-mail to correct mistakes, add your opinion on
something, contribute something I've missed, etc. Feel free to e-mail me
about it, or make your own guide to compensate for my crappiness. I'd
prefer you contribute though. Also, if I don't reply to your e-mail, its
because your question is in the FAQ, or I simply don't care.

Updates  ________________________________________________________________

Version 0.7 (August 18, 2003)
 - Added solution to puzzle in Song of Nephilim. Thanks to all who sent
   in the correction!
 - More questions in FAQ
 - Added two missing items in Encephalon.

Version 0.6 (April 20, 2003)
 - More quotes added.
 - Minor revisions on walkthrough done (for the most part).
 - Rare item drops for ALL bosses.
 - If there ever is a next update, everything missing should be

Version 0.5 (April 11, 2003)
 - Minor revisions up to Dock Colony.
 - Work added in the APPENDIX section.
 - Work going to slow down a bit; I haven't received e-mail about any
   huge errors, so I assume the walkthrough is okay. There's some
   uncomplete sections, but they're mainly non-essential stuff. I'll get
   to it eventually, but I'm definitely going to take my time.

Version 0.4 (April 7, 2003)
 - Maxing stats section added.
 - Spell-checked up the MO-FO.
 - Minor revisions up to Plemora in walkthrough.
 - Can anyone get a list of quotes for the characters I'm missing? I'll
   get to it eventually, but I'd appreciate the help!

Version 0.3  (April 4, 2003)
 - Slowly, but surely. Since other authors were working faster than me,
   I decided not to bother updating until I finished the walkthrough.
 - Revising the walkthrough, and getting into more depth with my
   explanations are future revision material.

Version 0.2  (March 4, 2003)
 - Walkthrough through midway on Elsa. Other sections developed. Just
   want to keep guide up with other ones available.

Version 0.1  (February 28, 2003)
 - Walkthrough started. Merely a small version to get the guide posted,
   and to get contributions open.

  2 .   F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S
(spoilers below, of course)

Q: Is this game good?

A: Xenosaga is a story-intensive game, with cut scenes progressing the
plot. If you don't like that, you won't like this game. It's as simple as
that. Seriously. Stop e-mailing me about it.

- - - - - - - - - -

Q: After I have control of Shion with KOS-MOS in my party, I got lost.
Where do I go?

A: From where you originally take control of Shion, take the southern
route. Yeah, it's nearly impossible to know there's a path down there,
unless you risk touching the gnosis. And despite how the scenes end with
KOS-MOS, she IS in your party.

- - - - - - - - - -

Q: I have absolutely no money. What do I do?

A: Poker, baby. Scroll down to the poker mini-game section. To sums
things up, this is high-stakes poker, without the high-stakes. Within a
good hour, you should be damn close to 300,000G. And we like to be at
300,000G now don't we?

Slots are faster, but they also take practice. If you don't have the
patience to take an hour of your time to learn how to score big, just
stick with poker.

Lastly, if you don't want to play any of the mini-games, go to Miltia
through the E.V.S. The enemies you fight when the search-lights fight
you give off 1600G each time. At a decent level, you should be able to
kill these guys in under 2 minutes (if even that). While not as quick
as playing poker or slots, they do give off a decent amount of cash.
This is also a great place to get T. pts as well, so you'll be leveling
up in the process.

- - - - - - - - - -

Q: Where's the best place to gain tech points, without gaining much

A: The best place in the game is the A.G.W.S. simulator on the Woglinde.
Unfortunately, Shion is the only one with access to it; which sucks
a lot, because you could get about 200 t pts for 40 experience. Now
that's nuts! the DOMO-A enemies onboard the Elsa give a decent amount.
Unfortunately, even with multipliers, they don't give TOO much. I can't
seriously comprehend someone staying there for 100s of hours ^_^ The
searchlight enemies in the beginning of Miltia is arguably the best place
to gain tech points. By then, you should have access to all the swimsuits
in the game, so you'll gain 25% more. The enemies go down fairly fast; it
doesn't take much to kill them all in one shot. Battles should give you
anywhere from 40-200 tech points, depending on the multiplier. Once you
can kill them on one shot, each battle only takes one minute. Even with
the worst possible luck, that's still 2400 tech points in an hour. Not
fricking bad!

- - - - - - - - - -

Q: Certain accessories can only be stolen by a boss. Can I go back
through the EVS to get the item if I originally missed the item?

A: Unfortunately, no. Luckily, most of the "good" accessories are found
elsewhere. So don't fret if you missed a couple of items (like the
Commander's Crest) because you didn't steal from the boss. Still, I
recommend stealing no matter what as early as possible; they do carry
some decent items.

>Will add to this ;) <

  3 .   W A L K T H R O U G H

Let me take a moment to explain the enemy data. Along with their name,
HP, experience, and item they drop, I've also put down the amount of
technique, ether, and skill points they give. So, technique points is
abbreviated T - (# of points).

Although I'm missing many of these for most enemies, the item description
should be seen as   name of item / name of rare item. The rare item can
either be gotten by stealing, or simply by random chance at the end of
battle. The only item that can increase your chance of receiving the
rare item is the Thief Ring. Obviously, you should steal whenever you
want to rare item. I'd like a confirmation on this, but if you steal,
and just get the normal item, you're okay. You'll get the rare item at
the end of the battle.

Lastly, the Segment Addresses and Decoders don't always "fit" the
storyline. Meaning, you'll need to use the EVS to return to an area you
have previously visited. In the walkthrough, if you aren't able to have
the decoder for the door yet, I'll simply mention the door. The SIDEQUEST
section makes it fairly clear on where each door and decoder is, so it
shouldn't be too hard to go back to open those last doors.

  3.1  encephalon: kos-mos' head

You first take control of Shion in a 'Virtual Tutorial', where you can
learn the basics about Xenosaga. First, I recommend getting used to
circle as accept, and X as cancel. God, why can't RPG develops just
keep the same control settings. Seriously, it's a weee bit annoying if
you ask me.

When you're ready, walk up to the guard, and you'll enter your first

3x Drone F. 68 HP (B) / 8 EXP
T-4 E-2 S-4
Note: weak against thunder;
Item: Med Kit

As any tutorial is, this is extremely easy and I'll leave it at that.
Unless you're familiar with this game through the import or demo, I
highly recommend spending the time to understand the battle system. Of
course, like any decently set-up battle system, you won't "fully"
understand it until you get some more experience with it.

After your first battle, talk to KOS-MOS and say you want to go into
real battle. Allen will beam you up. You'll fight a Drone F, Drone M,
and an Attack Drone. The latter two are new enemies.

Attack Drone. 80 HP (M) / 13 EXP
T-2 E-2 S-2
Note: T, E, and S are abbreviations for their respective points. So, T-2
means the Attack Drone gives a total of 2 Technique Points;

Drone M. 50 HP (B) / 7 EXP
T-2 E-2 S-2
Plus Drone F, and Drone M.

As the game says, Drone F can attack both Shion and KOS-MOS, so take him
out first. Experiment with the different types of attack, getting used
to the battle system. These battles are easy for a reason people.

     4 0 0   L E V E L   P R O G R A M

ITEMS FOUND IN AREA: 3x Med Kit S, Med Kit, Revive, Ether Pack

To begin with, head west towards the ladder and go up (to get off, move
to the right). As you approach the door, lock onto the detonation box,
and blow up the door pressing Square. Apparently you aren't affected
by the blast, no matter how close you are. The red detonation box will
explode on the guard, gives Shion and KOS-MOS +1 on their boost rating.
Grab the Med Kit S's from the chest. Go back down the ladder, and
approach the big machine.

Go north towards the Red truck. Blow it up, and follow the new path
heading south. Go inside the door/opening, and you'll automatically
grab a Med Kit.

You can use the yellow box to slow the Attack Drone. You can pass the
second by simply running into the warehouse.

Walk up the stairs, and follow the path past the red box, which you can
use against the guard. Nevertheless, head south at the red box, and
blow up the container blocking your way from precious treasure in the
next screen, a Revive!

Head back to the catwalk, and open the door to your left by pressing
circle. Walk forward, and you'll automatically run into a Drone SPX.
You'll receive instructions about using A.W.G.S. On a side note, KOS-MOS
is one bad-ass. Doesn't need to use a fricking gear... I mean A.W.G.S.

Head southeast, and down the ladder.

In this new area, blow up the containers to your right, and grab the
Ether Pack and 2 more Med Kit S. Blow up the old machine, and you
gain access to Segment Address No.10. Can't do anything with it now
though, as you aren't able to get the Decoder for this door for quite
some time.

Run past the fork lift, take out the container, and we've now witnessed
Xenosaga's monster-in-a-box. Darn those tricky things.

Drone G1. 82 HP (M) / 10 EXP
T-2 E-2
Note: Have a high defense;
Item: Ether Pack x1

Now, go up the ladder and head east through the door. Grab the mission
key off the desk, and blow up the shelf that was blocking the door you
originally past. Now you can use this door if you wish by unlocking it.
And you should wish to go through it. Continue right, head down the
stairs, and take out the machine guarding the door. Press circle on
the red button on the right side of the door.

Drone GX. 420 HP (G) / 100 EXP
T-24 E-12 S-8
Item: Ether Pack S.

Use physical attacks. KOS-MOS should tear this guy a new one. Make sure
you finish off this guy with the points bonus shown. 24 tech points
times 2,4, or 10 is very nice this early in the game.

With that, we're gone from virtual reality.

  3.2 woglinde


You retake control of Shion in the main research area of the ship for
KOS-MOS. Everyone has a few different things to say (as in, talk to them
at least three times!) but nothing too important. The man "repairing"
the Encephalon will allow you to go back to the V.R. world you just
came from. If you go back, you can see you can leave immediately, as
a save-point type thing hovers next to you, with the word "exit" on it.
Since you have your next objective (head to the bridge), exit through the
door to the east when you're done.

     A   L O N G   W A L K

The path to the bridge involves some running, and talking, and some more
talking. Secondly, you don't have much help, as you will run into only
two consoles that give you a map of the ship - so you can get lost fairly
easily. Still, the ship isn't too complicated.

On a side note, anyone with decent ASCII map making skills, or someone
just with a digital camera, please either send it to me, or post it on
gamefaqs.com. I'm sure it would help countless people!

With that over, I'll do my best to help you get through. But in all
seriousness, it's hard not to get lost, and not find your way back to
where you need to go.

In this first corridor, hit the console on the north wall, and take a
glimpse of the Woglinde's interior. Impressively ugly. Head south
and you'll receive a piece of e-mail. Alright. And what's up with the

Continue on the straight-forward path, and you'll run into some guy
who calls Realians slackers, and Allen, who has some stuff you forgot.
How nice of him ^_^ Continue north, and you will receive word that the
Realian maintenance area needs your help. Dang. But first, you need to
pick up something in your quarters. Continue north, and take the last
door on the right, just because the lounge/lobby type area. The
maintenance data is on the computer. You may also rest on your bed,
and save on the Zohar-looking device next to it.

You should receive an e-mail from Miyuki. Ah, thanks. Once out of your
quarters, head south, and take your first left, into the Realian
Maintenance Area. Once your chat with the doctor is done, talk with all
the Realians on those crazy beds. Eventually, you'll get some more
scenes in the area.

     W H A T ?   W E ' R E   N O T   D O N E   Y E T ?

Well, he's sure nice. As you attempt to take the eastern exit, "supplies"
block your way. I say "supplies" as that's got to be the smallest
package of supplies to block your path I've ever seen. Shoot, Shion
could've step over them. Too bad she doesn't have that handy-dandy
blow stuff up gun (Vaporizer Plug-in). So, because of this little
distraction, run to the north door, and open it.

Another fairly long passage meets you. I'm not exactly sure what brings
up e-mails, but I ran north, and went into the little semi-circle room
to your left, and I received a second e-mail from Miyuki. Continue
going north, and you'll meet with Sergeant Swaine, who talks of unlocking
secret doors we've run into. Nice. Walk east, through the door, and
walk into the elevator to the bridge.

After the commander gives you a lecture, walk up the ramp to Captain
Moriyama, and give him your report. He suggests you get some rest, so
let's head back to your quarters. Unfortunately, Miyuki disrupts our
fun, and has a package in the A.G.W.S (pronounced "eggs") Hanger. So,
back down the elevator, head west, than north past Swaine. You'll
run past two guys -- don't bother with them yet. As you get to the top
of the room, head west, but the two soldiers will interrupt you, and
offer to play a game of tag. Accept their offer.

This tag game is real easy. Run north, and lead the guys to the right
or left of the square block around you. Basically, this allows you to
switch directions, and you can run straight down to pick up a Med Kit.
After that outrageous fun, go back to where the soldiers stop you (as in
north from them, than west). Follow the simple path, until you run into
the A.G.W.S Hanger. Take the left office, and talk with the man sitting
at the desk. He has your package from Miyuki. Your gun! Go inside the
rest of the Hanger, and talk with the man next to the A.G.W.S. at the
very end. He'll ask you if you want to enter the A.G.W.S. simulator.
You fight the Drone SPX, which is a great source for tech points for
Shion this early in the game. You also get Shion "in-sync" with
KOS-MOS by increasing your stats (like VIT, EATK) by using tech points.
Check the beginning of the MAXING STATS section in this guide to get
more information about this.

Drone SPX. 280 HP (M) / 20 EXP
T-18 S-16
Note: weak against lightning;
Item: Med Kit

Now, back to your room. Leave the hanger, head east, and take the first
south passage, and take another eastern path when you see Swaine. From
the elevator room, walk south, through the mini-lounge area, to your
room. Easy, huh? Go to your bed, and rest for the night. I highly
recommend saving.

  3.3 gnosis attack

I think it's safe to assume this is one of the coolest hour or two of
video game experience ever.

The Gnosis are making a guest-appearance on the show, KOS-MOS is freaking
out, and Cherenkov has gone nuts. What’s a girl going to do? Save your
project, that's what.

     V A P O R I Z E   M E

Robot Part Right Arm, SMPS3AG, 2x Ether Pack, Med Kit, 2x Bio Sphere,
5x Revive, Med Kit S, Ether Pack S, 2x Escape Pack


Goblin. 180 Hp (G) / 40 EXP
T - 6
Note: shion's ranged weapons own;
Item: Escape Pack

Gremlin. 100 HP (G) / 50 EXP
T-3 E-3 S-3
Item: Revive, Med Kit-S

Golem. 240 HP (G) / 110 EXP
T-5 E-5 S-2
Note: use physical attacks;
Item: 2x Ether Pack

Manticore. 90 HP / 30 EXP
T-3 E-4

Outside your room, you're hijacked by two, very large gnosis.
Unfortunately, someone just closed off your escape. Attempt to fight
them, and Shion simply takes you out. It's no contest -- you need
to run. With some quick thinking, Shion escapes, and we're free to move.

A little warning to begin this. DO NOT FIGHT THE GNOSIS. They're are
literally unstoppable, talking off 9999 damage off you on one hit. Yeah,
they mean business, and it’s no fun to die

In the next room, quickly run to the eastern passage. The gnosis should
run after you. That's okay. You'll come up to two switches that close
the door. You obviously want to separate yourself from the creature, so
run past the first switch, and hit the second. Moving on to the next
corridor, run straight up. As you approach your enemy, take a sharp
right, behind a console, and hit the red switch. This triggers an image
opposite you, and it distracts the gnosis. Quickly head north to escape
the madness.

Our third encounter is fairly easy. Run around the S-corner, make the
gnosis chase you, and enter the door. As you stand right next to the
window, you can see the monster run off... okay. There is a save point,
which I highly recommend using. Also, see the chest through the northern
class room. It contains the DECODER 18, which opens the Segment Address
No.18 you should've run by earlier. If you have forgotten, the door was
near Shion's room. Outside this room, you should also notice the Segment
Address No.16 door. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do to open it

You need the Vaporizer Plug-in, unfortunately, but we're getting that
soon ^_^ .

A lengthy, but beautiful (aren't they all?) scene follows. Once you have
control of Shion again, it's time to rev it up. Follow the corridor (with
the gnosis now gone; apparently he never came back after that 10 minute
cut scene) into a large room. Getting rid of this guy is so blatantly
obvious. Run up the ladder north of you, and press the button on the
wall. The vacuum pulls the gnosis out of the room, and you close back the
door quickly. Head back down the ladder you used, and run southwest.
Unfortunately, there's a car (??) blocking the path. The injured man next
to you mentions getting a Vaporizer Plug-in from the A.G.W.S. Hanger.
Good idea. Take the northwest path, into a small little room.

Outside the hanger, you should see one container and one chest. Walking
to the left of the container, the gnosis should destroy it for you.
Take the 200G. Notice the top gnosis goes around in circles. As he
reaches the top of his path, press R2, and walk behind him. He won't
notice you! Take the chest (2x Veil). Continue following him, and run
off, taking the door into the hanger.

Inside the hanger, run to the right, and the realian mechanic will give
you the Vaporizer Plug-in. Finally. He also offers his goods ^_^
Note: I'll skip using all those zeros the game uses to help your eyes.

Items:                      Accessories:
Med Kit      20G            Uniform     100G
Ether Pack   40G            Protector    80G
Escape Pack  20G
Bio Sphere  120G
Revive       60G

Note: You can go back to the save room a few screens ago and get the
Decoder 18 key.

Leave the hanger, and return to the car blocking you way. Unfortunately,
your tag partner is dead.

     K O S - M O S   =   B A D A S S

Upon entering the next area, you'll see Sergeant Swaine almost dead. He
offers you the Decoder 7 and dies. Enter the red door next to you, and
take the Robot Part Right Arm inside. Continue south, and steal the
Crewman's Key from the dead body. Unlock the nearby door, and grab the
SMPS3AG from the chest. The following door south of you contains a
saving point. Continue south, and we're introduced to some long scenes.

You're automatically entered in your first boss fight.
  Cyclops: 560 HP (G) / 560 EXP  800G
  T-30 E-16 S-24
  Note: weak against thunder;
  Item: SMG99AG

Punish him with KOS-MOS and Virgil, with the rather weak Shion spending
the time to heal. I recommend getting Shion to 6 AP, so she can heal
everyone with Med Kit (or S).

With KOS-MOS leaving absolutely no doubt she rocks, take control of
Shion. With our own personal badass in your party, I recommend taking
out any gnosis you run into. Oh yeah, Virgil is cool too. Not.

Make sure you end this fight in a point bonus, as this guy offers a lot
of tech points. I was lucky to gotten a x10 on this guy; oh yeah.

This first area contains a Ether Pack and a Med Kit hidden in the
furniture next to the door you came through.

You are now left with an important decision. Go through the rest of the
ship, and grab items you missed because you didn't have the Vaporizer
Plug-in or KOS-MOS with you. Also, by going north, you'll come up to the
Segment Address No.18. You should be able to open it as you already have
the Decoder with you. Inside, is a Coat-lightning. Take the southern
passage to continue to the next section of this walkthrough (Johnny,
we're not going to make it). If you're a collectionist freak, head north,
open the doors, and you're back to square one.

Instead of making a very boring walkthrough to go back into each room
to get your missing items, I'll simply list the items you can get. If
the list doesn't impress you, take that southern passage.

Items left on the ship and the gnosis you'll fun into (I imagine I'm
missing a lot :( Unfortunately, not having the Vaporizer Plug-in at the
beginning was a bit stupid):

<obviously needs work>

2x Escape Pack
2x Bio Sphere
5x Revives
Ether Pack
Med Kit S
Ether Pack S

Obviously, there's nothing special to get, so it’s really a choice of how
lazy you are ;)

   J O H N N Y ,   W E ' R E   N O T   G O I N G   T O   M A K E   I T

After heading south once you have KOS-MOS, you'll run into some more
sweet scenes. And I stress the word "sweet." And onto the next boss

  Minotaur. 920 HP (G) / 720 EXP      Total Exp: 1020
  T-42 E-30 S-12
  Note: weak against beam;
  Item: Skill Upgrade S / Skill Upgrade Z

  Sky Fish. 240 HP (G) / 150 EXP
  T-3 E-6 S-2
  Item: Escape Pack

First, get Shion in her A.G.W.S immediately (through the menu). Take the
sky fish out next. They are weak, but slightly annoyances.

Once they're gone, simply concentrate on Minotaur. You can only use
ranged-weapons, but you should average over 250 HP per round between
the two.

With Minotaur gone, the destruction of the Woglinde begins.

After the following scenes, you are given the option to save. Whew.

  3.4 asteroid pleroma

ITEMS FOUND IN AREA: Scope, Ether Upgrade Z, 4x Revive, 100 G,
4x Ether Pack S, 6x Med Kit, 3x Bio Sphere, Master Key, Speed Stim,
8x Med Kit S, Snake Hunter, Thief Ring, Decoder 4 Key, Decoder 11 Key


Mercurio. 640 HP (M) / 150 EXP  200G
T-8 E-10 S-6
Item: Med Kit S.

U-TIC Soldier A. 90 HP (B) / 30 EXP  40G
T-2 E-2 S-2
Note: Ignition kicks ass. Takes them out on one hit;
Item: Med Kit

U-TIC Solder B. 120 HP (B) / 40 EXP  80G
T-2 E-2 S-2
Item: Med Kit

Cyber Crab. 160 HP (M) / 50 EXP
T-4 S-4
Item: Scrap Iron

With everything all said and done, we're left controlling Ziggy on board
the spooky evil Pleroma. Mission: Rescue 100-Series Observational
Realian. Also, I could've sworn some of the camera shots at the beginning
sequence were straight from Metal Gear Solid.

I didn't bother to see what happens, but don't touch the soldiers; I
imagine you go into a fight sequence against three of them (damn, where
do they come from ^_^). At your starting position, head up north, and
take a right towards some containers. The first one you see has a
Scope, the second nothing, and the red cylinder contains 2x Ether Upgrade
S. The scope is worthless to you; you have me to tell you how much HP
each monster/gnosis/soldier has. Wait, I take that back! Knowing exactly
how much HP an enemy is has is very useful. If you want to make sure you
kill them on the Points bonus slot, this will help make sure you don't
accidently kill the guy before the points bonus shows up. Continue
towards the NE section of this large hanger area, and you'll enter a
tunnel via cut scene.

In all honesty, I suggest you skip most of the guards ahead. You don't
have that much healing, and it's usually from simple Med Kits, which only
provide you with 50 HP a pop. Walk east, taking note of where the
soldiers are via your radar. They all follow a simple path around the
blocks of cement separating the room. You CAN use the I-shaped blocks
to your advantage. Go against the 90 degree angle nearest the guard,
and he won't see you. Once you're back on solid, non-echoey ground,
continue on east.

Another room to dodge enemies. Take out the box south of you, and take
2x Revive. Destroy the box north of you, than part of the wall. Don't
go up yet. We need to get something else before we can get everything
this secret hides. Back in the room, I suggest taking a southern route to
your path across this area. At about midway through, there's a nice
safety area to take your time and recalculate your strategies. Also,
there's a box in the middle of the room with the Decoder 11 Key. Grab it,
and continue on. I  recommend getting into at least one fight, just to
get a hang of Ziggy's attacks (i.e. knowing what each attack does).

Above a large church, cross the bridge, into the a new area. Move down
to the crane controls, and hit a switch. The crane will start moving,
and will distract the A.G.W.S. for you.

But, I suggest you go up toe-to-toe with the A.G.W.S. Why? He's not too
hard and he has a nice reward. Pound on him like any normal enemy, using
your spare Med Kit S to heal if you need to. It does take longer than
normal to kill him, but he's nothing special. Killing him gives you the
Decoder 4 Key. Hello?! Run back to the second area with the echoey-floor.
Go up the secret passage, grab the Snake Hunter from the chest, and
destroy some more wall. Open up Segment Address No.4. and go inside.
The Thief Ring is yours! Now, back to where you fought the A.G.W.S.

*NOTE* Apparently this guy is harder than he should. Which is strange,
because you have no problems defeating the Mercurio a little later in
the game. So what does this mean? Unfortunately it means we're going
to have to come back here later in the game through the EVS to take out
this guy. Anyone happen to take this guy out? *END NOTE*

Run down the ladder, and go through the doorway to your right. And you're
finally introduced to your rescuee. Unfortunately, we need a key to get
her. Exit down the ramp, through the doorway, and down another ladder.
Take out the cyber crab and soldier if you want, but there is a chest to your left with 2x Veil.
You get some decent experience from these guys, so it may be worth to
fight them in the long run.

This long narrow path only has one exit. Go to the SE corner and open
the door. In this hallway, first take the first left, and you'll approach
6 containers. To make this simple, I'll number the boxes.

1   2   3

4   5   6

And each box contains:
1 - Revive
2 - 100G
3 - Ether Pack S
4 - 2x Cyber Crab <-- enemy-in-a-box
5 - Med Kit S
6 - Bio Sphere

Fight the cyber crabs if you want. Once you’re done, return to the hall
and enter the door on the right; note, the door on the left is locked
at the moment. Inside, approach the weird looking machine and fight it.

  Gardis M1. 450 HP (M) / 350 EXP
  T-10 S-8
  Note: Ziggy's long-ranged attacks are you best choice with it.
  Item: Med Kit S

  Gardis F10. 60 HP (M) / 5 EXP
  T-1 S-1
  Note: M1 revives two of these every couple rounds. It's debatable
  whether or not it's worth it to take them out. They do decent damage,
  and can be taken out in 2 rounds;

Gardis M1 doesn't attack, and the F10s do decent damage, Take out the
F10s, pound on M1, and than take out the newly revived F10s. Rinse and
repeat. Lightning Fist owns, as any lightning-based attack against
machines does. I higly recommend waiting for the point bonus slot to
show up, so you can get a good amount of tech points.

Once the boss is gone, take the Master Key from the previously hidden
chest. With that in hand, head back to the cell room.

Unlock the door, and MOMO now joins you. The middle and left cell doors
can be open with the master key. The middle cell contains a Save Point,
which the left one has a Speed Stim. Nothing too important, but its
always a good time to save.

I'm not exactly sure what needs to be done here to progress through the
story. If you attempt to go back to the bridge in the church, you'll
run into some A.G.W.S. and soldiers, and you'll back off. This may just
be there to keep you from moving too far out of the wrong direction. So,
if you get stuck anywhere soon, this scene might be the cause. Anyway,
run back to that hall with the locked door on the left; you know, the
one with that led to the boss and the 6 boxes of treasure. Go back into
the right door, and a short scene occurs. With control back, hit the
switch on the console. Bam! The locked door is now opened.

Leave the room, and enter the door, and down the ladder. Unfortunately,
some Gardis F10s are tracking you, but they don't pose much of a problem.
You may even skip most of them to begin with. And I can assure you, these
sewers aren't as pain in the ass as Xenogears' one was. Thank god.

Run allow the linear path. The first container you past has nothing, but
the second one contains a Med Kit. Keep moving (those F10s are coming!)
and walk into the doorway. You should now be in the church you saw from
the bridge. The chest contains a Ether Upgrade Z, and the debris to its
left and right have 2x Ether Pack and an Ether Pack S. These items are
all very helpful!

Leave the church the way you came in. The F10s should have been
restarted, and are way back at the beginning. Continue your western path,
taking out the nearby containers. The top one has a Revive. Get moving
again; you can run on top of the pipes to skip the pits. I highly
recommend doing so. Eventually, you'll approach another box, with a
Ether Pack S, and a ladder. Go up it, and some more scenes will follow,
along with a nice boss encounter.

  Zolfo. 820 HP (M) / 200 EXP  200G
  T-22 E-50 S-16
  Note: weak against thunder;

  Mercurio. 640 HP (M) / 150 EXP  200G
  T-8 E-10 S-6
  Item: Med Kit S.
  Note: Mercurio's are susceptible to MOMO's Sleep Beam ^_^

Wow, this battle may be overwhelming at first. But, have MOMO use her
Sleep Beam on the two Mercurios. With a 100% chance of them going to bed,
this battle gets easy. Add the fact that Zolfo will take off shoot them
to wake them up, taking off 130 HP each time, makes it even easier. Have
Ziggy either attack Zolfo, or give MOMO items to replenish her AP.
This method does take awhile, but it's the only thing you can do.

If you want to take the time, at least kill the Zolfo with the point
bonus slot on. Even just a x2 on the Zolfo give a decent amount of
tech points to MOMO and Ziggy. Of course, I suggest killing them all
to get a total point bonus bananza.

With the A.G.W.S. destroyed, you're surrounded by three blowable boxes.
Two of them contain items: 2x Bio Sphere and 8x Med Kit S. Run up the
the door in the northeast corner of the room. There is a save point
inside. Use a Bio Sphere to replenish health and AP, and to save as well.
Use the north door, and you'll return to the room where your cloaking
gear malfunctioned. Dodge the soldiers as you head west, and into a

  Margulis. 820 HP (B) / 2400 EXP  3000G
  T-58 E-60 S-26
  Note: Story-battle. Okay to die;
  Item: Purple Ring / Red Ring

Recommended Level: 6

To start off -- you don't need to kill Margulis! I highly suggest you do
as the experience and money he offers is well worth the fight. While
your normal attacks are worthless, Ziggy's deathblows do a decent amount
of damage. Cyber Kick is the one you hopefully have leveled up. I found
this did much more damage than Lightning Fist. If you're like me, you
probably had not even touched your Tech points, so I highly recommend
leveling up its attack. For further information on tech attacks, look
under the GAME OVERVIEW section.

Anyway, I noticed a 3 hit combo, ending with Cyber Kick resulted anywhere
from 90 to well over 120 HP off Margulis. Nice. Have MOMO heal, and Ziggy
give her an Ether Pack if you can't afford MOMO to do it herself
(doubtful; Margulis is tough mainly for this high defense and HP).

After defeating/losing to Margulis...


  3.5 welcome back to the elsa

And finally, some peace and quiet.

     S O ,   W H Y   A M   I   D O I N G   T H I S ?

ITEMS FOUND IN AREA: Card Passport, 3x Med Kit, 4x Ether Upgrade S, 900G,
Fiber Suit, 2x Bio Sphere, 10x Ether Upgrade A, Coat-Beam, Disarm Key,
Decoder 10 Key, Spirit Pendant

Before I begin, you don't really have to bother with any of these items.
Heck, even the Decoder 10 gives you some crappy items from the KOS-MOS
simulator. But, DO pick up the 900G floating around. Money is tight for
a almost 10 hours, and you need as much as possible.

Once again, you're back with Shion. Yay. First, take the SW door, which
takes you back to the restaurant. Talk with the robot behind the counter,
and he will give you the Card Passport, which allows you to play
Xenocard. Refer to the respective section in the MINI-GAMES part of this
guide. Return back to the kitchen. Take the NW door, and you should
be interrupted with an e-mail. It's an in-game explanation of the
Environment Simulator (EVS). Interesting concept, no? Just to point it
put, walk north until you get to a door leading to the bridge (nicely
pointed out by the words "bridge" on the floor in front of it). Take
a right, and you'll run into a U.M.N (come on! It's a Zohar thingy from
Xenogears!) save point, with a blue top with the words EVS on it. Look at
the GAME OVERVIEW section if you would like an explanation of how the
whole EVS system works.

There is also a "buy" point next to the save. Hit circle on it, and a
shop menu will come up.

Items:               Accessories:            Cards:
Med Kit      20G     Metal Wear      200G    Starter Set   400G
Revive       40G     Fiber Suit      320G    Card Pack #1  100G
Cure-All     60G     D Unit V2       400G
Antidote    100G     Metal Helment   100G
Nuero Stim   60G     Protector        80G
Escape Pack  20G     Spirit Pendant  400G
Bio Sphere  120G

Before I continue on, I want to add that you can get the Disarm Key from
the south cabin (as if you didn't already notice, the hexagonal buildings
before the bridge hold places to sleep). Enter the south one, and look
for an orange object on the long, arcing couch in the middle of the
room. Examine the area right above the object, and you should receive
the Disarm Key. We will be using this shortly.

Back to your mission: being the commander's slave. Assuming your at the
save point next to the bridge, head back south into the large room, and
go in the elevator to the west.

Once down, take out the shelf next to you, and take the Ether Pack.
Continue on, and go inside the large door to the very right. Inside this
room, there is a 2x Med Kit, and 2x Ether Upgrade S. Go down the ladder
to move on (press circle to go down; only time you have to do this).

*NOTE* From the door with the red light above it, you can also go south,
which takes you to the room outside the A.G.W.S. Hanger. For collecting
reasons, we skip this for now, but I believe its faster to your
objective *END NOTE*

Take the left first, and enter the large catapult area. Blow up all the
containers in the room, and you should have some nice treasure in your

Fiber Suit
Ether Upgrade S.
Along with the location of Segment Address No.14

The Fiber Suit should be equipped immediately for Shion, as this is
definitely better than her uniform (you could have already purchased it

Leave the catapult room, and return to the fork, and head down, across
the bridge. On the south side, go up to the switch, and the bridge will
move (since you have the disarm key; I told ya you would need it soon).
Follow the new path to the Decoder 10 Key. Along with the key, you'll
also find 250G, Spirit Pendant, and a Bio Sphere. Return back to the
south side of the bridge.

Go inside the SW door, into a save room with chaos. Along the
way you should have ran into some crap to blow up. From the catapult, you
should have collected:

Bio Sphere
Med Kit
5x Ether Upgrade A
Decoder 10
Along with the location of Segment Address No.8

Talk to chaos if you want; he has nothing real important to say. Go
inside the right door, and steal Matthew's cargo -- and it's sure a
lot... not. At the end of the room, you can blow up two shelves (that's
what they are, right?) to unveil a secret passage to another room you
originally saw after getting off the elevator. Anyway, the items below
should total to this:

Ether Upgrade S

When you're done doing that, head back to chaos, and go down the door
and elevator. In the Hanger, go down to the door at the bottom of the
room. Take note with this room -- you'll need to come back to it. Run
down to the very bottom, and grab the Coat-Beam.

Run back to the Hanger and walk straight up to the robot. He's our friend
because he sells gear parts. He does sell some cards as an added bonus.

Frame:     VX01-F02   800G
Generator: VX01-G02  1200G

A.G.W.S Weapons:    A.G.W.S. Accessories:         Cards:
SWD21AG   320G      Auxiliary Armor A  100G       Starter Set   400G
SWD34VX   320G      EF Circuit A       200G       Card Pack #1  100G
LG10AG    520G
LG24VX    620G
SMG99AG   440G
SMG32VX   660G
BMP45VX   680G
SMP53AG   480G

Buy a new frame and generator, along with the LG24VX or SMG32VX to
replace your old weapon. Make sure you buy two, so you can use W-ACT.
If I was a A.G.W.S. user, I'd go with the LG24VX, but that's me.

Walk west from the robot, take out the top container to get
5x Ether Upgrade A and go up the elevator, into the door, and meet up
with the commander.

     G L A D   T H A T S   D O N E

Leave KOS-MOS' room, and you'll get a call from the captain to return to
the bridge. Yes, perhaps something more meaningful to do.

I know our relationship is young, but I'm going to rely on you (the
reader) to get back to the bridge. What? Forgot? Okay, here goes a very
simplified version.

Exit the hanger through the NE door, back to the room with chaos. Take
the north door, cross the bridge, take a right at the fork, and go up
the ladder. Upstairs, follow the straight-forward path to the elevator,
back to 1F. Head north to the bridge. Easy, huh?

It seems the captain wants you to go back all the way to the catapult
room. Great. Since you should know the ship fairly well now, I'll leave
it to you to get back there. Inside, walk north all the way to the
console. Long walk, eh? Press the switch, and it appears everything is
working okay -- minus some crazy electricity Shion is apparently too
blind to see. Now if that isn't foreshadowing, I don't know what is!

With that done, move your butt back to the bridge.

     M m m . . .   S P A C E   B A T T L E S   * D R O O L S *

ITEMS FOUND IN AREA: 2x Antidote, Ether Upgrade A, 3x Ether Upgrade S,
7x Skill Upgrade A, 3x Escape Pack, Med Kit S

Enemies in area:
DOMO-A. 150 HP (M) / 80 EXP
T-8 E-2 S-4
Note: ether attacks work well;
Item: Scrap Iron

DOMO-B. 150 HP (M) / 90 EXP
T-8 E-2 S-4
Note: weak against ether
Item: Junked Circuit A

DOMO- . 150 HP (M) / 120 EXP
T-8 E-2 S-2

Sigh, once again, we got to head back to the catapult. Now, why couldn't
the U-TIC have attacked us while we were giving Cherenkov his food. That
would saved time, considering this is our third trip down there.

Basically, you need to make your way back down to the catapult. As you
are progressing through this, you'll go through a couple of scenes that
interrupt your small journey. Once you approach the large area leading
to the catapult, you'll switch perspectives to Ziggy and MOMO.

Inside, you'll face four DOMO-As. You will probably get in three
encounters, as the room is just too big to be able to dodge the enemies.
Also, destroy the boxes/containers again -- they have new stuff!:

2x Antidote
Ether Upgrade A
2x Ether Upgrade S
5x Skill Upgrade A

Leave the catapult, and we will run into Shion and company. I hate games
that force you to do pick teams this early, but you're going to need to
choose three out of five total playable characters. For the record, I
chose chaos, KOS-MOS, and Shion. chaos and Ziggy could go either way.
Ziggy does have a lightning-based deathblow, and WE are facing machines.
But he's also a terribly boring character, with horrible lines, and a
very monotone voice.

*NOTE* If you're maxing stats, this is a good time to get that third
character in-sync with Shion and KOS-MOS. All three of the DOMO enemies
give good tech points, but the DOMO-A's give the best tp/exp ratio. Fight
those guys! *END NOTE*

Run across the bridge, into our infamous save room. While we ARE supposed
to use the south door, pressing the switch next to you will release
the electromagnetic floor trap. While that allows the monsters to walk,
you can walk on the floor and grab some new items. I'll just list'em:

3x Escape Pack
2x Skill Upgrade A
Med Kit S
Ether Upgrade S

With those in your hands, go back into the A.G.W.S Hanger. Dodge/fight
the enemies in there, and go through the southern door, where we meet
the mother ship, the source of our problems. Walk around and go up to
him to engage fighting.

  DOMO Carrier. 1800 HP (M) / 4500 EXP
  T-78 E-18 S-40
  Note: Shion, chaos, can go in their A.G.W.S. strong against physical;
  Item: Anti-Beam Armor

Get Shion/chaos in their A.G.W.S. immediately. Hopefully you upgraded
Shion's when you had the chance earlier, or youy may be fairly weak.
chaos' gear is already upgraded with the latest stuff. KOS-MOS, well,
kicks ass. Her R Cannon deathblow is absolutely deadly. The Carrier can
heal, but you should be taking off well over 600 HP the every two rounds
he does heal. Lastly, make sure you're W-ACTing DOMO Carrier to death,
because W-ACT is the only thing that makes A.G.W.S. worthwhile in this
game. Shion and Ziggy both have a lightning-based tech attack. I found
Shion was much better in her A.G.W.S., but for non-fans of gears, her
lightning attack should do well (as well as Ziggy's lightning fist).

If you don't use A.G.W.S., simply rely on your tech attacks to take
him out. Physical attacks aren't going to cut it, unless their
lightning-based, so rely on your long-ranged attacks. Heal with Shion;
I recommend getting her to 6 AP so that she can use a Med Kit S on
the whole party just in case.

    T H E   G R A N D   T O U R

It's your choice on how much you want to show Ziggy and MOMO. To sum
things up nicely, below are the locations that have different scenes.
They don't really add much to the story, but they may have some affect
with secrets later on (can anyone confirm this; I heard going to Ziggy's
room has an affect. Is that BS?)

Kitchen (??)
Cabin 1 - (North one)
Cabin 2 - (South one)
Catapult room
Save Room just before A.G.W.S Hanger (now, Ziggy's room)
A.G.W.S. Hanger
A.G.W.S Hanger II (where you fought the U-TIC mother ship)
KOS-MOS' room

When your done with whatever you want to do, go into Cabin 2 (Shion and
MOMO's room) and go rest for awhile. Once you go to sleep, you'll have
the option to save your game.

  3.6 u-tic bs ^_^ / dock colony


Enemies in Woglinde:

In the Woglinde, you'll face 2 DOMO-As and 2 DOMO-Bs. Should be easy
pickings for Jr. After your victorious, some more cut scenes will take
you to your next dungeon.

     L E T S   G E T   R I D   O F   T H I S   S M E L L Y   B S

ITEMS FOUND IN AREA: 4x Tech Upgrade A, 2x Med Kit S, Antidote,
7x Ether Upgrade A, 6x Skill Upgrade A. 3x Frame Repair A, Cure-All,
Bio Sphere, Ether Upgrade S, U-TIC Card, No.3 Door Key, Decoder 16 Key,

Enemies in the U-TIC Battleship:
U-TIC Soldier.
U-TIC Soldier -> Zolfo
Gardis M1.
Gardis F10.
Cyber Crab.

There is a save point in the area you get control of Jr. When you’re done
doing whatever you need to do, go down the ramp. Unfortunately, we don't
get to slide down.

Follow down the straight-forward path, and take the first right you come
to. Destroy containers to grab a variety of items, including
2x Tech Upgrade A, 2x Med Kit S, Antidote, and 2x Ether Upgrade A. You
come up to a fork in the road, both leading to some lasers. I recommend
not walking into them -- you're forced into a fight with very weak sauce
U-TIC Soldiers (waste of time). At the fork, you should be able to
destroy something with your Vaporizer Plug-in. You may need to get fairly
close to it. Blow it up, and the right path lasers are destroyed. Good.

Walk past them, and destroy a second generator just below the lasers
still remaining. Bam! Go back, go up the fork, and use the switch at the
end. This unlocks two doors, and opens up a new path. Go down, passing
the first red container on the wall (enemy inside), but blow up the
second one you see, which has a 2x Skill Upgrade A.

Run down, and you'll get ambushed by some U-TIC Soldiers. You can race
down to the red door nearby, and you'll escape any fighting; for now.
Inside the room, there is a box which contains 2x Frame Repair A. Leave
the room, and continue along the corridor, ending with another red door.
A switch inside unlocks and opens the very large, No.4 door. So, you need
to go back there (to the right of the first lasers destroyed). If you
haven't fought those U-TIC Soldiers yet, you're bound to get into at
least one fight. Dang.

Once you're through the newly opened No.4 door, skip past the first red
door you see, head south and enter the door on the left -- a save point
is located here. I doubt you'll need to save, but I'll mention it now
for reference. Leave the room, and destroy the boxes nearby: Cure-All
and a Bio Sphere remain after the destruction. Work your way through the
eastern passage, destroyed a bunch of plants in the process (inside those
plants ^_^: 2x Tech Upgrade A, 2x Skill Upgrade A).

You are now in a long corridor that first goes east, than south, than
back west, with a total of three red doors. Run past the first red door,
and destroy its security generator next to door number 2. Go inside
it, and you'll witness the interrogation of a U-TIC Soldier. Talk with
the two Durandal crew members, and eventually, they will ask you whether
or not #1 (the good cop) or #2 (the bad cop) should talk. This isn't
necessary, but for completion's sake, here's the order:


Yikes. So, talk to the one on the right (#2), then twice to the one of
the left (#1) and so on. Eventually he will squeal (like a pig) that
the No.3 card key is in Captain Magulius' room. Leave the room, and
continue on the path. Destroy a second generator, unlocking red door
number 2. Also, destroy the box on the wall, giving you
5x Ether Upgrade A. Inside the second red door, a U-TIC Soldier will
ambush you. Unfortunately, this isn't as easy as it sounds. After two
rounds, he will go into his own A.G.W.S., a Zolfo! You probably want to
get Jr. in a A.G.W.S. Unlike last time, you should pretty much have a
field day with this Zolfo.

*NOTE* Later in the game, you can return this room and fight Ace Pilot,
and his much tougher A.G.W.S. While you get nothing special, its a nice
place to level up. *END NOTE*

After defeating them, blow up the northeast wall to unveil Segment
Address No.11. Unlock it to get the Coat-Ice.

Leave this room, and go down, take a left, run past the ambush, into
the door at the end.

The door ahead of you has a switch to unlock the No.5 door. Do that.
Leave the room and go down into a large Hanger. A container to your right
has a Cure-All. Before going across the bridge, go down the stairs to the
left. From the right, there are 5 mini-bridges to a A.G.W.S. At the very
end, they all contain a blowable container.

From the right, they contain:
1. Nothing (alerts U-TIC Soldier)
2. Ether Upgrade S
3. 2x Skill Upgrade A
4. nothing
5. Frame Repair A

Go back up the stairs, and across the bridge. You're ambushed once again
here. With the soldiers out of the way, enter the door on the right wall.
Inside, destroy the box, and open the chest to receive the U-TIC Card.
Leave the room and enter Captain Margulis' room to the left. The flashing
thing on the table is the No.3 door key. Head back north, to the No.3
door (where the save room is). Note: A Cyber Crab now stalks the bridge.

Before you get there, go back to the long backwards C-shaped area with
three red doors. The U-TIC Card now unlocks the one on the eastern wall.
Inside the chest, is the Decoder 16 Key.

You probably will be forced to fight him. Once you reach the No.3 door,
enter the red door I first told you to ignore. Go up to the switch on the
left first, then the one on the right, which opens up the door. Go inside
to get a small scene on the bridge.

Press Circle on the north section of the flashing console in the center.
This results in a boss fight.

  Ambix. 1200 HP (M) / 1800 EXP
  T-62 E-16 S-50
  Item: Frame Repair Z / B-MAX Circuit

Literally, just pound on the guy with your A.G.W.S. You shouldn't have
taken too much of a beating with the smaller fights, so you should all
be in good condition. I hate this kind of advice, but that's all that
can be done, really.

With the destruction of Ambix, you return to Shion's story.

     D O C K   C O L O N Y

As you leave the bridge, you should receive an e-mail giving you access
to the U-TIC Battleship in the EVS. If you haven't already, it's
definitely worth to go back to previous dungeons to pick up anything you
missed. Go down to Ziggy's room, and he will join up with you. Head back
to the first floor of the ship. Go to the bridge, but take a left at
the last second. The airlock is located here, which is used as the exit
for the ship.

Outside, head west across the bridge, than south on the ramp. I suggest
going into the store "Talk to Me" which has so much stuff for sale its
not even funny. And more then enough for me to list. I do suggest beefing
up your two gears (unless you've switched it, currently owned by Shion
and chaos), as well as upgrading equipment for at least your three main
characters. Again, I'm using KOS-MOS, chaos, and Shion, so I made sure
they had the best equipment as possible. Also, talk with the little boy
near the sales counter named Tom. He will mention something about a pink
doll. No, you can't do anything with this information yet. But, you'll
save some time by doing this now. Also note that you can go down to the
basement of the store, and discover Segment Address No.2. And like our
pink friend, you got to wait a VERY long time to unlock this door.

If you're running out of money (and you should be), sell some of the
stuff you've collected throughout the game. Items such as scrap irons and
Junked Circuit A are worth a decent amount, and you should have 20 of

Aftering exiting the shop, you can enter the Clinic if you want. There's
nothing exciting inside, but you can talk to a mute girl. There's a short
side quest involving her later.

Once you're done doing that, head down the ramp heading south (if you
haven't already). A scene occurs with Cherenkov, with Hammer looking
on. Work your way down, then take a left, where you run into Hammer.
You'll cut scene your way until its ready to leave.

If you haven't done so already, load up on the new equipment here. We
got ourselves a rather lengthy dungeon, and new upgrades equals a much
easier time. Also, if you haven't ready, save up Tech points to upgrade
a Tech attack to HI speed. For reasons explained in Section 7 of this
guide, you'll want to be able to use a deathblow (Ha!) every round,
instead of having to wait to get to 6 AP.

Back on the Elsa, return to the bridge and tell Matthews you're ready to
leave. Before you actually do leave, head back to the EVS and enter
the KOS-MOS level of the Encephalon. With the Decoder 10 Key in your
hands, you can unlock the door for 2x Booster Pack. Yay. Anyway, back
to the walkthrough. Confirm that you want to leave, and some lengthy
scenes occur. Boo yah!

  3.7 cathedral ship

   I N T O   T H E   L I O N 'S   D E N   ( P A R T   1 )

ITEMS FOUND IN AREA: Antidote, Nightwalker, Bio Sphere, Coat-Fire,
Revive, Cure-All, Revive DX, Tuned Circuit, Ether Pack S, Med Kit S.

Cerberus. 500 HP (G) / 320 EXP
T-12 E-12 S-3
Note: KOS-MOS' ether attacks own;
Item: Med Kit S

Fairy. 180 (G) / 100 EXP
T-3 E-4 S-2
Note: let's get physical, physical...;
Item: Ether Pack / Ether Pack S

Ogre. 800 Hp (G) / 380 EXP
Note: chaos' arrow/angel shot = amazing;
Item: Antidote

At your starting point, save if you wish, and destroy the two
weird-looking things to get an Antidote and Nightwalker. Make your way
through the linear path grabbing the Bio Sphere on a small, dead-end
to your left.  Continue moving, and you'll get to a new screen.
Eventually, you'll run into a piece of Ariadne (our missing planet),
and you'll discuss the implications of everything.

Take the north path, to grab a Nuero Stim from the gnosis equivalent
of a destroyable box.

Back to the fork, keep going right. You'll run into a couple of fights
with Cerberus' and Fairies. They should be no problem. At another fork,
take the upper path that curves around to a sign. Blow it up, and you
gain access to a chest containing a Coat-Fire. Make your way back to
the fork, taking the lower path.

In this next screen, you'll come up with three choices. Up, straight
across, or down. Down is worthless, unless you want to fight...more.
The top path is where you need to go, but going straight across leads to
some items. I say, let’s go for the items. Blow up the debris, which
unveils a ladder you can access. Once on top the building, go across it
to a small section with a few boxes to blow up (Revive, Cure-All). The
main reason you're here is for the Revive DX, which is hidden inside the
wall of the building. Blow it up (northern part), and open the chest.
Easy, huh? Go back across the top, back down the ladder.

The upper path curves around and eventually leads to an elevator. Take it
down (you should see you're where the southern path would have taken
you -- super) and head to the next screen on the right.

When you reach your first set of stairs, go up it and destroy the bridge
that's hanging off the ledge. Put MOMO in your party, and make her your
lead. Look at the back of this platform, at a couple of crates. See the
shiny blue star? Examine it to get her tech. attack Magic Caster, and
Ether spell, starwind.

When you "destroyed the bridge", it conveniently fell to create a bridge
below you. Go back down the stairs, across the bridge, and into a
Mini-boss fight.

Mini Boss:
  Svarozic. 1500 HP (G) / 800 EXP
  T-30 E-15 S-6
  Note: KOS-MOS' R Blade rocks.
  Item: Tech Upgrade Z

While he may first seem intimidating, as long as you been fighting
enemies through the game, this guy shouldn't be a problem. KOS-MOS'
(you DO have her in your party, right?) R-Blade Tech Attack is absolutely
devastating to this guy. chaos' healing dew is an excellent way to heal
your party, especially since Svarozic may attack twice per round.

With Svarozic dead, open the chest to get the Tuned Circuit.

Go back across the bridge, and keep going left past the first set of
stairs you used. The winding path eventually stops at another pair of
stairs.  At the top of this area, you'll run into a newer enemy, the
Ogre. As you approach the waterfall, destroy a rock to get an
Ether Pack S and Med Kit S.

The dungeon quickly becomes very linear at this point (like it wasn't to
begin with). Eventually, you'll be outside a large building (the mall),
with a save and item point. Excellent. There isn't anything new to buy,
but I recommend having some Ether Packs, Revives, etc. if you haven't
been getting those. If you've followed this guide/used common sense,
you shouldn't need to buy anything.

     I N T O   T H E   L I O N 'S   D E N   ( P A R T   2 )

ITEMS FOUND IN AREA: 4x Frame Repair A, 2x Skill Upgrade A, Flower Seed,
1300G, Bio Sphere, 3x Cure-All, Ether Pack S, 2x Tech Upgrade A,
Skill Upgrade, 7x Skill Upgrade A, 2x Ether Upgrade A, Med Kit MAX,
Med Kit DX, Clock Shield, Decoder 9, Rejuvenator, Ether Pack MAX,
Decoder 15, Decoder 9, Robot Part Left Arm


Hydra. 380 HP (G) / 200 EXP
T-5 E-6 S-2
Note: ether works nicely;
Item: Decoder 15 ^_^

Unicorn. 1200 HP (G) / 600 EXP
T-? E-? S-?
Note: physical attacks only;
Item: Unicorn Horn

Lizardman. 420 HP (G) / 260 EXP
T-10 E-3 S-2
Item: Hemlock (??)

Inside the mall, go along the path, and destroy the containers to get
Frame Repair A and 2x Skill Upgrade A. Walk up to your second mini-boss

  Perun. 1500 Hp (G) / 800 EXP
  T-12 E-9 S-24
  Item: Ether Upgrade Z

Simple as last time. R-Blade/Drill and chaos' Angel Wings do good damage,
and end the fight fast.

Go up the stairs and enter the shop through the broken class. Walk up
to the plant (Hydra), and fight it. Go in the back area of the shop, and
pick up the Flower Seed. Leave this small "shop" and enter the doorway to
your left. In this next area, go around the catwalk, destroying the
Cerberus gnosis in your way. Go down the elevator, then up into the room
with large amounts of crates (below the catwalk).

Two words sums up this room: Holy Moly. Along with a new gnosis to fight,
we have more crates here then anyone can count. Okay, maybe that's a bit
extreme, but you get my drift.

And here's the mighty list of items here:

800G, Bio Sphere, 2x Cure-All, Ether Pack S, 2x Tech Upgrade A,
Skill Upgrade, 7x Skill Upgrade A, 2x Ether Upgrade A, Med Kit MAX,
Med Kit DX.

Segment Address No. 13 is here, but unfortunately, we won't get the
Decoder until much later in the game.

After cleaning up the room, return back to the elevator. Go back up,
head south, and exit the mall.

Fall down this crazy-looking slide, to the bottom-most section. Skip
heading left, so go right, then down this enormous path. Fight/skip the
Ogre patrolling, but grab the Revive in the container. Yummie. Continue
on to a fairy, who is guarding another box with a Clock Shield.
Eventually, you'll come to a fork in the road. Take the left passage,
and fight the mini-boss.

  Stribug. 1500 HP (G) / 1800 EXP
  T-30 E-60 S-12
  Item: Skill Upgrade Z

Yawn. You know the drill.

Defeating Stribug leaves a chest with the wonderful Decoder 9. Head back
to the main path, taking another left. Destroy the wall, and take the
Rejuvenator from the chest. Back at the main path, you'll run into some
rocks. Blow them up, and take 500G and a Cure-All. Forget going right,
unless you want to go back to the mall. Further north leads to the
"center" of the ship. After finishing the scene, open up the door, and
you enter the tower.

Watch out for the Lizardman. While they pose no real threat, you need to
take them seriously. Ether-based attacks work well -- KOS-MOS can take
one out of her own. Have your other two characters work together to take
out another one. These guys can hurt you if you beat them up. Poison is
nobody's friend.

A Revive is in a container next to the second lizardman. Go towards the
western wall, taking 2x Frame Repair A and a Ether Pack MAX from the
weird contraption. Take the eastern passage into a door into a large
elevator area, with a save point.

Destroy the two yellow things, than destroy debris covering a hidden door
to the left of the elevator. Inside, you'll come to a large office room.
A lonely Frame Repair A is left in the plant-like thing near the western
staircase. Take the eastern stairs first. Hit the switch to lower the
ladder, and destroy the two yellow boxes. Go back to the office room,
and take the western stairs, up the ladder, and destroy the final two
yellow thingys, plus destroy the console to unveil Segment Address No.9.

Unlock it to get the Robot Part Left Arm. Return back to the lobby floor
and save.

Enter the elevator, and you'll go down.

In this circular path, you should notice that the three lizardman gnosis
all go around the same direction. So, if you're absolutely tired of
fighting, I suggest you skip'em. The small room on the western part of
the room has a Veil. Other than that, go down to the bottom, than
up the small bridge into the center of the circle. Hit the switch, and
the elevator takes its good old time moving.

Before I continue, I suggest you're all healed up, with Ether at max,
and your A.G.W.S.' all at full health. Go that? Lets go. Run north, and
hit the switch on the console to the right of the door. Go inside the
previously hidden door, and let the fun begin.

  Gargoyle. 3600 HP (G) / 7400 EXP
  T-140 E-120 S-60
  Item: Silver Crown / Commander's Crest

  Oudogogue. 1000 HP (G) / 800 EXP
  T-50 E-50 S-10
  Note: R-Drill combo = 600+HP off
  Item: Frame Repair A / Frame Repair Z

For the love of god, take out the two Oudogogue as quick as possible.
Hopefully R-Drill/Blade is set a HI, so you can kill off both of them in
two rounds (ideally...). chaos' Heavenly Wrath is definitely worthwhile
as well, as you should be awfully close in taking out a Oudogogue in one

With the two Oudogogues out of the way, the Gargoyle is fairly easy. Just
keep on healing, and you should be okay. Hopefully you have Guard Pendant
equipped so the Phys Def Down attack doesn't work (or have the skill
extracted; YOU have been using this, right?)

I don't recommend putting everyone in A.G.W.S., as you're too slow to
heal if needed. I put chaos in, and had him use his W-ACT every other
round, causing anywhere from 400 HP to 600 HP.

If you opt for not using your gears, I recommend only taking out one
Oudogogue. In this case, you keep Gargoyle from powering up too full,
and the damage from the one Oudogogue is really no match for Shion's
Medica All.

Seriously, Monolith Soft can Hell Flash E to, well, hell. But, there's
many ways to successfully take out these guys.

Cut scenes onward.

  3.8 kukai foundation

ITEMS FOUND IN AREA: 2x Booster Pack, 2x Med Kit DX, 4x Ether Upgrade A,
Med Kit S, Casino Passport

     D U R A N D E L

Once you have control of Shion, head across the long bridge to the west
of you. You can talk to your party members, but they don't say more than
a few lines of dialogue and its not too significant anyway.

It appears MOMO has left, and you have no idea. It's our mission to find
her. To make things easier, lets go ahead and go through the Durandal to
get to know her.

There are six different areas available to you through the train. They
    1. Isolation Area (area you are in now)
    2. Residential Area (EVS for Casino)
    3. Park
    4. Bridge
    5. Hanger
    6. Dock (area to get to Kukai Foundation and Elsa)

You get to each area through the large, orange, cylinder-shaped train
you no doubtly have seen or used already. Each of these areas have a
stop area for the train, than a screen or two of the bridge, hanger, etc.
Just to save time, you'll never have to come back to the Isolation Area.

So where do we go? For the record, MOMO is at the Park, but I highly
recommend going to the Residential Area. And I'm not going to take no
for an answer as well. The Residential Area holds the Casino Passport,
your way to getting easy money and upgrading equipment. As you probably
already know, you have no money, and you're going to need it soon ^_^

First make a stop at the Hanger, and you should receive an e-mail to
invest in three companies. Just for kicks, your 6000G leads to:

Company                    Money Earned
Alkimia Industries              24,000G
Hamiltin Heavy Industries       48,000G
Shijima Steel Manufacturing     72,000G

In the Residential Area, you will find mostly a few rooms with some
destroyable containers with some items. Nothing to special, with the
exception of the Casino Passport, the holy grail of items in this game.

*NOTE* With Jr. in your party, you can fight the optional boss Great
Joe, an obvious reference to Xenogears' Big Joe. Although he lacks the
charm and charisma of the original, he does offer some nice rewards for
beating him. Refer to the SIDEQUEST portion of this guide to find out
how to fight him, and how to kill them. It's unlikely you're at the level
and strength to even put up a decent fight, its worth mentioning him
now. For a challenge, see if you can do it! *END NOTE*

You enter the first of two main halls. These halls than separate to
smaller rooms with beds and some items. You can take a left, but there's
nothing in that room, except a bed to sleep on. Take a note of this room,
as you'll need to return here twice.

This is all straight-forward, so I'll simply list the items you should

2x Booster Pack
2x Med Kit DX
4x Ether Upgrade A
Med Kit S
Casino Passport (<----YAY!!!!)

Also, there’s a "buy" point to buy items and gear for your characters. I
doubt you have any money to use, so forget about it. No need to worry
about your lack of funds. The casino should fix that.

Okay, got the Passport? Good, because this is your key to unlocking the
mystery of the question, "Where the hell do you get money in this game?"

Go back to the train, and enter the park. Inside, you'll enter some
scenes where the party struggles to find the courage to kill Mary, as her
voice is absolutely horrible to listen to. With that, you'll need to go
off to your room, the one with the red carpet. As I've already noted, its
the first room in the Residential Area. When you enter the area, take the
first left, and enter. Bang. You're there. You will have the option to
rest some, or stay out a little longer. If you're following this guide,
sleep. If you haven't picked up a single item in this game, please
get the Casino Passport. I simply cannot stress how important this item

Once the Durandal is docked in the Kukai Foundation, head towards the
dock. Go up the escalator, and talk with Jr. Walk through the sliding
doors, and enter the sleek-looking shuttle.

     T H E   C O O K I E   F O U N D A T I O N

ITEMS FOUND IN AREA: PM Card C, Escape Pack, 2x Ether Upgrade S, 1200G,
PM Card B, Decoder 8 Key, Decoder 1 Key, Fish Detector, Engagement Ring

Once you finally have control of Shion again, head right, than up
to exit the beach. Unfortunately, you have a meeting with a couple of
your compadres, so you are delayed a moment. Once on the world map,
I recommend heading to the:

A.G.W.S. Parts Shop and Foundation Robot Academy (FRA)

To your left is a shop with brand new gear parts. And no, you can't
possibly have any money to do, unless you hit payday with your company
you invested. That's cool. You'll soon be able to buy everything.

To the right of the entrance, is a quiz machine. The questions and
answers are:

1.  What is the name of the Parts Shop on the Dock Colony?
            Answer:     Talk to Me

2.  What's the name of the eccentric professor at the Foundation Dock
            Answer:     Professor

3.  What kind of clothing is hanging second from the left on the wall
    at the cleaners?
            Answer:     Smelly-looking purple t-shirt ^_^

4.  Who's all fired up about the drill?
            Answer:     Holgar

5.  What's the name of the girl that can't speak at the Dock Clinic,
    the medical clinic at the Dock Colony?
            Answer:     Luty

And yes, you are correct in assuming I got these all by trial and error.
A PM Card C is your reward for this.

To the left of the shop, you will meet the professor. He's nuts, but
can help you if you've been hunting down the Segment Address doors and
decoders. As long as you have Decoder 16, you're okay -- you can go back
through the EVS and get the treasures these hide. Apparently there is a
bug with the EVS where the game freezes if you attempt to get the Decoder
16 Key if you originally missed it. No worries though! The treasure for
unlocking the No.16 door is not very important. Go to the SIDEQUEST
section of this guide for more information on what the Professor can do
for you.

Leave the Hanger area, and enter City Section 26 & 27 from the world map.
Enter the first shop you see, the Iron man bar. Head towards the
southwest corner of the room, and talk with the lady sitting down by
herself. She will mention that she lost her Engagement Ring. Further
discussion leads to the culprit of the missing ring; a big fish ate it!

That's it for now, so leave the bar and enter the second building to the
left, Our Treasure; the hotel you are looking for. I don't recommend
resting now -- there's plenty of stuff you can, and SHOULD be doing. As
in, gambling! Go to the EVS, and start playing some poker. For more
information on how to earn money up the kazoo, scroll down to the
MINI-GAMES section of this guide.

--------- MISSING ITEMS ---------------
For some extra stuff to do, leave the hotel, and continue going left. Go
up the stairs right next to you, and enter the store called East No.6.
Destroy the car to get the Escape Pack. In the back, destroy two crates
to free a large pink monster. But don't destroy him! Talk with him, and
ask to listen to a Great Story. He reveals a location to another Decoder!
We will deal with this later, so continue on by going up the stairs, and
make your way left. Eventually, you'll find yourself in another house,
the laundry store.

Some destroyable crates include 2x Ether Upgrade S, 1200G, and the
location of Segment Address No.3. Run south, than east up the stairs.
Examine the white tuxedo to get the Fish Detector. Go back downstairs,
up the little stairs and examine the dryer to get PM Card B.

--------- MISSING ITEMS ---------------

Things to buy with all your money you've earned from gambling:

A.G.W.S. Gear, Character gear (for everyone!), items.

With the Fish Detector collected from the Laundry store, leave the City
Sector and head to Gaignun's private beach. Walk up to the beach, and
enter the mini-game. Grab the fishes by pressing circle. Eventually, you
will catch a Big Fish that has the Engagement Ring. Leave the beach,
and return to the City Sector and talk with the lady. She will give you
the Decoder 8 Key in return.

With the information by the large pink guy, head to the Durandal, and
enter the park. On the right side of the area, look for a blue, blinking
star between two trees. Examine it to pick up the Decoder 1 Key.

One final thing before you sleep. You may want to go back through
previous sections of the game to unlock the Segment Address doors. A list
of the ones you should be able to unlock as of this moment are:

        Segment Address No.4 -->  Thief Ring
        Segment Address No.8 -->  Robot Part Left Leg
        Segment Address No.9 -->  Robot Part Left Arm
        Segment Address No.10 --> 2x Booster Pack
        Segment Address No.11 --> Coat-Ice
        Segment Address No.16 --> Stim DX
        Segment Address No.18 --> Coat-Lightning

When you're done grabbing items and gambling, go to the hotel, and talk
with the little girl at the front desk. You will automatically rest for
the night.

NOTE: Talk to Captain Matthews in front of the Elsa to go to Dock Colony
to buy a new gear, the VX-4000 for 50,000G.

With a new day, head to the Elsa. Get to the world map, go to the launch
pad, and enter the shuttle. Once back in the Durandal's docks, go down
the escalator, and head south to a bridge extending to the entrance of
the Elsa. Walk past Hammer, and you'll immediately meet with Allen.


     T H E   E M P I R E   S T R I K E S   B A C K

ITEMS FOUND IN AREA: Equip Item, Armory Key, Decoder 5 Key, MSS540,
Frame Repair Z


Fed. Soldier. 320 HP (?) / 180 EXP    200G
T-6 E-6 S-6
Note: Uses normal machine gun;
Item: Escape Pack

Fed. Soldier. 360 HP (?) / 250 EXP    300G
T-10 E-6 S-6
Note: Uses a grenade launcher;
Item: Escape Pack

Gertzog FE. 580 HP (M) / 360 EXP      400G
T-18 E-3 S-15
Note: chaos owns;
Item: Med Kit DX

chaos immediately gets into a fight with two Federation Soldiers. Take
them out, and you'll regroup with your party afterwards. Decide who you
want in your party (Jr., chaos, and Shion for me) and leave the room.

You'll run into numerous encounters along the way. I won't note how many
Federation Soldiers are in a room simply because its unnecessary and
borderline filler. These guys are easy; I recommend killing the ones you
run into, but don't go all out. They don't offer much experience, and
money isn't an issue anymore.

Outside the room, head right, up, than take another right inside a door.
Grab the Equip Item from the chest, and return to the main hall. Go down
towards the door on the right wall to exit. Follow the linear path, only
to diverge from the it to go into your room, once again (take the left
path just before you run into two federation soldiers. Inside, you can
rest, but destroy the door in the northwest corner of the room to grab
the Armory Key.

Make your way to the train, and head for the Hanger first. Destroy the
Gertzog in your way, and unlock the door just to the right of the main
hanger door. A guy used to block this door, but unfortunately he has been
detained ^_^. Inside, grab the Decoder 5 Key, MSS540, and Frame Repair Z.

Return back to the train, and go to the dock. Strange enough, the
enemies here won't attack you. Run south towards some stairs, fight the
machine, and make your way back to the Elsa through the cargo door (this
is all very linear). Inside, head towards KOS-MOS' room in the Elsa's

Before you enter you room, make sure you've updated all of your
character's gear, as well as upgrading your A.G.W.S. You can still use
the EVS inside the Elsa to gamble, and the machine in the hanger provides
the new equipment first available in the Kukai Foundation.

With all that said, enter her room when you're ready.

  3.9 encephalon: miltia

ITEMS FOUND IN AREA: Coat-Sword, Ruby Helment, 5x Med Kit DX,
5x Bio Sphere


Dirlewanger. 380 HP (B) / 220 EXP    400G
T-12 E-6 S-10
Item: Med Kit S

Kubel. 800 HP (M) / 420 EXP
T-18 E-6 S-20

You now have control of Jr., Ziggy, and MOMO. The enemies you find in
this area all have tons of technique, ether, and skill points to offer,
as well as some money. Its stupid to dodge them, but whatever floats your
boat, right?

Head east, dodging the search lights/fighting. Just before the second
light, make your way to the southern section of the area to get the
Coat-Sword accessory. Continue moving on, until you go no more east,
and have the option to go north or south. First, head north to pick some
more items (Ruby Helment, Med Kit DXs, and Bio Spheres). If you're tired
fighting, be careful when you blow up the three containers. It makes
enough noise where the search light will immediately go towards the item.

After you've grabbed those, head back south down into a new screen


     I   M I S S E D   Y O U   S H I O N ! ! !

ITEMS FOUND IN AREA: 2x Unknown (by play area), Blade Soul,
3x Bio Sphere, 5x Revive, 10x Ether Pack S, Rejuvenator, PM Card E,
Guard Cleaner, Double Buster

Bugbear. 980 HP (G) / 480 EXP
T-24 E-2 S-6
Note: spirit/ether attacks work well. chaos owns once again;
Item: Med Kit S

Kobold. 280 HP (G) / 260 EXP
T-12 E-4 S-10
Note: Attack fast, and all on one of your characters. keep up healing;
Item: Kobold Blade

Larva Doll. 100 HP (G) / 380 EXP
T-16 E-20 S-8
Note: healing attacks only; HP seems to fluctuate between encounters?;

Troll. 1200 Hp (G) / 800 EXP
T-30 E-2 S-6
Note: fast and hurts bad;
Item: Med Kit S / Med Kit DX

Sky Fish. 560 HP (G) / 380 EXP
T-13 E-10 S-4
Note: Teamed up with Gremlin = ouchie;
Item: Escape Pack

Gremlin. 420 HP (G) / 320 EXP
T-10 E-6 S-2
Note: When in groups, take out first; acid rain hurts!;
Item: Med Kit S

With control of Shion (yay!), walk up north into her dungeon. Pick up
the Defense Shield and Frame Repair Z around the playground area, then
continue north.

Run past the two locked doors, into a new screen with a save point.

I'll try to make this simple, so I'll describe the new area a little.
The bridge works it way to the northeast, with destroyable statues on
either side. Let's call them statues on the north wall, and statues on
the south wall. Now, I can list them fairly easily.

North Wall                    South Wall
1. Blade Soul         1. 5x Ether Pack S
2. 3x Bio Sphere      2. nothing
3. nothing            3. Rejuvenator
4. Gnosis is enemy    4. nothing
5. 5x Revive

Advance through the only available path, down some stairs, past a big
white bunny, and down into a new screen. Keep going down the southwestern
passage, right into a Bugbear. Destroy/run away from him, and you'll find
yourself in an open area. Make your way northeast, onto the freeway,
and take out the two Bugbears guarding your way. Get off the freeway,
introduce yourself to some Kobolds, and take the PM Card E from the
chest. Continue south, until you run past a manhole. Skip this, as there
is a second manhole hidden by a destroyable crate past the woman. If
you talk to her, she'll morph into a Larva Doll -- just drop a Med Kit S
on her (although sometimes she has only 50 HP).

This manhole leads to the first room of this dungeon, although on a
previously inaccessible section. Hit the switch to unlock the door, than
go down the stairs, under the bridge, into a new enemy, a Troll. Destroy
the shelf nearby, to unveil the location of Segment Address No.5. You
should have the Decoder 5 Key, so open up the door and grab the Double
Buster from it, then go back outside.

Walk up the stairs, and hit a second switch, which unlocks the door
right next to you. Go across the room to the newly unlocked door, and
destroy the crate to get the Guard Cleaner.

Go back to the freeway section of the dungeon, and enter that first
manhole you originally skipped. Inside, cross the bridge and destroy the
crates to your left to get 5x Ether Pack S. Go back across the bridge,
into the Sky Fish / Gremlin gnosis, and hit the switch. You can't do
anything with the what the switch does... yet.

Cross two more bridges, into a Larva Doll (fun), and go down the ladder
and exit the sewer. You will now have control of Jr. and company again.

     B A C K   W I T H   J R .   A N D   C O M P A N Y

ITEMS FOUND IN AREA: Rejuvenator, Veil, 5x Nuero Stim, 2x Frame Repair A,
Red Topaz, Ether Pack S, Venom Block, 4x Frame Repair A, Decoder 12 Key,
Angel Ring


Gertzog UT. 640 HP (M) / 380 EXP    600G
T-22 E-6 S-20
Item: Med Kit S / Med Kit DX

Larva Doll
Sky Fish

Head down south, but hang around the western section of the area to find
a small path through the debris to get into a store, which has a
Rejuvenator hidden for you.

Continue on the golden path, which eventually makes a break to the west,
and inside a building. As you go down the stairs, notice the door north
of you. You need to first go west of it, then make your way towards it.
There is no "room" you enter, as you stay in the same screen. Head west
until you're in the glass part of this room. Examine the north wall, and
you should eventually run into Segment Address No.15. Open up that bad
boy up, and get the beautiful Angel Ring. I'd recommend equipping it on
Shion. Get out of the room, and back on track.

A save point is your reward for this fairly short journey, along with
two options. North or south. For the item-hunters, head north. For the
"I want to get through this game as fast as possible" people, head south.
Skip the next paragraph if you don't care to know what the northern
passage holds.

In this new screen, you'll find two items. Get the veil, than go down the
mini-stairs to get the 5x Nuero Stim. Both of these are in crates, so
you'll need to destroy them. With those gone, head back up the stairs,
and take the southern passage past the save point, down another pair of

This area should look faintly familiar. Its the section you previously
saw on the northern route, except a large fence blocked your way from
getting here.

Anyway, the first crate you approach has a Kobold hiding inside. Destroy
it to fight him, its your choice. The second box, however, holds
2x Frame Repair A and frees up the previously blocked staircase to a
slightly lower level. Go up the grey ramp to your left, destroy the Larva
Doll, and get the Red Topaz from the box/chest. Run back across the ramp
and make your way to the northeast into a new screen.

A couple of Bugbears roam this large area. Deal with them or not, but
they do offer a lot of technique points for being pretty damn easy. Note
the chest on top of a destroyed train. You can get the chest yet, but
when you approach it, you can climb up on some debris to get pretty damn
close (hint, hint, hint). We will have to skip this for now, so continue
on towards the southeast direction, until you enter a train.

You're left with two possible exits. One through the back, and another
hidden by a crate right next to you. Skip destroying the crate, and go
to the end of the train. There's not much to going on here, so simply
follow the path up the ladder, into the Larva Doll, and destroy the
container that falls down and crashes into the glass on a train,
allowing the treasure chest to fall. Go back down towards the beginning
of the area, and get the Venom Block from the chest. Enter back into the
train, destroy the crate to get a Ether Pack S, and go on the ramp. After
going across the top of another train, use another ramp to get in a new
area, and enter the sewer on the northern wall.

This should now look familiar to you. Unfortunately, its a bit hard to
dodge these enemies (like last time), so you're going to have to face
them. With three people, they aren't as hard as they were with Shion and
chaos though. After the second gnosis battle, destroy the panel to get
4x Frame Repair A.
 Past the third gnosis, note that there is a small platform on the west
side of the sewer. Go up on it, and you can climb the ladder that Shion
previously lowered. Excellent. Your reward for tag-teaming? Decoder 12!

Go back down the ladder, and continue on the main path. Go up a much
larger ladder, and you'll run into some...


     H O M E   S T R E T C H

ITEMS FOUND IN AREA: PM Card D, Blue Topaz, Ether Pack S,
2x Frame Repair Z, 4x S. Carrot Juice, Decoder 3 Key


Sky Fish

You're back with Shion and chaos, as well as a friendly save point
nearby. About halfway through this forest-path, destroy a rock on the
south wall and go through the passage. Its slightly covered by tree
branches, but its there. Pick up the PM Card D, and go back to the main
path into a new screen. On a side note, Basilisks suck big time. You
shouldn't be endanger of dying when you fight them, but they take longer
than they should.

As you enter the next area, you'll start of by saying some freaky scene.
Err... okay.

Go down (south; towards you, the player), then up the ramp to the stone
bridge. Fight the Troll, and continue on into a Basilisk, down a small
ramp into another Basilisk. There is a second passage going down after
this fight, but skip it for now. Go left across another bridge into a
Kobold. Destroy the three, then a piece of rock that opens up a secret
passage. As you cross into the water, take a northern passage around a
piece of land, destroy some more rock, and you'll find yourself in a
small area of water. Destroy the pillar, and open up the chest to get a
Blue Topaz.

Make your way back until just after you fought the second basilisk and
take that second passage you first ignored (or didn't even see at first).

In this new area, approach the troll and destroy him, and blow up the
tree stump next to him to get a Ether Pack S. Move on past a Kobold,
down a small ramp facing west, into another Kobold. Vaporize the tree,
which falls down and acts like a bridge. Enter the cave, returning you
back to the previously explored area. First, go south, up a ramp and
destroy part of a tree to get 2x Frame Repair Z. Go back down, cross
the bridge where you saw the rabbit, and pick up 4x S. Carrot Juice.
Return back through the cave.

As you back up the ramp to the second Kobold, you should notice a
hard-to-find southern path that takes you right in front of the rabbits
home. Examine the tree stump, and you'll put some Carrot Juice on it,
which teases the bunny to come out. Race him into his house (you can
run into him to slow him down??). If you beat him, you are allowed access
into his house, where you can grab the Decoder 3 Key.

Return back to the main path, and take the very northern path into
another area. This doesn't take you right behind the bunny's house; its
a bit further north. Sometimes its hard to see where paths go and don't


Enter the church by heading east, than south, where you should see the
door going inside. You can enter the vortex-looking thing to go back to
old Miltia, or return to the forest to get any missing items.

Scenes inside church.

Talk with Febronia, and save. Enter the door.

Scenes, with boss battle.

  Tiamet. 6400 HP (G) / 3900 EXP
  T-180 E-100 S-120
  Notes: Shion and Jr. must BOTH finish Tiamet. weak against beam;
  Item: B-MAX Circuit

Recommended Level: 20

Tiamet will respond to either Jr.'s or Shion's attack with two types of
attacks. Response to Shion's attack means you need to face Ruined
Earth E. Ouch. Response to Jr means you will do a pretty simple attack,
that does decent damage. That's what I like. If you have your A.G.W.S.
upgraded, I had chaos go into his gear, and do W-ACT, taking off around
1200 HP every two rounds.

There seems to be problems with Tiamet; more than I expected. The biggest
problem is how to trigger the response of Ruined Earth E. When I killed
him, I never had Shion attack until I knew she could do her finishing
blow to "kill" him. Which means I had chaos and Jr. doing all the dirty
work taking down Tiamet's HP. I faced Ruined Earth E a few times, but
Medica All was clearly overwhelming any damage he could possibly muster.
I didn't even have the Angel Ring on Shion when I first did this, so you
don't need every single item you most likely missed.

To finish Tiamet off, both Jr. and Shion need to kill him. I had chaos
and Jr. work on getting him down to a few hundred HPs, with Shion
healing with Medica All. You should have a plenty of Med Kit DXs for
Jr. to heal as well. When Tiamet dies with a finishing blow off Shion,
he will heal for 1500 HP. Take him out again, only finish him with Jr.
Bam! Easy. Have bravesoul on somebody -- I had him on Jr, but it's not


  3.10 kukai foundation (part 2)

ITEMS FOUND IN AREA: Swimsuit, Battle Gear, Ether Upgrade S,
Decoder 13 Key, Tech Upgrade S, 2000G, Wooden Idol, Rune Crystal,
Skill Upgrade S


Gel Fish. 1800 HP (G) / 1200 EXP
T-36 E-24 S-6
Note: Poison bubble not your friend. It is worth fighting anyway?;
Item: Ether Pack DX

Larva Doll

You have time to do some extra side quests before you go off to help
raise Allen's self-esteem. You'll get e-mail confirming the release of
Encephalon in the EVS, in case you want to go back to get item you
missed. So, some things you can do are:

- Buy the VX-4000 at Dock Colony for 50,000G
- Go to Casino to get money
- Go through EVS to get missing items

When you're done, go to City Sectors 26 & 27. To make your life easier,
head to the second sector to make sure you have lowered the first ladder
you see down to the ground level. It makes things THAT much easier.

Go inside the Ironman bar, and walk towards the body-building stand. Talk
with Allen.


Argh! You're kidding right?! Go ALL the way back to the City Sectors
26 & 27. Talk with the man wearing white (mayor), and he will explain the
situation. He also sells items; I recommend getting a lot of Med Kit S'.
And I do mean a lot.

To begin with, there's four people in this sector of the city. Nine in
the other sector. Also, make sure you press the switch between Ironman
and Our Treasure to extend the cover thingy. You'll want that extended to
do get to a SIDEQUEST. Also, the following walkthrough is numbered. The
number one means these are the descriptions to get your first civilian.

*** You can also fight Mintia, an optional boss that has a nice weapon
for MOMO. Refer to the SIDEQUEST section for information ***

1. Make your way into the Our Treasure hotel, and move towards the left.
   Destroy the troll, than enter the PIN# 1028 to unlock the door,
   freeing your first civilian. Run to the right, save if you wish, and
   head north towards the stairs. Venture to the west behind the counter
   to pick up the Swimsuit. Lovely, and highly recommended to put it on
   AT LEAST once on Shion.

2. Go up the stairs, and first head right into a room with some

   Blow up the single crate, and you're rewarded with a battle gear.
   Continue right, and hit the switch to raise the cargo elevator from
   the Ironman restaurant.

   Go back into the second floor of Our Treasure, and go up the ladder.
   Destroy the crate to get an Ether Upgrade S, then exit through the
   southwest door. You are now on the roof. Careful though. You'll slide
   a little as you're on it, so you'll have to run pointing towards the
   the northwest or northeast, depending on which direction you're going.
   Going east takes you to the location of Segment Address No.1. You may
   or may not have the Decoder, so don't bother unless you can open it.

   If you went east to use the Segment door, go back to the top of the
   roof again. Head west, and go into a new screen. Make your way across
   the catwalk, onto another roof of some building. Open the chest to get
   the Decoder 13 Key. Return back to the Our Treasure roof, and walk
   back on to the roof. You should notice a small extension slightly to
   the right of. Its hard to miss, and it drops you down in the small
   cage with two crates. Grab the 1000G, and save person #2.

3. Open up the sliding door (south side of cage) and head back to the
   Ironman bar. With the cargo elevator raised, you can now get to the
   back of the room. Destroy the multiple crates to get a Tech Upgrade S,
   and person #3. Head right behind the counter, take out the basilisk,
   and get the Wooden Idol from the chest.

4. Still in the bar, move east to the body-building sign. There is a
   guy hiding behind it.

5. This is all the people you can save in this sector. Leave the bar,
   and make your way west into the second sector.

   Go into the statue area, kill the Basilisk, and destroy the statue to
   drop the guy. Person #5 saved.

6. Go up the escape ladder west of the statue, up two floors. Make your
   way to the normal East 6 store entrance. Destroy the car again to get
   a Rune Crystal. Kill the troll threatening Person #6, and blow up the
   crate, revealing Person #7, Mina! Alright, 2 for 1!

7. Got her with Person #6.

8. Exit East 6, and go up the stairs and enter the doorway just north of
   you. You are in the second floor of East 6. Talk with Person #8, King,
   and you will save him. He mentions his cat is lost ^_^

9. Go along the catwalk into the Larva Doll. Hit the switch, which moves
   a piece of the wall to show a hidden area. Skip that for a second, and
   exit East 6 to the west. Eventually, you'll end up at the very back of
   the Laundry store. Kill the Larva Doll (I hope you got those
   Med Kit S' like I said) and talk with the girl. There is a Cure-All in
   one of the bookcases.

10. Return back to East 6, and go through the secret passage, up the
    stairs. You'll find yourself in one of those long corridors in the
    very back of the City sector. Run into the Larva Doll, kill it, and
    talk with the kitten. He's real small, but its fairly obvious he's

11. Destroy part of the wall to get back outside. Head east into another
    Larva Doll. Destroy the wall next to where he USED to be standing,
    and you'll save the kid, and person #11.

12. Head west to a ladder that takes you inside a the Laundry store. You
    should've noticed this ladder before, but you couldn't reach it.
    Destroy the desk to get 2x Ether Upgrade S, then talk with the Lady.
    Since you just saved her kid (#11), she allows you to save her as

13. And now, for our last helpless person to save. Leave the Laundry
    store by going up the stairs, past the white tuxedo, and back
    outside. Head southeast through the door and get the Skill Upgrade S
    from the crate, then go through different rooms to continue on.
    Eventually, you'll run into a troll, and a U-shaped hall. Exit out of
    here, and go down the ramp to the left.

    Hit the switch, and run back to the emergency ladder to go up one
    floor, and use the ramp (now a bridge), to enter a room. Kill the
    Bugbear, and save Person #13. Destroy the crates, take the 1000G,
    and go down the stairs/ramp back to ground level.

Go back to the first sector, and meet up with the mayor. Talk to him,
and he'll say you've completed your mission. Head east, and a huge gnosis
will approach you. Fortunately, you need to walk into him for the boss
battle to start, so go to Our Treasure to save. Also, talk with the Mayor
to get any supplies you may be running low on. When you're ready, back to
the Gigas gnosis.

  L. Gigas. 2800 HP (G) / 7800 EXP
  T- 120 E-100 S-60
  Note: strong. use long-ranged attacks;
  Item: Soul / Spirit

  R. Gigas. 2800 HP (G) / 7800 EXP
  T- 120 E-100 S-60
  Note: R-Blade with bravesoul owns. over 1800 HP!!;
  Item: Soul / Spirit

Recommended Level: 22

The battle immediately starts with the one Gigas morphing into two. When
both are alive, they seem to be pretty conservative with attacks. When
one dies, the other becomes a pain in the butt. So, what to do?

Take out L. Gigas first. He's much stronger, and does decent damage
against you. BUT, I recommend taking down R. Gigas to around 1600 HP
before you take out L. Gigas. Why? KOS-MOS can finish off R. Gigas in
one attack then, and you don't have to worry about one becoming stronger
than the other. You also don't have to worry about keeping both of them
alive until they have much lower HP, because KOS-MOS owns.

Normal long-ranged attacks and the respective tech attacks do a good job
of lowering L. Gigas' HP. The damage isn't mind-boggling, but it doesn't
take too long to get him dead.

Any close-ranged attacks work wonders with R. Gigas, and R-Blade owns
like nobody's business. I know I'm lacking with specific strategies here,
but these guys are real easy.

With both Gigas dead, leave the City Sector, and head for the launch pad.
At the Durandal, go back to the Foundation, look for MOMO a bit, than go
back to the Durandal again! You're forced to go to the Residential Area,
but that's a good thing; that's where you need to go. Inside, you'll
meet with Allen.


  3.11 song of nephilim

To enter the Song of Nephilim, talk with Captain Matthews on the bridge
of the Elsa. Unless this is your second play through, its very likely
you've missed many secrets during the game. While the song isn't the last
dungeon in the game, it may be wise to back through the EVS to get as
many secrets as possible. This will also lessen the load of stuff you
have to do as you approach the final dungeon in the game.

Stuff to do:

- Buy AG-04 at Dock Colony
- Defeat optional bosses
- Give Professor Robot Parts
- Unlock Segment Addresses. Ones possible to open at this point in game:

        Segment Address No.1 -->  Robot Part Head
        Segment Address No.3 -->  Robot Part Right Leg
        Segment Address No.4 -->  Thief Ring
        Segment Address No.5 -->  Double Buster
        Segment Address No.7 -->  Robot Part Right Arm
        Segment Address No.8 -->  Robot Part Left Leg
        Segment Address No.9 -->  Robot Part Left Arm
        Segment Address No.10 --> 2x Booster Pack
        Segment Address No.11 --> Coat-Ice
        Segment Address No.13 --> Samurai Heart
        Segment Address No.15 --> Angel Ring
        Segment Address No.16 --> Stim DX
        Segment Address No.18 --> Coat-Lightning

By now, you can probably finish 80% of the game's secrets. This will help
you drastically in the dungeons ahead.

When you're done whatever you want to do, talk with the Captain to go to
the Song.


     E N T E R   T H E   S O N G

ITEMS FOUND IN AREA: Decoder 14 Key, Med Kit DX, Neo Armor Alpha


Shot Crab. 1420 HP (M) / 900 EXP
E-15 S-15
Note: long-ranged attacks work well;
Item: none

Vive. 1000 HP (F) / 780 EXP
T-12 E-3 S-12
Note: close-ranged attacks work well;
Item: Veil / Ned Kit DX

Capto Mortum. 1600 HP (M) / 260 EXP
T-16 S-20
Note: Don't underestimate. these guys can do damage;
Item: Scrap Iron

Recommend level: 23 (by the time you're done with this dungeon, you
                 should be near 30)

Before I start, I want to describe what you'll be facing. The enemies
are definitely the strongest you've faced; possibly the strongest you'll
face in the entire game. Still, if you've fought pretty much every
enemy you've come up to, you should be in good condition to fight.
KOS-MOS' X-Buster reigns supreme here. chaos' Arctic Blast is okay, and
Shion, is well, just Shion. My experience with our other three characters
is lacking, but they should all have a tech attack or two that owns here.

Even with leveled up characters, and the right tech. attacks, these guys
still hurt. Heal after EVERY battle. Believe me, it's no fun to die
because your opponents decided to attack you twice. And with that advice,
I'll return back to the walkthrough.

You'll immediately get MOMO at the entrance of the Song. Continue on,
and enter the first of three towers comprising of this week's dungeon.


You find yourself in a small area with a bunch of boxes surrounding you.
To explain quickly, the number of boxes you destroy affect where this
elevator takes you. So...

3 boxes  - 2nd floor
6 boxes  - 3rd floor
9 boxes  - 4th floor
12 boxes - 5th floor
15 boxes - 6th floor
18 boxes - 7th floor

Note that you WILL destroy more than one box at certain situations. For
example, the 4 boxes with 1 on top on the right side of the elevator.
When you shoot it, you'll destroy all four boxes on the bottom, and the
top box will drop to the floor. When you see two boxes stacked on top
of each other, you'll destroy both of them. See? Simple.

When you enter each floor, you approach a fork in the road. Going right
takes you to a slide that drops you back to 1F, where you can blow up
some more boxes to reach another floor. The left passage will take you
past two enemies, and a box.

Floors 2, 4, 7 are absolutely worthless. The boxes in those floors either
contain nothing, or enemies-in-a-box.

First, destroy 12 boxes and enter the 5th floor. This holds the Decoder
14 Key. Slide back down to 1F, and go up to the 3rd floor. A Med Kit DX
is in the box, along with a small passage to a switch that extends a
bridge from this tower, to Tower 2. Return back to the first floor,
than go up to the 6th floor. A Neo Armor Alpha is in the box, along with
the passage to Tower 2 (take the top left exit; the left exit takes you
to the not yet extended bridge to Tower 3).

     T O W E R   D O S

ITEMS FOUND IN AREA: Cross, Soldier's Honor, Defibrillator Vest,
Neo Armor Beta, Decoder 2 Key, W. Hammer Rod,


Calx. 1100 HP (F) /
Note: Flamethrower = cheap. get protection from it;
Item: Veil / Med Kit DX

Capto Mortum
Shot Crab

Save in the center of the room. Forget the switch near the save point,
as its fairly worthless to you at the moment. There's a couple of items
to get in this tower, before we work on getting to the next one. Take
the north passage, destroy the enemy, and destroy the crate to get the
Cross accessory. 10% damage reduced ain't bad! Return to the main hall
again, and take the northeast path. Have MOMO in your party, and as your
lead member, and you should see a shining blue star. Touch it to get
MOMO's Kiss tech. attack and Starlight ether spell. Take MOMO out if
you don't use her, and return to the main hall and save.

Exit using the northwest door. This following area is real straight-
forward. So if it sounds like I'm repeating myself over and over again,
its simply because its a repetitive part of the dungeon. Go down to the
ladder, and make your way until you reach the first ladder going up.
On top, destroy the crate to get the Soldier's Honor. Go back down,
and continue on the main path. Go down the next, and final ladder on
this floor.

Heading west, you'll approach a ladder going down; skip it! Continue
west, and go up the second ladder on the floor. Cross the bridge, and
enter a small room. There's five crates in here, where you destroy one
after another. In the order you see them:

1 - nothing
2 - Defibrillator Vest
3 - Neo Armor Beta
4 - Athra 26 Series
5 - Segment Address No.12 (inside: W Hammer Rod)

  Athra 26 Series. 3000 HP (F) / 2400 EXP
  T- 120 E-24 S-100
  Item: Revive DX
  After death, you receive Decoder 2!

  Much like the Borg, this guy becomes resistant to any type of ether
  attack you use against it. So, once you use Shion's Spell Ray, for
  example, he becomes 100% immune to that attack. Fortunately, he isn't
  able to fend off normal attacks, like KOS-MOS' R-Blade. And R-Blade
  owns this guy like no ones business. Dead in 3 rounds, tops.

With Decoder 2 in hand, and Segment 12 unlocked, return back to the
ladder we originally skipped.

You on the outskirts of a large room. Three possible ways to enter,
but take the north entrance first. Hit the switch, switch lowers the
platform you previously used. Exit out, and head use the west entrance.
Destroy the container/generator, exit, and use the eastern entrance.
Destroy that container, and a barrier will lower to let you continue on.

Unfortunately, a boss decides to pop out of nowhere. You have the option
on when to fight him, but seeing there is no save point nearby, I
recommend healing, and charging in. Note: my boss strategies rarely use
A.G.W.S. hints because I never use him. But if you do use them, I highly
suggest you don't use him. The boss has an attack that is based on the
target's HP, and can drain 1000s of HP. Not cool.

  Rianon Se. 5600 HP (G) / 20,000 EXP
  T-160 E-160 S-40
  Note: can disable boosts;
  Item: Boost Pack / Shield Guard

I recommend putting your healing (likely Shion or MOMO) behind whoever
is doing the most damage. His push-back spell this very annoying. Also,
the disable boost spell is nothing special, but it may be worth to get off
if you accumulate a decent amount of boosts (and have like 10 straight
attacks). His spell that drains HP and heals him is based on the % of
HP its target has. So make sure you aren't in your A.G.W.S. Its simply
not worth it, as he gets so much life back. There's no real fast way to
kill this guy. Just need to pound with ether-based attacks like X-Buster
or Spell Ray, or Heaven's Wrath. He's quite easy, and Medica All should
cover any damages he causes. Keep HP above 400, just in case.

Steal Shield Guard; a very nice accessory!

Derek Payne sent in his own strategy. KOS-MOS using X-Buster of course,
but he used Jr. in his party, which is great because I never used him.
He suggests having Prelude to Battle set on HI, then put a Stim DX to
raise the damage to over 1000 HP. The nice thing about this strategy is
you're able to take out Rianon Se without any special items. Bravesoul,
Commander's Crest, and Double Buster would've helped the battle go by
even easier, but Derek was shocked how easy it went.

Exit this room south, hit the switch to extend the bridge to Tower 3,
and use the elevator nearly to take you up there. Whew. If we had to
up all those ladders again...

Before heading into Tower 3, its an easy trip back to the main hall in
Tower 2, which that precious save.

When you're ready, enter Tower 3.

     A L B E D O . . .   Y O U   M O T H E R

ITEMS FOUND IN AREA: Field Ring, 2x Ether Pack DX, Med Kit,
Decoder 17 Key, Skill Upgrade S


Byproduct 103. 2600 HP (F) / 1300 EXP
T-42 E-24 S-8
Note: weak against close-ranged attacks;
Item: Precious Stone

Byproduct 145. 1600 HP (F) / 1140 EXP
T-20 E-10 S-4
Note: weak against long-ranged attacks;
Item: Med Kit DX

Byproduct 172. 1800 HP (F) / 1280 EXP
T-34 E-10 S-4
Item: ???????

In Tower 3's main hall, you're left with only one way to go; left. The
east exit take you to the bridge to Tower 1, but unfortunately, we need
to extend that first.

This large area is basically three small towers, with three floors. Each
tower is connected by a bridge that is adjustable in height by destroying
crates holding it up. A ladder takes you between floors.

Go down the ladder one floor, and destroy three crates to your left.
Walk across the bridge, and destroy the cylinder to get the Field Ring.
Go back to the ladder, and go down to ground level. Destroy 2 more crates
to get the bridge to ground level; this allows you to get to the second

Forget the stairs you will most likely see; they don't lead anywhere.
Head to the left side of the platform, and destroy the crates to create
a bridge. Destroy the container to get an Ether Pack DX. Go back across
the bridge, down the stairs, than back into the room. This resets the
crates. Go up the ladder one floor, destroy crates, and cross. At the
next ladder, go down to finish off the dungeon. Go up to get some more
items, including a decoder!

When you reach the top floor, make your way right until you see a piece
of debris. Destroy it, but don't jump down yet. On the other end of
this floor is Skill Upgrade S you can get. With that in hand, jump down
to automatically (??) receive an Ether Pack DX. Destroy the door to get
a Med Kit, than open the chest to get the Decoder 17 Key. Destroy the
barrier blocking the ladder, than go down a floor. Cross the bridge, and
go down the ladder, than west into a new area.

With trial-and-error, destroy:
1 Green
4 Red
3 Blue

Numerous people have wrote in to explain that I missed something. There
is another room you can enter here that helps you solve the puzzle.
INside this room, there are three musical notes that are playing, one
representing each color (red, green, blue). The key here is to listen
to the tone, then go back and destroy rings until you get the same tone.

This lowers the barrier south of you; go down. Make your way to the
switch, which extends the bridge from Tower 3 to Tower 1. Use the
elevator to go back into the main hall in Tower 3.

Before we continue, lets pause for station identification. If you need
to, you can go back to the Elsa by crossing the newly extended bridge,
than sliding back to the first floor of Tower 1. Reasons for this:
most likely A.G.W.S. equipment. Since I'm 1337, we don't cheap-out and
use those 'gears' so that may or may not be necessary for you. I do
suggest doing back to Tower 2 to save.

When you're ready, cross the bridge to Tower 1, but stop midway and
approach the three colors. Surprisingly, its an elevator. Open the door
in front of you.


  Simeon. 8400 HP (M) / 16,000 EXP
  T-220 E-200 S-180
  Item: B-MAX Circuit / Fast Circuit 25

I know you'll hate me for saying this, but if you've made it this far
into the game, this guy is no problem for you. Like the previous boss,
he's simply a pound into he dies kinda boss.

Use your long-ranged attacks; close-ranged stuff takes off nothing,
literally. Even than, those attacks don't take off too much. A few
hundred most likely. The key into laying the smack down on Albedo is
taking advantage of his Arids (okay, their airods. Why don't you call
them that!?). After he does this attack, his Ether Defense goes down,
drastically. Now is the chance to pound on him like no one's business.
You're attacks should be taking off well over 1000 HP now.

One last thing: keep your HP fairly high, above 400-500. Simeon tends
not to use this most powerful attacks, but he can do nearly 400 damage
on everyone. Its simply not worth the risk to keep HP lower.


Head back to Tower 2 to save. Also, switch your A.G.W.S. weapons or
tech. attacks that are beam-based. The next boss is strong against
beam weapons. Return back to Albedo's house of horrors, and talk with
the masked man.


  Ein Rugel. 3600 HP (G) / nothing
  Note: transforms to Doggelwogel when HP reaches 0;

  Doppelwogel. 4400 HP (G) / 24,000 EXP
  T-180 E-160 S-80
  Note: non-beam atks worth nicely;
  Item: Samurai Heart / Gemini Clock

Since you shouldn't be using beam attacks, the masked man should go down
fairly easily, considering his low HP. Make sure you steal Gemini Clock.
Again, like the rest of the bosses in the Song, this one is no different.
Tech. attack him to hell. Bravesoul works nicely ^_^ His Lightning blast
is worth noting. He does a good amount of damage, so keep everyone's
life above 500 HP. Although it's definitely worth it to keep whoever has
the bravesoul at fairly low HP levels. Your other two characters should
be kept at very high HP levels, so you can easily revive your dead


Leave the room.


On the Durandal, head towards the train. On the way, you'll receive
e-mails for KOS-MOS' R-Dragon, and the newly available Song of Nephillim
dungeon in the EVS.

 3.12 proto merkabah

Before we enter the last dungeon in the game, lets finish off the game's
sidequests. You may have already done so, but let's recap what you can
do. As always, refer to the SIDEQUEST section for specifics.

 - Buy the AG-05 for 300,000 G at Dock Colony. Wussies! ^_^

 - Give the Professor Robot Part Body, with Erde Kaiser as your reward.
   Refer to the SIDEQUEST section to find out how.

 - You should have 16 of the 18 Segment Addresses unlocked. Only No. 6
   and 17 are left, and they are both in Proto Merkabah.

 - Kill Great Joe.

 - Kill Mintia.

 - And lastly, level up. (Searchlights in Miltia is an excellent place to
   gain many tech points, without gaining too many levels).

Are you ready? Are you sure? Talk to Matthews on the bridge of the Elsa,
and confirm you want to go to the Proto Merkabah.

     W E ' R E   S O   S C R E W E D   ( P A R T   1 )

ITEMS FOUND IN AREA: Defibrillator Vest, 2x Frame Repair A, 2x Bio Sphere
4x Ether Pack DX, 4x Frame Repair Z, 2x Med Kit DX,

Delphyne. 2000 HP (G) / 2400 EXP
T-24 E-10 S-6
Note: weak against ice;
Item: Hemlock / Med Kit DX

Work Droid. 2400 HP (G) / 1800 EXP
T-18 S-24
Item: Frame Repair A / Junked Circuit B

Recommend Level: 30


Go down the stairs closest to you, and head north on the bridge in front
of the small ships. You'll run into a Work Droid; finish him, than
destroy the crate to reveal a chest. Take the Defibrillator Vest, then
head back to the beginning of this section. There is a second way to go
on this level, but it leads to nothing as far as I know.

From your starting point, take the southern passage onto a large bridge
on top of those ships docked. Destroy the Work Droids you run into
(hopefully very easily). At the end, ignore going right and head left
up the stairs.

Follow the path until you run into a pair of conveyor belts. One goes
to the right, the other left (towards you). Unlike the ones in the
Durandal, you cannot run against these. Go on the one to the east, and
you'll move towards the center of the room. Destroy the two smaller
crates, upping your Frame Repair A and Ether Pack DX inventory by two.
The third crate, the largest, holds a Delphyne you have to fight.
Unfortunately, there's no way around this fight, so I recommend just
getting it over with ^_^ Go down the ladder when your done.

Destroy the crates south of you to get 2x Bio Sphere and
2x Frame Repair Z. Head west, destroy some more crates to get
2x Med Kit DX. Yes. While you're going north, look for a path to your
left. Take it, and hit the yellow switch on the console. The platform
will raise, creating a bridge on the level above you (you may have
noticed exactly where this leads). Go south, and hit the other switch.
This lowers the platform you used previously. Go back into the main room,
than head east under a conveyer belt. There's some more crates to blow
up, but you only get 2x Ether Pack DX.

Go north from here, and you'll find yourself in room similar to the one
you were just in. This time, raise both platforms with the two switches.
Instead of needing one lowered to exit the room, there's a conveyer
belt you can ride to get back on the second floor. It's in the middle,
between the two switches.

Back in the center of the floor, go west across the conveyer belt, then
follow the new path to a elevator.

     W E ' R E   S O   S C R E W E D   ( P A R T   2 )

ITEMS FOUND IN AREA: Rejuvenator, Dragon Rod, BLOOD9, M Chip Guard,
Chakra Shield, Decoder 6, Traumna Plate

Demon. 2300 HP (G) / 3200 EXP
T-16 E-28 S-12
Note: resistant to fire;
Item: Hemlock / Ether Pack DX

Iosys. 4800 HP (M) / 2400 EXP
T-50 S-36
Item: Frame Repair A

Yanthosis. 4000 HP (M) / 4800 EXP
T-40 S-28
Item: Frame Repair A / Frame Repair Z

Work Droid

You'll find yourself in a tall room with a very large staircase. You
have access to four floors - 41, 42, 43, and 44.

Floors 41 and 42 have nothing special in them. They both lead to small
story scenes with no real important. On both floors. you need to examine
the console with the bright green screens. It's fairly easy to guess
which one you need to when your actually there.

After using Floors 41 and 42 (or not), go up to 43. The first door you
run into has a chest with 2x Frame Repair Z (inside a container).
The second door, labeled Control Room, has a save point. Go up to the
console with a holograph of Proto Merkabah, and you'll have another
small story scene.

Leave the room, and head to Floor 44. Follow the path, and destroy the
glass door to get a Rejuvenator. Inside this small room, open the chest
to get MOMO's best weapon, the Dragon Rod. Ignore the path south of you
here, as you can't get through...yet. Continue going left, into the door
at the end.

You're now in a similar staircase like before, only on the other side of
the building.

Skip floor 43 for now, and head to 42. Hit the switch at the end of
the corridor, and you'll lower the door previously blocking the path on
floor 44. Great. Go back to the stair room, and make a decision. Floor
41 holds a M Chip Guard; yes, an optional path at the end of the game
holds M Chip Guard. Pick it up if you want, but it's a really worthless

Whether or not you're getting the M Chip Guard, go inside Floor 43.
Go inside the door, and destroy the crate to unveil Segment Address
No. 17. Inside, grab Jr.'s best weapon, BLOOD9. Leave the room, and
go back to the main area for this floor. Hit the switch to lower the
shudder, and enter the Control Room to save. Make your way back to
Floor 44, and into the new path (south of where you got the Dragon Rod).

Go right and destroy the crate. This unveils a secret passage, which
you are probably already taking. Unfortunately, all these crates are a
waste; only one holds a chest. The chest does include a Chakra Shield,
which is an okay accessory. But there's much better items to use so
forget about it. Go back west, run into the second A.G.W.S. Follow the
linear path, until you reach the end of the bridge. Make sure you're
ready to fight a boss, than acknowledge yes to jump down. You will
automatically face the next boss; I hope you healed.

  Proto Dora. 12000 HP (M) / 32000 EXP
  T-240 S-200
  Item: Frame Repair Z / Fast Circuit 50

  Schutz. 3800 HP (M) / 5000 EXP
  T-100 S-60
  Note: comes in twos with Proto Dora;
  Item: Frame Repair A / Fast Circuit 25

  Recommended Level: 34

This battle isn't as easy as it may seem unfortunately. While the
Schutz should go down fairly easy, Proto Dora is somewhat of a pain.
Your first priority is to take them out, mostly to speed up the fight a
bit. This shouldn't be a problem if you're using all tech attacks like
X-Buster or Rain Blade. In this case, you're attack Proto Dora as well.

Of course, nothing is as easy as that. Proto Dora eventually will cast
a Beam Shield on himself, which at first absorbs 100% of Beam attacks.
How do you get rid of this? Not exactly sure, other than keep on beating
on him until it lowers from 100% to 75% to 50% and so on. Hopefully
you're not completely relying on beam weapons, as I'm not sure how long
it takes to get rid of the shield, or if he recasts it.

Proto Dora’s attacks are nothing special. His strongest takes off around
300 HP against everyone. Not bad, but he tends to get two turns in a row
in this fight, so multiply that by 2. Yeah, now he's not so easy. I
recommend keeping everyone near full life, simply for that, plus for his
special weapon, Sonic Buster. If you see the message that he's charging
up, get ready. Heal to max HP, and hope for the best. Without a critical
attack, the damage is around 800 HP. But if he hits you with a critical,
the damage is up around 1100 HP. Yeah, that's not even funny, and I doubt
you'll have much more health than that (if you even have that much!; I

Once he gets below 5000 HP, he'll begin to heal himself 2380 HP. There's
not much you can do, except maybe save boosts until you can pound on him
and take thousands off. Other than that, you just need to pound on him,
and accept the fact that he heals every couple of rounds. You SHOULD be
taking off well over 4000 HP every time he does it.

After Proto Dora is killed, you'll receive the last decoder in the game,
numero 6.

Go on the catwalk in the top left corner of this large area, than up
the ladder. Go left, then inside the door.

Inside this circular room, go right. Unlock the brown door, which leads
back to the room on Floor 44. You can use the door to go back to the Elsa
if you wish (that's one long ass walk though). Continue along, and
destroy some debris. Go down the ladder, skip the first red crate, but
blow up the second. Go inside the final Segment Address, and pick up the
Trauma Plate. Exit out, and go back up the ladder. Go inside the door on
the north part of the room, and following the path to the right.

     W E ' R E   S O   S C R E W E D   ( P A R T   3 )


Armaros. 3000 HP (G) / 4000 EXP
T-34 E-16 S-10
Item: Skill Upgrade S

Baraqijal. 2400 HP (G) / 4600 EXP
T-24 E-24 S-10
Item: Ether Pack DX

Azazek. 4600 HP (G) / 6200 EXP
T-36 E-36 S-16
Item: Ether Pack DX

Go around the circular path, onto the opposite side and down the stairs.
If you're anything like me, you probably Escaped Pack through this area.
They don't offer much in experience, and if you aren't high in levels
to begin with, you're probably just using A.G.W.S. anyway. Go down the

Heal, and save your game. This is the last save game in the game, so I
recommend making sure you're ready to go. Also, if you plan on doing some
extra stuff after beating the game, I hope you have a savefile back
before you came. It's one long walk back to the Elsa.

Go left, and hit the green switch on another elevator. Unfortunately,
this elevator isn't gnosis-proof, and you're forced to fight four
different battles:

2x Armaros
2x Armaros, 1x Baraqijal
1x Azazel
1z Azazel, 2x Baraqijal

This is the four battles you'll face. I assume its the same for
everyone. Please say something if it isn't.

Once the elevator stops, exit right. Everything else is very linear here
so I'll shut up. Eventually, you'll run into a scene leading into
a fight with Albedo.

  Albedo. 7400 HP (F) / 54000 EXP
  T-250 E-220 S-250
  Item: Med Kit DX / Revive DX

I heard people having trouble with this guy, so I expected the worse. I
got a little wussie. His drain spell takes half your HP, and heals that
much is probably his worst attack. Mainly because it leaves you open for
his smaller attacks. It's also torture on your A.G.W.S., but we're not
using those, right?

Physical attacks seem to work good. I had KOS-MOS R-Blade a couple of
times, talking off well above 1000 HP per turn; and that's not
considering the fact that she had bravesoul on as well. That made total
damage well above 2000 HP. For those who think bravesoul is cheap, it
simply makes the battle last longer.

Scenes. Unfortunately, straight into another fight.

 Sophie Peithos. 16000 HP (G) / 88000 EXP
 T-250 E-250 S-250

 Jaldabaoth. 1200 HP (G) / 2400 EXP
 T-1580 E-120 S-20
 Note: self-destruct takes off
 Item: ??????

 Ratatosk. 1800 HP (G) / 3800 EXP
 T-180 E-120 S-20
 Note: no reason to kill;
 Item: ??????????

As usual for most RPGs, the last boss is fairly easy. Use whatever
you've been using to kill most bosses. It'll work for this guy. Make
sure you use Medica All immediately; you'll likely need it no matter
how well the fight with Albedo went.

Every tech attack I used seemed to work well against Sophie. Although
anything that works with bravesoul should take significantly more.
When the Jaldabaoth shows up, your forced to take them out. I'm not
exactly sure how their self-destruct is activated. I THINK they do it
if you attack them, and you don't kill them. They MAY do it no matter
what, but again, I'm not sure. When the two Ratatosk's show up, I didn't
bother with them. They didn't hurt me enough to warrant me to waste my
time on them. Sophie does do some crazy attack against you if you DO
kill them, so that's probably reason enough not to take them out.

Cheesy scenes.

After the credits, the game will ask you to save. Don't save over your
file unless you have one before you went onto Proto Merkabah. You cannot
reload this file.

This save file is worthless to you, until, like, 2005.

  4 .   S I D E Q U E S T S
 4.1 robot Academy

You first meet up with the Professor in the A.G.W.S. Parts Shop and
Foundation Robot Academy in the Kukai Foundation. Apparently, this
crazy-old geezer wants those Robot pieces you've been collecting in the
Segment Addresses. Now, YOU have been working on them, right?

Once you've collected certain pieces of thee robot, return to the
Academy and talk with the Professor. He will supply Shion with new ether
attacks. The game is set up where you will get the 2 arms, then two legs,
then the rest. But if you originally missed the arms for example, and
you return back with the whole set, the Professor can only do one thing
at a time. Once he has given you an ether spell, leave the room, then
come back.

2 Arms - Throni Blade

2 Legs - Dominion Tank

Body, Arms, Legs  - Seraphim Bird

Whole set - Kelbim Dragon...

Unfortunately Kelbim Dragon isn't finished. And the Professor needs
Scott's help. Go to City Sector 26 & 27, and enter the Ironman bar. Talk
to Assistant Scott at the desk in front of you. He will convince
himself to return back to the Academy. You'll warp back (whew, no
walking!), and Erde Kaiser is born!

You'll likely need the Angel Ring to cut Erde Kaiser's EP consumption
from 60 to 30. And yes, this is weapon is Orlandu cheap. I recommend
defeating bosses without this, than reset the game. Fight the boss again,
and wail out your frustrations with this ^_^ Great Joe, say hello to my
little friend...

 4.2 great joe

Anytime after you reach the Kukai Foundation, you can fight the optional
boss Great Joe. To do so, you need to make sure Jr. is the lead in your
party. Head to the Residential Area in the Durandal. From the entrance,
go North, West through the door, north, then finally east until you
reach a door. Go to the left, and destroy the (shower?) door on the
right. Great Joe asks if you want to fight. MAKE SURE YOU'RE READY! You
cannot run away once you start.

Great Joe. 9999 HP (G) / 9000 EXP   100G
T-200 E-180 S-200
Item: Swimsuit


Jr. learns Tech Attack "Soul Rhapsody." and,
Ether "Magnum Joe."

 4.3 mintia

With MOMO in your party, and as your lead character, go to the City
Sectors 26 & 27 in the Kukai Foundation. Go into Our Treasure, then up
the stairs to the second floor. Take the western passage and you'll
eventually be outside on a catwalk. Go right, take out the plants to
get the Ether Upgrade S, and fall down onto the awning. Like the roof
on top Our Treasure, go right by pointing northeast so prevent falling
down. Go inside the building, and walk north. You should automatically
encounter Mintia.

Mintia. 7700 HP (G) / 11,000 EXP     12,000 G
T-160 E-240 S-200
Item: Penguin Rod / Craft Apron

I hate Mintia. She's fast as hell, and her attacks take forever to do.
Most her attacks are pretty worthless. Most notable ones are her poison
attack, and a draining spell that takes one of your character's HP down
to 1, and she heals whatever that change was. Most of her attacks
shouldn't take off more than 300 HP, if even that. So you shouldn't be
too worried about your health in this fight. The battle will likely be
a long, pound on her until she dies kinda fight.

Bravesoul and Commander's crest are nice items to use.

> to be completed <

 4.4 ace pilot

Remember when you first enjoyed the company of Jr. on the U-TIC
battleship. And when you entered the door to the right where you're
soldiers were interrogating a U-TIC drone, a soldier came right at you
and immediately you were brought into a fight. In the EVS, this guy
has transformed into Ace Pilot. Outside his A.G.W.S. he's weaker than
heck. But depending on where you are in the game, he will go into two
very tough gears for you to destroy. You're going to fight this guy
mostly for the decent experience he has, but I feel I should add a
section just for him.

You will only fight Meld Garith until your past the Song of Nephilim.
After that, your able to face Din Garith instead (although you could
still fight Meld Garith).


 4.5 segment address locations

If you think the descriptions are a little too vague, check up in the
main walkthrough. This chart is more or less for quick reference.
The walkthrough will have a more detailed explanation on how to reach
each door/decoder key.

         Door Location / Treasure              Decoder Location
No. 1 | On roof of Our Treasure.    | Talk to Tom at Dock Colony. Talk |
      | Only get it during or after | to Pink guy in East 6 in KF.     |
      | saving civilians            | Go to Park in Durandal, right    |
      | Item: Robot Part Head       | side (flashes blue)              |
No. 2 | In Talk to Me at Dock       | Defeat Alpha 26 Series in Tower  |
      | Colony.                     | 2 of the Song of Nephillim.      |
      | Item: Robot Part Body       |                                  |
No. 3 | Back of Laundry Shop in     |  Durandal Hanger; door needs     |
      | Kukai Foundation            |  armory key to unlock.           |
      | Item: Robot Part Right Leg  |                                  |
No. 4 | Secret path in second echoey| Destroy A.G.W.S. you most likely |
      | room in Plemora.            | distracted. Drops decoder.       |
      | Item: Thief Ring            |                                  |
No. 5 | Use hidden manhole in Miltia| Unlock Armory in Hanger of       |
      | Past gnosis lady.           | Durandal. Armory Key in your     |
      | Item: Double Buster         | room.                            |
No. 6 | In circular room after      | Destroy Proto Dora in Proto      |
      | destroying Proto Dora.      | Merkabah. Story boss.            |
      | Item: Trauma Plate          |                                  |
No. 7 | Right next to Sgt. Swaine.  | Sgt. Swaine gives it to you      |
      |                             | you talk to him after gnosis     |
      | Item: Robot Part Right Arm  | attack on Woglinde.              |
No. 8 | Located on south side of    | Give Engagement Ring to woman in |
      | the movable bridge on elsa  | Ironman in KF. Need Fish Detector|
      | Item: Robot Part Left Leg   | to catch fish with ring.         |
No. 9 | 3rd floor in Tower on       | Defeat Stribug, in the path to   |
      | cathedral ship              | the tower.                       |
      | Item: Robot Part Left Arm   |                                  |
No.10 | Located down ladder after   | On Elsa after moving bridge on   |
      | first save point in the     | B2F. Disarm key to move bridge   |
      | KOS-MOS Simulator           | is in South Cabin on Elsa        |
      | Item: 2x Booster Pack (yay) |                                  |
No.11 | Located on U-TIC BS in red  | Middle of second echoey room in  |
      | door after going through    | Plemora.                         |
      | the No.4 door               |                                  |
      | Item: Coat-Ice              |                                  |
No.12 | In room with Decoder 2.     | Sewer in Miltia. Requires Shion  |
      | Destroy 5th crate.          | to hit switch, Jr. to get key.   |
      | Item: W. Hammer Rod         |                                  |
No.13 | In the mall of Cathedral    | On 'Our Treasure' roof, head     |
      | Ship. Room with tons of     | west and follow path on rooftops.|
      | boxes and two unicorns.     |                                  |
      | Item: Samurai's Heart       |                                  |
No.14 | Located in catapult room in | 5th floor of Tower 1 in Song of  |
      | the elsa.                   | Nephilim. Destroy 12 boxes to    |
      | Item: Speed Shoes           | access.                          |
No.15 | In Miltia, first subway     | Destroy Hydra in mall on         |
      | area with save point.       | Cathedral Ship.                  |
      | Item: Angel Ring            |                                  |
No.16 | Outside room with Decoder   | U-TIC Card unlocks door after    |
      | 18 on the Woglinde.         | going through the No.4 door.     |
      | Item: Stim DX               | Can't use EVS to get...          |
No.17 | On Floor 43 in Proto        | Jump down hole after destroying  |
      | Merkabah.                   | debris in Tower 3 in Song of     |
      | Item: BLOOD9                | Nephilim.                        |
No.18 | Located beside Shion's room | On Woglinde in save room with    |
      | on the Woglinde             | destroyable glass -- northend of |
      | Item: Coat-Lightning        | ship.                            |

 4.5 e-mail

In all honesty, what a pain in the butt. Since there's more important
things to do, I will unlikely go in-depth on e-mail. Fortunately, Edward
Chang already has a great guide up at GameFAQS; no need for me to repeat
what's already posted, no? Although when going back through the game,
I'll most likely include it.


  5 .   M I N I - G A M E S

To start off, I'll explain how to use the Casino Passport you get inside
the Durandal.

You can only use it on save points with a blue EVS tag on top. There
are only three places in the game with this:

1.  Outside the bridge on the Elsa
2.  Our Treasure, the hotel in Sector 26&27 at the Kukai Foundation
3.  Inside the game room in the Residential Area of the Durandal

Once on these points, press triangle to go inside your menu. Hit items,
than hit R1 to move to game-related items. Look for the Casino Passport,
and click on it. You now have the choice to play poker or slots, and
exchange cash for coins, or exchange coins for items.

  5.1 poker

ah, poker. In all honesty, how can anyone not know how to play this game?
I'm not going to spend much time explaining the concept of the game. I'll
leave that to other writers who already have done it on GameFAQs. But,
I do have some lovely hints to help you out.

One thing to note. Is it just me, or could this not be random? It seems
like every time I get my new cards, they would've fit a certain winning
hand had I held the right cards...

 - To start, grab the 100 Coins package. Ideally, 500 would be okay, but
   that’s an awful amount of coinage. Start at level 1, as you can start
   upping your pool to a few hundred (ideally 500).

 - For the record,
    Level 1 : 5 Coins
    Level 2 : 10 Coins
    Level 3 : 30 Coins
    Level 4 : 100 Coins

 - Next, go up to Level 4. Hopefully you're up at 500, just in case you
   start a little cool. But even a simple pair hand can get you more
   than enough coins to compensate for a cool period. High stakes, baby!

 - When you have one pair on the opening draw (and you will have a lot),
   don't just hold the pair. Hold a third card, which opts for a higher
   chance of getting a better hand. Discarding three cards leaves one
   option - three of a kind. But having a "back-up" card opens up the
   chance for that three of a kind, but also for a two pair hand, or
   even a full house.

 - When you get any winning hand (including having a measly pair), you
   have the option to play High and Low.

 - Always play High and Low. Always. And always go to 16x. Yes, even on
   that royal flush, I demand you go all the way. Okay, maybe on a 7,
   I'd wuss out, and I expect anyone else would, but believe me when I
   say its worth the hands you lose to always go for 16x, even when you
   get the dreaded 7 card.

 - High and Low is simple. The computer puts down a card, and you have
   to guess whether the next card flipped is higher or lower than that

 - Again, for the record,
    On Cards 1,2,3,4,5, and 6, say HIGH, as in, the next card will be
    higher than these.
    On Cards 8,9,10,J,Q, and K, say LOW, as in, the next card will be
    lower than these.
    On Card 7, pick either HIGH or LOW, and stick with it ^_^

 - Card 7 sucks. And you will most likely always lose on it.

 - Play for flushes and straights. It's absolutely amazing the number of
   times I had just three cards in a straight, and the next two cards I
   drew fit perfectly. And, its much better than working off 1600 coins
   per pair. 1600 is nice, but after the millionth time, its worth to
   take the risk on the higher winning hands. Still, moreso with flushes.
   You are most likely to get flushes, and its worth the x7 multiplier to
   always go for them.

 - Exchange 9900 coins for 99 Recovery Sets. Go to a shop, and sell the
   items that came with the Recovery Set (Med Kit, Ether Pack, Cure-All,
   Revive), which gets you roughly 11k. Rinse and repeat baby!

  5.2 slots

The harder of the two casino games, slots one-ups poker by the huge
cash-outs you get. While it takes a certain amount of skill (to know when
to press the circle button to stop spinning), you're skill is reward with
payment well into the millions of gold. Yes, you heard me right.

 - Once you reach 9,999,999 coins, coins are converted to cash. Now you
   now longer have to go back and forth between a shop to sell Recovery
   Sets. Excellent.

 - The hard part, of course, is reaching 9,999,999 coins...

  5.3 drilling

I hate this game.


  5.4 Xenocard


  6 .   M A X I N G   S T A T S

Maxing out your stats is a surprisingly tough thing to do. It's not
merely leveling up, or getting special items to increase your stats to
maximum. Credit goes to members of the GameFAQs message board, who
discussed this idea to hell and back. Contact me if you were part of
  6.1 introduction

I have to say when I originally looked into using tech points to
upgrade your stats, I was stunned. I saw no reason to do this; you
could easily spend tech points to increase the attack of your tech
attacks, or increase the speed so you can set it to the HI slot. It
occurred to me late in my first game that I had not spent one single
T pt. on a stat. I decided to go out to Miltia (via EVS), and spent
some time in the searchlight area. It's a great place to get t pts.
(good for ether and skill points as well) without getting too much
experience (and I'll explain why that's a good thing). Also, these
guys go down relatively easy, and it's not too hard to be able to kill
them fast. And once you have an "all" tech attack, you should be close
on taking them in one hit. This means you can wait until the point bonus
comes up on the slot, and you can wail on them with the attack, getting
them all in one swoop.

But first, let's help describe how the stat building system works.
Through the character section in the main-menu, notice how you can use
t pts. to increase a stat by 1. Now, you'll likely be saying to yourself,
1 points, big deal? Wrong! On average, every time you level, each stat
increases by 1. Now with enough t pts, you can increase a whole level
without getting closer to the limit, 99. See where I'm coming now?

Of course, nothing is as simply as that. Monolith Soft decided to put
a limit on how much you can do this. This limit is determined by the
highest stat your characters have. For example, let's say Ziggy has
50 str, and Shion has 25 str, and out of ALL your characters, Ziggy has
the highest strength. With enough t pts, you can increase Shion's
strength all the way to 50. At 50, you reach the limit; the highest
value for strength of your entire party. This is where things get

Ideally, you want to get three characters in-sync. In-sync meaning,
they all have the same STR, VIT, EATK, and EDEF at all times. Why just
these four? HP and EP are way to expensive to increase, and you
those levels aren't that low to begin with. You also want to have
their levels to be far from each other. This allows you to collect as
much t pts as possible, without endangering this maxing out method. The
biggest problem with this is gaining levels without having enough t pts.
to do everything.

Okay, you got Shion, KOS-MOS, and MOMO in-sync, and their experience
to the next level is fairly separated (this of course is insanely
impossible and it's not really worth it to try as characters outside
your main three still get experience!). When Shion gains a level, all
her stats go up. Now, KOS-MOS and MOMO use their t pts. to become
in-sync with Shion. When KOS-MOS gains a level, Shion and MOMO use t pts.
to get in-sync again. See the pattern? In this case, we got each
character gaining 3 levels for every 1 level actually gained. Multiply
that by 10 levels, and it should become obvious how powerful you
actually are.

Of course, there is are slightly deviations from this; sometimes you
gain more than 1 point a level, sometimes you gain nothing for a stat
when you reach a level. It appears through level 70+ that you do gain
roughly 1 point a stat per level.

Easy, right? Wrong! The hard part is getting those three characters
in-sync. Obviously it's impossible to do this perfectly, but even if we
could, we could never truly max out our stats (there's still debate on
whether or not there even is a max on stats; some think 255, others 999,
and there are some who think the limit goes into the 1000s).

So, who are the best characters for this? Shion and KOS-MOS are your
obvious first two, as you get control of both of them at the beginning
of the game. Of course, this leads to some complications as KOS-MOS
leaves the party at a fairly good leveling place when you visit Miltia
through the encephalon. But that shouldn't be TOO much problem, as she
should be in-sync with at the very least, Shion.

That's a fairly vague description on how to do this, so I'll make a
mini-walkthrough below to help you out. If you don't understand the
concepts I just talked about, read the above again, or e-mail me and I
can help explain it to you.

Lastly, this is my opinion on what stats you should increase first:

     1. Ether Defense
     2. Vitality
     3. Ether Attack
     4. Strength

You can put points in HP very early in the game (cost is less), but the
game gives you plenty of HP to begin with, so it's rather worthless to do
this. Although I'd be interested in someone who was using tech points
only to raise their HP levels.

  6.2 starting off

At the beginning of the game, your left with the A.G.W.S. simulator
before the gnosis attack on the Woglinde as the easy way to sync up
Shion with the very uber KOS-MOS. The simulator is located in the Hanger
BEFORE you go to sleep. Remember that! BEFORE YOU GO TO SLEEP! You're
unfortunately very limited to when you can enter the simulator.

You can get some t pts. for Shion at the beginning of the KOS-MOS
simulator, but you're forced to kill KOS-MOS in battle so that Shion can
catch up. This works okay, the A.G.W.S. simulator simply works much
better. And since KOS-MOS is so far above Shion in stats, it's okay that
KOS-MOS doesn't gain any AP.

Remember, once the enemies turn into gnosis, the exp/tp ratio isn't very
good! Fight the original drones.

  6.3 adding a third character

Okay, so you got KOS-MOS and Shion in-sync, and you made sure they aren't
leveling up around the same time. You should be around Level 6, and
the rest of the Woglinde should have been very easy for you (its easy
to begin with, but you should've been blowing away the gnosis).

The game moves on to Plemora, with Ziggy and MOMO, and your left to
figure out who you want as your third character to bounce stats off. You
can actually get every single character doing this, but that's seriously
something so tedious I don't even want to think about doing it. Using
three characters is hard enough, so I'll leave it at that. Although,
help yourself if you want to ^_^.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Who to choose? Probably MOMO or chaos,
but that's my preference. Ziggy is okay, but he doesn't offer much that
KOS-MOS can't do. And Jr. comes too late in the game to be too effective
in this strategy. I had not used MOMO at all in my previous game, so
lets choose her. Feel free to choose someone else. chaos is particularly
good choice as his stats are like ungodly high.

Okay, so we're in Plemora. Since we can't use MOMO until later, just go
through with Ziggy. You may want to get Cyber Kick into a HI slot,
as it owns Margulis at the end of the dungeon. But you can make do
without it, and saves the trouble of leveling with Ziggy. So where do we
get MOMO in-sync? Well, let her gain t pts. in Plemora normally. The
exp/tp ratio is pretty weak, but you'll have to make do. Get her points
up; it'll take awhile before she’s anywhere near Shion's and KOS-MOS'

That all sounds good and dandy. But where the fricking hell am I supposed
to level up MOMO?! When the Elsa is attacked, you'll run into DOMO-As,
which give quite possibly the best exp/tp ratio in the game (sans the
A.G.W.S. simulator). Note that there's three kinds of DOMOs, and they
all give the same amount of points, except they give a bit more
experience. Because of this, I recommend only getting into fights with
DOMO-As. Yeah, a little anal, but whatever.

You'll want to spend A LOT of time with these guys. Leave the Elsa
planning on having all three characters in-sync. I also suggest leveling
up a bit here as well. Your next dungeon, Cathedral Ship sucks for maxing
out stats, and you'll want to skip every single battle there, except for
the forced ones of course

  6.4 the last straw

So you've gone through Cathedral Ship, got to the Kukai Foundation, and
your now in Old Miltia through the Encephalon. Again, you'll want to get
out of here as fast as possible, with minimal level gain. Why? Because
KOS-MOS is unfortunately not part this. And that means no t pts. and
75% of the experience you gain. Not cool.

Once the Encephalon is complete, you'll want to use the EVS to go back
so you can fight the soldiers in the search-lights. KOS-MOS' scythe
weapon kills them fairly quickly, and is a decent substitute to her
X-Buster, which she gets in her twenties. Obviously, that's what you
want, but you may not be at the proper levels yet. That's fine; these
guys are very easy to take out, a F • SCYTHE does a good job of killing
them all on a point bonus.

Unfortunately, this is the last place in the game that offers this good
exp/tp ratio, so you'll be staying here for awhile. With swimsuits
equipped, and add in the possibilities of x4 and x10 multipliers,
getting a good amount of tech points doesn't take too long.

  7 .   A P P E N D I X

  7.1 items


 The following items can only be used during battle. All items work on
 one character, unless noted. With 6 AP, two of the item is used to work
 one the entire party by pressing the Triangle button in the item menu.

 item:               effect:

  Antidote          Phys status clear

  Booster Pack      Raises boost by 1

  Cure-All          Clears all status ailments

  Defense Shield    Increases Phys Def

  Ether Pack        EP recovery / low
  Ether Pack S      EP recovery / mid
  Ether Pack MAX    EP recovery / max
  Escape Pack       Escape from battle
                    (one works for whole party)

  Hemlock           HP = 1

  Med Kit           HP recovery / low
  Med Kit S         HP recovery / mid
  Med Kit DX        HP recovery / high
  Med Kit MAX       HP recovery / max

  Nuero Stim        Clears Psychological status

  Rejuvenator       HP and EP are fully recovered
  Revive            Revives KO'd ally; recovery / low
  Revive DX         Revives KO'd ally; recovery / max

  Speed Stim        Increases speed by 25%
  Stim DX           Increases Physical Attack by 50%

  Veil              Ether effects down by 25%


 Items are used through the main menu. All items affect only one

 item:               effect:

  Bio Sphere        HP and EP recovery / max
                    (at Save Point only)

  Ether Upgrade A   Ether Pts. + 10
  Ether Upgrade S   Ether Pts. + 50
  Ether Upgrade Z   Ether Pts. + 100

  Frame Repair A    A.G.W.S. recovery by 25%
  Frame Repair Z    A.G.W.S. recovery by 50%

  Skill Upgrade A   Skill Pts. + 10
  Skill Upgrade S   Skill Pts. + 50
  Skill Upgrade Z   Skill Pts. + 100

  Tech Upgrade A    Technique Pts. + 10
  Tech Upgrade S    Technique Pts. + 50
  Tech Upgrade Z    Technique Pts. + 100


 These items can only be sold for cash-money. Cannot be used for
 another reason.

 item:               effect:                                 from enemy:

  Iron Scrap        sells for 100G                            Cyber Crab

  Junked Circuit A  sells for 400G                                DOMO-B

  Junked Circuit B  sells for ???G                            Work Droid

  Kobold Blade      sells for 200G                               Kobolds

  Unicorn Horn      sells for 500G                              Unicorns

  Precious Stone    sells for 500G                         Byproduct 103


 Story items. Some items are used once, and that's it. Others, like the
 Passports, and used numerous times to get into mini-games.

 item:                 description:

  Mission Key           Required to clear the Encephalon mission
  Master Key            A key to a prison cell
  Card No.3             A key card inscribed with the number 3
  U-TIC Card            This card will disarm the electronic lock in
                        corridor number 5
  Flower Seed           Seed of the Ariadne Flower
  Crewman's Key         Key to the crewman's quarters onboard the
  Vaporizer Plug-in     For the Connection Gear. Use it to destroy
                        obstacles on the map.
  Maintenance Data      Data that is used to adjust the psychological
                        condition of realians.
  M.W.S.                Portable weapon designed and developed by Miyuki.
                        It has a multitude of hidden weapons built into
  Segment File          File containing information on hidden storage
                        rooms. Review the information by pressing the
                        circle button in menu.
  Casino Passport       Use this at EVS points to play at a casino. Try
                        your hand at both slots and poker
  Card Passport         Use this at EVS points to play a card game
                        (complete deck included).

  Decoder 1             Opens up Segment Address No. 1.
  Decoder 2             Opens up Segment Address No. 2.
  Decoder 3             Opens up Segment Address No. 3.
  Decoder 4             Opens up Segment Address No. 4.
  Decoder 5             Opens up Segment Address No. 5.
  Decoder 6             Opens up Segment Address No. 6.
  Decoder 7             Opens up Segment Address No. 7.
  Decoder 8             Opens up Segment Address No. 8.
  Decoder 9             Opens up Segment Address No. 9.
  Decoder 10            Opens up Segment Address No. 10.
  Decoder 11            Opens up Segment Address No. 11.
  Decoder 12            Opens up Segment Address No. 12.
  Decoder 13            Opens up Segment Address No. 13.
  Decoder 14            Opens up Segment Address No. 14.
  Decoder 15            Opens up Segment Address No. 15.
  Decoder 16            Opens up Segment Address No. 16.
  Decoder 17            Opens up Segment Address No. 17.
  Decoder 18            Opens up Segment Address No. 18.

  PM Card B             Promotional card for the card game.
  PM Card C             Promotional card for the card game.
  PM Card D             Promotional card for the card game.
  PM Card E             Promotional card for the card game.

  Starter Set           Starter set for the card game.
  Card Pack #1          Card game booster pack #1
  Card Pack #2          Card game booster pack #2.

  Robot Part Head       Oddly shaped piece of junk that appears as though
                        it could be useful.

  Robot Part Right Arm  Oddly shaped piece of junk that appears to have
                        multiple applications.

  Robot Part Left Arm   Oddly shaped piece of junk that appears to have
                        multiple applications.

  Robot Part Body       Oddly shaped piece of junk which resembles a

  Robot Part Right Leg  Oddly shaped piece of junk which appears to be part
                        of a set.

  Robot Part Left Leg   Oddly shaped piece of junk which appears to be part
                        of a set.
  S. Carrot Juice       Super carrot juice (Bunnie's favorite drink).

  Armory Key            Key to the Durandal’s armory

  Disarm Key            Key card which contains the slide deck's disarm

  Fish Detector         Item allows you to catch fish with your bare

  7.2 equipment


 chaos            type:                                        stats:
  Space Gloves   Gloves used when working in space           Phys Atk +3
  Navy Gloves    Military-issue gloves made of special       Phys Atk +5
  Rider Gloves   Typical riding gloves (for winter use)      Phys Atk +7
  Work Gloves    Gloves for do-it-yourselfers                Phys Atk +9

 jr.              type:                                        stats:

  ROOK505        Standard Rook Co. gun
  Makarov        An heirloom-quality antique weapons
  SAIFAR45       Second generation gun by Saifar Co.
  CROSS          An original gun made by private gunsmith
  BLOOD9         Legendary gun hailed as the ultimate firearm

 kos-mos          type:                                        stats:

  F•GSHOT        Triple Gatling Gun                   Single/Line/Pierce
  F•MSHOT        Arm missile pod                             All/Air/Hit
  F•Scythe       Scythe that emits an ether field   All/Line/None EA300%
  F•RSHOT        Short Rail Cannon                    Single/Line/Pierce

 momo             type:                                        stats:

  Battle Rod     Typical self-defense scepter               Phys Atk + 3
  Metal Rod      Hard and heavy battle scepter              Phys Atk + 5
  Platinum Rod   Light, powerful scepter                    Phys Atk + 7
  Saint Rod      A hero's scepter made to combat evil       Phys Atk +12
  Penguin Rod    "slow" against B,G types                   Phys Atk + 7
  W Hammer Rod   "Confusion" against B, G types             Phys Atk +10
  Dragon Rod     Scepter with concentrated energy within    Phys Atk +20

 shion           type:                                        stats:
  M.W.S.        Special Weapon manufactured by Vector                N/A

 ziggy           type:                                        stats:
  BMP55SX       Ziggy's beam pod                    All/Line/Beam EA135%
  MSP89SX       Ziggy's missile pod


 accessory          type:                                        stats:

  Uniform          Uniform for female Vector employees      Phys Def + 3
  Metal Wear       Clothing woven with special alloy        Phys Def + 8
  Fiber Suit       Clothing woven out of high-strength      Phys Def +12
  Stylish Armor    Reinforced clothing that auto-adjusts    Phys Def +18
                   to people's body shape
  Battle Gear      Reinforced clothing made for battles     Phys Def +24
                   in the arctic
  Neo Armor Alpha  Has "PDEF+4" Skill                       Phys Def +30
  Neo Armor Beta   Has "EDEF+4" skill                       Phys Def +30
  Ruby Suit        Reinforced clothing that generates a     Phys Def +30
                   defensive force-field
  Techron Clothes  The latest top-of-the-line combat wear   Phys Def +38

  D Unit V1        KOS-MOS Armor Unit                       Phys Def + 4
  D Unit V2        KOS-MOS Armor Unit                       Phys Def +14
  D Unit V3        KOS-MOS Armor Unit                       Phys Def +20
  D Unit V4        KOS-MOS Armor Unit                       Phys Def +30
  D Unit V5        KOS-MOS Armor Unit                       Phys Def +38
  D Unit V6        KOS-MOS Armor Unit                       Phys Def +48

  Survival Wear    Clothing made for adventure enthusiasts  Phys Def +12

  VOLG10           Cyborg Armor Unit                        Phys Def + 3
  VOLF30           Cyborg Armor Unit                        Phys Def +28
  VOLG40           Cyborg Armor Unit                        Phys Def +36
  VOLG50           Cyborg Armor Unit                        Phys Def +44

  Craft Apron      Increases S. Pts earned 25%              Phys Def + 2

  Coat • Fire      Reduces F-type damage 20%                Phys Def + 2
  Coat • Lightning Reduces L-type damage 20%                Phys Def + 2
  Coat • Beam      Reduces B-type damage 20%                Phys Def + 2
  Coat • Sword     Reduces Slsh/Prce damage 20%             Phys Def + 2

  Soul             Increases Phys Def as allies are KO'd    Phys Def +20
  Swimsuit         Increases T. Pts earned by 25%           Phys Def + 1

  Metal  Helment   Matches Metal Wear outfit                Phys Def + 2
  Cowboy Hat       Matches Survival Wear outfit             Phys Def + 2
  Space Helment    Space-use helment                        Phys Def + 4
  Ruby Helment     Matches Ruby Suit outfit                 Phys Def + 6

  Nightwalker        Prevents "Sleep"                       Phys Def + 4
  Protector          Auxiliary armor for arms               Phys Def + 2
  Trauma Plate       Prevents "Critical Hits"
  Venom Block        Prevents "Attack Poison"
  Wooden Idol        Prevents "Curse"
  Rune Crystal       Prevents "EP Overconsumption"
  Sniper Goggles     Prevents "Dexterity Down"
  Power Brace        Prevents "Phys Atk Down"
  Guard Pendant      Prevents "Phys Def Down"
  Spirit Pendant     Prevents "Ether Atk Down"
  Clock Shield       Prevents "Slow"
  Snake Hunter       Prevents "Poison"
  Defibrillator Vest Prevents "Instant KO"
  Soldier's Honor    Prevents "Attack Disable"
  Chakra Shield      Prevents EP damage
  Red Ring                                                  Phys Atk + 2
  Green Ring                                                Phys Def + 2
  Blue Ring                                                Dexterity + 2
  Kobold Ring                                                  Evade + 2
  Purple Ring                                              Ether Atk + 2
  Orange Ring                                              Ether Def + 2
  White Ring                                                 Agility + 1
  Samuari Heart      Increases counter rate 10%  1/2 BG
                     accumulation during counter
  Speed Shoes        Increases speed by 25%
  Cross              Damage down 10%
  Silver Crown       Increases Max EP 15%
  Thief Ring         Increases rare item acquisition rate 10%
  Double Buster      [] () () , /\ () () 2x Tech Attack possible
  Angel Ring         EP consumption 1/2
  Gemini Clock       Statue effect time x2
  Bravesoul          Increases Str as HP decreases
  Blue Topaz         "Veil" support effect
  Red Topaz          "Anti-Veil" support effect
  Scope              Displays enemy HP information
  Blade Soul         Prevents "Confusion"
  Boost Pack         Boost +1 at start of battle


 jr.            type:                                        stats:
  RK200            Bullets for "ROOK505"                    Phys Atk + 4
  MAKAROV Bullets  Valuable bullets for MAKAROV gun         Phys Atk + 5
  RK280          Bullets for "ROOK505"                      Phys Atk + 6
  CS700SLW       Bullets for "Cross"            "Slow" against B,G types
  CS700PWD       Bullets for "Cross"   "Phys Atk Down" against B,G types
  CS700DFD       Bullets for "Cross"   "Phys Def Down" against B,G types
  CS700UVL       Bullets for "Cross"  "Ether Atk Down" against B,G types
  BD900          Bullets for "BLOOD9"                       Phys Atk +16

 kos-mos          type:                                        stats:
  KGS10V         Bullets for "F•GSHOT"     Phys Atk +12
 shion            type:                                        stats:
  BXS001V  Tech Attack "Shock Blade"              "Slow" against M types
  BXS002V  Tech Attack "Shock Blade"        "Power Loss" against M types
  BXS003V  Tech Attack "Shock Blade"     "Armor Failure" against M types
  BXS004V  Tech Attack "Shock Blade"   "Phys Atk Down" against B,G types
  BXS005V  Tech Attack "Shock Blade"   "Phys Def Down" against B,G types

 ziggy         type:                                        stats:
  MSS540    Missiles for "MSP89SX"                          Phys Atk +12

  7.3 a.g.w.s. equipment


 weapon           type:                                        stats:
  AXE11AG     Federation Army axe                Single/Near/Slash/W-ACT
  HG75VX      Handgun manufactured by Vector    Single/Line/Pierce/W-ACT
  HMR55AG     Federation Army hammer               Single/Near/Hit/W-ACT
  WCT02AG4    Federation Army gyro saucer        Single/Near/Slash/W-ACT
  SMG99AG     Federation Army submachine gun    Single/Line/Pierce/W-ACT
  SMG32VX     Submachine gun manufactured by    Single/Lone/Pierce/W-ACT
  LG100VX     Long beam rifle manufactured by    Single/Line/Beam EA300%
  BA15VX      Beam arm manufactured by Vector   Single/Line/Beam EA185%/
  LM11VX      Lancer arm manufactured by Vector  Single/Near/Slash/W-ACT
  PB55AG      Federation Army bunker buster           Single/Near/Pierce
  FLM64AG     Federation Army flame launcher    Single/Line/Fire EA150%/
  GRO20AG     Federation Army grenade launcher    Single/Line/Fire/W-ACT
  GLG76AG     Federation Army gatling gun       Single/Line/Pierce/W-ACT
  HMP33AG     Federation Army hand missile pod               All/Air/Hit
  Bl24AG      Federation Army beam launcher      Single/Line/Beam EA200%
  BMP45VX     Wide beam pod manufactured by          All/Air/Beam EA130%
  SHB67AG     Federation Army shield beam rifle  Single/Air/Beam EA130%/
  AIRD-AG2    Federation Army aerials                All/Air/Beam EA250%
  ECM1-VX     ECM Pod manufactured by Vector               Single/Line/S
  ECM2-VX     ECM pod manufactured by Vector                   All/Air/S
  DEF-VX      Defensive shield manufactured by   All Allies/Ether Shield
  DLC02AG4    Federation Army drill claw        Single/Near/Pierce/W-ACT
  LW-VX2      Lance manufactured by Vector           All/Air/Beam EA300%
  HMR-AG5     Federation Army heavy hammer               Single/Near/Hit
  HGG-AG5     Federation Army gatling gun       Single/Line/Pierce/W-ACT
  HMP-AG5     Federation Army hand missile pod               All/Air/Hit
  LC-AG5      Federation Army long cannon             Single/Line/Pierce
  BMP-AG5     Federation Army large missile pod              All/Air/Hit
  BBC-AG5     Federation Army large beam cannon  Single/Line/Beam EA600%


 accessory            effect:
  Fast Circuit 25       Increases speed 25%
  Fast Circuit 50       Increases speed 50%
  B-MAX Circuit         Enables use of Boost
  Armor Protect Unit    Prevents "Armor Failure"
  Engine Shield         Prevents "Engine Stop"
  Gear Shield           Prevents "Slow"
  M Chip Guard          Prevents "Wear"
  AP Shield             Prevents "AP Half"
  W Circuit Shield      Prevents "Attack Disable"
  Cockpit Guard         Prevents "Pilot Confusion & Sleep"
  Guard Cleaner         Clears status abnormalities when guarding
  Guard Recovery        Recovers 10% of Max FHP when guarding
  Auxiliary Armor A     Armor +2
  Auxiliary Armor B     Armor +4
  EF Circuit A          Ether Def +2
  EF Circuit B          Ether Def +4
  Anti-Fire Armor       Reduces F-type damage 25%
  Anti-Ice Armor        Reduces I-type damage 25%
  Anti-Lightning Armor  Reduces L-type damage 25%
  Anti-Beam Armor       Reduces B-type damage 25%


 ammo            effect:


  7.4 characters
For the quotes, "end of battle" means that the character killed the last
enemy in the battle screen.

S h i o n   U z u k i
Sex: Female
Height: 163 cm (5'4")
Weight: 48 kg (106 lbs)
Age: 22

Chief Engineer of the KOS-MOS Project General Operation System Research
Center, Vector Industries First R&D Division.

When the story opens, she is assigned on a twofold mission; to assist
in the investigation of a planetary disappearance which is somehow
related to the "Zohar Project" - a plan developed jointly between the
government and private industry - and to test KOS-MOS.

S    - Knuckle
T    - Firecracker
S, S - Power Kick
S, T - Stun Shock
T, T - Cherry Bomb
T, S - Spin Kick

"Get out of the way, or I'll..."(beginning of battle)

"KOS-MOS, let's go." (beginning of battle)

"KOS-MOS, activate Hilbert effect." (beginning of battle

"Who would've thought one of Miyuki's Inventions would come in handy."
(end of battle)

"Okay. Let's go on." (end of battle)

"Good, we can use this data." (end battle)

"Take it easy on me. I'm not meant for this line of work."
(end of battle, red HP)

"I'm sorry, everyone." (when HP reaches 0)

- - - - - - - - - -

K O S - M O S
Sex: Female
Height: 167 cm (5'6")
Weight: 92 kg (203 lbs)
Age: Looks about 18

A female armored battle android developed by the interstellar
conglomerate, Vector Industries.

She is comprised entirely of mechanical parts, a rarity in an age of
advanced Realian technology.

The name KOS-MOS is a general acronym to denote a battle system designed
to combat the Gnosis.

S    - Punch
T    - Blaster
S, S - S-Vault
S, T - Sword
T, T - Blaster
T, S - Needle

"Target, locked on." (beginning of battle)

"Your orders, Shion." (beginning of battle)

"All systems, clear." (end of battle)

"My external appearance is down 5%. Shion, I need to be cleaned."
(end of battle)

"The enemy has been exterminated..."(end battle)

"Requesting recovery, HP" (end of battle, in red HP)

"Shutting down." (HP reaches 0)

- - - - - - - - - -

Z i g g y
Sex: Male
Height: 191 cm (6'3")
Weight: Unknown
Age: Looks 30. 98 years since body recycling.

A combat cyborg assigned the track of recovering and protecting MOMO, the
prototype 100-Series Observational Realian.

Instead of embracing the fact that he was once human, Ziggy is constantly
tuning his body, eliminating his organic parts in order to erase his own
existence and reduce himself from a "person" to a mere "object."

S    - High Kick
T    - Laser Blade
S, S - Jack Knife
S, T - Ignition
T, T - Laser Swing
T, S - Jack Blade

"Watch the enemy closely, and attack quickly." (beginning of battle)

"The outcome was decided even before the battle began." (end of battle)

"Don't take it too hard. You didn't stand a chance." (end of battle)

"The only rule of survival, is to think only of oneself..."
(end of battle)

- - - - - - - - - -

Sex: Female
Height: 141 cm (4'8")
Weight: 36 kg (79 lbs)
Age: Looks about 12

A prototype 100-Series Observational Realian (synthetic human) developed
to observe and contact the Gnosis, an alien life form that can only be
detected by a "special sense." MOMO is short for Multiple Observative
Mimetic Organicus.

She was created by Joachim Mizrahi, a scientist renowned throughout the
galaxy, and his wife, Juli Mizrahi.

S    - Stardust
T    - Melody Ray
S, S - Twin Stars
S, T - Dream Whirl
T, T - Flower Storm
T, S - Cosmic Flip

"You don't know when to give up." (beginning of battle)

"I'm sorry, are you okay." (end of battle)

- - - - - - - - - -

c h a o s
Sex: Male
Height: 169 cm (5'7")
Weight: 53 kg (117 lbs)
Age: Looks about 16

A slender young boy who appears 16 years old, but whose true age is
unknown. His perpetually melancholic expression, as well as the depth and
scope of his conversations, give the impression that he hails from a
higher plane of existence. His translucent blue eyes and silver hair are
his particularly distinguishing features.

As he volunteers no information whatsoever about his past other than his
name, everything about him, including whether he even has any memory of
his past, is unknown.

S    - Tornado Flash
T    - Arrow
S, S - Seraphim Rush
S, T - Electro Upper
T, T - Angel Shot
T, S - Star Thrust

"More lost souls...May you be reborn anew!" (beginning of battle)

"This is no ordinary force. Be careful!" (beginning of battle)

"May all your souls rest in peace..." (end of battle)

"Come on everyone. We still have a long ways to go." (end of battle)

"Ugh... that was tougher than I expected." (end of battle, low HP)

- - - - - - - - - -

J r .
Sex: Male
Height: 140 cm (4'7")
Weight: 38 kg (84 lbs)
Age: Looks about 12

One of the directors of the Kukai Foundation, a special organization
aligned with Second Miltia (an autonomous state in the Galaxy
Federation). Despite his seemingly carefree attitude, Jr. is actually
quite wise and will occasionally make statements, cutting right to the
heart of things.

S    - Cross Shot
T    - Southpaw
S, S - Trick Shot
S, T - Coin Snap
T, T - Crossfire
T, S - Hip Shot


"I don't have time for you punks!" (beginning of battle)

"Sayonara, baby!" (end of battle)

- - - - - - - - - -

A l b e d o
Sex: Male
Height: 190 cm (6'2")
Weight: Unknown
Age: Appears 26

A wild and violent figure with unknown motives. Underneath the deranged
guise lies a calculating individual. Often seen in company of
Kirschwassers, whose brown skin and silver hair are the only features
distinguishing them from MOMO.

  7.5 controls

Quest Screen  ___________________________________________________________

left analog stick /                Move Character
directional buttons

Circle button                      Confirm / Talk/ Investigate

X button                           Cancel

Triangle button                    Main Menu

Square button                      Destroy Target

L1 button / R1 button              Select Target

left analog stick /                Walk
directional buttons +
            R2 button

START button                       Pause

Battle Screen  __________________________________________________________

left analog stick /                Select Target (Enemy)
directional buttons

Circle button                      Confirm / Tech Attack / Sub-weapon

X button                           Cancel/Display Battle Menu

Triangle button                    Attack

Square button                      Attack

L1 button / L2 button              Cycle Button Control Windows

R1 button / R2 button              Boost (by either Square, Triangle, or
                                          Circle button)

Menus  __________________________________________________________________

left analog stick /                Move Cursor
directional buttons

Circle button                      Confirm

X button                           Cancel/ Previous Menu

Triangle button                    Sorts Items (in the Items Menu)

Square button                      Change Lead Character
                                          (in the Character Select Menu)

L1 button / R1 button              Cycle Between Pages

Cinematic Events  _______________________________________________________

START button                                        Pause

L1 button / R1 button                               Select Target

You can slip Cinematic Events if you press the triangle button while the
game is paused. Careful! There's is no confirmation when you do this, so
make sure you don't accidently skip a scene.

  7.6 game play

Below are different aspects to the game play of Xenosaga. I haven't quite
figured out how to organize this nicely, so its pretty much jumbled
around in the order I wrote it. Sorry, but I'd like to have this
information out, even if it looks hideous.

Tech Attacks (or, deathblows ^_^)  ______________________________________

Along with the normal Square (close-range) or Triangle (long-range)
attacks, if your character has built up 6 AP, you have an option to use a
deathblow. Primarily used for bosses (really, who needs them for normal
encounters), they do a massive amount of damage. Sometimes, they are the
only way to do damage.

To sum things up, a normal attack takes 2 AP. An ether technique takes
4 AP no matter what. Items take up 3 AP. The best way to get to 6 AP,
is to do one Square or Triangle attack, then hit X to end your turn.
When you get your turn back, you receive 4 AP back, for a total of 6 AP.

Advancements in Tech attacks  ___________________________________________

Okay, with the basics out of the way, lets go into depth. After each
victorious battle, you receive Technique Points. These points are used
to evolve your attacks -- such as raising its attack power, decreasing
the wait time or increasing its speed.

All tech attacks begin at Low (LW) speed. Thus, they can only be set to
a LW Slot such as T, T and S, T (meaning, to unleash the technique
attack, you need to hit T, T, than finally O; 6 AP in total). Once you
upgraded a Tech Attack's speed to High (HI), it can be set to a HI Slot.
In battle, you will only need 4 AP to execute a high-speed deathblow.
High-speed deathblows can still be used to set in a LW Slot, if you still
want to use it for 6 AP.

Evolving Tech attacks  __________________________________________________

Use those sweet T. Points you collect to evolve your Tech attacks. You
have three different stats to change; increase its attack power, speed
(how fast it is), and Wait (the down time after using a Tech attack).

Extracting Skills  ______________________________________________________

Won't go into too much detail with this, because it's fairly easy to
understand. Skill Points are used to extract "skills" from items you
receive. Skills can be extracted under two conditions -- you have enough
points, and your Skill Level is high enough.

The accessory needs to be unequipped for this to work. After you've done
the extraction, Set the stat in one of three slots. Excellent.

One final thing: DON'T FORGET ABOUT THIS!!! It's a neat feature, and
really helpful, especially because it's relatively cheap to extract
most skills.

Ether Evolution  ________________________________________________________

As you raise your ether points, you're left with an option. Each
character has an ether "tree," which is a map of all their possible ether
spells. You start from the left, and work your way to the right, taking
the paths YOU want to take. Got it? As you move further right, it takes
more ether points to evolve to the next spell.

I recommend hitting R2 before you evolve to a new skill. This will
display the stats of the spell, and should be enough to assure you're
getting the right spell you think you're getting (such as, expecting
Shion's Medica Rest to affect all party members). Also, don't forget
that you can transfer an ether to anyone else in the game. If you only
do one transfer, it will likely be Shion's Medica All. That ether rules.

Character Attributes  ___________________________________________________

I'm sure you've been wondering what they mean, so let's go through them
one at a time.

HP     Obviously, the amount of health.
EP     Amount of ether points you have.
Str    Strength, effects the amount of damage you do in combat.
Vit    Vitality, effects the amount of damage you receive in combat.
EATK   Ether Attack, effects the power of your Ether.
EDEF   Ether Defense, effects your ability to resist Ether attacks.
DEX    Dexterity, effects accuracy in hitting the enemy.
EVA    Evasion, effects how often an enemy hits you.
AGL    Agility, effects initiative at the start of battle and how often
       you can attack.

If you're using tech points to increase your stats, follow this

     1. ether defense
     2. vitality
     3. ether attack
     4. strength
     5. anything else, if at all

Defense is highest priority in the game. Who cares if you can't hurt them
much if they take off 0 damage off you, right? Once everything is at
their maximum level (check the section, MAXING STATS for explanation on
this), what else should you work on? You probably just want to save
tech points for those first four stats. AGL can't be increased, DEX is
worthless, and EVA goes up well on its on (its limit only is 99). You
never run out of EP, and HP is simply too expensive to be worth it.

A.G.W.S. attributes  ____________________________________________________

Like character attributes, here's an explanation of what each attribute

FHP    Frame Hit Points
DPOW   Dynamic Power, the amount of physical offensive strength
       (weapons and generator increases it).
PARM   Physical Armor, effects how much damage the A.G.W.S. receives
       from physical attacks.
EARM   Ether Armor, effects how much damage the A.G.W.S. receives from
       physical attacks.
AGL    Agility, effects how often you can attack.
WAGL   Weapon Agility, effects recovery time between turns as determined
       by weapons equipped.

Event Slot  _____________________________________________________________

On the battle screen, I'm sure you've noticed the slot that changes
between every turn, whether friend or foe. There are four possible event
slots, and they change after every turn no matter what. To get used to
what these are, I recommend just paying attention to the slot one battle,
and notice how it works. It wasn't until late in my game that I realized
how important this is.

1.  The grey square slot means nothing. No special anything.

2.  Next comes the critical hit rate up slot. A small explosion, plus the
    works UP are seen on this. This increases the change that you will
    cause critical damage. Nice to have, but not nice to have when your
    enemy is attacking.

3.  Bext comes the Boost Gauge increases rate up. A golden ring, plus the
    words UP represent this. This makes your boost gauge increases more
    after every attack you make. This is okay, but nothing special. At
    least it's better than nothing.

4.  Finally, the granddaddy of event slots, the Point Bonus! If you
    defeat an enemy with this slot on, the amount of T, E, and S points
    you receive at the end of a battle will be multiplied x2, x4, or
    EVEN x10!!!!!

5.  Back to the grey square.

Ideally, you want to land on the Point Bonus slot ALL the time. The
extra tech points you'll receive is absolutely nuts. Heck, just trying
to kill bosses with it should give you a decent amount of spare tech

Boosting  _______________________________________________________________

If you're playing the game for the first time, its likely you don't
fully understand the boost feature. It's nice in general, but you can
also take advantage of it, such as always landing on the Point Bonus
slot all the time to get your finishing blow off.

To begin with, notice the lower part of the character information in
battle. See the bar? When the red fills up the entire bar, the zero is
replaced with a 1. You know have a boost. On a related-note, I think the
maximum boosts you can have at one time, is 3. Any thoughts?

Okay, so you got the 1 boost what now? Hold down R1. Near where the
Event Slot is, the boost gauge will come up. When no one can boost,
the grey button is down. But when a character has a boost, you'll see
a picture of them in three locations around the grey button. If they're
on the left, they are associated with the square button; if they're on
the top, they are associated with the triangle button; if they're on the
right side, they are associated with the circle button.

So what does this mean? To execute the boost, hold down R1 for the gauge
to come up. Let's say KOS-MOS has 1 boost. When you hold down the R1
button, you should see a little picture of KM. Press the button
associated with the location of the picture. On screen, you'll see some
red thingys explode from KOS-MOS. She will NOW have a turn immediately
following the current turn (whether friend or foe).

There are some limits to boosting. You cannot boost before or after your
turn. Say, the battle order is:   Enemy, then KOS-MOS, KM cannot boost
after the enemy, nor can she boost after herself. But, if Shion follows
KM in that sequence (so, Enemy, KM, Shion), KM can boost during Shion's
turn, and get an additional turn when Shion is done. Also, only one
boost at a time. So if an enemy boosts (yes, they can do; and they seem
to have an infinite amount as well), you'll have to wait.

Also, a counter-boost has priority over a normal boost. A counter-boost
is when you boost during the opposite team's turn. So, if Shion is ready
to boost, she will have a counter-boost if she boosts during an enemy's
attack. The opposite is true for them. They get boosts off before you're
able to.

  7.7 story
(directly from manual)

Thousands of years intro the future, mankind has abandoned Earth and
exists only in deep space. Having used their advanced technology to
unlock the secrets of the universe, Humanity hopes to do the same with
the Zohar, a powerful and mysterious artifact reputedly existing since
the dawn of time. But a hostile alien life form, the Gnosis, brutally
attack at every turns. Why? Unbeknownst to mankind, the race to unlock
the final mystery, and to embrace an uncertain destiny, has begun.

  8 .   T H A N K S   A N D   D I S C L A I M E R

  Monolith Soft - I'm glad to be back in this universe, whether or not
    it's really a prequel.
  azangil - Correction on Decoder on Woglinde, plus location of S.A.#18
  Derek Payne - boss strategy for Rianon Se.
  Jedd Uy - Quotes.
  Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou, Rob, Shawn Burnside - Found out how to solve
    the music puzzle in the Song od Nephilim. Go figure I'd miss
    something like this, but thanks a lot!
  Alfred Tang - For the two items in the playground in the Encephalon.

  Xenosaga.com - character information
  English Manual - Story, base for Tech, ether, and skill explanations
    and character information
  jetfuel's fantastic guide based on Japanese version - Used monster data
    he collected from a Japanese-released guide to double-check my
    monster data.

This GUIDE is (c) 2003 cnick.  This guide may be not be reproduced at all
except for personal, private use. This guide is not to be used for
profitable/promotional purposes (even if no money would be made by
selling it or posting it on a for-profit webpage) ; this includes being
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guide, this document should not be found on any web site other than
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Xenosaga Episode One: Der Wille zer Macht Walkthrough (c) 2003 cnick
-End of FAQ-

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