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Skills FAQ by ACurtis

Version: 1.0b | Updated: 07/07/02

Xenosaga Skills FAQ ver. 1.0b

For Japanse PS2
by Ashley Curtis
(Date 7/7/02)

Do not reference, alter, or use (this include webmasters, publishers, and 
magazine staff) without my express written permission.  

1.1 Intro
1.2 Thanks and Email Info
1.3 Updates
1.4 Skills 
1.5 Questions about Skills

1.1 -------------Intro--------------------

I've been working with Jetfuel, in the making the ultimate faq for Xenosaga for 
sometime now.  I've heard several requests for sections of the mega faq in 
smaller chunks.  So I've taken it upon myself to a least put my contributions in 
bit sized chunks.  This is the first of these.  

The skills below were taken from the game.  Also I translated info from many 
different Japanese Xenosaga web sites to fill in the gaps.  

1.2 -----------Thanks and Email-----------

Please feel free to offer tweaks about translation and the effects of these 
skills.  I can be contacted at asyurei@adelphia.net.

I want to thank most of all "Game Masters of XenoSaga" a great site for info on 
the game in Japanese (http://www.netdene.com/~kusari/xenosaga/).
Also in need of much thanks are "Jetfuel, Duckroll, Axel5, and Olivier Hagu for 
corrections and supporting my translation efforts.
It's imposible to forget to thank "The Ethos Headquearters" for providing a 
great forum for me to post my work (http://www.the-ethos.org/). 
1.3 -------------Updates------------------

03/27/02 Version 1.0a First copy.

07/7/02 Version 1.0b Email update

1.4 -------------Skills-------------------


Skill name/ Necessary item/ Necesary S.Lv/ Necessary S.Pt/ Effects and remarks 
Sleep guard =スリープガード/ Night Walker =ナイトウォーカー/ Lv2/ 200/ sleep 
Lost guard = ロストガード/ Magical Hat = マジカルハット/ Lv2/ 220/ Prevention of 
Ether Pt+25% = エーテルP+25/ Star's Hat = 星の帽子/ Lv5/ 1000 /E.Pt up 25% 


Skill name/ Necessary item/ Necessary S.Lv/ Necessary S.PT/ Effects and remarks 

PDEF+4/ Neo Armor A = ネオアーマーα/ Lv3/ 300/ Physical strength +4 
EDEF+4/ Neo Armor B = ネオアーマーβ/ Lv3/ 300/ Ether defense +4 
All guard =オールガード/ Shield Armor = シールドアーマー/ Lv?/ ???/ All the status 
Lonely EGUP = ロンリーEGUP/ Spirit = スピリット/ Lv3/ 300/ Each time a person is 
KO'd ether defense rises 
Lonely PGUP = ロンリーPGUP/ Soul = ソウル/ Lv3/ 300/ Each time a person is KO'd 
physical defense rises 
Tech Pt+25% = 能力P+25/ SwimSuit = 水着/ Lv5/ 1000/ T.Pt's up 25% 


Skill name/ Necessary item/ Necessary S.Lv/ Necessary S.PT/ Effects and remarks 

Fire -20% = 炎-20/ Flame Coat = コート・炎/ Lv3/ 300/ Fire attributed damage 
reduced by 20% 
Thunder -20% = 雷-20/ Thunder Coat = コート・雷/ Lv3/ 300/ Thunder attributed 
damage reduced by 20% 
Ice -20% = 冷-20/ Ice Coat = コート・冷/ Lv3/ 300/ Ice attributed damage reduced 
by 20% 
Beam -20% = ビーム-20/ Beam Coat = コート・光/ Lv3/ 300/ Beam attributed damage 
reduced by 20% 
Sword -20% = 剣-20/ Sword Coat = コート・刀/ Lv3/ 300/ Protruding and Slicing 
attributed damage reduced by 20% 

Skill name/ Necessary item/ Necessary S.Lv/ Necessary S.PT/ Effects and remarks 

CRTC Guard = CRTCガード/ Eluding Bandana = 見切りのバンダナ/ Lv4/ 500/ Enemies are 
prevented from getting Critical hits against you 
Attack Poison Guard = Aポイズンガード/ Fighting spirit towel = 闘魂タオル/ Lv3/ 
300/ Attack poison prevention (note: this is different from just poison 
Admonish Guard = イマシメガード/ Idol of belief = 信仰の木彫り像/ Lv3/ 320/ Admonish 
EP Double Guard = EPダブルガード/ Rune Crystal = ルーン水晶/ Lv3/ 300/ "EP over" 
DEX Guard = DEXガード/ Spy goggles = スパイゴーグル/ Lv1/ 40/ Prevention of on-
target hit down 
PATK Guard = PATKガード/ Power supporter = パワーサポーター/ Lv1/ 30/ Prevention of 
physical attack power down 
PDEF Guard = PDEFガード/ Sea Pendant = 海のペンダント/ Lv1/ 60/ Prevention of 
physical defense power down 
EATK Guard = EATKガード/ Moon Pendant = 月のペンダント/ Lv1/ 60/ Prevention of 
ether power down 
EP Guard = EPガード/ Chakra Shield = チャクラシールド/ Lv3/ 300/ You defend the EP 
Slow Guard = スロウガード/ Clock Shield = シールドクロック/ Lv1/ 100/ Slow 
Poison Guard = ポイズンガード/ Snake hunter = スネークハンター/ Lv1/ 60/ Poison 
Death Guard =デスガード/ Goddess Feather = 女神の羽根/ Lv3/ 300/ Prevention of 
instantaneous death 
Deathblow Guard = 必殺ガード/ Soldier's pride = 戦士の誇り/ Lv3/ 240/ Prevention of 
Deathblow attack blockade 
Confusion Guard =カオスガード/ Soul Blade = ブレイドソウル/ Lv3/ 300/ Prevention of 
Stop Guard = ストップガード/ Field ring = フィールドリング/ Lv3/ 300/ Prevention of 

Skill name/ Necessary item/ Necessary S.Lv/ Necessary S.PT/ Effects and remarks 

PATK+2/ Red ring = レッドリング/ Lv2/ 150/ Power +2 
PDEF+2/ Green ring = グリーンリング/ Lv2/ 150/ Physical strength +2 
DEX+2/ Blue ring = ブルーリング/ Lv1/ 50/ On-target hit +2 
EVA+2/ Cobalt ring = コバルトリング/ Lv1/ 50/ Evasion +2 
AGL+1/ White ring = ホワイトリング/ Lv4/ 500/ Speed +1 
EATK+2/ Purple ring = パープルリング/ Lv2/ 180/ Ether attack power +2 
EDFE+2/ Orange ring = オレンジリング/ Lv2/ 180/ Ether defense +2 

Skill name/ Necessary item/ Necessary S.Lv/ Necessary S.PT/ Effects and remarks 

CRTC+5%/ Hunter's eye = ハンターアイ/ Lv3/ 300/ Critical hit ratio +5% 
Rare +10% = レア+10/ Thief's Gauntlet = 盗賊の篭手/ Lv2/ 200/ +10% chance of 
getting a rare item 
Counter +10% = カウンター+10/ Samurai's heart = サムライハート/ Lv3/ 300/ Counter 
ratio +10% 
Damage -10% = ダメージ-10/ Sister cross = シスタークロス/ Lv3/ 300/ Damage -10% 
HPMAX+15%/ Yamato belt = ヤマトベルト/ Lv3/ 300/ HP MAX+15% 
EPMAX+15%/ Silver Crown = ヤマトベルト/ Lv3/ 300/ EPMAX +15% 
AP+1/ Commander's Crest = 指揮官の紋章/ Lv4/ 300/ Every turn AP+1 
Speed +25% = スピード+25/ Speed shoes = スピードシューズ/ Lv4/ 500/ Speed +25% 
Skill Pt +25% = スキルP+25/ Craft Apron = クラフトエプロン/ Lv5/ 1000/ S.Pt + 25% 

Skill name/ Necessary item/ Necessary S.Lv/ Necessary S.PT/ Effects and remarks 

EP Half = EPハーフ/ Angel ring = エンジェルリング/ Lv5/ 1000/ EP consumption half 
ST Double = STダブル/ Twin clocks = 双子時計/ Lv4/ 500/ ST effective time ×2 
Experience +25% = 経験値+25/ Bowing to the Master = マスターのおさげ/ Lv5/ 1000/ 
Experience value 25% 
Ether Power D = エーテルパワーD/ Blue topaz = ブルートパーズ/ Lv3/ 300/ ether 
defense effect 
Ether power U = エーテルパワーU/ Red topaz = レッドトパーズ/ Lv3/ 300/ anti defense 
Damage UD = ダメージUD/ Golden Dice = 黄金のダイス/ Lv3/ 300/ It increases or 
decreases the damage which is received when the current HP is at a single digit 
HP Stronger = HPストロンガー/ Braveheart = ブレイブハート/ Lv4/ 500/ STR goes up 
when HP goes down 
Deathblow AC = 必殺AC/ Supreme Warrior's Mask = 闘神のマスク/ Lv3/ 300/ Deathblows 
critical hits up 
Recovery Double = 回復ダブル/ Life stone = ライフストーン/ Lv4/ 500/ All hp recovery 
Deathblow W = W必殺/ Double Buster = ダブルバスター/ Lv4/ 500/ □ ○ ○ △ ○ ○ 
Continued Deathblow attack is possible 
Search Eye = サーチアイ/ Scope = スコープ/ Lv1/ 60/ It indicates the HP information 
of the enemy 
CB on = CBオン/ Revenge Power = リベンジパワー/ Lv3/ 300/ When being attacked, 
automatic boost, Note: The skill "counter +10%"' is needed 
Battle BC+1 = バトルBC+1/ Battler ring = バトラーリング/ Lv4/ 500/ Start fights 
with boost +1 


1.5 -------------Questions about Skills------

Many people have ask about how to raise one's skill level.  It will rise 
accordingly to how many S Pts. you spend extracting skills from items. Here are 
the totals.

In order to make S.Lv2, a total of 200 S Pts. need to be spent. 

In order to make S.Lv3, a total of 800 S Pts. need to be spent.

In order to make S.Lv4, a total of 1800 S Pts. need to be spent.

In order to make S.Lv5, a total of 4500 S Pts. need to be spent.

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