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Deathblows and Ether Skills FAQ by ACurtis

Version: 1.1c | Updated: 07/07/02

Xenosaga "Deathblows and Ether Skills" ver. 1.1c
For Japanese PS2
by Ashley Curtis
(Date 7/7/02)

This document Copyright 2002 Ashley Curtis.  Doe Do not reference, alter, or use 
(this include webmasters, publishers, and magazine staff) without my express 
written permission.  

1.1 Intro
1.2 Thanks and Email info
1.3 Updates
1.4 Deathblows and Ether Skills
1.5 Questions Deathblows and Ether Skills 

1.1 -------------Intro------------
I've been working with Jetfuel, in the making the ultimate faq for Xenosaga for 
sometime now.  I've heard several requests for sections of the mega faq in 
smaller chunks.  So I've taken it upon myself to a least put my contributions in 
bit sized chunks.  

The deathblows and skills below were taken from the game.  Also I translated 
info from many different Japanese Xenosaga web sites to fill in the gaps.  

1.2 ----------Email and Thanks-----------
Please feel free to offer tweaks about translation and the effects of these 
skills.  I can be contacted at asyurei@adelphia.net.

I want to thank most of all "Game Masters of XenoSaga" a great site for info on 
the game in Japanese (http://www.netdene.com/~kusari/xenosaga/).

I would like to thank "The Ethos Headquarters" for providing a great forum for 
me to post my work (http://www.the-ethos.org/). 

Also in need of much thanks are "Jetfuel, Duckroll, Axel5, and Olivier Hagu for 
corrections and supporting my translation efforts.

1.3 -------------Updates----------

03/27/02 The first one Version 1.0a

04/1/02 Version 1.1 Some Tweaks and Corrections, added some Q&A stuff, the 
effects of Deathblows and Ethers were detailed and corrected 

04/3/02 Version 1.1b Minor corrections and details fixed in the Q&A area.  

07/7/02 Version 1.1c Email update

1.4 -------------Deathblows and Ether Skills--------

S=square on the controller 
T=triangle on the controller 
X=X on the controller 
O=O on the controller 

シオン = Shion 

Normal Attacks 

S=フェイスナックル = Face Knuckle 
T=クラッカー = Cracker 
X=メニュー = Menu 

S,S=ブレイクキック = Break Kick 
S,T=スタンショっック = Stun Shock 
S,X=終了 = End Attack 

T,S=スピンキック = Spin Kick 
T,T=ボム = Bomb 
T,X=終了 = End Attack 


イナズマブロー = Inazuma Blow (physical and lightning attack) 
スペルレイ = Spell Ray (ether attack) 
スロットシュート = Shot Slot (effect different depending on what ammo is equipped) 
バックファイア = Backfire (physical and fire attack) 
エーテルボンバー = Ether Bomber ("Ether Bomb" effect, a single targeted Bio or 
Gnosis enemy will now take x2 damage from ether attacks) 
グラビティブロー = Gravity Blow (physical attack, chance for causing slow to Bio 
and Gnosis enemies) 
スペールブレード = Spell Blade (physical attack) 
レインブレード = Rain Blade (ether attack, attacks all enemies) 


メディカ = Medica (02 Ep , heals a friend for a small amount of hp) 
アナライズ = Analyze (02 Ep, find out the current hp of an enemy) 
グッバイ = Goodbye (01 Ep, leave normal battles, no good for special events or 
メディカスオール = Medica All (08 Ep heals all friends for a medium amount of hp) 
リフレッシュ = Refresh (02 Ep, cures all status aliments) 
ブーストワン = One Boost (04 Ep, puts the boost gauge up 1 level) 
ジャミング = Jamming (04 Ep, Machines attack power is down for 5 turns) 
メディカレスト = Medica Rest (08 Ep, heals a large amount of hp for a friend) 
リバトー =Revert (12 Ep, wake up a ko'd friend with a medium amount of hp) 
セフティーレベル = Safety Level (12 Ep, if you die, reset to hp of one) 
クイック = Quick (06 Ep, speed up character 25% for 5 turns) 
クィーンキッス = Queens Kiss (08 Ep, steal an item and a slight chance of an 
instant death) 
セラフィムバード = Seraphim Bird (12 Ep, hurts all enemies, can only be used once 
per battle) 
トロネスブレード = Thrones Blade (08 Ep, hurts enemies, can only be used once per 
ドミニオンタンク = Dominion Tank (10 Ep, ultra offensive strike, can only be used 
once per battle) 
エルデカイザー = Erdekaiser (30 Ep, the ultimate attack, can only be used once per 

KOS-MOS = コスモス 

Normal Attacks 

O=F-GSHOT 12 Ep 00 Ap 6 
X=メニュー = Menu 

S,X=終了 = End Attack 

T,X=終了 =End Attack 

R- BLADE (physical attack) 
R- CANNON (ether attack) 
R- DRILL (physical attack) 
X- BUSTER (ether attack, attacks all enemies) 
S- CHAIN (causes a random status) 
R- SPAINE (physical attack) 
R- DRAGON (physical attack) 


モードA7 = Mode A7 (02 Ep, lowers physical attack for 5 turns) 
ダウンデクス = Dex Down (04 Ep, lowers defense of Bio and Gnosis by a medium 
ダウンフォルス = Force Down (04 Ep, lowers physical attack of Bio and Gnosis) 
ダウンスペル = Spell Down (04 Ep, lowers ether attacks of Bio and Gnosis) 
ゲート = Gate (08 Ep, takes 1/4 of Hp and a slight chance of death (both only 
against Bio and Gnosis)) 
エーテルリミット = Ether Limit (16 Ep, ether damage and cost 2x) 
サテライト = Satellite (16 Ep, Beam attack) 
デクススペルRa = Dex Spell I (12Ep, Ice attack) 
デクススペルFa = Dex Spell F (12Ep, Fire attack) 
デクススペルLa = Dex Spell R (12Ep, Rain attack 

バージル = Virgil 

Normal Attacks 

S=ドッキ = Knock 
T=ライフルショット = Riffle Shot 
X=メニュー = Menu 

ジッギ = Ziggurat8 (Ziggy) 

Normal Attacks 
S=ハイキック = High Kick 
T=レーザナイフ = Laser Knife 
O=BMP55SX 02 Ep 04 Ap 6 (attacks all enemies) 
X=メニュー = Menu 

S,S=ジャックブレード = Jack Knife 
S,T=バースとブロー = Burst Blow 
S,X=終了 = End Attack 

T,S=ジャックブレード = Jack Knife 
T,T=レーゼーナイフ = Laser Knife 
T,X=終了 =End Attack 

サウザーバースト = Souther Burst (physical & fire attack) 
ライオネルハンド = Lionel Hand (ether & thunder attack) 
メテオショット= Meteor Shot (ether & fire attack, attacks all enemies) 
ストームブレイド = Storm Blade (physical attack)
クロスランサー = Cross Lancer (physical attack)
ネックハンター = Head Hunter (ether & thunder attack, attacks all enemies) 
ヘルファイアー = Hell Fire (physical & fire attack) 

マイガード = My Guard (02 Ep, physical defense up and attack down for 5 turns) 
ボデイーガード = Body Guard (02 Ep, with Momo in the back row, defense and attack 
will be up) 
ボデイーチャージ = Body Charge (04 Ep, Hp up a medium amount (about 180)) 
エーテルシフトA = Ether Shift A (04 Ep, ether defense up and attack down for 5 
エーテルシフトB = Ether Shift B (04 Ep, ether attack up and defense down for 5 
チャージX = X Charge (04 Ep, some Hp and Ep restored) 
レッドマーク = Red Mark (04 Ep, 80% chance of critical hits on Machines) 
ボディーブースト = Body Boost (10 Ep, speed up 50% for 5 turns) 

モモ = Momo 

Normal Attacks 
S=ビートロッド = Beat Rod 
T=ライトニングベル = Lightning Bell 
X=メニュー = Menu 

S,S=2ビートロッド = Beat Rod x2 
S,T=スピンロッド = Spin Rod 
S,X=終了 = End Attack 

T,S=ミラージュキック = Mirage Kick 
T,T=フラワーストーム = Flower Storm 
T,X=終了 =End Attack 

プチメテオ = Petit Meteor (physical attack) 
ワインドめキサー = Wind Mixer (ether attack) 
ノック・ザ・ドア = Knock the Door (ether attack) 
スターキャノン = Star Cannon (physical attack, attacks all enemies) 
エンジェルアロー = Angel Arrow (ether attack, attacks all enemies) 
レアハンター = Rare Hunter (get an enemy's rare item, can only perform after 
ラブリーレイ = Lovely Ray (ether attack, can only perform after transformation) 
ダークロッド = Dark Rod (physical attack, Gnosis will be turned into an item) 

ライフショット = Life Shot (02 Ep, Heals for about 120 at start) 
ミラクルスター = Miracle Star (04 Ep, ether attack) 
シープビーム = Sleep Beam (04 Ep, if a Machine has a pilot, he falls asleep) 
祈り= Prayer (06 Ep, get an item from heaven) 
リファイン = Refine (06 Ep, revive a ko'd character with a little Hp) 
ポンコツビーム = Junk Beam (06 Ep, a 50% chance machines will lose a turn, for 
next 5 turns) 
スターウインド = Star Wind (10 Ep, strength increased, note: this transforms Momo) 
スターヴェール = Star Veil (04 Ep, all ether down 25% for 5 turns) 
スターアクション = Star Action (06 Ep, Fills a characters Ap points) 
スターライト = Star Light (10 Ep, strength up, note: this transforms Momo) 
スターベル = Star Bell (04 Ep, ether attack) 
スターウー = Star U (08 Ep, ether attack) 

ケイオス = Chaos 

Normal Attacks 
S=気掌 = Calm Palm 
T=発気 = Return Fire 
X=メニュー = Menu 

S,S=連環気掌 = The Inner Circles' Palm 
S,T=斬気掌 = Slicing Palm 
S,X=終了 = End Attack 

T,S= 突気掌 = Piercing Palm 
T,T= 二連発気 = Shotgun Blast 
T,X=終了 =End Attack 

百気掌 = One Hundred Chi, Palm (physical attack) 
円月飛掌 = Flying Moon Circle, Palm (ether attack) 
雷斬掌 = Thunder Slice, Palm (physical & thunder attack) 
菩薩掌 = Oath of Buddha, Palm (ether attack) 
波動掌 = Surge, Palm (ether attack, chance of Machines pilot to fall asleep) 
氷紋掌 = Dynasty of Ice, Palm (ether & ice attack, attacks all enemies) 
戒魔 = Demon (causes "Admonish" effect) 
神槍脚 = God's Spear (physical attack, can only be done when a character is ko'd?) 

守りの衣 = Protective Armor (04 Ep, Ether attacks are 25% down for 5 turns) 
癒しの雫 = Healing Rain (06 Ep, everyone recovers a small amount of Hp) 
氷の羽根 = Ice Sliver (04 Ep, ice attack) 
浄化の風 = Purifying Wind (06 Ep, clears all status affects) 
炎の羽根 = Fire Plume (04 Ep, fire attack) 
雷の羽根 = Lighting Bolt (04 Ep, thunder attack) 
最愛の徒 = For the Love of a Friend (50 Ep, completely revives and restores full 
health to a ko'd character, note: can only be used once per battle) 
真冶戒 = Holy Commandment (8 Ep, the amount an enemy can heal itself will now be 
天変地異 = God's hand (12 Ep, enemies lose a turn) 
光と翼 = Light and Wings (12 Ep, attacks and clears all status affects) 


Normal Attacks 
S=ライトシングル = Right Single 
T=レフトシングル = Left Single 
X=メニュー = Menu 

S,S=ライトダブル = Right Double 
S,T=レフトスナップ = Left Snap 
S,X=終了 = End Attack 

T,S=ライトスナップ = Right Snap 
T,T=レフトダブル = Left Double 
T,X=終了 =End Attack 

闘いの前奏曲 = Battle Prelude (physical attack) 
神秘の小夜曲 = Moon Serenade (ether attack) 
嵐のワルツ = Storm Waltz (physical attack, attacks all enemies) 
最後の交響曲 = Last Symphony (physical attack) 
神秘の夜想曲 = Mystic Nocturne (ether attack, attacks all enemies) 
天使の鎮魂歌 = Angelic Requiem (physical attack) 
魂の狂詩曲 = Soul Rhapsody (na, (forces Gnosis to, how to say... eat it)) 

サイコアーム = Psycho Arm (04 Ep, physical attack up) 
エーテルフレア= Ether Flare (04 Ep, ether attack up 25%) 
ダンディズム = Dandyism (08 Ep, auto revive when a girl is in the back row) 
サイコポケット = Psycho Pocket (04 Ep, steal an item) 
チェーン = Chain (04 Ep, Bio and Gnosis evasion down) 
ミスティー = Misty (10 Ep, block bio and gnosis spells) 
コインロック = Coin Lock (08 Ep, immune to all status aliments for 5 turns) 
スピードマシン = Speed Machine (06 Ep, speed up 25% for 5 turns) 
マグナムジョー = Magnum Joe (summons Magnum) 
バスタージョー = Buster Joe (summons Buster) 

1.5 -----------Deathblows Q&A---------------

Why are the moves called Deathblows, isn't there another translation possible.
Sure there is, in fact if translated literally it would be called "Special 
Shooting Skills".  However, I feel "Deathblow's" just works best here.  Really 
it also keeps the Xeno in Xenosaga because that is what the moves were called in 

How do I get Shion's Ether "Erdekaiser"?  
You have to find all the robot parts (all are found in the red doors), and give 
them to the Engineer at the Kookai Foundation's Gear Shop in the basement.  Once 
all the parts are there then go to the Bar and find Hakase the Engineer's 
student, then they will make Erdekaiser together.

I'm missing some Ether's and Deathblows for Momo, why?
Well you need to use Momo as the lead character and inspect the glittering 
"bookcase" in the Gnosis hive (up the stairs, in the area with the falling 
bridge). Doing this you will get the Ether "Star Wind" and the DeathBlow "Rare 
Also use Momo as the lead character and inspect the glittering "wall" (in the 
Song of Nephelim, the second tower 6th floor).  Doing this you will get the 
Ether "Star Light" and the DeathBlow "Lovely Ray".
Again use Momo as the lead character and enter the upstairs open window of  
Kookai Foundation bar and defeat Mintia,  (get there by going upstairs at the 
hotel, outside and across the canopy).  Doing this you will get the Deathblow 
"Dark Rod"

I'm missing 2 Ether's for Jr., why?
Use Jr. as your lead character, destroy one of the closet doors and defeat Great 
Joe, (in  the Residence Area of the Durandal, the bedroom with the shiny silver 
spinning thing that sells basic items).  Doing this you will get the summon 
"Magnum Joe", after that you can buy the next summon "Buster Joe".

Is it possible to do 2 Deathblows in the same turn?
Yes it is, you'll need the item Double Buster = ダブルバスター, also note this is 
a learnable skill.  With 6 Ap points you can do an additional Deathblow.  For 
example, if you have R-Spaine on Square, and R-Drill on double Square, when you 
have 6 SP, you can press Square, Circle, Circle and KOS MOS will do her normal 
attack, R-Spaine, and then finish with R-Drill.  

--------------Translation Questions--------------------

Why is Shion's Deathblow called "Slot Shot" shouldn't it be "Slot Shoot".  Yes 
it should, but you have to admit "Slot Shot" just jives.
Why is KOS-MOS Deathblow called "SPAINE"?  It looks like a total typo, it should 
Why is Ziggy's close range attack called "Jack Knife" shouldn't it be "Jack 
Blade".  Yes, but it is a bad Japanese loanword usage.
Why is Ziggy's Deathblow called "Head Hunter" shouldn't it be "Neck Hunter".  
Yes, but this is another case of bad Japanese loanword usage.
Why is Momo's Ether skill called "Sleep Beam" shouldn't it be "Sheep Beam".  Yes, 
I think this is yet another case of bad Japanese loanword usage.
Some of Jr.'s Deathblows don't quite match how I'm translating the kanji, why?  
Well those kanji are music related, now I have not studied music in Japan, but 
we decided to go with what Jr. was saying during each attack.

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