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Information Guide by HJerng

Version: 5 | Updated: 03/23/2002

Episode I:  Der Wille zur Macht [The Will for Power]

Rapid Communication:  Basic Info FAQ
Ver. 5, written on 03/03/02, modified on 03/23/02
e-mail contact:  hjerng@cns.bcm.tmc.edu

TRANSLATOR'S NOTE:  This is a very basic FAQ to answer some questions in regard
to the story and characters in Xenosaga, Episode I. (and to tie import folks
over until the walkthroughs are available).  PLEASE NOTE:  INFORMATION ON STORY

Much more info will become available later as I progress along the game, so sit
tight.  Check back here at www.gamefaqs.com or at my homepage at
www.hhjcollections.com for the latest updates.  Later.


I. Introduction
II. Main Parties
     A. Star Cluster Federation (SCF)
          1. Federation Contact Sub-Committee
          2. Star Cluster Federation Forces
     B. Gnosis
     C. Vector Industry
          1. Realien
          2. Anti-Gnosis Weapons System (AGWS)
          3. KOS-MOS
     D. U-TIC
     E. Kookai Foundation
III. Characters
     A. Shion
          1. Allen
          2. Miyuki
          3. Andrew
          4. Virgil
     B. Chaos
     C. Junior (Jr.)
          1. Gaignun Kookai
          2. Shelly
          3. Mary
     D. MOMO
     E. Ziggy
     F. Margulis
IV. Game System
     A. About the Game System
     B. Basic Battle System
          1. Character Data
          2. Group Turn Window (GTW)
          3. Event Slot
          4. Boost
          5. Activity Command
          6. Strategy Hints
     C. Character Development
          1. How to Use Talent Point (T. Pt.)
          2. How to Use Ether Point (E. Pt.)
          3. How to Use Skill Point (S. Pt.)
V. Story Translation
     A. Escape from Woglinde
     B. Inside the Giant Gnosis


System:  PS2
Genre:  RPG
Publisher:  Namco
Release Date:  02/28/02

(As it appears in HyperPlayStation2, March 2002 issue)
"Xenosaga, Episode I" has made its fans waiting long and hard, and many are
surely anticipating to its release.

In this preview, I'll try to give you a simple introduction to the relationship
between organizations important to the story, profiles of the main characters,
and the weapons used by the human side against its enemy.

Now, check in on the Xenosaga preview to smoothly submerge in the game's world.


It all started with Zohar...

In the 21st century, a circular object of unknown origin was discovered at an
archaeological excavation site somewhere on the African continent.  The
professor who received the news took out a plate and fitted it on the object. 
The plate glowed.  As if in response to the plate, a giant ruin and a golden
radiant object appeared from the sea.  Our story begins from this object, which
came to be called Event Transmutation Zohar.

Several thousands years later...

At the time of Episode I, the human race has abandoned Earth for "some reason"
and moved its home to deep space.  The existence of Earth already began to be
forgotten.  Meanwhile, after several thousand years, the human race has
successfully expanded into space, established a giant Federation, and
accomplished many other developments.  However, the Gnosis and an organization
called U-TIC began to cast their shadows over the Federation world.  Moreover,
a special foundation called the Kookai Foundation, established some ten-odd
years ago, is becoming well known.  Understanding the complex relations between
these organizations will certainly deepen our understanding of the story's


A.  Star Cluster Federation (SCF)

This enormous federation is composed of approximately 500,000 self-governing
states in individual solar systems.  After expanding into space, man
established the SCF based on two technologies:  the Unus Mundo Network (UMN)
that ties the star systems together with space warp navigation system, and the
Planetary Development Technology.  The Federation is managed by a central
government called State Affair Institute, and its center is located on the
Federation's home planet, Fifth Jerusalem.

1.  Federation Contact Sub-Committee

The Federation government established the Contact Sub-Committee 11 years ago as
a research committee aimed at counteracting the Gnosis situation.  The members
of the sub-committee consist of people with diverse backgrounds- those from
related departments, those in the financial world, and researchers from every
specialty and branch of the sciences.  Total membership numbers around 2000
people, but only 7 members can be on the specialty committee, the core
organization of the sub-committee.

2.  Star Cluster Federation Forces

The Federation Forces is a regular army protecting the Federation from enemy
hands, such as the Gnosis.  The Gnosis is an enemy whose only apparent reason
for existence is the extermination of humankind.  To combat the Gnosis, man is
unrolling battles all over his inhabited worlds extending several hundred
million light years.  Fulfilling that role is the central role of the Star
Cluster Federation Forces.

The Federation Forces completely relies on Vector Industry for everything, from
ships to weapons.

B.  Gnosis

They can be called human's natural enemy in outer space.  Other than taking
hostile attacks against mankind, Gnosis is an entity wrapped in mystery. 
Gnosis exists in that "other reality" cut off from ours, so you normally cannot
come in contact with a Gnosis monster.  Very special systems and technologies
are needed to detect and attack them.  Therefore, battles become only possible
when you reveal the Gnosis using what's known as the Hilbert Effect.

C.  Vector Industry

Vector Industry, through the construction of UMN, has a tight grip on the
Federation's military affairs and communication network.  It has tremendous
influence over even the Federation government.  Wilhelm is the teenager who
presides over Vector.

Furthermore, Vector Industry is a giant conglomerate with experience in the
production and distribution of all sorts of things.  It boasts to be the
largest conglomerate in the Federation.  This industry manufactures and sells
all the goods that reflect this culture and civilization- from foodstuffs and
pharmaceuticals to all sorts of software, hardware, and weapons.  In terms of
weapons, Vector importantly makes the Realiens, AGWS, and KOS-MOS.

1. Realien

Realiens are synthetic humans invented by Professor Joachim Mizrahi and his
wife Professor Yuri Mizrahi.  They are used essentially as slaves to perform
various functions from combat to scouting.  For example, the Type-100
Observation Realian was developed to observe the Gnosis.  The Type-100 Realien
carries a system invented by the Mizrahis that combines DSSS (D-Triple-S) and
Hilbelt Effect.  DSSS is a sensory system using imaginary numbers to perceive
the Gnosis, while the Hilbelt Effect is a special wave motion designed to
adhere to the monsters.  Scores and tons of system capacity is required to
realize these indispensable systems required for countering the Gnosis.

2.  Anti-Gnosis Weapons System (AGWS)

AGWS is the general term for humanoid battle weapons developed to counter the
Gnosis threat.  Loaded with DSSS, the AGWS can capture the normally
imperceptible Gnosis.  They have been made smaller and lighter so they can have
great advantage in terms of convenience.  (In the middle of battle, you can
apparently call out your special AGWS and take control of it.)

There are two types of AGWS.  The AG Series is the type routinely used by the
Federation Forces.  It is used to deal with various situations because the
cockpit module has been standardized and you can choose options.  The VX Series
is a prototype midst of development by Vector for civilian use.  The VX-1000
prototype belongs to Shion, our story's hero.


KOS-MOS is a female combat android developed by Vector Industry to oppose the
Gnosis.  An entity such as KOS-MOS, one entirely composed of mechanical parts,
is rare in this age when technologies for Realiens is far more advanced and

KOS-MOS has a height of 167 cm and weight of 92 kg.  Her appearance was made to
look like an 18-year-old girl's.  The name KOS-MOS (from "cosmos", meaning
"order") is a general term for the anti-Gnosis combat system, and she herself
does not have a name.  KOS-MOS is programmed to prioritize the three principles
of "logic, verification, and duty" before everything else, and she will protect
her developer (Shion) unconditionally.  Moreover, an Imitation Personality OS
is loaded on her to allow smooth communication with others.  However, the words
and actions of Shion and other people appear difficult for her to comprehend
since she is more like a computer than a person.

In terms of firepower, KOS-MOS operates weapons so huge that you cannot imagine
them from her external looks.  They are Gatling guns known as Hand Vulcans.  In
the end, KOS-MOS is a weapon that makes execution of her mission her utmost
priority, even if it means killing people for example.

Incidentally, there is a version of KOS-MOS that differs in coloring- perhaps
one still at the experimental stage.  To Victor Industry, she too is one of
their most prized "merchandise".


The U-TIC organization exists as an entity independent of the SCF.  For some
ten-odd years, the organization disappeared from view.  However, at the opening
of our story, it once again reared its ominous head.  U-TIC has technological
and military power that once surpassed that of the SCF, so what is its

E.  Kookai Foundation

Kookai Foundation is a special foundation created 12 years ago by Second
Miltia, a self-governing states in the SCF.  It is comprised of victims of the
"Life Recycle Law", and its base is located on a giant orbit-less space colony.
 Shaped like an opened flower, the colony supports cities, beaches, and resorts
where people live and play, as well as shops where one can acquire items and


A.  Shion

At the beginning of the story, we find Shion Uzuki riding aboard the cruiser
Woglinde on its maiden voyage to investigate a case involving a planet's
disappearance and to test out KOS-MOS.  Developed by Vector Industry, Woglinde
is a 100-meters-long battleship designed specifically against the Gnosis.  The
heart of the cruiser is the bridge, where navigation and battle controls are

At the tender age of 22, Shion is an elite member of Vector Industry, serving
as the managing engineer for Vector's first development team.  She is a girl
who always behaves in a positive spirit and is filled with life, as if living
for tomorrow.  All this is in spite of the cruel, tragic experiences she has
gone through- Shion lost her parents in war when she was a child, and then her
first love died in an accident two years ago.

Shion is in charge of developing KOS-MOS, and her main job is the development
of the sentient software required to control KOS-MOS.  Although a genius
scientist, Shion is just another member of an enterprise.  Sometimes, she will
go face to face with her superiors.  She starts out aboard the cruiser Woglinde
but will wind up on the cargo ship Elsa and joining her crew in action.

Her colleagues on the first development team include:

1.  Allen

Allen is an elite member of Vector who works as an assistant chief to the
KOS-MOS development project under Shion's direction.  He is older than she is,
but he is a one-year junior to her.  His interest is fishing.

2.  Miyuki

She is the programmer to Vector's first development team, and Shion's junior. 
In fact, she is a considerable mecha fan.  Miyuki's interest is patent
application.  Shion and others are making various inventions in the laboratory.
 Expenses for their patent applications are piling up, and they are the source
of Shion's headaches.

Some of the folks you'll meet aboard the Woglinde include:

3.  Andrew

Andrew is a commander in the Star Cluster Federation Force's Navy and serves as
the assistant captain of the cruiser Woglinde.  He looks very serious in his

4.  Virgil

He is a first lieutenant of the Star Cluster Federation Force's Navy.  As a
AGWS pilot, he fights the Gnosis as the team leader to a mixed squad of humans
and Realiens.

B.  Chaos

Shion and KOS-MOS eventually wind up on the cargo ship Elsa.  This super
high-speed ship is 166 m in length, and it boasts of a Lohengrin class
heritage.  Presently, Elsa is used as a cargo ship by the Kookai Foundation. 
On board, various personalities work as crews:  Matthews, the captain; Tony,
the quartermaster; Hammer, the navigator; and others.  Chaos, one of the
story's main characters, is also aboard the ship, and he will meet Shion and
others here.  It is unknown whether his meeting with them was arranged by fate
or on purpose.

Chaos has transparent amber eyes and silver hair, weighing 53 kg and with a
height of 169 cm.  It is good that Chaos hardly says anything about himself. 
Other than his name, everything from his birth and personal history to even if
he has past memories is shrouded in mystery.  He looks like he is around
16-years-old, but his real age is unknown.  It is not known if the name "Chaos"
is even his real name.

Chaos has an expression filled gloom not found typically in teenagers, and he
has an aura of being philosophical and far-sighted.  His role in Xenosaga will
probably become clearer in the story.

C.  Junior (Jr.)

Considering that the Kookai Foundation is running Elsa, I will introduce our
next main character.  While on the outside he looks like a 12-year-old kid, in
fact Junior serves as a representative trustee of the Kookai Foundation.  As if
to prove that, he shows his considerably extensive knowledge and makes speeches
frankly about his position.  He is called Junior, but his real name is not made
clear.  His interest is in collecting antique guns and old books.

While he has a position as a representative trustee of a foundation, Junior
speaks with an expression and attitude suitable for his apparent age. (Is he a
good combination with Chaos?)  Here are a couple of mysteries:  why Junior,
while a child, has such knowledge, and why he has the position of a trustee?

Other members of the Kookai Foundation include:

1.  Gaignun Kookai

Gaignun is a representative trustee like Junior.  He has features like Junior,
and he seems trustworthy because of his quiet tone and calm nature.

2.  Shelly

She assists Junior and Gaignun and maintains the Kookai Foundation.

3.  Mary

Mary is Shelly's little sister.  Like Shelly, she is cared for by the Kookais,
and she assists both Junior and Gaignun.  She came to be where she is now
because, 12 years ago, she was a lone test subject illegally owned by some
pharmaceutical company, and Gaignun and others had rescued her.


MOMO is a prototype to the Realien Type-100 and was made to look like a
12-year-old girl.  Created by the now-deceased genius Professor Joachim Mizrahi
and his wife, Professor Yuri Mizrahi, MOMO was made to look like their dead
daughter, Sakura.  By accumulating good deeds, MOMO hopes that she will go to
Heaven and meet her father.  As a synthetic human created by science, MOMO
longs for "real people".

Somehow, MOMO became captured by the U-TIC organization and had to be rescued.

E.  Ziggy

During his lifetime, Ziggy worked as the commander of the Special Operations
Command Unit in the Federation Police.  Then in the year 4665 T. C., he died on
duty at the age of 30.  Afterwards, his body was sacrifice for mechanical
enhancement studies, and then 98 years later, thanks to his previously robust
health, he was reborn as a combat cyborg and stationed to SCF's Contact
Sub-committee.  One of the Sub-committee members was Yuri Mizrahi, caregiver
and creator of MOMO.  When MOMO was captured, Ziggy was summoned by the
Sub-committee and ordered to rescue her.

So, alone, he infiltrated Preroma, U-TIC organization's headquarter where MOMO
was held.  There, his equipment broke down.  He fell into a predicament. 
Still, in the end, he safely rescued MOMO.

F.  Margulis

Margulis is one of the central figures in the U-TIC organization.  He has a big
sword scar on his cheek, and he is a master swordsman who is heartless beyond


A. About the Game System

Xenosaga's game system flows between three scenes that are generally classified

1.  Event

Events make full practical use of PS2's 3D computer graphics.  You'll enjoy the
story as it unfolds via full-motion and full-voice acting.

2.  Quest

"Quest" is the time when you're invited to make preparations for battles to
move the story forward.  The player can move freely on a map, investigate,
converse, collect information, and get ready items and weapons.

3.  Battle

Outside of attacks with weapons, there are Deathblow Techniques and magic
attacks known as Ethers on this world.

After you've piled up combat, you can of course freely upgrade your special
abilities to develop your characters.  Please construct a combat strategy while
making proper preparations before battle.

Again, in Xenosaga, there are special elements that separate it from all the
RPGs that came before it.  In the next pages, I'll introduce you to them. 
Please read the FAQs on "Basic Battle System" and "Character Development".

B. Basic Battle System

1.  Character Data

HP:  Hit Point (Health)
EP:  Ether Point
AP:  Attack Point (Criterion needed for action)
BG:  Boost Gauge

Attack Point

The Attack Point is given to the characters at each turn.  If you repeat
actions such as attack, this point will decrease.

The remaining AP is carried over to the next turn, and if this is saved up a
lot, the Deathblow Technique will become available.

2.  Group Turn Window (GTW)

Attack turn during battle is displayed for both allies and enemies, and you can
act with the character who has queued up on the left.  This active turn order
is decided by the "Speed" value and the character's previous activity value.

3.  Event Slot

The Event Slot shows the "environmental effects" that counter the character
actions.  Both enemies and allies are affected.

(1)  No Effect
(2)  Critical Value Up
(3)  BG Increase Rate Up
(4)  Point Received Up

4.  Boost (if it's displaced on screen)

Once a character's BG value is saved up and becomes able to cut in on a turn,
he/she will be displayed here.  The character can take its action before other
characters (Decide on a character while pressing the R1 Button).

If this comes off smoothly, you can dramatically decrease damage from the

5.  Activity Command

By pressing one of the buttons shown, you will be given an attack that opposes
that.  If you press the X Button during the attack, you can make the action end
and keep the rest of the AP.

6.  Strategy Hints

The Event Slot gives effects on every character, and Boost can let a character
cut in the turn order.  To unfold a battle to your advantage---

a.  Consider the action order and event slot, and grasp the effects on both
friend and foe.

b.  Consider the effect of the Event Slot and organize your actions.

c.  Make your turn order change in time.  Using boost, you can have this
effect.  This strategy will become important.


Other than Experience Points, there are three kinds of points you get in

1)  T. Pt. (Talent Point)
2)  E. Pt. (Ether Point)
3)  S. Pt.  (Skill Point)

1.  How to Use Talent Point

a.  Develop Your Parameters

If you use the Talent Point, you can make a character's various parameters

HP/STR based character:  character geared toward physical attacks
EP/EATK based character:  character geared toward Ether attacks

Beyond that, as for ways to develop characters, the rest is up to your taste.

b.  Develop Your Deathblow Technique

The level of attack is established by the Deathblow Technique, and you can
level it up by using T. Pt.  If you accumulate T. Pt. and level-up "Speed" in
Deathblow Technique, then you can start to make Deathblow Technique appear even
if your AP is lower than normal (4 points).

2.  How to Use Ether Points

a.  Develop Ether

The Ether that every character has can be made to grow by using his/her Ether

(For example, Shion can acquire "Medica".  To get a better understanding of the
translation below, please go to the Namco's website for Xenosaga.)
- Shion has the Ether "Medica".  If she makes this develop using E. Pt., she
will acquire more powerful Ether.

- Shion has developed "Medica" and gained "Analyze".

- Then, if she uses E. Pt. on "Analyze", she can get "Medicus All" or
"Refresh".  This way, you can develop your Ethers and have them diverge.  You
can say that Ether has a genealogical tree of development.

- She gets "Medicus All".  "Medica" can just recover HP for one person, and
now, as a result of Ether development, Shion has succeeded in getting "Medicus
All", which is effective for all the characters involved in battle.

3.  How to Use Skill Points

In Xenosaga, "Accessory" has various effects on the character that equips it. 
The "Skill" system is where a character wears the accessory and draws its

You can acquire S. Pt. in battle, and by using S. Pt., skills are drawn from

(Again, check out Namco's Xenosaga website.)
- Here, Shion is spending S. Pt. to draw out a skill called "PDEF Guard" from
an accessory (Sea Pendent).

(Below contains translations of some text from Xenosaga, beginning with some
important cut scenes.  The first one begins after the Gnosis has invaded the
Woglinde, and the ship is about to blow.  This is the notorious ~40 min long

A. Escape from Woglinde

Shion, Allen, and Virgil slowly make their way to an open area as they struggle
to repulse the Gnosis onslaught.  Temporarily leaving Allen and Virgil to deal
with the creatures, Shion skips ahead and sees the one remaining escape pod to
her left.  She then turns and was caught off guard by Andrew.

Commander Andrew!

What?  What business do you guys have here...

Several Gnosis caterpillars march toward the group despite hails of bullets. 
Following Shion's steps, Allen and Virgil back into the great hall.

(looking at the creatures)
Gn, Gnosis.

KOS-MOS casually joins the rest of the party with her Gatling guns in tow.

(looking at KOS-MOS)
Did you ... wake up?

KOS-MOS lines up with Virgil and Allen and opens fire with one of her two
Gatling guns.  All three proceed to launch a barrage of fires.

Come and get it!  Come and get it!  Come and get it!  Eat this!  You bastards!

Shion picks up a rifle and joins the others in attacking the Gnosis entering
the hall.  Suddenly, two Gnosis humanoids plop down right behind Shion. 
Surprised, she tilts her head to look back.  Virgil sees Shion in trouble and
comes to her rescue.

Allen and KOS-MOS finally finished the Gnosis coming through the entrance and
start to come to Shion's aid.  KOS-MOS' autofiring system tries to target the
Gnosis, but Virgil keeps getting in the way.  Undeterred, KOS-MOS fires her
Gatling gun, landing countless bullets into Virgil.  As he fell, he sees the
image of a blonde-haired woman.

Virgil's death clears the way for KOS-MOS to launch a direct assault on the
Gnosis.  She quickly finishes them off.  Shocked by KOS-MOS' actions, Shion
drops her rifle, falls to her knees, and covers her mouth to keep herself from
throwing up.

This ship is sinking.  Please hurry.

KOS-MOS walks toward Zohar, which is surrounded by rings.

(still sitting on the ground.  angry)
Please wait, KOS-MOS.
(KOS-MOS stops in her tracks)
Do you understand what you just did?

(her back facing Shion)
The duty assigned to me is the protection of Vector personnels, you two.  I do
not have instructions to protect military personnels.

(shaking her head)
Don't say such stupid thing, because it's ridiculous for killing others to be
okay.  Why did you shoot lieutenant Virgil?  Even if you don't sacrifice him,
with your power---"

At that time, lieutenant Virgil was in my line of fire.  If I had put off my
firing and went around him to come to your protection, it's expected that my
attack ability would have decreased less than 30% by going from a
twelve-o-clock to a one-o-clock direction.  Compare to that, by killing the
lieutenant first, the decrease in my attack did not drop more than 0.2%.  I
just made a reliable choice in order to make sure you're alive.
(Allen puts his left hand on Shion's left shoulder.  KOS-MOS continues.)
Besides, the pod's seating capacity is two.  It's certainly clear who and who
have the priority.

(turning to look at KOS-MOS)
That is too mean.  Don't you have any conscious?

Shion, I am not "human".  I am just a "weapon".  That is what you're supposed
to know the best.
What are you going to do?  Are you going aboard?  Are you not going aboard?  If
you feel like grieving for his death, I would advise you to live.  If you do
not, he will turn out to have had a "useless death".

Chief, well, let's go.

KOS-MOS walks away as Shion follows.  Andrew taps at the control panel for the
rings surrounding Zohar.  Even he steps back when KOS-MOS nears.  KOS-MOS steps
on the platform next to Zohar and focuses her attention on a big red "X" at its

Suddenly, the ground shakes.  It's a big Gnosis boss---!!

After the boss is defeated, a hoard of little flying Gnosis converges around
Zohar.  KOS-MOS does her best to exterminate them, but they manage to steal it.

The ship breaks apart, and then the bottom part explodes.  We see KOS-MOS and
Andrew, in spacesuit, standing atop the escape pod.

One of the whale-like Gnosis opens up and swallows up the Zohar.  KOS-MOS
mumbles something that we cannot hear because of the vacuum of space.  KOS-MOS'
coffin joins up with the pod.

(image of the Zohar pops up on her monitor)
---Yes.  The object was not the original.
(image of KOS-MOS' brain and brain stem appears.  A black spot is magnified
from her right cerebral hemisphere , while the "X" on Zohar is enlarged.)
---Yes.  It's an emulator.  ---Understood.  After marking, I will urgently
leave the current area, continue the original plan, and head for the second

The whales open up some spatial fold as they prepare to make a jump.  KOS-MOS
conjures up a big gun between her hands, points it at the whales, and fires. 
The shots went into the spatial field, and the Gnosis whales disappear. 
KOS-MOS then maps the stars and scans for a ship.  Luckily, she finds one
heading right for them.


We see the ship that responded to the distress call making its way through the

Is everything annihilated?-----  They sure did a clean job, those scoundrels. 
Isn't there anything left?  Hey, Tony!  About how long ago was the Federation
ship seized?

We see Elsa's bridge.  Tony, the pilot, sits at the front.

Let me see.  The last distress signal was sent 30 minutes ago.  No matter how
fast we're going, it still took less than 3 hours.
(scratching his head, turning to his left toward Mathews the captain)
There are no ships nearby.  Well, Hammer?

(relaxed.  with his hands wrapped behind his back)
Yep.  We're the only ship in an area with a radius of 5000 light years.
(looking up at the captain)

(sitting with his legs crossed)
(throwing his left fist into his right palm)
That's just perfect.  Let's pilfer anything that we can try to sell.

Hey, captain.  However close the date for paying your debt to gentleman Gaignun
is coming up, isn't this just a little embarrassing?  If we're caught by the
police, we won't be able to avoid doing 10 years at least.

The main point is that you're talking about "if" we get caught.  Is the police
going to take the trouble to come to such a remote region and make patrols?

So, even if you're not behaving as if you're stealing from the dead, don't you
somehow feel like a hyena, or just becoming a space bearcat or jackal?

(steps and pushes on the back of Hammer's seat, throwing him forward)
You idiot!  What sort of comparison is that?
(pointing and waving his right hand at Hammer)
Aren't they all extinct animals?   For luck, just call it graceful recycling: 

(joining in)
As if recycling is tied to that master Gaignun.  I wonder if it's all right for
the Foundation's image to fall.  Wait, a ruined ship is discovered in the
three-o-clock direction.  It's a Ganymede class.

Oh.  Bravo, Tony!  Our interception of UMN emergency bandwidth has just paid
off.  Let's get there quickly---  Quickly!

As expected, a vulture---

(sticking his head out)

Elsa approaches the debris field.

(typing on his console)
Spectral, wide open.  Geo crystal is flashing.

Okay!  This is good omen.  First, let's get that.

Tony stares out into space and sees a floating body.  He gets scared and looks
back at Mathews.

Isn't, isn't that a corpse?  What Geo crystal?  What the...

----- "Aren't you the scary cat?"  This is the remains of a battlefield.  It's
nothing especially uncommon.  We're just wasting our motor's propulsion.  I
don't care for it.  Push it aside.

(after getting out from his seat)
Are, are you joking?  I was severely told by my dead grand mother to respect my
ancestors.  No joking- I'll get cursed.  Captain, you do it.

You idiot!  What?  That's something like your grandpa?  Isn't that some weird
reason.  Let's move out right now without saying four or five words.

(KOS-MOS crashes into the bridge's window and bounces off)
Isn't the captain always like this?  You're always imposing all these
detestable things on us.

KOS-MOS gets lodged on the ship's left side window, with everyone staring.

You, you stupid idiot.  How about just letting it go.  Let it go.  I say just
let it bounce off.

We're heading in a direction to catch it.  That isn't my fault.

It's all right, so just excuse yourself right now.

(looking at KOS-MOS)
Ah, but this corpse looks like a girl.  She may be a splendid beauty.  He, he,
(pointing to KOS-MOS)

It's no laughing matter, you pervert.  There's no reason to salivate over a
beauty when it's a corpse.

Yeah.  And we've run into her.  Still, it's regrettable that I can't meet her
alive face to face---

KOS-MOS moves and looks at them with her red eyes.  That throws the crew into
shock and causes them to scream.

(with her hands pressed against the window)
Please open a line of communication.  I have something I want to talk about. 
The frequency is 2020.

The corpse talked.

(looking at Hammer)
You, you fool!  Take a good look.  This is no corpse.

(sitting in the pilot's seat, praying)
Nanmandabu, nanmandabu---

A Realien or a cyborg---  probably something like that.

B, but I've never heard of a Realien that can function in vacuum.

So, so it's probably something like a military robot.  It's safe, so open a

Hammer presses a few buttons and opens a channel.

I am captain Mathews of the tramp steamer Elsa.  A little while ago, we
received your distress signal.  By chance you were in the vicinity of this
ship's course, and as soon as we heard the emergency we hurried to your

(turning his head toward Mathews)
Sure, a rescue.

Mathews sticks his big right foot sharply against Hammer's seat, throwing
Hammer's face forward.

(clearing his throat, crossing his arms)
Um, I wonder if there isn't anything we can assist with?

Such rescue-----  How about helping with the work or "recycling"?

(leaning forward toward Hammer, whispering)
You fool!  We'll pretend we're here for a rescue and then get rid of her at our
first opportunity.  It's regrettable, but we can't leave anyone alive behind,
you know.

I'm going to get right to the point.  Please make a gate jump for the second
Miltia right now.

(looking up at KOS-MOS)
Hah, little sister.  If that was sleep talking, then say it in a bed.  We still
have "work" to do here.  Can't we start on that immediately?  It would be such
a gift.  As for second Miltia, do you know just how much it costs, other than
it's long distance travel?

Don't worry.  If it's the fee for the UMN gate, "we" have it.

Can I trust such indecent talk?  Even if for argument's sake what you say is
true, we are held up by business prearrangments.  We have no free time, no free

I too have no time.  If you do not follow my instructions, I will destroy this

(mad, waving his right index finger at KOS-MOS)
Heh.  If you can do it, just you try.
(KOS-MOS launches off from the window...)
Elsa's front window was made to sustain a direct hit by a debris 6 millimeter
in diameter.
(KOS-MOS stands up)
Something like little sister's soft punch can't even make a crack-----

KOS-MOS punches the front window and makes severe cracks in it.

The window will break in my next punch.  You apparently are not wearing your
(Hammer is hiding behind his seat)
Here is my "good faith" proposal.  As it stands now, I can occupy the ship
after releasing you guys into space.

Mathews looks back at KOS-MOS, contemplating what to do next.  KOS-MOS quietly
lifts her right hand.

(arms stretched out in fear)
----- Wow.  We'll go.  We'll go.  Yes, don't be irritated.

If you had simply complied from the start, this could have been settled in 1
minute and 45 seconds without waste of time.
(Mathews has his left hand behind his back, moving to give a special signal)
Now, I will get aboard.  Please open the cargo bay.

(still shaking his hand behind his back)


Tony sees Mathew's signal.

Wha, what?

Tony reaches for a trigger.

Do not contemplate something like trying to shake me off by making the ship
undergo emergency acceleration.

Mathews emits a groan.

(nodding his head)
She completely saw through you.

(tilting his cap, shaking his head)
Shut up.

KOS-MOS leaps off the front window.  Her coffin catches up with her as she
thrusts toward the back of the ship where the cargo bay is located.


We find KOS-MOS standing in front of Mathews.

(leaning back, facing Mathews)
Hey, Captain.  A communication is coming in on the all-use channel.

Communication?  Survivors?

Yes-----  Switching over to the speakers now.

Excuse me----------  Isn't there anybody out there?---

We see the drifting escape pod surrounded by debris.  Andrew is clinging on
tightly for life.

Anybody?  Anyone listening to this communication, somebody please help----. 
Hey chief, you (help) too.

(sitting in the front seat)
We'll be all right.  Soon enough rescue will come even if you don't do THAT. 
Hey, more importantly, I wonder where is that KOS-MOS?-----

I don't know.  As it is, maybe the Gnosis is still around.

That's not what I'm concerned about now.  We must recover KOS-MOS quickly.

(placing his left hand on some trackball-looking controller)
More important than KOS-MOS is our rescue.  Our rescue!  Ah, if we get stuck
like this, won't we be letting everyone go ahead of us------  I wonder if
they're still close by------  What do you think?

I can't believe it-----  Allen, why were you able to stay so calm earlier,
despite what had happened-----

Back on the Elsa, the crew and KOS-MOS listen in on the conversation.

I, I'm shocked.  It's quite mortifying.  To have you say it in such a way----- 
Ah, it's shocking.  I'm definitely shocked-----  For you to have thought of me
like some cold and callous android-----

Now, nobody is saying such a thing.

You said it.  You think that I'm an android.

(listening, leaning against Hammer's console)
What is this---

KOS-MOS walks over to the console and rudely imposes herself and presses a

He, Hey!


A video image of KOS-MOS, Mathews, and Hammer pops up on Shion's display.

(Image of Shion appears on Elsa's bridge display)
Where are you now?

Inside a passing civilian ship.  Please live with that condition for a while. 
I expect a Federation rescue ship will come soon.

A while-----  KOS-MOS, what do you intend to do?

Using this ship, I'm heading for Second Miltia.  It's my instruction from the

(appearing on the screen)
Heading out-----  Wa, wait just a minute.  What about us?

While regrettable, there was no instruction concerning you.  The status quo
takes priority.

Well, what?  You'll have us patiently wait here for help?

That is how it will turn out.

Wait.  There's no guarantee that somehow a Federation rescue ship will come to
a dead space like this remote region.  If it doesn't come, won't we starve to
death inside this pod?  Hey, I'm declining that idea.

Before that happens, the oxygen will run out, and you'll die of suffocation. 
That will happen about 46 hours from now.

What!-----  Su, suffocation.

Yes.  However, the probability of a rescue ship coming within 15 hours is 96%,
so you will surely be rescued before that happens.  Yet, I cannot confirm that.

S, so-----

No.  There's no way you can be allowed to act on your own.  Please admit us to
your ship.

There is no time.  I am cutting our transmission.  Take care, Shion and Allen.

Please wait, KOS-MOS.
(her hand on switch)
If you don't admit us, I'll open the pod's hatch right now.  Okay?

Wha, what are you doing, chief?  Don't act foolishly.

Allen, shut up.  Okay, KOS-MOS.  You know what will happen if I make this lever
turn, don't you?  Aren't you getting anxious?  Shouldn't you be making sure
we're kept alive?...

KOS-MOS stares at Shion with a blank look, as if she's processing the data.

You will not be keeping company with me.  Please do it.
(KOS-MOS walks away)

KOS-MOS, you don't believe me at all, do you?  I'm serious.

Shion activates the lever, and the alarm goes off aboard the escape pod.

You're really turning it----

A voice is heard behind KOS-MOS, making her look back.

How about giving her some help.

A youngman with silvery hair leisurely steps onto the bridge, yawning and

She seems serious.

Yo, Chaos.  You're awake.

Who can sleep with all this noise going on.

In her mind, KOS-MOS process information on Chaos.  Chaos walks briskly over to
KOS-MOS, after speaking with Mathews.  He puts his right hand on her shoulder.

Well, okay?  She doesn't seem to have any objections, so then we just need the
captain's approval-----  How about it, captain?  I too am asking you as a

(smoking a cigarette)
Ah. If you say it's okay, I don't care.

Chaos waves to Tony.


Elsa heads out toward the escape pod, opens its forward bay door, and picks it
up.  Then, we see Shion on the bridge aboard the ship.

(bowing down)
Excuse us.

Shion, Allen, and Andrew step aboard the bridge and slowly walk toward Mathews.

H, hi----

(offering his hand)
I'm captain Mathews.

(shaking Mathews' hand)
I'm Shion Uzuki, from Vector Industry's first development office.
(looking toward Allen)
This is Allen Ridgely from my office.  I'm sorry.  On account of our firm's
inflexible KOS-MOS, we have troubled you.  Oh, Allen also has something to say.

Ah, yes.  Yes, you have really helped.  Thanks to my inflexible superior, I was
close to dangerously perish among the space rubbish-----
(Shion inflicts some pain on Allen)
----- Ouch!

We see Shion's right foot stepping on Allen left foot.

If you want to say thanks, you should say it to Chaos here.  We were planning
on deserting you guys.

Is that so----
(Shion walks over to Chaos, picks up his left hand, and holds it between hers)
Thank you, Chaos.

It's all right.  If I was in trouble, you'd do the same for me.

Well, thanks to Chaos here, we have been very much saved before.  So, I cannot
refuse his request.

Is that so?  That is so---
(turning to KOS-MOS)
Just a second, KOS-MOS.  What the hell are you doing?   After deserting us,
you're going to Second Miltia alone-----  Isn't your loaded OS already

-----That may be so.

Well, incidentally, what is the company's instruction?

(turning toward Mathews)
Captain Mathews, I want to borrow a fitting room in a hanger.

Wait, KOS-MOS.

Ah, I don't care.  Whatever you do is fine with me, KOS-MOS.

With the experimental condenser, my energy is getting used up because of all
the battles. To reload, we will install a bypass from the generator.

Look, please answer to people's questions, KOS-MOS.

Okay if I demand a fee?



(cutting Shion off)

Ye, yes.

There seems to be a irregularity in my sensor.  Please adjust it during the
time before we arrive at our destination.

Wha, why I-----

This is your job, isn't it?  I'm entrusting it to you, Shion.

KOS-MOS walks off and heads for the door.  Shion drops her head and gives out a
sigh.  She then turns to Mathews.

I'm really sorry.  I'm sorry to trouble you; that kid is terribly inflexible.

No.  I'm enjoying myself.  With more crews, this ship is bound to become very

(walking by)
Sure.  Elsa has been in a 10,000-year-long woman drought.
(putting his arm around Shion)
How about it?  After we arrive at our destination, let's have some wine in a
hotel suite...

Ah, ah.  Ah, ah---

(not knowing how to respond)
W, well-----  Sure-----

Behave yourself now, Tony.  But, as for woman (aboard this ship)...  Aside from
Miss Uzuki, THAT (referring to KOS-MOS) is an "inhuman", fighting machine.

I wonder...  To me, she doesn't seem that much different from some "humans".

(walking down a ramp)
Captain, was this ship heading for Seniru?

We're en route to Koram---.  We're about 3 days away from Ataria.  We can drop
you off if we stop there.

Is that so?  And the fee-----

With the way things have gone down, today is free.  If you want though, I
haven't had a decent experience today.  How about a bribe?

I'd call that a fee.

What?  It's like the Navy I saw.
(turning to look at a spot in space)
It's a goodwill gesture for my old haunt-----

A Gnosis leaps down on the ship to everyone's surprise.

(backing off)
G, G, G, Gno, Gno-----


Just as I thought.  They were still around.

Gnosis passes right through the window.

It, it's coming through.  You, you bastard!
(he fires his pistol)

The shots just go right through it and bounce around the bridge.  It grabs
Andrew's head and begins to drain his life from him.



Chaos walks right up to the Gnosis.


(turning to look at Shion)
It's okay.

Just as the Gnosis prepares to grab onto him, Chaos thrusts his right hand
forward and freezes the monster.  Shion looks on in amazement.  Chaos just
lightly touches the Gnosis' arm, and a sparkling wave spreads right through it
and dissolves it.  Andrew falls to the ground, gasping for air.

The Gnosis...

Wha, what did you do just now?

Well, that is one of the reasons why we're safe.

The reason.  How did you do that?  What people can dissolve the Gnosis?

(walking toward Shion)
If there are people who are good at drawing pictures, then there are people
good at making things disappear.  Look, Hammer's talent as a navigator is
first-class, and his knowledge about the net is abundant.  Tony's piloting
skill is the best in the universe; there's no one comparable to him.  He's
self-styled, though.
(turning toward the captain)
As for the captain---  The captain has more debt than anybody.

Ah, ah, yes---
(realizing he's been insulted)
----- Hey, what's the deal?

There's something special about everyone.  I expect there to be "something"
that one can define oneself.  Shion, I wonder if you can be defined by

Well, for me----- I...

That's how it's like in my case.  It's probably just that.

Yes, it's just that.

Ah, is that so?  I guess so.  If you put it that way, I can vaguely understand

That's the case.

Is that so-----  Huh?
(waking up from Chaos' lame reason)
But, chief, can you really agree with that?  It's the Gnosis.  Gnosis!

(speaking to Mathews)
Well, captain.  We must not head for our destination before they can be tossed
back into space.  It would seem very "dry" of us to leave her here.

Ah, after this matter has been settled and the debt returned, it's my splendid
plan to fly to Keltia and try to see the voluptuously charming and energetic
live performance of the "Spice Sisters"-----

No, our repayment to master Gaignun is utterly unreasonable.  It's just too
much.  But, wait.  Captain, you like the Spice Sisters too?

Captain, even if you can't especially go to Keltia, isn't it okay to just
receive on UMN and watch it later?

(waving around his picture of Spice Sisters)
You, you idiot!  The only thing that is sent in the visual field is merely the
information.  You have to compare it to the actual persons that are literally
scorching directly into your eyes.  (What you're saying) is just hot air.  The
point is that it's a matter of reality.

They're with you either way.  It's all inside your brain.  You can't tell.

(waving Tony off)
Be quiet---  Let's get this ship going right now.

(walking back to his pilot's seat)
Yes, sir.  Understood.  Understood.

Well then, I'll show Shion and the others around the ship.

I hope you'll look after us.

Oh, you do that, Chaos.  Today has been an REALLY unlucky day.

Elsa flies off.


At the presidential office at Vector Industry's headquarter.

Mr. Wilhelm, I have a report from KOS-MOS.  It seems that Shion Uzuki and Allen
Ridgely are traveling with KOS-MOS.

Is that so.

It's fortunate if you think how that ship with unknown registry was already
closing in on the battlefield.

For argument's sake, if they became a threat to her, KOS-MOS will protect her. 
That's so.

Yes, we've made that a priority over all her directives.

In any case.  It was wise of us to let them salvage KOS-MOS.  There is no need
for her to serve more than this, against an army or him.  The data on the
maiden Rain was completely loaded.  This entire matter will progress in a way
the system's compass points to.  Afterwards-----  complete the necessary
factor, and wait for another one to wake up-----


A planet is first surrounded by light, and then slowly, beams of light burn
right thru the planet's surface.  Ultimately, it's completely consumed by the
light.  Finally, the planet shrinks, explodes, and disintegrates.  We see a
blonde woman.

Merely 1,500,000,000.
(the man walks up to the blonde)
What are these numbers?

Innocent people.  They should be things that we, quite naturally, respect.

What respect?  You're sounding like a philanthropist.  The experiment was
certainly a failure, but I'll clap my hands for the Emulator's retrieval.  At a
moment of crisis, I wouldn't care to use the original.  The point is that we
had better repeat (these experiments) until we get the results.  You look as if
your conscience cannot bear to be patient.  If so, won't it be better if you
yourself made an official announcement and wait to be convicted?

It's just like you.

Don't make me laugh at a fellow low-class person.  We are both standing at a
place that pronounces our equal criminal conviction.  Or----- Pellegri, are you
saying that in these 14 years you forgot our goal?

Pellegri looks down

Commander Margulis.

What is it?

I have a report from major Wandercam, a survivor from the advance troop.  The
squad was annihilated, and they failed to secure the Zohar Emulator.

Where is Zohar now?

Unknown, but it's possible that the Gnosis snatched it.

Is that so?  Notify special service fleet #474.  We may have to go to plan 31. 
Have the fleet wait at the appropriate spatial grid until further order.

Yes, sir.


Place:  an orbiting station
-----Federation Home Planet 5th Jerusalem, Orbiting Tower-----
We see a room with 7 seats arranged in a circle.  With the chairman of the
sub-committee at the center seat (Man #1), here is the description of the
members from left to right:

Man #2 (man with green hair)
Man #4 (smoking man)
Man #5 (old man)
Man #1 (chairman)
Woman #1 (woman w/ black hair)
Man #3 (man with plate)
Woman #2 (woman w/ brown hair)

MAN #1
By the way, what sort of character is this man?

MAN #2
He was a member of a special unit belonging to the old Federation police force.
 He specialized in counter-terrorism.  However, this was more than 100 years
ago, and now, as a dedicated cyborg, he performs various jobs.

MAN #1
Cyborgs are old style.

He is a relic of a time when we resurrected dead people and re-used them.  Back
then, we didn't have the disposable Realiens that we have now.

MAN #3
(holding a green plate)
Isn't that quite a enormous personal history?-----

MAN #2
Rumor says he's a man who always hopes for jobs with low probabilities of

MAN #4
Is he an eccentric?  Or, is he a battle maniac?

MAN #2
Psychiatrically speaking, he is normal, and it seems that he doesn't like
killing people.

MAN #5
Hum.  Along with scientific developments, many medical institutions are like
drug store shelves for several centuries now.  The only ones that exert any
influence now are psychiatrists.  I can't trust them to just quibble for the
sake of this survivor.

MAN #5
His mission accomplishment rate is extremely high.  I can give my nod to his

A message arrives on a video panel.

I've brought him.

MAN #1

A door opens in the middle of the floor.  The elevator brings a man and the
visual image of the secretary.

MAN #1
That's all.

Yes.  Excuse me.

MAN #3
You're Ziggurat 8.  After dying on T. C. 4667, on your dying wish, you
dedicated your body to Ziggurat Industry.

That's correct.

MAN #1
Were you listening to this talk?


MAN #4
Recently, we received information that says there are signs of a resurrection
of a armed organization.  It's the organization that caused that incident from
14 years ago.

The U-TIC organization.

MAN #5
Yes.  From the information we personally gathered, we have determined where the
U-TIC organization is hiding.

All the seats turn to face the large monitor behind Ziggurat 8.  On the screen,
a large object is shown.

MAN #3
It seems to function as a church for an ancient religion from the old century. 
After it was abandoned, it was unoccupied for several centuries until now.

Then you're asking me to infiltrate there and collect information-----

MAN #3
It's better to leave that sort of work to the intelligence department.

MAN #1
The truth is-----  To say it simply----- We want you to rescue someone and
swiftly deliver her to a suitable place.  Um, if I say it accurately, it's a
THING, not a person-----

Please be concise.

Woman with black hair snickers.  Man #1 urges her on.  She pushes a few
buttons, and the screen displays who he's suppose to rescue.

A child-----  Is she a civilian?

MAN #3
She's a Realien.  A Type-100 Realien.  Do you know it?

Type-100-----  I have heard a rumor that they're observational Realiens that
were especially manufactured for the Gnosis.  However, I never thought that
they had a child's disguise.

MAN #3
Is this your first time seeing the real thing?

Yes.  However, I suppose they're already in the mass production phase at

MAN #3
This is the prototype.

MAN #5
She is the original model that became the mold for all the Type-100's.

In short, that' why the protection of this girl takes priority over the entire

MAN #5
So, you understand and will help.

MAN #1
Yes, can you take this mission?

There are no human rights for dedicated cyborgs.  I don't have the right to
refuse.  As for the necessary weapons and resources, after I have analyzed the
(pauses for a second)
I will tell you my fee, but would it be all right for me to make one request?

MAN #5
Tell us.

After my return, I want to remove the fragments of memory from my past life,
the ones that remain in my living brain.

MAN #5
It doesn't matter to me, but if you're old-styled, a complete purge may be

Replacing it (the brain) with an artificial part will do.

MAN #1
It's a strange demand.  Today, we have Realiens insisting on human rights and
people becoming machines.  I've decided.  Let's make the arrangements.

Thank you.

MAN #1, who appears to be the sub-committee's chairman, points to the woman to
his left.

Later, for more details, refer them to her
(pointing to the woman #2, one sitting in the last seat on Ziggy's right)
Professor Yuri Mizrahi.

Ziggy nods for Professor Yuri Mizrahi.  The elevator descends, and the door
closes behind it.

Indeed-----  He is not one to die at his post.  The cause of his death seems to
be suicide.  One shot to his head with his favorite handgun.

MAN #5
Suicide?  Is it good to entrust the Type-100 to such a man?  What would we do
if his suicidal tendency surfaced?

Don't worry.  He is prohibited from self-destructive behavior and mission
abandonment.  A safety is installed.

Yuri Mizrahi turns her seat around and gets up.  She walks to a window and
places her right hand on the rail.

He was revived against his will.  He will completely become a machine if his
remaining biological brain is replaced by an artificial part.  Then, for the
first time, he will be legally "dead".

We're back to U-TIC's headquarter.  We see Margulis entering a prison cell. 
Inside, there's a little girl with red hair and ponytails.

How are you doing, Type-100 Realien?
(turning to his left and looks at some food on a tray, which is still
Are you unsatisfied with the food here?  Realions need supplies too.  Can you
be so well-mannered that you can't reply, Federation's Type-100 Realien?

I hate that name-----

Indeed.  My apologies.  What do you want to be called, Type-100 Realien girl?

I don't want to be called by someone I don't know well.  Where do you plan on
taking me?

(leaning against the table and crossing his arms)
It's not a place you know.

What's going to happen to me?

You'll become helpful to us.  The life of a machine is designed to serve.  As
your fate after that, it may be at a place that only God knows.  Though, a
conversation about the existence of God with you Realiens-----

I cannot find anything other than Gnosis.  So, I'm no help to you.

May be so.
(pointing to his head)
However, you're different up "here".  We have some use for your "man up here".
(Girl stands to attention)
What is it?  While we can put you to use, we'll keep you alive.  Soon, "the
fellow" will arrive.

He turns and walks out of the cell.  The girl sits down and contemplates.

Mama-----  I want to return to the research lab-----


A spaceship approaches the U-TIC headquarter and enters undetected.
It's 46 hours later.  Two soldiers walks out of the ship after docking.  Just
as the ship is about to take off again, the silhouette of Ziggy jumps out from
the ship and lands.

Now......  This time, the mission is the rescue of a Type-100 Realien.  The
question is where she is kept......  Until I discover my target, I don't want
to cause any commotion.  It's probably better to avoid careless battles.

B. Inside the Giant Gnosis


Elsa disengages from a terminal at Dock Colony and prepares to resume her
journey to Second Miltia.

We see Andrew toss and turn in the lower bunk of a double-bunked bed.  In his
nightmare, he witnesses a vision, a flash of the moment when he was picked up
by the Gnosis.  Andrew then wakes up in cold sweat.

Trying to find some relief, Andrew gets a cup of coffee (or its equivalent)
from a vending machine.  Suddenly, his right hand begins to shake.  Then, as it
goes limp, Andrew experiences some shock or convulsion.  He falls to the
ground, still short of breath and gasping for air.  Then, his hand seems to
disappear right before his eyes.  In pain, his drug delivery/injection device
drops to the ground and rolls down a couple of stairs.  His vision blurs as he
tries to find some comfort.

A flash of an image of Zohar.

Afterwards, we find Shion taking a nap with her portable computing device in
her hands.  She lays it on the sofa, shutting off the device.

-----On----- -----Shion----- -----Shion----- Shion.

Shion opens her eyes, and to her surprise, there was a little girl in a white
dress.  It's the same one she saw earlier.  The fog clears.

It just won't do-----anymore-----

(taking a couple of steps toward the girl)
Who are you?  It won't do-----  What the hell won't do?

Which is selected depends on him-----, but it may be that, you, you can
understand the feeling of his death.
(Suddenly, there is a bright light.)
That is tranquility for him----------

Shion awakes and stands up just when the ship comes under attack.  She rushes
out the door.  We see Elsa flying through hyperspace, but something is wrong. 
Shion rushes onto the bridge.

What, what's happening?

A powerful force is acting against the ship from outside the hyperspace.

What's the matter?

Someone---- is trying to contact us.  As things stand, we will be returning to
normal space.

This, this sensation-----

MOMO looks at her hands as they emit a strange glow.  Shion also notices the
same thing with her hands.


Elsa falls out of hyperspace.  Everyone stares out of Elsa's front window.


The entire space around them is covered by Gnosis.

What's happening?  Hey, do we have transition co-ordinates?

N, No-----  That-----

That's an amazing number (of Gnosis)-----

KOS-MOS, deploy super-wide-area Hilbelt Effect!

KOS-MOS's goggle clamps down, and she activates her super-wide-field Hilbelt

In, Incredible-----  Even with an amplifier system, a field with 100 kilometer
radius is my interference limit-----

Captain, the helm is ineffective.

We're being pulled by an unusual gravitational field.


Elsa drifts closer and closer to one of the larger Gnosis.


Shion regains consciousness.

Where-----  Where am I-----?

She turns to face the others (MOMO, Ziggy, Chaos, and KOS-MOS)  Chaos walks
toward her.


It's good to see you're okay.

Chaos, you're here too.

Well,  if I remember correctly, we're all surrounded by this light, and

Please wait-----  This feeling-----
(She looks around)
I'm sure of it.  This is the inside of a Gnosis.

The inside of a Gnosis-----  Huh?

To be precise, this is a spot close to the approximate center of a giant
Gnosis.  The size of this Gnosis is about 16,000 kilometers across.  According
to our observations to date, we have not discovered a Gnosis larger than this
except for a type known as "the Sanctuary Ship".

Impossible!  Were we swallowed up?

Our circumstance may be close that-----

I can't sense active response from the Gnosis on the outside.  It's as if they
are asleep-----  Yes.  How about Elsa?  Where are the captain and the others?

I want to think that they're like us, somewhere inside this Gnosis, but-----

KOS-MOS steps forward.

What is it, KOS-MOS?

There is a response on my sensor-----

A response?  Surely, it's the Elsa?

Yes.  Other than that (Elsa), there is one more object nearby.  While the
signal is weak, I have acquired response that closely resembled the waveform of
Zohar, the object stolen from Woglinde.

Zohar's waveform?  That golden object kept in the housing warehouse?  That is

What's the distance to Elsa?

The direct distance from here is about 10 kilometer.

That is close-----

Outside is space-----  I'm worried about Allen and others-----

Let's get going.


We see Andrew walking alone and feeling his way around.

How foolish-----  Am I seeing a dream?  It can't be-----  At that time,
(We see an image of Zohar.)
was an injury that disappeared with the Zohar overload accident.

We see a planet implode.  Then, Andrew stands in the middle of a street
bustling with people.  He takes a good look around.


A girl with red shirt and white skirt walks in front of him.  Andrew walks
briskly toward her.  Suddenly, everyone disappears, leaving a strange door
standing upright and casting its long shadow.  Andrew walks up to the door,
opens it, and looks inside to see shooting.

We see the image of a boy, then a man, standing among the ruins.


Aboard the Kookai Foundation's Durandal, an alarm sounds on the bridge.

Official warning announcement in Area D.  Abnormal waves are detected from the
isolation hanger.

Junior arrives on the bridge via an elevator.

Area D?  Is it Zohar?-----

Area D, increase output of the attract inhibitor of every hanger.  There's UMN
traffic on EPR radar.  I will make resonance waves emanate through hyperspace.

Where is it?

Junior walks up to Shelly, who is working hard at her console.

I'm detecting the source of the response.

It's resonating with Zohar.  Prepare to make the gate jump.
(turning right)
Mary, report to the Foundation.  We'll follow Zohar.



After doing a bit of exploration inside the giant Gnosis, our little group has
a nice little chat.

"the Sanctuary Ship"?-----  It really feels as if we're inside a ship. 
However, no matter how I look at it, it doesn't seem like a Federation

It must be an alien spaceship.

I wonder how (this is possible)-----
(Shion, Ziggy, and Chaos pause in their tracks.  Shion points to something.)
Look there.

They see a sign with "Ariadne Central Shopping Mall" written on it.

This is our language.

But, it's strange.  The sign, rather than stabbing into the wall, is actually
part of the length of the wall.

So, is this plate a part of Gnosis?  Impossible-----

Take a good look around.
(We see another plate with a picture of fish and the words "fish?" written on
It's not just this plate.  There are many others.

Is this really the inside of a Gnosis?-----

There's an image flash:  Black-and-white image of the girl that Shion saw

(shocked by the image)

Did you discover something?

Eh, Um, Ummm.  It's nothing-----
(Thinking to herself:  "That kid again-----  What the hell is here-----)


We see Andrew walking again.
Then, there's another change in scene.  We see a central podium surrounded by
seats in a huge hall.  As you'll find out, it's a courtroom.

----- The motive of the accused is yet unknown.  Was he distracted by the
confusion of war?  Or was he "forced to be distracted"?  To put things in
(We see a blonde)
this in fact shows a case where one can say that the accused himself also is a
victim of the Life Recyle Law.
(we see Andrew standing in the central podium)
Would it be good to turn this poor soul into the first victim of our capital
punishment system, one that has been in effect for several thousand years? 
Certainly, the accused must atone for the crime he committed.  However,
shouldn't our divergent types of atonement policies have been born out of human
consciousness and scientific development?  How about making a generous or wise

----- Our courtroom decides to sentence the accused, Andrew Cherenkoff, to
undergo the 7th type personality correction treatment.

With this treatment, the person that you know as you will no longer exist. 
However, that will also be the birth of your new world.  Let's bless this (new

The mark of a "X" appears on Andrew's forehead.


We see the blonde woman from the courtroom (female voice #1) standing near a
room's entrance.  Andrew walks up to her, holding up a document.

What's the meaning of this?
(The words "Notice of Cloning Procedure Completion" are written on the
document.  On the right side of the screen, we see in Japanese text "Notice of
Self-Cloning Completion")
Why is it hopeless for us to have a kid?

Stop it.  Are you saying that you want something returned?  Well, I never! 
They're just genes that caused that abnormality.  Don't say such things! 
Nano-technology isn't all-powerful.  It can't compensate for genomic diversity.

But, you said to me there was a reason?

How disgraceful.  You were given life because of your nucleic acids.  It was
natural for you to be the way you were at that time.  It's because of this
"thing" (gene, nucleic acids) that creates you.

Then, why you're with me-----

For the sake of this.  For the sake of getting your permission.  For what do
you think I have worked for all this while?  "Bolantia.  BO, LA, N, TI, A." 
I've had enough of this joke of your thinking that there's romance between us.
(She picks up a headphone)
I've had enough of that now.
(tossing it at his head.  The headphone bounces off and lands on the ground)
(walking right pass the headphone)
Don't fail to take your control medicine regularly, okay?  I'm the one that
gets asked about supervisory responsibility (over you)-----

She stands in the bedroom.  He walks toward her, stepping on the headphone. 
One moment, she turns to face him;  the next, she's dead on the ground.

We see an image of Andrew getting locked up in a cell.  The door slams.

In accordance to Federation laws, you will undergo the 8th personality
correction treatment.  Through this, the accused number 12584 will be deprived
of individual rights.  From now on, the accused will be branded as a living
organism under the jurisdiction of the Federation.  This measure means that you
(the accused) will have qualifications equivalent to those of Realiens as
described in our present law.

Andrew receives a "N"-shaped letter on his forehead.

Scene:  Central Tower Ariadne.  We see Andrew walking among busy pedestrians. 
Then, he sees a girl with short blonde hair.  Suddenly, she is seen as the
blonde woman that Andrew killed.  He realizes it was all in his imagination.

Andrew stops her in her track.  She looks up at his face.

Excuse me-----

Andrew screams.  We see him picking her off the ground, perhaps killing her. 
Then, he again winds up in a jail cell.

However,-----  I have not seen a stable network up to now.

Did he not receive the 8th correction therapy?

Anyway, his life is precious to us.  First of all, as a sample for the 9th

Oddly, the door opens.  Outside the facility, the grounds are littered with
dead bodies.  A spaceship appears and touches down.  We see Andrew sitting
silently among the bodies.

I heard that a single man completely slaughtered all the personnel here and
three squads of the Federation Police's special unit, so I was looking forward
to see what sort of man he is.-----  You look as if you're some abandoned
puppy.  Did you really do all this?

Andrew turns to face the man.  It's Margulis, putting on a smile.  Andrew makes
a leap at him, but Margulis amazingly jumps aside.

Is it due to mutations caused by Life Recyling, as expected?-----  Well then,
that's why the Federation Police suffered under those hands.  That is worthy of
praise.  However,-----

Andrew makes another attack, and this time Margulis takes a jab at Andrew's
throat.  Andrew lays on the ground, rolls over, and gasps for air.

So, in reality, that's how you're like------

(walking up to Margulis)
Commander Margulis, the number 308 field troops of Wilgarta-----

Understood.  We'll take him with us.

You're surely not serious (about this)?

Ah, he will become something (useful for us).

Is that so-----

(kneeing before Andrew)
You just wanted to return your existence back among the people.
(offering his hand)
Isn't that so?

Andrew looks up at Margulis as if he's seeing an angel.

Show me the proof that you exist--- Show me.


Andrew continues to walk around the giant Gnosis...

Translation Copyrighted 2002 by Henry H. Jerng.

Xenosaga, Episode I is copyrighted by Namco.
Original Japanese text on story, background, and character appeared on
HyperPlayStation2 magazine, March issue, pages 24-31.  The information on
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