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Reviewed: 06/07/04

Rainbow Six meets Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeonic Front is a single player strategy and 3rd person based game. I don't know if I should or should not consider it a shooter but I'll just leave it as it is.

I'm a huge die-hard fan of Gundam, but this game kinda let me down a bit. Although unlike many other gundam games, you can be the Zeon instead of the Federation.

Controls: 5
The controls were a bit difficult for me to use. But after understanding it, it was by far harder to control under heavily stressing situations. The controls are almost similar to Rainbow Six controls (if I remember correctly). I could be wrong though.....

Sounds: 8
The sounds were wonderful. From the footsteps of the mobile suits to the sounds of the weapons, it’s as if we were placed right in the anime itself. Not to mention that at times you have to sometimes pay attention to the sounds of gunfire from afar. I just really can't describe it. Play it for yourself and see what I mean!

Graphics: 8
The graphics were great. There was alot of detail to the mobile suits, tanks, turrets, etc. Although the problem was some just looked to polygon like. But that doesn't let down the fact that the graphics is superb for this game.

Gameplay: 6
This is where the game kinda falls. I'm not much of the Rainbow Six player and this game pretty much falls in this category. Although this game can take hrs to play, it just kinda gets repetitious and boring. Not to mention that as we go along the levels you have to devise more advance strategies against GMs to long-range shooters like the Guntank. But unlike other gundam games, this game is more realistic making it much harder to play. One fire from any weapon to the back will cause and instant KO to you mobile suit. But not to worry you have 3 teams of MS unless some missions do not permit you.
The game's replay values are very my standards. You can get more suits if you play levels again but more advanced and you require high ranks to achieve new suits.

Story: 9
Although you play many characters, your main character is Lt. Commander Garret Schmitzer who leads the Fenrir Corps. You’re fighting in the One Year War trying to take over land on earth. As the battles intensify and supplies low, the Corps tries to fend off the Federation as the last reminisce of the Zeon leave earth to finish the war in space.

Buy or rent:
If you like games like Rainbow Six and/or strategy based games, this is a must buy. Unless your like me and don't like games like Rainbow Six at least try and rent this game or just leave this title alone.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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