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Reviewed: 10/17/02 | Updated: 10/17/02

A good game for a Gundam fan.

Hello. This is my first review, so be easy on me.

Story 7/10
This part goes either way. The story of the game is about a Zeon attack squad which played an important role in the one year war. The only problem with this is that if your not a Gundam fan, you'll be completely lost at some points of the game. Also, if you've only have seen Gundam Wing on toonami, notice that this game is based on The late 1970's Mobile Suit Gundam, and if you expect to thrash up Leo's with Heero Yuy's Wing Zero, you ae going to be very disapointed.

Graphics 9/10
The graphics for the Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeonic Front game are very good. The only real problem with them is the graphics in the levels, which are very plain, with little or no detail. Other then that, they are great.

Music 7/10
The music in this game fits the mood of the game perfectly. The only thing is, there is only about five songs in the game, and if there where more, I certainly don't remember them.

Gameplay 6/10
Mobile Suit Gundam lacks a bit in this area. You control three teams of three mobile suits and carry out missions crucial for Zeon to win the war against the Feddies. (but we all know what happens their, right?) The controls are fine, with the exeption that when you pull up the Item and Radar menu, you make yourself completely open to an enemy attack. Also, unlike Journey to Jaburo, you can not jump forward in this game, or fly (although when you try to attack an airborn enemy with a melee weapon you mobile suit may jump and try to catch it.) It is also kind of tough to survive without looking at you radar constantly, because if your not to careful, you're are bound to be shot in the back by a GM or something. Another problem, is that you can't use your shield, although sometimes your mobile suit will automatically uses it to block a beam saber or a shell, but this is unreliable and seems to never happen when you need it the most. I guess those shields the Gundams carry were just for show, huh? Some of the missions are almost impossible to beat, too. The first few missions are fairly easy, but after that you will have to set your own attack routes for you and your team just to win with a D ranking. Some missions even put you up on the same map against Amuro, Kia, and Hayato. Not big deal, right? WRONG! The thing is, you have to get close enough to these three to gather data on them, and then, if they see you, you can't do a single damage to them, and they will see you, because after you get past them you have to get right next to white base. Of course, the game has it's good points, and is very fun to play for a Gundam fan,and although you'll finish it in a few hours if you can get past the missions in the middle of the game, their are plenty of secret characters and mobile suits to unlock!

Rent it. Then, if you care to unlock the secrets, buy the game, because it is going to take a while.

I give it a 7/10, and an 8/10 if you love Mobile Suit Gundam.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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