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Reviewed: 08/30/02 | Updated: 08/30/02

Die Feddies, Die!!

Lets face it. Gundam Battle Assault was dumb and Journey To Jaburo (JTJ) is just too short. The answer to these problems? Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeonic Front (ZF). This is the best Gundam game out there. Its a bigger challenge than JTJ (thank god) and has more levels, and Mechs.

The Controlling is fair, but targeting could be better and so could the camera angles. Also giving orders will sometimes cost you your life. However, you have great mobility with any suit thanks to the controls and reloading for most weapons is fast.

---Overall Control: 8/10

This game offers good choices of weapons and MS. The weapons range from old style machine guns (Zaku style) to calling in an air strike. The MS are awesome; I love burnin' those Feddies with my DOM squads. The MS range from the low class Zaku I model to the DOM advanced models.

---Overall Weapons: 10/10

ZF has great graphics, just like JTJ. There isn't much to say about graphics... but they are great.

---Overall Graphics: 10/10

---Fun Factor/ Game Life
This game is loads of fun. Especially if you have a friend that plays it, so you can compare your stats and stuff. You will play this game for a while, and never get bored. Its one of those games you just gotta play a lot or atleast once a week.

---Overall Fun Factor/ Game Life: 8/10

This game has tons of secrets, or hidden items. So many pilots, weapons, levels, and MS to unlock... I'd pay $70 bucks for this game. Either way, you'll have a tough time unlocking all the goodies, but hey-- that's half the fun right?

---Overall Secrets: 10/10

ZF's difficulty ranges from destroying a couple GM's and to find attack the enemy base, while defending your own with Guncannons roaming around. But you need a challenging game sometimes.

---Overall Difficulty: Medium 5/10 (This does not effect the Overall Score)

Theres so much to say about this game, I could go on and on and on but... I wanna go play it. So, the bottom line is Feddie fan or Zeon fan, you can play as either side in this outstanding game. (Feddies require a BIT more work) Thanks a lot Bandai. And by the way, get this game!! Everyone will enjoy it, unless, well you don't, but most people (even if you don't like Gundams) will generally like this game. This is a must buy for Gundam fans! All I can say is: Have loads of fun with this game! Enjoy!

---Overall Score: 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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