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Reviewed: 01/05/02 | Updated: 01/05/02

Gundam strategy hits the PS2 with a bang!

For those expecting another 0079 PS2, that's not what your getting here. This game relies heavily on strategy. With that out of the way, where do I start?
Has a neat opening movie. CG, like the most recent Gundam games. It has an EFF plane trying to take off and a squad of Zakus comes in a takes it down, but it flashes to a ton of other scenes. It's a real neat video, and the CG is awesome. Again, strangely, the CG found in the movie is better then G-Saviours. There's a bitching shot of the Zaku's mono eye twisting and turning as it zooms in. Real neat movie, gets you inthe mood to drop some Federation soldiers.
From the main menu, you can access probably the best piece of animation I have scene to date for 0079. A full on recap of 0079, from The colony drop till A Baoa Koo. It's full on anime, and some of the scenes are ones stright out of 0079 PS2. But there are a ton of new ones. Anyways, it goes through Zeon's plans. A narrator explains it all, and it has exact dates for everything too. A real neat part is a clip or Amuro's father explaining Operation V to the the EFFs top ranks. The animation is very well done, and if you never seen 0079 or don't know much about the Zeon Federal War, this is a much watch. 50 bucks says half of these scenes will appear in 0079 PS2's sequel
OK, let's get into the game. Before the first three missions, you'll go into a training thing, sort of like VR Mission's from Metal Gear Solid. It explains the controls you'll need neccesary o complete it's following mission. First one is the basics of the game, second is how to use the different types of radar, and the third is using special commands. Really helpful.
Control's are a bit akward, especially after coming off of 0079 PS2 and Federation vs Zeon. The left control stick makes you move, and to run, you hold L1. The D pad allows you to switch between different groups on the battle field. Square button will launch your specially selected weapon you chose for the mission, and so far, I haven't seen the other three buttons do anything.
To fight is a bit strange too. You cannot just fire your gun randomly all over the place. To shoot something, you have to get close enough to it and move your cross hair on it (left stick controls cross hair and allows you to change direction) and it'll lock on. Then you can shoot it. The range from the target depends on what weapon you'll use on it.
Then theres the whacky L2 and R2 buttons. When holding one of them down, a screen of options will appear. I've only used it once, and that was to send secret commands, and that it's. It'll probably come into play later, I suppose.
Now, onto the game. Before each mission, you'll be briefed. The first few missions your briefed by Garma himself. After he's done, your commander explains more (sometimes he won'). Shar talks to you in training mode, and that's all I've seen of him so far.
On the mian menu before heading for the battle field, you can do a few things. namely, get your troops ready. You can add new teams to your roster, equip different weapons, change MS (I think) and other things pertaining to your MS. Also, you can few the whole operation and how it will take place. YOu can view the map of the level, the path you must take, obstacles, and the such. YOu can also, like 0079 Gaiden, hear emails from your crew.
Let's hit the battle field! You begin each mission with all of your squads together (usually). The first mission lets you have two teams, while the later ones allow more. Each team consists of three MS. YOu controll the group leader. YOu can also switch between groups. This is very useful, because you don't want to send computer controlled guys into the middle of a battle.
As the group leader, you can do MANY things to the rest of the crew. You can tell them to stop and wait till you call them, have them go ahead and attack enemies, have them dodge all enemies, have them guard a certain place, and other things.
This game relies HEAVILY on strategy. This isn't no run and gun type game. You will want to go slow and take it easily. Don't jsut run at gun turrents. Theres many ways to do things. Switchign between each team is a must. And if you think you can just go on your own and leave your crew behind, your terribly mistaken. YOu can't take 50 shots in this game. 4 or 5 and your down. When you die, your team is on there own, and you can't control them..
Soundeffects are your usual Gundam soundeffects, and there's new music, with the occasional old tune from 0079. Alot of speaking in it, and all the seiyuu's sound great. I haven't watched 0079 in a long time, so don't hold me to this, but I beleive they got a new seiyuu to do Garma. But, as usual, Shar's seiyuu is back to do his new lines. Something neat in this is that for those who've played as Zeons in 0079 PS2's battle mode, the girl you tells you how you did is your group's comms woman.
Well, that's pretty much the game. It's no 0079 PS2 that's for sure. On the first mission, you have to capture an EFF battle craft, and to do it, you need to chuck a smoke grenade so it's weapons can't see you, and then have the other group come in with their bazookas and take out the main deck of the thing! It's a fun game, and it feels good to play the Zeons again.
I give it an 8 because it's a fun game, but certainly not the best out there, and definetly not the best Gundam game out there. It's a game that will keep you entertained for a while. I suggest renting it though, because just like 0079 PS2, it gets pretty boring after you beat it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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