Review by dillont

Reviewed: 11/29/03

Breaks Through the Line, but Doesn't go All the Way

Rugby 2002 was greeted with great anticipation by the rugby community. It was the first rugby game since Jonah Lomu Rugby, some 4 years ago. Unfortunately this game seems sometimes rushed, with the graphics blocky and fewer options than would be preferred.


The graphics for this game are amazing... for a Playstation 1 game. They are very blocky compared to other games on the PS2 and, while they get the job done, they are below par. In some parts you can tell who the player with the ball is by looking at him, but in most instances you have to refer to his number, or to the commentary (which is sometimes dodgy itself).


Although the graphics are not up-to-par with other PS2 games, the sound (basically commentary) is fairly good. Although it does get a bit repetitive in some places, it is for the most part fairly well done. There are not as many comments that are out of place compared to other PS2 sports games. The sound area could do with some improvement, but it is definitely not the worst part of the game.


Game modes in Rugby 2002 are partially limited but still provide you with enough options to continue playing this game for a while. The World Cup mode is fairly well done and excitement builds as you head towards the big game.

What they are lacking in this game is a Super 12 mode, or a world mode, something where you can play all the others club teams in the world. This would really give this game a very good level of replayability.


Once you get into the game, it is fantastic. As long as you don't let the graphics bother you Rugby 2002 provides a great experience of rugby, with many different run sets you can decide on and the computer running different routes throughout. In some plays, it can turn into a bit of a button mashing fiesta as you struggle to get players to the breakdown, but once you spread the ball out wide Rugby 2002's full beauty is exposed.

It is really up to you to make the gameplay as good or as boring as you want. You can play high possession football, running the ball up the middle with your big forwards,or you can play a more dangerous style, but more fun, throwing the ball out wide to your wingers and run through the line.

It is really up to you how the gameplay turns out.


This game has a high level of replayability for the rugby fan. However if you don't know the game/aren't interested by it then it probably wont hold a space in your PS2 for a extremely long period of time. If you are a rugby fan, you will be captivated though.


Once again, if you are a rugby fan I would definitely buying this game, as you will be able to find it cheap at this time, but if your not sure then obviously, rent it out and see how it fits in with you.

Rating: 7

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