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    Just Frame Guide by Dmario14

    Version: 0.95 | Updated: 10/09/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Tekken 4
    Just Frame (JF) Guide
    Written by DMario14 (or m2dave at the TZ Forums)
    Written on June/22/2003
    Version 0.99
    -Update Information
    -Why did I write this guide?
    -What is a Just Frame move?
    -Just Frame moves
    Craig Marduk
    Heihachi Mishima
    Jin Kazama
    Kazuya Mishima
    Marshall Law
    Lee Chaolan/Violet
    Lei Wulong
    Nina Williams
    Paul Phoenix
    Steve Fox
    -Just Frame Laser Scraper partial and full escape link
    -And yet more information on Heihachi's OTGF
    -Sites to check out
    This Guide is mine.Please do not steal it and claim it as your work.I will
    allow you to publish it on your homepage,magazine etc. by just sending me an
    e-mail,and asking me nicely.Tekken 4,as well as any other Tekken,is (C) Namco.
    All rights reserved.
    --Update Information--
    Version 0.90 - Every Just Frame included except Law's (I don't know if he has
    any),Lei's (1) and Steve's (2).
    Version 0.93 - Every Just Frame included except Lei's (1) and Steve's (2).
    Version 0.95 - Every Just Frame included except Steve's (2).
    Version 0.99 - Every Just Frame included.I MIGHT be missing a Steve Just Frame
    move (see Conclusion to see how you can help).JFLS partial and full escape
    link added.
    --Why did I write this guide--
    First of all,Tekken 4 is a great game.I know many prefer TTT (Tekken Tag
    Tournament) over Tekken 4 because of its tag feature,but still,you have to
    give this game credit too.It might not be fun as TTT,but it sure has better
    graphics,more moves (including the Just Frames that are hard to perform) and
    two new characters (three if you count Jin).Tekken 4 is also more balanced
    than TTT,although TTT was also a pretty balanced game.
    Besides that,I am writing this guide because I haven't seen one on the sites
    I visit regulary.And by the way,this feature is new to Tekken 4,even though
    Lee did have a Just Frame in TTT (Mist Trap),it was really introduced in
    Tekken 4.I think Heihachi had his JF Hell Axe in TTT,too.
    --What is a Just Frame move--
    You have been reading this guide so far,noticing that I said the word "Just
    Frame" a countless times;but what is that?A Just Frame,short JF,move is a move
    that requires the exact timing of buttons being pressed so that you execute
    the move completely.This is measured in frames.You will know you have done a
    Just Frame because it will either be a totally new move that the character
    didn't have before,there will be blue sparks on the arm or leg of the
    character doing the move or it will be completely save on block.Where some
    Just Frame moves are rather easy to perform,others are very hard and need
    practice to be mastered.Before I start getting into the Just Frames,I
    would like you to visit this site: www.catlord.com.It has almost all videos
    of Just Frame moves.Remember the rhythm of the Just Frame move you want
    to do (you will hear sounds of buttons).This will help you to get started.
    --Just Frame moves--
    Quickly,before you check out the Just Frame moves,check out this Legend.
    Most FAQ's/Guides use almost the same one.Remember,the Just Frame notation
    is : (column).
    f - tap forward                          1 - left punch
    b - tap back                             2 - right punch
    u - tap up                               3 - left kick
    d - tap down                             4 - right kick
    F - hold forward                         + - press buttons simultaneously
    B - hold back
    U - Hold up
    D - hold down
    : - just frame input
    , - followed by
    / - d/b d/f u/f and d/b (press simultaneously)
    N - joypad in neutral position
    ~ - press the next button immediately/quickly
    < - delayed input
    _ - or
    CH - move only performable when on a counter hit
    SS - Side Step (u,N or d,N)
    FC - full crouching animation (simply hold "d" and press corresponding button)
    WS - while standing up from a crouching position
    BT - your back turned to your opponent
    ...other general abbreviations
    T2 - Tekken 2
    T3 - Tekken 3
    TTT - Tekken Tag Tournament
    WGF - Wind Godfist (Kazuya and Heihachi)
    EWGF - Electric Wind Gidfist (Kazuya and Heihachi)
    TGF - Thunder Godfist (Kazuya and Heihachi)
    DTGF (Red Sparks TGF) - Diamond Thunder Godfist (Heihachi)
    OTGF - Omen Thunder Godfist (Heihachi)
    JFLS - Just Frame Laser Scraper (Jin)
    Kaz - Kazuya
    Hei - Heihachi
    I will follow this pattern:
    --Character Name--
    Name of Just Frame move                  Command of Just Frame move
    Description:A short description of the Just Frame move that is being
    Comments:My recommendation on how you can perform this Just Frame move
    and practice it.
    Note:Please do not be disappointed if I give you a vague recommendation.
    After all,we are talking about frames.The actual timing you'll need to find
    out for yourself by practicing.I'm just going to give you some informations
    and tips how you can practice it to make it easier for you.
    Difficulty:Difficulty is rated with stars.The stars represent:
    * - Very Easy
    ** - Easy
    *** - Medium
    **** - Hard
    ***** - Very Hard
    Okay,this has been taken care of.Let's start...
    --Craig Marduk--
    Bull-Charge to Over the Back Toss                FC,1+2:b
    Description:When he strikes the opponent with his head,he will toss him/her
    over his back.This is something similar to Nina's 2+4 throw.
    Comments:When you see that his head is about to strike the opponent,input "b".
    The Bull-Charge itself does actually 20 pts.(points) of damage,but when
    you input "b",the damage is increased by 4 pts.
    --Heihachi Mishima--
    JF Hell Axe                                      u/f+3:4
    Description:There's nothing special about this move.It looks exactly the
    same as his normal Hell Axe except that the damage of the move is increased.
    Comments:When you input the "3" of the u/f+3:4,wait a little bit,then when
    you see that the "3" is about to connect input "4".Practice a little bit,this
    is his easiest Just Frame move.
    JF Hell Sweeps                         f,N,d,d/f+4:4:4:N+4,4 or :N+1
    Description:The JF Hell Sweeps look exactly just like the normal Hell Sweeps,
    but if the opponent blocks them,Heihachi will not suffer from the block
    stagger.This is very useful;remember Tekken 3?
    Comments:I recommend you download the video on www.catlord.com first.Then
    practice it yourself,but keep the rhythm in your mind while your doing it.
    This Just Frame move is not that hard but because you have to do three
    JF's in a row,this is what makes it hard.Remember,just practice.You will
    be able to do this everytime because it is not that hard compared to the
    next Just Frame move which is totally,ridiculously hard.
    Doc Paterson's comment (regarding the JF Hell Sweeps):
    I thought that T3 was the one that added the auto low block on the first
    Hellsweep hit (this vanished in TTT and has fortunately stayed gone),
    and that T2 Hellsweeps were the ones that JF Hellsweeps imitate.T3,I think
    had the block staggers.
    Andre de Leon's comment (tips how to perform the JF Hell Sweeps and more):
    Press "4" or "1" a little after Hei's foot makes contact with your opponents
    knees.You basically time it as late as possible,cancelling the block
    stagger in the process.His right foot should have gone through the
    opponents knees when you press "4" or "1".Do not worry so much about mistiming
    the first JF kick IF you whiffed OR hit the opponent on the first kick.Your
    actual disadvantage is nil off of a blocked Hell Sweep.You can block
    everything your opponent throws at you after the block stagger,including a
    low jab.If they do block the first kick however,your block stagger is
    longer.So in a way,all you have to do is just one JF "4" or "1",just so you
    don't get the 'slow' block stagger.Besides,in a high level of play,it's
    not very useful to keep doing the low "4".You'll just get your ass low
    parried.Do "1" only when you're playing against someone who keeps blocking
    My comment:None
    Omen Thunder Godfist (OTGF)                     f,N,d/f+1
    Description:First of all,you may be asking yourself where the hell is the
    JF notation of this move.To be honest with you,I don't know,and I haven't
    seen anybody who knew it.This move is weird;it's the hardest move in the
    whole game.It looks exactly just like a normal Thunder Godfist,but
    Heihachi has blue sparks around his left arm and this move is completely
    save on block,not to mention that it's also faster than all of his Thunder
    Comments:You can download the short movie from www.catlord.com but that's
    not going to help you,unless you just want to see how it looks.
    Anyway,you should not press "d" (down) or you will simply get
    the normal Thunder Godfist.In order to perform it,press the "1" before
    you press the "d/f".This part is hard,and this is the key to perform it.
    Speed is not the key to perform it.I know that many people say do it so
    fast as it it were a single motion.That's not true because you need to
    wait a little bit after "f".Another way you can look at this move is also
    f,N,1~d/f.Try it this way and don't be surprised if you don't get it
    to work in fifty attempts.By the way,this move does 36 pts. of damage,
    so actually it does just 1 pt. of damage more than the easier Red
    Spark TGF (also known as DTGF).But keep in mind,this TGF is faster and
    therefore better suitable for combos.I will write more information about
    this move later.
    Doc Paterson's comment (regarding OTGF's speed and more):
    I wish it was faster,but unfortunately it’s 22 frames,like his others.
    His regular TGF (with the down input and no Red Sparks) is actually 19 frames.
    Some people claim that the OTGF can go under some mids that other TGFs can’t,
    but I’m pretty sure that this is not the case at all.The method that the
    guy used to test it was faulty because the two moves being compared
    (DTGF and OTGF) had different inputs (I don’t think he took the "d",in the
    DTGF,into account) and therefore came out at slightly different,
    albeit imperceivable times,and interacted with the testing move
    (some mid-hitting Jin move) in different ways.I myself have never
    noticed the OTGF to be any more evasive than any other TGF.
    My comment:None
    (JF) Talon Sky Rocket                            f,N,d/f+4
    Description:This looks exactly like the normal Sky Rocket but the
    damage is increased by 5 pts. (28 pts. of damage),it's pretty save on block
    and a few smokes/sparks can be seen on his right leg.
    Comments:I know what you're thinking:"It looks exactly like Heihachi's OTGF;
    it's going to be hard to perform".Well,you're wrong.This Just Frame move is
    a little bit easier to perform unlike Heihachi's for a strange reason.All
    the information that I wrote for Heihachi is going to help you to perform
    this JF.You will have to input this in order to do it:f,N,4~d/f.Try this,
    and with a little bit of practice you'll be fine.Remember not to press
    "d" (down) while you're doing it,otherwise you'll just get the normal Sky
    Rocket.And remember,don't do it extremely fast.Simply follow the steps
    that I wrote for you.
    Doc Paterson's comment (regarding the comparison between the OTGF and the
    Talon Sky Rocket):
    I think that this move is within 2 frames,so that could be the reason.
    I’m not positive though.
    My comment:Yes,that must be the case.The OTGF is within 1 frame,the Talon
    Sky Rocket is within 2 frames.That makes the Talon Sky Rocket easier to
    --Jin Kazama--
    Throat Smash                                   u/f+1+2:u/b+3+4
    Description:This is a throw.It looks exactly like his normal one (u/f+1+2)
    but if you input u/b+3+4, 2 pts. of damage are added to it.You will also hear
    Jin saying something else when he does the JF version of this throw.
    Comments:When you do u/f+1+2,immediately do u/b+3+4.Really,do this quickly;
    that means before he even touches the enemy with u/f+1+2,you should already
    be doing u/b+3+4.Don't worry,it's not hard at all.
    JF Laser Scraper 1                       b,f+2,1,d+2 Hold 2 :Release 2
    Description:The good,old abused JF Laser Scraper.It looks exactly
    like his normal version of the Laser Scraper but the last hit
    has 6-8 blue sparks,it comes out very fast and is unblockable.
    Comments:I recommend you download the short movie on www.catlord.com just
    to get an idea of the rhythm.You basically just want to note when to
    release the "2".If this JF move hits on a counter hit,you're getting launched
    and you can't avoid it.If it hits on a non-counter hit though,you can side
    step it to the right.I think you need to side step it in the last moment.
    JF Laser Scraper 2                       b,f+2,1,d+2 Hold 2 :Release 2
    Description:What?Yes,there are two versions of this JF move.This one looks
    exactly the same as the one above.The only difference is the blue sparks.
    Instead of there being 6-8 blue sparks,three sparks,maybe even two,will pop up
    and then disappear.Of course,the last hit is unblockable.
    Comments:Where should I start?I mean,just practice.You should get the rhythm
    and timing of the release.This is the version that almost nobody does because
    it's harder than the one above.If this connects,even on a non counter hit,you
    will be launched.There is also a FAQ/Guide about all the Laser Scraper
    versions that Jin has on www.tekkenzaibatsu.com.Simply go to their
    FAQ Files section;you should get there more informations about it.I'm sure
    that this move is one of the reasons Jin is considered over powered.It's
    so fast for a move that does this much damage,not to mention that you may
    juggle the opponent right after the last hit.A decent and easy juggle after
    the JFLS (the abbreviation for this move) does over 80 pts. of damage.In fact,
    two of those juggles will be enough to kill you.Also,be ready to meet a lot
    of JFLS abusers when you play in your Arcade or elsewhere.Namco should
    really think about weakening this move;wait,not just this move,how about
    Jin himself?An expert Jin who uses this move correctly,and other ones,is
    a nightmare,and a very tough opponent to beat.
    --Kazuya Mishima--
    JF Hell Sweeps                                  f,N,d/f+4:4
    Description:The Hell Sweeps look exactly like the normal Hell Sweeps but they
    cause more damage and allow Kazuya to juggle the opponent.They do 3 pts.
    of damage more,and I'm not sure about this,but you can only juggle the
    opponent if the first hit of the Hell Sweeps was not a clean hit.So that means
    they must not knock the opponent off their feet.I need more informations
    about this JF and will surely post them in the next update,
    so don't quote me on this JF.
    Comments:First go to Practice Mode and keep doing the first hit of the Hell
    Sweeps (f,N,d/f+4).Most importantly,note the electricity of it.Then,try to
    input the other "4" as soon as you see him touching the opponent and you
    see a little bit of electricity.You can practice this better if you toggle
    on the counter hit in Practice Mode.You will know that you did the JF Hell
    Sweeps because they will do 27 pts. of damage on a non-counter hit.
    Doc Paterson's comment (regarding the distance of JF Hell Sweeps):
    You’re right.It’s basically when the Hellsweep hits from the max possible
    distance,and makes that weird trip hit that doesn’t quite knock the
    opponent over.Oh,and any combo that can be done off of a JF Kaz's Hellsweep
    can also be done off of a hit of his regular Hellsweep,if that hit is
    from the second Hellsweep (the first one misses and you keep going).
    Not extremely useful in high level play but interesting
    My comment:None
    Blind Kick to Neck Breaker                        BT,3:1+2
    Description:King does his ordinary Blind Kick and then goes for the Neck
    Breaker.The Neck Breaker really looks just like Stone Cold Steve Austin's
    finishing move - "The Stone Cold Stunner".If you have ever watched
    professional wrestling,WWE,you should know what I'm talking about.
    Comments:Simply press "1+2" right after the "3" connects.If your opponent
    blocks,then this Just Frame move will not work.Anyway,for more information
    on how to do it,if you have a hard time with it,check out www.catlord.com as
    always.Memorize the time when the buttons are pressed.
    Andre de Leon's comment (regarding the Blind Kick to Neck Breaker):
    You can do this off of a normal hit OR a counter hit.As long as you time
    it right,it'll always work.
    My comment:None
    The Ultimate S.T.F.                            FC 1+2,3+4:1+2
    Description:He,first of all,takes the opponent to the ground by a tackle,then
    he breaks his/her leg,then he breaks his/her right arm and then he finally
    breaks his/her neck.This used to be an ordinary move but it seems that Namco
    has transformed it into a Just Frame.
    Comments:After you've taken the opponent down with the tackle,press "3+4".He
    will break his/her leg,then when he's about to break the arm and is about
    to touch the ground with his back,press "1+2".This JF move does 65 pts. of
    damage.But be careful,as a tackle can be avoided easily.
    Kick Reversal to Figure Four Leg Lock      b+2+4 (Right Kick Only):3+4
    Description:King takes down the opponent's leg to the ground and breaks
    it,then he performs the famous Figure Four Leg Lock that looks identical to
    Ric Flair's in professional wrestling.
    Comments:To be honest with you,I have done this JF only once,and I haven't
    tried to do it since then any more.It's not that hard.After he breaks the
    opponent's right leg,wait until he gets up,then press "3+4".I am not sure
    about this,this was possible in Tekken 2 and 3;but when you perform a
    Figure Four Leg Lock,one can reverse it by pressing "3+4".The character you
    are doing this move on,turns around and breaks your legs causing damage to
    you then.According to some people,this is also a Just Frame move.Anyway,
    I really don't recommend doing this JF,or at least not the Figure Four Leg
    Lock by itself,as it can be reversed.
    JF Salmon Hunter Claw                 b,f+2+3 (Do Not let go the "2"):b,f+3
    Description:It looks exactly like his normal,unblockable Salmon Hunter Claw,
    but this one is a lot of quicker.Just like his slow,unblockable Salmon Hunter
    Claw,while he swings his arm and is about to attack you,he gains some sort of
    white sparks on his right arm.
    Comments:Here's how I do it:I,first,hold the "2" then I press b,f+3 (this is
    my way of doing the normal Salmon Hunter Claw;you can also do this the
    ordinary way: b,f+2+3).After that,I let go all the buttons except the "2"
    and simply press b,f+3 again.You need to press b,f+3 when you see that
    Kuma/Panda just waits there with his right arm ready to strike.Then,if
    you do it correctly you will gain white sparks and the move will be
    unblockable as well as real quick for a move that does 120 pts. of damage.
    JF Salmon Hunter Claw,just like the normal,hits grounded opponents.
    It is NOT guaranteed after his f,f+2 (Demon Uppercut) since it can be
    back rolled.
    Doc Paterson's comment (regarding the 'f,f+2, JF Salmon Hunter Claw' combo):
    It’s damn damn hard,and I can almost never do it,but it is guaranteed,even
    if they backroll.Try going into practice mode and setting the computer to
    backroll.If you don’t do it soon enough, it won’t register a combo and
    the opponent will barely escape.If you get it dead on (the frame windows
    here are extremely precise) it will be guaranteed,and the screen will say
    "2 hit combo, 130-something damage." I think the main problem is that f,f+2
    ties you up for so long and it’s really tough to tell when you’re "released"
    and can start inputting the JF. You start too soon,the wrong move comes out,
    you start too late they backroll it.To get it guaranteed,it seems that
    you have to start doing it within 2 or less frames of being released
    from f,f+2.
    Andre de Leon's comment (regarding the 'f,f+2, JF Salmon Hunter Claw' combo):
    Doc Paterson wasn't kidding on this.If you let go of "2+3" fast enough,you
    can't back roll out of this.You'll do 118 pts. of normal damage with this.
    Also,if Combot is mimicking Kuma,and you do this JF,you'll miss IF your
    opponent just stays still after f,f+2 hits.If he tries to get up,to
    tech roll,to attack,or to back roll,the JF will hit him.
    My comment:I'm glad to hear that this is guaranteed since Kuma/Panda is
    an underrated character.Getting the f,f+2 (Demon Uppercut) to connect
    can be really hard on good players;if not impossible.
    --Marshall Law--
    Well,after reading through some forums and asking some people if Law has
    any kind of Just Frame moves,I concluded that he doesn't have any.He has
    certain parries after some of his stances that require somewhat of a precise
    timing.Though,none of them are considered Just Frame moves because of their
    big frame window;in fact,some people considered them glitches.Anyway,Law
    doesn't have any Just Frame moves but that doesn't change his tier status.
    --Lee Chaolan/Violet--
    Acid Rain Kick Combination                         f+3:3:3
    Description:Lee performs a quick three hit combo with his left leg causing
    a crumple stun to the opponent.If the first hit connects the rest is
    Comments:You'll need to download the short video clip on www.catlord.com
    for this.As you see,this move has two Just Frame notations.This is what
    makes it hard.After you've downloaded the short video,memorize at what
    time the buttons were pressed,and then just practice,practice,practice
    until you can do it constantly.
    Jab to Acid Rain Kick Combination                  1,3:3:3
    Description:Same as above,but he starts with a simple jab and then does
    the quick three hit combo with his left leg causing a crumple stun which
    allows you,just like f+3:3:3,for some juggle opportunities.The "3:3:3"
    is not guaranteed unless the "1" was on a counter hit.
    Comments:Again,download the short video on www.catlord.com.Then simply
    memorize at what time the buttons were pressed;and then just practice
    until you can do it about 80% of the time."f+3:3:3" and "1,3:3:3"
    are almost the same in terms of difficulty.This JF move is one of his
    better JF's and should be learned.
    Left Right Combo to Silver Rain Kick               1,2,4:4
    Description:This JF move looks exactly like his normal 1,2,4 (Violet Kick)
    but this JF version is save on block and does more damage.It does about
    37 pts. of damage where the normal version does only 26 pts. of damage.
    You will also notice when the opponent blocks 1,2,4:4,he/she will
    be sort of pushed to the left side,making you totally save as I said
    Comments:Press the last "4" when he's about to hit them with the first
    "4".Make sure you practice this,because if you fail to do 1,2,4:4 and you
    just do 1,2,4,you will be punished since this isn't save on block.This
    is not a Lee FAQ,but this is probably his most useful JF (next to
    1,3:3:3 of course) because it does excellent damage,it's save on block
    and it's very fast since this move starts with a "1".Anything that starts
    with a "1" and does this great damage is awesome.Also,not to mention
    that it's guaranteed after his SS+2~f (Rear Cross Punch into Mist Step)
    which does about 54 pts. of damage on a non-counter hit.Pretty cheap,
    isn't it?By the way,you can press "~3" after 1,2,4:4 to get into his
    Hitman stance if you desire.I'm sorry for the details but Lee has
    impressed me in Tekken 4.I never realized that he's that good.He now
    became my favorite character next to the good,ol',gut punching Kazuya.
    Silver Rain Kick                      (While in Hitman stance)1,4:4
    Description:While being in his Hitman stance,he performs a jab (which
    is only a fake and doesn't hit I think),and then a vicious right kick that
    does 22 pts. of damage and is of course save on block.Obviously,it's better
    than the non-JF version (1,4).You can press "~3" after 1,4:4 or after 1,4 to
    get into his Hitman stance again.
    Comments:It's all about the timing.You need to practice this in order to be
    able to perform it constantly.Well,you want to press the second "4" as soon
    as the first "4" connects.To get an idea of the timing visit www.catlord.com.
    Mist Trap Throw                                    b+3~3:4
    Description:Lee does a left fake kick (this kick doesn't hit;in some special
    cases it actually does),then he does a left high kick and if you managed to
    press the "4" at the right time,the opponent holds his left leg while he
    swings his right leg around to knock them down to the ground.This is rather a
    throw than a normal move.
    Comments:Remember this from TTT?It's the exactly same move but people say
    it's easier to do in Tekken 4 now.Simply,when you see that the second "3"
    is about to touch your opponent,press the "4".It's not that hard in my
    opinion.Just practice it in the Practice Mode a few times until you find
    your timing.Remember that you cannot do this Just Frame move when this
    move is delayed (b+3<3).In Tekken 4,unlike in TTT,you can do this although
    the opponent did not block it (that means whether on block or not,it will
    work in both ways).I still wouldn't abuse it too much though,because it's
    rather slow since the first move is a fake and doesn't hit.
    Advance Triple Fang                                b+1:1,2
    Description:Lee hits the opponent twice with his left punch,then he turns
    around and punches the opponent with a damaging right punch which beats them
    to the ground only,if you did this JF version.All this does 38 pts. of
    damage and if the first hit connects,all the others are guaranteed.
    Comments:Just like people say,it's not really a JF move because the window
    is rather too big to be considered a JF.But this is a guide and some people
    don't know how to do it so I have to do my job.Really,just press the second
    "1" a little bit LATER than you normally would.You will know you did it
    because "b+1:1" does more damage than just "d+1,1".Now some people may say
    it's save on block;well,it actually is,as long as your opponent doesn't duck
    the last hit and then you leave yourself open for all kinds of bad stuff,
    including Kazuya's WS+2 (Demon Gut Punch).Anyway,if you did "b+1:1",just
    press the "2" slightly after it.I recommend,if your opponent blocked the
    "b+1:1",just go into his Mist Step or his Hitman Stance since he can do
    this in Tekken 4 now (i.e. b+1:1~f,N or b+1:1,3+4)
    And please remember one thing if you want to be an expert with Lee:JF Lee
    is deadly.
    --Lei Wulong--
    JF Rave Sweep                                     BT d+4:4
    Description:While his back is turned,he does this JF version that looks
    similar to his normal d+4,4.There are a few differences though;the JF
    version does 3 hits where the normal one does only 2 hits.Although the
    JF version does 3 hits,the normal version,which does only 2 hits as
    I stated above,does more damage than the JF version (normal version does
    38 pts. of damage;JF version does 37 pts. of damage).Now you may be asking
    yourself,then what's the purpose of the JF version of this move?Well,you
    have to get the right distance of the d+4:4.The first "4" must not knock
    down the opponent off their feet,it only needs to trip him/her.Then
    this whole thing does about 48 pts. of damage.In order to make full effect
    of this JF move,you need to have the right distance just like Kazuya's
    JF Hell Sweeps.
    Comments:Simply,when your back is turned,press the first "4",and then the
    second "4" slighty just after it.You might need a little bit of practice.
    Download the short video at www.catlord.com if you need additional help.
    Andre de Leon's comment (tips on how to perform the JF Rave Sweep and more):
    Press the second "4" a little after the first "4" hits your opponent;your
    opponent should be in the air as soon as you press the second "4".Now the
    funny thing with this JF,is that there are actually 3 versions.Two of them
    on a clean hit,and 1 on a normal hit.The distance from your opponent
    determines which one of these versions come out.
    1st version:Really close range.You do a clean hit,3 hits:2 low and 1
    high,your opponent doesn't spin in the air when the first kick hits, and
    you do 37 pts. of damage.
    2nd version:Mid range.3 hits:2 low and 1 high,your opponent spins in the
    air when the first kick hits,and you do 48 pts. of damage
    3rd version:Between really close and mid range,about jab range.You do a
    clean hit,2 hits:1 low and 1 high,your opponent spins in the air when the
    first kick hits,and you do 43 pts. of damage.
    A good distancing move for the 2nd version is Lei's d/f+1.Do the JF right
    after the opponent blocks or gets hit by this move.Both the JF and normal
    versions of the Rave Sweep leaves you at the same disadvantage and block
    stagger,so be careful when you use this.
    My comment:So there are 3 versions.Very interesting.I thought there were
    only 2 versions.
    Play Dead to Quick Roll                   FC_d/b_d_d/f+3+4:3,4
    Description:While being in his Play Dead Stance (laying down on his back),
    he does a extremely fast back roll.It so fast,he basically gets down for
    a second and rolls back quickly.
    Comments:This is the only Just Frame move I have not done yet.I did try to
    do it but never really took my time to master it.It seems to be hard,because
    for his JF move above (BT d+4:4),it was only a matter of minutes until I
    did it.Even though I downloaded Catlord's short movie at www.catlord.com,
    I still couldn't do it.Anyway,your best chance to do it is to download the
    short movie at www.catlord.com,too.It seems that he presses the "b" right
    before Lei touches the ground with his shoulders.You might want to take
    that into consideration,and try to press the "b" at that moment.
    Of course,I will also try to do it so I can give you some informations
    and tips about it in the next update.
    Difficulty:Not Rated Yet (possibly *** or even ****).
    Play Dead to JF Rave Sweep                       d/b+3+4:3,4
    Description:Well,here you go.I was told by Andre de Leon that this looks
    exactly like the JF Rave Sweep except that you start this Just Frame move
    in his Play Dead stance.
    Comments:To be honest with you,I have yet to pull this off.It seems to me
    that the timing of this JF move is similar to Play Dead to Quick Roll
    (d+3+4:b).So the difficulty between Play Dead to JF Rave Sweep and Play
    Dead to Quick Roll seem to be the same to me.
    Difficulty:Not Rated Yet (possibly *** or even ****).
    --Nina Williams--
    Spider Knee to Triple Slaps                   WS+3:1+2 or b,f+3:1+2
    Description:After doing the Spider Knee,either with the command WS+3 or
    b,f+3,she does the Triple Slaps which then allows you to perform one of
    the two possible chain throw enders.You may do the Neck Crusher
    (1,3+4,1,2,1+2) or the Leg Strech Arm Lock (1,2,4,3,1+2+3) for more damage.
    Comments:Nothing difficult here;simply press the "1+2" when her knee
    is about to connect.As you'll see in the next two Just Frame moves,the
    Spider Knee will always be her Just Frame starter.There are just other
    start up variations she can do.Please note however,that the Spider Knee
    needs to hit the opponent (the opponent must not block the Knee),or
    the Triple Slaps (1+2) cannot be done.
    Double Smash to Spider Knee to Triple Slaps          2,3:1+2
    Description:Almost the same as above except a right punch starts the combo.
    It's basically:Right Punch to Spider Knee to Triple Slaps.Of course,if you
    successfully hit the opponent with the Spider Knee,you can follow up with
    the two possible chain throw enders (see description of "Spider Knee
    to Triple Slaps).After you have done the Triple Slaps (1+2) obviously.
    Comments:As I mentioned above,the Spider Knee starts her Just Frame move,
    so the timing is the same as above,so is fortunately the difficulty.
    Andre de Leon's comment: (more information on 2,3:1+2 and more):
    It also should be noted that for any of the variations of the Spider Knee to
    Triple Slaps combos to work,the opponent CAN NOT crouch when the Spider
    Knee hits.If he/she does,the Triple Slaps will NEVER come out,but the Spider
    Knee will still hit.Crouching is the only escape from the Triple Slaps.
    Also, 2,3:1+2 is guaranteed if the first jab hits on a counter hit.
    My comment:None
    Left Right to Spider Knee to Triple Slaps           1,2,3:1+2
    Description:Exactly the same as the two others above except that the combo
    starts with a Left Right combo followed by the Spider Knee then by the Triple
    Slaps.The Spider Knee ("3") is not guaranteed after the Left Right combo
    ("1,2"),not even after a counter hit.Anyway,if you ever happened to hit
    anyone with the Spider Knee,go for the Triple Slaps,then for the two
    possible chain throw enders (see Nina's first Just Frame move above).
    Comments:Because the Spider Knee starts the Just Frame move AGAIN,the timing
    and the difficulty are the same.
    --Paul Phoenix--
    Phoenix Bone Breaker                                 f,f+2:1
    Description:This looks exactly like his Juggernaut move (f,f+2,1),but this
    version does more damage and is totally save on block.The Juggernaut does
    only 33 pts. of damage where the Phoenix Bone Breaker does 41 pts. of
    damage.This JF version of this move is also a decent juggle ender.
    Comments:I would call this his easiest Just Frame move.Simply try to input
    the "1" (after the "2") as late as possible.You only need a little bit of
    practice here and you should be fine.
    Doc Paterson's comment (regarding the description of the Phoenix Bone
    It actually does look a little different if you get the JF.While doing the
    the second hit,he won’t extend his arm quite as far and he stays in a
    more rigid upright position.
    Andre de Leon's comment (regarding the Phoenix Bone Breaker):
    This JF is guaranteed if the "2" hits the opponent.The "1" hits actually high,
    but you can't crouch underneath it when you block the elbow.If you try to,the
    JF will still hit you.The only way to crouch underneath it is if the elbow,
    the first hit,whiffs you.
    My comment:None
    Hammer Punch to Demolition Man                  d+1,4,2:1 or 1+2
    Description:This move consists of a Hammer Punch (the name descibes it
    already),followed by a right kick that knocks the opponent off their
    feet,followed by an elbow hit that juggles the opponent,and now the JF
    part;if you were able to press the "1" at the right moment,Paul will
    turn around and strike the opponent with a vicious back fist.But if you
    pressed the "1+2" at the right moment,you will also get the back fist,
    and the blue sparks following Paul's back fist.The "1+2" ender does
    2 pts. of damage more than the "2" ender.The "1+2" looks pretty cool,and
    I've been also told that this ender needs a more precise input then the
    "1" ender.I'm not sure about that yet though.
    Comments:Download the short video clip at www.catlord.com first and then
    try it yourself.This Just Frame move is a little bit harder than the one
    above,but it's still pretty easy compared to the next one.Please also note
    that if you don't manage to do the Just Frame part,but just d+1,4,2,and it's
    blocked,you're pretty much open for all kind of attacks.Still,even if you do
    the "1" or the "1+2" ender,it will be save on block,but it can be side
    stepped to the right,then you're in the same,unpleasant situation again.
    I really doubt you'll ever hit someone with d+1,4,2,except a beginner to
    the game maybe.Therefore,don't do this Just Frame move;do the next one.
    Demolition Man                                  d+4:2:1 or 1+2
    Description:It looks exactly like the Just Frame move above except that
    the combo isn't started with the Hammer Punch (d+1) and as you see,this
    Just Frame move has two Just Frame notations.Just like in the JF above,you
    can use "1" as an ender or "1+2'.Doing "1+2" as an ender will give you 2
    pts. of damage more than doing "1" as an ender.
    Comments:First of all,pratice the "d+4:2" first.Note that "d+4,2" is not the
    same as "d+4:2"."d+4:2" does 2 pts. of damage MORE than "d+4,2".So "d+4:2"
    will do 31 pts. of damage altogether where "d+4,2" will do 29 pts. of damage
    altogether.Here are all of the other differences I noticed between "d+4:2"
    and "d+4,2":
    -when "d+4:2" is blocked,it will push your enemy away unlike "d+4,2".But
    it's still unsave on block.
    -after the elbow hit (the "2" in "d+4:2"),yellow looking sparks can be
    seen unlike in "d+4,2".
    -the background doesn't tend to shake after the elbow hit (the "2"
    in "d+4:2").But after the elbow hit (the "2" in "d+4,2") the background
    tends to shake.Really,try this.The background will shake after you do
    "d+4,2",but not after you do "d+4:2".
    Anyway,when doing the "d+4:2",simply try to input the "2" (after the
    "4") as late as possible.After you have practiced that and hopefully mastered
    it (you really should because this part is easy),you're on to the next part.
    After you have done "d+4:2",input the "1" or "1+2".Now,this part is a little
    bit hard,so you should download the short video clip at www.catlord.com
    first then try to do it yourself.I've also read that the whole timing for
    this Just Frame move is the same as in the beat "We Will Rock You".So
    if you're familiar with the song just try that.By the way,the first hit needs
    to touch the opponent or the whole JF move cannot be done.Be aware of that!
    Also,this JF move,when blocked,cannot be side stepped or interrupted.It is
    completely save on block unlike d+1,4,2:1(or 1+2).That's why I told you to
    use this JF move instead of his JF move above.If you want to be a good Paul
    player,learn this Just Frame move.
    Doc Paterson's comment (regarding "We Will Rock You" and more info):
    It’s funny,I’ve heard that too.This works for people because of the
    fact that the third beat of "We Will Rock You" is louder than the first two,
    so people pull back their finger a few millimeters more (this is not
    really perceivable time-wise) and then do the input,which is delayed
    by the added distance.So it’s not actually the timing of "We Will Rock You"
    (4/4 tempo, 3 perfectly spaced hits) but the "sense" of the song that
    enables the Paul JF to come out.You can’t really tell someone,"OK,you
    basically want to do 3 even hits,but delay the last one by 1/20th
    of a second." Not most people anyway.I’ve looked at the actual spacing
    of the soundwaves of the Paul JF using a recording program that I have
    (I was doing a JF audio project),and this is definitely true;you can
    see that the third crest is ever so slightly farther away from the
    second crest than the first crest is from the second.
    Andre de Leon's comment (regarding the prevention of the Demolition Man):
    Any of the Demolition Man variations CAN NOT be punch parried,parried (not
    even by Jin),interrupted,auto blocked (you have to be actively blocking
    this one),side stepped,nor reversed (not even by Hei).It's THAT good.
    My comment (referred to Andre de Leon):Believe it or not,you can actually
    side step d+4:2:1 or 1+2.It works this way:
    1.Block the "d+4"
    2.Do a crouch cancel (tap u or f,f while crouching)
    3.You can now side step the "2"
    4.Finally,press 1 or d/b+1 to jab out the last hit of the Demolition Man
    It might sound a little bit easy but it really isn't.Maddogjin managed
    to execute this,too,in a match.
    This is a video clip I downloaded the other day.Christie/Eddy side stepps
    the Demolition Man and launches Paul for a combo.
    Link -> http://progarea.co.il/tekken/eddy.avi (I apologize if it is down)
    --Steve Fox--
    Short Edge Mid                                     CH f+1:2
    Description:A left jab that hits middle and a right jab that hits high.
    Remember,you can only do this move when you catch your opponent on a
    counter hit.
    Comments:In order to perform it,just tap the "1" and then the "2" very
    quickly.Do not slide your thumb form the "1" to the "2",or it won't work
    (at least it didn't work for me).And another note,do not forget to press
    "f" while doing this.Simply hold "f" and then start the move.
    Quick Weave Dash Blow                            Hold 3,1,1:f+1
    Description:Steve ducks to the left side,followed by two very painful
    blows to the mid section of the body of the opponent.The second "1" won't
    knock the opponent away,but it will stun them similar looking to his
    f+1+2 move (Stun Gun),where the "f+1" part is guranteed.What this
    basically does is when Steve performs this Just Frame move,he enters the
    Weave Dash (normally done with 3,4~F or 4,3~F),then when you press the
    last part of this Just Frame,"f+1",he does the blow from the Weave Dash.
    Comments:I actually don't believe that this is a true Just Frame move since
    it's kind of easy to do.Anyway,in order to do it keep holding the "3"
    during this process;so hold the "3",then press the first "1" followed by
    the second "1".You may now release the "3" that you've been holding,and
    press and hold "F" just right after it.This will get you into the Weave
    Dash I have been talking about.Then the last part is the true Just Frame
    part - ":f+1".Guess what though,it's mashable.You can keep pressing
    "f+1",until the blow comes out from the Weave Dash.If you are
    confused,here is a list what you need to do:
    1.Hold the "3"
    2.Press the first "1" and the second "1" still holding "3"
    3.Release the "3" and press and hold "F"
    4.Keep mashing "f+1"
    This is it.This Just Frame move does 65 pts. of damage.The only thing
    that makes this Just Frame move useless is that the "Hold 3,1,1" part
    has to connect in order for it work.This,however,can never happen.On
    a normal hit,the second "1" can be blocked after the first "1" has
    connected.On a counter hit,the first "1" stuns (the stun can be escaped
    by tapping "f"),where the second "1" can be easily blocked after it has
    been escaped.I believe after you do "Hold 3,1,1~f",you don't necessarily
    need to do the blow from the Weave Dash ("f+1"),you can get a d/f+1+2
    (Sonic Fang) after the stun.It does more than 65 pts. of damage,I just
    don't know,however,if it is guranteed.Test it for yourself;it does look
    --Just Frame Laser Scraper partial and full escape link--
    I don't want to get into this too much since this guide has nothing
    to do with it.The JFLS partial and full escapes can be viewed here:
    Notice that some moves can ONLY partial escape the JFLS when it's done
    as the first version.Some moves can escape both the first and the
    second version.Some moves can even full escape the JFLS on hit.
    Simply check the link above to access the thread if you are interested.
    I strongly recommend it though,if you are not familar with it yet.
    --And yet more information on Heihachi's OTGF--
    Here we go again.Let's start!
    Here are the three rules that you have to know in order to understand the
    concepts of the OTGF.
    1.Speed has nothing to do with this move.This might be the biggest
    misconception that players have.
    2.When you press the "f" (in f,N,d/f+1),you can wait a little bit and
    don't necessarily need to quickly go on to the d/f+1 part (in f,N,d/f+1).
    3.d/f+1 (in f,N,d/f+1) is the "precise part".This part requires very
    precise timing.
    Please note that you have to press the d/f+1 (in f,N,d/f+1) at the same
    frame.As I mentioned earlier in this Guide,you can try to do this move
    also like this:f,N,1~d/f.Doing it like this will help you to find your
    timing.So it's just a matter of practice and how much time you spend
    practicing in the Practice Mode.Now that doesn't mean that this
    notation:f,N,1~d/f is right and this notation:f,N,d/f+1 is wrong.
    In fact,f,N,d/f+1 is the correct notation.f,N,1~d/f is just a
    technique that beginners use to find their timinigs.Performing this
    move after some of Heihachi's juggle starters like the EWGF (Electric
    Wind Godfist) can be really frustrating as you have to do it
    relatively quickly in order to hit the opponent before he/she touches
    the ground.I managed to do it only three times eventhough I'm pretty
    good at doing the OTGF.I really admire those who can do that constantly.
    I did see some videos of some crazy combos such as:EWGF,OTGF,EWGF or
    f,f+2 (Demon Uppercut),EWGF,OTGF.Anyway,if you want to be an excellent
    OTGF performer,you need to spend some time practicing in the Practice
    Mode,in the Tekken 4 home version.Also,to Hwoarang players,most of these
    informations and tips will work for his (JF) Talon Sky Rocket.
    That's it.Good luck with practicing!
    Doc Paterson's comment (regarding combos with the OTGF):
    EWGF,OTGF,EWGF.I just did that the other day.Too bad the
    last EWGF is techable.
    f,f+2 (Demon Uppercut),EWGF,OTGF.Wow - how that’s possible is beyond me.
    Maybe after SS right,in the Arena,or both?Or maybe on Marduk?
    My comment:Yeah,I heard that the other day,too.EWGF,OTGF,EWGF is
    techable.Too bad,I agree.
    f,f+2 (Demon Uppercut),EWGF,OTGF,on the other hand is possible.I saw
    a combo movie that included this combo.I think the person who
    performed it is named DTG.He did it on King in the Airport stage.
    But I do,however,think that the OTGF is techable at the end of this
    combo,since he sort of picks him up from the ground.Again,too bad.
    Really,why are combos like the one above techable if they're so
    hard to do?
    --Sites to check out--
    OK,these are just some sites I want you to visit when you're bored.
    Unless you have been sleeping while reading this Guide,this is a Just
    Frame movie site where you can download some short video clips.You
    will hear sounds of buttons being pressed when you download your
    desired Just Frame move.These are the timings.Remember them.
    This site has every FAQ/Guide for almost every game.So why spend
    $20 for a Guide if you have www.gamefaqs.com?They also have a
    board/forum where you can post.I'm a member,by the way.
    The mother of all Tekken sites.This site has just everything you need;
    a forum,a forum with just links of video clips,move list of all
    characters,combos for all characters etc.Visit this site immediately.
    I'm a member.My user name is m2dave.
    This is something for us Lee players.A decent site with some
    strategies.You guys need to update it though.
    This site is also great.It has so many pictures of almost every
    fighting game character I know of.Definitely something to check out.
    YES!I'm finally done.Please,if you have any comments,questions,
    corrections,e-mail me at marios@sbcglobal.net (please note that I've
    changed my e-mail address;it's not zsako@msn.com any more).I started
    playing Steve so I figured out how to do the following Just Frame of
    his - Hold 3,1,1:f+1 (as you can see from the guide).If there are any
    other Just Frame moves of Steve,besides the two I have already listed,
    e-mail me the Just Frames as well as their names,putting "Tekken 4 JF"
    as the subject please.I'm probably not going to update this guide any
    more unless somebody submits the missing material.Until then,let's
    keep playing Tekken 4 and wait for Tekken 5 to come out.
    www.tekkenzaibatsu.com - for some Just Frame move's names.
    www.gamefaqs.com - for hosting my FAQ/Guide.
    Namco - for creating excellent Tekken games.Keep up the good work!
    Doc Paterson - I read some stuff about the OTGF on the TZ board from
    him.It helped me understand the concepts of the OTGF even better.
    Also,thanks to his wonderful comments that he submitted to me.Keep
    posting the good shit at TZ forums,by the way.
    Andre de Leon - thanks for you submitted information man.I greatly
    appreciate it.Thanks again.
    Catlord - for his great and long lasting Just Frame videos.
    Thanks man!If it weren't for your videos,I might still be doing
    1,2,4:4 with Lee.
    The JFLS partial/full escape thread at TZ - I just want to thank
    those people who contributed the useful information.
    brother/cousins/friends - for playing this game with me.
    Lee players - for being Lee players and beating up Jin players.
    Copyright 2003 dmario14 or m2dave (Mario S.)

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