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Law by tribaL

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/21/2003

The REAL Marshall Law Thread
Version 1.0 By: Sean Elliott (AKA tribaL)

This FAQ is copyrighted © Sean Elliott 2002-03. All rights reserved.
Tekken 4 is property of NAMCO. all names, or moves, pertaining to it are not my
own, but of NAMCO. www.gamefaqs.com is property of it’s respective owner/web
operator. Any references to it are credited to this owner.
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references to that site have been credited to him.

By: tribaL
AOL instant messenger: tribaL216
GameFaqs.com Name: tribaL216
Tekkenzaibatsu.com Name: tribaL
If you need any help, please feel free to aim message me, or pm me on the
www.tekkenzaibatsu.com page.

Version 1.0: freshly made…and very short. But worry not, additions will be
made very soon. I’m merely getting this up now because it explains DSF to DSS
stances in a way that easily understood by anyone that knows the notations.

DSS and DSF-
these are the stances law has; but he can go into them after some of the punch
and kick strings he has. it's a pretty hard concept, but bare with me:
let's take 4~3~4. the notation to get into DSF is 4~3~(b~f)4, this stance will
make law step backwards a bit which is a bit useless, especially when you're
talking about juggling. BUT, you can go into a much better stance, DSS, and in
order to do that, FROM DSF you have to do ANOTHER b~f. so the whole thing looks
like this: 4~3~(b~f~b~f)4, DSS. it kind of hard to explain, but you should
finish the last b~f as you hit the last ~4 in the combo, this will put you into
dss stance (or, the d+1+2 stance, if you are unfamiliar with it). so the whole
juggle goes, 4~3~4~dss3, all you have to do is add the 3 at the end after both
the b~f's you input ^_^. other moves have other timings (like b+2~3~4~dss), but
you'll pick those up as you go along. One of the special properties of dss_dsf
is the fact that in it’s initial start up frames, it is a punch parry as

1~2~3- this is a GREAT move, takes even more energy off when you do qcf+1~2~3.
you basically play a head game with the opponent: 1~2~3 (blocked), 1~2~3
(blocked), ssr...etc. it all connects on ch. just don't OVERLY abuse; I
wouldn't  seeing as how you are at a -1 after it.

1~1~2- guranteed on a wp, probably the best thing law has to offer on a wp.
good, quick, retaliation move as well. For more damage do a qcf+1~1~2.

4~u+3- i wouldn't suggest pulling this out TOO much, because it can get
interrupted. but if it's blocked, you're only left at a +1; but most people
will think your at like -14. i almost always follow this up with a jab
combination of some kind.

ws+2- i mix this up a LOT with fc, d,d/f,d,d/f+3, it's a pretty good move to
pull out: it leaves you at -14 on block, but it pushed your opponent way back,
so they can only hit you with fast, long reach moves (such as Heihachi‘s

d,d/f,d,d/f+3-mix this with ws+2. a pretty fast low move, and if it hits, you
get an OG (on ground) 3. even if the opponent blocks it, all they can do is a
low sweep of some kind. this is great for certain juggles, when your opponent
is against the wall, and you do ws+2, d/b+2 (turn around), d+2~3, fc

d/f+1~3~2- i only use this SPARINGLY. it's basically the first three hits of
law's ten hitter (btw: don't do ten hitters. if you do: DON'T). if the first
punch hits, the 3 and 2 are guaranteed, but even when it hits, the last 2
leaves you at -7. but if your opponent isn't that smart, you are in luck.

d/b+4- this is one of those moves i have mixed emotions about; it's a low move,
decent speed, but not so great of speed where you couldn't see it coming. if
it's blocked, you're screwed. use sparingly, but use it.

ff+4- a very quick low move, i only use it when the opponent begins to turtle
more than to my liking, but there are better moves low moves to throw out than

ff+3- i hardly ever pull this move out, unless i'm juggling with it from dss.
but SOMETIMES, it's a great move to pull out, especially when your opponent has
REALLY BAD frames on a blocked move, or if they're on the ground and rolling
back. it you hit someone against a wall with ff+3 and get a W! stun:
-if you are head on with them, do another power move (like another ff+3, or
-if you are closer to their right side, ss right and juggle them.
-if you are closer to their left side, ss left, and juggle them.

d+3~3~4- this is GUARANTEED on ch, which goes into a short juggle. i usually do
the typical d+2~3 juggle after it, seeing as how there's not much else you can
do. On block, though, this string will hurt you.

f+2~1- the one-inch-punch, pa (poison arrow); i hardly pull this move out
unless it's after my opponent does a really horribly slow move. after a f+2~1
you can get a short juggle in, either run up and do d+3~3~4, or a b+(2)~3~4 dss
3, or the pretty difficult iws+4, b+2~3~4 dss 3.

b+2+4 parry- this parry is great, but REALLY hard to use effectively. you
basically have to do a dss cancel while law grabs the limb. so, if you wanted
to do a dss 1, it looks like this: b+2+4~b~f~1. and it's guaranteed. now, the
hardest parry into dss move is the forementioned poison arrow, it's done as:
b+2+4~b~f~2~1, which gives you either of the juggles mentioned under the f+2~1

d/f+1+2_~1~2~1+2 (broken with 1+2)
2+4 (broken with 2)
f+2+3 (broken with 1)
ff+3+4 (broken with 1)
that's your mixup right there; law has all the different punch breaks.
after a ff+3+4 you can juggle your opponent; usually i do a 4~3~4~dss 3 or a 2,
b+2, 3, 4~dss 3, but you can hit much easier juggles off of it. FYI: the ff+3+4
throw only does 15 damage, that is because you’re SUPPOSED to juggle after

d/f+2- possibly one of the BEST moves in law’s arsenal. How can such a simple
move be useful? It’s quick, safe, and launches on most hits into the juggle
of your choosing. A great move, without a doubt.

ss+3+4- an alright move, but really nasty to you on block. I tend to do this
when I ss the opponent and they’re wide open for a quick attack.

Ss+2~1~2~1~2- the string itself is guaranteed on ch, but it’s HORRIBLE on
recovery, so why do I even bother mentioning it? Well, it can be used to your
advantage of course! After any of the first couple of punches, you can b~f into
dss, and what did I say earlier about the special properties of dss? It’s a
punch parry. Opponents KNOW that ss+2 is VERY unsafe with law, so they will
attack you without even thinking about the punch parry that you can go into in
dss. So my final suggestion: never pull out the whole string, just the first
punch or two, then go into dss.

2<2<1<2- this is a pretty decent string as well. Yes, the first 3 hits are
high, but the last is a mid hit. Not to mention, you can pause all the hits, so
you can create somewhat of a mix-up from there.

d/f+1_4- these are among my other poking tools that I use. Just because a move
doesn’t have some kind of huge notation for it to come out, doesn’t mean
that it’s useless. Good poke tools.

U/B_U/F_U+3_~4- the fake somersault is actually a good defense weapon if you
know how to use it. If you’ve ever seen the TiT4 vids of TomHilfiger vs. JOP
then you’ll know what I’m talking about. When you land on the ground, you
are in a crouching position, so you can mask a d~d/f~d~d/f+3 when you land and
come in with a slide.

Juggling with Law-
Law has decently hard juggles for people that are new to him, seeing as how
some people find it hard to do the dss cancels. Some typical juggles that I

From almost all JG’s (some juggles will NOT work with some of the JG‘s):
f+2, b+2,3,4 dss3
4~3~4 dss3
4~u+3, b+2
1, b+2, d+2~3
Qcf+1~(2)~3, 4~3 dss3

the ohio crew
the michigan crew
anyone i've ever played
the respectable peoples that make up those excellent sites

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