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Translation Guide by MAndrews

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/20/2002

Tekken 4 Translation
10/20/02 Version 1.1

A. Introduction

B. Opening/ endings
 B1. Opening movie
 B2. Kuma
 B3. Panda
 B4. Lee/ Violet
 B5. Nina
 B6. Heihachi
 B7. Hwoarang
 B8. Xiaoyu
 B9. Kazuya
 B10. Steve
 B11. King
 B12. Yoshimitsu
 B13. Marduk
 B14. Paul
 B15. Law
 B16. Julia
 B17. Lei
 B18. Jin
 B19. Brian

C. In Battle Dialogue
 C1. Heihachi
 C2. Kazuya
 C3. Yoshimitsu
 C4. Jin
 C5. Xiaoyu/Miharu

D. Miscellaneous

(A) Introduction
I've been a japanese student for 2 years so I decided to take a small 
project.  I started out with just translation of the opening and ending, 
but since that only limited it to the the japanese version, I decided 
to expand this guide to include what japanese characters say at the 
beginning and end of matches.    I tried my best to remain as accurate 
and coherent as possible, but I was unable to do that in some places. 
If you see any mistakes feel free to email me.  My address is 

Vocabulary--words that I left in japanese in the dialogue for various 

Zaibatsu--financial clique, giant family trust
higan-- a buddhist prayer for mankind.

(B1) Opening--

Heihachi --Begin
Heihachi --He's alive?
Kazuya --I'm a human that was supposed to die.  Now I have a trump 
Kazuya --I'm returning everything from you.
Heihachi --I'm sure he was dead.

(B2) Kuma-- 

Text --Having achieved victory by knocking out  Paul, Kuma looks 
towards his next objective.
This time it's the management of the company

Movie -- "Kuma came to receive Heihachi's property"
(on the paper) "Heihachi gives Kuma all his property"
Heihachi --Kuma, make a paw print on the contract
Heihachi --That's right! That's right!
Heihachi -- Isn't it fun?
Heihachi -- There's still more.
(next paper) -- "Heihachi transfers the New York Mishima branch office 
to Kuma"
Heihachi -- Now Kuma.
Heihachi -- This is the last one.
(last paper) --"Kuma gives Heihachi all his property"

(B3) Panda--

Text-- The victor, panda, handed over all the acquired property to 
Xiaoyu.  Xiaoyu used that property to make an official proclamation 
that their goal was the compensation of victims of Mishima's evil 

Movie -- "and so, Panda called out to Xiaoyu"
Xiaoyu --So, what was the important thing you wanted to tell me?
Xiaoyu --huh?  what, what?
Xiaoyu --wow, how nostalgic.
Xiaoyu --Panda, I value this picture...
Xiaoyu --but, why all of a sudden?
Xiaoyu -- huh? Jin? All right.
Xiaoyu -- You want to go look for him together?
Xiaoyu -- By myself?
Xiaoyu -- Why? I thought the two of us would search the world over.
Xiaoyu -- No! Lets go together.
Xiaoyu --I see... by any chance are you worried about the sheltered 
Xiaoyu --But!  
Xiaoyu -- All right! I'll go alone.  We're best friends.  Thank You.

(B4) Lee--

Text-- Lee won the tournament.  At last acquired his desire to sit 
down as leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu.  At the tournament, "Combot" 
was found to have a serious fault due to is hasty development.  It's 
development base was moved to the Mishima Zaibatsu Research Facility, 
where funding and the finest minds were concentrated on the start of 
development of the number 2 machine.

(B5) Nina--

Text-- Nina accomplished he true purpose for participating in the 
tournament, which was following her target, Steve, to confirm the 
hotel he was staying at.
While preparing for the assassination across from the hotel where 
Steve was staying, Nina received additional information about steve 
from the Syndicate...

Movie-- "Information related to the target"
"The test subject of the Cold Sleep experiment at the Mishima Research 
Facility was a mother."

(B6) Heihachi--

Text--Instead of delivering the finishing blow to Kazuya, Heihachi 
said "If you want to meet your son, come with me" and led Kazuya out 
of the arena.  
A few hours later, The two set foot into a profound site of the Mishima 
Within the forest wrapped in dense fog, stood a large outlandish 
The two went inside.

Kazuya--By something like this....
Heihachi--You wear the collar too.
Heihachi--You have the heart of a wild animal,
Heihachi--It is not stupidity.
Heihachi--The effect of those chains makes you become powerless.
Heihachi--You have the devil gene deep in your body.
Heihachi--You will lose consciousness in a few minutes.
Heihachi--With this all my chess pieces are in place.
Heihachi--You'll be of use to me.
Heihachi--You should be thankful for your deaths.
"After that, the world met an age of darkness"

(B7) Hwoarang--

Text-- Hwoarang won the tournament.  He received the position of 
leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu.  But, he split the company and sold 
it off.
He was going off on a journey again after he completed one thing that 
was holding him back...

(B8) Xiaoyu--

Text--  Xiaoyu defeated Heihachi.  Nobody anticipated the end.
Xiaoyu went to Heihachi Mishima, she knew of all his evil deeds.
It also helped the G Corporation purpose, Mishima paid for his evil 

Movie--  "and a half year later"
Miharu--Xiao! What are you doing in a place like this?
Xiaoyu--What do you mean what am I doing.  Work.
Miharu--Work? Aren't you just sitting there?
Xiaoyu--What about you?  How's college?
Miharu--College? I failed everything.
Xiaoyu--Oh. Hey Miharu.  Do you want to come to my company?
Xiaoyu--I'm serious.
Miharu--You say your company, but what do you mean?
Xiaoyu--It's the truth.  Together we can do anything we want.
Xiaoyu--From here I think you can reach your dreams using your own 
Miharu--Who said that?
Xiaoyu--When the competition ended, I met Jin.
Miharu--What? After all that you met Jin.  How come you never told 
me any of that?
Xiaoyu--Jin, At that time he said to me, "If you truly want to meet 
your dreams, then you must meet it yourself"
Miharu--Where is Jin now?
Xiaoyu--He left on a journey shortly after.
Miharu--Oh I see, How sad that he broke up with you.
Miharu--But Xiao, you are not the person I used to know.  You've 
changed. And so, what is it?
Xiaoyu--Over there.  Let's build that.

(B9) Kazuya--

Text--Kazuya got a message from the Competition headquarters. Kazuya 
Mishima was awarded victory by default in the 7th fight, and moved 
on to the semifinal stage.
Kazuya felt that Heihachi Mishima was the cause of Jin Kazama's 
dissapearance, a bold smile began to surface.  He faced the semifinal 

(Before battle)
Kazuya--Where have you taken Jin?
Heihachi--If you defeat me I'll tell you
(After battle)
Kazuya--Now, Give me an answer

Heihachi led Kazuya, The two set foot into a profound site of the 
Mishima Zaibatsu.
Within the forest wrapped in dense fog, stood a large outlandish 
The two went inside.

Kazuya-- I knew that person was here, my half body.
Heihachi-- You..Who are you?
Kazuya-- I am the one you call Devil. 20 years ago when you killed 
me, I separated.  I returned to him, my half body.  Now is the time 
for my resurrection...and it's thanks for your hard work.  As a reward, 
I'll show you my power. 
Kazuya--What's wrong? Have you run out of experiments, or studies to 
conduct on me?
Kazuya-- Why?  Why did he change?  Is it because of the Kazama Blood?
Kazuya--Damn you Kazuya, why? It can't be!
Kazuya--I see, if our powers are combined...your turn ends here, roast 
inside of me for a while.
Kazuya--after I kill you everything will be mine.  Wake up, Jin Kazama!
Jin--If you... If your here,  I can defeat you and end everything.
Kazuya--At last I have everything!
"That day,  the site of the Mishima Zaibatsu vanished into a wide 
In reality it was an official proclamation that everything would 
dissapear into darkness."

(B10) Steve--

Text--The circumstances were good for Steve to watch for the assassin. 
We should also take advantage of that.  
The assassin was dressed up to kill Steve.

Movie--"Mishima Zaibatsu data management room."
"Steve Fox was born through artificial insemination."

(B11) King--

Text--After the completion of the tournament, King donated the 
Mishima Zaibatsu assets he received to the unfortunate children of 
the world.  Although, King still had something left to do.

Movie--"King visited the hospital Mardock was admitted to..."

(B12) Yoshimitsu--

Text-- Knowledge of the victory stirred up support for the Manji Party. 
This was the first in a long time that the higan was fulfilled.  But 
Yoshimitsu knew what kind of man Heihachi Mishima was.  Yoshimitsu 
gave the party members instructions and faced the Mishima 
Headquarters alone.

Heihachi --The victor of the tournament is you, but I will not hand 
over the Mishima Zaibatsu to the Manji Party.  You are the embroidery 
carrying the Manji Party.  You provoke the general public with your 
unrealistic ideals, because of this, you are a hinderance to me.
Yoshimitsu --"You have decided to go down the road of immorality"
Speaker --The vault at the center of the Financial Affairs office has 
been breached. The Manji Party helicopter...
Heihachi --What?  Y-You.  Fire!  Follow them.  Damn you Yoshimitsu.

(B13) Marduk--

Text-- Marduck's mind hadn't been satisfied. "I'm the victor, but I 
don't know it's significance"
Then he realized, at one point he stood on the earth facing glory.

(B14) Paul--

Text-- Paul had now become the genuine image of the tournament 
He obtained the power of the Mishima Zaibatsu in his hands. He obtained 
the right to millions, in reality, he was leaving all the work to 
others.   After all having the name of leader, he was wrecking the 
Abel was fine with that, he was used until the end.  Paul's livelyhood 
was degrading.
You could no longer see a trace of his gallant figure of his previous 
Tonight Paul went for a stroll.

(B15) Law--

Text-- Law won the tournament, and obtained the millions in the 
Mishima Zaibatsu.
He faced the reconstruction of the "Marshall China," but his fighting 
spirit still blazed.

(B16) Julia--

Text-- Julia won the tournament and acquired the Mishima Zaibatsu 
Research Facility.
G Corporation boasted skill power that was among the highest in the 
That information was at the Mishima Zaibatsu Research Facilities' 
command.  Julia thought she would meet her expectations.

"Reforestation program, Genocell"
"Devil-Human unification program"

(B17) Lee--

Text-- The winner of the tournament, Lee, went to the Mishima Zaibatsu 
Data Management room in order to gather information about the assassin 
brought in by the syndicate.

"Information about Nina Williams"
"Staying at the Hotel Leen"

(B18) Jin--

Text-- Kazuya got a message from the Competition headquarters. Kazuya 
Mishima was awarded victory by default in the 7th fight, and moved 
on to the semifinal stage.
Kazuya felt that Heihachi Mishima was the cause of Jin Kazama's 
dissapearance, a bold smile began to surface.  He faced the semifinal 
On the way to the fight with Kazuya, Jin was met by the Tekken Force 
The Tekken Force lined up to dispose of Jin.
After a while he was captured.  Where did they take him...

"anger, hate, curse"
Kazuya --Wake up Jin Kazama.
Jin--If you... If your here,  I can defeat you and end everything.
Heihachi--After all, that is the extent of that man, disgraceful.  
Show me all of that power, you will die here.
Jin--Be thankful to moth...Jun Kazama.

(B19) Bryan--

Text-- The victor Bryan feeling faint went to Abel.  Abel was shocked 
and thought he wasn't alive anymore.
Just before sheer strength, Bryan used his last strength to hit the 
shaken Abel as hard as he could.
At the same time, Bryan lost consciousness.

(C) In Battle Translation

(C1) Heihachi
Before Final Battle (Story mode/ Tekken Force)
見せてもらおうか。 "misetemoraouka"  Show me what you've got. 

After battle
おまえが__出直して来い "omaega__denaoshitekoi" (no matter how many times I hear 
this I can't make out what he says in the middle.  The best guess I can make as 
to what it means is, "Come back when you get stronger")

(C2) Kazuya
Before Battle
貴様か。 "kisamaka." You?  (says it a way that he shows that he doesn't think much 
of his opponent, meaning them being too weak)
お前か。 "omaeka" You?  (says it a way that shows that he knows his opponent, most 
likely from tekken 1 or 2)

After Battle
ここで死ね。"kokodeshine" You'll die here.
消えろ。 "kiero" Get lost.
悲しいにならな "kanashiininarana"  Don't grieve over this. (I think this is what 
he's saying but I can't hear him well enough to be sure)

(C3) Yoshimitsu (groan)
I really can't understand much of anything he says.  Not only that, but I his dialogue 
is like that strange dialogue from his ending movie.

(C4) Jin
Before Battle
邪魔するな。 "jamasuruna" Get out of my way. (could mean anything that has to do 
with "don't bother me" "you're in the way" kind of thing.)
来い "koi" Come.

(C5) Xiaoyu/Miharu
Before Battle
行くよ "ikuyo" Here goes 

(D) Miscellaneous
Beach stage
Thiago Leonhart (thleonhart@uol.com.br) emailed me with  
translations of the portuguese that is written on various places on 
the Beach
On the Billboard is written
Brasil, nao pode mexer   Brazil, can't mess with it
and on the wall
Eu nao entendo portugues bem  I don't understand portuguese well

This translation is Copyright 2002 Mark Andrews.  If you want to use 
this on your website you need to email me.  If I do allow you to use 
it, it needs to be completely unchanged, and you need to give proper 
credit to me.    

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