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Violet/Lee by choco man

Version: 3 | Updated: 10/06/2002

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Lee "Violet" Chaolan Character Guide
Tekken 4
Arcade and Sony Playstation 2
FAQ Version 3
By Nathan Pugh, GameFAQs username choco man, email mrnunchaku@aol.com 
October 2002 

This document Copyright 2002 Nathan Pugh


TABLE OF CONTENTS (Hold Ctrl+F, then type in the name of a section and 
hit enter once or twice to go straight to that section)




Tekken is my all time favorite fighting game and has been since the 
original Tekken back when I was in the 5th or 6th grade. Tekken Tag 
Tournament left a simply huge impact on this series and Tekken 4 almost 
seemed like it was doomed to fail before it came out. The reaction to 
T4 has been very mixed. Some love it and some hate it. T4 is a bit 
different than TTT. Indefinite side stepping, enclosed stages with 3D 
interactive obstacles, Steve, Christie (an improved Eddie), Marduk, and 
a brand new fighting style for Jin are some of the new things that T4 


In the original Tekken and Tekken 2, Lee was hardly anything more than 
a clone of Law. To make matters worse, he was never as good as Law. Lee 
lacked power, mix-ups and solid juggles. He wasn't in Tekken 3 but made 
a triumphant reappearance in Tekken Tag Tournament packed with a tuxedo 
and all kinds of new stuff that set him apart from Law. He was a very 
fast poker and had a few good juggles, but still lacked the power 
needed for anyone to want to choose him in a tournament. Still, you had 
to love his style, man! Silver hair, fancy clothes, snobbish attitude, 
a very stylish fighting style, wicked looking moves and personality to 
match. Then Tekken 4 comes out.


Namco really outdid themselves with Lee. I was worried he wouldn't even 
be in the game, but here he is and he is better than I ever could have 
hoped. They have improved virtually every aspect of Lee. The only 
things about Lee that have been toned down I can count on one hand and 
they are not that important. One thing though. Lee is a very 
complicated character. He is definitely one of the drop dead last 
characters I'd recommend a Tekken beginner to start with, but man, when 
you get good with him, you kick people's butt with a style like no 


I will not go over every single move that Lee has. If you want a 
complete move list you can easily find one in one of the other Lee FAQs 
on this website or go to www.tekkenzaibatsu.com, THE online source for 
Tekken information (sorry if I sound like a commercial but its true, 
heh). Instead, I will go over his best moves, strategies and juggles 
that I have both learned myself and from others. I really truly believe 
that the information in this FAQ is good stuff that even the best Lee 
players would agree with. I use the almost universal Tekken notations 
to illustrate the commands. If you are confused in any way you can 
email me or go to www.tekkenzaibatsu.com for a key, and if you have any 
questions or problems with any of these moves (like I said, they are 
pretty complex) or about anything in this FAQ don't hesitate to email 
me. So here we go.




COMMAND          NAME                            RANGE    DAMAGE
(d/f)            Universal Low Parry             --       --
(d+1_d/b+1)      Crouching Jab                   Sm       5 
1,2              Double Punch                    hh       5,10
=~f,N            Mist Step                       --       --
=4 [~3]          Violet Kick [HMS]               m        10
=:4 [~3]         Silver Rain Kick-HMS            m        20
SS+2             Rear Cross Punch                h        17
=~f,N            Mist Step                       --       --
f+3:3:3          Acid Rain Combo (juggles)       hmh      14,8,5
1,3:3:3          Acid Rain Combo (juggles)       hhmh     5,14,8,5
u/f+4            Violet Knee (juggles)           m        15
U/F+4            Hop Kick (juggles)              m        13
(d/f+2_WS+2)     Uppercut (juggles on CH)        m        12
4,3,3            Shaolin Spin Kicks-Spin Hammer  hhm      16,12,19
b+1,1            Fang Rush                       hm       8,8
=2               Triple Fang                     h        15
=~f,N            Mist Step                       --       --
=3+4             HMS                             --       --
b+1,N+1,2        Advanced Triple Fang            hmh      8,8
=2               Triple Fang                     h        22
=~f,N            Mist Step                       --       --
=3+4             HMS                             --       --
f+4              Silver Whip                     h        7
b+4 [~3]         Silver Heel [HMS]               m        22
d/f+3            Side Kick                       m        18
b+3              Mist Wolf Kick                  m        18
=4               HMS                             --       --
=3               Mist Wolf Kick Combo            h        18
d+4              Low Kick                        l        7
=4               Laser Edge                      l        5
d,d/f+4          Silver Tail                     L        18
d/b+3            Slice Kick                      L        16
WS+3,3           Tsunami Kicks                   mm       10,17
=d/f+3           Mid Kick                        m        15
=d+3             Low Kick                        l        15
WS+4             Rising Kick                     m        20
FC,d/f,d,d/f+3   Dragon Slide                    L        17
d,d/b+4          Blazing Kick (juggles)          m        22
f,N              Mist Step                       --       --
=3,4             Soviet Kick Combo               mM       10,16
=b,N             Violet Sway                     --       --
 =4              Code Red Low                    l        15


COMMAND           NAME             ESCAPE                  DAMAGE
1+3(u_d_b_f)      Position Change  Escape by pressing 1    --
2+4               Wu Tip           Escape by pressing 2    30
F+2+4             Neck Fracture    Escape by pressing 2    30
f,f+3+4           Knee Driver      Escape by pressing 1+2  28
2+4 (left side)   Harassment       Escape by pressing 1    40
2+4 (right side)  Stunner          Escape by pressing 2    38
2+4 (behing)      Bulldog          --                      45


COMBO                                     DAMAGE          DIFFICULTY 
SS+2~f,N, 1,2,4                           42              Easy
SS+2~f,N, 1,2,4:4                         54              Medium
(after wall push) 1,2,4                   40              Easy
(after wall push) 1,2,4:4                 37              Medium

STARTER: u/f+4 or U/F+4 or (d/f+2_WS+2) CH

JUGGLE                                    DAMAGE          DIFFICULTY
u/f+4, 1,2~f,N, 1,2~f,N, 1,2~f,N, u/f+4   45              Easy
u/f+4, 1,2~f,N, b~3,3,d+3                 53              Medium

STARTER: f,N+3,4

JUGGLE                                    DAMAGE          Difficulty
1,2~f,N, 1,2~f,N, 1,2~f,N+3,4             52              Easy
2, 1,2~f,N, b~3,3,d+3                     60              Medium

STARTER: d,d/b+4 or b+4 CH

JUGGLE                                    DAMAGE          DIFFICULTY
SS+2~f,N, 1,2~f,N, 1,2~f,N, 1,2~f,N, 4    53              Easy
SS+2~f,N, 2, f,f, 1,2~f,N, b~3,3,d+3      65              Medium

STARTER: f+3:3:3 or 1,3:3:3

Juggle                                    DAMAGE          DIFFICULTY
f,f, u/f+4, 1,2~f,N, 1,2~f,N, 1,2~f,N+3   60              HARD
f,f, u/f+4, 1,2~f,N, b~3,3,d+3            70              HARD


d/f  Low Parry  --

This is the universal low parry. Press down and forward as someone is 
hitting you with a low attack. Make good use of it! When you know 
someone is going to hit you low, why low block when you can parry? 
Simple, you are often guaranteed a hop kick U/F+4 which leads to a 
juggle after successfully parrying a low attack.

(d+1_d/f+1)  "Crouching Jab"  Sm

This is the universal poke. Tap down and 1 to poke as someone is 
attacking you; this will stop most attacks and safely crouch under high 
attacks. This move is so important because Lee is a fast poking kind of 
guy. Since you are crouched, you can do a move while crouching or you 
can rise and do a move while standing. One good way I have found to 
implement throws is to do use this poke, then execute a throw like 2+4 
as I am rising. BTW, this hits special mid, which is just like mid only 
it can be blocked if they are standing and it can be blocked if they 
are crouching. Also, know that a crouching jab can be low parried.

1,2  Double Punch  hh

1,2 is fast. You'll be throwing it out a lot as you would with any 
character. However, Lee is blessed with incredible follow ups for the 
basic, but essential 1,2.

1,2~f,N  Double Punch-Mist Step  hh

If you hit 1,2 then immediately tap forward Lee will double punch then 
fluently move into the mist step. Practice chaining 
1,2~f,N+1,2~f,N+1,2~f etc, that is, 1,2 tap forward, 1,2 tap forward, 
1,2 tap forward, etc. Do this just to get a feel of the mist step. For 
a mix up, do 1,2~f then come out of the mist step with either a mid 
hit, low hit, or throw. One option is to come out of the mist step with 
d/f+3 to hit mid. d/f+3 is the side kick, hits mid, does 18 damage and 
has a nice stun effect. To come out of the mist step with a low hit, 
you can tap the guy with a d+3 for 8 damage or a faster d+4 for 7 
damage, both are very weak though. If you are feeling risky, come out 
of the mist step with a low hitting bump kick d/b+3. However, this kick 
is slow and very obvious when used in this manner. If you want to come 
out of the mist step with a throw you can use the wu tip 2+4, which 
looks VERY COOL and is canceled by 2, or you can use f,f+3+4, which is 
slightly weaker but canceled by 1+2. You can also use 1+3 and a 
directional button to push him into a wall or something. You might want 
to come out of the mist step with 1,2 again for two more fast punches.

There is another mix-up I love to do while coming out of the mist step. 
f,N, b~3,3,d+3 Lee will mist step forward, sway back, but the sway back 
is canceled with the tsunami kicks. You see, for a brief moment during 
the sway back, Lee is actually rising. Anyway, this comes out pretty 
dang fast, and it is two mid hitting kicks. If they are blocked, you 
can continue with another mix-up. d+3 or d/f+3 a low kick or a mid kick 
after the tsunami kicks. Very useful, however, if the tsunami actually 
ht the opponent, they will often be pushed too far away for the mid 
kick to work. Finally, if you want to come out of the mist step with a 
stronger faster low kick try f,N, b~4 which is the code red low, except 
that the sway was cancelled so that it comes out faster. This will 
confuse your opponent.

1,2,4:4  Double Punch-Silver Rain Kick  hhm

1,2,4:4 is fast and powerful. Anything that starts with a jab and does 
this much damage is extremely useful because it can interrupt a great 
deal of your opponent's moves and do good damage. However, 1,2,4 is 
weaker. 1,2,4 is a double punch to Violet kick, not silver rain kick. 
What you want to do is something called a just frame. This means you 
must hit a certain button at the EXACT RIGHT MOMENT. Press 1 then 2 
then 4 then hit 4 again at the EXACT RIGHT MOMENT, that is, hit 4 the 
second time right as the kick is hitting the opponent (whether they 
block it or not). 1,2,4 and 1,2,4:4 look almost the exact same. You 
know you have done the just frame when it stuns them significantly when 
it is blocked or when you see Lee's blue/white energy signature when it 
hits. When this hits it does good damage. When it is blocked it stuns 
the opponent so that he can't come back with anything. At first you 
might be frustrated that you can't get the just frame. With practice 
you will be able to do this relatively easier just frame probably 2 out 
of 3 times. If the Hitman Stance is your thing, then press 3 after the 
kick (whether you did the just frame or not) and Lee will go into the 
Hitman Stance. I'll explain a little about the HMS later.

1,3:3:3  Acid Rain Combo  hhmh

This may be Lee's greatest move. However, it is INSANELY hard to do. 
Remember what we talked about with just frames? If you you know how 
hard it is to do one just frame, imagine doing TWO JUST FRAMES IN A 
ROW! Press 1 then 3 then hit 3 at the exact right moment then hit 3 
again at the exact right moment. Mashing the buttons will not help at 
all. You must press 3 right as the last kick is hitting the opponent 
each time. Seriously, I can do this only about 2 out of 5 times on a 
good day. There are a few things that make this move so good. First of 
all it's stun effect is scary. It causes the opponent to slowly fall to 
the ground unable to block, this leads to a great opportunity to 
juggle. Second, it starts with a super fast jab. On counter hit, this 
whole thing is guaranteed. There is another variation of the acid rain. 
It is f+3:3:3, the same thing but without the punch. However, the first 
kick is a bit slow and hits high. 1,3:3:3 and the juggle will grant you 
60-70 damage!

u/f+4  Violet Knee  m

This will probably be your most used launcher for juggles. It's 
somewhat fast, hits mid, and won't leave you too vulnerable when 
blocked. Decide whether you want to use this or the hop kick. The 
Violet knee is stronger than the hop kick, better recovery, but is 
shorter range, and it will not launch a crouching opponent unless it is 
a counter hit.

U/F+4  Hop Kick  m

Another good launcher. This is often guaranteed after low parrying an 
attack. Decide whether to use this or the Violet knee to launch. The 
hop kick does less damage than the knee, has worse recovery when 
blocked than the knee, but is longer range and will launch whether they 
are crouching or standing.

[d/f+2]_[WS+2]  Uppercut  m

A nice uppercut simply because its somewhat fast and hits mid. 
Unfortunately, it is one of the few of Lee's moves that has been toned 
down since TTT. It now only launches on counter hit where in TTT it did 
not have to be on counter hit for it to launch. The first notation is 
for when you are standing, and the second is for when you are rising.

4,3,3  Shaolin Spin Kicks-Violet Hammer  hhm

Great move because its pretty fast and if the first kick connects, the 
second will too. Though the third is not guaranteed, it hits mid and 
stuns the opponent! Also, if the first kick hits on counter hit, the 
opponent will be launched and one or both of the other kicks will hit 
them while they are in the air! 

b+1,N+1,2  Advanced Triple Fang  hmh

This hits high, mid, high and is not to be confused with the regular 
triple fang b+1,1,2. The difference is that the advanced triple fang is 
a natural combo (meaning if the first hit connects, it is all 
guaranteed). The regular triple fang is not a natural combo. When doing 
the advanced version, let go of back right after you press 1, making 
sure that the joystick/directional pad is in a neutral position when 
hitting the second 1. The advanced triple fang simply has incredible 
range and does close to 40 damage, and it pushes the opponent away when 
blocked enabling them from coming back with anything. It is a bit hard 
to do, but once you get used to it you shouldn't have too much of a 
problem. To know if you have done the advanced triple fang correctly, 
listen for a different sounding yell from Lee than usual, if they are 
hit by it they will be sent backward and fall, and if they block it 
they will be pushed back. BTW, If you hit 3+4 after the first two hits 
of this you will enter the HMS.

f+4  Silver Whip  h

Not the most useful move, it only does 7 damage, but it does deserve a 
place in your arsenal for it's speed AND range. If you need to poke the 
guy and he is just too far away for a punch and you don't have time for 
anything else, tap him with this. BTW, this kick is VICIOUS looking!

b+4  Silver Heel  m

A solid mid kick with good range. And if this thing hits counter hit 
your opponent will be launched for an easy juggle. Also, if you press 3 
after the silver heel, you will enter the HMS.

d/f+3  "Side" Kick  m

A pretty ok kick. A tich slow, but pretty strong and hits mid. It also 
stuns the opponent pretty well. This is useful as a mixup after coming 
out of the mist step.

(BTW, I study tae kwon do, a KICKING art, and though d/f+3 is called 
"side kick", I can tell you that in real life, that is NOT a side kick! 
It's referred to as a ROUND kick, and is often referred to as a 
roundhouse or mawashi geri, as it is known in karate. You see, d/f+3 is 
different in T4 than in previous Tekkens. In previous Tekkens d/f+3 
actually was a side kick. I guess they didn't bother to change the 

b+3,3  Mist Wolf Kick Combo  mh

Another solid mid kick with good range followed by a high kick. You 
will probably just use the first kick b+3 by itself too. Granted you do 
it with the right speed, the second kick is guaranteed if the first 
connects. Do it too fast though and you will accidentally do a fake 
kick, which is probably not what you want to do unless you are showing 
off with just frames (will explain later). Note that you can delay the 
time in between the kicks. So if the first is blocked, you can delay 
the second. They may think you are done and if they try to attack you 
can nail them with the second. BTW, you can enter the HMS if you press 
4 after the FIRST kick, the second will not be executed.

d+4,4  Low Kicks  ll

A quick poking low hit, nice range and recovery. On counter hit both 
are guaranteed. At least throw the first kick out every now and then, 
but not too much, because it will most likely be 7 free points of 
damage, unless your opponent has really good reflexes and actually sees 
this coming every time.

WC,D/F+4  Silver Tail  L

An excellent long range low kick with good power while you are 
crouching. It also hits grounded opponents.

d/b+3  Slice Kick  L

Use this at your own risk. It has good power and range, but it is slow. 
However, it is somewhat deceptive in it's animation so if you throw 
this out every now and then it might catch your opponent off guard. 
This too hits grounded opponents.

f,N+3,4  Soviet Kick Combo  mM

Another use at your own risk move because if it is blocked you will be 
punished! However, the second kick launches and if the first hits, the 
second is guaranteed. Both hit mid. When coming out of the mist step 
and you think your opponent will block, only do the first kick and you 
will be safe.

WS+3,3  Tsunami Kicks  mm

A great rising attack. Both hit mid and do great damage. Again, if the 
first hits, the second is guaranteed. Unfortunately, this move was a 
lot better in TTT because if it connected, you could continue with a 
low kick d+3 and if you were at the right range you could do another 
kick 3, all guaranteed. If you want, you can continue as well but you 
must use a mix up to trick your opponent. WS+3,3,d+3 does a low kick 
afterward. WS+3,3,d/f+3 does a mid kick afterward, it seems to have 
poor range though. You may just want to stick with the two rising 
kicks. Remember what we talked about with using this to cancel the sway 
back. Its a very useful way to use this move. after a mist step, sway 
back, but quickly cancel the sway by hitting 3,3 for the tsunami kicks 
then you can continue with d+3 for a low kick or d/f+3 for a mid kick. 
The notation would look like this f,N, b~3,3,(d+3_d/f+3)

On another note, you may want to use WS+4. It is a weaker but fast way 
to rise with a mid kick. If your press 3 after this you will go into 

FC,d/f,d,d/f+3  Dragon Slide  L

Quite the deceptive low move, but only if you can do the complex motion 
quickly with the joystick/directional pad. Follow up with a "get up" 
kick while you and your opponent are getting up.

d,d/b+4  Blazing Kick  m

Not to be used often. This kick is strong, hits mid, and sends the 
opponent rocketing up, but is very slow and with poor recovery. 
Sometimes they will hit a low ceiling for extra damage and you can 
still juggle afterward. Use the blazing kick when you KNOW it will hit. 

f,N,b,N+4  Violet Sway-Code Red Low  l

Another option after coming out of a mist step is to tap back and you 
will sway. Hit 4 as you are swaying back and Lee does a decent low 
kick. Mix this up with the next move.

f,N,b,N+b+3  Violet Sway-Mist Wolf Kick  m

Just like the above move, only enter b+3 instead of just 4. This is the 
first kick of the mist wolf kick combo. Its a good choice because it 
hits mid, for a mix up, and has enough range to connect after swaying 
away from your opponent. Remember, pressing 4 after this kick will put 
you in the HMS.



- POKING: Lee is a very fast character who is good with poking. d+1 or 
d/b+1 is your best friend. It will stop most attacks in their tracks. 
The acid rain combo 1,3:3:3 is insane! If you can pull it off then you 
can dish out 70 damage all starting with an 8 frame jab! On counter hit 
1,3:3:3 is guaranteed, this is why it is much more important than 
f+3:3:3. Do everything possible to get that CH punch then continue with 
the acid rain and the juggle that goes with it.

- CUSTOM STRINGS: A custom string is when you do a series of moves one 
after another giving your opponent virtually no chance to retaliate. An 
example would be b+1,1, d+1, WS+4, f+4, b+4, d+4, etc. SS+2~f,N, 
1,2,4:4 is one of Lee's best moves. When you side step an opponent's 
attack, quickly strike with this because if the first hit connects, its 
all guaranteed (a natural combo). Never let up and never show mercy. 
Stay on the move, side step to avoid attacks, poke, mist step, launch, 
kill. Use mix-ups by switching between high, mid, and low attacks and 
throws. Every now and then you may want to come out of the mist step 
with a throw. 1+3, 2+4 and f,f+3+4 cancel differently so there is 
another mix-up. Try throwing people into a wall with 1+3 and a 
directional button for a free 1,2,4:4. After a mist step you can try 
implementing f,N, b~4 the code red low and f,N, b~3,3,d+3 the tsunami 
kicks as a mix-up. If you go with the tsunami you can continue the mix-
up with either d+3 or d/f+3. Trick your opponent by delaying moves like 
b+3,3 by having a pause in between the two kicks. Force your opponent 
into a rhythm. Just when he gets used to one thing, switch to something 

- JUST FRAMES: A just frame is a move that requires inputting a command 
within an extremely precise time window. It is imperative that you 
practice, practice, practice the silver rain kick and acid rain combo. 
You must hit the just frame right as the last attack is connecting 
(whether blocked or not). 

- JUGGLES/COMBOS: ALWAYS be looking for opportunities to start a 
juggle. When you parry with d/f you are often guaranteed a hop kick 
U/F+4, so be sure to get that in for a juggle. Also, Lee has something 
called the machine gun kicks 4,4,4. If you are near enough to a wall, 
end the juggle with 4,4,4 so they slam your opponent into the wall. 
This adds massive damage to the juggle. His juggles are complex and 
require precise control of the joystick/directional pad. If you have 
access to a PS2 copy of Tekken 4, go to practice mode and practice 
these moves until you are able to do them somewhat consistently. If you 
need to see a juggle or a just frame you can download videos from 



If there is one thing Lee has, its STYLE! Here are some very cool 
things to do with Lee. Sure they may not be very effective for serious 
play, but come on! Have some fun! Here is another move list.


b,3~3:4     Mist Wolf Trap                       hh (throw)  18,33

HMS Hitman Stance- Enter 3+4 or any other move that ends with HMS to 
enter this stance.

u_d         Side Step                            --          --
f           HMS Step Forward                     --          --
b           HMS Cancel to Stand                  --          --
U_D         HMS Cancel to Side Step Walk         --          --
D           HMS Cancel to Crouch                 --          --
2           Scatter Blow                         m           23
1,1,1...    Freaker Jabs                         hhh...      15,15...
1,4 [~3]    Fake Freaker-Violet Kick [HMS]       m           10
1,4:4 [~3]  Fake Freaker-Silver Rain Kick [HMS]  m           21
4           Ship Slicer                          L           22
3           Scatter Kick                         h (throw)   21,13
1,3         Fake Freaker-Scatter Kick            h (throw)   21,13


3+4           Hitman Stance
f,N,b+3+4     Mist Step-Cancel-HMS
b,b,N [3+4]   Handspring Backflip [HMS]
1,2,4:4 [~3]  Double Punch-Silver Rain Kick [HMS]
1,2,4 [~3]    Double Punch-Violet Kick [HMS]
b+1,1 [3+4]   Fang Rush [HMS]
d/f+4 [~3]    Quick Mid Kick [HMS]
WS+4 [~3]     Rising Kick [HMS]
b+3 [~4]      Mist Wolf Kick [HMS]
b+4 [~3]      Silver Heel [HMS]


STARTER: d,d/b+4 or b+4 CH

JUGGLE                                    DAMAGE             DIFFICULTY
b+3~3:4                                   60                 Hard


JUGGLE                                    DAMAGE             DIFFICULTY
u/f+3+4                                   47                 Easy
f,f, b+1,1~f,N+1,2~f, b~3,3,d+3           60                 Medium

STARTER: (HMS) 4                          DAMAGE             DIFFICULTY
WS+1, 1,2~f,N, 1,2~f,N+3,4                52                 Medium
WS+1, 1,2~f,N, 1,2~f,N, b~3,3,d+3         55                 Medium


b+3~3:4  MIST WOLF TRAP  hh (throw)

b+3~3:4 is the mist wolf trap. Lee throws a fake kick, then a high 
kick, then if you hit the just frame, the opponent will catch the kick 
and Lee does a very cool flip kick with the other leg. If they get hit 
by the first kick then the 4 is guaranteed (if you hit the just frame 
of course), and get this, if they block the first kick it will still 
happen and they will receive damage! However, because of the first fake 
kick, this move takes forever to do and can be seen a mile away making 
it almost worthless. There is one very cool thing you can do though. If 
you launch with the blazing kick d,d/b+4 take a quick step back and do 
the mist wolf trap. This also works with b+4 on CH, f,f+3 as well. The 
first kick will hit the opponent as they fall 
and Lee will still do the flip kick. It looks really weird; you just 
have to see it. Your timing has to be perfect and you have to hit the 
just frame.

2  Scatter Blow  m

Probably the best move while in the HMS. It is a backfist with great 
range and sends the opponent flying backward. This opens the 
opportunity for a juggle.

1,1,1...  Freaker Jabs  hhh...

Lee can chain these forever, but they all hit high so only throw one or 

1,4:4  Fake Freaker-Silver Rain Kick  m

A fake jab, then the silver rain kick. If you didn't do the just frame 
Lee will do the basic Violet kick instead. This is a solid mid kick and 
if your press 3 afterward he will return to the HMS, whether you did 
the just frame or not.

4  Ship Slicer  L

An extremely slow low sweep that hits opponents on the ground. You can 
also do a juggle after it.

3  Scatter Kick  h (throw)

If you are close enough and this hits, it will do a vicious looking 
throw to the opponent. However, it can be blocked and if the opponent 
is too far away, but close enough that it still hits, he will receive 
damage but no throw will happen.

1,3  Fake Freaker-Scatter Kick  h (throw)

Same thing as above, only Lee does a fake jab first. This will give it 
more range, but make it take longer to execute.



I hope you were able to gain something from this FAQ. Thanks to 
GameFAQs for providing a forum to share information and Tekken Zaibatsu 
for their information on all the Tekken games. I leave you now with 
this. A link to what is known as the Raijin Lee vid. Download this 
right away, because it is amazing! By far it is the greatest Tekken 4 
juggle EVER! Whoever made this deserves a lot of credit. All I'll say 
before you watch it (AND YOU BETTER WATCH IT!) is that as soon as the 
first hit lands, everything else is guaranteed!


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