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Nina by Ingus

Version: 0.2 | Updated: 10/16/2001

TEKKEN 4: Character Guide to Nina Williams Ver 0.1
For the Arcades and PlayStation 2
By Ingus a.k.a. Michael Wang <Isamu__dyson@hotmail.com>

Unpublished work Copyright 2001 Michael Wang


This FAQ is for private and personal use only. It can only be reproduced 
electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be altered as long as
this disclaimer and the above copyright notice appear in full. This FAQ is not
to be used for profitable/promotional purposes; this includes being used by 
publishers of magazines, guides, books, etc. or being incorporated into 
magazines, etc. in ANY way. This FAQ was created and is owned by me.  All 
copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged that are not specifically mentioned
in this FAQ. Please give credit where it is due.

The maker of the Tekken series is (c) Namco.

This FAQ can be found at: 
GameFAQs                                                       www.gamefaqs.com
My Home Page                                              ingus.home.tripod.com

Version 0.1 --------------------------------------------------------[9-30-2001]
     FAQ Created
Version 0.2 --------------------------------------------------------[10-3-2001]
     Additions in Move Analyst
     Cleaned up the Format in the Move List
     New Introduction Added
     Character Background info added


This FAQ assumes you, the reader know the basics about the game play mechanics 
of the Tekken series in general (strings, side steps, etc), and some knowledge 
on the various 'improvements' Tekken 4 has (crouching being d/b instead of d 
now, air juggles causing a lot less damage, etc).  If you have questions on how
to play the game, please search GameFAQs' Tekken 4 section, many excellent 
general FAQ's are already there.  This FAQ is aimed at those players that have
already played Tekken 4 for a while and is looking for someone interesting to
learn.  Well, enough chitchat... on with the show!


Why do you want to play Nina? Because she's always been strong in the Tekken 
series. She has a strong offensive and defensive game, great air juggles, and
devastating Multipart throws. For offense, Nina has a lot of short, fast pokes.
On defense, Nina's Reversal move counters more moves then anyone else in the
game. As a character, she's not as complicated to learn as say Lei, nor is she
as shallow as paul.  Besides, she looks hot! ^_^


Nina Williams received few moves for Tekken4 (T4) compare to other characters.
However, while she retained most of her moves, her speed has been downgraded a
bit and as the result, she feels sluggish at times.

Another major change in Nina's moves, for the worse, is the lowered damage of
her multi-part throws.  These moves used to take out up to 80-90% of the
opponent's life, now it barely does 40%.  But since King's multipart throw has
been downgraded as well, this is still 'fair'.

Nina's 10-hit string is exactly as it was since Tekken2 - at least 5 high
attacks before she switches to low. (You could switch the first high to a mid
by doing d/f+1, but this slows down the combo a lot, and if the first hit is
done this way, you can not switch out of the combo on the 3rd and 4th hit.)
Unless you are fighting a scrub that has no idea what the sting looks like,
don't bother with it.

Another key to Nina's potency in T3 was her high damage Juggles.  Sadly in T4
Juggles isn't anywhere near as powerful as they used to be.  In Nina's case,
this hurt her more then any other changes.  I have yet to find an air juggle
that takes up to 20% of the enemy's life.  But just for fun (and since her ten-
strings are so useless), I usually do the first half of her ten - strings for
juggles. (The damage sucks, I know; it's all for style.^_^)

As for the new moves Nina got, the most useful one (b,f+3:1+2) unfortunately is
also the most difficult to do.  It turns the Spider Knee Kick (if connected)
into a multipart grab, but the timing has to be VERY precise.


Name: Nina Williams
Country of Origin : Ireland
Fighting Style : Assassination Techniques based on Bone Martial Arts and Akido
Age : 24 (she spent 15 years in cryosleep)


After The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2, the Mishima Zaibatsu used Nina as
an experimental test subject for cryogenics research.  Fifteen years later,
Nina was released from cryosleep and appeared in the third Tournament.  She
fought through the Tournament while suffering from cryosleep-induced amnesia.

Since then, Nina disappeared from the reaches of the Mishima Zaibatsu and
spent her days carrying out missions as a contract assassin.  To this day, she
has been unable to regain memories of Anna or her personal life.

As a woman without memories or close relations, the only person Nina could
count on was herself.  Carrying out her hits for profit was the only reality
she could rely on.

One day, Nina received a new contract from a Mafia organization.  The target
of the contract was Steve Fox, a boxing world champion.  With a little
research, Nina discovered that Fox was a participant in The King of Iron Fist
Tournament 4.  Nina set her sights on completing her new mission and
infiltrated the Tournament.
                              - From the Official T4 Site (www.namcoarcade.com)


Here are some moves that are useful and deserve a closer look.  The Usefulness 
rating goes from 1 to 5 stars, where 1 is useless, and 5 is a move that should 
be abused.  

qcf+1+2 / qcf+3+4     Multipart grab starters     h / h
These two moves are the start of Nina's most damaging multipart throws.  The
difference between the two starters is the key for escape. (2 and 1,
respectively)  The qcf motion moves Nina forward while ducking, and if you can
anticipate a high attack with long delays, do the qcf motion.  If your opponent
is standing, go for either of these two moves.  The punch version (Palm Strike)
last a little longer compare to the kick version (Crab Claw), so there are more
time to input the next sequence.  Also the punch multipart does more damage if
the entire string goes through.  However, for that exact reason, most people
knows the escape sequence for the punch multipart throws (the escape hasn't
changed since Tekken2).  Try to mix the two starters a little for better
Usefulness: ***

qcf_f,f+3     Bad Habit     m
If you manage to land a few multipart throws on your opponent, next time they
see Nina go in the crouch rush motion (qcf) they will get smart and duck. This
is when you bust out this move, which hits mid and on a counter hit produce a
crumble stun.  If you get a counter hit, do Bad Habit again while your opponent
is on the floor, it'll combo into itself.
Usefulness: ****

qcb+1+4     Sway, Betrayer     h
This is another multipart grab starter.  The difference is that instead of
going forward while ducking, this throw moves back slightly while ducking low.
What's important about this move is that unlike the other multipart throw
starters, this one can not be escaped.  Also after the qcb motion, Nina is
considered as crouching - all the WS moves can be used to substitute Betrayer.
The animation for the throw itself is very short, and it's difficult to go into
the next sequence in time.  But for the same reason, the escape frame is also
very short, meaning it's also hard for your victim to escape.
Usefulness: **

qcb, f+1+2     Sway, Blond Bomb     m
If your opponent caught on with all the betrayers you've been doing, mix this
move in.  Since it hits mid, a ducking opponent will always get nailed, hard.
Usefulness: ***

u/f+3+4     Quick Leap Heel Hold     h
This is yet another multipart starter, it has long animation, so it's easy to
tap in the next sequence.  If you have a chance to do multipart throws, this
should be what you do.
Usefulness: ****

b,f+3_WS+3_2,3_1,2,3:1+2     Spider Knee - Double Snap
Nina's new multipart starter, this one is great because it's done in the middle
of a combo.  However, it's also incredibly hard to perform because for the
Double Snap to come out you'll need to do a Just Frame attack on the 1+2.  To
the best of my understanding, the JF for this move occurs right after the knee
connects.  Keep practicing this move, because its very powerful, and because
this particular JF attack is actually easier then Paul and Lee's JFs.
Usefulness: *****

b+2+4     Reversal     h,m attacks only
This is Nina's old reversal move, if an opponent hits Nina with either a high
or mid attack during the execution of the Reversal, he/she will get thrown.
Compare to its T3 and TTT versions, the T4 Reversals last for a shorter time.
The new change in T4 is that if Nina manages to reverse a left punch attack,
the reversal goes into her Palm Strike (punch based multipart throw starter)!
Sadly in T4 there are some moves that just cannot be reversed, so be careful. 
Usefulness: ****

Multipart Throws Sequences (see move list at the end of this guide)
These sequences need to be tapped quickly (in around 1 - 1.5 sec), evenly (the
time in between the taps should the about the same) and precisely (you can't
tap extra buttons) for the sequences to continue on (assuming your opponent
didn't tap the correct escape sequence).  Two things worth noting here: 

 1.)Some multiparts have long animation, and you can take advantage of this by
 tapping the sequence in over and over.  As long as one of the sequences is
 correct, the throw will continue.  A further use for this is when Nina has a
 choice between two sequences, one being long and one being short, you can tap
 both in, the long first, and the short second.  This way even if you messed 
 up the long (more damaging) sequence, the short sequence would still come out.
 An example would be the last part of Nina's kick based multipart throws.  The
 last sequence could either be the Achilles Tendon Lock (1,3,2+4,3+4,1+2), or
 the Knee Cross Lock (3,1,4,2+4).  Since the move before these two finisher,
 the Knee Hold is almost 3 seconds long; there are enough time to input both
 of these moves.

 2.)There are some 'short cuts' to the moves.  If you press and hold a button
 and tap another, the game interprets it as a tap of the first key, then a
 simultaneous tap of both keys.  This is very useful because multipart throw
 key taps has to be both quick and precise.  An example would be the Knee
 Cross Lock (3,1,4,2+4) above.  As you can see it requires a 2+4 at the end,
 and in the heat of the battle it's easy to miss the timing.  Using the 'short
 cut' method, all you have to do is press 3, 1, press and hold 4, and tap 2
 with another finger.
Usefulness: ****

SS+1     Snake Shot     m
The beauty of this move isn't itself, but what it could turn into afterwards.
The variations are:
=~F              Crouch Dash
     =1+2          Palm Grab  -  Multipart grab start
     =3            Bad Habit  -  Kick to the stomach
     =4            Flip Heel Kick  -  Flipping air born attack 
     =d/b,d/b+2+3  Evil Mist  -  Zero range zero damage unblockable (it stuns)
=~B              Sway
     =1+4          Betrayer   -  Multipart grab start
The ~F variations are useful to advance on your opponent, and once in a while
throw in a ~B Sway to suprise people.
Usefulness: ***

SS+1+2     Spiral Explosion     m
This one sends the opponent flying while spinning (no fast recoveries upon
landing).  The move comes out a little slow, so don't rely on it that much.
Usefulness: **

SS+2     Lift Shot     h
On a counter hit this move launches.  Sadly your opponent won't fly too high,
and you'll need to use a short air juggle combo after it.  And since it hits
high only, be careful.  If you do the SS close to your opponent and your Lift
Shot hits him / her on the side, it will also launch.
Usefulness: ***

b+2,2     Double Slap     h,h
This move comes out a little slower, but if the first hit connects the second
hit cannot be escaped.  And it will send the opponent flying sideways while
spinning.  Good finish for air juggles, fun, too!
Usefulness: **

d/b+2     Backhand Body Blow     m
Nina slides forward with one leg and does a body blow with her right hand.
The range is decent, but the speed is slow.  However it stuns quite often.  
Usefulness: ***

d/b+3+4     Divine Cannon     m
One of Nina's few guaranteed launching move.  This move comes out with a slight
delay, as she puts her right hand to the floor before kicking up.  This is a
very useful because it has great range.  Nail your opponent with this whenever
he/she whiffs a long delay move on you.
Usefulness: *****

u/f+4,3,4     Can Opener     hlh
This move covers a lot of ground and the second hit often hits because of its
speed.  But the third hit isn't guaranteed even if the second hit connects.
Usefulness: **

1+4     Ivory Cutter     mm
This is a new move for Nina.  A quick 2 hit move, Nina spins her body on the 
ground very fast.  A great move to put in the end of juggling combos, this move
has a deceptively long range. Go after a multipart throw after this and it can
catch your opponent often.
Usefulness: ***

d/f+3,2,3     Creeping Snake, Divine Cannon     m,h,m
This move launches if the last hit got through.  But by itself it's mostly 
useless because most people would block high anyways.  The best use for this
is in an air juggle.  Since T4 has slowed Nina down a bit, (her old d+4,1, f+1+2
just won't connect anymore) use this move instead for about the same damage.
Usefulness: **

d+3,2     Low Spin Kick, Upper     l,m
This move deserves special attention.  First of all, the second hit of this
move launches, always.  But the problem is this: if you start the Low Spin Kick
too close to your opponent, when the second hit come out you will be misaligned
with your opponent and the Upper won't even connect.  Do this move at maximum
range, since this move, like many of Nina's strings, moves her forward.
What's even more important is that Nina has many strings that could continue
into a Low Spin Kick, and every time you can do a Low Spin Kick, you can do the
Upper right afterwards.  Strings like 4,3,2 and d/f+3,2,d+3,2 are very
unpredictable and difficult to block. 
Usefulness: ****

WS_f_f,f+1+2     Blond Bomb     m
This is Nina's Signature move, this move does a huge amount of damage on a
counter hit.  If you tap f,f for this move, Nina will take a step forward
first, and resulting in a longer reaching, slower starting, and more damaging
version of the same move.  Watch out for the increased delay after the f,f
version though. What's great about this move is that it's actually a finisher
for many of Nina's short strings.  Try to stick this one into your air juggles
for maximum damage.
Usefulness: ***

qcf_f,f+4     Flip Heel Kick     m
This move is good to hit downed people.  But be careful since if you completely
miss your opponent and lands Nina on the ground with out hitting anything, this
move will do damage to Nina instead.  The damage isn't that much, thought.
Usefulness: **

d,d/f+4     Wipe the Floor     L
This move is a little hard to do because if you are not fast enough, the d can
turn into a SS instead of the start of this move. If it does come out though, 
this is a good move because its long range, and its ability to hit floored 
Usefulness: ***


This list is taken from website Tekken Zaibatsu (www.tekkenzaibatsu.com).
Originally this is in a chart format, since I had to convert it into a txt file
this could be a little messy to read.  Still, I decided to include this because
this list contains every single one of Nina's moves.

Command         Place      Name                    Damage   Escape   Properties
F+2+4           front      Arm Grab Flip           30       2   
2+4             front      Lifting Toss            30       2   
2+4~B           front      Revolving Elbow Strike           2   
(d/b+2+4_2+4~D) front                                       2   
u/f+1+2         front      Neck Throw              40       1+2      #1 
d/f,d/f+1       front      Embracing Elbow Strike  33       1+2   
1+3+(u_d_b_f)   any        Position Change         -        1   
(F+2+4_2+4)     left       Rolling Triangle Lock   40       1   
(F+2+4_2+4)     right      Swinging Toss           38       2   
(F+2+4_2+4)     back       Triangle Hold           60       -
#1You can tech roll to reduce damage by 20. 
Command                    Name                    Damage   Escape   Properties
(qcf+1+2_b+2+4)            Palm Strike             15       2        #1 
 = 3,4,3,1+2                = Arm Bar              30       1+2   
 = 2,3,4,2,2                = Double Snap          15,15    2   
   = 1,3+4,1,2,1+2            = Neck Crusher       35       1   
   = 1,2,4,3,1+2+3            = Gale Tech Strech   45       1+2   
 = 1,3,2,1                  = Standing Reverse Arm Lock 20  1   
   = 3,1,4,1+2,1+2            = Rear Gale Tech Falcon Wing 25 1+2   
   = 2,1,3,4,1+2              = Falling Reverse Arm Lock 25 2   
(b,f+3_WS+3_2,3_1,2,3):1+2 Spider Knee - Double Snap 15 --           #3 
 = 1,3+4,1,2,1+2            = Neck Crusher 35 1   
 = 1,2,4,3,1+2+3            = Gale Tech Strech 45 1+2   
2+4                        Lifting Toss 30 2   
 = 1,2,1                     = Shoulder Buster      35       --      #2 
   = 2,1,3                    = Arm Lock            10       --   
(WR_f,f,f)+3               Leaping Heel Hold        20,20    2 CH 
 = 1,3,2+4,3+4,1+2           = Achilles Tendon Lock 45       1+2   
 = 3,1,4,2+4                 = Knee Cross Lock      35       1   
u/f+3+4                    Quick Leap Heel Hold     20,20    2   
 = 1,3,2+4,3+4,1+2           = Achilles Tendon Lock 45       1+2   
 = 3,1,4,2+4                 = Knee Cross Lock      35       1   
qcf+3+4                    Crab Claw                15       1   
 = 3+4,3,4,1+2               = Commando Arm Lock    35       1   
 = 3+4,4,2,1+2               = Heel Hold            20       2   
   = 3,1,4,2+4                 = Knee Cross Lock    35       1   
   = 1,3,2+4,3+4,1+2           = Achilles Tendon Lock 45     2   
qcb+1+4                    Betrayer                 15       --   
 = 1,3,2,1                   = Standing Reverse Arm Lock 20 1   
   = 3,1,4,1+2,1+2             = Rear Gale Tech Falcon Wing 25 1+2   
   = 2,1,3,4,1+2               = Falling Reverse Arm Lock   25 2   
 = 2,1,1+2,1+2+3             = Twisted Nightmare    28       2   
   = 1,3+4,1,2,1+2             = Neck Crusher       35       1   
   = 1,2,4,3,1+2+3             = Gale Tech Strech   45       1+2   

#1 When reversing a left punch (b+2+4) Nina will execute the Palm Strike.
#2 Initial throw does no damage when doing the Shoulder Buster.
#3 The 1+2 needs to be pushed on the "Just Frame". 

Command                 Name                         Damage   Range  Properties
(d/f+1<2)_(WS+1<2)      Double Punch                 10,15_12,15    mh      #2
(1<2)_(BT 1_2<2)        Double Punch                 4,10_15,10     hh      #2
 = <3                    = Spider Knee                              m       FSc
   = :1+2                 = Double Snap              15,15          throw #4 #9
 = <4                    = Bermuda Triangle          15             h
 = <f+1+2                = Blonde Bomb               20             m
 = <1<4                  = Biting Snake              6,10           hl      RC
 = 1<2<f+1+2             = Punch Rush - Blonde Bomb  6,6,20         hhm
(d_FC)+1,2,4            Twin Low Jabs - Toe Kick                    SmSmm
b+1                     Killing Blade                15             h       CF
f,f+1                   Assassin Dagger              14             h  OS PLDc
d,d/f+1                 Skull Splitter                              M
FC,d/b+1                Helping Hand                 10             m
SS+1                    Snake Shot                   15             m
 = ~F                    = Crouch Dash               --             --
   = 1+2                   = Palm Grab               15             throw   #4
   = 3                     = Bad Habit               25             m    GS DSc
   = 4                     = Flip Heel Kick          20             M       #6
   = d/b,d/b+2+3           = Evil Mist               0              <!>
 = ~B                    = Sway                      --             --   RC #5
   = 1+4                   = Betrayer                15             throw   #4
SS+1,2                  Double Shot                  15,15          mm   
d+1,N+4                 Low Jab - Rising Kick        5,10           Smm   
1+4                     Ivory Cutter                                mm    GC KS
d/f+1+2                 Cross Blade                  6,8            mm   GS FSc
(WS_f_f,f)+1+2          Blonde Bomb                  20_20_30       m   
SS+1+2                  Spiral Explosion             20             m   
2                       Straight Jab                 10             h   
 = <f+1+2                = Blonde Bomb               20             m   
 = <1<4                  = Jab - Low Kick            6,8            hl      RC
 = <3                    = Spider Knee               15             m       FSc
   = :1+2                  = Double Snap             15,15          throw #4 #9
 = <4                    = Roundhouse                15             h 
(FC_d)+2,4              Low Jab - Toe Kick           (8_10),15      Smm
b+2,2                   Double Slap                  15,18          hh      #1
d/b+2                   Backhand Body Blow           20             m       FS
f,f+2                  Quick Panther Claw            15             h       SH
f,F+2                  Panther Claw                  21             h       SH
SS+2                   Lift Shot                     15             m      JGc
d,d/f+2                Shut Up                       24             m       JG
3<4                    Head Ringer                   25,15          hh  GB CFSc
(qcf_f,f)+3            Bad Habit                     25             m    GS DSc
(WR_f,f,f)+3           Leaping Slash Kick            20             m   
3,3                    Spike Combo                   25,10          hl   
 = 2                    = Upper                      10             m       JG 
 = f+2                  = Delayed Upper              10             m    SH JGc 
 = 4                    = High Kick                  15             h
 = d+4                  = Shin Kick                  7              L   
(FC_d)+3,2             Low Spin Kick - Upper         12,10          Lm      JG 
(FC_d)+3,N+4           Low Spin Kick - High Kick     12,15          Lh   
(FC_D)+3,4             Low Spin Kick - Shin Kick     12,7           Ll   
u/f,N,(d_d/b_d/f)+3,2  Hop - Low Spin Kick - Upper   25,10          Lm      JG 
u/f,N,(d_d/b_d/f)+3,3  Hop - Low Spin Kick - Front Kick 25,15       Lm
u/f,N,(d_d/b_d/f)+3,4  Hop - Low Spin Kick - High Kick  25,15       Lh
d/f+3<2                Creeping Snake                10,12          mh
 = [~U_~D]              = Side Step                  --             --
   = ~2                   = Lift Shot                15             m       JGc
 = <4                   = Roundhouse                 15             h
 = d+3                  = Low Spin Kick              10             L       RC
   = 2                    = Upper                    10             m       JG
   = 4                    = High Kick                15             h
 = (~d_~d/f)+3,3        = Spike Combo                20,10          hl
   = 2                    = Upper                    10             m       JG 
   = 4                    = High Kick                15             h
   = d+4                  = Shin Kick                7              L
 = (~d_~d/f)+3<4        = Head Ringer                20,15          hh     CFSc
 = <3                   = Divine Cannon                             m     GB JG
 = <1<4                 = Biting Snake               6,8            hL      RC
d/f+3<1,2,f+1+2        Assault - Blonde Bomb         10,10          mh
 = [~U_~D]              = Side Step                  --             --
   = ~2                   = Lift Shot                15             m       JGc
 = 2,f+1+2              = Blonde Bomb                6,20           hm
d/f+3<3<3<4            Flash Kicks - Roundhouse      10,6,8,15      mhhh   CFSc
d/f+3<4                Mid Kick - Roundhouse         10,15          mh     CFSc
(d,d/b+3_d/b+3+4)      Divine Cannon                 25             m     GB JG
(d_d/f)+3+4            Twisted Mind                  16             --      #3
(WS_b,f)+3             Spider Knee                   15             m       JGc
 = :1+2                 = Double Snap                15,15          throw #4 #9
b+4                    Stinger Heel                                 h       SH
SS+4                   Heel Slicer                   10             L     BS KS
(qcf_f,f)+4            Flip Heel Kick                20             M       #6
d,d/f+4                Wipe the Floor                15             L     BS RC
(FC_d)+4,1             Shin Kick - Spin Punch        10_7,10        Smh     #7
 = [~U_~D]              = Side Step                  --             --
   = ~2                  = Lift Shot                 15             m       JGc
4,3                    Blonde Attack                 15,15          hL
 = 2                    = Upper                      10             m       JG
 = 4                    = High Kick                  15             h
 = d+4                  = Shin Kick                  7              L
u/f+4,3,4              Can Opener                    20,10,14       hlh
d/b+4                  Slicer - FCD                  7              L
d/b+4,3                Slicer - Divine Cannon        7,21           Lm      JG
b+2+4                  High and Mid Attack Reversal  varies         --      #8

#1 Female opponents can slap reverse Nina with 2 Nina can slap again with 2..
#2 All Double Punch variation can be followed up with attacks listed.. 
#3 Move can only be done when the opponent is knocked of his feet.
#4 Continue with the corresponding Multi Throw extentions. 
#5 During the Sway Nina is in crouch and can do any WS move.
#6 Nina takes damge if the move completely whiffs the opponent.
#7 Second hits is cancel when buffering a Side Step.
#8 A left punch reversal results into a Palm Grab and cannot be chicken, it can
be escpaed with 2.
#9 The Spider Knee is replaced with the Double Snap, the Spider Knee damage is
Command      Name             Damage         Range      Properties 
d/b+1+2      Hunting Swan     95             !          CF JG 
 = u,u        = Cancel        --             --   
qcf,D/B+2+3  Evil Mist        0              <!>        SH

Command                    Hits  Damage                         Range 
1,2,1,2,3,3,2,1,2,4        10    4,10,6,6,7,9,6,6,6,30          hh"h"h"h"lhhhh
1,2,1,2,3,3,2,1,4,3        10    4,10,6,6,7,9,6,6,5,25          hh"h"h"h"lhhlm
1,2,1,2,4,3,4,2,4,3        10    4,10,6,6,9,9,5,6,5,25          hh"h"hhllm"lm
d/f+1,2,1,2,3,3,2,1,2,4    10    10,15,6,6,7,9,6,6,6,30         mh"h"h"h"lhhhh
d/f+1,2,1,2,3,3,2,1,4,3    10    10,15,6,6,7,9,6,6,5,25         mh"h"h"h"lhhlm
d/f+1,2,1,2,4,3,4,2,4,3    10    10,15,6,6,9,9,5,6,5,25         mh"h"hhllm"lm
WS+1,2,1,2,3,3,2,1,2,4     10    12,15,6,6,7,9,6,6,6,30         mh"h"h"h"lhhhh
WS+1,2,1,2,3,3,2,1,4,3     10    12,15,6,6,7,9,6,6,5,25         mh"h"h"h"lhhlm
WS+1,2,1,2,4,3,4,2,4,3     10    12,15,6,6,9,9,5,6,5,25         mh"h"hhllm"lm
BT (1_2),2,1,2,3,3,2,1,2,4 10    15,10,6,6,7,9,6,6,6,30         h"h"h"h"h"lhhhh
BT (1_2),2,1,2,3,3,2,1,4,3 10    15,10,6,6,7,9,6,6,5,25         h"h"h"h"h"lhhlm
BT (1_2),2,1,2,4,3,4,2,4,3 10    15,10,6,6,9,9,5,6,5,25         h"h"h"hhllm"lm 

- Tekken Zaibatsu (www.tekkenzaibatsu.com)
  This website is an awesome source of Tekken information.  The move list 
  section of this FAQ is taken from there.

- Namco Corporation
  For this game, and their many cool character designs. 

Guide v0.2                        Unpublished work, Copyright 2001 Michael Wang

All rights reserved. Tekken 4, Nina Williams, etc. are all trademarks of Namco 
Corporation, Copyright 2001

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