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Kazuya by D3vil Eji

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 12/01/2001

Kazuya Mishima Faq and Strategy Guide
Tekken 4
version. 1.3
by D3vil Eji -=[!?]=-
" kazuya_ttt@yahoo.com " 
" http://www.geocites.com/werpogi/index.html "

Table of Contents

1.Updates and reminders
2.About my self
3.My say about kazuya
4.Kazuya's story
5.Legends and movelist
6.Discription moves
7.Strategy for computer 
8.Stategy for human opponent
9.Credit/final words

Updates and Reminders

Before I can say anything plz this is my faqs and don't copy it and pretend that this 
FAQ is YOURS or else. If you want to do a FAQ just do it by your self because this
is my hard work. Please do your research if you want a FAQ OK ^_^  

About my self

Im Carlo Jay and Im a tekken fanatic since I was grade 6,I think I was 
13 yrs. old back then. I play Tekken 2 in a computer rental shop and 
ever since I use Kazuya even I play bad. I leave in the Philippines
and still a student I play basket ball and Tekken a little SF,KOF,
DOA and ect. I like to learn karate. thazzz all bout me.

Ver. 1.0-> The First Version of Kazuya Faq 08/25/01
Ver. 1.1-> Jin was added 09/09/01
Ver. 1.2-> Violet was added and new juggles moves 09/14/01
ver. 1.3-> new button convertion,movement convertion,link and 
           special convertion and new discription moves

My say about Kazuya 

He is one of the strongest players in tekken 4 because of his move 
now is more faster than T2 or even TTT but his WGF is now like jin's 
WGF because if the opponent crouch Kazuya's WGF will just hit air.
I don’t know why they say Kazuya is a weak player or anything. I know
his moves reaction time is slow than Heihachi and Jin. But for me 
he [I don’t want to say strong cause tekken is a well balance game] 
a very reliable character to kick your ---TOOOT---  

Kazuya's story

Kazuya is the son of Hiehachi Mishima a rich man with a big company
called "Mishima zaibatsu" Heihatchi believe that to be strong must 
have anger in heart so Kazuya was thrown in the cliff and leave
a large scar in his cheats. Then when he grow older he sold his soul
to the devil and became more powerful so he beat his father in the 
first King of the Iron Fist Tournament then he was the C.D.O of the 
Mishima zaibatsu and 2 years later he organize another tournament but
he lost to Heihachi and thrown to the volcano. 20 years has pass when 
the 2nd tournament. The G company revive Kazuya. Kazuya want to have
the devil gene so that he can defeat his Father ones more and get 
everything BACK . Heihachi learn that Kazuya was dead and his corps
is in the G company and raid it and then Heihachi saw Kazuya alive
and fight with the tekken force and entering the tournament even it is 
a trap. 


		     *-*-*-BUTTON CONVENTIONS-*-*-*
                                | BUTTON  LAYOUT |
                                |                |
           1 - Left Punch       |   ___    ___   |
           2 - Right Punch      |  /   \  /   \  |
           3 - Left Kick        |  | 1 |  | 2 |  |
           4 - Right Kick       |  \___/  \___/  |
                                |                |
                                |   ___    ___   |
        It's very important to  |  /   \  /   \  |
   become familiar with the     |  | 3 |  | 4 |  |   
   numeric conventions of the   |  \___/  \___/  |
   buttons.                     |                |
                                |                |

		    *-*-*-MOVEMENT CONVENTIONS-*-*-*                        

f - tap forward once           d/f - tap down/forward once
b - tap backwards once         d/b - tap down/back once
d - tap down once              u/f - tap up/forward once
u - tap up once                u/b - tap up/back once

F - Hold stick forward         D/F - Hold stick down/forward
B - Hold stick back            D/B - Hold stick down/back
D - Hold stick down            U/F - Hold stick up/forward
U - Hold stick up              U/B - Hold stick up/back

N - Neutral joystick position (Joystick is not touched)
SS - Short Sidestep (u,N or d,N)
QCF - Quarter circle forward (Circle stick from down to forward)
QCB - Quarter circle back (Circle stick from down to back)
HCF - Half circle forward (Circle stick from back to down to forward)
HCB - Half circle back (Circle stick from forward to down to back)


+ - Moves must be done together
, - Moves must be done right after the other
~ - Moves must be done IMMEDIATELY after the other
_ - Or (When used between two moves, they are interchangeable)
> - Move following the > has the option of being slightly delayed  
# - Hold movement before the '#' until the end of string or until N (Neutral)
FC - Do move during full crouched position
WS - While standing up (Returning the stick to neutral from a crouch)
RN - While running (f,F#)
BK - Back facing the opponent
FD/FT - Lying on the ground Face Down / Feet Towards opponent
FD/FA -   "           "     Face Down / Feet Away from opponent
FU/FT -   "           "     Face Up / Feet Towards opponent
FU/FA -   "           "     Face Up / Feet Away from opponent
CH - Major Counterhit (Hitting your opponent during their move execution)
Clean - Clean Hit (Hitting your opponent from very close range)
[] - Brackets surrounding an item indicate an optional output
() - Parenthesis indicates moves grouped together
{} - Curved brackets indicate buttons needed to break a throw
. - Pause 1/3 a second between button presses (Tenstring timings only)
CD - Crouched Dash f,N,d,d/f of shoryuken in Street fighter move

Grappling Moves

Command                 Name            Escape

Front Character
2+4                     Hip Toss        2
F+2+4                   Bitch kick      2
f,f+1+2                 Stonehead       1+2
d_FC+1+2                Ultimate Tackle 2(Avoid Tackle)
                                        1+2(Tackle Over Turn)

Side Character
f+2+4                   Steel Pedal     1
f+2+4                   Skull Smash     2
f+2+4                   Reverse Neck 

Special Moves

Command                 Name 		

1,1~2                   Shinning Fist
1,2,2                   Demon Slayer
1,2                     1-2 Punches
1,2,4                   1-2 Punches then Statue Kick
WR+1,2                  Twin Piston *JG*
b+1                     Left Split Elbow 		 
f,N,d,d/f,1             Thunder Godfist                                         
(3_4)                   midkick_hellsweep
f,N,d,d/f,2             Wind Godfist *Juggles on CH*
f,N,d~d/f+2             Electric Wind Godfist  *Juggles on CH*
f,N,d,d/f,4,4           Hellsweep                      
b+2                     Overhead Donkey Punch
b,b+2                   Spinning Backfist  *Stuns on CH*
d/f+2                   Gut Punch *stuns on CH*
f+1+2                   Glory Demon fist *Stun when CH
f+2                     Demon Thrust
f+1+2~f+2               Glory Demon Fist w/Demon Thrust 
d/f,1                   Gut Slugger
d/f,1~f+2               Gut Slugger combo w/Demon Thrust
SS,1+2                  Corpse Slash Punch
WS+2                    Kazuya [Tekken2] Gut Punch *Stuns*
u_u/f+4,4,4,4           Rising Sun
WR,4,4 or D+F,4,4       Tsunami Kick		
f+4                     Axe Kick	
b+4                     Snap Kick
3,1                     Advancing Kick, Lead Jab
D,4                     Demon Stomp *Opponent Must be Grounded*
d/b+4                   Low Slipkick
u/f,N+4                 Delayed Hopkick  *Juggles*
f,N,d,d/f,3             Leaping Slash Kick		
3~4                     Demon Scissors Kick
b,b~u/b                 Twisting Jumpkick  *Against Wall*
f,f,3                   Split Axe Kick
b+3,1,4,1               Blazing Demon fire rush *Stuns*

f,N                     Mist Step
d/f+1                   Thunder Godfist
(3_4)                   midkick_hellsweep
d/f,2                   Wind Godfist *Juggles on CH*
d/f,4,4                 Hellsweep 
d~d/f+2                 Electric Wind Godfist  *Juggles on CH*
3                       Leaping Slash Kick

f,f,N+2122344121        Tenstring
f,f,N+2122344321        Tenstring	
f,f,N+214424321         Ninestring

b+1+4                   Lightning Godfist  *Unblockable*
B+1+4                   Lightning Hell Godfist  *Unblockable*
Discription Moves

Its a discription of every moves and I rate it 
*****-great move, highly recomended
****-good move, recomended
***-fair move, not to be abuse on
**-not that good move, even it not that good it still have its uses
*-dont bother to use this move, &*%&%(&^* is this move 

Grapple Moves

Hip toss:

Its a takedown, that the opponent slam to the ground in circular motion.

Bitch Kick:

Kazuya grabs the opponent then kick the opponet 2 times hin the head.
First kick is just going to slap the opponent, then the second kick
is going to slam the opponent at the ground. "COOL"

Stone head:

Kazuya grabs the head of the opponent. He gonna do is a headbutt, 
then the opponent is gonna smash down.

Steel pedal drop:

Kazuya grabs his opponent at the left side, gets the opponent's leg
then slam it down on the other side.

skull smash:
Kazuya grabs the opponent at the right side, hold at the 
back of the  opponent's headthen a lightning fist is going 
to slam into the opponent's neck.

Reverse neck throw:

Kazuya grabs the opponent at behind, he going to takedown his opponent
at the back grabing it by his right arms, then slams it forward. there is 
no escape in this move.

Special Moves

Shinning Fist:

This move is consist of two jabs and one stright punch. This move is not 
effective as the previos Tekken games where. The two jabs hits but the 
stright punch can be block. But this move is still use as a poking tool.
Rate ***

Demon Slayer: 

This move consist of 1,2 punch then a back fist. This move is not
that good because of more slower that Shinning Fist, But the advantage
of this move is its has more damage that the Shinning Fist
Rate **

1-2 Punches:

This move is just a jab and a stright punch. Its just use are for poking,
combos and Juggles.
Rate ***

1-2 Punches w/Statue kick: 

This move is consist also  of jab and stright punch but with a low kick.
Its good to fake out the opponent with 1,2 then 1,2,4-> kick. Its good for
poking opponents.
Rate ***

Twin Piston: 

This move is consist of two short uppercut. Its slow, not that reaiable
and easy to counter especially on the second uppercut as Twin Piston of
the Previous tekken games. Its use for juggles ( secound hit ). 
Rate **

Left Split Elbow:

Kazuya hits his opponent by his left elbow. The opponent is gonna slam down
into the ground . It has Fast recovery time for Kazuya so you can do Demon 
stomp into the fallen opponent.
Rate ***

Gut Slugger:

Kazuya hits his opponents at the left part of the ribs.This move can stun 
the opponent for a little. Its not that fast and when block Kazuya's 
recovery time is slow
Rate ***

Glory Demon Fist:

Kazuya hits his opponent at the mid section of his/her body. Its range is 
good and powerful. It can stun opponents and conects combos, its drawback
is that this punch is slow to exicute and if block slows to recover.
Rate ****

Demon Thurst:

a Powerful Punch that push the opponent foward when hit. Its has good range
but slower speed to exicute and done. You can also thurst far when Counter hit, 
But if you are not to close to your opponent it will stun them. Its uses is for
combos and wave dash
Rate ****

Gut Punch:

kazuya hits his opponent at the mid section of his/her body. If hit by this 
move will just push foward the opponent, but if is on Counter hit it will 
stun the opponent. Its uses are for throws, special moves, combos and juggles.
One of Kazuya's reiable move.
Rate ****

Overhead Donkey Punch:

Kazuya hits his opponent on the head. This move give a slight stun on the 
opponent when guard. This move is use to some stun guard poke or what ever.
Rate **

Corpse Slash Punch:

Kazuya hits his opponent in a hook punch. This move pushes away the opponent
sideward. Its pretty good when comes to speed and the damage on the opponent,
the downside is that this move can be block
Rate ***

Kazuya's Gut Punch: 

A tekken 2 Gut punch. If Kazuya hit his opponent at the mid section of his/her
body. If hit by this move will just push forward the opponent, but on counter
hit will stun the opponent. the difference of this move and the normal gut is 
that, a gut punch can stun opponent on counter hit while Kazuya's gut punch
can stun opponent on counter hit and if you stand at the opponent in a non to
close distance you'll stun them. Its use are for throws, special moves, combos
and juggles.
Rate ****

Rising Sun: 

Its consist of a jumping spin kick, hellsweep and a spining kick at the mid 
section of the opponents body. Its easy to block and if block at the hellsweep 
part on this combo it will just make kazuya open of a juggle. NOT RECOMENDED
Rate *

Split Axe Kick:

Kazuya do his axe kick on the left side. Before many people think this move is 
useless, but it is pretty useful. If it hits the opponent it will just do a 
slight bounce. Its good for connecting things,but this move is the starter.
Rate ****

Tsunami Kick:

Kazuya do a double axekick to his opponent. Its a one of the usesful move of Kaz.
Its exicution of move is pretty fast and the damage is good. Its good for juggle,
Okizeme,combos and wavedash.
Rate ****

Some of the moves will be put in the next update sorry ^_^ 
Juggle & Stunners













[non CH]wgf,1,wgf

[non CH]wgf,1,D+F,4,4

[CH]WR+2,WGF or D+F,4,4


WS+2, d/f+2, 3,1, d/f+1,f+2 

WS+2, ewgf, 1, f,f, 1, tgf,3 

wgf CH, U/F,4, d/f+1,f+2 

WS+2, d/f+2, f,N,d,d/f,f+4, 1, wgf 

f,N,d,d/f+3 [close wall], 1, f,f, 1, f,f, 1, d/f+1,f+2 

wgf CH, 1, b+3,1, f,N,d,d/f,f+4,4 

b+4 CH, 1, f,f, 1, f,f, 1, f,f, 1, wgf 

wgf CH, f,f, 1, ewgf, 1, f,f, wgf 

WS+2, tgf [close wall], 1, tgf,3 

WGF, 1, 1, Wgf, wall, Wgf, wall, d/f+2, wall, d+4

CH df+2, WGF, WGF, f,F+1, WGF

ws+2, d/f+2, 3, 1, d/f+2~f+1. 

ws+2, df+2, 2,1, df+1,f+2 

Some moves are coming soon!!!

Strategy for computer 

When I play to the computer I usually wait for an open attack this is 
the characters
[some of them are coming soon OK]


when he do his Phoenix smasher "QCF 2" you know just side step or is hit 
do the Tumble Knockback Recovery "B" then if he attack just block and KNOW 
his 10 hit combos so that after that you cant WGF him and juggle his


She usually do his Phoenix stance and do some attack so I usually do is to 
wait for her to attack and do a juggle or hellsweep if don’t be fool by her
stance cause it can kill you


he do the move "3,3" in tekken 3 its only "3,3" now its "3,4" its very trick
specially I have a bad arcade days and just this move can kill me
then do the "d,3+4"its cant do a combo like in tekken tag


his like Hworang but only hands not feet do you know wat I mean so I usually do
is to also find an open and do kazuya fast move like Shinning fist "1,1,2"
because Steve has fast hands and can kill a slow reaction players


She is just like Eddy in tekken 3 all of her moves are in front side steps 
for her is only in little so just block up and down and she is no as fast as
eddy k


This Taekwando Student of Baek has already Baek's moves like the chop and some
kick are like in Steve that can hurt people bay punching and hwoarang by kicking
so I advise that if he kick you block and use like in Steve Kazuya's fast
moves so that you can win


king now is like a wwf wrestler so if he grapple you with his multiple grapple
just crouch because it he cannot grab you then use kazuya's gut punch or twin
piston then a kick for a juggle king usually do is his ten hit combo so block
and if there is a opportunity take it


his moves are like Forest law in tekken 3 and the Strategy of the AI is like 
also in tekken 3 but little more smarter he do is his somersault but some times
he jugs like a human I don’t know why so I do is if he do the "d,3+4"thing then
when he gets up do is I WGF him then 1,WGF law is also fast so be careful :)


He has King's SS but instead of a grab he just smash you and he has also mount
punch so I do is wait for an opportunity and go for it the vale tudo stance
of Craig is still little unknown for me because i did not see all Craig’s 
moves[wait for the update OK]


His a LOT different in Tekken 3 and Tag and his style of being the fastest in
Tekken is change. He now a Powerful Character so if he do his Laser Canon and
Wind Hook Fist I don’t know if right name of that launcher just block cause 
computer know already juggles and he is powerful so do be careless his combo 
like the Blazing Fire Demon Rush is more powerful than Kazuya's and if hit you'll
be paralyze then hit some more. That  -TOOOOOOOOOT-


Yes Violet or Lee whatever he uses his kick all the time like his D,4,4,4,4,4 its
very hard to block his move cause his move is not quite strong damage singlely but
and he do is like Paul's f,f,3,4 its some time hits me and he is very aggressive
computer I don’t know y but his reaction time is fast after a move another move was
executed so I use my eyes to block and wait for a little opening as I said that his 
reaction was fast so I use Shining Fist or just 1,1 then WGF [not connected but
a fake to the comp.

Some other character are coming soon ^_^

Strategy for an human opponent

[REMEMBER this do not let the opponent gut you cornered]


human's also do the Phoenix smasher to there opponent and the WS 2 and do a juggle
with a ten hit string watch out for this moves computer are dumb but humans don’t
and if use the Phoenix smasher just sidestep if hit by accident move our joy stick 
back so that you be up with our knees


the strategy of human player for now is like in Tekken tag so while she is back 
she can kick you and go with a juggles and she is small so when she do the Phoenix
stance then wait for her move I had a mistake that when she do the Phoenix Stance 
I do the WGF she attack me and boom I was damage and the advantage wag hers but I 
win because I got her by my Tsunami kick I thought I was a goner


human players just do is his kick then the sky rocket so my advice is just wait for 
his moves and attack you must be patient cause little carelessness can go with a 
sorry because this is only characters that I had a fight on wait for my updated version

Credit/final words

some of the info is still not complete because of lack of players playing different
character here so some are coming soon  hope you'll wait and I hope help you 
by giving this guide. Hey this guide is for guides but if you want to be a very
good player in Tekken just practices even if you are studying just have time I know 
you can do it so any question just email me at Kazuya_ttt@yahoo.com. If you did not
appreciate my cause "its a joke" or "What’s this player so SIMPLE no Fancy juggles or 
any thing?" or "Im a Tekken god" hmmm... I play Tekken cause of its great gameplay
and cool graphics or moves. I don’t laugh people who are a bad player Because they 
play not for glory and honor [Karate kid...] they have fun playing it and sometimes
addicted to it. So please if you find my faq just a joke you are mean and forget 
what your main objective of playing it. For new players or having hard time on 
Kazuya I hope my Faq help you. Thank you ^_^   

Sorry its not yet complited cause I had to do something eles. Just wait for my
next update.

I like to thank 

catlord-for using his move list thank you very much ^_^

Carlo and Paolo Faller and all my friends and also 
Reikaze,CJ or D,Remi,Aaron[sa sm] and ect...you know who u are the street fighter3
MSF's hehehehe ^_^, and also "the MAFIA" [Merckx,Aaron,Billy,Angelo,JC,
Sam,Linuel, and Me!!!] my friends my classmate "but they are not into video 
game and they are very good friend"Thanx for there support

" Be cool and you will be Good " -=[!?]=- " The D3vil Eji Sign "

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