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Steve by Sheng Wan / LAU

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/19/2001

Steve Fox Beginner FAQ

by Stevenson Lau (LAU) and Sheng Wan (Juniormint)

v.1.2 - updated movelists with translated names from tekkenzaibatsu.com


This document is Copyright (c) Stevenson Lau and Sheng Wan 2001, all rights
reserved. This document may not be altered in any way.

Some move names were taken from Catlord's Tekken 4 movelist while others were taken
from www.tekkenzaibatsu.com. If any information is taken from this faq for another faq 
then credit should be given to both Catlord's faq, tekkenzaibatsu and us.

This document can be used for promotional and/or profitable purposes only if
formal consent is obtained from either Stevenson Lau or Sheng Wan and proper credit 
is given to the authors.

All aspects of Tekken 4 used in this document are Copyright (c) 2001 Namco
Limited. All rights reserved.


This faq is geared towards people who are familiar with Tekken concepts and
vocabulary as the 1234 button numbering system is in use for the entire document. 
For those of youwho are new to Tekken we will provide a brief overview of the 
connotations used in this faq later. The purpose of this faq is to provide a 
fundamental understanding of Steve Fox,who many already regard as 
the most powerful and interesting new character thus far.

Steve is one of the fastest characters in Tekken 4 with great close to mid 
range pokes,effective wake up games and a set of sway dodges that have immense 
potential. As far as character innovation goes Steve is at the forefront of 
Namco's continuous ingenuity. His moves are mainly punches with a few kick moves 
that are mostly restricted to grounded positions. Add this to his sway system and 
you have a character who can constantly dodge and weave while unleashing very 
fast high priority punches. One thing that Steve is seriously lacking however
is an effective long range game so focus should be distancing him at close 
to mid range to optimize his effectiveness.

Stevenson and I have played Steve for a combined total of 20 hours during 
the first week that the game was released in Hong Kong. This faq is a beginners' 
introduction to Steve. We do not claim to have found everything for him, that is 
up to the Tekken community. Nor do we claim that everything tested by us as written 
in this faq is set in stone. We will tell you that we personally tested everything 
that is documented here on Tekken 4 machines in Hong Kong. Whether or not the machines 
are different from those in America as regarding to version A and B we do not know. 
However we expect Steve to remain relatively the same because he was toned
down considerably from test and he is now very balanced and not as overpowered
as before. If you have anything to add to this faq then please contact us at
shengdogg@yahoo.com or stevensonlau@hotmail.com and we will add it to the faq.

Ok enough of the attempts to cover our asses, on with the faq. The faq will 
be structured like this:

I.	Systems Guide
II. 	Movelist
III.	Move Descriptions
IV.	Sway system
V.	Juggles

I. System Guide

Button Mapping - In Tekken related faqs there is a code system which assigns
each of the four buttons a number. For those of you who are new to Tekken the 
system is like this:

left punch 	= 1
right punch 	= 2
left kick 	= 3
right kick 	= 4

Also joystick movements are abbreviated as follows:

forward		= f
back		= b
down		= d
up		= u
whilestanding	= ws (this is motion from full crouch to standing by letting 
		      go of joystick)

You can combine these abbreviations for diagonals such as db which means
diagonally down and backwards and etc.

So for instance a move is listed as f,f+2, that means the move is performed 
as forward, forward plus right punch.

Also we use the term body length in this faq to connote distance. A body 
length is equal to the body length of an average character like law and steve, 
laid horizontally of course.

This is a very simple overview of the connotations used in tekken faqs, if 
you want to learn the more complicated movements like crouch dash, techroll, and 
other technical Tekken stuff then we suggest you go take a look at Catlord's excellent 
overview in his Tekken 4 movelist at

II. Movelist


(2+4_F+2+4) 	front Clinch 			{2}   
 = 1    	Clinch Hammer  			{2}   
 = 2    	Clinch Tornado  		{2}   
 = 3    	Left Push    			--
 = 4    	Right Push   			--
f,f+1+2 	front Swordfish Stretch 	{1+2}   
Flicker b+1+2 	front Griffon 25 		{1+2}   
1+3+(u_d_b_f) 	any Position Change 		{1}   
(F+2+4_2+4) 	left Clinch 			{1}  
(F+2+4_2+4) 	right Clinch 			{2} 
(F+2+4_2+4) 	back Hellfire Rage  		--


1,f+1 			Jab - Body Blow 		hm   
1,1,f+1 		Twin Jabs 			hhm   
1,1,2 			Lightning Combo 		hhh   
1,2,1,2 		British Edge 			hhhm (Juggles)
1,2,1,d+2 		British Edge Low 		hhhl   
1,2,1[~B] 		Short Edge - [Flicker] 		hhh   
d/f+1 			Left Upper 			m   
 = ~b+(3_4_3+4) 	= Sway 
 = ~(3_4)  		= Left Weave or Right Weave    
 = ~(f_F)+(3_4_3+4)  	= Ducking or Extended Ducking    
d/f+1,2 		Upper Combo 			mh 
d/f+1,2,2 		Upper Feint Combo 		mm
d/f+1,2,1[~B] 		Upper Feint Hook - [Flicker] 	mh 
d/f+1,2,1+2 		Upper Feint Twin Jabs 		mhh   
d+1 [~B] 		Quick Hook - [Flicker] 		h
WS+1,2 			Rising Upper - Eagle Claw 	mm
f,f+1 [~B] 		Brit Smash - [Flicker] 		m   
d/f+1+2 		Sonic Fang   			mm 
f+1+2 			Heart Break Shot 		m
2,1,2 			Quick British Edge 		hhh (Juggles)
2,1,d+2 		Quick British Edge Low 		hhl   
2,1 			Quick Short 			hh   
 = ~B  			= Flicker
 = ~b+(3_4_3+4)  	= Sway 
 = ~(3_4)  		= Left Weave or Right Weave 
 = ~(f_F)+(3_4_3+4)  	= Ducking or Extended Ducking   
2,2 			Straight - Body Hook 		hm   
2,1+2 			Straight - Twin Jabs 		hhh   
d+2~1 			Feint Eagle 			m   
d+2~1,2 		Feint Eagle Claw 		mm 
d+2,1,f+2 		Eagle Hook 			lmh
d+2~1,f+2 		Feint Eagle Hook		mh
d/f+2 			Right Upper 			m 
 = ~b+(3_4_3+4)  	= Sway -- --   
 = ~(3_4)  		= Left Weave or Right Weave 
 = ~(f_F)+(3_4_3+4)  	= Ducking or Extended Ducking   
(d/b_FC,d/b)+2 		Cutting Hook 			L (hits grounded)  
f,f+2 			Eagle Claw 			m   
d/b+3 			Stomp Step   			L (hits grounded)
d+1 [~b] 		Quick Hook - [Flicker] 		L
2~f 			Punch Parry    
 = f+1  		= Eagle Upper 			m
3+4 			Forward Spin   
3 			Left Sway Stance   
4 			Right sway Stance    
f+(3_4_3+4) 		Ducking   
F+(3_4_3+4) 		Extended Ducking    
b+(3_4_3+4) 		Back Sway Stance    
(b+1+2_1+2) 		Flicker

Sway qcb,f+2 		Hellfire    			Unblockable

Flicker Stance - (1+2)_(b+1+2)
1,1,1,2 		Spit Fire Combo 		hhhm
1,f+1 			Spit Fire Hammer 		hm
1<(u_d)+1 		Spit Fire Hook			hh   
2 			Eagle Hook 			m   
b+2 			Trident Lunge  			h
3 			Left Sway   
4 			Right Sway   
F+(3_4_3+4) 		Extended Ducking   
3+4 			Forward Spin    
b+3+4 			Back Sway    

Left Sway Stance - 3
1,1 			Twin Gut Hook 			mm
1 [~B] 			Gut Hook - [Flicker] 		m
2 			Short Shoulder 			m
b+3 			Back Sway    
f+3 			Extended Ducking   
4 			Right Sway   
 = ~F  			= Dash   
    = 1_2    		= Dash Blow 			m   

Right Sway Stance - 4
1 			Short Shoulder 			m
2 			Atomic Blow 			m
b+4 			Back Sway  
f+4 			Extended Ducking   
3 			Left Sway 
 = ~F  			= Dash   
    = 1_2    		= Dash Blow 			m

Back Sway Stance - b+(3_4_3+4)
1               Overhead Punch				m
2               Limbo Uppercut *Stuns*			m
3		Left Sway
4		Right Sway
F+(3_4_3+4)	Extended Ducking

Ducking or Low Ducking Stance - (f_F)+3+4
1 			Gazelle Punch 			m
2 			Sea Hawk Upper 			m (Juggles)
f+2 			Sea Hawk Hook 			h
3 			Left Sway   
4 			Right Sway  
F+(3_4_3+4) 		Extended Ducking   
b+(3_4_3+4) 		Back Sway 

1+2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1   tenstring			mmmmmmmmmm

Forward Spin - 3+4
~[U_D]          	Sidestep Spin
  1             	Straight Left   *Stuns on CH*   m
  (d+1)         	Low Punch                       L (hits grounded)
2               	Straight Right  *Stuns on CH*	m
d+2             	Low Punch			L (hits grounded)

III. Move Descriptions

1,2,1,2_d+2 - This is probably the first string that you will use for Steve. 
The first 3 punches are very fast but all hit high. You can choose from a mid hitting
uppercut ender that juggles (2) or a low sweep punch (d+2) If the first 1 counterhits
then the rest is NOT guaranteed. The d+2 sweep will knock opponents off of their feet but
there are no juggle opportunities afterwards becaue they will knocked a full bodylength
back. Overall a good string to use on people when the game first comes out but after a
while people will start to block the d+2 which is slower than the d+4 ender to 
white heron. Keep in mind there's also the 2,1,2 and 2,1,d+2 which does the same job.

db+2/FC,db+2 - Same sweep punch from the British Edge string. Decent speed, as fast as
Law's db+4 with about half a bodylength of range. Will hit grounded  opponents so
use it okizeme too.

1,1,2 - Similiar in movement to Kaz's 112 but the 2 hits high and does not knock 
down and the string isn't guranteed to to hit if 1 counterhits. Use 1,1 by itself as 
a fast poke tool, but overall not much use for this string.

ws+1<2 - Very fast startup from crouch, good ws move following a db1. If ws+1
connects then 2 hits also, similiar in properties to Hwoarang's ws+4,4. After it connects 
it will leave opponents in crouch with a bit of stun, not long enough for any possible
continuation. Keep in mind that this move is delayable, the ws+1 looks similar to d/f+1,
delaying the 2 on block can be helpful.

df+1+2 - Overhead punch followed by uppercut. Very fast startup, uppercut 
will hit if first punch connects. Knocks down opponent leaving them in face down heads 
towards position. You can run up and follow up with db+2 for okizeme or d+2,1,f+2 if they 
try to roll. Overall very useful move as counterattack against whiffed moves or after 
blocking a long recovery move from the opponent. However it does have a punishable recovery 
time if blocked so don't just whip it out carelessly.

f+1+2 - Slow start up but one full bodylength range mid punch that stuns on regular hit. A
ducking stance, 2 is possible after the stun leading to a big damage combo. 
It is deceptive because he leans back at first and then punches with his entire arm length, 
it will catcha lot of people off guard but it has horrible recovery time so don't abuse it.

f,f+2 - Decent speed advancing overhead punch that knocks down opponents 
into face down heads towards position. Good retaliation move and also fast enough to be 
used as a deathfist type move. Follow up with db+2 for more damage, also keep in mind 
Steve's deadly wakeup game.

d+2,1,f+2 - One of Steve's best strings, the first punch is a low hit followed by a mid
hit uppercut and ends with a high hit hook punch. The full string is useful in
juggles and for picking up opponents as they are trying to get up from ground, works on
Christie's relaxed position also. As a regular string however you should omit the last 
f+1+2 as it hits high and can be easily ducked. d+2,1 by itself is a very good poke string, 
the d+2 has decent speed and it hits low, followed up by a mid hitting fast recovery 
uppercut (1). Think of this as like King's d1n2 but with the first hit hitting low.

3+4 - The forward spin is worth mentioning, I personally find it work pretty 
well on wakeup when the opponent is quite far. The 3+4,2 on counter hit will stun 
the opponent and good enough to follow up with any of your favorite juggles, I personally 
use d/f+1,2,1+2,d/f+1+2 after a counter hit 3+4,2. I say it's good on wakeup because 
3+4,2 hits mid, 3+4,d+2 hits low and hits ground. 3+4,(D_U)+1 might catch someone who 
decided to roll or retaliate after they see the end of 3+4.

d/f+1,2 - This move is pretty decent poke. If the first hit connects the 
second is guarentee. The real power comes from d/f+1,2,1 where the second hit on block 
it turns  your opponent a bit. The d/f+1,2,1 if the second hit is counter it'll work like 
counter hit d+1. Also take a look at the other varitions of d/f+1,2,(command).

IV. Sway System

This section consist of moves going into sway and general sway switch. The  sway system
definately is more advance than what's below but it's a good start.

First I'll point out the moves that get into sway type of stance instantly.

1,2,1~B -> Flicker
1,2,1,3 -> Left Sway
1,2,1,4 -> Right Sway
1,2,1,b+(3_4_3+4) -> Back Sway
1,2,1,(f_F)+(3_4_3+4) -> Ducking or Low Duck

1,2,1,2,3 -> Left Sway
1,2,1,2,4 -> Right Sway
1,2,1,2,b+(3_4_3+4) -> Back Sway
1,2,1,2,(f_F)+(3_4_3+4) -> Ducking or Low Duck

2,1~B -> Flicker
2,1,3 -> Left Sway
2,1,4 -> Right Sway
2,1,b+(3_4_3+4) -> Back Sway
2,1,(f_F)+(3_4_3+4) -> Ducking or Low Duck

2,1,2,3 -> Left Sway
2,1,2,4 -> Right Sway
2,1,2,b+(3_4_3+4) -> Back Sway
2,1,2,(f_F)+(3_4_3+4) -> Ducking or Low Duck

d+1~B -> Flicker

f,f+1~B-> Flicker

3,1~B -> Flicker

d/f+1,2,1~B -> Flicker

d/f+2,3 -> Left Sway
d/f+2,4 -> Right Sway
d/f+2,b+(3_4_3+4) -> Back Sway
d/f+2,(f_F)+(3_4_3+4) -> Ducking or Low Duck

d/f+1,2,3 -> Left Sway
d/f+1,2,4 -> Right Sway
d/f+1,2,b+(3_4_3+4) -> Back Sway
d/f+1,2,(f_F)+(3_4_3+4) -> Ducking or Low Duck

Flicker,1~B -> Flicker

Here's the cool part about sways.

Generally you can get into any of the sways, the ducking stance and the 
forward spin through flicker. Meaning doing something like b+1+2,3 will 
first step back into flicker stance than go into left sway.This isn't 
it, it actually much more than that because there are some moves that will 
ONLY go into flicker but not the sways. For example d+1~B. If you want to go 
immediately from d+1 to low duck you can simply do d+1~B,F+3.

Another thing that's special about sway is that you can switch from one 
sway to another sway. For example you can do b+3,3,1 which will be switching 
from back sway to left sway into a left shot. However this isn't it if you 
just hold onto 3 or 4 and move your joystick f and b you'll notice you 
switch stance as well. Meaning you don't have to do 3,b+3,f+3 you can simply 
do [3],b,f instead for the same result. This can be extremely useful if 
you want to do something like F+3,4,2 something like this will get you from 
low duck which closes in on your opponent then immediately switch into the 
shorter range right hook shot.

Finally the switching the sway will also get you into a new stance if 
you switch directly from left to right sway. Like 3,4 once you do that 
you're in some type of left and right weave. At the beginning it'll seem you 
can't do anything from the left or the right sway unlike the other stance where 
you can switch freely and none of the moves change. But the truth is if you 
hold your joystick forward you'll notice Steve will continue doing his 
weaving left and right. And if you do f+1 or f+2 he'll do a mid hitting hook 
shot which looks different compare with the normal hook shots (3,1 or 4,2). 
If you do 3,4,[F],1,2,1,2 he'll first go into left sway the right if you 
hold forward he then go back to the left with the left hook shot then, when 
press 2 it'll be the right hook shot, then left, then right. Once again i 
would like to mention these are different and are currently NOT in the 
movelist yet but expect them to be up in our next update. These hits are pretty 
good, but i haven't tested them enough to be sure of their real power. But I 
can tell you they do decent damage and to a crumple stun on counter. If you 
want to stop this continuous left and right weave simply let your joystick 
back to neutral you'll immediately go back to normal stance. Which from 
there you can kinda buffer any stance, sway, spin, duck, etc, if you like.

Here's an example of a custom string involving with lots of sway stuff. 
3,1~B->Flicker,f+3,4,3,F+2,N,3+4,2 basically this will start of with 
left sway into a left hook then go into flicker, and cancel flicker with 
ducking, cancel that into right sway, and then weave to left, continue the 
weaving with a right "special" hook shot, get out of weaving by joystick to 
neutral follow by a forward spin into a straight shot. Hm... seriously this is 
just an example i thought up right now... the actual use i'm really not 

That's it for sway section right now. Expect more on sway system.

V. Juggles

(ducking stance, 2) 1, 1,2,1,2
(ducking stance, 2) 1,2, 1,2,1,d+2
(ducking stance, 2) 1,1,1, f,f+1
(ducking stance, 2) df+1,2,1, df+1+2
(ducking stance, 2) df+1,2,1+2, df+1+2
(ducking stance, 2) 1,2,1, df+1+2
(ducking stance, 2) 1,2, d2,1,f+1+2

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