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Secrets Guide by Gene

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/30/2002

Rez Secrets FAQ v1.2 (5/30/02) by Gene
Rez (PS2)
1 Player 
1 Disc (CD-ROM)
Genre: Midnight Hi Shooting 
Memory: 54 Kbytes

Rez (DC)
1 Player
1 Disc (GD-ROM)
Genre: Midnight Hi Shooting
Memory: 9 Blocks
Mouse, Arcade stick support

1)  Introduction
2)  Frequently Asked Questions
3)  Unlocking Secrets
     3.1)  Completing the game
     3.2)  Unlocking Secrets
     3.3)  Scoring Tips
4)  Appendix / Et Cetera

1) Introduction
This is a FAQ for the Playstation 2 and Dreamcast game, Rez.  It was 
released on 11/22/2001, in Japan.  It will be released in North America early 
in 2002.

This FAQ will only deal with unlocking the secrets in the game.  Furthermore,
it will only cover the Japanese versions.  I will not have access to any other
version, so do not email me about it.

2) Frequently Asked Questions
Q) Can I play it without much knowledge of Japanese?
A) Yes.  The game is completely in English.  It detects the language setting
   of your system and displays the language accordingly.  

Q) What is the Transvibrator?
A) The Transvibrator is an external rumble pack that connects in the PS2's USB
   port.  There is no Transvibrator for the Dreamcast.  However, it is not
   required to play the game; it only enhances play.  There were two PS2 
   versions made for the PS2: A Transvibrator included special version, and 
   one without.  The Transvibrator was made by ASCII, not Sega.  It was also 
   sold separately by ASCII themselves.  It may not be released for the PS2 
   version in America.

Q) Where are the extra songs(music tracks) in the game?
A) Lost Area and Trancemission

Q) Can you unlock the extra areas in Travelling mode?
A) It doesn't seem like there is any way to play the extra modes in Travelling
   mode, yet.

Q) Is there a sound test or jukebox code?
A) None yet.

3) Unlocking Secrets
There are many secrets to be unlocked over time.  Most of them require that you
complete a certain task.  However, some of them are unlocked over time.  

3.1) Completing the game
There are five areas in the basic game.  Only four areas are selectable at the
start.  You must unlock the fifth area.  After completing the first four areas,
you will unlock Score Attack for each area.  After completing the fifth area, 
you will unlock Beyond Mode (Lost Area), Beyond Mode (Direct Assault) and Score 
Attack Area 5.

3.2) Unlocking Secrets
Here is the list of the secrets and how to unlock them.  Each one must be played
in a certain mode.  Play mode means the regular Play mode accessed from the 
main menu.  Other secrets are unlocked from Score Attack and Direct Assault.

Play Mode
Unlock Area 2                        Clear Area 1 (Play mode)
Unlock Area 3                        Clear Area 2
Unlock Area 4                        Clear Area 3
Unlock Area 5                        Clear Area 1-4 (100% Clear)

Score Attack Mode
Unlock Area 1                        Clear Area 1 (Play mode)
Unlock Area 2                        Clear Area 2 
Unlock Area 3                        Clear Area 3
Unlock Area 4                        Clear Area 4
Unlock Area 5                        Clear Area 5

Beyond Mode
Unlock Direct Assault - Normal       Clear Area 5 (Play mode)
Unlock Direct Assault - Ambient      Clear Direct Assault - Normal (or once)
Unlock Direct Assault - Punk         Clear Direct Assault - Ambient (or twice)
Unlock Direct Assault - Oldschool    Clear Direct Assault - Punk (or 3x)
Unlock Direct Assault - Psychedelic  Clear Direct Assault - Oldschool (or 4x)
Unlock Direct Assualt - Trance       Clear Direct Assault - Psychedelic (or 5x)
Lost Area                            Clear Area 5 (Play mode)
                                      or Play time over 5 hours
Trancemission                        Rank 1st (Lost Area)
Boss Rush                            Area 1-5 Shot down > 95%

Beyond Mode Options
Player Select
 Zero Form                           Unlocked with Second Form
 Second Form                         Any Area Shot down 100% (Play mode)
                                      / Play time over 5 hours
 Third Form                          Any 2 areas Shot down 100% (Play mode)
                                      / Play time over 6 hours
 Fourth Form                         Any 3 areas Shot down 100% (Play mode)
                                      / Play time over 7 hours
 Fifth Form                          Any 4 areas Shot down 100% (Play mode)
                                      / Play time over 8 hours
 Final Form                          Any 5 areas Shot down 100% (Play mode)
                                      / Play time over 9 hours
 Morolian Form                       Area 1-5 Shot down, Item capture 100% (Play mode)
                                      / Play time over 10 hours
Immortal                             Clear all Direct Assault modes
Beam Type 1                          Clear Score attack more than 5 times
Beam Type 2                          Clear Score attack more than 10 times
Beam Type 3                          Clear Score attack more than 15 times
Beam Type 4                          Clear Score attack more than 20 times
Beam Type 5                          Clear Score attack more than 25 times
Beam Type 6                          Clear Score attack more than 30 times
Overdrive Infinity                   Rank 1st (Boss Rush)
Camera View            
 Near view                           Rank 1st Area 2 (Score attack mode)
 Far view                            Rank 1st Area 3 (Score attack mode)
 Dynamic view                        Rank 1st Area 4 (Score attack mode)
 First Person view                   Rank 1st Area 5 (Score attack mode)

3.3) Scoring Tips
- Chain together as many kills as possible.  
- Missile are typically worth 10 points by themselves, but if they're chained 
  in with other kills, the multiplier makes them worth the effort.
- Go to the Options area and enable Point Display.  This way you can see what 
  is worth the most points and concentrate your chains on them.  (Note that 
  Point Display only works on areas that track your score.)
- Learn the patterns.  Almost everything in Rez comes in waves that are a 
  square root of 2.  For example, most enemies come in waves of 2, 4, or 8.  
  Try to chain them all together to get the most points.
- When overwhelmed by enemies, use an Overdrive.  Do not use an Overdrive for 
  just a few ships; it should be incredibly busy on the screen before you 
  press the Overdrive button.  Additionally, using the Overdrive at the proper 
  time will yield another Overdrive as a reward.
- In large groups of missiles (the boss on Area 3 for example), look for 
  missiles that are either flashing or are slightly different colored than the 
  normal missiles.  These are the ones that can hurt you.  The rest are free 
  points (if you hit them).
- Go out of your way to get all the Support Items you can.  Most Support Items 
  make themselves apparent after you kill every ship in a wave of similar 
  enemies or after killing a particularly difficult enemy.  The Support Items 
  give you both points and special abilities (like Overdrive).  Use them 
- If you shoot down 98% or more during the 10 layer levels, you get a more 
  difficult boss.  Additionally, you get a lot more points for killing the boss.  
  For example, instead of 10,000 for the first boss, you get 20,000.

4) Appendix / Et Cetera
Sega Homepage: www.sega.co.jp (Japan)
UGA Homepage: www.u-ga.com
Rez Homepage: www.u-ga.com/rez/

This FAQ is not associated with Sega, UGA, ASCII or any of their products either 
software or hardware.  The respective companies retain all copyrights of their 
products mentioned in this FAQ.

Feel free to email any advice or suggestions!  Due to time constraints, do 
not expect a reply on email.

Thanks to all those who posted on the GameFAQs Rez boards and emailed me about
my mistakes.  Thanks to Kevin Rice (sbddsl@swbell.net) for additional info and 
the scoring tips.

--  5/30/02 Gene(intv@canada.com)

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