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A big steaming pile of boring gameplay and ridiculous difficulty 10/19/02 Canadian Guy
It' ok..........Save your money for Red Faction 2 10/15/02 charles25
A great game, a good sequel but still not perfect. 10/29/02 Col
The smash-hit sequel is here. TS2 is great 03/01/04 Cold NRG
Best Shooter for PS2 to date 10/11/02 CycloReaper
As much fun as a barrel full of monkeys, you can even play as one 10/28/02 danwheeler
...Timesplitters 2 or Red Faction 2? After playing this, there isn't really any question left. 10/13/02 Dark Shadow X
Time to Split to the Shops and BUY THIS! 10/19/02 DeMoN DARREN
TimeSplitters 2 is a worthy sequel to... 10/14/02 Devbinks
You come for the game, you stay for the nostalgia. 10/11/02 Ezekial Rage
Reasons to buy Timesplitters 2 10/21/02 fizban7
A credit to the FPS genre 10/28/02 Hellfire X
It's good, but does it beat GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark? 10/10/02 Icy Guy
Better Than The Original 10/26/02 Jagstang
The perfect game to beat GoldenEye and Perfect Dark. 10/18/02 Katana Mantis
Timesplitters 2 is back! Bigger! Better! Faster! 12/11/02 R 109
It's not perfect, but it's darn close 10/13/02 Rooster349
"If you have a PS2 and love first-person shooters, you'd look pretty dumb if you don't have TS2." 10/24/02 ryanzb
TimeSplitters 2 lives up to the hype! 10/14/02 scrubking
Stop reading this review and buy TimeSplitters 2 12/08/02 silent hillian
Best shooter on the PS2? 10/16/02 t b o n e
Better than the original, indeed. BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE ONLINE PLAY!! 11/26/02 taelusramza1337
TS2 for the PS2, nothing really, can beat you! 11/27/02 The Big Bomb
It improved almost 100%! 09/01/10 tiago92
Better than Halo? Almost. 10/13/02 Version 2

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