How do I get past Robot Factory on normal?

  1. It's just so HARD!!!! Me and my brother get pretty far but it's IMPOSSIBLE!!!! IF ANYONE CAN HELP, PLEASE DO SO!!!!!!!!

    User Info: coolcole9155

    coolcole9155 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Ah ha ha! Yes of course! There's a great way to clear this, but it does feel a little cheap. You know that room near the start with the laser tripwire? It's possible to switch it on and off (I think.... it's been a while), and it's definately possible to sneak around the side.

    Progress through the level and when you get to an enemy (especially those slow heavy robots that don't seem to die) run like a pansy and hide around the corner behind the tripwire. The enemy will follow you, blunder straight through the laser and get toasted. You laugh and progress through the level.

    This works (I think) until the checkpoint. Make sure you have something good to read whilst you wait for them to stomp their way after you, because you'll be waiting a while for some of them. Don't worry about whether they'll follow you. As soon as you've triggered them they will make their way after you, even if it takes them a loooong time to catch up.

    But if you found THAT hard, wait until you get to Atom Smasher on hard!

    User Info: Paulo

    Paulo - 6 years ago 1 0

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