PlayStation 2 PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From MizuxHime (01/28/2009; 17KB) [Slot 3] Normal. First day on Destiny Islands, level 12. Midday leveling, took Staff and gave up Sheild.
  2. From dided21 (04/28/2008; 18KB) 100% Complete in Expert difficulty
  3. From Fuuinashi (11/14/2007; 18KB) 100% Completed At Final Rest, All sidequests, optional bosses and Colliseum done, All characters level 100 with best equipment, All weapons and Max munny, All characters have All Abilities equipped.
  4. From Asch The Hated (09/11/2007; 260KB) 15 saves leading to various cut-scenes and final battle against Ansem on "Normal" and "Expert" difficulty.
  5. From WilHiteWarrior (04/17/2010; 34KB) Two starter saves, normal and expert difficulty. Saved during prologue, have max stats and all items from beginning

PlayStation2 CodeBreaker Save (North America)

  1. From Squall_Potter (03/22/2007; 18KB) 100% Game Complete
  2. From rizegreymon33 (05/25/2012; 20KB) All chests opened, all weapons, all parties use Crystal Crown, Sora uses Ultima Weapon, Donald uses Save the Queen, and Goofy uses Save the King
  3. From Chaos Control (08/05/2007; 11KB) Start at final save point on Expert difficulty. Have many recovery items and best abilities.

PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (North America)

  1. From EzekialEnigma (01/12/2006; 20KB) 100% Complete, All Characters lvl 100, Max Munny, All Best Equipment on Each Character (Ultimate Weapons, Crystal Crowns, Gaia Bangles, Atlas Armlets)
  2. From Sintaku (12/08/2004; 14KB) Final Boss (All Side Quests Complete)
  3. From Sheva5566 (04/14/2005; 21KB) last stage, Found all the Dalmatians, All trinity mark, All Side Quests Completed, ultima weapon, no cheat
  4. From The Unheard Z (05/30/2005; 21KB) Mastered: Sephiroth, Kurt Zisa, and Phantom defeated, Sora at Level 100. Saved in the coliseum, and Sora has the Ultima Weapon equipped (Donald and Goofy have their respective ultimate weapons as well).

PlayStation2 SharkPort 2 Save (North America)

  1. From Unishiba (09/26/2002; 128KB) Everything completed. LV 100, Max STR, DEF, HP, MP, and AP. Max equippable slots. Ultimate Weapons, 99999 Munny, All Items. All final spells and summons. All Trinities, Ansem Reports, Torn Pages, 101 Dalmatians. All modes in Collisium, Secret Bosses etc.
  2. From sstrunks900 (10/28/2002; 128KB) Has Ultima Weapon and everything you need to get secret ending and very powerful characters
  3. From The SSJ Son Goku (09/23/2002; 128KB) Level 49, In the last world, Able to fight Sephiroth, Still haven't made Ultima Weapon.
  4. From Kaijuu (09/24/2002; 128KB) Sora at Level 100, 91371 munny, ultimate weapons, and everything completed for the secret ending.
  5. From AllSystemsGo (12/02/2002; 128KB) Start at Destiny Islands Day 1 at LV 50. No codes or gameshark codes were used in this save! The game clock is at 63 hours and 12 minutes. Chose Dusk leveling and +Staff, -Sheild.
  6. From BigRDawg18 (02/14/2003; 129KB) The Kingdom Hearts 500 Hit Challenge on Expert Mode. The following save is clocked at 22 Hours and 56 minutes at Destiny Island. Sora chose sword and gave up shield and starts at Level 36 with the Guard ability.

PlayStation2 X-Port Save (North America)

  1. From Darkloud (03/12/2007; 128KB) All items, weapons, magic and extras. Characters in lvl 99. 100% Complete!
  2. From CAHowell (05/26/2003; 128KB) Easy Difficulty at The Little Mermaid part
  3. From Xyton (02/02/2004; 128KB) Expert mode. Saved at the last save point with everything you need for the bonus movie. :D
  4. From Xyton (02/02/2004; 128KB) Expert mode. Saved in waterway the first time you're there.
  5. From Blitz Bolt (12/22/2003; 128KB) Has all magic, equipment, found all the Dalmatians, at coliseum, almost level 99 and just has to go to final dungeon.

PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (Japan)

  1. From salpreace22 (06/30/2005; 23KB) -FINAL MIX- save slot #4. Every Weapon Aquired, LV.100 At end, all movies unlocked
  2. From salpreace22 (06/30/2005; 23KB) -FINAL MIX- save slot #5, Exit Hercules Stadium to view Cloud Vs. Sephiroth scene! LV83. Also available to fight unknown at Hollow Bastion (LAST OPTION AREA UPON ARRIVAL)
  3. From hypersonicJD (08/17/2013; 23KB) Kingdom Hearts Final Mix 100% save game.

PlayStation2 SharkPort 2 Save (Japan)

  1. From CJayC (04/25/2002; 128KB) At final save point, all requirements met for bonus movie, all Trinity Marks, Sora's ultimate weapon

PlayStation 2 PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From zidane1982 (02/21/2010; 56KB) Kingdom hearts PAL 3 save all best weapons lot of mummy suped up gummi ships lvl 80ish final rest activated

PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (Europe)

  1. From dark_DevilDante (03/23/2007; 23KB) 100% unlocked, secret ending video available. Normal mode, save position 02, Sora LV074, 54:30h, all Keyblades inclusive Ultima Weapon
  2. From BigBadWolf11 (07/17/2008; 20KB) Saved at Final Rest. All Characters at Level 100 with Max Stats, all Worlds sealed, all Quests done, all Dalmatians and Trinities, all Gummi Blueprints, all Items and equipment. The Perfect Save!

PlayStation2 X-Port Save (Europe)

  1. From Gfk! (05/05/2003; 128KB) All Side Quests Completed
  2. From Vortex268 (06/04/2003; 128KB) Save inside Coliseum. Most abilities learned, all weapons available. All coliseum torunaments unlocked, all except 100 acre wood keyhole locked.
  3. From Gfk! (05/05/2003; 128KB) Saved just before final boss battles

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