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Review Title Posted Author Rating
This game is GOD 05/21/03 A B C
Utterly, reason-defyingly, unforgivably dire 09/04/04 AutoRock
An in-depth review of Kingdom Hearts 06/27/04 Bleuet
A Dirty Brown Sock Wrapped Up In Pretty Paper 01/21/03 Bobo The Clown
Once upon a time, Disney characters got their hearts ravaged by monsters of darkness 11/14/08 Ali_X_Rexus
A nerd's seven-year-old wet dream. 01/02/07 Archmonk Iga
A fabulous RPG designed for the creative mind 08/09/07 ashjenbff
Key to the Kingdom 02/23/03 Ashley Winchester
Squaresoft's Kingdom of nostalgia 08/13/04 Auron255
A Unique Addition to RPG History 04/18/06 azn_devil_kid
A crossover that raises the bar for future games 10/26/02 Badgerman
For the kiddies or for the RPG lovers? 09/27/02 BladedCamel
The kingdom of heart attacks. 11/29/03 Braben
Childish? Think again... 09/30/02 CChan
A cute game that brings back childhood memories 04/23/07 Chaos Control
Why battle heartless when you have the camera? 10/04/04 chaoticone
WARNING: May love Disney again after playing! 12/06/03 ChocoRider
This game has really got me thinking as to who Square's next teamup should be 09/19/02 Cluster Lights
Seriously, how often can you cross a kid who fights using a giant key with Sephiroth and Winnie the Pooh and get a good game? 08/21/06 Computerbug8
A beautiful amalgam of Disney and Final Fantasy 01/23/12 Crono09
The Square Soft Miracle, or: a fitting start for a great new series 04/13/07 darthjulian
Squaresoft and Disney: What could possibly go wrong? 01/03/05 DjSkittles
It's pretty, alright, but what about the game? 09/23/02 echoshifting
A whole new world. 10/03/05 eeyoreluv
Looks like Pooh really isn't Poo after all. 07/25/07 EJRICH
Thinking of you, wherever you are 03/31/14 FantasyMayDie
The perfect introductary RPG 07/30/04 Fein
An unlikely, but great collaboration... 03/25/03 Fraghappy
A masterpiece, a work of art! 04/10/03 Game Magician
With 'Kingdom Hearts', I don't know what I was fighting against more - the Heartless or the heartless camera... 02/09/03 Garbol Shora
It gets an extra point 'cause you get to play as Donald. 07/23/04 Halron2
WHAT?! Disney and Final Fantasy...TOGETHER?! 08/05/04 Hellgraves
Key to the Games 02/21/06 Hikusu
Unlocking the light 08/13/18 horror_spooky
Probably the best game I have ever played. 04/04/05 hriggs
Why play it? Question is, why not. 01/26/06 Hyperblade
"I've been having these weird thoughts is any of this real or not?" 01/26/04 jeronimo80204
A wonderful game, a lot better than others Action/Rpg's 08/28/03 Kaiden
This game could have been so good... 07/16/04 Karpah
You never know you'll run into next...or do you? 12/30/02 KasketDarkfyre
The start of an excellent series 02/22/10 KeyBlade999
Absolute king of RPGs this generation. 08/31/07 KFantasy017
The best PS2 game ever. 01/12/06 Kingdom_Hearts2
Unless you're a hardcore Disney fan, or you've run out of Square RPGs to play, Kingdom Hearts isn't for you. 08/30/06 Korubi
Beauty is only skin deep 10/31/02 luthien
I dedicate my left nut to the Devil, my right to God and the shaft to Voltron. 01/16/04 Mr. RPG
Are you dreaming? 03/31/05 Mykas0
Mind going back into your childhood? If not, you got to give a try to this game 07/31/04 mystic4life
I just can't believe this ! It's great ! 02/12/03 Mysticcat
A little Disney magic never hurt anyone 11/14/12 nastynate3118
A game you should really consider taking a look at! 03/22/04 Nebodashack
A Deep, Venerable, Timeless, Remarkable Exhibition Of A Flawless GEM!!! 07/20/09 OhSoSnake
Square and Disney in the same game? What could go wrong? 03/25/03 opium inferno
Mickey Mouse will Whoop Your Ass. This is Perfect. 07/01/04 passequalsfail
Sephiroth and Pooh in the same game? Count me in! 10/20/08 PentiumMMX
The Rise Of The Fan Fiction? Oh No!!!! - Kingdom Hearts Review 02/06/18 PheonixOverlord
One of the most beautiful games ever! 12/08/02 Pool Contaminator
What evey 2002 Nintendo game should have been. 12/10/02 Project Infinity
Kingdom Farts 10/28/03 Radiuju
A success more shocking than its concept 04/09/20 RageBot
My name is Squaresoft, nice to meet you Disney. Let us make beautiful children. 10/01/02 Railven
Kingdom Hearts.. Childish? No. Excellent? HELL YES! 08/11/02 Return of RPGMonkey
The poor unfortunate soul who doesn't have this game must buy it now. 03/12/04 ShadowGeenhx
Open Your Heart 11/14/05 ShadowGuardian9
For the younger audience, but was a great blend of Disney and FF 07/15/09 ShapeQuest
Don't be left in the dark by not playing this game 07/31/06 Shivan Reincarnated
Another overhyped game with a critical review 02/26/03 Sonic Nightmare
Like peanut butter and jelly, it's a weird combo but is still great. 02/01/05 strawhat
Disney Squared 02/10/03 superspi
There is darkness everywhere, and in this game there is some too... 05/01/04 TheDeadHeart
Kingdom Hearts is Gold 01/04/08 TheLastAvatar05
If the game wasn't an X-mashing excersize that gives its player motion sickness, it would be nearly perfect. 11/01/10 UltimaterializerX
Hopefully you can change your misconception of this game. 05/07/05 VillainC
This game puts the "G" in "Greatness" 05/16/04 X Ven0m X
Thus a Beautiful Relationship Between Square and Disney Begins. 07/06/04 Xeon417

Full Reviews

Review Title Posted Author Rating
My Childhood in Flames 08/01/12 BloodGod65
An excellent well structured cross-hydrid between Square and Disney 11/22/02 chandlerbing
The Best and Worst of Two Worlds. 09/19/02 cmiyc
Two powerhouses team up for an engaging action RPG 10/28/02 danwheeler
A fantastic game with one major flaw. 10/02/02 DEUStantus
Perfection. 10/14/02 DragonShadow
Wow, you didn't see this one coming did you? 11/24/02 Ender Wiggin
Not Perfect, but FAR better than I expected it to be!!! 09/29/02 Enigma548
Simple and Clean 01/03/17 erickashe
I'm normally not a fan of Action RPGs but this is an exception 05/11/03 Happybuddha311
Kingdom Hearts: Still Got It 04/22/11 Hollaback77
Here is an honest, un-biased review about a game that's not worth missing out on. 10/14/02 Idiot 101
Solid Disney and Final Fantasy Crossover 04/13/20 imagine606
Square and Disney . . . who would have thought? 05/08/02 Inspector Boyd
Kingdom Hearts, an outstanding RPG that is heartless at times. 07/07/08 KingContributor
I've got two words of advice for you: Buy This Game! 10/14/02 KrayzieGuy86
Flawed, but a good experience, nevertheless. 10/13/02 KungPaoChicken
The game I've waited all year! Is it truly worth it? 09/22/02 metalgear ray09
Okay, Call Me Nostalgic... 09/23/02 miked7770
Disney meets Squaresoft? Idea = Weird, Execution = Excellent! 10/26/02 MK15
SquareSoft and Disney team up to bring one of quite possibly the coolest games out there to date!!! 10/01/02 OrochiNagi EX
So much hype, so little game! 09/19/02 RossmanSnake
While Square may have stolen my idea just a bit, this is almost what I envisioned - in a Disney sort of way. 09/23/02 SabinRaijin
Kingdom of Bad Game Design and Milking Flagship Franchises 06/10/14 SatoshiMutou
This game has forever changed my opinion on Disney! 09/19/02 SpDawGG08
The start of one of the greatest video game series I have ever played. 08/03/12 unclehosh
Thus, Children step into the Light... 09/20/02 Will of Destruction

Quick Reviews

Review Title Posted Author Rating
Kingdom Hearts: The Zelda of PlayStation 2. 09/26/14 Asgardian724
An addictive game from a unique collaboration 12/18/02 ASX
Well, it was fun at the end. 09/25/08 beckonthemoon
Sqare, you've done FFX, now what? DISNEY!!! 06/26/03 CAHowell
A game I love 08/20/09 Cymery
In a word: Awesome 09/19/02 Dauragon C Mikado88
Square has managed to capture the magic of Disney and Square all in one game. 09/22/02 Deviljin3
Simply Mind-Blowing! 09/20/02 DiabloNeonX
I really love this game. It doesn't deserve a lot of the hate it gets. 07/10/09 Gnrl_Seanrogie
Childish but still amazing 04/16/08 josefmilo95
A perfect collaboration between two entertainment giants! 09/22/02 Katon
Just...Perfect 04/09/09 khsora15
Mixing Disney with Final Fantasy made one good game that should be played by all who own a PS2. 05/19/08 Lionheart08
Masterpiece 12/25/07 MasterMapleBoy
One of the MOST amazing gameplay experiences ever 09/20/02 Nyteguy
Wonderful game with a brilliant idea, though frustrating at times. 08/22/08 Poliwhirl811
The #1 Gaming Equation: Disney + Squaresoft = Success 02/04/08 radred2004
Eat your heart out 05/09/02 RayKnight
I Was Skeptical... I Made a Mistake. 05/24/10 redbuck
The best game I have ever played . . . 01/05/11 Sacklome
Wow. 09/19/02 squalldaman
One of the best games I've ever played! 06/23/02 Squared Soft
Disney and Squaresoft's joint effort was far from a mistake. 09/19/02 Terran
A game for the beautiful people 01/25/03 THAguyINgta3
From the halls of Hollow Bastion, To the dunes of Agrabah... 01/06/11 TheCKey
Slice and Dice 01/28/13 TomDangerfield
Start of an addicting series 07/06/10 Unukashi_san
This game is absolutley great and one of a kind 09/19/02 Uptown877
One of the amazinest games of the world 02/25/09 vuki196
A Genius Game from a Great Company 08/28/13 Whiteburst
Disneys magic, and squares gameplay 06/19/08 willmenth
Square and Disney - the perfect match 10/10/07 wolverinefan
This game only gets a short review, I've already wasted enough time with it. 09/16/08 Zylo the wolf

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