1. Tatsuya Kando Animation Director
  2. Takayuki Odachi Art Director
  3. Yuko Tomizawa Assistant Localisation and Production (Square Europe Ltd)
  4. Alex Moresby Assistant Manager IT and Technical Support (Square Europe Ltd)
  5. Pat Larkin Associate Producer (Disney Interactive)
  6. Masahide Tanaka Background Modeling Director
  7. Yuuichi Kanemori Battle Planning Director
  8. Tomohiro Kayano Character Modeling Director
  9. Katrin Darolle Chief or Production Department (Square Europe Ltd)
  10. Yoshinori Kitase Co-Producer
  11. Tetsuya Nomura Concept Design
  12. John Loter Consulting Artist (Disney Interactive)
  13. Tomohiro Yoshikai Deputy Managing Director (Square Europe Ltd)
  14. Tetsuya Nomura Director
  15. Jun Akiyama Event Planning Director
  16. Hironobu Sakaguchi Executive Producer
  17. Jacques Martine French Localisers
  18. Laurent Sautiere French Localisers
  19. Shuji Utsumi General Manager (Disney Interactive Japan)
  20. Tet Hara German Localisers
  21. Josef Shanel German Localisers
  22. Marcus Wehner German Localisers
  23. Alessandro Mantelli Italian Localiser
  24. Seikoh Hokama Localisation Assistants
  25. Satoko Kondo Localisation Assistants
  26. Mai Morofushi Localisation Assistants
  27. Tomoko Sekii Localisation Assistants
  28. Ichiro Nonaka Localisation Directors
  29. Kazuyoshi Tashiro Localisation Directors
  30. Sonoko Ishioka Localisation Manager (Disney Interactive)
  31. Amanda Jun Katsurada Localisation Specialists
  32. Akira Kashiwagi Localisation Team General Manager
  33. Hiroshi Harata Main Programmers
  34. Kentarou Yasui Main Programmers
  35. Yuji Shibata Managing Director (Square Europe Ltd)
  36. Takeshi Endo Map Planning Director
  37. Bob Picunko Marketing Director (Disney Interactive)
  38. Stephanie Yoshimoto Marketing Manager (Disney Interactive)
  39. Abbass Hussain Marketing/PR Assistant Managers (Square Europe Ltd)
  40. Stephanie Jounau Marketing/PR Assistant Managers (Square Europe Ltd)
  41. Tomohiro Ishii Menu Director & VFX Supervisor
  42. Connor Quinn Mickey
  43. Takeshi Nozue Movie Director
  44. Utada Hikaru Opening Theme
  45. Shinji Hashimoto Producer
  46. Eri Morimoto Production Assistant
  47. Hisashi Suzuki Production Executives
  48. Youichi Wada Production Executives
  49. Koji Nonoyama Production Manager
  50. Kevin Michael Richardson Sebastian (Voice)
  51. Ken Christiansen Senior Artists (Disney Interactive)
  52. Mary Ann Ramierz Senior Artists (Disney Interactive)
  53. Emiko Yamamoto Senior Producer (Disney Interactive Japan)
  54. Peter Wyse Senior Producer (Disney Interactive)
  55. Chiharu Minekawa Sound Editor
  56. Hitoshi Ohori Sound Programmer
  57. Eduardo Lopez Herrero Spanish Localiser
  58. Steven Finney Sr. Vice President and General Manager President (Disney Interactive)
  59. Jan Smith Sr. Vice President and General Manager President (Disney Interactive)
  60. Teruaki Sugawara Supervising Dialogue Editor
  61. Akira Fujii Technical Art Director
  62. Takeshi Arakawa Texture Director
  63. Written by Utada Hikaru Theme song (Simple and Clean)
  64. licensed by Toshiba-Emi Limited Theme song (Simple and Clean)
  65. Syuuichi Sato VFD Director
  66. Dan Winters Vice President, Console (Disney Interactive)
  67. Sanjeev Lamba Vice President, International (Disney Interactive)
  68. Mandy Moore Voice Actor (Aerith)
  69. Billy Zane Voice Actor (Ansem)
  70. Corey Burton Voice Actor (Captain Hook)
  71. Steve Burton Voice Actor (Cloud)
  72. Eddie Carroll Voice Actor (Jiminy Cricket)
  73. Hayden Panettiere Voice Actor (Kairi)
  74. Susanne Blakeslee Voice Actor (Maleficent)
  75. Seth Adkins Voice Actor (Pinnochio)
  76. David Gallagher Voice Actor (Riku)
  77. Lance Bass Voice Actor (Sephiroth)
  78. Kath Soucie Voice Actor (Sora's Mother)
  79. Haley Joel Osment Voice Actor (Sora)
  80. David Boreanaz Voice Actor (Squall)
  81. Dee Bradley Baker Voice Actor (Wakka)
  82. Christy Carlson Romano Voice Actor (Yuffie)
  83. Scott Weinger Voice Actor: Aladdin
  84. Tony Anselmo Voice Actor: Donald Duck
  85. Dan Castellaneta Voice Actor: Genie
  86. James Wood Voice Actor: Hades
  87. Sean Astin Voice Actor: Hercules
  88. Wayne Allwine Voice Actor: King Mickey Mouse
  89. James Arnold Taylor Voice Actor: Tidus
  90. Ned Lott Voice Director/Casting Director

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