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Scout Fly Locations Guide by Adrenaline SL

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/09/2002

                  ----      J A K  A N D  D A X T E R      ----

                            Scout Fly Locations Guide
                                 By AdrenalineSL
                        E-mail: toiletrabbit@hotmail.com
                     Version 1.1: Released September 9, 2002

I haven't seen a platformer this powerful since that fluffy, hip bear and his 
loud, smack-talking bird. I'm talking about Banjo-Kazooie, you Sony fanboys.
The entire concept of Jak and Daxter feels as though it were the brainchild 
of Shigeru Miyamoto. The game is an immense adventure that combines key 
gameplay elements from Super Mario 64 and Zelda 64 (maybe a little of Banjo-
Kazooie, too). The basic premise of it may seem stupid, as there is no fire-
breathing dragon to slay or a damsel to rescue. Instead, your worldwide quest 
begins as you break a few rules to visit a forbidden island and then 
accidentally knock your buddy into a murky pool of Dark Eco, thus turning him 
into a weasel-like creature. 

I've always wanted to write for Jak and Daxter. In fact, I still have a rough
draft for the guide I was planning. Problem: the game's too short. Problem: 
the game's too easy. Problem: there's already two full walkthroughs. After
having been presented with these problems, I gave up on the project. Then 
just the other night, as I was picking apart a blueberry muffin, a thought 
suddenly germinated in my mind. Why not do a FAQ that documents the locations 
of all the Scout Flies?! That'll let me do SOMETHING for this gem of a game! 
It isn't the best idea, but who cares?! So I set out to compile the needed 
information. Now here I am, and here you are. Hope it helps. Note to self: 
Duct tape Daxter's mouth before going to the movies. 


 Vive Les Scout Flies!

Hold on just a darn minute! You mean you're actually reading this FAQ without
any knowledge of Scout Flies? Fear not! I've prepared for the worst. I've
written a little side story, complete with emotional reunions and stuff. It's 
deep, man.

Keira, that coquettish  female who has no taste for good  clothing, and whose 
voice can act as some type of subliminal suicide device, has unleashed one of 
her zany inventions upon the world. She has sent these mechanical insects to 
each part of the world to search for Power Cells. And they accomplished what 
they had been set out to do. However, before these defenseless Scout Flies 
managed to return to Keira with their Power Cells, the Lurkers from each area 
crated them up and scattered them across the entire level. Trapped and
helpless, the Scout Flies can only depend on two knuckle-brain backup dancers 
to free them from their cubed  prisons. Once released, they'll find a home in 
Jak's incredibly spacious travel sack (back pockets?).

There is a total of seven Scout Flies  to be found in each level. Freeing all 
seven will grant you a Power Cell. However, it takes more than just some 
spinning and kicking to break open the crates. Oh, no. That would be far too 
simple. There's a lot of jumping and diving involved. And if there happens to 
be some friendly Blue Eco around, you can borrow its powers to break them 
open without even touching them. The last Scout Fly you collect will spit out 
the Power Cell. How emotive.

Scout Flies are so cool! They can even make distress signals! Not really, but
they make a unique sound that sounds as though a broken propeller of a 
biplane is slicing through harsh winds. Kinda like that. Just stay with me.
If you ever have trouble finding one, even  with my help, you can always just
listen for the sound it emits. If you can hear it, then you are near one. Ok,
let's get on with it!

 Scout Fly Locations


1. After getting your first Power Cell, all seven of them will be found lying 
   around in the  immediate area as  you go up the steps, on different levels 
   of the plateau. 


1. In the storeroom of the Mayor's house, which is the first house on the 
   left when you enter the village.

2. In the vacant fisherman's hut across from the Mayor's house.

3. Under the bridge that leads to the sculptor's house.

4. Sun-bathing on the beach behind the sculptor's house. 

5. This one is crated inside the lazy farmer's hut.

6. At the very top of the cliff near the Yakow farmer's hut.

7. The last Scout Fly of Sandover Village is on the way to the Oracle, on the 
   ledge next to the Oracle's abode.

1. The first Scout Fly is  placed amid a bunch of  crates you'll encounter on 
   the way to the beach, which can all be simultaneously smashed asunder with 
   Blue Eco channeled through Jak's body.

2. This one is resting on a bluff on the grassy area in the upper level, just 
   below the Flut Flut egg.

3. Take the path behind the waterfall to the highest ledge on the beach. This
   path will take you toward the Flut Flut egg hanging over the cliff's edge.
   On the way, you'll find this one next to a box full of Green Eco.

4. Looking at the Eco Harvesters from the beach, you can find this Scout Fly
   bouncing on a high, narrow ledge to the left of the Eco Harvesters. You
   can High Jump from the there, or drive the poles into the ceiling of the
   underground cavern to raise the pole. This way you can also jump to the 
   ledge to get the Scout Fly.

5. After smashing the poles back to the surface from underground, you can now
   reach this Scout Fly on the high bluff, overlooking the sentinels.

6. On the beach, below the waterfall and across from the pelican's nest.

7. Climb to the top of the crumbled sentinel with a broken arc to find this.


1. The first Scout Fly is cuddled next to  some crates of Dark Eco on the 
   lower level of the jungle. From the circle of metal drums, drop to the 
   grassy area next to the calm river under the broken bridge. Not the bridge 
   over the fisherman. 

2. After collecting the first Scout Fly, follow the river to the canyon. It
   is there that you will find the next Scout Fly at the mouth of the river.

3. This one is stranded on a high stump, near one of the Blue Eco connecters.
   At the metal drums, take the trampoline to a higher ledge, dodge the 
   swaying spiked log, and climb the steps around the huge tree to the crate 
   at the top.

4. Enter the edifice in the middle of the jungle using the Blue Eco Vent. At
   the entrance point, jump on the trampoline on the right to be taken to a
   thin ledge that leads outside. The path will loop  around and stop at the 
   lone Scout Fly here.

5. While climbing to the top of the temple via the Blue Eco platforms, you'll
   find this one among some chests.

6. After crossing the bridge at the entrance to the Forbidden Jungle, head to
   the dangling python and hop the green stumps on the right toward the Scout 
   Fly crate on the last stump.

7. Against the base of the cliff near the large Blue Eco machine.


1. Atop a cliff connected by gigantic, fossilized backbones. As soon as you 
   step foot on the island, climb up to higher ground. See the backbones of 
   an unknown creature? There are some cliffs leading to it on your right, 
   allowing you to walk across the backbone. Follow the marrow-filled path up 
   to a ledge, on which you will find this  energetic Scout Fly. If you chase 
   the Muse around, it'll eventually lead you right to it.

2. This one is on a ledge, gazing at the  Lurker's compound. When you first 
   come to the area teeming with Blue Eco clusters, look to the left wall. 
   The entrance to the underpass is there. A torch flanks the left side of 
   the entrance.

3. The third Scout Fly isn't too far from where you found the previous one.
   Assuming you're going back out after collecting Scout Fly number two, go
   to your immediate left to find narrow ledges. Proceed up the path to the
   end to find it sitting under a machine of some type.

4. This lonely Scout Fly is perched on the mast, near the bow of the Lurker 

5. Travel up the wooden ramp from atop the ship, jumping over and rolling 
   under the oncoming logs. The Scout Fly you're looking for is found in the
   alcove off to the left side.

6. Getting this one requires riding the Zoomer parked on the strip of land 
   near the waters. It's also on the way to get  a Power Cell. Head up the 
   wood ramp on the far right and loop  around the rocks to find it at the 

7. The last Scout Fly is resting on the high cliff, overlooking the Lurker's 
   compound. To get to this spot, you must traverse the bridge connecting 
   that piece of land to the bow of the Lurker ship. Use the see-saw to 
   launch you up to the last Scout Fly. Another way to get here is to head
   through the other door that opens in the Lurker ambush arena. 


-  Since the Fire Canyon is a one-way trip, and the Scout Flies can all be
   gathered on the way to the end of the canyon, I'll just provide a few
   helpful/not helpful tips. Bear these in mind: 1) Hit as many cooling 
   balloons as you can, 2) Use the red Lurker mongrels to launch yourself off 
   the lava and stabilize the Zoomer's temperature, 3) Don't crash into 
   ANYTHING. Doing that will keep you in the heated areas, potentially 
   increasing the temperature. Jak and Daxter's death in the Fire Canyon is
   not a pretty sight.

-  Rows of stalagmites may suddenly erupt from the ground at different parts 
   of the path, so be careful. There are also  Blue Eco vents  placed around 
   the canyon, so use those to your advantage to speed things up.

-  Don't try to make a quick U-turn to snatch a Scout Fly you missed. Once 
   you reach the end of the canyon, you can always go back and collect the 
   missing Scout Flies. 


1. It's on the deck behind the round building Keira and Samos have occupied.  
   Just follow the wood path around to the back.

2. The second Scout Fly is on the sandy beach area past the Blue Sage's hut,
   sandwiched between two platforms. It's found on the way to the village.

3. This sly little fly is tucked away behind the cliff, not too far from a
   sizzling hot  boulder. The geologist  has set up camp  in front of this 

4. Across from the geologist is a wood bridge and an adjacent lava boulder. 
   Behind that boulder is the fourth Scout Fly.

5. The fifth Scout Fly can be found kicking back at the edge of the dock, 
   adjacent the outdoor café.

6. Take the ramp near the penniless gambler down to the canopied deck to lay 
   claim to this Scout Fly.

7. This last one is hanging around at the entrance to Boggy Swamp. To get the 
   seventh Scout Fly, you must give 90 Precursor Orbs to the melodramatic 
   warrior so that he could piece the pontoon bridges back together, allowing
   you to cross to Boggy Swamp. 


1. Enter the basin via the Zoomer way. The first Scout Fly is hidden behind 
   the first round structure  that's driven into the ground. It's the first
   structure you come to.

2. In the first area of the basin, there is a purple ring located at the top
   of an overpass. Behind it is the second Scout Fly trapped in its crate.
   What I mean by first area is that the basin is composed of two different 
   areas. You can access the other areas by going through vestibules, or 
   short tunnels. To make things easier for you: first area = moles; second 
   area = Dark Eco plants.

3. After collecting the second Scout Fly, follow the trail of Precursor Orbs
   down a ramp and over the overpass. You will be led to the third Scout Fly
   with no problems.
4. In the second area, head up the grassy ramp to come to a donut-shaped land 
   mass with a hole in  the middle. On the right  side of this "donut" is the 
   Scout Fly. 

5. On the same level as the fourth one. Follow the trail of Precursor Orbs on 
   the path and leap from ledge to ledge. After leaping off the second ledge, 
   you'll see a Precursor building off to  your left. The fifth scout fly can 
   be found in the small area behind it.

6. The sixth scout fly can be found just underneath the fourth one, under the

7. The last Scout Fly is found on the last verdant land mass before the Power
   Cell hanging over the lake in the second area. You must do a lot of ledge- 
   hopping to get to it, which is pretty frustrating.


1. The first is on a log, tangled amid some pain-inducing vines in the first

2. Confined in a cavern  walled by 100-foot  high rock solid  earth. Soak in
   the power of the Blue Eco from the first Blue Eco vent, then use the pad
   next to it to be launched high into the air and over the wall to a cavern, 
   where you'll find the second Scout Fly.

3. Imprisoned in another high-walled cavern. Use the Blue Eco vent at the end
   of the illuminated cave to charge yourself with Blue Eco, and hop on the 
   blue pad to fly over to the prison. Accompanying the many scurrying 
   Lurkers is this scared Scout Fly.

4. Secluded in an area deep in the swamp. Just past one of the tethers you
   hopefully broke is a Yellow Eco vent. The Scout Fly is just further up the
   path. The path diverges, so you are left with two choices to reach it. 
   Either way works fine. On the left path, you'll have to get past some
   wooden spike poles. On the right path is a small pond of Dark Eco, which    
   you can cross using the floating platforms. Anyway, it's in the far back.

5. The fifth Scout Fly is found on one of the high wood walkways. In the area
   where you got the Flut Flut, hop up the steps to the top. There, jump 
   toward the disconnected elevated platforms to the right, toward the Scout

6. This Scout Fly follows the same steps as the previous one to get to it. It 
   is at the end of the opposite wood walkways. From the last Scout Fly, 
   simply hover from platform to platform. You'll land on a walkway that 
   extends around a tubular tree. At the edge, you'll find the Scout Fly you 

7. The last Scout Fly is placed among a field of Dark Eco crates. Leap over
   the wood wall across from Farthy's owner's shack to enter a cave. Follow 
   the path to the end and overcome the spike poles to arrive in a bog filled
   with Dark Eco crates. One of the crates will yield a Scout Fly.


1. Situated on a platform floating on the radiated water. When you enter the
   technology-suffused city, jump down to the platforms at water-level, next 
   to some type of machine  protruding from the water, and  you'll find this 
   one guarded by a Lurker. Just hit his buddy on top to defeat it.

2. Hitch a ride on the moving platforms to the highest veranda in the first 
   large chamber. Roll jump across the gap and over the radiated water. The
   Scout Fly is on a ledge to the right, over a few ambling Lurkers.

3. The next Scout Fly to be found is on a small platform over perpetually 
   radiated water on the right side of the next active chamber, next to a 
   Precursor Orb cache. Look to where  the wall is glowing a bright, neon

4. On a small platform high above the water. It's in the same room where you
   obtained Scout Fly number three, except on the opposite side of the room.
   Use the blue-shaded moving platforms to reach it.

5. Trapped in a display tube, which you can transport to another part of the 
   room. Step on the switch, and the Scout Fly will be teleported elsewhere. 
   There is a time limit, so you must reach it in haste. Release the scout 
   fly in the blue tank first. This sends the Scout Fly to the device on a 
   platform to the right of the blue tube. Using the move-around platforms as 
   transportation is key to getting around the room. So use those to snag the 
   prize before time runs out.

6. The sixth Scout Fly is ensnared in a green tube next to the blue one. Now,
   adjust the platforms so that it's ready to go toward the direction you   
   want it to, before smashing the button in front of the green tube. Then
   do the same as you did with the blue tube. This time the Scout Fly is 
   launched through the pipe to the glowing red platform in the center of the

7. Laid atop a glowing red platform. After butt-sliding into a room in which 
   you must activate all the orb  mechanisms to raise the chamber, head into 
   the side room. Here, you'll see the Scout Fly perched on top of the
   platform. Use the lids on top of the steam geysers to get to it.


-  This trip is pretty much like the Fire Canyon; you'll have to snag all the
   Scout Flies as you go, but this part is a bit easier. Just remember not to
   touch the stacked crates. They could be Dark Eco or the rigged explosives.
   You'll have to start over if you hit an explosive. Good luck.


1. The first Scout Fly can be found as you enter the  Volcanic Crater. You'll
   hear the weird sound it makes. It's on the very tiny ledge below the rock 
   you're standing on and above the lava, before the broken rope bridge. It's
   on the right side of the cave.

2. Atop a rounded rock pillar protruding from the lava. To get there, cross
   the rope bridge after visiting the Red Sage's house and head to your 
   right, where you'll find a gondola suspended from activity and some magma-
   filled craters. Hop across the  pillars to the third one to get this Scout 

3. This one is sitting in front of some hardened lava on a rock platform. To
   get to it, simply hitch a ride on one of the moving mine carts to the 
   other side of the tracks and leap off it to get to the platform.

4. The fourth fly is found on the rock  platform in the center of  the third 
   set of railroad tracks built over the lava in the large cavern. Jump from
   mine cart to mine cart and then jump over to the platform in the center.

5. On a ledge at the entrance to Spider Cave. Ride the mini cart to the back
   'til you see the words Spider Cave appear on screen. The Scout Fly should
   be in front of the trail of Precursor Orbs.

6. Behind solidified lava in the miner's cave. 

7. On a step below the miner's cave entrance. Head past the entrance to the 
   cave and climb to a higher level. At the end of this trail, drop below
   and head back in the direction of the cave entrance. There, you'll see the


1. In the gaping chasm between two rock ledges near the gondola, just past 
   the weird Precursor contraption planted in the snow.

2. On a snow-covered land mass inside the frosted cavern. Quickly cross the
   treacherous path, avoiding the tumbling snowballs and enter the cave.
   Hop across the snow platforms and you'll eventually reach the first Scout

3. This one is buried in the snow near a  Red Eco vent  below the Lurker's
   fortress. After riding the Flut Flut and lowering the gate to the fort, 
   you can take the fluctuating platform up and hop off to the side before it 
   reaches the very top. 

4. This Scout Fly is covered in snow to the right of the entrance to the 
   secret cave, which is blocked by a few snow-covered pine trees. You can
   find it by going to the right of the Lurker's fort entrance.
5. This fifth fly can be found on a snow-covered ledge by the cliff wall. It 
   is not too far from the fourth Scout Fly. Start on the ledge with a torch 
   flanking the right side of it, to the left of the secret cave that houses 
   the Yellow Eco vent switch, and work your  way up the ledges to the Scout 

6. At the very top of the watch tower in the center of the Lurker's fort. It
   is accompanied by a Blue Eco cluster. 

7. Lying at the top floor of the main building behind the watch tower. Climb 
   the wood canopies to the top. Use the watch  tower to see  where it is if 
   you're having trouble finding it. 

1. In a small alcove connected by a bridge to the red-shaded structure in the
   back of the main cavern, on the upper level.

2. Stashed high on a rock pillar on the right side of the main cavern. Climb 
   up the steps to get to it.

3. The third Scout Fly  is actually found on the  arc path above where you 
   begin in Spider Cave; near a Yellow Eco vent. Climb to the higher level 
   and use the moving platforms to get to it.

4. In the room where the giant robot is held, the Scout Fly is on the second
   story. Go up the ramp and jump over the flamethrowers when you get to 
   them. Then just follow the path to the end. Use the Yellow Eco to rid the 
   path of metal crates until you reach the Scout Fly at the end.

5. In the same room as the fourth fly, just one story higher. At the end of 
   the path to the left of the giant's right eye. 

6. On a small platform in the small room connecting the main cave and the 
   Dark Cave. It's  across from the Dark Crystal on the other side of the
   Dark Eco pool.

7. Inside the Dark Cave, above one of the uranium rocks on a wood walkway.


-  Unlike the last two "Zoomer" rides, this one is much longer, and there are 
   "checkpoints". If you die, you won't have to start over from the very
   beginning. Anyway, just avoid all the  land mines and Dark Eco tanks. Zoom
   through the Yellow Eco vents and shoot at everything you see. 


1. Very conveniently placed to the immediate right of the Citadel's entrance.  

2. On a wood platform to the far right of the robot. It's somewhere below the
   Red Sage's cage, at the bottom. 

3. Just to the immediate left of the west chamber  entrance. From the Citadel
   entrance, travel to the left side and hop across the revolving pie pieces 
   and jump to the blue-glowing corridor. On the other side of the doorway is 
   the west chamber and this Scout Fly.

4. On a wood ledge high above the room on the west side of the room. After
   releasing the Yellow  Sage, leap from revolving  pie piece to pie piece 
   until you see a wood ledge. The Scout Fly is at the edge.

5. On a thin rest ledge you'll come to on the way to the east chamber. A lot 
   of jumping from one pie piece to the other is required. 

6. Perched on a wood platform in the  north chamber. You must  traverse the 
   moving and rotating platforms to reach this; on the way to free the Blue

7. On the wood walkway next to the tubular container the robot is contained 
   in. It's on the same level as the crystal to free the Green Sage. 


 Need A Walkthrough?

For a full Jak and Daxter walkthrough, visit this page:


I recommend King Kool's walkthrough. Maybe if I have time in the future, I'll
make one of my own, but don't count on it.

 Shameless Plug

Like my work? If you're interested, you can check out all of the walkthroughs
and guides I've made here:


Thanks for reading!

                                MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!

                   A Jak and Daxter Scout Fly Locations Guide
                          Copyright 2002 Stephanie Lee
                                  August 2002

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