• Debug Modes

    Input the buttons anywhere in the game. The "Limited Debug Mode" code needs to be entered first and the "Full Debug Mode" code entered second. There is a chime after each debug mode is entered. Directions are entered using the directional pad. The left analog stick should be held still while L3 is held down.

    These codes work on all final versions of all releases of this game. Note that for the Vita releases, use the rear touch pad to replace buttons: top-left for L2, bottom-left for L3, top-right for R2, and bottom-right for R3. Those codes requiring a second controller will not work on Vita.

    1st Code - Limited Debug ModeWhile holding L3, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, X, X, Square, Circle, Square, Circle
    2nd Code - Full Debug ModeWhile holding L3, press Circle, Square, Circle, Square, X, X, Right, Left, Right, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up
    Display debug textR3 (on Controller 2)
    Gain selected power cell (it is not removed from the game world)L1 + R1 (paused in power cell screen)
    Hold L3 on either then press Circle when prompted to use them without unlocking them firstL3 (on fisherman's boat or gondola)
    Open all warp destinationsL3 + Circle (near a warp gate)
    Restart the gameHold Up-Left on D-Pad and press Select
    Restore 1 healthR2 (after taking damage)
    Spawn the Zoomer or FlutFlut that is normally hereL3 (on a trans-pad)
    Toggle debug textTriangle (on Controller 2)
    Toggle free camera modeL1 + L2 + R1 + R2
    Various debug functionsL3
    View death counterL3 (hold while paused in power cell menu)

    Contributed By: duggie2 and Eevee-Trainer.

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  • No Damage from Big Falls

    When you fall from a high place, kick (Circle) shortly before you hit the ground and you won't take any damage from the fall.

    Contributed By: essellAY.

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  • Secret Ending

    Get 100 or more power cells and finish the game to see a secret ending. If you get less than 100 power cells, you wont be able to see it.

    Contributed By: Hadoken.

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Enemy/Boss Tips

  • Get the Power Cell from the pelican without having to race for it

    On Sentinel Beach, a pelican gobbles up a Power Cell and, to obtain it, you're intended to kick it out of the animal in its nest and then, since it gets spit up far away, reach it faster than the pelican.

    However, there is another, technically easier way to perform this task: once you get access to the Lurker cannon in the area, you can shoot a bomb directly at the pelican; this will seemingly blow it up and the Power Cell will be there in the nest, free for the taking without needing to do the "race".

    Contributed By: Andrex_93.

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