Review by wolverinefan

Reviewed: 03/14/06

A ho-hum FPS...

I remember when Socom first came out. I almost bought it but $60 seemed like too much. I ended up renting it which means no headphone. Found it average. So a number of years later I bought it and I just played it and beat it and I must say, go with the sequel if you're trying to pick one but of course I was stupid and played them in the wrong order so let's try and keep this review fair.

Terrorists are doing those evil things that they do. It's up to the US Navy Seals to stop them. Um... So yes, it's your typical FPS war story. Nothing exciting and nothing new.

Graphics are decent. Models look good and the levels are large, full of stuff and there is no slow down. The game has a horrible problem that hinders the game almost unplayable for me. Why am I putting this in the graphics you might ask? The levels have so many utterly pitch black areas that I could barely make out my guy. I couldn't find a single option to mess with the darkness and the only other game to give me any grief like this was Fatal Frame 2 but that game offered a thing to change the darkness.

Sound wise the game is fine. Decent voice acting. Music was average, nothing exciting but it worked. Sound effects are nice. Guns sound different, people scream, things go boom ect.

The control in this game caused me problems. Why you might ask? Well, the game offered two control setups in the beginning and I stupidly picked the wrong one that used one analog stick. This made it annoying and odd for aiming. Thankfully the two stick control is available and works better but again, I couldn't find an option to change this after starting the game. This is just lazy.... Shooting is done with the X button. For some reason it took me forever to figure out how I kept laying on the ground and now as I write this I don't remember but what I do remember is the fact that it took me forever to figure out how to stand up again...

Have you ever played a FPS? If so you know how this will work but add in stealth. The game offers 12 locations, spread over 4 locations. They look nice but to me they just weren't interesting. Also, they were way too dark and caused me way too many problems. The level before last was a nightmare because I couldn't make anything out and kept walking into walls.

Now, each stage consists of objectives. 90% of them are killing everyone in each are to secure it and then grab Intel, dismantle something or whatever. The thing is I would spend way too much time running around looking for one soul enemy. The map is nice and gives you a vague idea of where to go in each objective but is useless for any info on enemies. Granted it wouldn't make sense but why is the enemy I need to kill about 15-30 feet past the end of the objective mark on the map? Again, it's poor programming.

Now, you can issue commands with the square button or use the mic. I found myself using the mic more than anything else. The thing is the AI might as well be a rock. I tell them to follow me and I never see them again. I tell them to fire at will and they let a man club me with his rifle which is instant death. Oh and you die very easily in this game so stealth is a major key. Game offers different guns and stuff for your team but the team just feels so useless. The mic worked fine, the team seemed to understand what I was saying but again, they failed to go through with it and then they kind of vanished from the world... Maybe my game is glitchy.....

As for replay value the game does have something going for it. Online play is there. Someone told me it was no longer working but I couldn't find any information stating that. You are also forced to start the game on the easiest setting. Beat the game and it starts on the next setting and ect. That's nice and all but not fair for gamers who might have lost their saves or people who don't want to waste the time playing on easy.

Is SOCOM a great game? No but it does online fairly well. I would pick the sequel over this one as the objectives are repetitive here and the levels are way too dark. It just feels like the game is cheating you out of something that could have been much better. Also, you can't imagine how much time I wasted looking for one tiny thing in the dark that was causing my objective not to clear. Just annoying and tedious. So I just feel like saying this again but if you're trying to pick between 1 and 2, I say go with SOCOM 2. It was just a better over all game.

Story - 6/10
Graphics - 5/10
Sound - 7/10
Control - 7/10
Game Play - 7/10
Replay Value - 6/10

Final Score - 6/10

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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