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Reviewed: 03/21/03 | Updated: 03/24/03

Definitely the best and funnest Online game ever! No questions!

Warning: SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs Online is very addictive and may be hazardous to your health. But who cares!? I got this game a few days after it came out. I had been waiting for it for awhile. And boy, was it worth it. The game can actually make you want to be a SEAL, really, I woul dlike to be someday. The Single Player is actually pretty fun, until you get to Lt. Junior Grade and some missions are just too hard. But then you get introduced to the world of online, a whole new story

Please keep in mind, I rated the following categories in offline and online, they are labeled in each category.

Offline - N/A
This game doesn't really have a story, that's why I didn't mark it, but here's what's going on. The U.S. Navy SEALs are sent to foreign countries do to missions with stealth, because they are experts. The SEALs' first weapon is stealth. You and your team of 3 others will invade areas, completing objectives, while killing guards with preferably silenced weapons and stealth.

Online - N/A
In online the game doesn't have any story, but you just basically kill the other team to win.

Offline - 9/10
The gameplay is actually very good in single player. Missions are fun to play and you can chose guns that the SEALs use on their actual missions. The walking and running is very realistic. There are 3 stances that you can go in: Stand, Crouch, Prone. You will always start in the crouch stance but you can change it any time you want. SOCOM uses pressure sensitive movement controls, meaning the softer and harder you hold any direction, the slower and faster you will go. You can also talk to your team with the Logitech Headset that comes with the game. Hold Circle to talk to them and tell them what to do. But you can't tell them to make you a sandwich, you tell them things like, Fire At Will, Hold Fire, Deploy Frag, etc. You can choose a variety of weapons. For the main gun you can choose and Machine Gun, Rifle, or Sniper Rifle. For you Secondary Gun you can chose a Pistol. And for the 3 items you can chose M67 Grenade, HE Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Flashbang Grenade, Claymore, Double Ammo for both you guns, and more. You can also choose your teammates weapons.

Online - 10/10
Ahh... the best part. The gameplay in SOCOM Online is very intense! At first you will probably die a lot and get not many or no kills, but if you keep playing you should get better and maybe be a pro. When you do this, the games is a lot more fun. Utilize the SOCOM Headset Online to talk to your teammates in the game. If you are alive, you can talk to your whole team, talk on defense and offense, and when you are dead you can talk to other dead members of your team. When you die, you can choose your weapons for the next round and when the round is over, you can play again. You can hold a Main Gun, a Secondary Gun, and 3 items that will help you do better on the battlefield. For the main gun you can choose and Machine Gun, Rifle, or Sniper Rifle. For you Secondary Gun you can chose a Pistol. And for the 3 items you can chose M67 Grenade, HE Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Flashbang Grenade, Claymore and Double Ammo for both you guns. You can also taunt your opponents. Each character has different taunts. There are 3 Online game types. Suppression, Demolition and Extraction. In Suppression you just kill the whole other team. In Demolition you can pick up the bomb in the middle of the map and plant it and the other team's base. And in Extraction, you can extract the 3 hostages, where the Terrorists start. But rarely you actually free the hostages.

Offline - 10/10
Some people say the graphics don't look to good. What are you talking about? The look awesome? There's nothing wrong with them, they look amazing. The weapons look very detailed too, along with character models and maps. Character models have a lot of detail and if you pay attention to a character's face, you can see that they actually blink! That's amazing. Maps are very detailed along with great ideas for them. You can tell they spent awhile making the maps.

Online - 10/10
The graphics are the same as Single Player, Online. But there are different maps which are very fun to play! I personally really like Blizzard and I think it's the best online level in the game. Others are Blood Lake and Desert Glory. I like others a lot but these are my favourites. But a cool thing about Blizzard is that there is snow on the ground and people make footprints where they go. This is very cool for sneaking up behind someone, and it can work.

Offline - 10/10
This is a great part about SOCOM! The sounds are nothing but realism. The actually used real sound affects; if you say that the gun doesn't sound like it does it the game, well, you're wrong! Explosions are real too. From Grenades to Claymores the explosions are perfectly done. The sound of Flashbangs sounds great, along with the silent sound of a Smoke Grenade. The voices of the characters are very well done. You should understand what they are saying because it sounds very clear.

Online - 10/10
The sound in online is pretty much the same, but there is other music, exclusive to online. Explosions and gun sound affects are great and realistic, like in Single Player. Other than that, it's pretty much like Single Player.

Offline - 10/10
Yes, the control totally matches the game and the one I use is perfect for me. There are 2 different control types- Sure Shot, where you press X to shoot and other buttons for other things, and Precision Shooter, where you press R1 to shoot, which I think is the best trigger button, and other buttons do different things than Sure Shot. I use Precision Shooter, I think it is perfect for a game like this!

Online - 10/10
Pretty much the same as offline, but there are things like planting the bomb and rescuing POWs and hostages, although sort of like Single Player. It also used Sure Shot and Precision Shooter. A pro would probably choose Precision Shooter. It is also good if you have an itchy trigger finger, because R1 is where you should put your right index finger. Online, you can talk by typing in Briefing Rooms and rooms in the Briefing Rooms. You can use the Circle put to make the keyboard come out, and type, or you could buy a USB Keyboard like I have, and use it to type, which is a lot better. It only costs $30 CND ($20 USD), and it's worth the price.

Replay Value
Offline - 9/10
The replay value in SOCOM is actually pretty nice in Single Player. Once you beat the game twice you will get the Mission Select, so you can play any mission, any time you want. Once you beat the game once, something is unlocked, but I don't want to spoil it for you, just e-mail me if you really want to know. Also, you will go on to the next rank after you beat the game. You start on Ensign and make your way up.

Online - 10/10
This game has a MASSIVE amount of replayability Online! You should be playing this game Online for at least half a year, honestly, that's how fun it is! If you are good at the game you should really enjoy it, but if you aren't that great, it should still be fun to you. Personally I like to snipe, and not to brag, I am a very good sniper, a lot above average, maybe even one of the bests. I like to snipe a lot and I usually get a lot of kills by it. I am also very good with basically any gun. But I really like the Terrorists' 9mm Sub. If you know how to use it, it's awesome!

Rent or Buy?
DEFINITELY BUY! This game is worth every penny of it's price. But if you don't have a Network Adapter, it probably wouldn't be that great, although Single Player can be really fun. But Online Play is the best part of SOCOM.

Overall - 10/10
Totally 10/10! This is the best online game out for any system. But if you don't have online access, the game can still be very good, but it is not the best. If you do, and you have a Network Adapter, you should be hooked on SOCOM Online. SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs is a MUST HAVE game for any gamer. Zipper Interactive totally did a great job on this game! It definitely one of my best games, and totally my best online game!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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