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Reviewed: 11/21/02 | Updated: 11/21/02

I don't understand what people see in this game

It seems the FPS is getting a more popular following nowadays. After Doom and Goldeneye, it seems everyone is making an FPS. While there is good ones like Perfect Dark and TimeSplitters 2, there are bad ones, like Red Faction, and this game, SOCOM. The review:

Graphics- 10/10
This is obvious. Even though we are in the next gen era, and all the consoles have extremely good graphics, this game specializes in using the PS2 to it's full power by using, realistic, state of the art graphics that are not only smooth, but easy on the eyes. Running at 60 FPS, there's no reason why this catergory wouldn't get a 10.

Sound- 10/10
This game has some really good sounds. You can communicate with your comrades and hear them talk to you, and you can translate what the enemy is saying if it is in a foreign language. The gunshots seem real, as if someone was in the room with you shooting a gun, not to mention all the outdoor sound effects, such as crickets and rustling in the bushes. Not bad.

Gameplay- 2/10
This is where the game seriously falls downward. The graphics may be pretty, and the sound might be next to flawless, but I don't base my games off of prettiness; I base my games off of sheer fun and replayability. This game is something that wouldn't last a week. You play as a Navy SEAL who's mission is to wipe out the enemy, and you can do so by hiding, ducking in bushes, camouflaging, etc. But the main thing that really brings this game down is the fact that you die with 1 or 2 shots. Why is this bad, you might ask? It's the frustration level, and the repetition. Only people superb in this game will possibly be able to enjoy this. Ducking and waiting for your enemy might be suspenseful, but if you are able to kill him, the others will almost always find you. I eventually got bored of waiting all the time for my enemy just to kill them, and if you are out in the open, 2 shots and you are dead. Dying all the time (and you aren't even allowed to come back into the match until it's over) is extremely annoying and isn't something most gamers would like to tolerate. It's this repetition of not even being able to play the game like you should and last more than a few minutes is what brings this game down. I personally thought this game would be cool, because of all the cool multiplayer stuff I heard about it, and the fun gameplay it had. It's all a lie, folks. The gameplay here is nothing but repetition, and it does get old. The only reason this doesn't get a one is because of the sheer suspense you will experience when you first play this game, hiding in wait to kill your enemies.

Replayability- 1/10
Only for a week will you be playing this game. You will eventually get tired of waiting to kill your enemies, and it will just sit on your shelf waiting to collect dust. You might play this again after a few months of not playing it, but it's nothing special.

You should probably stay away from this one, even though its worth at least one rent.

Personally, I find that SOCOM is one of the most overrated shooters ever made; it's got nothing fun or special about it. I also think this is a rip off of Tribes, but at least in Tribes (PC) you can do cooler and more fun stuff like fly around, and even come back, as well as more variation. This game is like a skeleton version of Tribes with no meat on it. There may be suspense in SOCOM which is cool, but it gets lame. Don't spend your money on this one. Buy TimeSplitters 2, or Tribes (PC), and go home happy. They are both very good games and are much better that any other PS2 shooter game to date.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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