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Reviewed: 10/05/02 | Updated: 10/05/02

Online play should stay on PC

Score of 5 = mediocre game (Not great, but not bad) use this scale to see how I feel on every game I review. So as you can see from this game's score, I don't have many kind words about it so here goes...

To be honest I thought that console online gaming would only get better and better. Since the Dreamcast had such a bitchin selection of quality online games. (Nothing compared to PC but it was still great). And all of the sudden a game called SOCOM gets hyped to the ends of the Earth for its militaristic strategic online army action. Too bad, they forgot to mention how much the game sucks!

Graphics 4/10

THIS is a PS2 game? Im sorry but these are seriouslly bad graphics. They look like a rushed 1st generation Dreamcast title. Poor texturing, way too low poly count and obscenely terrible animation for the Seal's movements. Way too crappy for me. Pifall: The Mayan Adventure is better than SOCOM Navy Seals

Sound 3/10

Mediocre, *BLAST* *RATATATATATATATATATAT*. All the same generic crap you've heard over and over and over again in every shooter ever made. Oh, and don't forget the microphone talking. All you ever hear is people cussing and yelling in your ears just to be an ass. TERRIBLE!

Gameplay 1/10

Okay, so you've gotten your broadband adapter and a copy of SOCOM, youre ready to have a good time kicking the scum out of some terrorists online with some ''friends'' right? WRONG! As soon as you start a game, some idiot litlle kids get on with you and start to screw everything up on purpose while screaming the profanities as I described earlier. How am I supposed to have fun killing some terrorist trash when all the other people who bought the game are only online to make everybody else have a bad time? And if you arent into the whole online thing then dont even bother trying this one out. On single player, its like playing with people who cooperate (sort of) except that they totally suck at the game and are of no help! NO THANK YOU!

Fun N/A

Sorry, but this game could make something like Animal Crossing seem fun. And I cant stand playing or even being in the same building as a copy of Animal Crossing! I sure am glad I didn't waste my beloved ca$h on a steaming pile such as SOCOM Navy Idiot Net Nerds.

Overall 2/10


*Runs off before getting flamed*

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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