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Reviewed: 09/22/02 | Updated: 06/12/03

This is what I think and will tell you about this game.

Gameplay- 9/10

SOCOM has excellent gameplay. You can do just about everything mannually. You can easily shoot, crouch, and prone to prevent being hit. You don't have to worry about an enemy popping up and not being able to get to triangle button in time to get down, gun butt, or just plain shoot the bad guy. The gameplay in this game is very flexible.

Story- 6/10

SOCOM has a small story. You just find out about what you are trying to do. No more than that. The story is great for a game that is good enough to not even need one. Mainly it is just about discovering what terrorist groups are up to and stopping distruction that these groups might cause. The story has no supernatural plot twists like many more games have done.

Audio/video- 8/10

The graphics on SOCOM are average. The exterior detail (trees, grass, rocks) are not very detailed, but more than enough to make you happy. The interior graphics are probaly the best of what you will see in this game, but the sad part is, you see more exterior graphics than interior. The sound is excellent. Your allies speak to you through the SOCOM headset and you speak to them through the headset. You can also use this headset in Socom's online mode rather than having to type while the enemy puts forty bullets in your butt.

Replayability- 8/10

What makes the replay value so valueable is the fact that you can do your mission in all sorts of ways. You can try different strategies on the second time around. Order Bravo to a different area or make them go first this time. Take being the boss an advantage. There are also plenty of great little easter eggs to discover and have fun with.

To Buy or to Rent

I think that this game is worth buying because of the online play. Online play makes this game stay with you a while. The single player also stays with you. That and gameplay are the beauty of this game. I would and already have dished out $60 for this game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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