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Reviewed: 09/02/02 | Updated: 09/02/02

One of the best!

This game truly deserves to be up there with the Final Fantasy's and the Metal Gear Solid series. Its really good, it will forever shape on how games are supposed to be made. It really raises the bar in how gams are supposed to be made. With all this said, lets move on to the scores.

Gameplay 10/10- With the headset that comes with it, the possibilities are endless. You can talk to your fellow gamer through it, and you almost have total control over your team. With all this the replay value is really high and you will be playing the game for months to come. Lots of different weapons are are here for your choosing, and the different types of missions are great. The hostage ones are one of the best ones, since they require lot of team play.

Graphics 10/10- The details in SOCOM are insane. Wen you are in the jungle levels, you feel like you are actually there. When your get wet, you leave footprints. If you shoot a wall, bullet holes will be present. It's not no Metal Gar Solid 2, but its pretty close. Details make his game what it is.

Control 10/10- With the ability to switch to the one that you prefer the most, you get the best control for the game. One analog contols which way you move, while other is used to aim. With about 10 minutes of practice, you’ll be killing anything quickly. The ability to switch weapons with 2 buttons (r2 and l2) is great. One downside is that you have to press ''O'' to bring up the command menu. Its’ only a small thing though, since you’ll get used to it quickly.

Replay Value 10/10- The online play is one of the best reasons while you’ll be playing SOCOM for months to come. All you do is find some people to play with, and the ability to be a terrorist or SEAL, the fun last for a long time. The head set is great to, since there are different ways to complete every mission, with different commands.

Final Words: Get up from your PC, and walk, wait no run, to your local game store and buy this game along with the network adapter. Its worth the 60 bucks and you’ll be really happy that you bought it. The headset and online play is all that was needed to convince me to buy this game. Im going to nominate it for Game Of The Year.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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