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Admiral Level Walkthrough by admiralsnake

Version: 0.75 | Updated: 09/07/03

                 SOCOM US NAVY SEALS 
                   VERSION    0.75
         COPYRIGHT 2003 David G Mundschau
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances 
except for personal, private use.
It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any 
public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of 
copyright All trademarks and copyrights contained in this 
document are owned by their respective trademark and 
copyright holders.

    This walkthrough is written for use with Admiral 
difficulty level. I've tried to come up with strategies
 that are low risk for both you and your teammates, 
but in some instances your skills will be called upon. 
This is the most difficult game I've ever played, it took 
months to finish, not days or weeks like other games, 
the numerous glitches and bad programming got to me 
so bad, I put the game aside several times to play 
others. My  biggest complaint is the way enemies are 
beamed in after you've entered an
area, followed by the way they are programmed to 
shoot through some walls and rocks, while you can't 
even shoot through the air if a rock, wall or even the 
ground is within several feet of Kahuna. Levels 8 and 
10 are particularly bad.
 On the plus side, the graphics are above average, the 
sound effects are awesome, and earning the MGL is 
quite satisfying, although the weapon is almost useless. 
Which leads me to wonder why you can't swap 
weapons with your teammates, or go back and get 
one you dropped (They disappear).
It would have been nice to get something cool for 
finishing the game, like an M82A1A SD-MGL, and a 
little red wagon loaded up with M203 frags for 
Boomer to pull around.
    Directions are given using North South East and 
West as shown on the Tac-map and onscreen radar. 
The F90, AKS-74, 552, M63A and M60E are 
almost interchangeable, the AKS-74 seems
the best to me, and although the 552 does zoom in 
further, the binoculars work almost as well for aiming 
your weapons at stationary targets. So, get to it, and 
Email you're comments, suggestions, corrections etc 
to: socominfo@sbcglobal.net
         Version 1.0 CONTENTS;
    A. Level 1: Death at Sea
    B. Level 2: Ghost Town
    C. Level 3: Oil Platform Takedown
    A. Level 4: Golden Triangle Holiday
       a. Level 4 Cheat   
    B. Level 5: Temple at Hohn Kaen    
    C. Level 6: City of the Forgotten
    A. Level 7: Mercenary Staging Area
    B. Level 8: POW Camp
    C. Level 9: Mountain Assault
    A. Level 10: Prison Break
    B. Level 11: Mouth of the Beast
    C. Level 12: Deathblow

    A. Level 1: Death at Sea
         Armory: Team M4A1 SD, DE.50, 2x Ammo, Bang
Part I; The M4A1 SD. Start by taking a sidestep to 
the right, and spot the two guards, if you line it up 
right, one bullet can go through both heads. After they 
are down, turn left
and run to the edge of the boat, then head south until 
H.Q. cuts in.   
   These 2 guys are a little more difficult, the guard 
facing you spots you quickly, and the guard with his 
back to you will react quickly when you take his 
buddy down. You will probably attract the attention of 
a Black Marketeer, he'll come running down the ramp 
and head south. If you wait a moment where H.Q. 
contacted you, looking southwest, they will split up, 
the one facing you will turn around and head 
southwest, the other will head south, then turn east to 
puke, where he's easy to club, then you can find his 
partner to the west, near the south end. After they are 
down, use the east edge of the boat to travel north of 
the ramp, then climb up on the boxes to spot 3 guards, 
the two on the ends are sentries you need to recon. 
Take all 3 out, then jump down and stay east as you 
head south of the ramp. You need to use the shadows 
to get onto the ship without being spotted, so start 
behind the pile of boxes south of the ramp (the pile is 
3 boxes high on the right side, 2 boxes high on the 
left). Sidestep to the right, then step forward to the 
metal shipping container, turn right so you are facing 
north and lie down. Crawl forward a little, until you 
can turn northwest and crawl to the left side of the 
ramp. Crawl up the left side, and you should reach the 
freighter unseen. As soon as you get to the top of the 
ramp, turn left, and crawl toward the pile of boxes, 
they have a notch that's perfect for hiding. On your 
way there, the eavesdropping will occur. As soon as 
it's over, order 'Team Fire at Will' and 'Team 
Regroup', and get yourself standing in the notch, 
looking south, ready to fire if they come into view. 
After the firefight is over, check the 2 doors just to the 
south, if they aren't open already, have Boomer 
Bang/Clear them. There is another pair of doors on 
the west side of the freighter, check them too, then get 
to stairs just south of the doors on the east side, and 
have Bravo hold there while you go up the stairs, go in 
the doorway on the right, wait for H.Q. to finish 
talking, then be ready to take out the guard that 
emerges from the door at the top of the stairs, you can 
club him or use your M4A1 SD. Go in the control 
room and rush the guard, club or shoot him, then 
shoot or turn off the radio. Head back out and go 
down the stairs to where you left Bravo, turn around 
and go through the doorway, and down the stairs. 
Before you get to the bottom of the stairs, use 3rd 
person view to spot the guard around the corner, take 
him down with your machine gun. Turn to your right 
and go down the stairs, at the bottom turn left (west). 
Watch the hallway intersection in front of you, a guard 
will probably run past, heading either north or south. 
There are 3 guards in this area. The guard who usually 
runs to the south, one in the room with the Intel or in 
the room across the hall, the other farther north, down 
the hallway. I head south first, and take out any guards 
in the room full of boxes, then I look down the hall to 
the north and the guards are usually coming. Take 
them down, then go in the room for the Intel.
   As you leave the room with the Intel, turn right and 
go down the hall, into a room with two large fans in 
the wall. Turn right, go through the doorway, turn left 
(north). Straight down the hall is a set of stairs, just 
before them is a pair of doorways on the left side, The 
first doorway opens to a room full of boxes, in which 
you'll find the Iron Manifesto on top of some boxes in 
the southeast corner. It doesn't seem to have any 
affect on the game whether you fetch it or leave it. The 
second doorway has a red glow coming from it, and 
contains two guards, as well being the area you need 
to place your satchels. I use my crosshairs to order 
both Bravo and Able to Bang/Clear the second 
doorway, then I go in the first doorway. Upon 
entering, you'll see another doorway leading to the 
glowing red room, a guard will come through it in a 
moment, cap him. While you wait for your teammates 
to clear the red room, try to watch through the 
doorway, the guard may try to escape out the west 
doorway. Once the area is clear, fetch the manifesto if 
you want, then go in the glowing red room, and plant 
satchels with your teammates on the panels at each 
end of the room. You need not leave the room when 
done, just wait for H.Q. to contact you.     

   1B. Level 2: Ghost Town
   Armory: Kahuna SR25 SD, DE .50, 2x Ammo, Frag 
           Boomer F90, DE .50, 2x Ammo, Bang
           Bravo AKS-74, DE .50, 2x Ammo, Bang
Part I; The SR25 SD Start by pulling back on the 
stick to walk backwards, as far up the hill as you can, 
then take a few steps to the left, so you can spot the 
sentry to the northwest, and then order 'Bravo Run to 
Charlie'. Do not fire until Bravo reaches Charlie. Once 
you've eliminated the sentry, head northwest through 
the trees, until you get to the gap before the next group 
of trees.    
    Sidestep west a little to spot another guard to the 
north. Take him out, then get back to Charlie. Climb 
up to the peak on the roof of the building at Charlie, 
and look north-northeast to spot the guard who 
patrols back and forth. Take him out, then order 
'Team Follow' and 'Team Fire at Will', then head up 
the path. As soon as you climb the snow ridge, look 
up the path to see if the guard is visible. If he's not, 
you can play it safe and wait for him to appear, or 
head down the path to get him, just watch out that you 
don't run into him heading back towards you. After 
he's gone, and you've arrived at Echo, look at your 
Tac-map. With the primary objective 'Obtain Intel' 
selected, there is a route marked out. Move so you're 
positioned at the tip of the first arrow pointing north 
from Echo, then look straight towards Zulu. This will 
put you on top of a snow peak overlooking the 
compound, and you'll see a far off guard, dispose of 
him, then turn to the west, and step forward to the top 
of the hill you're on. Another far off guard, between or 
to the right of a pair of trees (on the right side of the 
shed), needs to be eliminated. Then aim to the left, 
another guard is off in the distance, in front of the 
Cabin, pop him too. Then look at the window on the 
side of the cabin, you can see the outline of a guard 
inside, pop him. If the front door is open, he's 
escaped, but he'll be easy to spot as he runs around 
outside the cabin, or crouches down near the back. 
   Turn back to the north, and look for a sniper lying in 
the snow near the hilltop. If he's not there, you can 
catch him near the Generator, later. Look down the 
hill you're on, you'll see a tree in front of you, down 
the hill a little. Run halfway to the tree, turn towards 
the shed, and aim at the window. You might want to 
lie down to stabilize your aim, you need to fire two 
shots quickly, at the same spot. All you'll see through 
the window is floor, but as soon as you pull the trigger, 
instant guard appears, and gives you a moment to fire 
again before he kills you or Boomer. As soon as he's 
down, order 'Bravo Hold Position', then turn towards 
the Lodge, and run to the back of it. If you've 
maintained stealth, all 3 guards will still be inside the 
Lodge. If you've tipped them off, you will probably 
find a guard hiding behind the wooden crate, northeast 
of the Lodge. The other two usually hang out right in 
front of the Lodge if they come outside. If they're still 
inside, move south just enough to pop the side 
window with an M67, then get back behind the Lodge 
and look north, aiming between the Lodge and the 
wooden crate, wait 10-15 seconds, pop the guard if 
he runs to the crate. Travel along the north wall of the 
Lodge to get to the front, use third person view to 
check for a guard squatting outside the door, it's easy 
to step out just far enough to pop him. Watch out for 
the third guard, who could be at the southwest corner, 
outside the Lodge. He can be popped by stepping out 
a little, but it's safer to run behind the shed and get him 
from behind. If there are any that stayed inside, just 
move to the south side of the lodge, and toss an M67 
through the window, it will take care of them. After the 
3 guards are gone, step inside the Lodge to complete 
the secondary objective, 'Secure Lodge'. 
   From behind the Lodge, follow the Tac-map path 
towards the Generator, where two guards patrol the 
area around the Generator, (unless you already 
capped a sniper to the north after taking out the Cabin 
guards) usually one is lying down, the other walking. 
You can sometimes spot a third guard at Zulu also. 
After dispatching them, move north until you are 
directly east of the Generator, then turn left and move 
straight towards it until you get to the snow ridge, 
where you can toss an M67 behind it. You must be 
standing to make the throw, bounce it off the wall 
behind the Generator. After it's disabled, run north to 
the wall, turn left and just before you cross the fence, 
order 'Bravo Run to Crosshairs' so they stop at the 
fence. Continue on to Whiskey, and wait for Boomer 
to catch up. You might have to take a few steps past 
Whiskey to get Boomer to come. 
   From Whiskey, run straight south to the Dredge 
wall, and move to the northeast corner of the building. 
This will cause the guards inside to spawn, and if you 
wait a moment, one will come out the east end, and 
run southeast. If he fails to come out, use 3rd person 
view to spot him, you may get to see him light up and 
puff on a cigarette. You and I both know cancer will 
not be the cause of his death. Shoot or club him. From 
the east end of the Dredge, run backwards, heading 
east and staying to the right of the conveyor, watching 
the Dredge. Once you're headed uphill, move left, 
until you can spot the guard inside the building, at the 
southwest corner. Cap him, and look to the left of the 
Dredge, you may find a guard patrolling or rushing 
you, he may even come through the Dredge. Then 
order 'Bravo Run to X-Ray'. On their way, they might 
take out the second floor guard, draw his fire, or 
cause him to come running out, so stay aware. As 
soon as they get to X-Ray, order them to Zulu. As 
soon as they are at Zulu, you can enter the Dredge. 
There is one guard on the second floor, two more on 
the third floor. The stairs at the northwest corner allow 
you to easily spot the second floor guard, as soon as 
he walks away from them, run up and club him. To get 
to the stairs leading to the third floor, you have to 
move west. Before you do, lie down and look through 
the stairwell, you may spot a pair of feet you can 
shoot. After you've determined it's clear, equip your 
M67s, stand up and throw one up from the bottom of 
the stairs, then retreat quickly, it may come back 
down. It's rare that you'll take out both third floor 
guards this way, they will probably run out on the 
rooftop. Use third person view to locate them as you 
head up the stairs, then pop out and shoot them, or if 
you'd rather play it safe, go downstairs and head out 
the east end. Use the conveyor sticking out the east 
end for cover as you move east, far enough to target 
the guard(s) now on the roof, and pop them. You 
must visit the third floor before you join Bravo, but 
don't touch the laptop yet, first head out the west end 
of the dredge and join Bravo at Zulu. If you're quick 
enough you can get to Zulu, zoom in on the door to 
the Mining House, and watch as 3 guards spawn 
around the doorway. Help Bravo with the guards, 
who run towards the Dredge, and if the door on the 
right side of the Mining House doesn't open, shoot the 
window to get one more guard out. Move west from 
Zulu into the valley, then head south. You are going 
towards the outhouse west of the Mining House, to 
cap the guard there. As you approach, watch out for 
him, sometimes he'll be moving around, or lie down in 
the snow behind the outhouse. There is sometimes a 
sniper hiding near the outhouse, amongst the trees, 
(he'd be 1 of the 3 guards that spawned at Juliet). Run 
up behind the outhouse and use the north wall to get to 
the front, then surprise him with a clubbing. Head back 
through the valley to get to the Dredge, then head east 
to the Generator, then go towards the Lodge. Stop 
about halfway between the Generator and the Lodge, 
and look to the Mining House. The door on the east 
end should be open, and a guard hides behind the 
broken wall. Shoot the window to the right if the door 
is still shut, to bring him out. Cap him, then order 
'Bravo to Juliet', and watch the Mining House while 
you wait, help out Bravo if the opportunity arises, 
although all the guards should be gone now. 
Pincushion might fire on them, but stops when they get 
close. Order Bravo to Zulu. Go get the laptop. Head 
out the west end of the Dredge, H.Q. will break in 
about Pincushion as you run to join Bravo at Zulu. 
This could trigger the snowmobile guards to attack, if 
you've left anyone alive. If that happens, run a little 
west from Zulu, into the valley, and cap the guard to 
the southwest, then see if you can take out any others 
from there while Bravo does their job. After the 
firefight, order 'Bravo Run to Romeo', and get your 
C4 ready. Plant C4 on the boxes north of the Mining 
House, west of the Lodge, and north of the Shed. Run 
back to the Mining House, and fetch Pincushion, then 
head for the Cabin. Duck in and out if the cabin to 
'Secure Cabin' and 'Secure Compound'. Before you 
go to the Extraction Zone, you'll have to run northwest 
to lead Pincushion around the snowridge, because he 
won't jump off.      

  1C. Level 3: Oil Platform Takedown
         Armory: Able M4A1 SD, DE .50, 2x Ammo, Bang
                 Bravo F90, DE .50, 2x Ammo, Bang
Part I; The M4A1 SD Start out by stepping back far 
enough to sidestep to the right until you can spot the 
Iron Brother in between the shipping crates. A burst 
from your rifle will take him out, and most likely bring 
'Green' running to investigate, so fire two rounds into 
his body, or just one to his head. Run between the 
crates, staying to the right side, to get his partner. Club 
him, then head south, kick open the door and go in 
Building D. Turn left and run to the stairs and go 
down. Boomer will ask you if you can see the area 
sniper, apparently he is unaware that you are not only 
indoors, but in the basement. Run north, staying on the 
left side, and get ready to club two guards around the 
next corner. Hit the northern guard first, then the one 
close to the south wall. Turn around and head back 
out the door you came in. If you are quick enough, 
you'll meet Boomer on the stairwell as you leave. 
Head out the door, turn left and run around to the 
south side of Building D. You will most likely spot a 
guard to the east, codename 'Green', and they should 
be checking in on their radios by now. Try not to kill 
Green until after he has checked in. Zoom in with your 
scope and look up to ID the sniper. Wait for Green to 
head north, then run east to the end of Building D. 
Occasionally Green will come right at you, if he gets 
so far west that he makes it next to the guardrail 
around the stairwell in front of you, just shoot him, 
then head east. Shooting Green when he's east of the 
guardrail is likely to botch the insertion, as the sniper 
will probably see him fall. As soon as Green fails to 
respond to the radio, the timers will begin counting 
down on the bombs. You should have Building A 
cleared before you let that happen. When you get to 
the east end of Building D, sidestep left, until you can 
see through the path in the shipping containers. If 
Green stops as he heads northeast, you will see him 
through the path, wait until he continues walking 
before entering the path. As you reach the end of the 
path, look to your left to spot the second sniper east 
of Building A, do not emerge from the path or you will 
be spotted. Zoom in to ID him, then kill him, turn to 
the right and cap the other sniper, then order 'Team 
Fire at Will'. Take out Green as he comes back 
towards you, or step out far enough to target him. 
After Green is down, head north towards Building B, 
watching for a guard on the ground at Echo, or 
northeast of Echo. Take him out. Order 'Team 
Follow' and 'Team Fire at Will'. If you haven't 
reached the rank of Admiral yet, you can toss an 
M141 into Building A, then run in and club the guard. 
If you are an Admiral, you would alert the guards in 
Building B, so come back to A after defusing the 
bombs, or open the door and shoot him. Attack 
Building B. There are two guards inside, left of the 
door. One usually comes into view when he hears the 
door open. Take them out with your M4A1 SD. If 
you've alerted them, they will be waiting with their 
weapons pointed at the door, too bad for you. If you 
can see them through the little window, try having 
Boomer open the door for you, and then treat him to a 
little crossfire. Head east out of Building B, go past the 
bomb on your left. Get to the stairs on your right, go 
down, turn left and head past the second bomb, turn 
left again. You'll be facing a guardrail, and a path 
leads to your right. 2 guards come from the east while 
you defuse the second bomb, so use your crosshairs 
to order Bravo onto the path, then head back to the 
first bomb while they get situated. Defuse the first 
bomb, then run back to the second bomb. Before you 
begin defusing, aim your crosshairs at the path, just 
east of Bravo, and order 'Bravo Cover Area'. Defuse 
the second bomb, and make sure Bravo has 
eliminated both guards before you order 'Team 
Follow'. Head east on the path, and enter the door on 
your left. Follow the hall, and go down the stairs. As 
you head west, there will be a guard around the next 
corner, to the right. Normally, he comes  running, and 
you'll club him as he gets to the corner, but sometimes 
he'll be crouching and waiting, and you'll have to go 
after him. Keep following the hallway until you turn 
north and see the stairs leading up. Back up against 
the pipes, facing the stairs, aim down at the ground 
and order 'Bravo Run to Crosshairs'. Take a few 
steps forward to get out of their way, wait for them to 
get behind you, then order them to cover the stairs. 
Crouch and throw an M67 up the stairs, then run up 
before it pops, hang a U-turn, and follow the building 
around, turning left at each corner. Watch for a guard 
at the south end, and there will definitely be one at the 
north end. Don't move too far west when you get to 
the north end, take out the guard on the ground first, 
then target the sniper before you move west.
Run west, between the crates, then begin following the 
wall on your right. When it turns southwest, begin 
aiming to the right of the tank as you run towards it. I 
like to switch to full auto fire, as you approach the 
tank, two guards will spawn next to it. You can throw 
an M67 just before you reach the corner and turn 
southwest, then move in to make them spawn, but it's 
real easy to toss it overboard, so use a little caution. 
Run to where the two guards spawned, order 'Team 
Regroup', and then head east to defuse the last bomb. 
Then run into Building E, and try to open the door 
marked 'Authorized Personnel Only' to locate the Oil 
Workers. Head out the south door, turn left and run 
up the stairs to Building C. Head to the southeast door 
and open it, crouch down and sidestep left with your 
back against the guardrail. The Iron Leader will be 
standing inside, and will let you shoot him. Enter the 
building through the door on the west side, watch for a 
guard in the kitchen on the left as you go in. I have 
been successful when I've run into the kitchen and 
clubbed him, if you are going to turn left and shoot him 
as soon as you enter, you must be standing up to get 
your bullets over the counter. As you run east into the 
hallway, there is a door on the left. If it's still closed, 
order 'Bravo Bang/Clear'. If it's open, approach with 
caution, the guard may be in the doorway waiting for 
you. I've had good luck ordering Bravo to ambush 
when the door is open. The hallway turns south, and 
there are two doors on the right, both of them open 
into the bathroom. I open the first one, and usually 
can't spot the guard, but you can step inside and the 
wall on your left will provide cover so you can spot 
the guard and rush him. After you restrain both 
hostages, you have two more guards on the Helipad to 
eliminate. Head to the southwest corner of Building C, 
turn left and go out the door. There is an observation 
tower on your right, it is perfect for taking out the two 
guards on the Helipad. Order Bravo onto the Helipad 
or go there yourself, and you've completed this 

    A. Level 4: Golden Triangle Holiday
        Armory: Kahuna SR25 SD, DE .50, 2x Ammo, Frag
                Boomer M4A1 SD, DE .50, 2x Ammo, Bang
                Bravo M4A1 SD, DE .50, 2x Ammo, Bang
Part I; The SR25 SD Order 'Bravo Hold Position', 
look northeast and take out the guard standing there. 
Follow the trail of hiding spots, and if you hear Bravo 
report an enemy, order them to Fire at Will, but wait 
for them to report an enemy before you give that 
order. As soon as you get to the third hiding spot, 
begin looking for the other two guards. Don't move 
too close to the hut. After you and/or Bravo have 
taken them both out, you can get on the Island. To 
avoid Boomer engaging the 2 hut guards, get on the 
Island where the ground comes down just enough for 
you to leave the water. The island is very thin there, 
run across it and turn right, and head for the closest 
corner of the hut. Get under the hut and crouch in the 
grass. While you wait, get your M67s ready. As soon 
as the eavesdropping is done, stand up, order 'Bravo 
Run to Charlie' and move southeast (I like to run 
backwards so I can see the hut) and toss an M67 
through the window. Order 'Team Fire at Will' if you 
haven't yet. Then be ready with your DE .50 or SR25 
SD for any survivors. Usually one dies and the other 
gets blown out the door, but gets up shooting. 
Part II; The 552 Scavenge either the 552 or AK-47 
from the hut, and grab the Intel. Order 'Bravo Stealth 
to Delta' and wait in the hut with Boomer until they are 
holding. Then head towards Delta, but don't leave the 
Island. Fire a shot in the air (don't hit Bravo) towards 
Delta, and wait for Bravo to take out those that come 
running, then join them. When you get to Delta, head 
to the left of the huge rock, and use your 3rd person 
view to watch for the guard as you go around the 
rock. If he happens to be looking towards you, or you 
blow the shot, you can run around the rock the other 
direction and get him from behind. Order 'Bravo 
Stealth to Echo', and wait for them to hold there. Fire 
a shot in the air towards Echo, then join Bravo there 
when you feel it's safe. Order 'Bravo run to Foxtrot', 
but as soon as they engage the enemy, order 'Bravo 
Hold Position' and give them a moment to fight before 
you send them to Foxtrot and join them there. As 
soon as you get to Foxtrot, order 'Bravo Run to 
Juliet'. Give them a little head start before you run for 
the boats, then plant C4 on both of them and join 
Bravo at Juliet. As soon as both charges have 
detonated, order 'Bravo Stealth to Romeo' and follow 
them. There should be a guard in the hut at Romeo, 
you can use the left side of the door frame to hide your 
approach. Then follow the left edge of the Island to 
find 2 more guards hiding behind a board, watching 
the docks. Dispose of them, and get your M67s 
      Head for Hut 2, and throw an M67 through the 
window. Head to Hut 1 and throw 2 M67s through 
each back window of both rooms. If this doesn't clear 
the Main Island, search Hut 1, then the Island. As 
soon as the Main Island is clear, order 'Team Follow' 
and head for X-ray. As you approach, go around the 
left of the boulder, and take out the guard in the Final 
Hut. Run in and grab the Bio-Data, then Head for 
Zulu. The Tac-map shows a path going around the 
right side of Zulu, but if you run around the left side 
instead, you can avoid some nasty machine gunners. 
Get your team to Zulu and you're finished.      

        Armory: Kahuna M4A1 SD or SR25 SD
                Boomer and Bravo M4A1 SD
Part I; The Cheater. At the start, look to the northeast 
and spot the guard standing there. After a moment 
he'll look in your direction, then he'll turn again and 
walk off to the right. As soon as he's moving, turn to 
the north and run. Ignore any warnings from H.Q. as 
you go. Watch for the Island ahead of you as you run, 
as soon as you can see it, run to the left of it. You 
want to be about 10' left of shore when you get to it. 
As soon as you're there, turn left so you can run 
straight to the left of the next outcropping. Don't 
follow the contour of the Island, or stop and wait 
anywhere, keep moving. When you get to the 
outcropping, turn left a little, and run to the next 
outcropping, where you turn right. Right after you turn 
right and start running, watch for a guard to come 
running to the shore, you need to take him out so he 
can't report you. Continue following the Island, after 
you take the next right, aim straight for X-ray, and run 
to the left of the boulder just before the Final Hut. 
Take out the hut guard, run in and grab the Bio-Data, 
then run for Zulu. Run around the left side of the Island 
on your way to Zulu, to avoid the hostiles H.Q. warns 
you about. Don't let your Mother see the grade you 

   2B. Level 5: Temple at Hohn Kaen
     Armory: Kahuna SR25 SD, DE .50, 2x Ammo, Claymore
             Boomer M4A1 SD, DE .50, 2x Ammo, Smoke, Bang
             Bravo 552, DE .50, 2x Ammo, Frag, Bang
Part I; the SR25 SD Right away, run straight ahead to 
the wall (West), turn right and club the guard. Run 
back to where you started, as soon as you get past 
Bravo, get on your belly. Crawl around the rock to 
your left, staying close to it and stopping as soon as 
you can look just west of north. Move too far away 
from the rock, or too far forward and Boomer will 
engage the enemy. Wait for the 2 guards coming down 
the path from the West, they will split up, and one will 
come straight at you, and stop at the grass. As soon as 
he turns around, get up, rush him and club him, then 
target his partner with your SR25 SD, or run straight 
at him and club him. Get close enough to the water to 
spot the guard standing in the boat to your left, and 
pull off a head shot. Run under Hut 1 and eavesdrop. 
While you're waiting, locate the guard that patrols 
between the sniper shack to the northwest, and Hut 2 
to the northeast. Snipe his head if you feel you can 
make the shot, or go to Hut 2 when he heads west, to 
finish eavesdropping first. The last guard is in the 
shack at the northwest, go around the north side of the 
shack, run in and club him, then order 'Bravo Run to 
Charlie', and get yourself there. 
   At Charlie, get ready to hustle. Don't run up the 
stairs and go through the doorway, run up the hill to 
the right of the stairs, and just before you reach the 
wall and turn right, order 'Support Sweep'. Make the 
right turn and run along the wall as the Helicopter 
approaches, it will begin firing as soon as you enter the 
doorway. Run down the short hallway, (there are 
snipers above you) and turn left as soon as you go 
through the doorway. Club the guard outside the door, 
then step back to the door, drop on your belly and 
crawl away from the door, turn left and crawl up the 
hill. Don't crawl into the grass clump, crawl just to the 
left of it, and when you get to the top, use your SR25 
SD to target the further sniper first, then the close one, 
then get up and run back through the door and join 
Bravo at Charlie. If you do this quickly, you'll have 
both snipers down and be running back to Charlie 
before the Helicopter leaves. Order 'Bravo Run to 
Echo' and 'Team Fire at Will'. Wait at Charlie and 
count the kills as they're called out,  there are 3 
guards, and a 4th may come in from the next area at 
any time, so be careful when joining Bravo or 
approaching the stairs on the way to Delta. Join Bravo 
at Echo and use your crosshairs to order them halfway 
up the stairs towards Delta. Go up the stairs and move 
to the left doorway, lie down and crawl forward but 
do not go all the way through. Target the guard 
crouched down straight ahead of you, pop him, then 
crawl forward enough to toss an M67 into the space 
in between the two stairways. Watch for a guard in the 
water who comes out from under the bridge and runs 
west, he'll stop to the left of the elephant statue so that 
you or Boomer can take him out. Crawl sideways to 
the left to target the guards moving around in front of 
the right side stairs, there will be at least 2. Toss 
another M67 between the stairs. Order 'Bravo Run to 
Delta', and keep watch for any more guards while 
they travel. Join them at Delta, lie down and crawl 
sideways to the right and ID the 4 Sentries, then pop 
their heads, starting with the furthest guards. You can 
also order Bravo to ambush, but I prefer to keep them 
healthy for later use. Run north to the stairs on the left 
and order Bravo halfway up them. Go up the stairs 
and trigger the video about Morgan, then turn right 
and run north through the hallway, and stop before the 
area widens. Switch to NVG and aim your crosshairs 
at the wall to the north, at the top stripe about halfway 
up the wall. This will get you close to the height of the 
sniper you are about to take out. Carefully turn left 
and aim around the corner, the sniper is not going to 
give you any slack here, target him as quickly as you 
can. The building to the west is where Morgan is, 
inspect the area around it for a patrolling guard, if he's 
there, you will also find 3 more guards to the south. If 
he's not there, the 3 other guards won't be around, 
nor will the other sniper be around. If you spot him, 
pop him, then drop down into the temple area, turn left 
(south), and begin looking for the other 3 guards. They 
usually come at you from the far south, sometimes they 
climb up the block in front of where Bravo is hiding, 
run across and drop down, sometimes they just run 
past it. Time to enter the Temple.
    If you don't spot a guard patrolling around Morgan, 
drop into the temple area and head south, to the stairs 
on your right. Go up the stairs and inside the Temple. 
If you cleared guards in the temple area, there will be 
a sniper in the southeast wing, and you can target him 
through the window on your left as soon as you enter 
the Temple. Either way, there is a guard in the hall 
leading south. Equip an M67 and as soon as you have 
moved forward enough to see the space between the 
two columns on the right side of the hall leading south, 
throw your grenade as hard as you can into the space. 
Wait for it to pop, then move into the hall, ready to 
finish him off if he survives. Move to the stairs on the 
west side of the Temple, and exit. Lie down as soon 
as you get to the bottom of the stairs, turn to the north, 
crawl sideways to the wall on the left, and target the 
pacing guard inside the building holding Morgan. A 
second guard is standing inside to the right of the 
doorway, and if there wasn't a guard patrolling outside 
the building earlier, there is now, target him next. 
Crawl forward until you can see him and pop him, 
then go for the guy still inside the building, just move to 
the left and forward until you can pop him. If  you 
haven't cleared the second sniper and 3 patrols in the 
southeast, now is the time. Move towards Zulu while 
watching to the east. At Zulu is a doorway, as soon as 
you are east of it, get against the north wall and keep 
moving east. You will probably encounter the first of 
the 3 guards before you get to the east wall. Move 
south along the east wall just a little bit, watching for 
the guards, let them come to you. Do not go further 
south than the stairs you used to enter the Temple, or 
you may get hit by the sniper. After all three guards 
are down, run back into the Temple using the east 
stairs. Target the sniper through the window on your 
left as soon as you enter the Temple. This should 
'Clear Temple Area', if not, carefully search for the 
survivor. At the bottom of the east stairs of the temple, 
order 'Team Regroup' and let Bravo join you. Go to 
the northeast corner of the temple area and use your 
crosshairs to place Bravo there, then use your 
crosshairs to have them 'Cover Area' to the 
southwest. Now equip your Claymores, and go to the 
doorway at Zulu. Place one Claymore about 6 feet 
inside the doorway, one in the doorway, and one on 
each side of the doorway, outside. Remember to 
reequip the claymores after you place each one, unless 
you want to blow yourself up. Now go to Morgan, 
restrain her, and make sure your detonator is 
equipped. Order her to follow, then immediately order 
her to hold position, as you've just triggered 3 or 4 
guards to attack. Go outside and watch the doorway 
at Zulu, Bravo will take care of the guard who spawns 
outside the Temple. When you see the guard come out 
of the doorway, trigger the detonator and all 4 
Claymores will deploy, leaving no one alive. Restock 
your M67s at the doorway, then go back and fetch 
Morgan, and take her to Zulu. Order 'Support 
Extract', and 4 more guards will spawn. Normally you 
will find them on the west side of the Temple, hiding in 
the nook south of the stairs. Bomb them with at least 4 
M67s, and you may find one or more survives 
anyway, these guys must be made of Kevlar polygons. 
Time to go for the Ambassador.  
  Head out of the Temple area using the same stairs 
you used to enter, just jump up on the block to gain 
access. Head north to where the path turns left, but 
don't go around the corner. There are 2 guards 
patrolling on the ground, and a sniper on the roof to 
the west. Carefully take the left turn, watching for the 
closest guard. Cap him, then get his partner on the 
right side, then get the sniper before heading west. 
Once in a while a 4th guard comes out of the door 
under the sniper, so keep your eyes open as you 
approach. When you get to the door, order 'Bravo 
Run to Whiskey, and they'll run into a guard on the 
way. Follow them and stop just before you go through 
the next doorway. You'll see Bravo hiding behind a 
weird little building, There is another little building to 
the right, and a guard is hiding inside. Equip your 
M67s and bomb him through the window. He's 
usually in the south corner, which is the corner closest 
to you. Watch out as you approach, there may be a 
guard between the two buildings, a little further 
northwest. You can check for him by traveling to the 
left of the structure Bravo is hiding behind. Order 
'Bravo Run to Juliet'. There is a guard at Juliet, I've 
lost Bravo often enough to him that if they are in poor 
shape I go for him by myself. Travel the left side to 
spot him, he's up on top of the wall with 3 doorways. 
Run up to the top of the stairs leading to Juliet. From 
there you can target a couple guards patrolling on the 
ground, and a sniper or two on top of the building 
housing the Ambassador. The last guard will come 
running out of the building when you approach, just 
wait outside the door and club him. Go in and restrain 
the Ambassador, and you are finished. 

   2C. Level 6: City of the Forgotten
         Armory: Kahuna SR-25 SD, DE .50, 2x Ammo, Frag
                 Boomer M4A1 SD, DE .50, 2x Ammo, Bang, Smoke
                 Bravo 552, DE .50, 2x Ammo, Frag
Part I; The SR-25 SD  Order 'Bravo Hold Position', 
head along the right side of the path until you get past 
the water. On your left you'll see a hut in the mist, you 
can crouch behind the brush and target both guards 
through the side window, or crawl forward and take 
them out through the front window. Stay tight against 
the wall as you move northeast, stop before the 
dropoff and scan with NVG for the first of 4 patrols. 
Pop him with your SR-25 SD, then run to where he 
dropped. You can also wait for him to stop coming 
towards you, and rush him when he turns around, but 
that will delay you. Head east along the line marked on 
the Tac-map, using your NVG, and you'll find the next 
patrol traveling from south to north across the path. 
Although all 4 patrols can be rushed and clubbed, 
you'll save time by using your rifle. Follow the Tac-
map path again, the next patrol travels north to south. 
Take him out and then abandon the Tac-map path, go 
left to the riverbank and follow that to the next hut, 
stop when you have a view of the whole hut. Order 
'Team Follow'. Usually you'll have to wait a little for 
him to come from beyond the hut, but not always. 
There may or may not be a guard inside the hut, run 
sideways to your right, watching the window, you 
should be able to spot and target his head if he's in 
there. Then get to the far right and follow the wall 
around until you see the next hut, which will satisfy the 
primary objective, 'Recon Insertion Area'.
Run straight at the left side of the hut until you can see 
the stone wall behind it. Use your crosshairs to order 
Bravo to the stone wall, just left of the far left corner 
of the hut. Get back to the wall and continue following 
tight up against it until you reach another dropoff, and 
stop. You should be able to see 3 tall poles sticking up 
on the right, and a stubby one to the left of them. 4 
guards patrol near the tall poles, drop them with 
headshots. Order 'Team Fire at Will'. One of the 4 
guards should move in on your side of the poles, don't 
blow the shot, he's holding an MGL. The 5th and 6th 
guards are to the south, if you take out 5 of them 
quickly and quietly, then the guard in the hut won't 
come out, if he's even in there. Draw your DE .50 and 
fire a shot at the hut, switch back to your rifle and 
watch out, because now they'll come after you, if 
there are any left in the area. Take out all 6 and the 
riverbank is secure, although enough noise could draw 
in guards from the Compound. Now head west along 
the wall, you'll come to a little stone peak, begin 
watching even more carefully as you continue on. 
There are several more guards to deal with. Once you 
can see the stairs at Delta, hold your position and 
watch for 2 guards to come down the stairs. While 
you wait, target the guard to the left of the stairs. If the 
guards won't come, carefully advance to the right of 
the stairs, you'll see a slot in the broken wall, which is 
perfect for disposing of a couple M67s. I like to throw 
two and then retreat and wait a little, to see if anything 
moves, look towards the Compound too. Run back to 
the stone peak, turn south and head towards the 
compound. There is a little bit of high ground you can 
use to scan most of the area in front of the Compound. 
Order 'Team Regroup'
  There are stairs at the east end of the compound, but 
I prefer to go to Delta, and as you go up those stairs, 
watch carefully to the right, you may find one or two 
guards still there by the campfire if they survived your 
grenades. Head east along the compound and stop 
before you get to the end of the building. Unless you 
used the high ground to eliminate the guard who stands 
at the south in front of the Compound, you'll spot him 
first. Ther are two towers in front of the compound, 
move to the stairs of the north tower, and watch the 
Compound stairs for a guard to come running out. 
After he's gone, move south a little, and a guard will 
appear in front of the compound, at the southeast 
corner. Drop him, and head to the north stairs of the 
south tower, keeping an eye on the Compound 
entrance. Two guards are inside, and are difficult to 
deal with, as they don't want to come out mo matter 
what ruckus you raise. Stand at the top of the stairs 
you are on and throw an M67 into the Compound, 
maybe you'll get lucky and they'll show themselves. If 
you have to, carefully approach the Compound 
entrance and try throwing grenades deep inside, or 
charge in and try to shoot it out. They are good shots, 
try to draw them out first.
Part II; M16A2/AK47 Pick up a weapon and restock 
your M67s, it's time to flush out a chicken. Head 
south from the Compound and run to the wall, east of 
the doorway to Echo. Aim west and send Bravo to 
the wall, so they end up with a good view of Echo. 
Run over and use your crosshairs to have them cover 
Echo, then get things going by entering the doorway to 
Echo and tossing an M67. I like to throw it hard 
against the wall so it bounces into the path, to the right. 
Position yourself to drop the guards as they come 
running around the corner, about 10 of them. When 
Thongkong makes a run for it, he'll be coming your 
way, so carefully make your way around the path until 
you can watch the Temple area, looking west. If you 
move into the Temple area, you might let him get by, 
as he can exit the Temple from the south or east. If 
you use NVG, you'll get a 'Leader Identified' 
message just before he's visible. A few shots  past his 
head can make him halt, a single shot to his shin can 
make him surrender, however he's got backup right 
behind him, so if you don't want your teammates to 
kill him, order them to hold fire, and take out his hens 
by yourself. Don't kill him after he's been restrained, 
you'll end the mission. Kill him before he's restrained, 
and you'll miss out on the secondary objective 
'Restrain Leader', but the mission will continue. After 
he's dealt with, head north until you can see the 
Temple stairs, there should be a guard camping 
halfway up the stairs. Take him out, then get as far 
north as you can, and look to the west. You'll see a 
broken down building, there is a guard hiding on the 
other side, looking towards the Temple. Take him 
from behind, then carefully scan for any leftovers, 
especially on the stairs, you should find another 
camper, halfway up. WILL FINISH THIS SOON! 

    A. Level 7: Mercenary Staging Area
       Armory: Kahuna M4A1 SD, DE.50, 2x Ammo  
  Had this one done, but lost the data, will fix soon!

3B. Level 8: POW CAMP
Armory: Kahuna M82A1A, DE .50, 2x Ammo
        Boomer AKS-74, DE .50, 2x Ammo, Smoke
        Jester M60E3, DE .50, 2x Ammo
        Spectre M63A, DE .50, 2x Ammo
Part I; the M82A1A. Boomer is not needed here, 
keep him alive only to avoid mission failure if Bravo 
should come to harm near the end. Primary weapons 
for Boomer and Bravo can be the AKS-74, 552, 
M60E3, M63A, or F90. The ones I listed under 
Armory are what they carried when I wrote this. 

    Start out by running a short distance down the path-
just past Charlie. On the right side is a clump of leafy 
brush between two trees, lie down on it and sight 
down the path. Take out the closer guard first, and 
then get his partner. Order 'Team Fire at Will', and 
get ready to take out 3 more guards as they appear 
from behind the tree. They may come running out, or 
try sneaking out, just make sure you get three guys, 
even if the message 'Perimeter Mercs Eliminated' 
pops up after two.
  Once you've taken out the first five guys, head down 
the path, to the tree where the guards came out. You'll 
be standing just before the top of a little hill. Stand on 
the right side of the path, next to the tree, and look to 
the next large tree on the left side of the path. The 
base of the tree forms a corner, aim your crosshairs at 
the ground, just below the corner, and order 'Bravo 
Run to Crosshairs'. This will place them on the left 
side of the path, fairly close to the tree. After Bravo 
settles in, aim your crosshairs at the path, and order 
'Bravo Cover Area'. Now run up the path to Recon 
the Sentry, and snipe him. You must aim quickly, 
because he'll take you out in short order. I run past 
the tree, then I aim up slightly and move to the right 
until I can spot him through the fork in the tree he's 
behind. Zoom in and pop him. As soon as he's down, 
turn around and run back, past Bravo, past the tree 
you stood by to place Bravo, turn left and run towards 
the large rock, far enough that Boomer follows you off 
the path. Once you've led Boomer to safety, head 
back towards the path, but don't get too close, and 
get ready for the two machine gunners coming after 
you. Bravo may eliminate them, or allow them to run 
past. If they get past Bravo and come into view, fire a 
shot at them, and even if you miss, Bravo will take him 
out. More often than not this tactic works, but if you 
lose Bravo team, just restart, you're only a couple 
minutes in so far. Once the two gunners are dead, you 
get the message 'Entry Area Secure', unless you failed 
to take out the sentry earlier. Do not send Bravo to 
take out that sentry, he'll cut them to pieces.
   Head farther down the path, staying to the right side 
of the path. You should get to the far right as soon as 
you can. Follow the wall, and you'll run over a large 
rock slab that forms a slight hill. As soon as you get 
past the slab, order 'Bravo Run to Delta'. Keep 
running straight ahead, and as the wall curves off to the 
right, run straight ahead to the rock cliff. You'll have to 
move to the right slightly as you climb onto the rock, 
so you can get a clear view of the right side of the 
sniper tower. Zoom in on the right corner, so you're 
scope view is framed at the sides and bottom by the 
wood, and at the top by the mesh hanging down. As 
soon as Bravo moves close enough to Delta, the 
sniper will appear before you. Shoot quickly or die. 
As soon as the sniper is down, jump back and turn 
right. Move ahead, stay close to the rock on your left, 
and as soon as the ground begins sloping down, 
crouch and get an M67 ready. I like to wait there, 
holding the grenade, ready to throw it full force. I aim 
it a little left (southwest), so it will bounce off the far 
wall. If you throw it as soon as you hear them coming, 
it will be a little too early, so I wait about a second. If 
you get lucky, you'll take out both guys, and the 
message 'Area Two Secured' will appear. Usually, 
you only get one of them, and after a moment the 
second guy will come running out. Sometimes the 
second one runs away and hides by a certain tree, if 
that happens, you can backtrack a little, get up on the 
rock cliff, crouch and lob a grenade on him. Just stay 
back on the edge of the cliff, because he will damage 
you if he sees you.
 Once area two is cleared, begin heading south, 
following the wall towards Echo. Just before you get 
to Echo, there is a large rock that forms a small path. 
Just before you get to this rock, you'll see that the 
rock wall you followed turns a little left, forming a 
slight corner. Stand in the corner, against the wall and 
look east. On the ground in front of you is a 'plus 
sign', with a small green circle in the center, just to the 
right of that is a dark spot on the ground which almost 
forms an oval shape. Aim your crosshairs at the left 
side of the dark spot (The left edge of your crosshairs 
will be slightly above, and to the right of the green spot 
in the plus sign) Order 'Bravo Run to Crosshairs', and 
wait for them to arrive from Delta. Once Bravo is 
holding, step in front of them and look to the south. 
Bravo should be behind you, and you should be 
looking through the path formed by a large rock on the 
left, and the rock wall on your right. Aim your 
crosshairs at the ground in front of you and order 
'Bravo Cover Area'. (Be careful when you move in 
front of Bravo, if you crowd Jester, he'll move out of 
position) Once you have Bravo covering, turn right 
and lie down. Give Boomer a moment to lie down, or 
he may walk behind you and get his head sniped off. 
Crawl towards the rock wall (west) and crawl up the 
slope, staying close to the wall. Follow the wall as it 
curves to the right, until the rock levels off. Begin 
turning left as you crawl, and then zoom in on the 
Sniper tower slightly to the west of south. Pop the 
sniper and don't be concerned about the screaming 
guard, Bravo will put him to sleep. Turn south, and 
you should be looking just to the right of a large tree, 
equip your M67, and toss one straight ahead, using 
7/8 of your maximum throw distance. (If you throw 
one full strength, you'll miss, and if you throw one at 
3/4, it will land in front of you and you'll be sorry). As 
soon as I toss it, I switch to 3rd person view, get into a 
crouch, and inch forward so I can watch the 
fireworks, and jump down as soon as the grenade 
pops, because if he doesn't die, I rush in and club him. 
As soon as he's down, run into the river and turn left. 
Run past the tree that's growing out of a rock in the 
middle of the river, and continue ahead slightly, you'll 
see an outcropping of rock on your right. I switch to 
1st person view and run to the outcropping, aiming up 
at the right corner of the Sniper tower. Quickly zoom 
in and as soon as the Sniper moves to the corner, pop 
him. If you move too far past the outcropping, he 
won't come to the corner, but he will pop Boomer, 
and then you. When he moves to the corner, don't 
worry about the pole he's behind, your M82A1A will 
blow right through it. As soon as you pop him, zoom 
back out, and use your left stick to run sideways, to 
the left, up out of the water, up the hill a little, until 
your crosshairs are near the left side of the tower. 
Zoom in and wait for the other Sniper to show himself, 
then show him who's boss. If you fail to take out the 
right side Sniper with one shot, the left side Sniper will 
be waiting for you, and will probably take you out, so 
aim carefully. The left side Sniper won't give you much 
time either, so be ready. As soon as both snipers are 
down, Order 'Bravo Follow', and run back to the 
rock you crawled up earlier, pick up the AKS-74 left 
behind by Bravo's victim, then run and grab more 
ammo from the guy you bombed by the tree. Make 
sure you're clip is full, and you're set for full automatic 
firing. Now it's time to have some fun!  

   Part II; the AKS-74     
  With your team following you, head west, to the wall. 
Follow the wall towards the POW camp, using the 
mist filled ditch. Just before you climb up out of the 
ditch, turn around and wait for your team to catch up. 
If they get too far behind they'll get shot up when you 
start the next firefight. Head along the wall, it will curve 
to the left until you're heading south. Cross the river, 
and turn left to climb the stairs. As soon as you get to 
the top, crouch and get ready to take out 5 guys 
charging at you, or, pull back on your stick and drop 
back down. As soon as you're back on the ground, 
crouch and aim up at the top of the stairs. Use 1st 
person view to avoid shooting the stairs. There is a 
clump of brush you can get behind, but it won't hide 
you, so position yourself between the brush and the 
stairs, and get ready for the first guy, who will come 
running. As soon as you finish him, turn right and run 
behind the tree, then get right back into position by the 
stairs, quickly. This will bring out more guards. My 
favorite spot is crouching in 1st person view, so that as 
I look up at the top of the stairs, you can see tree tops 
in the distance, or a little closer, until the tree tops are 
no longer visible. If you move too close to the stairs, 
the enemies will leap off the stairs, and land amongst 
your team, and the crossfire will damage more than 
just enemies. They will leap down if you fail to hit them 
when they appear, or they will take cover up there and 
begin firing on you, so be ready to pop them as soon 
as they appear. You need to take out five guys total, 
one is already down. Merc number 2 will appear 
shortly, sometimes he's there right after you return 
from running behind the tree, sometimes he makes you 
wait a little. Merc 3 is usually right behind 2, and is 
probably Magnus, and he requires a couple extra 
bullets, unless you can pull off a headshot. He may run 
back to the POW camp if you fail to finish him off, but 
he's more likely to kill you, so make sure you fire on 
him until he's down for good. 4 and 5 are ordinary 
Mercs, and they may make you wait a little before 
they arrive. Sometimes the 5th fails to appear, he may 
be standing below the Sniper tower at the POW 
camp, or hiding between you and the camp. If he fails 
to appear, you can head back towards Echo. 
(following the wall, to avoid him firing on you and your 
team) As you travel the mist filled ditch towards Echo, 
there are two large trees on your right, from the 
second tree, you can spot him standing below the 
tower, and use your binoculars to target him. If he's 
not under the tower, then go back to the stairs and 
head towards the camp cautiously, you may find him 
under the tower as you approach camp. The fifth guy 
could also be Magnus, in which case he will be 
patrolling the camp, quite vigorously. Once all five 
camp guys are disposed of, Order 'Bravo Run to 
    It's time to clear Romeo, which requires a little 
ritual if Boomer is still alive. Head to the POW camp, 
and go into the shack inside the camp. (If Boomer is 
already dead, skip this and head out of the camp) 
Head down inside and go behind the stairs and wait 
for Boomer to join you. You need to delay him, 
because if he accompanies you when you try to clear 
Romeo, he'll get both of you killed. Once Boomer is 
inside the shack, run out of the shack, and turn to your 
left, (west) and aim your crosshairs in the direction of 
the stone stairs where you had the firefight with the 
camp guards, then order 'Able Deploy Smoke'. Then 
head out of the camp, past Bravo, and turn right, and 
follow the camp fence. Just before the ground you're 
on narrows and begins sloping down, there is a corner 
you can crawl up to that overlooks the cabin at 
Romeo. Use 3rd person view, and as you approach 
the corner, two guards will run up to the cabin's 
porch. You can move to the edge as soon as the 
second guard makes it to the porch stairs, you don't 
have to wait for him to settle in on the porch. At this 
time Boomer will probably report 'Item Deployed' or 
inform you he can't do it. Either way, move up to the 
edge and use your binoculars to target the first guard, 
the one on the left side of the porch. Give him a blast 
from his deceased comrade's AKS-74, then quickly 
target the right side guard and blast him too. Then 
swing your binoculars to the right, and target the last 
guy, crouching by the tree. Finish him off and Romeo 
is clear. Do not go any farther towards Romeo or 
clearing the next area will be difficult.
    Head back towards the camp and stand by the 
entrance, and look east. You should see a large rock 
in front of you, and a dirt path on your left. As you 
follow the dirt path, you will see it changes color from 
tan to gray right after the rock, and there is a second 
large rock right after the first, with a grass path 
between the two rocks. Aim your crosshairs at the tan 
path, just short of where it changes to gray; there is a 
little ridge that separates the two colors. When you 
order 'Bravo Run to Crosshairs', you want them to be 
on the west side of the ridge, but as close to it as 
possible. After you've got Bravo placed, aim ahead of 
them, at the gray path, and order 'Bravo Cover Area', 
then turn right, and head between the rocks. As soon 
as you get through the rocks, turn left (East), and 
you'll be overlooking the cabin at Romeo. Although it 
appears that stepping off the edge would kill Kahuna, 
he'll actually drop down unharmed. Drop down, and 
follow the rock on your left, and as you approach an 
opening in the rock that would allow you to turn left 
and head towards Foxtrot, you'll hear Bravo call out 
'Tango Sighted' and fire their weapons. Before you 
cross the path, wait until Bravo reports a successful 
kill. As soon as you cross the path, stop and wait, and 
Bravo will take out another Merc. Boomer will 
sometimes follow you, and sometimes he'll head for 
the path that Bravo is covering. If he tries to take the 
path, he will die. Either way, once Bravo has 
eliminated both Mercs, Order 'Bravo Run to Juliet', 
then you can take the path that heads (Northeast) 
towards Foxtrot, but do not emerge from the path. 
Use first person view and edge out carefully, aiming up 
towards the Sniper tower. Step out only enough to see 
the corner, the Sniper will either be there, or will soon 
appear. Use your Binoculars to target and eliminate 
him, then duck back in to the path, and get ready for 
two Mercs who will appear at the end of the path, and 
pop them both. After they are down, you can edge out 
and get the second Sniper in the tower. Now you can 
head to the Extraction Zone to cap another guy, or 
you can head north, cross the river, pass the Sniper 
tower and take the path that curves around as it leads 
up to the top of the hill over Foxtrot. From the peak 
you can target the Merc at the Extraction Zone 
without risk. Either method you choose, order 'Bravo 
Run to Foxtrot as you do it. (I prefer the hill; it's too 
close to the end to take any unnecessary risks). Once 
the Extraction Zone is clear, jump in the river and head 
northeast, towards the Cave entrance. Stop short of 
the entrance, run back a little, turn around and get 
ready for 4 Mercs who need to have their polygons 
dissipated. Once they are down, head back up to the 
Extraction Zone. At the Extraction Zone, move 
towards the Sniper tower, down onto the angled 
surface close to the tower. Aim towards Whisky, and 
you'll see a Merc's head on the other side of the rock 
at Whiskey. Use your Binoculars to aim just above his 
head, and let your AKS rip. This fool will actually 
stand up when he hears you fire, and if your aim is 
correct, he'll take a head shot as he's getting up. If 
you aren't sure he's down, just watch for a moment 
with your binoculars, he'll start peeking over the rock 
if he's still alive. There is a second guard at Whiskey, 
but he travels between the cabin and the cave, and 
although it's possible to target him from the Extraction 
Zone, he's a little too far off. So, head towards 
Whiskey, following the path, as you approach the 
rock at Whiskey watch for the other Merc. If he's 
standing to the left of the cabin, you should be able to 
take him out with an M67. If he's not there, the trees 
on the left can be used as cover to move south, but 
watch out for him, he may be moving. I prefer to wait 
behind the rock at Whiskey until he's near the cabin, 
the M67 way is low risk. Once he's finished, order 
'Bravo Run to Whisky', and move south, staying far 
left. When you get to the tree that's too far left for you 
to slip through, (keep in mind a Merc on the path 
could target you there) move around it carefully, using 
3rd person view to make sure there aren't any Mercs 
standing on the path on your left that leads to the cave. 
There shouldn't be, if you took out all 4 guys at the 
other end of the cave. Take Bravo to the cave and 
move in until you can see two oval openings into a 
chamber. Once you enter that chamber, the firefight is 
on, so don't go in, stand at the right opening and aim 
your crosshairs at the ground in front of the path on 
the right side of the chamber. Order 'Bravo Ambush', 
and get back. I believe there are four Mercs, but 
anytime I've tried to join the fight, bullets stream out of 
the dark and I'm done. Once the firefight is over, head 
up into the chambers (send Bravo in first if you want) 
and secure the POW. If you've cleared the cave, the 
message will pop up. If not, you'll have to make a 
cautious trip to the POW camp (Bravo Lead to Juliet). 
From the POW camp, order 'Bravo Lead to Zulu'. If 
you've cleared the caves, you now own this level, and 
may move about the area freely. Do not take any 
POWs to the extraction zone unless you take all three. 
If you want to see what I mean, take 1 POW to the 
Extraction Zone. Scotty will suddenly beam in a Merc. 
The times I've done this, he spawns near the POW, in 
the direction of the Sniper tower. OK, on to #9                

Armory: Kahuna M4A1 SD, 2x Ammo, Bang, Smoke
        Boomer F90, DE .50, 2x Ammo, Bang, Smoke
        Bravo 552, DE .50, 2x Ammo, Frag, Bang
Part I; The M4A1 SD  At the start, turn around and 
run east to the wall. Turn left, and as you follow the 
wall, drop on your belly before the wall turns left. 
Crawl along the wall and stop about 6-10 feet short of 
where the ground begins sloping down, turn to the 
west, and use NVG to target the right side guard up 
on the bridge. There are 2 guards on the bridge and 3 
on the ground. Waiting for the three on the ground to 
be visible is too risky, as the bridge guards may spot 
you while you wait, so take out the right side guard, 
then order 'Team Fire at Will' and let a teammate take 
out the second bridge guard, his weapon will bring the 
other 3 running. Help them drop the 3 guys, then aim 
slightly left of the boulder on the right. Move your 
crosshairs straight down into the water, almost to the 
lower riverbank, and order 'Bravo Run to 
Crosshairs'. Once they're settled in, move the 
crosshairs up to the far riverbank and order 'Bravo 
Cover Area'. Then you can move west, through the 
brush, and stop at the last clump of brush in front of 
the boulder on your left. Crouch down and turn to the 
northwest, and make sure you're hidden behind the 
brush. You'll have a great view with NVG of the 
brush the next 4 guys come running through, and you'll 
also be able to watch the ladder on the left edge of the 
boulder. You can wait, or throw a Mark141 as far as 
you can to get things moving. You can just sit there 
and watch if you want, Bravo will probably take care 
of them as they come running out, but you can help out 
if you want. Watch for one to try to climb up the 
ladder. As soon as 4 guys are down, run to the right of 
the brush clump that conceals the bottom of the ladder 
on the boulder. There are six guards left. Look 
northwest, through the brush, you can spot 2 of them 
in the distance, (if they aren't there, move in a little 
closer and they'll appear) try to take both of them out, 
then pick up M67s before returning to your hiding 
    There are at least 4 more guys left, see how many 
you can coax through the brush with an M67. I can 
never get more than 3 to come, so then I turn left and 
follow the boulder around to the left until I'm almost 
heading south, you'll see a path on the right on the 
other side of the river. Run through there and keep 
turning right until you can see the path. There is brush 
you can use for cover to look north at the barricades 
where the last guy or 2 waits. As soon as it's clear, I 
place Bravo at the barricade on the path while I go 
clear the towers. As you head north down the path, 
stop where it narrows and throw smoke into the 
corner where you'll turn right. I like to throw a couple; 
it increases the chances of getting Boomer through 
alive. Once the smoke is thick, run as far north as you 
can, then turn right and stay as far left as you can while 
you run towards the sniper tower. Stay on the hill just 
before the tower, and use NVG to scan the other 
tower to the north until your crosshairs locate him. If 
you move up onto level ground you increase the 
chance you'll be sniped. It's possible he's left the 
tower and is on the ground, and occasionally I've had 
a hard time finding him even though he's there. Send 4 
or 5 bullets his way if you can find him. Once I'm sure 
he's down, I climb up and quickly run around and club 
the other sniper, then run back down to the path and 
order 'Team Regroup'. Continue following the path 
until it turns west. On the left side of the path is a 
clump of leafy brush, run through it and continue up 
the left side and crouch behind the clump of grass, and 
get ready for 3 charging guards, one comes from the 
right side, 2 on the left. They are easy to drop if you 
lead correctly, then watch for a 4th guard to appear at 
the end of the path, on the left. He will step out and 
begin shooting, so target him quickly. Drop him, then 
run up the right side of the path, and stop a few feet 
before the grass clump, and wait for two more guards 
to come out. Once they're done, pick up either the 
M63A or AK-47. I recommend the M63A. Pick up 
ammo and head up to the north. Run almost to the 
end, past the first path on the right, but stop before the 
second path. There is a bunch of brush just south of 
the second path on the right, order Bravo behind it 
and have them cover the path, then run down the short 
path and stop before the clump of grass and toss an 
M67. Turn around and run back far enough northwest 
to draw Boomer away from the path, then you can get 
into position just north of the path and coax out about 
8 guards. You might have to toss more grenades from 
the brush on the path to get them all to come. Once 
you feel you've got 'em all, send Bravo to Foxtrot, 
and wait for them to get there in case there are still 
Mercs waiting nearby. Don't move too close to the 
bunker or the snipers will pop you. Just to the left of 
Foxtrot is fine for lasing. After
the airstrike, start following the path towards bunker 
2. Just before the path turns left from east to northeast, 
you can spot a guard, and use an M67 to take him 
out. Just north of him on the left side of the path is a 
nook that doesn't appear on the Tac-map. A guard 
hides in there, and sometimes comes out when you 
attack his comrade. You can throw an M67 in the 
nook, but be ready in case he comes running out. 
Continue northeast, and just before the path turns 
north, there is a rock formation overhanging the path, 
with a tree root going straight out the bottom. Place 
yourself on the left side of the path, behind the grass. If 
they don't come running, fire a shot or toss an M67 to 
get things going, you need to coax out 3 guards. After 
they're down, you have a sniper to deal with, and 
unlike most of the other enemies in this game, your 
crosshairs will not ID him. Crawl north on the path, 
you'll see clumps of brush on the left after the rock 
formation. Crawl towards the brush and then into it 
until you can spot the sniper on a ledge, under a rock 
overhang. He's usually left of the center of the ledge 
he's on. Aim from the brush towards Zulu to find him, 
and take him out. (If he gets away, watch out when 
entering the 4th bunker)Turn to the west, and you'll 
see an opening you can use to lase bunker 2. Don't 
move closer to it, (snipers) just move left or right until 
you can lase it. You can move the crosshairs around 
while lasing to locate your target. Make sure your 
team is with you before you lase in case you come 
under attack. After the airstrike, sidestep right and 
take out 2 guards on the hill. The one closer to the top 
of the hill usually tries to run away, so I target him first. 
Now head up the hill and lase #3, you can do it just 
before you're far enough to turn right to go to Zulu. 
After the last airstrike, head towards Zulu. If you 
select 'Infiltrate Bunker' on the Tac-map, a gold star 
will mark your next stop. Hide behind the brush at that 
corner and take out 6 guards. The last guard or two 
might make you approach the bunker door before 
they'll come out, but they're easy kills if you wait near 
the door. After all 6 are down, enter the bunker, head 
down the stairs, turn right and go down the ramp. 
Follow the path and when it turns to the south, go 
through the two rooms, (ignore the stairway for now) 
and get ready as you approach the next left turn for 
two more guards. Take them out, and the floor you're 
on is clear. Go disable the two batteries, then 
backtrack to the room with the stairwell. If you go 
down the stairs, there are two Mercs at the bottom. I 
like to stand at the top and bounce an M67 off the 
wall to soften them up and get them coming up after 
me, you can target them through the mesh as they run 
up, and you can use your crosshairs to send Bravo 
halfway down to meet them. Once you get to the 
bottom of the stairs, shoot the light in front of you, and 
a guard should come from the room ahead of you, so 
take him out. There will be 2 more in the room, hiding 
behind boxes. I move close enough to throw an M67 
into the room, then take out the two guards as they get 
up and run around. That leaves 1 guard outside the 
door to the room the POW is in, until you disable the 
magnetic lock. As you approach the door on the left 
side of the room, you can look through at an angle and 
target the guard. After he's down, I like to place 
Bravo at the door, covering it, in case the 2 guards 
come out when the door opens.   
   Take out the last battery, which releases the 
magnetic lock, and head back to the door, which is 
now open. Order Bravo and Able to Bang-Clear, then 
go in and restrain the POW after it's clear.

A. Level 10: Prison Break
   Armory: Team M4A1 SD, DE .50, 2x Ammo, Frag
    Be forewarned, if you are the type that throws 
controllers, do not attempt this level, or you will end 
up throwing your TV out the window, and jumping up 
and down on your PS2 until it resembles the game's 
coding. If you choose to use an M203 equipped 
weapon, several guards are holding M203 HEs, so 
grab 2x Ammo and M203 Frags. I have never been 
able to take the Heli with M203's, (maybe you can) 
they just fly way over it, and the two times I was able 
to hit it several times, it was unaffected. Once, I put 
Pickle in the cell north of the cellblock, checked the 
upstairs for hostiles, and placed Bravo at the bottom 
of the stairs as I left to prepare for the Heli battle. I 
noticed Boomer was missing, so I checked the Tac-
map and found he was trapped on the stairs by Bravo, 
and just as I feared, he got free and tried to join me as 
the Heli arrived. So I waited inside, to see if he'd 
make it to safety, he didn't. But when I went outside, 
the Heli was already smoking, and it only took 12 
bullets to make it blow! The M4A1-M203 and 
M16A2-M203 can take out guards across the valley 
without setting off the prison alarm, and it's easy to 
take out the generator with an M203 Frag. Taking out 
guards in front of the prison gate, or in view of other 
guards that aren't then killed immediately, or letting 
one discharge his weapon will set off the alarm. As 
soon as you blow the generator, with a Frag or an 
M203 Frag, you can do whatever you want (even 
noisy firefights) without blowing the secondary 
objective 'Explosive Diversion'. Also, you may wish 
to dispose of Boomer, he probably will die trying to 
follow you into the Armory anyway, and if he gets in 
there with you, he might  pin you in a corner on the 
second story and just stand there letting the enemy 
shoot you down. As usual, I let him live, just to 
prevent mission failure if Bravo is eliminated. Lastly, if 
you get tired of hearing the narration at the start, you 
can usually eliminate it by tapping O as the level 
begins, since you need to order 'Team Fire at Will' 
anyway, and then attacking the first two guards 
quickly enough to get Boomer to talk before she does. 
Good Luck.
Part I; The M4A1 SD. This first move needs to be 
done rapidly. You have to take a diagonal step 
forward and to the right to get around Boomer, then 
sidestep right to the other side of the boulder. Run 
forward towards the two guards, staying tight against 
the boulder on your left. A little bit past halfway to the 
guards, the right side one usually begins to turn to his 
left. Run diagonally towards him, and club him, then 
immediately club his partner. Order 'Team Fire at 
Will' if you haven't already. Run towards the 
northeast, to get the next three guards. Use NVG to 
see if you can spot the first guard ahead of you on the 
path. If he's there, don't run up behind him, run farther 
to the east and circle left around the boulder, until you 
can run straight at him and club him just as he gets to 
the cliff edge. Sometimes Boomer while take him out 
just before you club him. Rarely, you'll find a second 
guard on the path, right around the corner, that spots 
you. If that happens, I restart. If he's not on the path, 
he'll be coming down the path across the valley, just 
aim your crosshairs about halfway up the path, and 
order 'Bravo Run to Crosshairs', they'll take him out, 
then they'll deal with second guard at the far end of 
the bridge, as they travel across the valley, shoot them 
yourself to save time instead of bullets. To spot the 
guard at the far end of the bridge, step up on the 
higher ground on the west side of the path you're on, 
or go to the cliff edge on the path. If the bridge guard 
is not there, look away and then look back, if he's still 
not there, he will eventually come walking up out of 
the valley on the path, but if you take out the next 
guard soon enough, you won't have to deal with him. 
If you alert him, he will either run at an incredible 
speed across the bridge, then turn left and run straight 
at you along the cliff edge, or jump down into the 
valley and run across to come up the path. 
     The last guard that needs to be taken out before 
you cross the valley, patrols the east end, and if you 
stand up and watch, and wait, you can usually spot 
him and take him out. The best spot is at the far east 
when he walks all the way to the edge of the cliff, but 
he doesn't always go there. You might spot him 
walking west, in the distance. If you take out a guard 
to the east of the furthest east boulder, you've got 
your man. You can also aim your crosshairs across the 
valley, close to the east wall at the end of the path, and 
order Bravo to crosshairs, then wait to see if they get 
him without setting off the alarm, but half the time 
they'll just sit there and let him shoot them, so you're 
better off letting them wait halfway up the path while 
you do the honors. After he's eliminated, drop off the 
path down into the valley, cross and take the path up 
the other side. Head up to the top of the path, order 
'Team Hold Fire' and 'Team Follow'. Travel the far 
east wall until you're directly east of the first sniper 
tower. I don't recommend taking out the first sniper, 
he likes to sound the alarm even when he's dead. 
  He'll spot you if he's looking east or north, so try to 
determine where he's looking before you take your 
team north. There is a large boulder that has a notch in 
the middle to spy through. When your whole team has 
caught up with you, and you see him head to the south 
window, it's safe to run. As you follow the wall, you'll 
come to a large nook in the wall; follow against the 
wall, and stop just before you emerge from the nook, 
let your team catch up. Then order 'Team Fire at 
Will'. As you leave the nook and head northwest, you 
can see half of the next sniper tower. Order 'Team 
Fire at Will'.    
   To sneak past him, pass by the right side of the 
boulder that's blocking your view of the left side of the 
tower, and as you pass it, head straight towards the 
closest (southeast) corner of the sniper tower, until 
you get to the prison wall. If you're lucky one of your 
teammates will cap him. Stay against the wall and 
move north, to the corner, but don't go around it. Turn 
and look south, aim your crosshairs at the ground, 
about halfway up the hill, and order 'Bravo Run to 
Crosshairs'. You want to bring them in close enough 
to the tower that the sniper won't spot them. If they 
refuse to come, you're aiming too close to the wall 
(avoid the gray stripe along the prison wall), or too 
close to yourself. Then use 3rd person view to watch 
for the patrolling guard. He either comes around the 
prison wall corner to the west, or comes from behind 
the boulder on the right, either way, wait at the corner 
and he'll come walking up for a clubbing, although it 
takes a minute for him to arrive. If he comes from the 
west, you can step out a little and shoot him (M4A1 
SD or SR25 SD), if he comes from behind the 
boulder, watch him approach, he may turn his back to 
you for a moment, so you can shoot him. After 
disposing of the guard, head west, staying close to the 
wall. Just before you make the next left, order 'Team 
Follow'. Turn left at the corner and run to Delta.    
    Equip your M67s (or M203s), climb up the wall at 
Delta, blast the generator. You must jump down as 
soon as you fire an M203, to avoid damage from the 
shrapnel, the M67s give you a moment. If you destroy 
the generator before the alarm goes off, you can then 
do anything you want without losing the ability to pull 
off the 'Explosive Diversion'. This pre-diversion 
vandalism will save you from having to listen to the 
siren. Also, if you enter the prison before you destroy 
the generator, or if the 3rd sniper fires at you, you lose 
the ability to pull off the 'Explosive Diversion', 
although you can continue following this guide 
regardless of this secondary objective, it only affects 
your grade at the end.        
    Order 'Bravo Run to Delta', head west, turn left, 
head south into the corner and wait for Boomer. 
You're under the third sniper tower, and IMO, the 
hardest to sneak past, so kill him.    
    To take out the 3rd sniper, step backwards, moving 
west, along the wall on your right, just a few steps, 
enough to find the sniper in his tower. If he's looking 
west, you've got a perfect headshot. If he's looking 
north, he will look west almost immediately. 
Sometimes he's yelling and you have to travel west 
until you can spot the east window through the west 
window, then step left until you can target him, then 
get back over to the wall right away. Then you must 
head east, back into the corner, and sidestep north, 
your back against the wall, to spot the sniper that 
spawns on top of the Armory when you take out the 
third sniper. If you don't wait for Boomer to catch up 
before taking out the 3rd sniper, the Armory sniper will 
cap him as he joins you. As soon as you've blasted 
him and the Armory sniper, order 'Team Follow'. Run 
west, take a left around the corner, and place a satchel 
at the crack in the wall by Charlie. Take cover behind 
one of the two boulders, and make sure your team 
takes cover. I set my weapon to full auto-fire while I 
    Immediately after the explosion, order 'Bravo Run 
to Charlie', run through the hole in the wall, turn left, 
head for the door on the west side of the Armory, stay 
tight up against the wall of the Armory as you go, most 
of the time an MGL guard will come out as you 
approach, so keep your crosshairs aimed at the 
doorway as you go, ready to drop him. He will be 
inside if you don't meet him on your approach, where 
his MGL is no good to him.  
Before you enter, use 3rd person view to inspect the 
room, but do it quickly, you need to get on the stairs 
as soon as possible.   
    The second guard for the first floor carries an 
AKS-74. If the MGL guy is still inside, he's usually in 
the middle of the room, or heading out to get you. The 
guy with the AK could be in the room to the south, 
although sometimes he is in the west room, with the 
MGL guard, which is a really bad situation. Watch out 
for him to spawn in front of you, as soon as you enter 
the Armory, directly east of the door, against the wall, 
if you can't spot him before entering. This is a tough 
moment, good luck. When you go in, run to the door 
to the east room, (You don't need to enter the east 
room unless your map search takes you there later) 
this will take you past the door to the south room, 
hopefully saving you from a blast from the AKS-74, 
and allows you to watch out in case he spawns. Then 
head to the left of the door to the south room and use 
3rd person view to inspect the room. If you still haven't 
spotted him, you'll find him hiding on the left side of 
the room, around the corner. This room's shape is not 
portrayed correctly on the Tac-map. 
   After you've cleared the first floor, (or manage to 
run right past them-very unlikely you'd make it) order 
'Bravo Run to Delta', head to the stairs in the south 
room, and club the guard who is usually waiting on the 
stairs, although he sometimes runs upstairs, or even 
outside, on the roof. He's very easy to club unless 
he's far out on the roof. 14 guards will invade the 
Armory real soon, so don't let this guy delay you. 
Bravo will die if you leave them at Charlie. Get to the 
landing halfway up the stairs, and get ready to take out 
the guards who try to come up after you. If you try to 
wait upstairs, the guards usually come up with half 
their bodies merged with the wall, making them 
invincible! If Boomer makes it to the stairs, run up to 
the top of the stairs to get him past the landing so he's 
not in your way, keep an eye on the stairway while 
you do this. Have patience, this will take a few 
minutes. Just stay on the landing, shooting Sadikahu as 
they charge. Most are yelling, but watch out for a 
couple silent ones. At some point, switch to an AKS-
74. At all times, make sure you have at least three 
bullets in your magazine, if you put 1 or 2 bullets into a 
guard and then stop to reload, he'll probably kill you. 
For me, it's better to fire off an extra bullet or two, 
rather than switch magazines and end up reloading a 
magazine with only 1 bullet in it later. If Boomer hangs 
around downstairs, just stay in position on the stairs 
and let Boomer take his medicine, he might even take 
out a guard or two. The goal here is to leave the 
Armory in full health. After you've downed about 10-
12 guards, order 'Bravo Run to Echo', this will 
complete the objective 'Infiltrate Prison', and might 
get the last few guards moving faster. When all is 
quiet, (approx. 14 guards downed) order 'Bravo Run 
to Delta', wait for them to get there, and then order 
'Bravo Run to Charlie'. They get hung up underneath 
the 3rd sniper tower if you try to send then from Echo 
to Charlie.              
Part 2; The AKS-74 When Bravo is holding at 
Charlie, find the map, load up on ammo, (M16A2 
ammo is here too, on the eastern room floor) and run 
through the hole in the wall. Bravo might take out a 
guard as you go, or while you're fetching ammo and 
the map.     
     Order 'Bravo Run to Echo'. There are probably 3 
or 4 guards still inside the prison, by the gate. Travel 
outside, along the prison wall, to clear the first two 
sniper towers and prison front. Once you're close 
enough to the 2nd sniper tower to step out and spot the 
sniper, take him out, then head east to the wall, and 
move south until you can target the 1st sniper tower. 
The notched boulder you used to spy on him earlier is 
a safe spot to take him out. Head south to get to the 
valley. Use the paths to get across the valley, and head 
over to the cliff edge at the west end. 
   Normally, there are 4 guards across the valley on 
the west end, and at some point, a 5th will spawn on 
the east end and run west. It can take a little time, but 
they'll appear if you wait. Once in a while a sixth 
guard will appear. After you get them, head across the 
bridge, and stop about where the side walls of the 
bridge end. If you let Boomer engage the gate guards, 
he will get you both killed, so don't move in too close. 
You can target the sniper left of the prison gate, his 
comrade that travels the stairs between the gate and 
the sniper, and if all the outside guards on the west end 
are gone, an MGL guard will appear there too, unless 
Bravo takes him out. Watch out for a possible 4th 
   Keep an eye out for guards outside the prison while 
you are doing this, if you aren't sure you took them all 
out. You can move back and forth on the bridge and 
sometimes spot and target them in the distance through 
the girders. After the gate is clear, run along the cliff 
edge to the west end, watching for any leftover 
guards. I run sideways so I can watch the area as I go. 
There is a large boulder to the left of the gate, you can 
jump onto the east or west end of it, and spend a 
minute on the highest peak scanning the prison, if there 
are any guards left, you might spot them. When you 
approach this boulder you may find a guard using it to 
hide. Also, if he hasn't shown up yet, don't forget 
about the 5th guard who spawns at the east end of the 
prison front, and runs west. 
   Now make the trip back to Delta. Climb up on top 
of the wall at Delta and look at the tire tracks in the 
middle of the prison. As they head towards the Cell 
Block, they pass between two big rocks. Place Bravo 
on the tracks, to the right of the rocks, approximately 
at the left end of the building in front of you.
  This is where it really pays off to have gotten as many 
guards as you could before you enter here. If you 
were successful, there are just two left, guarding Mr. 
Pickle. Drop into the prison, and run east to the prison 
wall, and turn right. There are two guards for the Cell 
Block, and one of them may spawn outside. They will 
not spawn until you get close to the Cell Block. (For 
fun, you can travel on top of the prison wall until you 
can see into the south end of the Cell Block, use your 
crosshairs to order Bravo close to the Cell Block, and 
watch one spawn when Bravo arrives. You will be 
quickly targeted up there.) You can target them 
through the doorway, but be careful, these particular 
guards seem to shoot accurately and react faster. 
Shooting through the doorway is risky, your bullets 
don't like doing that, use full auto-fire and don't let up 
until you are sure they are down for good. If you 
watch, they sometimes turn their backs to the door. 
Bravo will usually cover your back while you inspect, 
so take all the time you want. Toss a couple M67s in, 
there is no roof on the cell block, just on each cell, and 
the two little offices inside. Pickle is safe from such 
attacks. Stand with your back against the prison wall, 
looking west at the south end of the cell block. Look 
up as high as you can, and toss an M67, using 
between 3/8 and 1/2 strength, it should land inside the 
cell block, in the southeast corner where one guard 
usually waits. The guards usually move around after 
they are bombed, make sure they haven't hidden in 
the one of the offices, and watch for an opportunity, 
they may move to a more favorable position. Throw 
the grenade too hard and you'll take out Bravo, so 
consider moving them first, if you're going to try to 
throw one into the southwest corner from where you 
are standing. As soon as you contact Pickle you have 
about 3 minutes before the Heli attacks. Take him to 
the building north of the Cell Block, and put him in a 
cell, check the upstairs, then place Bravo at the 
bottom of the stairs.  
   Get inside the building west of the Cell Block, and 
wait for the Helicopter. It approaches from the 
northwest, and sometimes it's invisible and totally 
silent, and circles around the camp endlessly firing, 
never running out of fuel or bullets. I put down my 
controller and walked away once, and came back 3 
hours later, it was still invisible, still firing, and let me 
get Pickle all the way to Foxtrot before killing him. 
This has only happened to me when playing as Lt. 
Junior Grade. Wait inside until they are close-you'll 
hear them move in, it gets real loud. They will come 
right over the building if you wait. (It takes two full 
clips from an AKS-74 to drop it, so don't go out 
there with half a clip loaded. I have been unable to 
damage it with M203s) Run downstairs, and if you 
step out the door, the Chopper will most likely be on 
your right, almost overhead.              
     Begin firing on the Heli, if your skills are like mine, 
you'll probably die. (Don't fire M203s from the 
rooftop, you're too close). The awning over the door 
offers a little protection, but won't save you. I've been 
successful when I run out the door backwards, while 
looking upwards to spot it, then I run sideways while 
firing at it, but you have to keep moving! And don't 
get hung up on a wall, rock, or pole. As soon as a 
small explosion and a puff of smoke comes from the 
Chopper, break off your attack, take cover, and wait 
for the crash. They will keep shooting at you while 
they are crashing. Don't be fooled by smoke coming 
off the chopper after you've done some damage, 
you'll see and hear it blow out a small cloud when 
you're really done. 
   At this point you can fetch Pickle and head towards 
Foxtrot, or you may wish to leave him in the cell until 
after you've cleared the Extraction Zone. Either way, 
just order 'Bravo Run to Foxtrot' and follow them, it 
should be an uneventful trip. If you take Pickle with 
you, have him hold on the path before you get to 
Foxtrot, a good spot is among some boulders you'll 
come across on your way. Try to Recon the Camp 
from behind the brush on the platform just past 
Foxtrot on the left side of the path, if you just keep 
following the wall on your left you'll run right into it, 
you have to climb up. They've always begun coming 
after me before I can complete the objective. Bravo 
will take out the ones that try to run towards Foxtrot, 
and you can use the brush for cover while you 
eliminate as many as you can down below. This is 
where an M203 or MGL would be handy, if only you 
could get one past the chopper. If you have any left, 
toss M67s into the 2 buildings, after you've run out of 
targets. You have to stand up to make the throw, you 
are a target while doing that. To the west of your 
vantage point is a path that turns to the southeast, you 
have to climb up to get to it. It becomes the bridge 
you have to pass under to get to the Extraction Zone 
and a couple guards come from it while you're 
clearing the area. There is a sniper on the bridge, so 
after you clear the area, use the path to sneak up on 
him and take him out. Take his spot on the bridge and 
inspect the camp, you may spot a guard or two. 
Before you head for the path, you may wish to send 
Bravo into the southwest building to make sure the 
path is clear. Don't send them to the south building 
until after you take out the sniper and reinspect the 
camp, they will get hit if someone is hiding behind the 
southwest building. Fetch Pickle and take him to the 
Extraction Zone, but when you get him to Foxtrot, 
start using your crosshairs to send Bravo ahead of 
you. You'll have to give them the order several times 
because the path isn't straight, but it's safer than taking 
Pickle to a firefight. If you don't want to risk Bravo 
Team, inspect the path on your own before you fetch 
Pickle. If you complete this level, the only thing you 
have more of than skill, is luck. With any luck I'll be 
able to update this with instructions on how to get that 
Heli with M203s.....by the way, if you remembered to 
grab the map from the Armory before you contact 
Pickle, you can use the 3 minutes before the Heli 
arrives to take Pickle and your team to the Extraction 
Zone. Order 'Team Follow', run Pickle to Charlie and 
then head to the Zone, and avoid the whole hassle, the 
camp is deserted and you can run right through.

4B. Level 11: Mouth of the Beast
      Armory: Kahuna SR25 SD or MGL, DE .50, 2x Ammo, 
                      M67 or M203 Frag and HE
              Boomer M4A1 SD, DE .50, Smoke
              Bravo AKS-74 or 552, DE .50, Frag and Smoke
Part I; the SR25 SD. Right away, order 'Bravo Hold 
Position'. Run forward, and drop down on your belly 
as soon as you get to the brush on the right. Crawl 
around turning right, into the brush. Two Sadikahu will 
be available. Wait until the far one is moving left, about 
halfway across your field of view, and snipe him. Head 
shots only, unless you want to try to plant 3 body 
shots as they duck and roll around. As soon as you 
drop the further terrorist, drop the close one, then 
swing left, aim to the right of the pole, slightly above 
the fence height, someone is coming around the corner 
to investigate, and he's running. As soon as you drop 
the third one, stand up and run to Charlie, staying as 
far right as you can, against the wall. As soon as you 
get up to Charlie, drop on your belly and crawl into 
the brush. Look across to the stairs, your next target 
patrols from the bottom of the stairs, travels to the 
right, then moves down behind the ramshackle mess, 
past the radio. Find and drop him, then look up 
towards the cave entrance, and cap the sniper. Aim 
down to the ground and sweep to the right, your 
second last target is either standing there, or he's 
ducking down, with half his head visible. If he's 
ducking, you must be standing to pop him, and you 
may wish to blow the radio before going for him. Cap 
him if he's in the open. Before you stand up, be aware 
that the 7th guard may be on the ground close to you, 
on your left, and you must deal with him first. If he's 
somewhere else or you've taken him out, equip an 
M67, stand up, aim for the slab just beyond the radio, 
throw it as far as possible, and if your aim is good, the 
radio is gone. Deal with the 7th if you haven't yet, he 
could have been at the radio and is dead or injured, or 
he could be hiding elsewhere. Order Bravo around 
with your crosshairs to find him if you want. If things 
get messy, an 8th guy will come out of the cave with an 
AKS-74 or an MGL, and either aggressively attack, 
or hide on the stairs to ambush you. He is a crack 
shot, be careful. At any rate, get them down quickly, 
take out the radio, then get on the ground and find an 
AKS-74, or at least an AK-47, and more ammo.
Part I; the MGL Right away, order 'Bravo Hold 
Position'. Run ahead, drop on your belly and crawl 
into the brush as you turn right. Watch the far guard, 
wait for him to move off to the far left, then get up and 
charge the close guard, and club him. If he's standing 
at the shed, facing you, wait for him to turn away. If 
you get lucky, he'll be heading towards Charlie. Run 
up to Charlie, making sure your MGL is ready with a 
frag, aim for the slab just beyond the radio, and fire a 
shot. Quickly order 'Bravo Regroup' and 'Team Fire 
at Will'. Quickly target the sniper at the cave entrance, 
then go back to the radio if your first shot failed. Use 
your remaining frags and DE .50 to help out your 
teammates, stay back from the edges and watch for an 
eighth guy to come out of the cave, try to take him out 
quickly if he comes off the stairs, or sneak up on him if 
he hides on the stairs. As soon as you it's safe, drop 
down from Charlie and find an AKS-74 or AK-47, as 
well as ammo.
    To be continued, sorry, lost Data

4C. Level 12: Deathblow This one will be updated 
       Armory: Kahuna

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