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Taunt FAQ by Cybiolink8000

Version: Final | Updated: 12/17/03

                SOCOM: US Navy SEALs
      _______  _____   _     _  _     _  _______ 
     (__ _ __)(_____) (_)   (_)(_)   (_)(__ _ __)
        (_)  (_)___(_)(_)   (_)(__)_ (_)   (_)
        (_)  (_______)(_)   (_)(_)(_)(_)   (_)
        (_)  (_)   (_)(_)___(_)(_)  (__)   (_)
        (_)  (_)   (_) (_____) (_)   (_)   (_)
  _____   _____     ___    _     _  _______  _     _  ______
 (_____) (_____)  _(___)_ (_)   (_)(_______)(_)   (_)(______)
(_)___(_)(_)__(_)(_)   (_)(_)___(_)   (_)   (_)   (_)(_)__
(_______)(_____) (_)    _ (_______)   (_)   (_)   (_)(____)
(_)   (_)( ) ( ) (_)___(_)(_)   (_) __(_)__  (_)_(_) (_)____
(_)   (_)(_)  (_)  (___)  (_)   (_)(_______)  (___)  (______)

  __  _____   _     _  _       _______  _     _  ______  __  
 (__)(_____) (_)   (_)(_)     (_______)(_)   (_)(______)(__)
(__)(_)   (_)(__)_ (_)(_)        (_)   (__)_ (_)(_)__    (__)
(_) (_)   (_)(_)(_)(_)(_)        (_)   (_)(_)(_)(____)    (_)
(__)(_)___(_)(_)  (__)(_)____  __(_)__ (_)  (__)(_)____  (__)
 (__)(_____) (_)   (_)(______)(_______)(_)   (_)(______)(__)

                     By Cybiolink8000

Note: This Taunt Archive is for exclusive use on the following sites:


So please do not "borrow" or take it. However, I may add your site
to the above list if you email me nicely. Thanks.

   Table of Contents

1) Taunt Introduction and Explanation

2) SEALs:



3) Terrorists:


Alaskan Terrorists (Blizzard, Frostfire)
  1st Terrorist
  2nd Terrorist
  3rd Terrorist
  4th Terrorist

Congo Terrorists (Bitter Jungle, Blood Lake, Death Trap)
  1st Terrorist
  2nd Terrorist
  3rd Terrorist
  4th Terrorist

Thai Terrorists (Abandoned, The Ruins)
  1st Terrorist
  2nd Terrorist
  3rd Terrorist
  4th Terrorist

Turkmenistan Terrorists (Desert Glory, Night Stalker, Rat's Nest)
  1st Terrorist
  2nd Terrorist
  3rd Terrorist
  4th Terrorist

4) Extras

5) FAQs


             1) Taunt Introduction and Explanation:

TAUNT: "To reproach in a mocking, insulting, or contemptuous manner"

This archive of seemingly meaningless sentences is a complete
archive of all taunts in the game which are only available in online
play. To taunt, you must be in an online game and you must be
alive in that game. You simply press the Circle button, then choose
"Taunt" from the drop down menu. A random taunt from your current
character will then be said. For every set of levels, there are
four(4) characters with 7 taunts each. SEALs always have the same
taunts for each team member no matter what level, and terrorists do
too, but there are far more terrorists than SEALs.

When you taunt in an online game, both teams can hear the taunt, but
only the other team can read it at the top. However, if one of your
team members taunts, you can read it at the top but they can't. So,
everyone hears the taunt, and everyone can read it at the top except
for the person who taunted. Keep in mind that if a lot of people are
taunting(it does happen), the game skips the audible part of a few
taunts but always shows them in text at the top.

Remember, taunts are annoying if they are over-used, and mean nothing
without some show of skill first. It really makes you look
professional when your character says something witty after a kill,
but they usually end up saying something irrelevant to what just

Onto the taunts!......

|=====/¯¯    ¯¯¯¯/===/ '|¯¯|==|¯¯
|==/¯¯          /===/¯¯¯   |__|
 ¯¯            /===/       '--'
                      2) SEAL Taunts:

Like I mentioned in the Introduction, each SEAL always has the same
taunts, no matter what level. So they do get boring and old very
quickly. That's another reason to use them only after a kill or just
occasionally. Each SEAL has 7 taunts each, but some of the taunts
have several variations or put emphasis on different words.

Kahuna's Taunts:

What, did your mom teach you to shoot?

This is too easy, I'm switching to my handgun.

Camping Season is open.

Don't move... you're in my sights.

Strike 3... you're out.

Is it hard to breathe with so many holes in your lungs?

You don't even know where I'm coming from!

Boomer's Taunts:

You're dummer than you look.

Have you hit anything yet?

Come out and die!

That'll teach you a lesson.

Is anyone on your team actually playing?

Don't feel bad, you're just inferior.

How's the camping?

Jester's  Taunts:

You are worthless and weak.

My Momma can shoot better than that. (2 variations)

Don't look, I'm right behind you.

I can smell your fear. (2 variations)

Would you aim before you shoot? (2 variations)

Why do you keep trying to catch my bullets?

Now that's a kill! (3 variations)

Spectre's  Taunts:

Thanks for uhh... upping my kills.

Are you out of ammo?.....Take some of mine!

Next time, we want real opponents.

At least try to win.

Ah, I see you've pitched a tent.

I can hear you.

This one's got your name on it.

|        |===TERRORIST=TAUNTS==========
|  _---¯¯ ¯/==/'¯¯|\¯¯\¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
 ¯¯       /==/¯¯¯¯  \==\
          ¯¯¯        \==\

                    3) Terrorist Taunts:

Unlike the SEALs, there are lots of terrorists, but they still
have 7 taunts each. There are 4 groups of terrorists, each with
their own looks, voices, and of course, taunts!

Alaskan Terrorists (Blizzard, Frostfire)

1st Terrorist:

And to think, I used to have to work to look this good.

Smackdown, baby!

I just can't miss.

You could at least run.

If you pay me, I might let you live longer...

This is how we do it downtown!

Are you away from the controller or what?

2nd Terrorist:

Are you running away from my bullets or towards them?

How could this possibly be so simple?

You're not only hopeless, but dead.

Bullets... look out! Too late.

Killing is my business and business is good.

Your tent isn't going to protect you.

I'm the best.

3rd Terrorist:

Talk about your out-of-body experience.

Have you ever shot a gun before? I have.

Let's see what you're made of.

Nice shooting, hot shot.

Why don't you join a game with weaker opponents?

Safety off. Eyes open. Try it.

Somebody needs to spend some quality time in single player.

4th Terrorist:

I own you!

You want to smell the dirt again?

Is that all you've got?

You are girlish and weak.

You'll make a nice trophy.

You shoot like my dog.

What? You've got a cramp in your trigger finger?

Congo Terrorists (Bitter Jungle, Blood Lake, Death Trap)

1st Terrorist

I could've slapped you, but a bullet's more personal.

Give up now, so I can save me bullets!

Haha! Surprise!

How many does that make? I lose count.

I can hear you. Is that crying?

Don't worry, they'll find you by your smell.

I thought you were tough.

2nd Terrorist

Get out in the open so I can shoot ya!

Come on, now!

You can't hide from me! I've hunted Possum with more smarts
than you!

How'd you like a butt full of buckshot, boy?
(Don't make me havta take off this apron, now.)

Good bayou!

I'm going to feed you to the Gator's when I'm done with you!

I'm spicer than my ol' Ma's Gumbo!

3rd Terrorist

I laugh at you.

I see death in your near future.

Run like a Rabbit, back to your hole.

Lay down and die!

A single shot to the head... priceless.

I spit in your face.

Damn, I'm good.

4th Terrorist

I will pulverize you, Dummkopf!

You funny little man. Your head is kaput!

You cannot stop my fist. How can you stop my bullets?

Don't die now! The fun is just beginning!

Bullets work almost as well as fists!

Vorichtig! That blood is sticky.

Goodbye, little man.

Thai Terrorists (Abandoned, The Ruins)

1st Terrorist

Can you see me?

You'll never see me till I'm right behind you.

You are careless in your ways.

You are so slow!

You must like getting shot!

I may be small, but I'm a tank!

Do you like pain?

2nd Terrorist

Don't be scared. Come closer.

Can't you run any faster?

Sorry about the mess your friend made.

It's time to finish you off.

You are a sorry excuse for a soldier.

You are tired and weak.

Are you lost, little man?

3rd Terrorist

You are slow and clumsy.

Wow, I blew you to pieces.

It's time to die!

Is being dead more or less complicated for you?

I will feed you to the snakes when you are dead.

I hope you brought more friends. I have more bullets.

Next time, try hiding.

4th Terrorist

Give up, weaklings.

Watch your step, the jungle can be dangerous.

Your fancy equipment doesn't help you here.

Maybe I should do this blindfolded.

You kill my people, so you must die.

Where is the rest of your team?

You look scared.

Turkmenistan Terrorists (Desert Glory, Night Stalker, Rat's Nest)

1st Terrorist

Please allow me to send you to the next world.

Is that a tear in your eye?

Hope that you die before I reach you.

Pass the controller to someone who can play, Grandma.

Good luck trying to find the hostages.

Closer, closer... you are in my sights.

Don't cry. Your pain will end soon.

2nd Terrorist

Can't you see me? I'm right here.

Let's be friends. Come closer.

Are you ready to taste my pain?

Do not tread on our land!

Your hats are so plain and ours, so colorful!

Keep making noise. You make it easy for me.

Let's see if there is anything between those ears.

3rd Terrorist

I see the vultures circling around you overhead.

How does it feel to lose this battle?


Just try to hit me.

I'm invincible!

Die swine!

Pain will be your only companion.

4th Terrorist

You have destroyed my home. Now I will take your life.

I thought you were trained soldiers.

You will pay in blood for your foolishness.

Is it too hot for you here in the desert?

I will feed you to the wild dogs.

I can see that you are weak.

Are you dead or just sleeping?

                         4) Extras

Other audible comments that aren't taunts but are heard in
online play:

The game narrator - A.K.A.'HQ'(The woman's voice):

- A hostage has been killed
- Hostage extracted
- Bomb defused
- Bomb planted
- Target destroyed
- Target destroyed, all your base are belong to us
  (If you plant the bomb in under one minute and it gets to explode)

- SEALs are winning
- Terrorists are winning
- SEALs victorious
- Terrorists win

What SEALs say when they release a hostage:

- I've got a hostage - Kahuna
- We've got control of a hostage - Spectre

What most characters say when throwing a grenade:
- Outgoing!
- Fire in the hole!

What the second Congo Terrorist says when throwing a

- I'm launching one!
- Take this potato, you bastard!

There's also a few more, which I may add later.

                          5) FAQs
     Q) Where are these in the game?
     A) They are only available in online play.

     Q) How do you taunt?
     A) When in a game, press Circle to activate a drop
        down menu, then choose "Taunt" from it.

     Q) Who has which taunts?
     A) No other character has the same taunts as another,
        but some taunts are simular to other's and some
        characters dress differently but have the same
        taunts. Each terrorist in each group has the same
        taunts for all that group's levels.

      SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Taunt Archive By Cybiolink8000

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