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Multiplayer FAQ by Prof_Rev

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 08/29/03

* SOCOM Navy SEALs Online Multiplayer FAQ/Guide v2.0 *
*  by Professer Revolution                           *
* This document is copyright(c)2003 by the author    *
* The game is (c)2002 Sony Computer Entertainment    *


 This document is intended for private and personal use only, and is
made soley for www.gamefaqs.com and it's readers. I used to let other
sites use my FAQs, but they don't keep them updated or show ads around
them or something else. It's too big of a hassle, so:

1. This document may ONLY be shown on GameFAQs, if it's on any other
   site it is unauthorized. Sorry guys, there's some nice webmasters
   out there, but a majority of you are backstabbing, greasy slimeball
   idiots who don't keep up with the latest version, or change the
   text to promote your own site, show the FAQs with ads around them,
   and so on. So from now on, this and any future guides I write are
   GameFAQs ONLY.

2. You can not reprint this document with intent to sell it or use it
   as incentive to sell a product...Sadly, it's been done before. So
   this little warning has to be here, people are scum.

3. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES can this document be printed in a gaming
   magazine, e-zine, whatever, or ANY for-profit publication without the
   author's consent. Consent only given upon receipt of large amounts of

v2.0--Fixed layout 
     -Final version

v1.5--Added new section: Router Problems
     -Added In-Depth SEAL info for Blizzard
     -Added info about Clans in Online Menu section
     -Added KNOWN CHEATS/GLITCHES section
     -Added more info "How do I setup my network connection?" in FAQ
     -Next Revision updated

<1/31/03> (minor update)
v1.0--Added a couple questions to the FAQ section(10,11)
     -Added Thank You section
     -Next Revision updated

v0.9--Added In-Depth info for Desert Glory
     -Added In-Depth info for Abandoned
     -Added In-Depth info(Terrorist only) for Blizzard
     -Added a couple new questions to the FAQ section
     -General spelling and grammar correction
     -Minor formatting changes

v0.6--Added In-Depth info for Frostfire
     -Grammar/Spelling corrections
     -GENERAL TIPS for each playmode disposed of
     -Next Revision updated

v0.5--First Draft
     -Intro, Controls, FAQ, Weapons, and Basic Strategy sections in
     -Online Main Menu section is in
     -Started In-Depth Strategies Section(very incomplete)


2.  FAQ
       -Desert Glory
     8A. D-Link DI604

1.                            INTRODUCTION

  Hello, and welcome to my FAQ/Guide/whatever you wanna call it for the
very fun game SOCOM Navy SEALs. From the second I started playing this
game, I've been hooked. Well, hooked on the multiplayer anyway, I 
honestly haven't even touched the single player mode, hence this guide
is all about the online multiplayer aspect of the game(which is the main
reason for buying it anyway).

  While it seems a bit early to be releasing a guide on the tactics of
SOCOM, from the time I've played I've seen(and discovered) some tactics
for the different maps and modes of play. And I enjoy this game so much
I want EVERYONE to be able to enjoy it as much as me. This is a bit 
different than the online gaming norm. Usually, when great tactics or
secrets are found, only a few people know about them, and they want to
keep them secret so only they can use it, and keep everyone else 
wondering why they're winning so much. Personally, I like it when the
quality of play is better overall. Close, nail biting games full of
intense shoot-outs and edged out victories are always more fun than
washouts where one team, or a couple players on one team, dominate. 

  So, with this guide, I hope to help more people become better at the
game. This isn't a step by step guide to where you should go when, on
each map, it's more of a collection of useful tactics that you can
employ as you see fit. And hopefully, in time, you'll develop your own
tactics(and send them in to me!) and, basically, just have fun with this
great game.

  Now, online play is constantly evolving and changing, new routes are
discovered, better sniper spots found, etc. The way maps are played
changes over time. The tactics listed here might be new and dominating
now, but in a month, they might be ones everyone watches out for. It's 
my goal to keep this document up to date with the newest ways people 
are playing each particular map. I won't delete anything, but I do hope 
to be constantly adding new tactics and make this the premier guide to
playing SOCOM online. Haughty words, but I feel the combination of MY
infatuation with this amazingly fun game, along with many of the OTHER
players' love of it, this guide can become something truly special. 

  That said, I will need YOUR help to make this guide as great as it
can be. If you've got some seemingly unbeatable tactic, neat trick, or
useful sniper/lookout spot, by all means SEND IT IN:


 Enough babbling, let's get to the good stuff. 


2.                                FAQ

  Here is where I'll answer some of the more common questions about 
SOCOM. Keep in mind, any technical Router questions and stuff like that
aren't my thing. I can't, and won't, answer any router/adapter/modem
troubleshooting type questions. I'll just delete them. Also, please 
don't mail me any of the question found here in the FAQ, they're in here
so you don't have to(amazing!).

1. What do I need to play SOCOM online?
The List:

PS2(natch): $199 new
PS2 Network Adapter: $40
SOCOM game: $50
Broadband Router: $30-$80+ (depending on ports, brand, etc)
Ethernet Cables(2): $20-$50+ (depending on brand, length, etc)
Pre-existing broadband(Cable/DSL) ISP: Varies
2. How do I setup my network connection?
  First, the physical setup:

1. Connect the Network Adapter to the PS2 via the Expansion Bay on the
back, the Adapter manual has visual instructions to help, but it's not

2. Connect an Ethernet cable to the Network Adapter and run it to where
your router is going to be, you can hook it into one of the router ports
now if you want.

3. On your Cable/DSL modem(I've only seen cable, so DSL may be 
different) there's two main cords besides the power cord. The regular 
coax cable(the round black one, the "cable" cable so to speak) that 
comes from the wall and you connect to your modem, and the Ethernet 
Cable(looks like a big phone line, with a big phone line plug at each 
end) that plugs into your modem and the other end plugs into your 
computer's Ethernet Card. Take the plug OUT of the COMPUTER'S Ethernet 
card, and plug it into the router in the port specified by the router 
manual(usually the WAN port).

  * A note on Routers: I use a $30(after $10 mail in rebate) "D-Link
DI-604 Residential Gateway" router I picked up from Best Buy and it
works great. I guess I was lucky, I never had to setup the router
software or anything, just plugged everything in and off I went. Plus
it comes with a short Ethernet cable that was perfect for connecting
my PC to the router. There ARE problems with this router however, see
the ROUTER PROBLEMS section.

4. Use another Ethernet cable to connect the computer's Ethernet Card
to one of the ports on the router(The D-Link just has them labeled 1-4),
and plug in(if you haven't already) the cord from the PS2 Network 
Adapter into another port on the Router. Plug in the Router power cord 
and you should(hopefully) be all set.



  Yes, many FAQ Authors use gaudy, worthless ASCII art to bump the KBs
up on their FAQs, but MY ASCII art serves a purpose! I also take the
minimalest of minimal approaches to it. So now, bask in the glory of
my visual help:

Cable Modem Setup:

[    ]                              (Ethernet Cable)->|
[WALL]~~(coax cable)~~~[MODEM]---(Ethernet Cable)--[ROUTER]
[    ]                              (Ethernet Cable)->|                     

There, that's gotta be good for a few extra KBs! I SHALL BE KING OF
FAQ LAND! Also, if someone can come up with an amazingly complex
and detailed ASCII aid of the normal DSL setup, that would be nice.
Of course, I don't expect you to match my amazingness, but I'll
take it anyway.


Second, Software Setup:

1. Put the Network CD into your PS2, select Network Setup

2. Select the appropriate option depending on your ISP

   *Again, I think I was lucky in that I just set everything to auto
detect and was fine. I'm using Road Runner, no static IP or DNS
setup or any such thing...Hopefully it's as easy as this for you...

3. Register and all that fun stuff, click Yes on the User Agreement
(get ready to see lots of those), and god/satan/bishnu/buddha willing
you'll be ready to play online!

  Again I have to reiterate that I really can't answer any technical
quesitons about what you have to do for a particular ISP and such,
I'll post tips that people send in, but again, I just plugged everthing
in, set all to auto, and played away...

Here's a couple alternative network setups sent in by readers:

Windows XP setup, from Sean Maxwell:

  If you are running Windows XP with Cable internet access, you 
can set up your PS2 without buying a router.  I got a 2nd 
ethernet card for $4.99 after rebate and installed it on my PC.
I ran one Ethernet cable from the modem to the 1st Ethernet 
card another cable from the second Ethernet card to the PS2.  
Then I just ran the Network setup wizard and selected "This 
computer connects directly to the internet.  Other computers 
on my network connect to the internet through this computer."
Set the PS2 network settings on automatic and you are all set.

Some DSL setup tips from Nick:

 To set up a DSL connection, the phone line goes into 
the modem, and the ethernet cable goes out to the 
router.  To set up the router, you have to choose a 
PPPoE (or similar, not sure exactly) and type in your 
username and password for the internet connection. Then 
you should set the dmz to the PS2's IP address to make 
sure everything works nicely.  You should also do the 
same for your PC if you want to host anything on it. The 
DMZ turns the firewall off.  Also, when you're setting 
up the PS2 modem, you only have to put in your username 
and password if you don't have a router.  If you have 
one, the router is already connected to the internet 
so the ps2 won't have to sign on.

3. I can't get online! Help!

  First, make sure everything's setup right, cables/adapter/etc 
connected completely. If you can't get past the sign on screen, it's 
definitely ISP/Network related, and I can't really answer anything about 
that. If you have a Static IP, be sure to choose that in the Network 
Setup, and enter all the field accordingly. In Windows, you can findout 
your IP with the WinIP program in the Windows folder, and find out your 
Subnet mask and all that fun stuff by clicking on the Network icon in 
the Control Panel folder. That's as much as I can tell you, anything 
else you'll have to call your ISP or some tech help hotline and speak to 
those friendly, helpful people(can you FEEEEL the sarcasm?!)

  Also, check out the PS2 Online FAQ here:


4. I keep getting disconnected! Help!

  If you get Logged In and all that, but keep getting disconnected, 
don't sweat it(too much). At least you're getting online, so you know 
your connection is kosher, YOUR problem is the same as everyone else's 
that can get online: The servers are kinda boned at the moment. The past 
couple days have seen some drastic improvement, but you're still 
susceptible to the odd booting. Welcome to the world of online gaming! 
Stuff just happens for whatever reason and sometimes there's nothing you 
can do but suck it up and sign back on. Recently, I've been getting 
kicked while trying to join the "offical" games(Medley, map/mode 
dedicated games that are always up, see Online Main Menu section), right 
back out to the starting LOADING...screen.

5. My game keeps freezing!

  Again, welcome to the world of online gaming! If you're not getting 
kicked off from the server randomly, you're game is freezing during a 
load or between rounds, or even in the middle of a firefight. Again, 
I'm not technically edumacated enough to tell you why this stuff happens. 
It has to do with netcode and packets and synch errors and magical 
warlocks and fairies and Bill Gates and stuff like that...Again, just 
suck it up, reset, and log back in...

 Note that sometimes it's just lag, and your game will become "unstuck" 
after a minute or so. This is fairly common between rounds, so if you're 
waiting for 10 seconds and nothing's happening, don't go throwing a 
tantrum just yet, wait it out and see if the game gets back to normal, 
usually it will. Save your best outbursts for when you've just mowed 
down your 5th enemy and your game freezes just as you line up the next 
one's head in your sights...

6. What Briefing Room should I join?

Finally, an EASY one! Well, join the room of the area you're in. If you 
live in New York, pick US East(or East 1/2 if it's full), and so on. 
You'll get the best connections and pings if everyone is in the same 
area as you. The main rooms for each area usually have the "official"
games with FF on, the ones with 1 or 2 following are generally all
FF Off games, and 3 and beyond are usually all player-made games.

7. I SUCK! Help me get better!

 That's what this guide is here for, silly! Well, I'll give you a 
couple quick tips that were too brief to fit in the Basic Strategies

First, EVERYONE SUCKS WHEN THEY START. Get used to getting killed by
people that have put alot of hours into the game and know every inch of
the maps and such...it happens. What you SHOULD do if you die early all
the time is follow your teammates(especially the high scoring ones, hit
Select for scores) and see what they're doing. 

Second, as important as developing your "combat skill" is, getting to
know the maps is just as important. If you can, create a locked game 
with a friend with the Player Limit at 2, and just run around and get
to know the maps. If you can't do that, just create a regular game(more
on Creating games in the Online Main Menu section) with the map/s you
want to see and have at it. The best way to learn something is to just
dive right in! Lastly, jump into an "official" game dedicated to a
particular map you need to work on, hopefully they'll be other people
in there...

  Next, in actual games. Get to know the high traffic areas, spots where
shootouts occur frequently, get to know the lesser traveled spots, areas
where you can get the drop on the enemy and escape quickly(if possible),
places that get crowded, or bombarded with grenades. All this comes from
just playing the game, and not getting TOO frustrated when you mess up 
and get killed, or just get completely suprised...

 Lastly, check out the Basic Strategy section for more combat basics,
and the In-Depth section for map and mode specific tactics, duh.

8. Do I have to pay a monthly fee to play online?

  For SOCOM, no. I know a couple upcoming online games like FFXI will
charge you a monthly fee, but with SOCOM all you need to pay for is the
$50 or so for the game and you're golden.

9. Will I have to pay my cable company/ISP extra for using a router?

  No. You're still only using 1 connection, you're just splitting it up
from that one connection to run a couple different things. Nothing
wrong with that.

10. I can't hear people when I'm playing online!

  This apparently has something to do with the router, and guess what,
the D-Link is the main culprit. But fear not! There actually IS a way
you can hear people with the D-Link.  This is such a prevelant question
that I gave it it's own section, so check there for all your voice
chat needs. But here's a couple places you can check out for help with
the problem as well:

PS2 Online FAQ by Brutal E:


GameFAQs PS2 Online Message Board:


11. What's your name/rank/clan online?

  I get this question alot for some reason, but sorry I won't say. I 
don't want to deal with people asking me about the FAQ or telling me it
sucks or anything like that while I'm playing. Sometimes I just want to
play, and staying incognito is just a better idea for me.

3.                              CONTROLS

There are 4 Controller Setups you can choose from:

D-Pad Left/Right:  Lean L/R
D-Pad Up/Down:     Zoom in, Nightvision/Zoom out
Left Stick L/R:    Turn(Ain in Aim Mode)
Left Stick U/D:    Move forward/back (Aim in Aim Mode)
Right Stick U/D:   Pitch Up/Down
Triangle Button:   Change stance
Square Button:     Open TCM
Circle Button:     Jump/Perform action
X Button:          Fire Weapon/Confirm order or Command
L1 Button:         Aim Mode
L2 Button:         Strafe Left
L3 Button:         Change Firing Mode
R1 Button:         Open Inventory
R2 Button:         Strafe Left
R3 Button:         Reload

D-Pad Left/Right:  Lean L/R
D-Pad Up/Down:     Zoom in, Nightvision/Zoom out
Left Stick:        Move Forward/Back, Strafe Left/Right
Right Stick:       Aim, rotate Left/Right
Triangle Button:   Change Stance
Square Button:     Jump
Circle Button:     Open TCM/Hold down to use Headset
X Button:          Perform action
L1 Button:         Quick Select Primary Weapon
L2 Button:         Quick Select Secondary Weapon
L3 Button:         Change Firing Modes
R1 Button:         Fire Weapon/Throw Grenade
R2 Button:         Open Inventory
R3 Button:         Reload

Same as Precision Shooter, except the functions of the Analog Sticks
are reversed. The Right Stick moves and the Left Stick aims.

Same as Precision Shooter, except the Analog Sticks function differently:

Left Stick: Move Forward/Back, Turn Left/Right
Right Stick: Pitch, Strafe Left/Right

4.                          ONLINE MAIN MENU


  The screen you start out on, shows the news messages from the SOCOM 
team. Use L1 and L2 to scroll.


  Shows the list of Rooms you can join, and join games in. Each room
has 16 games that are always going, I just call these the "official"
games, then below them the player made games are listed. The main
rooms don't have numbers following them, and their official games
usually have FF on, the room WITH numbers after them(US East 1)
usually have FF off in their official games. Pick the room for the
area you're in and you're presented with another side menu and the
list of games currently taking place:

            Game name
            Max # of Players
            Map 1
            Map 2
            Map 3
            Password Yes/No (choosing yes will bring up the keyboard)
            Friendly Fire Yes/No
            Clan Members SEAL/Terrorists
            Create (makes your game and puts you in the game lobby)
            Bomb=Demolition, Cage=Extraction, Gun=Suppression
            Ping, Green dot means a very good connection
            Locked or Unlocked
            Friendy Fire(Checked means yes, blank means no)
            Password Yes/No

  Once you Join a game, you're taken to the Game Lobby, here you decide
 what team you'll play on and setup your Loadout(Guns+Equipment). When
 you're done, hit Ready. A room leader can Force the game to start after
 30 seconds. If you join a game already in progress, you'll be a ghost 
 in the current round, and begin playing in the next one.  


  Lists all the SOCOM players in that Briefing Room


  Refreshes the list of games


  Set your filters in the OPTIONS tab and then click on Autoplay and
you'll join a game based on your specifications(Map/Gametype/Ping)


  Clans work now! Hooray! The Clan screen looks a little different if
you a Leader or just a Member. If you're starting a new clan, then the
first time you click on the CLAN button you'll be prompted to create 
the clan. From there, you'll be taken to a screen with some options.
If you're a member of a clan, then you'll just be taken to your clan's


  This lets you edit the message that appears on your clan page, just 
like the News message from the main page when you first logon to SOCOM. 
Put any important reminders like Clan matches or something here.


  This shows you all the people you've sent invitations to and what 
they're status is. Undecided or Declined, if they accept then they'll be 
added to the clan roster. If they're Undecided they haven't seen or 
accepted/declined the offer yet, and Declined means they don't want to 
join the clan.

  To send out an invitation, select this button and you'll be taken to 
the Invitations screen. Select SEND INVITE and type in the player's name, 
to revoke an invite, select REVOKE and pick which player you want to 
revoke the invite from. 


  If you want to remove a player from your clan for whatever reason, 
then select this option and then select the player to remove. This is 
only available for the leader.


  If you want to leave the clan you're in, then select this option.


  If you want to appoint a new leader, then select this option and then
select the player you want to be the new leader. Only the current leader
can use this.


  If you want to disband the clan, then select this. Only available for
the leader


  Browse the Invitations you've received for Clans


  Refreshes the list of Briefing Rooms


  Write a short sentence about yourself, or a website or something.

  Set your Default messages to use in game with the O button.

  Map Type
  Max # of Players
  Response Time(ping)
  Friendly Fire  Enabled/Disabled/Don't Care
  Password       Enabled/Disabled/Don't Care
  Lock           Locked/Unlocked
  Reset(reset all back to default settings)


  Log off of SOCOM Online and go back to the boring real world, boooo!

5.                           BASIC STRATEGY

  These are just some basic tips to work on and keep in mind while 
playing the game. More will be added as needed, or if something 
particularly useful is sent in.

Learn the Controls

  One of the most basic, but still most important, aspect of the game is
to get used to the controls, and customize them so they become second
nature to you. Choose the best Controller Preset for you, I use Sharp
Shooter, and then tweak the controls in the options. I crank my turning
and Acceleration speed all the way up, and keep the Dead Zone around the
middle. If you're used to PC FPS this might be a good setup for you to
try. Basically, you want to get to a point where the controls just feel
natural, then you can work on everything else.

  Also important is getting used to the different views in the game.
Personally, I find it easiest move around in the 3rd person view, I
stay in it basically all the time if I'm using a Rifle or SMG(see 
Weapons section). The only time I switch, is when I'm using a Sniper
Rifle and some zooming is in order. I suggest just staying in the 3rd
Person view most of the time and getting used to it. It's the easiest
way to know if you're safely behind cover, it's easier to move your
crosshairs from target to target, and it just plain looks cooler...
Ok, that's not a REAL reason, but it's true :D

 Use Cover Wisely

  Speaking of cover, USE IT. Cover is basically any item or obstacle in
the environment that can act as a sheild between you and the enemy's 
bullets. Barrels, boxes, thicker trees, rock columns, walls, etc. 
Simply put: COVER WILL SAVE YOUR ASS! SO use it as much as possible.
Stick to areas of the map with plenty of cover spots. Now, there are
times when you don't need to stick to cover, specifically when a round
starts and you're rushing to get into position(See In Depth Strategy
section for more), or when there's only a couple people left on each
team in a Supression match. I'm not suggesting running around  
without a care in the world, but you don't have to inch from rock to
rock in these situations...Once the bullets start flying, however,
you better find yourself some cover if you wanna live. 

 Lean, lean, lean!

  "But if I'm stuck behind some lousy tree or barrel, how will I 
shoot the other team!?" you may be thinking to yourself. "DARE YOU
DOUBT ME!!!?" I might respond, but then again, I am a jerk. After
shouting at you mightily, I'd tell you that leaning is the answer.
Yes leaning. Pressing left or right on the D-Pad will allow you to
lean in that direction. This is very useful as it let you fire at the
other guy while exposing as little of yourself as possible. And the
less of you that's exposed, the better off you are. When you're in an
intense shootout with Assault rifles blazing on each side, leaning out
to take a few shots, ducking back, then leaning out the other side is
a great tactic. This is when you're caught in a Mexican standoff-type
shootout, basically you don't want to stay in the same spot for too long, 
which brings me to my next point(Am I good or what? It's like I planned 
this out ahead of time!)

 Keep moving! But stop to shoot...maybe

  The most basic strategy in any shooter game is to KEEP MOVING, granted
there ARE times when you'll want to stay and defend an area, BUT even 
in doing that you don't want to stay in the same spot the whole time.
If you're attacking, or just in an unorganized Demolition/Suppresion
game where everyone's doing their own thing, you want to keep changing
your position. No, you shouldn't run out into the open during a hot
exchange of bullets, but you should take advantage of a break in the
action to move even the slightest bit. If you stay in the same spot
while the other team manuvers around you, they'll know exactly where 
you are and get the drop on you. However, if you keep moving as well
they won't be able to get a bead on you and you might catch them off
guard. Even the slightest change in position might throw your opponent
off. And that should be all you need.

Don't obstruct your crosshairs

  As you're moving around the map, keep your crosshairs aiming at open
areas, doorways, etc. Just because you're running for a wall for some
cover, doesn't mean you have to aim directly at it. Keep your crosshair
in a good position and you'll be harder to take by suprise.

 TRY to work as a team(yeah...right)

  This is a team-based game, so acting like one will ALWAYS give you 
better results. Like I said before, numbers matter in video games, and
even just 3 people working together will change the tide of a game.
Individual stats are nice, and yes getting the MVP of a game feels good,
but if you get 17 kills and your team loses all but 2 rounds, it doesn't
really matter all that much. Granted, the SOCOM system doesn't help with
the whole MVP and Top 10 player thing, but so far there's been some
nice cooperation in all the games I've played. Sure the first couple 
rounds are chaos, but after that everyone settles down. YOU, yes YOU
can help initiate team cooperation simply by being a team player.

  Say the same guy on your team keeps grabbing the bomb in a Demo match
and keeps getting killed by the defense at the enemy base, well you can
help turn the tide by helping him, either with support fire, attacking
from a different side, lobbing some grenades in there, whatever. The
point is, initiate some teamplay and other will more than likley be
happy to oblige. Sure you'll get the L337 *-m4st4 2nIp4-* type or the
"I can do everything and I rule and have been playing this game non-
stop since it was just an idea in the developer's head" types, but
overall teamplay is contagious. If a few people are attacking with 
rifles and SMG each round but are getting picked off by snipers, you 
should consider backing them up with some sniping of your own, or if 
you're whole team is hanging back and sniping, try gathering some troops 
for an assault. It works, and well.

6.                          IN DEPTH STRATEGY

  Here's where I'll get a little more specific with the tactics. They're
broken down by game type and map. Unless credited, these are just my
observations and discoveries from playing the game. I'm always looking
for new and better ways to play the game, so be sure to drop me some
tips and strats that work for you, and you'll be properly credited.


  In Demolition there's 1 bomb on the map, and two, a SEAL and a T, 
bases. The goal is to grab the bomb and blow up the other team's
base by setting it in a designated area inside. This designated area
has a flashing floor so it's hard to miss. All you have to do is look
down while standing in the area until the SET BOMB icon appears, then
hold down the X Button and a little guage will appear on the lower
right side of you screen, keep holding X until it's full and you'll
set the bomb. If the other team doesn't defuse it, it will blow up in
30 seconds and your team will win the round. You can also win by just
killing everyone on the opposite team.



  A big snowy map with plenty of hills and different paths to take,
high or low, open and well shrouded, you've got tight areas as well, and
plenty of sniping opportunity. The bomb is in the center of the map in
a small shack. It's been my experence that the Terrorists can usually
get to the bomb first, but it's close.


  The SEALs are at a slight disadvantage in terms of getting to the 
bomb first, so most of the time their strategy is a kind of defensive
bomb rush. That is, rush to the bomb site then setup and wait for the
Terrorists to make their move for the bomb. It IS possible to rush the
bomb site via a less covered path and get there at about the same time,
but this puts the SEALS in a disadvantage because the T's will have open
shots at them from 3 sides. If you DO get ahold of the bomb, you'll want 
to approach the T base with caution, I'll cover this second. And finally,
you can also play Defensively, opting to let the T's get the bomb and 
waiting for them to come to you. 

  First, the offensive tactics. From the SEAL base you can go left(West),
Middle(North), or Right(East). If you go left you have to make your way
down the side of the hill  the base is on, if you just jump down you'll
die, and that's embarassing and frustrating. When you get to the bottom
turn back to the North and approach the bomb shack from either the upper
or lower path. The upper path is more to the left, the left edge of the
map to be exact, go up the slope then jump across the gap and you'll be
on a small hill(still high up enough for you to die from falling off of
it though) overlooking the bomb shack and the open area directly in front
of it. This is a great spot to go prone with a sniper rifle or MG. You can
watch the shack or cover your teammates as they approach it. Especially
the ones who choose to climb up the wall right by the shack. Also be sure
to check the hillside to your left and the path below it from time to time
as there's a good chance a couple T's will come from that side. It's not a
high traffic area, but you can get caught off guard by a rushing T or two
from there. 

  The middle path is the most straightforward and quickest, but also the
most dangerous. From the SEAL base, just head North, go down the right
side of the base hill then stay heading North. After the small, tight
tunnel you'll reach the wide open area with the bomb shack up on the 
ridge. Watch for T's coming from both sides of the ridge and also 
lobbing grenades from behind the ridge. Be sure to lob a couple nades of
your own both near the shack and more to the West. If you're daring, or
the T's haven't really been rushing the bomb site then you can climb the
ridge and either go for the bomb, or creep to the West and try to get 
the drop on any T's taking that path. I use the middle path the least,
it's just too open and dangerous, and most of the time you can't rely
on your teammates to cover the sides. Of course, my opinion might change
if I were playing a clan match or something, but this guide is for basic
public use...

  The last general path is to the right, East. From what I've seen and
played this is the most unpredictable path. First and foremost it's the
best sniping path for both teams, the East side of the map is raised, 
there's plenty of trees for cover, and you can get a good look at most
of the action spots with little movement. I've been in a couple games
where snipers from both teams were setup VERY close to one another
without even realizing it. But, this East side also has a lower path
that can either see alot or very little action. First, if you plan on
sniping from this side, go right from the base and make your way up the
East edge of the map heading North, you can focus in on the bomb shack
to pick off any rushing T's, or the hills just to the right of it to 
look for T snipers. Also be sure to check to the North from time to time
to make sure you won't get rushed while zoomed in, and also to look for
T snipers. Alot of the time you can stay motionless underneath a tree
and any approaching enemy won't even see you. Most good players will 
check the trees as they approach though, so don't count on this saving
you all the time. When/If your team gets the bomb you can make your way
towards the T base scanning for snipers as you go to protect your squad
with the bomb. If you're taking the right path for action, keep close 
to the hill side to use it as cover from any T's coming around the bend
and also from any snipers overlooking the area. Be sure to toss an HE
or two(or whatever type of grenade you have) up on the hills at both of
your sides to clear them of any snipers(not YOUR snipers though). Once
you get into the Terrorist side of the map you can circle back around
towards the bomb, or run to the T base and scout it out for any T's
playing Defense. ALWAYS approach the T base with caution, there's plenty
of great sniping spots around it. Generally I go towards the bomb most
of the time so I can catch the T's from their flank, and also take out
any pesky snipers up in the hills overlooking the bombshack.

  Alright, so you've advanced and your team has the bomb. Now you have 
to approach the Terrorist base. Depending on how the battle is going it
might be safer to backtrack into the SEAL side of the map, but if the
battle is raging behind you then by all means move ahead to the T base.
There is no real "safe" way to approach the T base. There's just too 
much open ground that leaves you open for sniping, so you can take any
route to it. (All these are from the bomb shack) The quickest way is
to just go up the middle to the North, you come out directly in front of
the T base with some fences. This path leaves you open to sniping from
the East, but not so much from the West. Just run in zig zags towards
the center of the base, watching the windows. A smoke grenade or two 
will help, also. Approach the base and then sweep around it, checking 
the immediate outside area for prone snipers near the trees and the
East ridge. If you take either of the side routes, be sure to scan ahead
for snipers back away from the base, then approach it in the same 
manner, toss out a smoke nade and zig zag. If you're with a couple other
SEALs then the smoke might not be necessary, but if you're alone it's a
good idea. 

  When you finally get to the base, you'll be heading into  some close 
quarters. The first thing to do is sweep through the first floor and take 
out any T's there, usually they're in better spots so don't expect to 
find many just hanging out here from round to round. There's two 
stairwells that lead up to the second floor where the bomb target is 
located. The Northern one(the one at the "back" of the T base) is a 
little safer, and gives you a more open view of the second floor, but the 
Southern one (at the "front" of the base) is closer to the bomb site. Go 
up the stairwells with caution, I usually go up the North one while 
walking backwards(looking to the West) since a T or two likes to go prone 
just behind these stairs and pick off SEALs as they come up. You'll 
certainly want to spam some nades up onto the second floor before 
charging up. Once you're on the second floor, sweep around the pipes
(check in them, it's a seldom used hiding spot but can catch you by 
suprise) and head to the bomb site at the South West corner of the map. 
If you're not the one with the bomb, provide cover to the bomber. Once 
the bomb is set it's time to spam the smoke grenades on both floors. 
This makes it's hard for any T rushing back to disarm the bomb to actually 
get to it. You can also take up those nice sniping spots the T's were 
using against you to shoot down the T's coming back at you. 

  Finally, you can opt to play the map defensively. The SEALs can do 
this quite well on this map, especially if it's a team effort. First,
you can do the defensive bomb rush that I mentioned before. Get to the
bomb site as quickly as possible but don't go for the bomb. Instead, 
setup on all the little hills and ridges overlooking it, and in the 
trees in the paths and let the T's get the bomb. Then take them out as
they come. A more effective tactic is to stick near the SEAL base and 
setup some defense there. Claymores are helpful in this respect, you 
can place a couple inside the small SEAL base, either out in the open
or hidden behind the table, then stay South of the base and scan for 
the approaching T's. Hopefully your teammates will alert you as to 
which way they're coming, but probably not. Just watch the left side
the most and occasionally the base itself. If you see a T go in the base
then set off the mines. Watching the West path with a sniper rifle is
a great defensive tactic as well. You don't really want to stay too 
close to the base. Watching from the South West ridge is also a good 
idea for D. I'll have more Defensive tactics in another update, most
of the games I've played the SEALs are usually all out Offense so I'm
still putting together some better Defensive schemes.

 (Thanks to Eric Hammond for help with these tactics)

  The Terrorists can play this map either Offensively or Defensively and
be effective at both, really. You can get the bomb quicker, which is a
good tactic, and you have a few different ways to get it to the SEAL 
base and under more cover than the SEALs have to get to the T base. 

 First, rushing to the bomb. From the start, take the middle path South
and it leads right up to the bomb shack. The SEALs come from the SE, so
lobbing a few grenades down their path to the shack isn't a bad idea.
Stay near the outside wall of the shack and make sure the coast is clear
before dashing in to get it. If someone else on your team is getting it,
be sure to provide them cover by either continuing to throw grenades 
or just watching the area around the shack until they grab it. Once your
team has the bomb there are a few ways to go with it. Go can go back to 
the West and take the paths there, or cut across all the way to the 
East, or just keep heading South right up the middle, more on these 
paths below.

  The Western path is okay, it's easy to play defensively but tougher if
you're rushing into the open area from it to the SEALs part of the path
(by "their" part I just mean the area closer to their base), there's a 
few trees the SEALs can use as cover that you can miss with just a quick 
once over of the area. Keeping on the West path will let you circle 
around all the way the South part of the map and come up from behind the 
SEAL base, watch for snipers along the ridges though. There's also a 
skinny path right by the bigger West path on the SEAL side of the map, 
this is good to duck into from the bigger path if the SEALs are 
expecting you to come from the West.

  The Eastern path is a little tricky. Each side has some good sniping
spots, and can stake out the bomb schack pretty well. Since your team 
will most likely be getting there first, you can back them up from here
on the upper path, and then continue on to the base, scoping that out
as well. Taking the lower path is a little more tricky, as the SEALs
again have a few trees and other good cover spots they can use to take
you by suprise. Just before the open area that "seperates" this map, 
stand by the edge of the hill and lean out and do a quick check of the
area a couple times to see if you can spot any SEALs running around or
coming from their side of the path. Watch for snipers up on the hill to
the slight West, it seems to be a favorite spot. 

  The South, middle path is the most dangerous, leaving you in open
area for a long run, but it's also the quickest way to the SEAL base
and it actually goes unguarded alot. You just have to watch out for
SEALs running around the hills on either side, or coming in from the
outer paths. You can make it to the side of the mountain that the SEALs
jump down to start the round, and climb up it, and you'll be right at
the base.

  At the SEAL base always scope out the area outside the base, the boxes
and South ridge, etc, AND the inside of the base for any SEALs playing
defense. Once the area is clear, go in and plant the bomb, and toss a 
smoke grenade or two in there to keep the SEALs form having a good 
look at where the bomb is. Once the bomb is set, you basically play 
defense on their base to keep them from getting to it in time. So you
can use their Defensive spots against them. 

  Camping your own base is actually pretty effective in this map. There
are plenty of spots you can snipe from, and others where you'll see the 
SEALs before they usually see you. First, the outside of the base has a 
few good spots you can snipe from, or just get the drop on the SEALs. 
The trees to the West of the base are a good spot, but you have to get 
in there and STAY STILL. Going prone directly behind them work as well.
One the lower floor you can stand near the ramp at the East end and have
a good look at that general area while staying pretty covered. Upstairs
you can actually go prone in the bombing area and face East to see any
SEALs coming up those stairs, or go prone on the other side, next to 
the other stairway. You can also go inside the big pipe in the room
and go prone. This will catch some people by suprise.


  Suppression is just Team Deathmatch, basically kill everybody else on
the other team and you win. A multiplayer staple.



  This map is a small boat, with alot of action taking place in close 
quarters. There are some long "alleys" and open spots, but as a whole
this map is fast and tight. The action generally comes quick. Roughly
7-10 seconds after the start you can expect to be in a firefight. SMG's
work well in this map, since they're designed to quickly deliver alot
of bullets in a short range. Sniping isn't too useful, you can do it
effectively at the beginning of the round, and when it becomes a 2 on
3, or 1 v 1 match near the end, but there's a whole lot of time there 
in the middle where you'll only have a pistol and everyone else will
be bearing down with some Rifles and SMGs. Plus, there aren't alot of
good "out of the action" sniping spots to be found. You're better off
just loading up and getting ready for some up close action.

  I noticed that the SEALs generally have an advantage on this map, if
only because they don't need alot of organization for an assault. While
the Terrorist's, who usually play defensive, aren't prepared. To counter
this, it's essential for the T's to go on the offensive and abandon the
starting position. Spreading out the action will help them last longer,
which will drag out the round, which gives them a better chance of 
throwing the SEALs off their game(which should basically be ATTACK
ATTACK ATTACK!). This is the map that's also most likely to end up
in a 1v1 or 2v3 deathmatch. 

  For whatever reason, alot of the late round action takes place in the
tunnels below the ship. If you're running around topside and don't see
the last one or two enemies, chances are they're hiding out in the 
tunnels. Don't go waltzing into a trap, lob some nades down there and
take it cautiously. Lean around corners quickly enough to get a peek,
then turn back to the main open area. If there's no one down there, it's
safe to say that they're camping or running down there to look for you.
If you've got some fire coming your way and you're not sure where it's 
coming from, run down to the tunnels and wait at a hard angle to ambush
the(hopefully) chasing enemy.


  The SEALs have the advantage because of a few things, and if they use
these then they'll have a hard time losing. This map is basically yours
to give away if you're a SEAL.  You have more of the ship open to you
at the beginning, so you can get in more useful positions or attack the
Terrorist's from any angle. You can cover more of the ship quicker than
the Terrorist's, and lastly, you can bear down on the T's before they 
can really put any kind of offense or useful defense together. This is
probably the most important advantage.

  You have to bear down on the Terrorists quickly, but cautiously, 
or else they'll get a chance to spread out and give you some trouble.
There are three basic routes you can take, depending on the flow of
the game, you can expect a lot, a little, or NO resistence each way.
Aren't online games fun? :D  The directions represent the way you're
going from the starting point. For example, when I say the "South 
Route" you start out heading South, but end up turning West to get to
the T's position.

  First, you can go South, which is the most wide open way. Head South
directly from the starting point and you can use the two cargo boxes
for cover, or try to get down the stairwell(but that's no fun!). 
Depending on how the T's are playing, you may be met with some up close
resitence right away, or you might be able to quickly creep up using
the crates along the right wall as cover. If a couple SEALs go this
route, and a couple come in from the North route(see below) you can
pinch and cut off the offensive T's from the rest of the group and
mow them down.  When using the South route, watch for sniping from 
the deck, and early round nade tossing. Also watch for the odd Terrorist
ducking in the narrow passage at the South-most point on the ship.
The T's also have good cover in the opening next to the stairs up to the 
deck, so be wary of that spot. If you're actually planning with a couple 
teammates, consider playing the support role with an MG or Sniper Rifle 
and centering in on that section. If you make it to the stairs to the 
deck area, be sure to check a nade or HE up there before going up, in 
case there's heavy defense up there. Keep your eye on the room directly 
in front of the stairs while going up, and also the doorway to the right.
If everything's clear at this point, you can sweep the control room,
or head down the North stairs and start roving the map.

  Next, there's the North route. This way is a little safer, as you
have more cover, and there are a couple ways you can approach the
T's starting position. First, you can go all the way North, then turn
West and you'll be approaching the deck on the side with the small
room. For your own sake, please use the towers and walls as cover
or you'll be sniper/assault rifle meat in no time. Again, you want to
approach cautiously but quickly. Most of the SEAL team just go this
way instinctively for whatever reason, so you'll have the most support
on this route(usually). So don't be afraid to toss some grenades up
onto the deck, Flashbangs and HE's will throw the defensive T's off,
get good enough to toss one into the small room's window as well and
catch the T's by suprise. Just be sure to alert your team if you screw
up and it bounces back to your position(D'OH!). After a little nade
clearout, rush the stairs with your teammates and lay down some fire.
Alternatively, you can take the short passageway UNDER the stairs and 
see if there's any T's using it as cover to take out your 'mates coming
from the South. The other alternative you have is to break to the West
early, under the bridge that your 'mates using the West route cross to
get to the control room, and help out the South route squad. There's
really no cover heading under the bridge, so only go when the coast is
clear(as clear as it can get). Check your crosshair for the shot 
indicator and react accordingly. If there's nothing coming from the 
right side, then head up the deck stairs or sweep the passage to the 
underside of the ship.

  Finally, you have the West route, where you go through the large cargo
storage area. Up the righthand stairs is a door that leads to a bridge,
which goes right into the Control Room of the ship. Usually at least a 
couple Terrorists will be guarding this door, waiting for you to open 
it, so be sure to use lean to peek through the window. If there's no one 
there then it's your lucky day(round), since you can now rush into the 
heart of the Terrorists and take them by suprise if you have a couple 
other SEALs with you.  Be sure to check all the hard angles as you make 
your way through the tight control room area. If you plan on taking this 
route alot in the game, you should probably be using an SMG. If you ARE 
met with some T's waiting to take you down, you have a couple options. 
Nades or fleeing. Flashbangs or a well placed smoke nade can help your 
cause, and let you lean around the doorway and fire on the T's and in 
the rare instance that a flashbang works, you can rush their position 
and try to take'em out before they recover. Otherwise, if it's you 
against two or three T's, just abandon the rush on this route and join 
in one of the other routes. You can suprise some T's involved in a 
firefight to the South by taking the door next to the steps, or you can 
sweep back to the North and try to get the drop on some unsuspecting T's 
who think they're getting the drop on your teammates. Yeah, fleeing isn't 
the bravest of choices, but that tiny, open bridge really puts you at a 
disadvantage, plus the T's might be so preoccupied with waiting for you 
to make your move they can get mowed down by some teammates rushing the 
control room from the South doorway. You could also fall back and use 
the crates as cover and see if the T's try to come across the bridge to 
your position.

  Keep in mind these are just some basic routes. If you wanted to, you 
could equip a sniper rifle and head for the tall tower to the North and 
just snipe, or you could duck into the undership tunnels and get into 
some nice firefights down there(see OVERVIEW above). But as a general 
rule, the SEALs want to bear down on the Terrorist's quickly so they 
don't have a chance to scatter and make things tougher than they need to 
be. Exploiting the attack potential you have in this map will wield round 
win after win on this map.


Quite simple, as a Terrorist you only have two options at the beginning.
One is to play defensively and camp the starting deck/control room area,
this CAN be done with a well-organized team. But unless your team is 
made up entirely of people you know/clanmates then this is nigh 
impossible to pull off. You may be able to hold down your side, say the 
South stairs, but you'll get rushed from the North, and vice versa. No, 
your best bet is to get off of the starting deck as fast as possible. 
You'll still be at a basic disadvantage, but you won't be a sitting duck, 
and you can get into a few well covered positions to ward off the first 
wave of SEAL attackers. You're goal as a Terrorist is to make it into the 
late round where the SEAL advantage is basically gone and you have free 
roam of the ship with them. 

  Depending on your starting position, it's quickest to just run down
the stairs by you. If you start more to the South, by the control room
door, then run down the South stairs and use the opening underneath for
cover and wait for the attacking SEALs to come from the East or North.
If you're daring, you can set a Claymore near the stairs and take out
a careless SEAL, more on CLaymore's later. Otherwise, use the walls
of the opening as cover and lean out and wait for the SEALs. You can 
also run into the underground tunnels to take the SEALs by suprise,
since they usually neglect this area until the late round, but stay
alert. A couple more options that will have varied succes depending
on the awerness and experience of your opponents is running to the 
narrow Southmost walkway and going prone, and focusing either on the
stairs or to the East where an unwary SEAL may come running into 
your sights. Another tactic that will work once in awhile is to
climb on top of a crate against the wall and go prone with an MG
or Sniper Rifle, you can take a few SEALs by suprise with this,
but overuse will only get you a quick, annoying death. And yet another
option is to rush all the way to the SEAL starting position if you're
met with no resistence at all. It's rare but it DOES happen. If so,
take advantage of it to come around and suprise the SEALs from behind.
 If you are contstantly seeing 2 or 3 or more SEALs coming from the
East consider sniping from the deck by going prone near the barrels,
or lobbing a couple HE's/Frags in their direction.

  If you start more to the North, running down the north stairs and
moving to the left of the northmost "building" will let you flank
the attacking SEALs, depending on their awareness. Don't even bother
climbing up to the walkway, it's a death trap. You can also duck into
the dark opening next to the stairs and use it as cover. This is a 
much better defensive position than the top deck because you can 
scramble down to the tunnels. Setting a couple CLaymore's on the 
stairs isn't a bad idea either, you can catch a couple unwitting
SEALs off-guard with them. Whatever you do, avoid the small
room, it's another death trap. You can be nade spammed and rushed
to hell if you hold up in there. It's where most newbie T's run to
and where they usually die as well.

  Lastly, defending the brdige to the control room isn't a bad
idea, or, if no one is attacking from it, using it to get behind
the SEALs is a good idea too. Leaning with an SMG or regular
Rifle is your best bet, or even going prone with an MG would
work if 3 or more SEALs are constantly coming across. And once
again, Claymore can be your friend if you can use them well.
Set one next to the doorway leading to the bridge, out of the
SEALs' view and when they rush across, BOOM! 

  Ideally, as a Terrorist, you want to drag the round out so you 
can roam the ship as freely as the SEALs, where the game evens
out, and your early round disadvantage is gone. I still need some
better strategies for the Terr's on this map, which I'll be working
on, like setting up an effective defense of the starting position.



  A wide open map, with a lot of spots to hide, and several high 
traveled shoot-out spots. This map can be played a lot of different ways, 
your team can stick together and sweep the map from end to the other, 
you can break out into smaller groups of two or three and engage in 
smaller firefights. Or you can totally spread out and make it a slow 
paced match.  Sometimes an enemy can be hard to distinguish from the 
background unless they're cutting across some open terrain. The bridge 
and the larger temple get alot of traffic in the early and mid round, 
during the late round it's basically a big game of hide n seek.  What's 
written here is just the beginning really, this map just has so many 
different paths and good hiding spots that it'll probably end up having 
the most info for it. But hey, you gotta start somewhere right?


  The SEALs have a few options at the start, and you can go NE and go
through either of the tunnels there, OR climb up to the bridge. Or you
can go NW to the bridge and go under it, or climb up on it and go to 
the smaller bridge. From there you can take a couple different paths
as well. We'll deal with the tunnels first:

  Head SW to the big tree, you can climb up to the bridge and try to
snipe any T's waiting to ambush or advancing over the hill, under the
bridge. The tunnel to the right goes up to a small bridge that leads
right to the large temple, with the smaller on to your right. Advance
up to the top cautiously, most of the time the T's leave this tunnel
and the small bridge relatively undefended, but if you come out of 
there and mess them up a couple rounds in a row, they'll be looking
for you. When you get to the top, lean to see if any T's are on top
of the large temple, then lean to check the smaller one and the hills
in front of it. The key is to not expose yourself. If you DO see some
action, be sure to let your team know. Lobbing a few HE grenades down
into the temple, and over each side of the bridge is a nice way to say
hello. From here you can jump over the side of the bridge, or run to
the temple, though this leaves you open to sniping from the small

  If you go through the left tunnel, be on your guard, there's two ways
the T's can come from and they can get there in a hurry, not to mention
come up behind you if they come over the hill. Stay near the walls and
keep your crosshair out in the open area, with some camera manuvering
you'll be able to spot any enemy coming at you without showing yourself,
which is always a good thing. In this tunnel, if you up to the right 
you'll come out from a doorway in the leg of the small bridge leading to
the temple. Or you can run through the large opening through the water
which leads to the temple steps.

   If you go NW to the bridge there's two basic paths you can go, up
onto the bridge and then either through the cave or back down the hill
on the other side, or under the bridge to the water in front of the 

  First, if you go up on the small bridge West of the big one you can
stay by the cave to the left, which is a big shootout and grenade 
trading area. Always take this route with caution, even just running 
across the small bridge can be dangerous if the T's are rushing up to 
that point. If they are, consider climbing up to the even smaller ledge 
above the West bridge and going prone near the cave entrance to catch 
them off guard. If no one's guarding it, or you defeat the enemy in the 
cave, sweep over the grassy area and turn back to the East and move to 
the small temple. The ground between the two temples see a ton of action,
so always be looking around. It's a good idea to make a quick check of
the small temple, but don't stick around if no one's there. If you don't
go to the cave, butr go down the other side of the bridge you'll be 
vulnerable, but it's a pretty good route to take every now and then. 
Carefully move down to the broken bridge, and make sure it's okay to 
jump over before you do. Then just sweep through the temple. If your
teammates are in a firefight near the cave, you can come in from behind
and take out the T's, but always be careful moving through the temple 

  If you just go right under the bridge, your best bet is to make it to 
the stairs just in front of the temple. Use the small rock structure for 
cover and check the roof and windows of the temple before you run. Going 
prone in the trees to the East of the structure and sniping will net you 
a couple kills sometimes. Make your run to the steps, in the water be 
sure to keep an eye on the tunnel opening to your right(East). Once you 
make it up the steps, it's best to move right into the temple rather 
than running around in front of it. 

  Late round just keep sweeping through the map, the bridge usually sees
the most late roudn action along with the temple. Camping in the tunnel
by the big bridge where the starting position is isn't a bad idea, just 
keep checking to make sure any T's aren't climbing up from behind though.


  This is one of the few maps where the Terrorists have more of the map
open to them at the beginning than the SEALs, so you have to take 
advantage of that. Most of the SEALs will come from the SW bridge area,
either on it or below it, and a couple will take the tunnels. There are
a couple spots where you can get the drop on the SEALs usually. First is
in that small tunnel to the NE that leads to the temple, there are a 
couple things ways you can play that tunnel. Second is in the cave by the 
upper bridge area, you can scout that out or the area before that, the 
patch of grass with the mountains on either side that leads to the 
smaller temple. Third, you can stake out the broken small bridge for any 
SEALs coming from under, or down from on the big bridge. 

  First, the small tunnel. This is actually a fairly useful tunnel to 
control, it gets you on the offensive quickly and with alot of cover.
Don't go barreling down it and out into the open though, play it a 
little defensively. I usually go right to where it curves slightly to 
the right and go prone with an AKS-74, and lean out to the left a little. 
This is a great spot to catch an unwitting SEAL off gaurd, as with any 
spot don't overuse it or you'll get swarmed or naded. Another option, 
that I usually don't use too often, is to move to the far corner of the 
big temple and lean out to where you can see the opening. This leaves 
you vulnerable to any SEAL coming from the stairs though. The third, and 
maybe most satisfying, way to defend the tunnel is with Claymores. Set 
up a couple right at the mouth of the opening, inside a little so they're 
harder to see, then pull back to that far corner and go prone, and wait 
for a SEAL to come up, then BOOM! If you're gonna use Claymores it's a 
good idea to set the Detonator as your Quick Select 2 weapon, and have 
your Prime weapon out until you see a SEAL, then switch and set them off 
and switch back. Another way to defend that tunnel is to not even go up 
to the temple, but instead take a position right up against the 
mountains by and wait to see if anyone comes from it and see what they 
do. You also have the advantage of seeing anyone come up from the other 
tunnel as well.

  If you want to play the tunnel offensively, or after you've taken out 
the SEALs foolish enough to use it :) , you can move down to the end and 
use the camera to look for any SEALs in the water, and most likely up on 
the end of the bridge by the short wall. From there you can go back into 
the other tunnel, or SW to the open area by the big bridge, or climb up 
on the bridge and sweep across it, carefully. After the initial 
onslaughts, this map becomes wide open, so it's harder to recommend a 
solid tactic.

  Next up, the bridge area. The cave becomes a main shootout area 
because both teams can get there pretty quickly. If that's the case, 
just take a position at one side and lean in and see if the SEALs will 
advance through, watch for well thrown nades. You should also toss some 
nades of your own. If you want to make it "interesting" toss a smoker or 
two in the cave. Shootouts here are basically stalemates until one team 
decides to make a move, or it takes so long that one side is flanked form 
the other team's other members. A good tactic for the T's is trade a nade 
or two, then pull back a bit to the grassy area and wait for the SEAL 
team to come through. Then you can mine or shoot them. There's a couple 
decent sniping and general shooting spots up on the hills in the grassy 
area, but they get alot of use so don't stay there too long. Another 
good tactic is to hide UNDER the broken bridge here, and wait for SEALs 
to come from either side, you can set up mines nearby as well to catch 
them off guard.

  Finally(for now anyway), there's the area under the big bridge. A good
tactic I've seen used is to have a few T's just rush up to the cave
area and spread out from there. Watch the bridge on the left, and then
move into the cave on the right and take out the SEALs(if there are 
any). You can also run to the front of the temple and use one of the 
windows, staying near the edges and leaning out of course, to watch for
any SEALs coming through the water to the steps. These rooms are also
good camping spots for late rounds.

  Some good sniping spots are, naturally on the top of the smaller 
temple, though you're VERY open to sniping yourself, I usually just 
crouch at the top of one of the side sets of stairs. Second, the small 
hills by the grassy area at the SW part of the map is okay, but again 
very open. In the late round, and this can by used by either team really, 
up on the short bridge there's an even HIGHER ledge that you can run 
across and get to the top of the cave entrance. Going prone here will get 
you a couple suprise kills for a round or two. A spot that was MADE for 
sniping is the mining shaft opening in the mountain that looks out at 
the short bridge and the cave,while there's wood blocking the way, 
there's a small portion that's broken away enough to let you go prone 
and snipe. A couple shots from here and people will be looking though, 
so strafe left or right to make them think no one's there. You can reach 
this spot through the tunnels in the temple.

  Speaking of the tunnels, not alot of action goes on down there, but if 
you know them well enough, you can camp down there late round and pick 
off SEALs as they come down look for you(if they know how to get there). 
This is pretty boring though...


On abandoned, there is a GREAT sniping spot that was not mentioned.  
I can explain this well from the terrorist perspective, but it can be 
used by both teams.  In the beginning, if a terrorist makes a left and 
goes toward the pond, there is a mountain that can be climbed to a great 
sniping position.  To get there, you must climb the left side of the 
mountain, that separates the lake and the river.  follow it up an go 
into a prone position.  This spot looks over the entire middle section 
of the map and it is difficult to be seen when here because the fog 
blocks the other people from seing you, but you can still see them, and 
you blend into the mountain so well, it is dark brown, that you probably 
wont be seen.

  In Extraction, your goal as a SEAL is to rescue hostages from the T's
As a Terrorist, you must keep the SEALs from getting the hostages. As a
SEAL you win if you rescue all the hostages or kill all the T's, as a
Terrorist you win if you kill all the SEALs.

Desert Glory


  A blown out city in some "random Middle Eastern country" is the 
setting for this map. The SEALs seem to have a slight disadvantage here, 
as the Terrorist's have some good defensive spots for mowing down and 
Sniping the SEALs. The hostages are located in the North-most building, 
all three are in a cell in a small room. 

 There are plenty of ways to play this map, it's wide open with up close
shootout spots littered around, not to mention plenty of sniping spots.
When in tight areas like buildings and stairs, I generally change to 
my pistol regardless of my primary weapon. They're steadier than a 
rifle, and quicker to fire off single shots. There are a variety of ways
each side can play this map, but in general, the SEALs want to get to
the hostages quickly, while the T's can either defend the hostages
staunchly or let the SEALs have'em and defend the Extraction Point,
or a combination of both..


  In my view, the best bet for the SEALs is rushing the building with
the Hostages from the North route from the starting point. The T's will
most likely be rushing to the Hostage room to set up defense, and they
can get there first. There's a couple things you can do:

  Your first choice will be whether to rush right up to the hostage
building, or hang back and use the small building to the right for
cover and provide support. If you stick by the small building you'll
have a good view of most of the immediate area with the added bonus of
plenty of cover. You can snipe and climb up to the upper area, or just
stay on the ground with a Rifle. You'll be able to get some potshots
in at the T's expecting the ___ route SEALs, and also be able to try
and pick off the T's rushing to the hostage room. This is also a good
position to be in to provide backup for the SEALs coming out from the
hostage room once the "HOSTAGE FREED!" message is sounded. Watch for
Terrorist's on the stairs/walkway to the hostage room, and also coming
in from the South

What I usually do though, is just rush to the hostage building. While
doing so, watch for T's on the right, above, and most importantly, in
the hole in the hostage building. If all's clear or after you take
care of any pesky T's inside the opening, I usually take a little time
to chuck an HE or Frag nade or two inside the window above. You won't
kill any hostages, but you may get a T or two trying to setup some
mines or scoping out the door. Making your way up to the hostage room
is usually suprisingly easy, but stay cautious. You might want to 
switch to first person for the stair climbs, but that's personal
preference. Getting through the doorway that leads to the walkway to
the hostage room is kinda tough in 3rd person though, since you NEED
to strafe. I almost always go first person, unless a couple people 
are going before me. Lean out and check the doorway, and if no one's
nudging you out, turn and check behind you just in case. If the coast
is clear, make your way to the hostage room, but DO NOT go beyond the
first wall. As you enter, check the doorway and immediate area for 
CLaymores, then inch up to the edge of the wall. You can use the camera
to get a look at most of the room without showing youself. CHeck the
floor and see if Claymores are everywhere, or if you can see any T's
hiding out in the hostage cage. If you DO see mines, alert your team
by radio. Things get tricky with Claymores in the room, usually one of
you has to be a sacrificial lamb and run in there to attract the T's
to blow up their mines, while the others rush in after they're blown
up. With or without mines, the best way to go if no T's are visible in
the cage, is to hug the North wall with your back and face South. Strafe
to the left and lean in and see if one of the T's is on the other side
of the wall. The good thing about the T's having mines everywhere is
that they usually have their Detonator out, which means they can't 
shoot. Try to get the guy hiding there if possible, if not hopefully
your teammates will rush in and get the guy before he can switch to 
his gun and get you while you're still stunned. If you DO get the T,
or there's no one there, then the other most popular spot for the
T's is to crouch at the very North end of the hostage cage, so keep
moving along the North wall and then quickly circle around and back
up and see if there's one there. That's usually the way I go about
sweeping the hostage room, but if there's no mines you can go about
it much less carefully. Once the resitence is taken out, or there 
is no defense on the hostages(rare), get the hostages to follow
and make your way back down pretty much the same way you came. It's
quick, and safer than running through the big building area where
you can get picked off from any angle. 

 You can also take the long route around the South side of the map,
there's two main paths you can take here. The first is all the way
South, near the large garage, and the other is basically up the 
"middle" of the map to the NorthEast. I don't really like the middle
route all that much though, you're too open and can't really see the
enemies unless they're right in the open patch in front of you, bah.
Taking the South route gives you plenty of cover, and you can come up
and suprise any Terrorist sniping from the garage, usually. Just stick
to the outer edge of the map to garage, then keep it on your right as
you sweep across the lower area, then head to the very East end of the
map, and stay near the wall there until you make your roundabout way
to the Hostage building. 

  I don't recommend exposing yourself on any of the many ledges in 
this map, it's basically a death sentence.


 As a Terrorist, your best bet is to guard the building that the
hostages are in. There are a couple keys points take you can
pinch and really take out unwitting SEALs. Right at the start,
beeline North to where the hostages are being held. You'll enter
from the rear, and there's a stairway leading up to your left.
The SEALs come up from the other end of these stairs, so you can
camp right in front of them, and lean out and train your crosshairs
at a decent hight, juuust a bit away from the actual stairwell wall.
Also consider laying a Claymore or two right in the path of the SEALs
if you think you have enough time. Once they start coming, mow'em down.
After a round or two, they'll get wise to this spot(usually), so 
position yourself up the stairs a bit, and turn so you can still see a 
decent amount of the room below. When they come blasting away around the 
corner this time, they'll hit nothing and then you can blast'em from 
above or toss an HE down there. 

  Or, just run right to the room with the hostages in it. Once in here
you can lay down some Claymores, the more out of sight the better, or
camp inside the cage. One funny tactic is stand directly behind a 
hostage, usually the SEAL won't notice you until it's too late, OR
they'll start blasting away and kill the hostage, hah. Another trick
inside the cage is to line all 3 hostages up and duck down behind them.
Hilarity ensues again when you reveal yourself(and set off the mines 
inside the room). Messing with the SEALs minds in the hostage room is
one of the great joys of being a T on this map :D One of the best 
positions I've found, that catches the SEALs totally off guard for the
first couple rounds, is if you stand to the left of the doorway to the
hostage room, and swing the camera around so you can see the walkway up
to the room out the door. You'll be facing the wall, but when they get
close just turn and blast'em as they walk through the door. I got 5 
kills in one round in this spot more than once. If 3 or more come at a 
time you'll be boned, but you still might take all 3 out before you go 
down :)

 There are a couple other good defensive positions in other areas of the
map. The easiest being the roof of the garage right next to the starting
point. Run East and climb the ladder, get to the edge and go prone, and
zoom in on the area between the building with the smoldering fire by it
and the SEAL starting point. This is a high traffic area with alot of
people running around in it from both sides. You also have a pretty good
view of the area near the hostage building, so any SEALs making a dash 
can fall into your sights as well. The only downside to this spot is 
basically everyone knows about it, and at least 1 SEAL will always try
to check it out each round. If you're smart and get up to check the 
ladder with your pistol every now and then you'll be fine. Be sure
to change spots on the roof as well. Use the ducts for cover, use 
different sides, etc etc.
Alternately, you could stay and defend the South area of the map. Just 
move West a bit to where the upper path curves and lean out from the
wall and wait for the SEALs to come. Or you can jump down to the garage
area and head West and keep watching the two buildings past the big one
with the fire pit. You can also try to sweep the SEAL starting position
from this way, but it's tricky if there's 4 or 5 of them and only 1 of

7.                               WEAPONS

 SOCOM features a large list of weapons you can use, with most of them
being side-specific, meaning the SEALs have their own set of weapons
and the T's have their own set of weapons. They both share a couple 
rifles and the same Equipment. Each weapon(except the Equipment) is
rated 1-6 in 4 Categories, plus what firing modes are available. These 
categories are: Volume(loudness, not capacity), Accuracy(the higher the
better!), Range(the distance a weapon is still useful, higher number
means a better/longer range), and Fire Rate(how fast the gun fires).
The modes of fire are: Single(one press of the trigger=one bullet fired),
Burst(One press=3 or 4 bullets fired), and Auto(hold down button=
continuous fire, most inaccurate firing mode).

  This isn't an in-depth guide to the history and origin and use of each
gun, and how they contribute to the war efforts of various countries, 
and blah de blah blah. No, this is a quick guide to their usefulnes in 
the game, and in this game, as in most, the numbers mean everything. So,
sticking to the guns that rate high in most of the categories will give
you a better chance of winning. That's video game basics right there, 
and they're clearly at work in SOCOM.

The key for this section is as follows:

NAME OF GUN       Volume/Accuracy/Range/Fire Rate  FIRE MODES*


So S-B-A after the ratings would mean that gun has all three firing 
modes, while just S or S-B would mean only Single or Single and Burst 


Rifles/Assault Rifles
M14          5/5/4/2.5             S-A
M16A2        5/5.5/3.5/2.5         S-B
M4A1         5/5/4/5               S-B-A
M4A1 SD      .5/4/3.5/5            S-B-A

  As you can see, the SEAL's rifles are all pretty highly rated, 
personally I go for the M4A1 or the silenced SD version if noise matters. 
You've got good accuracy and range and firing rate, a couple well-aimed 
burst shots will put anyone down. The M16A2 is middle of the road, good 
accuracy but less range and slower firing rate. The M14 I hardly ever 
touch, even if it does have range on par with the M4A1. These guns give
 the SEALs a HUGE advantage in larger games as far as I'm concerned, the 
T's guns are just weaker overall, and not much can stand up to a rush 
with 4 or 5 of these babies firing away...

Sniper Rifles
M40A1        5/6/4.5/.5            S
SR-25        6/6/5/.5              S
SR-25 SD     2/5.5/4/.5            S
M87          6/5.5/6/.5            S

  I love the SR-25 guns, the SD version is especially useful in maps like 
Blizzard where you can find a good sniper spot and pick away at the T's
without being in too much danger of giving your position away. Yes, you
lose some range, but it can be worth it in some cases. The M87 has the
longest range of any rifle in the game(for the SEALs), so if you REALLY 
want to hang back out of the action, this is the gun for you. It's loud 
shot will give you away quickly though, so make your shots count. The 
M40A1 has no real advantages as far as I can tell, the other rifles are 
better in basically every category.

Machine Guns/Sub Machine Guns
HK5          3/5/2.5/4             S-B-A
HK5 SD       1/5/2.5/4             S-B-A
M63A         6/3/3.5/4.5           S-B-A

  Where Rifles are more useful all around, the HK5 guns are great for
delivering a deadly barrage of bullets in close quarter fights. I'd
recommend it for maps with tight areas like Frostfire, but they can
be useful on any map if you're the type who likes to get up close and
personal. The sole MG for the SEALs is good for support and defense,
but you have to be in the Prone position to get the most out of it.

Mark 23       4/3.5/3/2            S
Mark 23 SD    .5/3/2/2             S
226           4/3.5/3/2            S
9MM           .5/3/2/2             S

  Not much difference in the pistols, the Mark 23 and 226 are better
overall, good choices if you're a sniper and changing position or
joining the assault. Silenced pistols are a good secondary weapon if 
you've got a Rifle/SMG, you might be able to sneak a couple shots in
on someone, which is all you really should need. Altogether, unless
you're sniping, you'll rarely use your pistol, but they CAN come in
handy in tight situations every now and then. Don't consider them 


Rifles/Assault Rifles
AK-47         4/2.5/3.5/4          S-B-A
AKS-74        5/5/4/4              S-B-A
M14           5/5/4/2.5            S-A
552           4.5/5/4/4            S-B-A

  The T's get the short end of the stick with their Rifle selection,
just stick with the AKS-74 or 552, with the AK-47 you'll only make
alot of noise and miss alot. The M14 is an afterthought on the SEAL
side, and rates up there with the T's best Rifles, there's a clue
that the T rifles aren't that great.

Sniper Rifles
M82A1A        6/6/6/.5             S
M4OA1         5/6/4.5/.5           S

  The best Sniper Rifle in the game, and another mediocre SEAL gun.
If you plan on sniping, NEVER use anything but the M82A1A, easy as

Machine Guns/Sub Machine Guns
9MM SUB       .5/2.5/2.5/5         S-B-A
F90           5/3/3.5/6            S-B-A
M60E3         6/2.5/3.5/5.5        A

  Again, not much of a selection. The F90 is a fun gun, it shoots a 
ridiculous amount of bullets in very little time. If you can keep a
handle on it and not get too wild, you can take down a couple SEALs
in the blink of an eye. Up close fighting only, naturally. The T's
MG is okay, but inferior to the SEAL counterpart. Use it for support,
keeping a couple campers pinned down while your assault teams goes in
for the kill and stuff like that. 

Model 18      4/.5/2/6             A
F57           4/3/2.5/2            S
M9            3.5/2/3.5/2          S
DE .50        6/1/3.5/1            S

  There's the F57, and then everything else. The Model 18 is a 
novelty item and not much else, unless you're RIGHT NEXT to an
enemy, and if you are you're probably dead anyway...The M9 is
average, but the F57 is better in every way. The only reason to use
the DE is to quote Bullet Tooth Tony as you run around firing
wildly, unfortunately the other team's guns don't have REPLICA on
the side. Who knows though, you might score a headshot on someone
if you TOTALLY suprise them.


M67      (Frag)
HE       (Conc)
AN-M8    (Smoke)
MARK 141 (Flash)

  Your typical Tactical FPS stuff, spam high traffic areas with
the Frag and Concs. Throwing Smokes around the target area in Demolition
is a good way to buy some extra time to set the bomb. Flashbangs are
annoying and should be used as such, blinding a sniper and rushing him
has never been so fun! Grenades are generally useful if the other team
is bunching up in a close area for Defense, or if you want clear out
an area you can't really see, like a platform above you. They're dead
giveaways that you're coming though, so be ready to switch back to
your Primary/Secondary weapon quickly. 


  The Claymore is a fun item, but difficult to use without some teamwork
and communication. If you're setting them up yourself, you have to stick
around and wait to see when the enemy is coming in range, BUT if you're
that close to the action, there's a good chance you'll get plugged
before you have a chance to detonate the mine. You can set up a few
mines at a time, then detonate them all. Rare is the occasion you'll
get the other team bunched up in the right spot, BUT if it does happen
and you get 4-5 kills with a HUGE 2-3 mine explosion(I've seen it but
once) you'll be laughing for hours. 

Double Ammo
  Doubles the amount of ammo you can carry for your Primary and 
Secondary weapons. I always keep one Equipped, extra ammo is always 

8.                           ROUTER PROBLEMS

  Since Router trouble and not hearing voices online is a major issue
with this game, and since I get tons of mail on the subject, I added
this section to help deal with any and all router issues. I'll break
the sections down by specific router, starting with the D-Link DI604
since that's the one I have, AND the one which seems to be having the
most problems. I'll add other routers as I find out about them or info
on them is sent to me.

8A. D-LINK DI-604

  This seems to be the main culprit. To get voices working you need to
do a couple of things:

1. Update your Firmware
2. Add the PS2 IP to the DMZ of the router

1. Update your Firmware

  The DI604 ships with version 2.00 of it's Firmware, there's an update
on the D-Link site for version 2.10(and also v2.16, but as of this 
writing 2.16 is still beta so we won't use it). Updating your Firmware
to 2.10 helps tremondously, so here's what to do:

1. Goto the D-Link support site for the DI604:


2. Scroll down to the Firmware section and find version 2.10(as of this
   writing it's the middle selection), click on the Download Now button
   and download the file. If you get the file in .ZIP format, unzip it 
   to the desktop, the file you want is "di604_firmware_210.bin"

3. Open up Interent Explorer/Netscape(must be at least version 5.5/6.0
   respectively) and goto the router's IP address, I'm using the 
   defaults here, if you've changed anything with yours then use that
   information instead:

   -Type in, a security box will pop up
   -Put "admin" (no quotes) as the name, and leave the password blank
   -Click on the "TOOLS" tab in the overhead menu
   -Click on the "FIRMWARE" tab on the side bar
   -Hit the BROWSE button on this page and find the firmware file you
   -Hit the "APPLY" button on the bottom right to update the firmware,
      it will take a few minutes
   -Hit OK when the message pops up that the firmware has been updated

  If you're like me, then you're browser was getting stalled when trying
to update the Firmware. My problem was that I was still using an old
Internet Explorer(IE), so I updated to 6.0 and it worked fine. For some
reason Netscape 7.0.2 didn't work for me, so it's my advice to not use
it. Even if you hate IE, just download the new one to update then 
delete it.

  Login to the router again using IE/NS, and go to TOOLS->MISC and
make sure "Gaming Mode" is marked as Enabled.

  After updating your firmware to version 2.10, try a game and see if
you can hear people now, if you can then congrats! If not, move on to
step 2.

2. Add the PS2 IP to the DMZ

  Login to the router using IE/NS as stated in the last step. Then
click on the DHCP tab and look at the DHCP Client List near the bottom
of the page. The PS2 is usually the one marked <unknown>, so look at the
IP of that client, they all start with 192.168.0.___ The ___ space is
what you need to remember.

 Now, go to the ADVANCED tab on the overhead menu, then click on the
DMZ tab in the side bar. Enter the last three digits of the PS2's IP
adress and click on the ENABLED button, then hit the APPLY button on the
bottom right. You'll get a notice that the settings have been saved.

Thanks to Mike Esposito for the help with this section

  Hopefully, doing these two steps will fix your voice problem. If not,
try going to the GameFAQs "PS2 Online Message Board" and searching
around there. Be sure to check and see if your question has been 
answered before posting it.


  Also check out the PS2 Online FAQ located here:


9.                         KNOWN CHEATS/GLITCHES

  It happens in any online game, and cheating has reared it's ugly head
in SOCOM. There are two distinct kinds of cheating: The true cheats,
i.e the gameshark codes that give you infinite health and ammo, etc,
and the glitches that let you go through a wall or outside of the map
in certain spots. In this section I'll list all the known cheats and
glitches, BUT NOT HOW TO DO THEM. While ideally I feel that getting
the info out there to as many people as possible would put the game in
such a state of dissarray that Sony/Zipper would HAVE to do something
about it, reallistically I don't expect them to do anything so I'll 
just let as many people know what to watch out for. If you do see a 
cheater, then be sure to alert your teammates and use the voting 
system to vote the cheater out of the game. If you suspect someone
of cheating, don't vote them off right away, follow them a couple
times and MAKE SURE they are. I've been in plenty of games where 
someone is just good and gets accused of cheating.


  The cheats are the gameshark/Action Replay/etc codes that alter the
game code to make give a player a bunch of different abilities. Right
now the major cheats are:

  Infinite Health
  Infinite Ammo
  No Voting Off

 If someone is using the "can't vote off" cheat, then all you have to 
do is vote them off, then vote them on again, then vote OFF again and
it will override the cheat. As for the other cheats, it's pretty 
obvious to spot when they're being used. 


  The Glitches are little parts of a map that let a player get into
an area of the map they weren't intended to go. I'll list the maps and
general glitch areas, but not the actual way to perform the glitch.
Right now I don't have any, if you want to send in the glitches you've
seen/know then send them my way and I'll list them here. Supposedly
Zipper Inc. is going to update the game over the summer('03) and fix
some of these, but I'll believe it when I see it...

None yet.

10.                             THANK YOU'S

Mike Esposito-- Info on setting up the D-Link to hear voices

Sean Maxwall--  Windows XP alternate setup

SJSNA--         Sniping spot on Abandoned

Eric Hammond--  SEAL tactics for Blizzard

11.                            NEXT REVISION

 This is most likely the final revision. I don't play SOCOM anymore,
for various reasons, so I never think to write about it. I hope this
semi-complete version will continue to help people since it contains
good info about the most played maps.

12.                           ABOUT THE AUTHOR

  This is just one of a few FAQs I've written, all of which are 
available at GameFAQS. A few my FAQs are on various other websites
(usually with proper creditO_o) as well. I hope this or any of the other 
FAQs I've written help you in some way, or allow you to enjoy a game 
more than before, or maybe just get a good read out of it. 

  If you have any questions about this game, or any other I've 
written a FAQ for, feel free to drop me an E-Mail. BUT keep in 
mind a few things:

1. Please don't ask when the next revision will be out, or if I 
can send it to you. I don't really have a set schedule for these 
things,and you can pick up the FAQ(s) at GameFAQs.

2. Please don't ask about something already covered in the FAQ. 
Usually once a FAQ comes out I'm swamped with E-Mails and skip 
ones that are covered in the FAQ. 

3. Don't mail asking for codes, I don't have a Gameshark or keep 
track of cheat codes or anything.

  Other than that, I try to answer every single E-Mail I get and 
am usually pretty good at getting back to people quickly, but 
sometimes I lose letters in my computer or forget to keep them as 
new. If I don't answer in a week or so it's safe to say I won't
be getting back to you, sorry.

My E-Mail address: ProfRev@cox.net


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