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FAQ by SiN $tealer

Updated: 02/21/02

Star Wars: Racer Revenge
For the Playstation 2
FAQ by James “SiN $tealer” Kersey

Legal Stuff
This FAQ covers the North American release of Star Wars: Racer 
Revenge for the Playstation 2 (tm) from Lucasarts and Rainbow 
Studios. Star Wars, Star Wars: Racer Revenge, etc. are all 
registered trademarks of Lucasarts Ltd. Playstation 2 is a 
registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment of America. 
This document Copyright 2002 James Kersey. This document is only 
for www.gamefaqs.com, any other distribution or reproduction of 
this document without my permission will be prosecuted.

Table of Contents:
1. History
2. Controls
3. Game Modes
4. Gameplay/Tips
5. Racers
6. Tracks
7. Secrets
8. Contact


02/20/02 – Creation of my first FAQ ever. Lots of work left to do.

02/21/02 – Finished it. Every section complete.


Normal – 
Normal controls differ from the advanced controls in that they play 
more like the original Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer for the N64 and 
Dreamcast, minus a few features, like turning sideways.

Directional Buttons – Steering. Left or right turns the Pod. Up and 
Down control your Pod slightly while in the air.

Left Stick – Steering. Same as above.

X – Gas. Makes you go.

Square – Air Brake. Normal brake. Slows you down, which in this 
game isn’t that helpful.

Triangle – Camera Cycle. There’s 4 different views: in the engine, 
in the Pod, and 2 from behind the Pod.

Circle – Rear View. Camera changes to the front of the Pod looking 
behind the player. Useful when seeing which side an opponent is 
coming from so you can ram them without losing speed.

L1 – Combat Camera. Changes the camera to the fourth view if you’re 
using any of the other views as long as you hold down the button.

L2 – Repair. Fixes the damage done to your pod, as shown on the 
little vertical bars on the bottom left of the screen. Green means 
you’re good, yellow is pushing it, and red means you’re about to 

R1 – Power Slide – Good for tight turns. Must be tight turns, 
otherwise you’ll lose a lot of speed. Keep in mind only the engines 
turn at this angle, not the Pod.

R2 – Boost. Your best friend. Gives a boost of speed until your 
meter on the bottom right fills up. If you continue to boost after 
it fills you’ll start to take damage. Nice blur effect when you 
first boost.

Select – Reset. If you get stuck, this button puts you back on the 
track, albeit a little behind where you were and at a dead stop.

Start – Pause. Stops the action. I wouldn’t recommend doing this 
often, since the game moves so fast its hard to keep track of where 
you need to turn when you unpause.

Advanced – 
Advanced controls are a unique way of controlling your Pod, and
resemble Sega’s arcade version of the Pod Race. In this setup the
left stick controls the left engine and the right stick controls
the right engine. Pushing up on both causes the Pod to go straight
while pulling down causes the Pod to stop. To turn, simply push one
up while pulling the stick in the direction you want to turn down.
The boost, camera, repair, and Power Slide buttons are still the 
same. This method of controlling your Pod is called advanced for a 
reason though. It’s a lot of fun but takes a lot of time to master.

Game Modes

The game consists of several different modes of play, Single Play, 
Vs Race, and Tournament. 

Single Play – 
This option lets you play in one of three ways, Single Event, 
Practice, or Time Trial. Single Event lets you race on any unlocked 
track. You can choose between 1 and 25 laps. Practice lets you 
determine how many Pods you go up against (from 1-8), and Time 
Trial is just you against the clock for the best lap time.

Vs Race – 
Race against your friends on any of the unlocked tracks.

Tournament - 
The real game. In this mode you race your Pod across 13 tracks, 
trying to get first while destroying as many rival Pods as 
possible. Each race has a total prize for getting first, as well as 
Watto’s Bribes, which multiplies your winnings by a percent, 
depending on how many Pods you destroyed. Each race has a Par 
number of kills, usually 2 or 3, which must be completed in order 
to completely max out your Pod’s stats. You cannot go back to a 
race and complete it again for more money after you finish first.
If you finish second or third, you can try it again to get the 
difference in cash between what you got and what you would have 
gotten for first.

Ramming – It’s very important to get the Par number of kills if you 
hope to max your Pod. The best advice I can give is to ram often 
and early. Your best bet is to focus on one Pod until it’s 
destroyed. This means waiting for it to catch up if it starts to 
lag. You want to aim for the Pod itself and not the engines, and 
sideswipe it, boosting at the last possible moment. Your goal 
should be to knock out 2 Pods on the first lap and the third 
Pod before the second half of the second lap. By then you should be 
about 20-30 seconds behind the first place Pod, but the lap and a 
half should give you enough time to catch back up and cross the 
finish line in first. The only tracks that you should be worried 
about are the ones on Gamorr. The trick to these tracks is to not 
get separated from the Pods you’re trying to demolish when you come 
to a fork. Slow down before the fork and watch which one the 
opposing Pod is taking, then quickly boost to follow.

Repairing – If your status turns red, you should repair as quickly 
as possible. The best way of doing this without losing speed is to 
quickly boost before you press the repair button, and keep holding 
both buttons down until you’re back in the yellow or green. 
You might still lose a few mph, but not nearly as much with 
normal repairing.


The racers stats are ranked from 1 to 20, with 20 being the highest 
possible value. The scores below are the maximum each character can 
obtain if you race them in Tournament, getting first in each race 
while matching the par number of KO’s. Keep in mind the five secret 
characters start with these stats, and they can’t be increased by 
playing through the Tournament with them.

-Anakin Skywalker – 
Acceleration – 18
Top Speed – 19
Handling – 18
Defense – 18
Repair – 18
Cooling – 17

-Occo Ninebar-
Acceleration – 20
Top Speed – 17
Handling – 17
Defense – 16
Repair – 20
Cooling – 18

-Shrivel Braittrand-
Acceleration – 18
Top Speed – 18
Handling – 18
Defense – 18
Repair – 17
Cooling - 18

-Aldar Beedo-
Acceleration – 17
Top Speed – 17
Handling – 20
Defense – 19
Repair – 18
Cooling - 17

-Ben Quadinaros-
Acceleration – 20
Top Speed – 16
Handling – 18
Defense – 16
Repair – 19
Cooling – 19

-Dud Bolt-
Acceleration – 19
Top Speed – 19
Handling – 16
Defense – 18
Repair – 17
Cooling – 18

-Ody Mandrell-
Acceleration – 16
Top Speed – 19
Handling – 19
Defense – 18
Repair – 16
Cooling - 20

-Teemto Pagalies-
Acceleration – 18
Top Speed – 17
Handling – 19
Defense – 17
Repair – 19
Cooling – 18

-Clegg Holdfast-
Acceleration – 19
Top Speed – 16
Handling – 19
Defense – 17
Repair – 20
Cooling - 17

Acceleration – 19
Top Speed – 18
Handling – 17
Defense – 17
Repair – 18
Cooling – 19

Acceleration – 17
Top Speed – 19
Handling – 17
Defense – 18
Repair – 16
Cooling – 19

-Knire Dark-
Acceleration – 16
Top Speed – 18
Handling – 20
Defense – 17
Repair – 17
Cooling – 20

-Kraid Nemmeso-
Acceleration – 18
Top Speed – 19
Handling – 17
Defense – 18
Repair – 18
Cooling – 16

-Wan Sandage-
Acceleration – 19
Top Speed – 18
Handling – 18
Defense – 19
Repair – 17
Cooling – 17

-Mars Guo-
Acceleration – 19
Top Speed – 20
Handling – 15
Defense – 18
Repair – 16
Cooling – 19

-Scorch Zanales-
Acceleration – 17
Top Speed – 18
Handling – 19
Defense – 19
Repair – 16
Cooling – 19

-Tzidik Wrantojo-
Acceleration – 19
Top Speed – 17
Handling – 18
Defense – 18
Repair – 17
Cooling – 19

Acceleration – 17
Top Speed – 20
Handling – 19
Defense – 19
Repair – 17
Cooling – 17

-Young Anakin-
Acceleration – 18
Top Speed – 20
Handling – 20
Defense – 16
Repair – 20
Cooling – 18

-Sebulba (Episode 1)-
Acceleration – 20
Top Speed – 20
Handling – 16
Defense – 18
Repair – 18
Cooling – 20

Acceleration – 18
Top Speed – 16
Handling – 17
Defense – 18
Repair – 20
Cooling – 20

-Darth Maul-
Acceleration – 20
Top Speed – 20
Handling – 20
Defense – 20
Repair – 20
Cooling – 20

-Darth Vader-
Acceleration – 20
Top Speed – 20
Handling – 20
Defense – 20
Repair – 20
Cooling - 20


For these tracks, remember to boost as much as possible. Once the 
boost limit is reached, let it cool for a bit and boost again. 
Never let the boost meter cool completely down. For the best lap 
times on Nightlands and Boonta Eve, keep in mind you won’t get it 
on your first run through. You need to start the race at 600 mph, 
which means you need to be on your second attempt. If you’re 
running Time Trial, boost as you cross the finish on your first run 
so you’ll be around 650-700 and continue boosting until it beeps. 
And remember, practice makes perfect. Best lap is not something 
you’ll get on your first few tries.

-The Mos Espa Open-
At the first branch take a right. As soon as you exit the tunnel, 
stay on the right of the first large mushroom rock and go into the 
narrow tunnel. From here simply follow the track until the next 
fork. Take the right path lined with bones. From here it’s smooth 
sailing, just be careful of the sand dunes while turning. It can be 
tough to figure out where the track ends and the dunes begin.
My best lap: 00:40:33
My best race: 02:08:26

-Soro Suub Facility-
Be sure to take the right path at the first fork. It can be hard to 
see if you aren’t looking for it. Continue through the track until 
you come to the tunnel. Once in the tunnel you can race anywhere, 
even the ceiling. One of the best bashing maneuvers is to swing 
from the ceiling into a Pod below. Mucho damage. If you are on the 
ceiling, be sure to come back to the bottom before you exit the 
tunnel. For the best possible time, stick to the wall in the 
direction of the turn. For example, if the tunnel is turning to the 
right, stay on the right-hand wall. When the tunnel moves to the 
left, swing to the left. When you exit the tunnel, stay to the 
right hand side to avoid making a wide turn when the track suddenly 
veers right.  The next obstacle will be a few turns away in the 
shape of a narrow and short tunnel. You can either take the ramp 
into the tunnel or stay to the left and avoid it completely.
Best lap: 00.55.71
Best race: 02:49:29

-Orotoru G’Am-
Stay to the right as you start the race, completely bypassing the 
first ramp. Go about halfway up the second ramp and then boost off 
to the right. Follow this path until you come to the indoors 
section. Here you will have to make one big clockwise circle, but 
support pillars are dead center of the track. The best thing to do 
is alternate between the inside and outside paths of each pillar. 
Take one between the left wall and the pillar, then take the next 
between the right edge and the pillar, etc. Soon you’ll come across 
a yellow sign with an arrow pointing right. Immediately turn right, 
but be careful of the incredibly cool statue of the Calamari 
killing a sea snake. 
Best lap: 00:50:25
Best race: 02:33:92

-Watchtower Run-
This map is a pain to get KO’s on. But if you’re going for speed, 
here’s what to do. When you reach the first fork, it doesn’t really 
matter which path you take, but if you’re dying to shave off a 
millisecond you should take the left one. The next fork is just 
after the first one, so stay to the left. The third fork is just 
after the second, but this time you’ll want to swing right and take 
that path. So it’s left, left, right. The last fork makes about as 
much difference as the first, but for the extra millisecond, take 
the right path.
Best lap: 00:38:08
Best race: 01:57:94

-The Brightlands-
The sun glare on the dirt track in this level really impressed me. 
Don’t try Darth Vader on this course or his Pod will blind you. 
Anyway, as soon as you enter the outside section, be ready for a 
sharp left turn. When you come across the next fork, stay to the 
left and take the path lined with bones. From here the track stays 
pretty easy, just be careful when turning after you pass the 
trademark tusks. The wall of the building can snag you if you’re 
too close to the right side.
Best lap: 00:51:22
Best race: 02:37:09

-The Badlands-
Stay to the left as you make the first big turn. When you reach the 
arches, stay to the right until you reach the first fork, then take 
a left. Follow the fork, staying in the middle of the treads, until 
you reach the drop off. From here take a sharp left into the canyon 
below and hug the left wall through the big valley. There’s an 
alternate route through a mining tunnel in the big hole in the 
middle of the valley, but I find it doesn’t shave enough time off 
to risk hitting the narrow opening. From here follow the track to 
the next big fork, and take a left to avoid some sharp turns. In 
the following area with the big rock formations, stay to the left 
as you weave through them. In the next fork, stay on the left so 
you hit the top part, otherwise you’ll be rock dodging and losing 
Best lap: 01:04:96
Best race: 03:28:98

-The Ballast Complex-
Stay to the right as you reach the indoors section of the track and 
hit the ramp that runs along the right-hand wall. Stay on the ramp 
until it ends, then immediately swing right into a small narrow 
tunnel. This not only shaves seconds off, but eliminates the threat 
of the support structures for the ramps, which can be a pain to 
navigate through. The next area can be tough. Stay to the left in 
the narrow canal until you reach the road block, then swing to the 
center until you pass it and quickly move back into the canal. From 
here follow the long ramp down, staying to the right so you don’t 
miss the narrow entrance to the underwater tunnel. You can drive on 
the ceiling of the tunnel if you want, but it does eat up some mph. 
Just be sure to be back on the ground before you exit. Once you 
leave the tunnel, quickly move to the left or right and onto either 
of the two ramps leading over the circular vents. If you don’t make 
it, get to the left or right wall, and make a diagonal cut once you 
reach the center of the vents. Don’t try to weave in and out in the 
center because you’ll lose too much speed. After you clear the 
vents, hug the left wall so you make it up the long ramp up. After 
that you’re clear to the finish.
Best lap: 01:05:13
Best race: 03:19:36

-Ruins of Carnuss Gorgull-
One of my favorite tracks, simply because of the Metal Gear style 
rain effect on the screen. Anyway, be sure to cut the first big 
right turn as close to the inside as possible. Since the track is 
so wide it’s easy to take the turn wide. In the first split, the 
left and center tracks are your best options. There is another 
split a few seconds later, so stay to the left and you’ll be ok. 
You can’t see the right path on the map, and in this case that’s a 
good thing. On the third split (just after the big circular light) 
you want to take the left path. From there just follow the track to 
the finish.
Best lap: 01:07:93
Best race: 03:28:50

-Serres Sarrano-
When taking the first big jump, it doesn’t really matter which 
level you land on, just be sure to line up with one of them. You’ll 
lose a ton of time if you hit the wall instead. When you get to the 
first split, the left side is faster, though only by a little. When 
the road joins again you’ll come across a small metal ramp, try to 
boost off the sides of it to gain the most air and speed. When you 
get to the second lava area, immediately turn right and head for 
the red arrow sign, cutting huge seconds off your time. Turn into 
the first ramp and continue up it. Try to stay on the very top of 
the pipe in the next section. If you fall, quickly steer back 
toward it since it’s possible to land on the pipe and race 
underneath the catwalk. Boost off it for maximum speed in the air. 
Next you’ll come to a big brown ramp. Again, boost off it for the 
best speed, but either let off the gas or boost harder as you 
approach the opening so you line up with the track. If you miss and 
land above or below, you’ll lose a lot of time.
Best lap: 01:08:32
Best race: 03:28:29

-The Grand Reefs-
Follow the track until you come across the narrow blue bridge over 
water. Boost before you reach the end of the first section to 
launch over most of the bridge at blazing speed. Continue racing 
until you reach the next pool of water, and immediately turn left 
to get a better angle on the next part of the track. In the third 
water area, you can try to cut some seconds off by racing in the 
water instead of the track, but be sure not to go past the bones, 
or else you’ll miss the narrow exit. In the fourth water area, it 
might be tempting to go under the red arrow sign pointing right, 
but instead turn right and go across the white bridge until you hit 
water again, then turn to the left and cut across the water, 
shaving off a lot of time.
Best lap: 01:15:08
Best race: 03:50:14

-The Citadel – 
The beginning is pretty straight forward, just a few tight turns. 
Remember to take good racing lines. The exception is to take the 
turn before the stone bridge a little wide to avoid hitting the 
hill, which sticks out more than you’d think. At the first fork, 
you can pretty much take either path, since neither gives a 
distinct advantage over the other. The second fork can be hard to 
see. After taking the right turn just past the 3 overhead archs, 
keep to the right and you’ll notice a shortcut over the water. This 
can cut major seconds off your time. The next crucial part is just 
after the big statue. This area is filled with tough turns, a few 
requiring a Power Slide. The first turn is a good example. Turn 
normally through the next left, and then Power Slide through the 
next right. Be sure to boost through the wide open spaces that 
follow. Soon you’ll come across a similar right turn requiring yet 
another Power Slide. From there, turn normally and follow the path 
until you get to the large stone head. Stay to the right and you’ll 
notice a small path to the right just after the head. Take this 
into the valley, and boost till you get to the cave. Stay in the 
middle while taking the turns in the cave to avoiding crashing. 
From here it’s clear sailing to the finish. 
Best lap: 01:22:38
Best race: 04:14:42

-Nightlands –
This one is tricky, especially when trying for the best lap. The 
times needed skyrocket in difficulty once you get here, requiring 
perfect runs. If you want to get the top scores, you’re going to 
need Darth Maul. None of the other racers can compare, with the 
exception of Sebulba (Ep. 1), but Maul’s increased handling make 
the narrow paths of Nightlands easier to navigate. I’m going to 
describe how I beat it. There might be better ways, but this worked 
for me. To start, keep good racing lines in mind. Don’t take turns 
too wide. This is especially important during the first turn. A 
wide turn here will kill you. Keep it tight. Next, ignore the small 
cave at the first little fork and stick to the main road. At the 
next big fork, stay to the right. The left fork has a large bump at 
the end that will cause you to lose too much speed. The right path 
has a bump too, but as long as you boost over it, you wont lost 
more than 30 mph. Keep going on the main path, ignoring the lighted 
cave on the right. Eventually you’ll come across a small ramp; make 
sure to boost before hitting it so you gain lots of speed while in 
the air. Stay to the left after you land and continue on until you 
get to the next fork. Here, take the left, narrow path and remember 
to take the following turn while hugging (but not coming into 
contact with) the wall. The next big problem is the two left turns. 
Maul’s exception handling make these easier, but remember to keep 
tight racing lines. Next you’ll come across an area where you can’t 
see the sky anymore. Don’t freak out, just keep going straight. The 
next right turn can be make or break. Try to take it as close to 
the inside as possible, otherwise you’ll hit a bump and slow down. 
From there it’s smooth sailing, just remember to make the last turn 
close to the inside and boost your heart out. Just don’t overdo it 
and explode before you hit the finish line. 
Best lap: 1:10:05.
Best race: 3:39:12

-Boonta Eve Classic – 
Another hard one requiring a perfect run and Darth Maul if you’re 
going to get the top times. To start with, Power Slide on the first 
right turn while staying on the top section and follow it down into 
the canyon. From here, stay to the right until you come across the 
red arrows pointing left, then cut to the left and follow that path 
out, avoiding the rock that sticks out on the left as you’re flying 
through the air. Stay toward the middle of the next part so you 
don’t take a turn too sharp. A sharp turn will kill you when you 
get to the part with the three rocks sticking out from the walls. 
If you stay toward the middle you can weave between the them. If 
you’re still hitting the rocks, take the turn leading to them wide 
so you have time to line up first. If you find yourself too close 
to the outside wall, let off the gas for a moment, then boost and 
slam on the gas again. Next, make sure to take the small ramp on 
the right in Beggar’s Canyon to fly over them. Try to save a little 
boost for the last possible moment on the ramp so you can get 
maximum speed in the air. Then boost through the desert until you 
come to Arch Canyon, then stay on the right to avoid the arches 
completely. Be sure not to boost once entering the small cave with 
the stalactites until you’re in the straight way. Bouncing between 
them will lose you a lot of speed and precious seconds. Boost 
through the next cave while staying on the left, then boost through 
the circular track until you get to the most difficult section of 
the race, the sharp turns. The best strategy I can offer is to let 
go of the gas while turning and boosting hard out of each turn. The 
best thing you can do is not stop completely. As long as you stay 
over 300 mph through this section you should be alright. From there 
it’s home free, just be careful not to miss the small opening 
leading to the open field. Try to stay to the right to get the best 
time in this section.
Best lap: 1:35:33.
Best race: 5:05:12


Tracks: To unlock all the tracks in the game, simply race in the 
Tournament. As you race a track in this mode, it will open up in 
other modes.

Shadowed Racers: To unlock the racers that appear at the character 
select screen as a silhouette, play through Tournament mode with 
any character. After you beat the first circuit (the first four 
races), you will unlock the track favorite as you beat the rest of 
the nine tracks.

Art Gallery: Beat the first circuit (the first four races) in 
Tournament mode to unlock the Podracers section of the Art Gallery. 
Beat the second circuit (the next four races) to unlock the Pilots 
section. Beat the third circuit (the last five races) to unlock the 
Planets section.

A quick note about the following secret characters: Each of the 
characters below start with maxed stats. In order to unlock them, 
you must finish a tournament race after completing the 
requirements. For example, if you get all of the best lap times by 
playing in the Time Trial, you must complete a race in the 
Tournament with any character before Anakin will be unlocked.
Young Anakin: To unlock the Episode 1 version of Anakin Skywalker, 
you must beat the top lap time for each track. You don’t need to 
have all the spots in the Hall of Fame, just the top one. See the 
above section for information on each track. 

Sebulba (Episode 1): To unlock the Episode 1 version of Sebulba, 
simply get first place on all the tracks in Tournament mode with 
the normal Sebulba.

Watto: To unlock Watto, you must beat the top Best Race (3 Laps) 
time for each track. You don’t need to have all 3 spots on the Hall 
of Fame, just the top one. See the above section for information on 
each track.

Darth Maul: To unlock Darth Maul, you must beat the top KO score 
for each track. The easiest way to do this is with Sebulba (Episode 
1). See the tips section above for more details.

Darth Vader: To unlock Darth Vader, you must beat the Tournament 
with either Young Anakin, Watto, or Darth Maul. Note that you must 
have already unlocked ALL 3 before you can unlock Vader. If you 
beat the Tournament with any of these characters before unlocking 
them all, you won’t get Vader. You don’t need to beat the 
tournament with all of them though, just one.

I would love comments on this FAQ. My email is timbalandk@aol.com. 
If you don’t get a reply after a week, try sending it again. I get 
a lot of crap in my box and might have deleted in on accident. Try 
putting “Racer Revenge” in the subject line so I can spot it 
easier. Keep in mind the fact that if I know it, it’s probably 
here. Be sure to read carefully before asking a question.

Special Thanks to Lucasarts (and Rainbow Studios) for another great 
game, and countless years of fun. Ahhh, X-Wing...good times.

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