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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KG21

    Version: 4.0 | Updated: 07/13/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    for Sony PlayStation 2
    Version 4.0
    Written by: Stephen Townsend (GameFaqs username: KG21)
    Copyright 2002 by KG21
    E-mail: lxKG21xl@hotmail.com (that's LXKG21XL)
    This FAQ was created mainly because people have trouble with the game Stuntman.
    Reflections is known for making hard games like Stuntman. Personally, this game
    was not that challenging for me, but other people think otherwise.
    --------   INTRODUCTION   --------
    This FAQ contains information on how to beat each movie 100% and a driving game
    walkthrough. I do not have the information to tell you where to unlock a certain
    car, nor do I know which scenes unlock which parts for the Stunt Creator. If you
    would like me to add these, or have information about unlocking cars or parts, please
    e-mail me.
    This FAQ is to only appear on gamefaqs.com, cheathappens.com, az2cheats.com, and
    cheatcc.com unless a personal e-mail addressed by Stephen Townsend gives permission
    to use it.
    --------   TABLE OF CONTENTS   --------
    1. Update Information
    2. Game Controls
    3. Dare Devil Shows Walkthrough
    4. Toothless in Wapping Walkthrough
    5. A Whoopin' and a Hollerin' Walkthrough
    6. Blood Oath Walkthrough
    7. Conspiracy Walkthrough
    8. Scarab of Lost Souls Walkthrough
    9. Live Twice for Tomorrow Walkthrough
    10. Driving Games Walkthrough
    11. Thanks
    12. Copyright Information
    --------   UPDATE INFORMATION   --------
    JULY 05, 2002
    Due to the fact that my DSL is down, I figured I might as well do something since
    I'm bored. I will probably add part information, car information, and driving game
    information in the future.
    JULY 06, 2002
    Second day of making the FAQ. DSL is still down, but I have the main portion of
    the FAQ done after a hard day's work yesterday. Today I added driving game
    information. The only thing to add now is to find out which cars/parts are won by
    which scenes, and the stunt creator parts and what they are like.
    July 08, 2002
    Well, my DSL should be back by tomorrow, but I don't think I'll do much more. Since
    the FAQ is debuting at gamefaqs at version three, not much more will be done. Car
    information and part information is pretty much out of the question unless heavily
    requested. I see no reason to include it. Just do your best to get 100% on everything
    and you'll get it all eventually.
    July 10, 2002
    Added some more sites which are allowed to post the FAQ. Remember, if you want
    anything added, just e-mail me at lxKG21xl@hotmail.com. While when finished,
    Adrenaline's FAQ will be much better than mine, I like to keep it short and sweet.
    If I could get my PS2 by my computer I'd have more, but I have to write everything
    in a notebook then type it on my computer. It's quite annoying.
    --------   GAME CONTROLS   --------
    Left Analog - Move left and right to steer your vehicle.
    Right Analog - Push up to accelerate, push down to brake.
    D-Pad - Also used for steering your vehicle.
    X button - Accelerate
    Square button - Brake, hold to Reverse
    Circle button - Handbrake. Use in conjunction with steering to do 180 Emergency
    brakes...also known as "E brakes"
    Triangle button - Handbrake. Use in conjunction with steering to do 180 Emergency
    brakes...also known as "E brakes"
    R1 button - Horn
    L1 button - Action button. Used in a designated area for jumping out of a car, or
    triggering an effect.
    R2 button - Look Right
    L2 button - Look Left
    L2+R2 buttons - Look Back
    Select button - Camera View
    Start Button - Pause game
    --------   WALKTHROUGH   --------
    This is broken up into the different movies of the game. Each movie has a Walkthrough,
    and each Walkthrough is for earning 100%. I don't know the prizes for each particular
    stage. Keep in mind that when I say "hit the jump" I mean take your thumb off the
    X button at the last second (unless I tell you otherwise). If you go off of a jump
    with your X button pressed down, your going to go flying in directions you don't
    want to be flying in. I might remind you about this, but keep it in mind. Also,
    when I say "U-turn" it is the equivalent to "180 E brake" which is holding right
    and Circle or Triangle at the same time.
    --------   DARE DEVIL SHOWS   --------
    CANNON JUMP - Once the level starts up, hold X. You won't need to steer to get through
    the fire rings. Bash through the burning fences. Now the cannon is aimed slightly
    to the right, so aim yourself slightly left coming out of it. Don't let up on the
    gas, keep it down through the level. If you go over the cars, try again.
    CAR DOMINOES - As soon as you start the level, nail the first upright car on your
    right. Now before you hit it, and I mean IMMEDIATELY before, let your thumb off
    of the X button and aim for the next one. This prevents spin outs or tipping over
    your car. Keep doing this until you get to the three cars lined up. Now aim for
    the middle of the middle and left cars to knock all three down. All that's left
    to do is to hit L1 just before you hit the billboard.
    HELL DRIVERS - Start driving right behind the last car, staying as close as possible.
    Once you get to the jumps, let off the gas for a split second, then in midair hit
    it again. It's game over if you damage the car in front of you too much. After these
    jumps, you'll need to shift to a diamond formation. Stay within your bordered area
    and eventually you'll be prompted to move behind the lead car. Stay CLOSE to this
    car. If you don't, it won't count. Now once the game tells you to move back behind
    the last car, let off the gas until it passes you, then nail it full throttle through
    the cones. Don't hit the cones, slalom through them ;). OK, after that move back
    in close to the lead car, and follow it around the turn. Once prompted to move behind
    the left car, you might have to actually brake to give it enough room to hit the
    jump. Follow it, and just before the jump through the ring of fire, let off the
    X button. If you don't, you'll nail the car and have to start over. Now all that's
    left to do is nail the last jump at full throttle.
    MONSTER TRUCK - This is tricky. Nail the gas and over the cars through the first
    checkpoint. It's very common to be tipped over throughout this level, but risk it
    just this once. Hit the jump and drive over the cars. See how easier it is to jump
    on TOP of cars instead of THROUGH them? Keep that in mind. Now do a U-turn at the
    end, and jump through the checkpoint. A row of cars follows. I suggest riding to
    the right of them, and having your left front tire hitting the checkpoint. Now hit
    the cars after the jump, through the checkpoint. Round where you started, and this
    time drive to the left of the row of cars. Hit the checkpoint with your right front
    tire so you don't have to risk tipping over. Now repeat the course two more times
    (starting with the next jump) and you'll have beaten it. That's three time around
    total, if you don't get what I'm saying...
    WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT - This looks easy, but can take a few tries. Once it starts,
    you might want to switch to the camera view behind the dashboard to get a better
    feel of where to steer during the loop. Make sure your car is lined up in the center
    before you enter the loop, and you'll be fine. Now head for the ramp. Aim PERFECTLY
    at it, and hit the Nitro (L1) in the designated area and pray. It's a matter of
    luck if you'll land good or not. If you don't, keep trying.
    --------   TOOTHLESS IN WAPPING   --------
    HICCUP WITH THE PICKUP: SCENE ONE - Once you start, accelerate to the designated
    zone. Once your back tire runs over the back part of the border, nail right and
    circle at the same time. Now head back the way you came and turn right. Watch out
    for the oncoming car in the right lane (corresponding to you) and turn right in
    to the alley. Hit the boxes on the left, head right, and go through the tunnel (the
    car on your left will stop). Once in the tunnel, keep left to avoid an oncoming
    bus in the right lane. Overtake the car on your left and once you have, get back
    in the left lane. Stay in the left lane, and turn left after the tunnel ends. Head
    through the gap on the right, and head through the boxes right in front of you.
    Stay right so you can head through the gap safely, and then hit the boxes. Head
    left, and stop in the designated zone.
    SAFE STEALIN': SCENE TWO - As soon as you start, hit the boxes. After that, avoid
    the oncoming truck to your left. Avoid the stationary van to your right, and turn
    right. Stay right, through the gap, and hit the boxes and head through the checkpoint.
    Head right, then left, and hit the door on the van. Once you get into the zone,
    U-turn by pressing left and circle and holding them until you turn completely around.
    Head through the checkpoint in front of you, and turn left after it. Stop, and
    reverse. Hold L2+R2 so you can see when to stop. Once you get into the zone, nail
    the gas as hard as you can, and hit the jump. Stop after the checkpoint (U-turn
    to make it look better) to pass the level.
    ROZZER BOVVER: SCENE THREE - Accelerate and barely hit the life ring with your left
    headlight (to give you a perspective). Now head through the warehouse and hit the
    boxes to your left. Turn right, and go straight into the warehouse. While heading
    through, you'll see a forklift. Stay right of this forklift, and head out. Note
    that there's another forklift you should stay to the right of. After you exit the
    warehouse, stay to the left to hit the jump. Hit the quick 180 U-turn and head right
    twice. Go through the roadworks, head right again, and stay left to avoid the car.
    Head through the tunnel and overtake the first car, then overtake the second. After
    you overtake the second, stay to the right, against the wall, to avoid the oncoming
    van. Nail the gas, and hit the gap. After that, nail the dumpster ahead to complete
    the level.
    FINK IN THE DRINK: SCENE FOUR - Accelerate through the gap. Follow the car around,
    staying right on the second turn. Follow the car through the alleyways until you
    hit some barrels on your right. Keep following through a warehouse, staying left
    of the forklift and through the boxes at the end. Head left, and head right after
    that. Stay left on the first container, and go back right, and an immediate left
    after that. Head through the gap, under the crane, and turn right. Hit the passenger
    side door head on. Immediately after you do, brake/reverse to avoid going over the
    FILLED IN: SCENE FIVE - Accelerate and stay left. Turn left and stay left to avoid
    the oncoming truck. Turn left to avoid the truck, and turn right, following the
    van. Head left past the stationary car, and immediately do a U-turn to the right.
    Stay left and jump off the ramp through the boxes on the moving truck. Turn left
    after the jump, and get ready to turn left barely dodging a truck. Follow the van
    right, and stay right through the crossings. Go up the ramp, through the boxes,
    and slow down considerably. Dodge the forklift by staying to the left. Jump down
    on the left and head right through the warehouse and stay in the middle so you can
    get through the gap that presents itself. Take a quick left out of the warehouse,
    then a quick right. Go UNDER the ladder. Do NOT hit the ladder. Make sure you go
    UNDER it. Now turn right. Keep driving and you'll reach a designated zone. Once
    you reach it, a van will come out from the right. Hit L1 as soon as the van hits
    you to complete the mission.
    --------   A WHOOPIN' AND A HOLLERIN'   --------
    OUTTA TOWN NITRO: SCENE ONE - Accelerate while staying on the left side of the road
    to avoid an oncoming car on the right side. When prompted, head right through the
    fence. Start lining up your car to aim for the smoke coming up. Don't let go of
    the gas, and you'll sail through the chimney. Now once you land head right, and
    head around to the jump through the trains. Don't let go of the gas, and watch out
    for the police car to your left. Turn right around the fence through a burning shed.
    Slowdown will occur here, making it hard to do this next part. But head right and
    you'll see a ramp. Never let go of the gas, and nail the ramp to sail through the
    moving train. Do a U-turn to the right and head through the checkpoint by the
    crossing gates. U-turn right and head along the left side of the tracks. Get close
    to the car to your left, and keep accelerating to get to the explosion in time.
    Head left after the explosion, through a gap in the traffic, and then head right
    through the fence. Head over the ramp, aiming yourself slightly left to avoid
    running into the second pool. Aim yourself right as you head through the fence,
    and head through the gap in traffic directly in front of you. Do a U-turn to the
    left, and head for the explosion. Stay left, and head through the gap after the
    explosion. Remember to stay left. Now head right, and gun it. Make sure you have
    the speed to get under the chimneys, and make sure you ride over the yellow line
    so you get credit for it. Now head right after the second chimney then left again.
    Head for the ramp and let go of the gas right before you head through the billboard.
    Get back on the road to the left, through the checkpoint, and head right. Keep
    gaining speed, and nail the Nitro when prompted in the designated zone (L1 to use
    Nitro). Go off the bridge and you'll land on the other side. Never let go of L1
    or X when going off the bridge. Now get ready for a quick stop to end the level.
    THE CORKSCREW: SCENE TWO - Accelerate and aim yourself to the right. Follow the
    car and overtake a vehicle to the left. Once you do, immediately get back in the
    right lane and head through the road works and over the jump. Follow the car until
    you get to a turn where you'll turn right on to a dirt road. Stay in the center
    to get close to an oncoming pickup truck. Watch out for an oncoming van on the right,
    and a car going in your direction on the left. When you get to a U-turn to the left,
    stay on the right side so as to avoid an oncoming car in the right hand lane. Keep
    following the car, and head right through a fence when prompted. Keep going and
    head through two trees very close together. Now head through the fence on the other
    side. Follow the car and overtake a pickup to the left, and a van to the right.
    Brake shortly after overtaking the van and head left over a bridge. Head right past
    a pickup and follow the car. When you see a barn, head through it, the car will
    crash to the right. Now stay left after you go through the barn to make a jump through
    a road block. Aim for the fence past the next checkpoint and head through it. Now
    aim for the jump over the fence to get back onto the road. Keep going and eventually
    do a 180 U-turn in the designated zone. Go as fast as you can down the road, and
    aim up for the corkscrew. You just line it up so your car is in the middle and your
    car does the rest. Drive through the last checkpoint to complete the level.
    TAME THE TRAIN: SCENE THREE - Accelerate and head through the gap on your left.
    Turn right after the gap, and go to the right of the van in front of you. Head up
    the hill, and jump off the middle of the road blocks, aiming straight. You'll land
    on a train. Accelerate along the train to land in a flatbed. Get ready to turn back
    on to the walkway to your right when prompted. Now Head through the checkpoint in
    front of you and head through the gap created by two cars ahead of that. Head through
    the sign, and hit the picnic tables. Now aim yourself slightly left so you can hit
    the gap created by two moving cars and the gap created by the car wash in a straight
    shot. Head to the checkpoint in the distance and to a U-turn to the left. Head for
    the checkpoint in the distance and get ready to head left in between the two trains.
    Head along the tracks and once the train on your left ends, stay on the left side
    of the tracks. From here, wait until the train on your right ends, and get on the
    middle of the tracks. Keep going full throttle and get ready to turn left after
    you've cleared the bridge. Make sure you clear it, or you could hit the bridge and
    fail the scene.
    --------   BLOOD OATH   --------
    OFFICE OBLITERATION: SCENE ONE - Accelerate and overtake the car on the right to
    the right. After that, head left on the left side of the car on the left and get
    ready to overtake another car to the right. Immediately after that, overtake the
    car on the left to the left. Immediately after that, head through the median on
    your right. Head straight across the road to avoid the oncoming truck. Either stay
    left or drive through the two oncoming cars. Stay left and move when you can an
    oncoming car in your lane. After the checkpoint, stay left, avoiding cars, and go
    through the median at full speed. Keep left, and overtake the car on the left to
    the right. After that, stay left and go up the hill through the checkpoint. Hit
    the bus' door and head for the trucks ahead of you. Make sure you pass the rear
    truck before moving to the right. Now gun it and stay on the right side. Overtake
    the car in front of you and immediately turn back into the left lane to avoid the
    oncoming truck. Head through the checkpoint, squeeze past the truck on the left
    and head through the median on the right when prompted. Stay in the middle of the
    road to get close to an oncoming truck. Head back left into the median when prompted
    and overtake a car to the right and head through the trailer. Just make sure that
    you don't hit the trailer at full speed or you will most likely go flying. If anything,
    go slower than normal and gun it at the last second. Stay on the left side of the
    road after the jump to avoid any oncoming cars and head right through the office
    building at the last second. Hit the desks in front of the checkpoint, head around
    the building, and hit another set of desks (the desks you have to hit have yellow
    markers on them) before jumping out the window. Don't nail it at full throttle,
    let up right before you jump out, or you could flip over and fail. Head through
    the last checkpoint past the transport unit to pass the scene.
    DOWNTOWN DASH: SCENE TWO - Accelerate and turn left. Turn left again at the alleyway.
    Stop and reverse when prompted in the zone and use L2+R2 to see the car behind you.
    Hit the car and accelerate the way you came. Turn right and pass to the left of
    a car and then to the right of a truck and finally to the left of another truck.
    Turn left past the checkpoint and hit the garbage on the left, and then the garbage
    on the right. Stay right to avoid a car from the left. Keep driving left of a jeep
    until you pass it, then line up with the transport and let go of the gas right before
    jumping. You'll drive on top of the truck, then accelerate to make the jump over
    the car in front of the truck. Pass through the checkpoint and turn left. Hit the
    garbage on the left, and turn right. Turn left, and then turn right when the first
    truck on your right side passes you. Watch out for street lights and hit the tables
    on the right walkway. Drive through the checkpoint to the left, take another left
    after that, and go through the checkpoint. Head through this alleyway until you
    get to the end. Turn left, and keep driving until you can turn right. Now you'll
    see a ramp in front of you. You need to line up with this ramp and let off the gas
    right before you make the jump to land in the flatbed. One time only half of my
    car was in the flatbed, so don't quit until you know for certain you've failed.
    TUK TUK CHASE: SCENE THREE - Accelerate after the Tuk Tuk through the alleyway.
    In the second alleyway there will be some boxes on your right. Turn left when you
    get on the street and head between two cars to get close to the target car. Turn
    left following the tuk tuk and turn left again. Hit the boxes on the left and turn
    right. Hit the boxes on the left and turn right, then left, into the market. Hit
    the ramp for the jump and hit the shop corner shortly after that. You need to just
    hit the post which has the yellow target marker on it. Now follow the Tuk Tuk through
    the alleyway and turn right. Swerve left of the first truck, and right of the second
    on the right side of the road. Head left into an alleyway shortly after that. Head
    through the corridor, then take a sharp left turn, followed by a right turn. Watch
    out for a car that comes out from the left when you turn right. Head right of the
    truck with the target on it, then turn left. Head through the gap of the poles and
    follow the Tuk Tuk. Slow down and get ready to brake hard. You might want to start
    breaking a little before the end of the road so you don't go over the brake zone.
    ROOFTOP RUMBLE: SCENE FOUR - Head straight from the beginning of this level and
    get ready to turn right through a gap in traffic. Keep going straight staying on
    the left half of the explosion circle. Keep heading straight, and turn left up the
    ramp into the office building. Do a U-turn to the left, and turn right out the other
    end. Turn left, head straight, and then turn left again. Drive along the right wall
    to get to the explosion in time. Head right, and cross the small bridge. Now gun
    it, and don't let go of X. Hit the right side of the explosion circle, and jump
    the gap into the yellow zone. Now quickly turn right, and gun it again. You need
    to turn and accelerate at the same time, making this jump fairly difficult. If you
    get enough speed, you'll make it. Now after the jump start to turn right, but stay
    inside the explosion circle that appears. Now cross over the bridge, head through
    the checkpoint, turn right, and gun it. Jump over the helicopter. After you do that,
    turn left and then take your first right. Gun it over the exploding bridge and turn
    right after that. Turn left twice after the checkpoint and then turn right then
    left again onto the canopy (the catwalk). Slow down at the end and head through
    the gap. Hit the ramp at full speed, never letting off of X. Head through the gap
    immediately after the jump and stay on the right side of the explosion circle to
    avoid the car that comes from the left. Hit the ramp at full speed aiming at the
    barge to land on it.
    --------   CONSPIRACY   --------
    SUSPECTS ON SNOWMOBILES: SCENE ONE - Accelerate and head to the right of the hill
    to your left. Hit the skies on the right before turning left to hit the jump after
    you hit the skis. Take two immediate lefts and then take your immediate right,
    staying on the left to avoid a car on the right. Same things with the next right.
    Head straight, and follow the other snowmobile. Turn left, following the other
    snowmobile, and head left, up the steps to the terrace. U-turn right through the
    marked tables and head down through the window and balcony. Head straight up the
    hill, on the left side, through the checkpoint, and through the top window on the
    left side. Jump after the window, and swing left after you land. Take two more lefts
    after that, and you'll continue to make turns following the snowmobile with no
    immediate threats until you reach a jump. Aim slightly right and follow the
    snowmobile until you are gold to get ready to jump. Aim for the black jeep coming
    from the left and press L1 when you are lined up with the jeep to jump off and pass
    the scene.
    HUNTED BY MICROLITES: SCENE TWO - Accelerate and head left past the car on your
    left. Turn left and gun it to reach the first explosion in time. After you do, head
    to the left of a small post to this the second explosion. Keep heading straight
    to go through the trees where a checkpoint is. Get near the next explosion on the
    right side and aim for the jump signal to safely jump across the gorge. Head through
    two more checkpoints and hit the right of an explosion circle in mid-air. Then head
    straight to hit the next explosion and aim yourself up with the next explosion's
    signal (a bomb) to safely jump over the falling tree. Pass through the checkpoint,
    and go straight to hit the next explosion. Switch to first person view to be able
    to aim correctly to hit the snowman. Now go off of the jump at full speed, never
    letting go of X, to hit the microlite in mid-air. Gun it, so as the other snowmobile
    behind you doesn't get ahead of you, and go through the next explosion. Head right
    a little after the checkpoint and go through the rigged hut. Turn right and go around
    on the path. Jump off the ramp at full speed to get under the tree. Hit the left
    side of the next explosion circle to dodge the oncoming snowmobile and turn right
    immediately after to aim for the next explosion. From here it is a straight shot
    through one more explosion. Now just aim for the top of the barn and jump at full
    RIVER RACE: SCENE THREE - As soon as this mission starts, give chase. Hit the posts
    holding up the bridge and swerve left of the rock then right of the next one. Head
    left following the car, but hit the snowman on the right. Keep heading straight
    to pass through a gap two cars make. Hit the logs ahead and head back on the iced
    over river. Stay slightly left and aim right to get close to both rocks. Head down
    the waterfall, and turn left as best you can (slow down alot to make it) and go
    around the island, following the car the whole time. Go through the boathouse and
    follow the car through the trees. You will weave between three different trees at
    one point, so weave in and out of those, and then keep right and you will eventually
    go through a fence. Turn left after the fence, and keep heading along this path
    until you reach a hill that acts as a jump which enables you to hit the target in
    --------   SCARAB OF LOST SOULS   --------
    WAKE THE GARRISON: SCENE ONE - Accelerate and nail the crossing ahead of you. Swerve
    left of the truck and turn hard left to hit the side of the truck. Smash a stall,
    go through the checkpoint. Turn right, and smash through the stall. Turn right,
    do a quick 180, and gun it to make the explosion in time. Do another 180 and go
    up and over the steps. Go left, do yet another 180, and go left and smash through
    some stalls. Get to the explosion in time, and stay right after the explosion in
    order to go up a slope. Go right at the slope and keep heading straight to hit a
    jump. Jump into the stalls below and turn right. Stay right as you drive, and hit
    the gap. Now turn left and press L1 while in the designated zone to pass the mission.
    PANZER ATTACK: SCENE TWO - Accelerate and go right following the other vehicle.
    Let up on the gas to make the turn and gun it to pass the back of the truck. Turn
    right and aim straight for the target in the cafe. Don't worry about turning up
    there, just aim straight for it and you'll jump up there. Jump off the other end
    and follow the car. Clip the car that begins to drive the way you are and drive
    through the rigged hut. Turn left, following the car. Also watch out for a car
    driving to the right, which might clip you. Drive up the hill and hit the small
    sign with a marker on it. Head straight for the next explosion and never let off
    the gas. Head for the next two explosions in a straight line. After that, head
    slightly left, then head right and straight through the fourth explosion. Now you
    should be lined up with the fifth explosion so you'll be able to make it. Hit the
    jump, letting off of the gas just before you start it. Head through the marked rigged
    hut and around the rock. Go through the explosion, then through the checkpoint.
    Now aim your vehicle to the left side of the pillar and eject (L1 in the designated
    TEMPLE TRAP: SCENE THREE - Accelerate and overtake the truck to the left and head
    through the sentry gate. Head left and aim right off of the jump to land in the
    area. Go through the checkpoint, and brake to turn left and go to the right of the
    second pillar from the right. Turn left, through the gap, up the steps, and over
    the jump and head for the explosion. Head around the rock and go between the truck.
    Head to the left of the crates, and gun it. Never let go of X here, and jump over
    the large gap. Head right to hit the barrels, and head through the checkpoint on
    the left. Head between the fences and hit the machine gun with your bike. Head left
    and up the ramp. Go fast enough, but aim slightly left. Jump the gap on the right,
    and go left, straight past the checkpoint. What I'm trying to say is that there
    is a steep staircase that is you went up, would lead TO the checkpoint. Don't go
    flying off the ledge past the checkpoint. Go THROUGH the checkpoint, and down. Now
    head left once down here and through the crates. Head through the gap, and turn
    left again and once more. Then turn right up the steps through the checkpoint. Aim
    right at the end here to get ahead of the armored car. Turn right through the gap
    and hit the ramp. You don't need alot of speed to clear the reservoir.
    SCENE FOUR - Accelerate and head through the entrance. Turn right past the tank
    and then head left around the monument. Then turn left again towards the checkpoint
    and hit the ammo boxes to the left and shoot at the pillar while accelerating. Note
    that you have to shoot while in the designated zone. The main reason to accelerate
    while shooting is to hit the gap that two tanks make before going up the monument.
    Jump off the monument, and head through the rigged hut. Turn left, and head left
    around the truck. Head through the checkpoint and through the explosion. Head
    through another rigged hut and turn right. Head through the trucks, and over the
    bridge through another checkpoint. Go at full speed and clip off the wing of the
    plane in front of you. Now turn right and hit the explosion. Turn BACK left to hit
    another explosion, and go through the wall straight in front of you into town. Go
    right through the stalls. There's two of them on the left side. Take a left, then
    a right through the corner of a building. Stay left, and turn right after the first
    truck passes you. Turn left through the wall and jump towards the sub and hit the
    --------   LIVE TWICE FOR TOMORROW   --------
    MOUNTAIN CHASE: SCENE ONE - Give chase to the lead car. Dodge to the right of the
    first car, and swerve left then back right of the next one. Stay in the right lane
    during the turn, and pass the car in your lane on the right. So that's drive as
    right as you can past the car in your lane. Overtake the vehicle up ahead to the
    left, and drive around the truck, staying in the right lane afterwards.  Aim straight
    for the truck after the turn and overtake it. Follow the lead car closely and swerve
    the avoid the oncoming truck on the bridge. Stay in the right lane around this turn
    and shift to the middle before entering the tunnel. Once you exit the tunnel, shift
    back into the right lane. Head between the two trucks and drive on the right side
    of the next two cars. In the tunnel, stay to the left and overtake the car on the
    right, then overtake on the left (which requires you to drive between two cars)
    and then overtake another car on the right. Hit the sharp turn left and avoid hitting
    the lead car. Follow the path of the lead car throughout this whole path, it knows
    where to go. When prompted to turn left and jump, do so. It doesn't matter if you
    land the jump, so just focus on turning left when your supposed to and hitting the
    jump hill.
    HEAD ON: SCENE TWO - Accelerate hard to overtake the vehicle on the right and turn
    right again to dodge the car in the left lane. Get close to the explosion after
    the turn and make a right U-turn through the tunnel. Overtake the car to the right,
    gun it, and then overtake the car on your left. Get close to the explosion out of
    the tunnel and let off the X button until your through this turn. Then gun it, and
    nail the overtake against the second car in the right lane. There will be an
    explosion to your left, so get that, then head through the fence on your right.
    Avoid oversteering at this part by steering right after you make the turn if you
    car appears unstable. Head straight then right through a tunnel. After exiting,
    keep right past two cars in the right lane to jump the broken bridge. Swerve through
    the two trucks and drive along the pass until you see a checkpoint. Aim for the
    rock gap then turn left and aim for the other gap. Right before the signal, turn
    right to avoid the rocks that obscure your path. Overtake a car on the left in the
    tunnel and keep driving until the next tunnel where you'll drive between two trucks.
    Jump into the helicopter, pressing L1 when in the designated zone to jump out at
    the last second.
    POLICE CHASE: SCENE THREE - Head out of the parking lot and overtake the car on
    the right, then overtake the car on the left. Now drive along the left shoulder
    so as to avoid the oncoming blue car in the left lane. Head straight through the
    gap and smash through the fence, aiming left, but not so as to hit the stationary
    police car Head through the checkpoint and turn right. Gun it, gaining distance
    from the police car. Now head right, avoiding any poles sticking out of the ground,
    as soon as you can. From here, overtake a car on the right, then on the left. Turn
    right, then left between the building and a streetlight. Overtake the car on the
    right, and immediately after that, overtake a car on the left. Turn right and jump
    the fountain and a little after that U-turn in the designated zone. Go around the
    fountain counter clockwise until you are prompted to hit the tables. Turn right
    after that and go through more tables. Go down steps past the checkpoint and head
    left. Take these turns slow and at the end run through the balcony and line up your
    final jump. Brake in the area and make sure not to go off the edge.
    MOVING TARGET: SCENE FOUR - Go left and through the boxes down the pier. U-turn
    right into the tables, and gun it down the steps through the checkpoint. Swerve
    to miss the car and hit the gap on the right side. Head back left and swerve to
    miss the oncoming car (swerve left). Turn left and overtake the van on the left.
    Now have enough speed to make it through the gap that two cars make. Follow the
    van through two more turns, and then nail the barrier, and aim left off of the ramp
    back on to the road. Head through the gap that presents itself, and hit the jump.
    This jump is pretty tough. Mainly all you should worry about is lining it up
    PERFECTLY and gunning it full throttle without letting go of the X Button. Do this
    for all the jumps in this level. Anyways, jump off the ramp through the trailer,
    back on to the road. Now hit the next ramp, and head through the cafe. Following
    the van, hit the U-turn and get ready for some tricky stuff. Now barely miss the
    oncoming car on your right. Now head straight and miss the car moving left straight
    ahead of you. Head right after the second car so your on the shoulder of the road.
    Now do a U-turn to the right following the van. When the van jumps off the edge
    of the road, follow it. Now go through the checkpoint and go clockwise until you
    can enter the parking lot. You can only have one point of view for this part of
    the level, so be careful. At the end, you'll have to ram the van to complete this
    STOP THE STEALTH JET: SCENE FIVE - As the level starts, drive right and head through
    the cafe. Aim left after you hit it so you land back on the right. Turn left, the
    right, and overtake the car on the left side. Turn right and get on the left side
    of the truck. Let go of the X button momentarily until your car is on the other
    side or almost on the other side of the truck. Gun it after you make it under, and
    hit the tables. Swerve left to miss the oncoming truck and go straight. Head through
    the checkpoint here and go under the moving truck. Don't let off the X button here.
    Just gun it under the truck. Now you'll see a ramp. You have to have ALOT of speed
    to get over the diving board at this part, so gun it and don't stop until you land.
    Now turn right along the pier, hugging the left side. Do a quick U-turn at the end
    of the pier and come back the way you came. Head right, through a gap the cars make,
    and turn right again along another pier. Here you need to make sure you land on
    the lower pier. From here, nail the jump with fast speed, but let off the gas right
    before you make the jump. Head up the steps, take a left, and stay on the left side.
    When you see a car with a target on it, get close to it, then turn right and drive
    through the boat racks. From here, turn left and get ready to drive through a gap
    that presents itself. Now turn BACK right through a cafe. See the steps to the left?
    Well, gun it, and I mean gun it like you never have before. You'll reach an explosion,
    and after that you'll reach another one. After the second explosion, you'll reach
    the designated area where you should press L1 to jump out. Now watch your awesome
    car and the stealth jet succumb to a powerful and fiery explosion. A game well played,
    and well deserved...
    --------   DRIVING GAMES WALKTHROUGH--------
    Here I'll cover the driving games and how to beat each one. While I am using the
    car used in scene five of Live Twice for Tomorrow, you can use whichever car you
    want to.
    --------   PRECISION TESTS    --------
    Keep note that blue cones mean reverse, and green cones mean forward. Four yellow
    cones at the end of a yellow mean stop within that zone. If cones are shaped like
    a parking spot (I'll just call it a spot) then you must pull in enough to get credit
    for that spot. If there are blue arrows, you must sometimes go over those blue arrows
    in reverse to get credit. Also keep in mind that you should hold L2+R2 whenever
    reversing. If I say 180 or U-turn here, I mean hold the direction mentioned HARD
    and hold Circle (or Triangle). This way, your car will swing around.
    PRECISION TEST ONE - Slalom between the first four green cones, starting with the
    right side of the first cone. After completing these, drive up to the blue arrow
    and turn right. Reverse in the blue spot. Follow the green arrow that appears and
    drive into the green spot. Reverse out of the spot, steer right while reversing
    to follow the arrows. After that, follow the green arrows. Basically you are go
    around counter clockwise around the middle cone. Accelerate for the four cone stop
    zone and stop within the zone.
    PRECISION TEST TWO - Accelerate straight for the green spot. Reverse out of it,
    while steering right in order to back into the next blue spot. Slalom between the
    three cones to the green gate. Make a sharp right before the blue arrow and reverse
    through the blue gate. Spin the car around and go through the remaining green gates.
    PRECISION TEST THREE - Reverse through the blue gate behind you. Swing the car around
    and go through the green gate. Do a quick 180 and reverse through the blue gate.
    Reverse and steer right and accelerate along the green arrows to go through three
    green gates. Pull a quick 180, and go through two more green gates. Turn sharp left,
    go into the green spot. Reverse and steer left until you get all the way around
    to the blue spot opposite the green one you just came through. Reverse out of the
    spot and accelerate, following the green arrows. Stop inside the four cone area
    to end this test.
    PRECISION TEST FOUR - Follow the green arrow to a quick 180 to get in the green
    spot. Reverse, spin around, and follow the green arrow around two gates. Go into
    the green spot ahead. Reverse while steering right to go through a blue gate.
    Accelerate left or right to do a quick 180. Reverse through the cones again and
    reverse left to set up for the green cones. Go through two sets of green cones and
    turn sharp left and reverse right to get through the blue gate. Now reverse sharp
    left and accelerate through two green gates and slalom green cones to the four cone
    stop area.
    PRECISION TEST FIVE - Accelerate and follow the arrows around cones to a green spot.
    Reverse left to back in to a blue spot. Accelerate, do a 180 while steering left,
    and reverse right. Once through the blue gate, reverse right in to a blue spot.
    Make a circle around each of the three cones in the direction shown by the arrow.
    At the end, stop in the four cone area.
    --------   SPEED TESTS   --------
    SPEED TEST: LONDON - Accelerate right in to the tunnel and hit the checkpoint as
    you come out. Take the next three rights, then a left back in to the tunnel. Take
    a right, through a checkpoint, a left, then another right into a warehouse. Take
    a left after you've exit, and head for the checkpoint. Take two lefts after the
    checkpoint, then a right further down the road. Take two more right turns then a
    left, followed by two more left turns, then finally through the final checkpoint.
    SPEED TEST: LOUISIANNA - Accelerate and take a left turn. Drive along the road until
    you reach a checkpoint. Keep driving until you reach another checkpoint, followed
    by yet another checkpoint further on. Drive through a few more checkpoint until
    you reach a right turn. Drive along the road until you reach a right turn into a
    dirt road and a checkpoint. Drive along the road through one checkpoint, and turn
    left at the bridge. Keep driving, and turn left a the barn, and then a right after
    that. Accelerate through the last checkpoint.
    SPEED TEST: BANGKOK - Take a left at he end of the road, then a right. Keep driving
    until you reach another right turn. Now take a right, through a checkpoint, then
    a left. Followed by another right. Keep driving and eventually take a left turn
    through this road. Head through the checkpoint, take a quick right, followed by
    another right a little ways down the road. Take yet another right halfway down the
    street, and the final checkpoint.
    SPEED TEST: SWITZERLAND - For this level, pick the snowmobile. Take a U-turn to
    the left around the ice. Head through a checkpoint, and follow the path between
    two medians. Head through the checkpoint at the end and hook a left. Stay left of
    the snow hill, and through the checkpoint. Wow, that was surprisingly short.
    SPEED TEST: EGYPT - Take a left up the stairs, followed by a right around the path.
    Head through the checkpoint to a left turn. Stay left here to go down a hill, and
    then take two more left turns. After that is a pair of right turns, then a checkpoint.
    Take another left, and around the path to a checkpoint further down the road. Head
    down the steps on your right and follow the arrows further down to a left turn to
    the starting position.
    SPEED TEST: MONACO - Stay on the right side at the beginning, and follow the road
    to a right U-turn. Drive along the road until you reach a checkpoint. Keep driving
    still until a right U-turn. At this time, keep driving straight to reach the final
    checkpoint. I'd use the car used in Scene 5 of Live Twice for Tomorrow, as this
    level needs a fast car.
    SPEED TEST: ARENA - Head right and go up the ramp. Before you hit the checkpoint,
    make sure your perfectly lined up. Hit the jump, but don't over accelerate. Brake
    after the jump if you have to, and head through the checkpoint. Head right through
    a series of more humps, and drive Through a loop. Drive over some more humps still,
    and reach the final checkpoint.
    --------   STUNT TESTS   --------
    STUNE ONE - Accelerate to get the first token. Turn left and go through the boxes
    to get the second token. Turn around and through the burning fences to the third.
    Now keep driving straight and drive your way into the circular median barrier to
    get the fourth token. Drive over the four way ramp for the fifth token. It's
    basically four ramps leading into a token. Drive to the back of the vertical ramp
    and nail the ramp that leads to the token above the first one you got to get your
    sixth. Turn right, go up a three way ramp, and grab your seventh. U-turn and go
    up the opposite ramp and turn left when possible to get your eighth. Now gun it
    for the vertical ramp to get your ninth token.
    STUNT TWO - Take the two small ramps on the left up to he bigger ramp to get the
    first token. Now gun it for the token ahead, and you'll get another one. That brings
    it up to three. Now head right over the ramps to get the fourth one. Head towards
    the vertical ramps and 180 before the second small ramp on the right. 180 and get
    these two tokens. Turn left and go between the two fire rings on the ground to get
    the next token. 180 left towards the vertical ramps and do yet another 180 to nail
    the ramp heading through the two fire rings. After getting these two, 180 AGAIN
    and gun it for the vertical ramps. Hit the right most ramp of the left set of ramps
    at an angle to the right to get the last token.
    STUNT THREE - As soon as the level starts, gun it to the right of the ramp to your
    left. Keep going and you'll reach a loop. Drive up and down the loop for get your
    first token. Keep driving and you'll reach a road after the loop. Take a left, and
    keep driving. 180 at the end and head for the ramp that was on your left at the
    beginning of the level. Nail it with sufficient speed, and you'll get your second
    token. Drive up the ramps on your right to get your third. Turn right after the
    third, and see those billboards? Run through each of them. There's three. That's
    six so far. Four more to go. OK, after the third billboard, turn left, PAST the
    half loop, towards the building. Go up these humps on the left side. Aim your jump
    so you get the token in the air, but land on top of the building to your right.
    Drive through the token at the end and OFF the building, that's right, OFF. Once
    you land, do a quick 180. Now turn back like your going up the humps again, but
    this time go right of the humps. Once you pass the way up to the triple loop, 180.
    OK, now go up the middle one. Don't worry about going up the one to your right.
    They all lead into each other, but you don't need to waste time on all of them.
    So once you get the token, stop before you start on your next loop, and exit to
    your left. Now gun it for the half loop and get the last token. You'll crash at
    the end, but if it's your last one, it doesn't matter.
    --------   THANKS   --------
    CJAYC - For maintaining and upholding gamefaqs, possibly the best free gaming site
    on the internet.
    --------   COPYRIGHT INFORMATION   --------
    (c) Copyright 2001 KG21. If you would like to use this FAQ on your own site, please
    e-mail me at lxKG21xl@hotmail.com. Do not alter this FAQ's appearance or text, claim
    it as your own, sell my FAQ in order to make a profit of money, or use it in any
    way other than its primary purpose, without receiving written permission or an
    e-mail from myself. If you would like to contribute to this FAQ e-mail me and I
    will give you credit under a "credit section". If you have any comments or
    suggestions, e-mail me at the above address. This is just the beginning of the FAQ,
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