1. Henry Cheng 3D Graphic Artist
  2. Herman Cheng 3D Graphic Artist
  3. Jeal Choi 3D Graphic Artist
  4. Ken Feldman 3D Graphic Artist
  5. Hsin Chien Huang 3D Graphic Artist
  6. Erik San Juan 3D Graphic Artist
  7. Peter Kim 3D Graphic Artist
  8. Giovanni Luis 3D Graphic Artist
  9. Frank Mendeola 3D Graphic Artist
  10. Phil Salas 3D Graphic Artist
  11. Erik Alwill Additional Art
  12. Max Ancar Additional Art
  13. Rodger Ferris Additional Art
  14. Michael Kiely Additional Art
  15. Tate Mosesian Additional Art
  16. Mike Giam Additional Design
  17. Chan Park Additional Design
  18. Thomas Miller IV Additional Programming
  19. Robert Suh Additional Programming
  20. Tanya Page Associate Producer
  21. Buzz Burrowes Audio Director
  22. Scott McMahon Cinematic Supervisor
  23. Peter Kim Concept Art
  24. Richard Foge Design
  25. David Jaffe Design
  26. Tobin Russell Design
  27. Joe Estus Editor / Compositor
  28. Gene Strocco Editor / Compositor
  29. Joe Estus Editor/Compositor
  30. Gene Strocco Editor/Compositor
  31. Mark Anderson Flash / HUD
  32. Cory Barron Flash / HUD
  33. Magnus Danielsson Game Programmer
  34. Phil Wilkins Game Programmer
  35. Kenneth Roy Lead Flash Interface / HUD
  36. Tim Moss Lead Programmer
  37. Mark Anderson Lead Technical Artist
  38. Alexander Stein Lead Technical Artist
  39. Christer ericson Lead Tools Programmer
  40. Chuck Doud Music Director
  41. Jessica Brunelle Production Coordinator
  42. Brad Aldredge Sound Designer/Sound FX
  43. Patrick McNulty Sound FX - Soundmine
  44. Matt Clyne Technical Artist
  45. Richard Greenspan Technical Artist
  46. Jon Steele Technical Director
  47. Matt Arrington Tools Programmer
  48. Mike Day Tools Programmer
  49. Bob Soper Tools Programmer
  50. Rich Goldman Voice Production / Casting (Riptide Music)
  51. Diane Michelle Voice Talent
  52. Neil Ross Voice Talent


Data and credits for this game contributed by BGoldTLE, Guard Master, LordAndrew, Mookiethebold, and odino.

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