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Reviewed: 03/09/03 | Updated: 03/09/03

This is one crazy game indeed...


Never in my life have I ever played a game that was so promising, but then it just gets shattered with repetitive game play and awkward controls. But, once you played Crazy Taxi, you’ll think State of Emergency is good. But if you actually play this game more than 2 days then talk to me and I'll suggest you some help.

Game play:

Basically all you do is drive around picking people up, and driving them to their destination. Sounds fun eh? But that's where your wrong! This game defines what boring is. There are only 3 modes, but 2 of them are identically the same, only for the time limit rules change, but it still offers the same old boring over the top taxi simulation. Then you have Crazy Box mode, which are 15 mini games, and if you complete them all, you unlock the “Crazy Bike”, which basically, is the only goal to do in the game. But the mini games are nothing but opposite from fun. Its either pick up some customers in a certain time limit, or get to the checkpoint in time. But other than that, you basically do nothing but press the X button. So in short, all you do is PICK UP PEOPLE AND DROP THEM OFF.


The graphics on this game are nothing really to brag about. They look identical to the Dreamcast’s version. The only positive things I can say about the graphics is that the colors are very vibrant. Don’t get me wrong, the graphics aren’t crap, but don’t go expecting FFX graphics from a Dreamcast port.


There horrible. Everything is horrible. For once, the cars turn radically fast, so making a simple lane change could result up in a U - Turn. Which also makes dodging cars hell. The cars also go really freaking fast, which may seem like a good thing, but with such horrible turning, its hectic just turning into a parking lot. The only solution, well an attempt of a solution, is using a driving wheel. But however you try, your going to have a hard time. But the game is still playable. It just takes quite a bit of time to get acquainted with all the controls. There are also, some trick moves, like boosts, and other stuff, but nothing really useful.


To put it quick, its dull and boring. The game soundtrack uses the same song every time, and the engine and pedestrian sounds are generic. When playing through the same level, 20 times over and over, trying to beat your old record, listening to that same damn song is not fun. I seriously thought I was going crazy. Oh and if you don’t like rock, too bad, that's the type of song it is...

Replay Ability:

To tell you the truth, this game has no replay value after the first 2 days. Even with he 15 easy mini games, the game still gets boring after awhile. I tried absolutely everything, from beating my old records all the time, from challenging my friends to see who gets the most money, it still just got boring in a matter of days. So for short, this game will probably be fun for about 2 weeks, then becomes boring.

So should I buy it?

Well, after reading this review, you must think Crazy Taxi sucks really bad, but to tell you the truth, it gave me some joy for those 2 weeks, then got very boring. Luckily I got it for 10 dollars. If you can find it for 10 dollars or less, take it, it will be fun for about 2 weeks, then you could pop it in from time to time to relieve some stress. But $10+ I wouldn’t, unless you have $20 to blow.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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