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Reviewed: 02/07/02 | Updated: 02/07/02

Crazy Taxi comes to the PS2 and becomes one of the greatest games out there.

The first word that came to my mind when I experienced Crazy Taxi was, well, crazy! Playing as one of four cab drivers, you must pick up various people and deliver them to their destinations in an allotted amount of time. Avoiding traffic and pulling crazy maneuvers pleases your passenger, and rewards you with money. However, failing to dodge objects results in unpleasant company, where your customer pitches a few insults your way. A nice addition to the game is a training mode that helps build your talent as a cab driver. Each level of training introduces a new skill, and although they are difficult to master, they are key to your success in the game.
Where the game really shines is in its fun environments. The arcade level returns along with a new original one made by the developer Sega. Also new to the game are the choices to work for five or ten minutes. This gives you time to explore the world and memorize locations. Colorful, smooth graphics add to the enjoyment and make it a fun and beautiful game.
Sorry to say, not everything in this game is pleasant. When cruising across the freeway or speeding down the roads, I often found to my surprise that cars would appear out of nowhere. This “pop-up” traffic becomes a real nuisance when you only have seven seconds left and 200 yards to go. Slow downs in the frame rate are also a big problem, which results in throwing off your control. Having no storyline is also a dilemma and may disappoint some gamers. Since the only objective is to collect money, there is no real plot. Cool extras included in the game draw the attention away from the lack of story and back to the fun. Repetitive comments your passengers say gets old really fast. After being called a “dork” or “idiot” twenty times, you are about ready to jump in that game and strangle your client.
Aside from the minor faults, the game is an enjoyable experience and a lot of fun. Fun, interactive environments along with colorful graphics really makes this game fantastic. The offspring soundtrack playing while you drive also enhances the game and adds to the entertainment. Crazy Taxi is a worthwhile investment for gamers of all ages.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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